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US Military Face Court Martial For Sharing JESUS CHRIST

The War For
In the US Military


The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is calling on the USAF to enforce a regulation that they believe calls for the court martial of any service member caught proselytizing.
Jewish President Mikey Weinstein and others from his organization met privately with Pentagon officials on April 23. He said U.S. troops who proselytize ["share their Christian faith with others"] are guilty of sedition and treason and should be punished – by the hundreds if necessary – to stave off what he called a “tidal wave of fundamentalists.”
“Someone needs to be punished for this,” Weinstein told Fox News. “Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, we will never have the ability to stop this horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior.”(???)
The above vitriolic diatribe, Orwellian doublespeak, and rants of Jew Mickey Weinstein are evidently a direct product of the message of the Jewish Talmud, which viciously slanders, insults and attacks Jesus Christ and Christianity. The Talmud and many other rabbinical scholars teach that Jews should ultimately kill Christians, and that Jesus Christ is boiling in His own excrement in hell eternally. 
This distinctly Jewish-based hate message of Weinstein against religious freedom to share one's Christian faith in the US military, is an offense to the true meaning of First Amendment rights and Constitutional rights involving freedom of speech and protection against any legislation prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE of RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.
Mikey, I am sorry if you do not appreciate America's Constitution, religious freedom and freedom of speech in America or in the US military. However, you are welcome to leave this nation if you do not like America's cherished religious freedom and freedom of speech, including in the US military. 
Perhaps Israel is a great place for you to make aliyah to, because this is the Jewish homeland, and they certainly restrict Christian religious freedom to PROSELYTIZE. You would find your own kind there, and certainly be happy at last. 
BUT America was founded to be "ONE NATION UNDER GOD." My Christian ancestors helped to found this nation, with a major purpose of enjoying unrestricted RELIGIOUS FREEDOM from tyranny and oppression. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is guaranteed under our First Amendment rights. 
Therefore, don't tamper with our religious freedoms in my nation. Please consider taking your religious bias and prejudices against Christianity with you out of America, if you don't like our religious freedoms. Enjoy Israel! Or enjoy a communist country where Christianity is persecuted, restricted, and Christians cannot freely share the Gospel of Christ Jesus.
Just don't try to impose your personal communist-styled religious oppression against our cherished Christian freedoms in the US military or America.
This is the wrong nation to do this in.
We know our American Christians Heritage.

One Bolshevik revolution and millions of dead Christians was enough...
Remember America's true Christian heritage, and how God-fearing men and women
were brought to these shores to found 

The Bible declares that we have been CALLED UNTO LIBERTY through Jesus Christ!
That means LIBERTY to preach the glorious Word of God freely, and to speak your heart's convictions without fear of persecution in America today.

There are many forces warring against Christianity in America today. Secular humanism, NWO globalism, communist elements, and antichrist cults as well. NONE of them want you to freely confess Jesus before others. 

But TOO BAD. The US CONSTITUTION guarantees our freedom of speech!

Furthermore, EVERY Christian recognizes his or her obligation to acknowledge JESUS CHRIST BEFORE MANKIND! 
This is His eternal command.

"He that confesses ME before men, will I confess before my Father who is in heaven."
~Matthew 10:32~
Jesus never gave us any escape from this commandment. And to deliberately FAIL to confess Him before others, is the equivalent of DENYING JESUS BEFORE MEN.

"But everyone who denies Me before men, I will deny before my Father Who is in Heaven."
~Matthew 10:33~
Therefore, Christians in the US military, you are under a DIVINE COMMAND to confess Jesus Christ before others.

Though wicked men may make capricious laws against the free exercise of your faith, you remain obligated in the sight of Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ to faithfully tell others about Him.

Which is more important? 
Your temporary military career...or your eternal soul? 

It is better to lose a career, than to lose your eternal soul in the empty pursuit of that temporal career.

And what about the souls that shall perish if YOU fail to tell them about Jesus Christ???

My beloved friends and readers throughout the US military, these are eternal matters. 

Those elements of spiritual oppression in the Pentagon are "making war with the Lamb," and with all those of you who stand for Him, when they make restrictions against your religious liberties in the US military.
"These shall make war with the Lamb, 
and the Lamb shall overcome them
for He is Lord of lords and King of kings, 
and they that are with Him 
are called, and chosen and faithful."

~Revelation 17:14~
Ultimately, they are not fighting YOU, but Jesus Christ Himself, when they demand that you disobey His clear commands.

What it will finally come down to in the US military is: 

"WHO is LORD?" 

WHO are you obligated to ultimately obey? 
CAESAR (the state)

...or Jesus Christ???

For the Christian, the answer is obvious.
"Jesus Christ is Lord!"

Personally, in 42 years of being a Christian, I have suffered the loss of many jobs, due to refusing to remain silent about my Christian faith on the job. I knew the commands of Jesus to confess Him before men, and I lived by His commandments. God did not call me to remain silent about Jesus and salvation, as souls all around me perish in sin.

So many people have come to Jesus Christ through my witness throughout the years. Did I ever suffer for my testimony of Jesus to others? Yes, many times. I have even faced death for my testimony of Jesus, right here in our nation. But this is the cost of true discipleship. And the salvation of EVEN ONE soul is WORTH IT ALL!

Listen to what Jesus said about becoming HIS true followers that will inherit eternal life:

"If ANY MAN would come after Me, let him deny himself, embrace the cross, and FOLLOW ME. For whosoever would seek to preserve his life in this world, the same shall lose it." 

"But whosoever shall lose their life for My sake and the sake of the Gospel, THE SAME SHALL FIND IT."
"For what is a man profited, if he gain
the whole world, but lose his soul?"
~Matthew 16:24~
For every Christian in the US military, 
Almighty God 
remains your true 
His Word is LAW 
and the final authority 
over every Christian.

He sent His Son to bring His eternal word
to mankind.

Jesus Christ is the Word of God.

The Bible tells us that we MUST obey God's commands rather than men's, whenever the two conflict with one another.

"We must obey God rather than any human authority."
Acts 5:29b

My military readers, you must understand why they want to remove God completely someday from the US military. Those dark elements in the military know that the future of America is the NEW WORLD ORDER implemented under MARTIAL LAW. 

They fully know that the globalist plan is to eliminate Christianity from AMERICA and the world completely. The hour is coming when they will seek to use you to arrest Christians (and all other NWO resistance) in America, take them to the prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be ruthlessly destroyed in the FEMA/DHS camps.

Military who have salvation and God's Word, can never be used to carry out such dark plans against their fellow Americans and fellow Christians. The NWO forces in the Pentagon realize this. Christians in the US military can never be used to carry out the plans of the satanic NWO agenda in America under martial law.

But they must use the military forces, both domestic and foreign, to carry out this NWO/martial law agenda in our nation.

And that is why they are moving to try and eliminate the testimony of Jesus Christ from among the US military today.

Christians in the US military,

Stand FIRM for Jesus Christ
and His testimony.
And may Almighty God be with you!

Standing with you all in spirit and prayer,
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
(And YOU, Mikey Weinstein, are also
on my prayer list as well!
Jesus loves and died for you too...)

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  1. Judgement begins from the house of God. We have to see what these prosperity preachers will now preach. Whether to deny Jesus for money or to die for Jesus. Thank you Jesus for bringing persecution upon christians not only in US but upon the whole earth