Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EMAIL:A Vision of NWO Takeover in GERMANY


My Dear Pamela,
My name is Wesselin, I'm a guy living in Germany. And since Veronika Ulrike Barthel linked your website on her homepage, I frequently visit your blog.
Sorry for my bad English.
I first wanna tell u how much I appreciate and love the job you do !!! May the Lord Yeshua protect you from the evil forces that try to kill you and stop you from telling the truth to the World!
Two days ago I had a strange dream from the Lord.  At first I didn't understand it and also spoke with Veronika (you posted her vision some days ago) about this dream...
Frankfurt, Germany
I dreamed I was in Germany in Frankfurt on a normal day. At once without warning a war began. I saw many explosions from bombs falling from far on houses. 
They came closer and as closer they came I started thinking now I'll die. But the explosions stopped. But before I could relax and think about what was happening, strange men looking like civil troops came in my apartment and told me very rudely I only had 1 minute to take what I need, and they would take me to a camp! Where there were also others already arrested...
I recognized or knew that these bombs and attacks came from a Russian invasion...but the most irritating was that I could recognize that the military staff to take were Bulgarians..not Russians neither Germans! 
Because I'm originally from Bulgaria, I understood in the dream their language and I started in the dream to argue with them, that I'm originally Bulgarian and that I was Bulgarian until my 21st birthday  and they will have problems because they caught the wrong one.
So in the dream the commander started to be bit insecure, and told me they will check later if this is true, but nevertheless I have to come with them. And then the dream ended.
I really was completely confused about this dream, and asked God what this means, or if this dream is really from him or I'm only dreaming stupid things. Today I came upon your blog and first article I saw was your article about foreign troops sighted in US from 20th of May...this was a direct answer for me from our Lord that this will be happening worldwide when they start their NWO agenda.
2 months ago I had a similar dream ...how Russian companies and secret Services take over many positions in economy and politically all over in Germany before a Russian Invasion that is coming to Germany. 
In this dream I spoke with a very wealthy and well-dressed and important Russian man about this, and saw also that  his son  was in an elite school...
Just wanted to share this with you and thank you for your fearless work and what you do!
In Yeshua's love
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Thank you, my dear brother in Christ, Wesselin!  

How much I loved meeting the wonderful German Christians throughout Deutschland as I lived there in 2001 for 6 months. God's love, bringing people of different nationalities and cultures together for genuine friendship, is a wonderful thing! God bless richly His precious Christians, including homeschoolers, in Germany. (Christian homeschoolers are very persecuted in Germany: PRAY FOR THEM.)

We, as Christians, MUST CHOOSE to stand united together across the globe, in God's word and truth, regardless of nationalities and political differences between our nations. This is because we are all citizens of a higher kingdom, the Kingdom of God! 

We know that nations and kingdom shall all someday pass away, but God's Kingdom is AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM that shall have no end! I am ONE IN CHRIST with the Christians of GERMANY and every OTHER nation as well. WE ARE ONE IN HIS TRUTH AND HIS LOVE!
In 2001, I spent 6 months living and traveling in Germany to research the NWO agenda and the German elements of UN/NATO NWO German Bundeswehr foreign occupation we Americans will experience under martial law. And to discover what is going on in Europe that our controlled American MSM  won't tell us about.

This was prompted by my previous research indicating that GERMAN MILITARY (Bundeswehr) will be used extensively in America to help patrol "America under UN/NATO NWO occupation" under martial law someday. 

German military previously admitted in Alamogordo, NM,(connected with Holloman AFB) that they were stationed here in America for the hour of martial law, to perform the "dirty work" that the American military would not want to do to their fellow Americans under martial law.

This will include gun seizure from Americans, firing upon Americans who resist, and taking them to the prisoner boxcars and the camps under martial law. 

I admit I experienced deep emotional pain over this revelation, because I grew up as a child in beautiful Germany, I love the German people and her wonderful Christian community there as well. How very sad this kind of research can be for tender hearts like mine. But I refuse to stop walking in LOVE...the only way Christians are called to live in this dark world.

Here are just a few things I uncovered while researching in Germany:


-I discovered shocking evidence in 2001 about the thriving underground Nazi youth movement in Germany. I was invited to the home of a secret member, who took me to her apartment in Munich. She showed me her vast collection of modern glossy magazines glorifying Hitler and the Nazis. And admitted that, in 2001, there were at least 7000 open members, 7000 underground members, and they were growing all the time. How many MORE must there be no in 2013??? Yet this is all illegal in Germany.

Or IS IT???

One military source admitted that the Nazi movement was thriving among the old school Nazi sympathizers  as well. And that the Nazi ratline to the Vatican was alive as well. "There were plans for the assassination of the Pope recently, " Michael told me in Munich. We were dining in an outdoor restaurant one evening in the summer of 2001.

"But it never happened and it never even made it to the news, because the German underground Nazis got word of it, sent word through the ratline, and it was squelched before it could ever take place."

"Also, the Nazis put a man in charge of investigating right wing (Nazi) crimes in Munich, Captain Ernst Heinz. The only problem is, HE IS A SECRET NAZI..." (And therefore, of course he will provide cover for his fellow Nazis in Munich.)

"666" displayed publicly on billboards 
and glorified in songs.

I was fascinated while staying in Bavaria/Bayern (actual home of the Bavarian Illuminati) to see huge billboards in public places including train stations, that said nothing else but "666."

One night I attended an outdoor ski festival in the Bavarian Alps in February in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A teen rock band was playing for the lively crowd that night. All of a sudden however, a kind of hush fell upon the listening crowd as the next song began. I listened for words I might recognize, curious.

And then I heard their chorus: they were singing "SEX-SEX-SEX," OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Hmmm, I thought, this is nothing remarkable...just teens singing about sex again...so what's new?

And then, I finally understood! Wait a minute...aren't the German words for "6" pronounced "sex"??? YES! THAT WAS IT! They were singing an occult song glorifying satan's number in Revelation, "6-6-6"!

 I then decided to look at the audience behind me, as they watched the band playing this satanic lyric, to see how many people might really "get it." Evil smiles on so many faces, as they watched the band and sang along (one woman was writhing as a serpent to the music, even) told me everything. 

Well, with this being the birthplace of the Bavarian Illuminati, perhaps I should not have been so surprised after all.

Yes, in various places across Germany, "6-6-6" is already being glorified. Satan's number and the number of "THE BEAST" of the NEW WORLD ORDER, as revealed in Revelation. And it appears to me that there are certainly those people in Germany who understand perfectly the significance of this...just like back in America.


A Bank of America representative answered my questions one day about the coming CASHLESS SOCIETY. She admitted that THE CASHLESS SOCIETY WAS INDEED COMING. She told me that someday all the banks of America would merge together into ONE BANK. 

And that this bank would then be under THE GERMAN BANK. Interesting that Germany's currency was once called "THE MARK." I remember as a child growing up in Germany , having a piggy bank filled with German pfennigs and MARKS as well. Hmmm...reminds me of "The MARK of the BEAST" and "6-6-6" as well.

Military bases being closed down in Germany

(To be turned into detention camps for Germans?)

While interviewing Germans throughout Germany, I discovered that certain military bases were being closed down, at the request of the American government. And immediately, I became suspicious. I knew that closed US military bases were being turned into detention camps for Americans under martial law. 

And I began to wonder, if these closed German military bases would someday be used as detention camps for German resisters of the NWO agenda in Europe as well. 

One base I noted in particular, that had been closed down, was on the way as I rode the train from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Munich. 

Every time I passed, I was compelled to think, "...will they someday use this closed base as a detention/termination camp too?" And of course, I was compelled to PRAY about this as well.

Just as the NWO will need detention camps in America to handle all resistance to their NWO takeover, so they will need detention camps in Germany and Europe as well to handle all the resistance to their heinous agenda for the world.

How very sad this all is. In these past one hundred years, we have already seen the evil fruits of totalitarian regimes and tyrannies that rounded up and sent millions of innocents already to gulags and concentration camps. 

And now in this generation, the NWO, through control of world leaders, wants to repeat such terrible crimes against humanity...once again.

It is time 
for concerned people 
of today's generation, 
to cast aside differences 
instead unite together 


against the planned 
outrages and injustices 
that the 
seeks to impose upon 
millions of innocent victims.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Warum wird mein Kommentar nie veröffentlich? Er ist halt kritisch, warum wird er dann einfach zensiert?

  2. Don't you get it? people are going to want the new world order! people want peace. the new world order and the Anti Christ systym has to come to fulfill the prophecy fortold in the Bible. so do we believe in all of gods word or not? the antichrist systym 666 has to come so that god can be glorified in the end. all we can do is win people to jesus and witness and run for the hills or die a martyer for Christ!!!

    1. The problem is the most Christians are with the prosperity gospel, the idea is to awaken.

      Waken-Up Christians!

    2. Waken-Up and Repent!

      This is the message for this times.

  3. 666 is Six Hundred Sixty Six... the number of a MAN, and that man is Blasphemy. The man sits in a city among seven hills. That city s Rome. The man's name/title is VICARIVS FILII DEI
    VV = 5(x2)=10
    C = 100
    L = 50
    D = 500
    IIIIII = 1(x6)
    = Six Hundred Sixty-Six.

    And by the way, the Vatican / Pope promotes global NWO government. Fact.
    The Vatican has agents working inside the United States to undermine liberty and disrupt the patriot movement (militias in particular). These agents are Jesuits. Fact.

    While one would do well to keep a watchful eye on those who openly and flagrantly stand against God and all that is good and decent, the truth is we know in whose camp these people stand. The people you REALLY have to look out for are those who come among us like wolves in sheep's clothing & pretend to be patriots and Christians, having the form but not the substance. These are the ones who have destroyed the Republic, have removed Christianity as the driving force in American culture, and who are now working for the final act of destroying what is left of America.

    Worst of all, the destroyers will be masquerading as the defenders of all that is decent and good.