Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Just Keep PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS!"-How ONE Satanist Abduction Attempt Was FOILED

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I can never forget the time that God called me to stand with one family in WNC in 1992,(Western North Carolina), whose daughter was targeted for abduction and human sacrifice. They even brazenly announced it by phone to her shocked mother one day. " We're gonna git yer daughter for HUMAN SACRIFICE..." CLICK! And then, as they revealed to me, the days and nights of attack, intimidation and horror began for this precious family.
(She later discovered that she was targeted because she was a CHRISTIAN and virgin as well.)

One satanic crime investigator contacted me and told me about them, and encouraged me to move in with them for spiritual support, prayer and encouragement. I spoke to them for five hours by phone, and finally came to their home, an isolated trailer. The elderly father lay dying inside as well.

I began to share by practical experience and application all I had learned about spiritual warfare with the family. But I also learned more about the enemy. These people quickly decided that HERE WAS A "TWO FER ONE" they could get TWO Christian women for sacrifice, instead of merely one...or so they thought.

The satanists of the mountains of NC are, to put it mildly, insane. There is nothing too wild or outrageous...or evil...for them to think up or attempt to do. I learned this by hard experience as I worked with endangered families under their attack in those mountains. (But then, satan worship turns ANYONE insane ultimately...and frankly you have to BE insane to worship such a depraved and defeated foe anyhow.)

These satanists then began to put this family through hell, literally, after I moved in to stand in support with them. I finally had to buy chains and padlocks to lock ourselves securely in their trailer night after night, when they managed to steal my friend's car keys and door keys one night after she left them in her car overnight.

These madmen would do things like cut off both the electricity and the phone, and come out of the nearby woods late at night, even even climb on the roof of her trailer and stomp all over it.We could not call the police: the phone was dead. They even had equipment to BLOCK OUR CELL PHONES AS WELL! How well I remember standing on the WORD OF GOD in the dark, watching as my terrified friend stood trembling in the shadows, next to her mother, clutching a loaded 38 handgun in case they managed to break in.

One member, secretly in love with this woman in fact, would put his life at risk to come to us secretly periodically to inform us of their plans, because he feared for her life. When I asked him how they could even cut off the cell phones, he said, "These satanists of Asheville are filthy rich...they have their own phone equipment, in a truck. They park it over in the parking lot of the grocery store...they can cut off your cell phone any time they want to!" And it was true, and they did. I saw their truck, in fact, one day.

I would take the BIBLE and begin to walk up and down the trailer hallway, standing on the WORD OF GOD and PLEADING LOUDLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. I would also pray IN THE SPIRIT as well. Hour after hour, night after night, this pattern of prayer and pleading the BLOOD OF THE LAMB would continue, until we could collapse exhausted by early morning, as the satanists finally left before the sun could rise.

Finally with HALLOWEEN rapidly approaching, my friend realized she had to take shelter in a special place for battered and endangered women, a SAFE HOUSE. And it was time for me to leave Asheville as well for my own safety at this season.

Later, after Halloween, I returned to her home to hear a most amazing true account of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!

She told me: "I met a young woman with a newborn child, who came up to me and identified herself as the girlfriend of the satanist leader of the coven after me! She told me she HAD TO FLEE FROM HIM, because he threatened to SACRIFICE HER NEWBORN CHILD TO SATAN in place of ME, if they did not abduct me in time for HALLOWEEN!"

This woman, now fleeing her satanist boyfriend to protect her endangered newborn, told my astonished friend, "Honey, JUST KEEP PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST over your life! He would come home night after night, SO angry, saying 'I JUST COULDN'T GET THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS!"

What a powerful testimony of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!

I later found out, through 7 years of research and tracking down this satanist coven leader and murderer, who he really was. His name is TONY RICHARDS, a Lakota Sioux Native from Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. Former members of the covens in Asheville, NC, that I encountered from as far away as California where I researched, told me all about him. That his brother's name was Woody Richards, married to Yolanda Martinez, a Native American musician (she is no longer married to Woody). I talked to her in fact one day on the phone. She is very nice.

Lakotas I interviewed in Rapid City, told me that the Richards family in Pine Ridge was VERY dark and many were involved in this satanism as well. The name of the woman whose child he wanted to sacrifice who fled from him, and encountered my friend in safe shelter that Halloween, was Joanne Wilkinson, and the child's name was "Cheppaw", (unsure of spelling) Lakota for chubby little one. She fled to California to escape this evil man.

(By the way, I love Native Americans! I have worked on several reservations and and have ministered to many. There are MANY fine Lakotas in America. This is NOT an attack against the native Americans, but rather exposing darkness that can exist in ANY race or people, including my OWN.)

Former satanists, now Christians, told me just how EVIL and WICKED this man Tony really was. "there is NOTHING too evil for this man to do...." They told me he was among the worst of the satanists in AMERICA! Richard Morgan ("Bear"), a former satanist and prisoner, who later had a dramatic conversion to Jesus Christ and went to Bible college in Tulsa, OK, and later was a part of Christian motorcyclists as well, admitted to me at one Christian retreat where I interviewed him during a Christian Bikers' Convention in Florida, that this was all true about Tony Richards, unfortunately. (Richard is now deceased.)

Former satanists told me, in California, that Tony had a home in TAMPA, FL, Custer, SD, and ASHEVILLE, NC as well. This is where he attacked my friend and I during the siege to abduct her in 1992. In fact, she often told me that she could see a PONYTAIL on this man, through their darkly tinted windows, as they followed her in high pursuit at times. But that was all we could discern about him at that time.

In fact, I ultimately was led to this very man, Tony, in 1999, in Custer, SD. Looking for Native American jewelry beads in Native stores, to make my own chokers, I stumbled upon this evil man in one store...NOT even perceiving WHO HE WAS!

He acted friendly. He had a long pony tail and was distinctly a Lakota. Smiling a big Lakota smile, he showed me some of his beadwork and I actually BOUGHT one small piece! And then hoping to make a another sale, he held up a music tape and said, "Oh, and here is a music tape by YOLANDA MARTINEZ....." I froze.

A million bits and pieces of processed information filled my mind instantly, from 7 years of research. YOLANDA MARTINEZ...??? Finally, I looked at him and said, "Yolanda Martinez...why, isn't SHE married to WOODY Richards, and isn't HE the brother of TONY RICHARDS???"

Smiling again, apparently NOT knowing who he was talking to, he said, "YES..and I AM TONY RICHARDS!" Again, I froze as even MORE pieces of information swirled through my tortured mind. And at that precise moment, the HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD took over completely...even as I silently pleaded for strength and the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST to take over in this unexpected situation.

With a boldness that I did NOT have normally, I walked up to him and identified myself. It was HIS turn now to freeze as I confronted him with the truth about what he and his coven did to my friend and I in Asheville, 7 years previously. I confronted him with the word of God and the call to REPENT.

And then something amazing happened: TONY seemed to lose all strength and almost staggered out to the front porch to a bench in front of the store. He collapsed on that bench! Frankly, he looked pathetic, evidently disarmed by the power of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST and years of prayer against this man as well.

And I had NOTHING to do with this, but to stand in faith believing in His Word: this was the SOVEREIGN WORK OF THE LIVING GOD AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, and for HIS glory alone.

I spoke to Tony and said, "Give me your hand." He limply held it out to me. I grasped it, and looked into his eyes. I knew I was holding the hand of one of America's most murderous killers, that had slain many a victim on their altars nationwide.

With all the sincerity that the love of God and His power gave me (after praying for his salvation for 7 years!), I spoke to Tony about the power of Jesus Christ, the grace to repent, and forgiveness and his need for salvation. And then I told him "I FORGIVE YOU." Releasing his hand, I entered my vehicle and left. I have never seen him again. But I know he now lives outside of Rapid City, with several other children, and still sells his Native goods in the local Indian stores in Rapid City, SD. Local Indian crafts dealers selling his products told me and at one point gave me his phone number (!) Thanks, but NO thanks. I'll just keep praying for him!

I even met his aunt through a friend in Denver, Colorado, who told me his nickname is "BUTTERBALL!" But she never knew the dark side of Tony, until I told her the tragic truth.

But Tony and his Asheville coven never DID get my friend, nor I , for sacrifice! GLORY TO THE LIVING GOD of our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

One Chippewa Medicine man I met in Montana confirmed everything I uncovered about Tony. "I even stopped a ritual he was setting up in Minot, ND, at one time...." he told me as I sat with him at his booth at a county fair in NW Montana one day two years ago. He knew what Tony was involved with and fought him every opportunity he had.

This IS the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! And this is a true and authentic testimony of the power of God.

Fellow Christians, if you have not already, discover this amazing POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST and APPLY IT NOW to your life! Not ONLY does the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse away your sins, it also is the very power that defeated Satan and his dark kingdom as well. Apply the Blood of Jesus Christ, through faith and prayer, to your health, your family members, to your safety and every aspect of your life that God wants to bless.The eternal Blood of Jesus Christ will never fail you, both NOW and in the times to come under MARTIAL LAW and persecution, as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This is an urgent alert to all God's faithful Christian PRAYER WARRIORS following this important information blog. We are rapidly approaching the dread THREE NIGHTS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE that HALLOWEEN, or SAMHAIN, is all about: October 30, 31, and November 1.

Former satanists revealed much to me about SAMHAIN and how it is REALLY celebrated by the CRAFT and the BROTHERHOOD. They traditionally begin their "HUNTING" at mid-September, prowling the neighborhoods and highways, hiking trails and lone roads, parks, malls, etc., across AMERICA for innocent victims to abduct and ultimately sacrifice during SAMHAIN rituals.

Such people are called HUNTERS/HUNTRESSES by the satanists. They often use VANS, RENTAL TRUCKS, RV vehicles, etc. Inside such abduction vehicles, they have trained ABDUCTION TEAMS, duct tape, chains, knock-out drugs, etc. to restrain the victims once they are abducted.

BEWARE of vans with no back windows, wherein you can only see the driver and the passenger up front. These vans, when used by satanist "hunters and huntresses", contain their abduction team hidden in the back, with their tools of the trade: duct tape, knock-out drugs, chains, etc.

It only takes them a few seconds to pull up beside a lone hiker, jogger, or hitchhiker, or even a small child walking home in the dark, etc. Their trained teams jump out, abduct the victim, thrown the victim into the back of the van, and within seconds they are subdued, injected with a powerful knock-out drug, hands and feet duct-taped together, mouth duct-taped closed, and off they speed to their location of future sacrifice and holding of hapless victims until SACRIFICE.

Former satanists I have personally interviewed told me all about this method used heavily across America ( and the world.)

CHRISTIANS are high on the list for abduction and sacrifice! "Satan was demanding CHRISTIANS for sacrifice, and we satanists obliged....." revealed the former high priestess of Indiana to me one day as I interviewed her in Florida, after she became a Christian and began exposing satanism she was once heavily involved with.

Every year in America alone, in to the upper hundreds of THOUSANDS of victims are sacrificed on the satanic altars in this nation, and the news media deliberately BLACKS IT OUT. This statistic was confirmed by former satanist leaders and FBI investigating satanic crime in our nation.

CHRISTIANS FASTING AND PRAYING and using their God-given authority in Christ Jesus and THE POWER OF HIS BLOOD, can truly MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE in the numbers of tragic innocent victims this HALLOWEEN (and Winter Solstice as well.)

The NWO satanists often use this season (September/October) to commit more BLACK OPS intended to bring America down UNDER MARTIAL LAW as well (as in "9/11" in September of 2001.) In their minds, every innocent victims who dies in such NWO black ops, becomes ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN, to obtain his power and "favor"to bring down their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER of REVELATION 13...even as former Satanists/Illuminati admitted to me.

And likewise, every victim abducted for human sacrifice this HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN, will also count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE to obtain power to bring down their NWO agenda in this nation.

"We satanists were under a mandate from satan to OFFER UP MORE AND MORE VICTIMS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE to him, in order to get power to bring down his NEW WORLD ORDER," admitted several former high priestesses, now coming out to expose the former darkness they once walked in. Phoebe Brown a former high priestess of South America admitted this in a series of exposes in one newspaper. SO did my friend Elaine, to me personally, as I interviewed her in her home in Okeechobee, FL for a month in 1995. Elaine was the former high priestess of INDIANA for 17 bloody years until she came out o become a born again Christian and expose the darkness.

HOW PERFECTLY this fulfills REVELATION 13's description of this satanic Antichrist world government, to whom THE DRAGON, Satan/Lucifer, will give his throne, power and great authority to! It states in Revelation 13 that " worshipped THE DRAGON who gave power to THE BEAST..." (of the world government of Satan's.)

HOW is the dragon worshipped? Primarily BY HUMAN SACRIFICE! Let's start understanding Bible prophecy, and discern the enemy and his tactics, and use our God-given authority n Christ Jesus against this deadly foe!

Christians worldwide, PLEASE wake up and begin to perceive these truths! Begin NOW to deploy powerful weapons of spiritual warfare against these Satanist/Illuminati/Luciferian cold-blooded and ruthless murderers who have ALREADY shed the blood of countless innocents WORLDWIDE, CHRISTIANS INCLUDED, abducted or bred for their satanic altars, in their insane quest to bring the world under Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER!

Christians, PLEASE understand: YOU ARE THEIR MAJOR TARGETS! Former NWO satanists in the CIA, admitted to me personally as I sat to interview them, that THEY DESIGNED THE WHOLE DETENTION/CONCENTRATION CAMP SYSTEM ACROSS AMERICA (which I have been reporting on faithfully)to TERMINATE all perceived "resisters of their NEW WORLD ORDER" under martial law...WITH CHRISTIANS BEING THEIR PRIMARY TARGETS IN MIND!

"We satanists in the CIA hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA more than any other people....they stood in the way of our bringing America under the NWO...because we knew that Christians would never accept our satanic New World Order, and so we designed the camps to get rid of them...."-Elaine, former assassin for the CIA and former high priestess over Indiana, now Christian exposing the occult.

Friends, take this reporting seriously! WHY do you think that I quit two jobs 13 years ago, and forsook everything dear to me, to LAY DOWN MY VERY LIFE in order to perform this invaluable task of investigating and informing my fellow Americans and endangered fellow Christian about THE NEW WORLD ORDER and their genocide program against not ONLY Patriotic Americans opposed to the NWO, but ALSO AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS???

What do you THINK they will do to a woman like me, once they decide they have had enough of my kind of reporting, and decide to finally arrest me? I tell you frankly, they will seek to utterly destroy me in the most painful, degrading and horrifying ways they can think of. I am not naive. I already know what they do to Christian women on their satanic altars or crosses. They HATE Christians like myself especially, exposing their darkness and warning others so they can prepare to stand against their wicked NWO agenda.

BUT true Discipleship Christianity demands that WE, the committed followers of Jesus Christ, EMBRACE THE CROSS, deny ourselves, hate our lives in this world, and LAY THEM DOWN for the call of Jesus Christ on our lives, and on behalf of others. I have examined the Word of God carefully for 38 years now. There is NO OTHER WAY, especially in the prophetic times we face, to OVERCOME to coming times we face of persecution and testing, but to EMBRACE THE CROSS, die to self, and seek God for the grace to follow Jesus Christ ALL THE WAY TO VICTORY.

"And they OVERCAME HIM [satan] by the BLOOD of the LAMB, by the Word of their testimony, and because they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH." Revelation 12:11

We are ALL called to be OVERCOMERS. And in order to become OVERCOMERS, we have to study the WORD OF GOD and steadfastly apply it to our lives daily, and FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST FAITHFULLY TO THE END.

To put it bluntly, I have willingly laid down my life and all I hold dear, in order to help wake up the slumbering Christians across North America, who are their primary targets. IF you fail to wake up, or to take such a graphic warning seriously, all that I have suffered and will suffer on YOUR behalf is in vain. And YOU will become the VICTIM of their evil agenda!

REMEMBER: YOUR ETERNAL SOUL IS AT STAKE! SALVATION DEMANDS that we remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH! We cannot deny HIM to save our lives, our loved ones, our jobs, etc. The Bible makes this clear. And the NEW WORLD ORDER minions of darkness are coming to CHALLENGE and DESTROY YOUR CHRISTIAN FAITH and utterly uproot Christianity from the face of the earth!

STAND AGAINST THE DARKNESS NOW! Christians prayer warriors across North America (Canada included) AND THE WORLD, please purpose to use your God-given authority in Christ Jesus to MAKE A DIFFERENCE this season!

BEWARE Of hitch-hiking! Beware of OUTDOOR HIKING ALONE in isolated regions, even in National Parks! Former satanists admitted to me that they obtained MANY innocents for sacrifice on lone hiking trails across America, even in National Forests and parks! WATCH your children and infants carefully, especially in parks and indoors malls, etc. ONE CARELESS MOMENT and they can be SNATCHED to be NEVER SEEN AGAIN! Cover yourself and your family with the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST for protection from ALL of Satan's dark tactics!

For more revelation on Satanism in NORTH AMERICA, go to my reports on:

God bless you and protect you ALL!

-Pamela Schuffert

Saturday, September 26, 2009


It is 1998. I am now visiting a Christian retreat in Bradenton, Florida, where my mother worked then. Amazingly, I have just encountered a former satanist from Asheville, NC. He was there at a Christian retreat for a life change. Much stranger still, he was also the former satanic high priest for my father's coven meeting in Virginia Beach many years ago as well! (I later got confirmation about this through another former high level satanist,who became a Christian exposing the occult with several books in Christian book stores, in fact.)

He began to open up to me and we discussed many things, including all my research in the mountains of North Carolina and ASHEVILLE. He used to run with the satanists in Asheville, in fact. He confirmed to me personally the accuracy of my research and the subsequent impact my in-depth reporting exposing satanism therein had throughout those NC/TN mountains.

He revealed, "Take my word for it, NEVER RETURN to those mountains again! Your reporting has shaken their kingdom all the way into the heart of the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. they wanna put a bullet through our head...they say you KNOW too much and you TALK too much!" He shook his head.

I simply smiled and said, "If God calls me back to those mountains, I will return...but only at His timing and for His purposes." Truthfully, I never had any plans to ever return, due to several previous death attempts on my life in NC.

But let me emphasize the following: while I was very encouraged to hear that my investigating, standing with victims and reporting DID have an impact against such terrible darkness, I must say "TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST HIS SON!"

Frankly, I only did the reporting, and much prayer over what I found out. It was what FOLLOWED this kind of factual informative reporting telling God's people, that God used to SHAKE THEIR KINGDOMS OF DARKNESS IN THOSE MOUNTAINS: INTERCESSORY PRAYER!!!

I was often so shaken by the terrifying reports of actual accounts of many, including Christians, being abducted by these satanists and brutally sacrificed in these mountains, that I spent hours into the night, MANY long nights, crying out to GOD TO INTERVENE and to BIND these forces of darkness so prevalent throughout NC/TN (and in fact BEYOND as well.)

Performing such research was an eye-opener to me as well as all those who subsequently bought my book, SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY and read my graphic reports on the Internet. I had learned very little from my own father. He played the game of "pretend" and tried to hide what he was involved in for 30 longs years, until he finally repented and became a born again Christian in 1998, six months before he died.

It was other former satanists, now Christians that I interviewed, that informed me about the hidden activities of my father with the satanists worldwide. I confronted my father with the revelations of his former high priest (after meeting with him in 1998 in Florida), exposing my father and his satanist "other woman"participating in one grim ritual he presided over at one time, and challenged my father to REPENT and confess to this darkness and become BORN AGAIN before he died. And finally, he did. A wonderful USAF Chaplain, Ailsworth, was sent throughout friend Col. Jim Ammerman, to confront him with the evidence, and my father got gloriously SAVED by receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and confessing his years of darkness.

I spent YEARS in intercessory prayer against the satanist darkness of this entire region. Many Christians across this nation began to do the same thing, so moved over the horror of what i exposed and reported on.


Thankyou Father GOD through Jesus Christ Your SON! Thankyou ALL THE WONDERFUL CHRISTIAN PRAYER WARRIORS across this nation, who have stood in intercessory prayer against the ugly and terrible darkness of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

God will NEVER share His glory that rightfully belongs to HIM ALONE with ANYONE. And no true servant of His seeks to glorify ANYONE or anything, but GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ.

To GOD BE ALL GLORY for what He does through His servants of no repute. Had it not been for His grace, I would have become just one more victim, one more statistic, of those satanists in the mountains. They tried to abduct me in the fall of 1995 in fact, and set me up more than once for death. There followed many attacks on my life in subsequent years for my reporting on MARTIAL LAW and the coming police state. ONLY HIS GRACE has delivered me time and time again. I fall at His feet and worship Him and give HIM THE GLORY forevermore, for any way he chooses to use me to help or serve others. I am nothing: HE IS EVERYTHING. Halleluia!

TRUE ministries always put the focus and the glory on GOD ALONE, NEVER on self. We are called to be in ministry for the GLORY of GOD and His glorious Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

"And I, if I be lifted up, I will DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME, "declared Jesus Christ. The salvation of the WORLD depends solely on JESUS CHRIST. Let us strive therefore to lift HIM up and glorify HIM to the world around us. Our prayers and our Christian witness WILL make the difference in today's perishing world.

Continue to pray and MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, my friends and readers. My reporting is only meant to inform YOU and to facilitate YOUR PRAYER and AWARENESS and righteous actions as well. ONLY PRAYER has held back the dark forces of MARTIAL LAW THUS FAR! Continue to be informed, and PRAY!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

Friday, September 25, 2009

Much THANKS to My WACCAMAW friend in NC!

Thankyou EVER SO MUCH! I am fighting for more time on the Internet today. When I get more time, I will share with you what is happening in the CAROLINAS and what I uncovered in preparation for MARTIAL LAW takeover in this state. GOD BLESS YOU!-Pamela

Monday, September 21, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have spent 13 years of periodic researching (often intense and dangerous as well) and travel throughout MONTANA. My labors of love for Montana residents throughout your beautiful state have included going on local RADIO (Kalispell)and TELEVISION (Missoula) and lecturing as well.

I have at various times endured bitterly cold winters that involved living, sleeping and working out of my vehicles (unheated at night in temperatures down to -30 degrees BELOW zero, at times at high latitudes,) in order to perform critically urgent research on your behalf.

WHY? Simply because I AM a Christian, and I happen to care deeply about what they plan to do to so many innocent people in your state under martial law. I am publishing some of my information for your benefit, especially if you live in this beautiful state, now SO endangered by the NWO agenda.

I have even encountered Christians from Montana, like one woman at a "Derek Prince PROPHECY Conference" held in SC in 1995, who told me that GOD HAS BEEN GIVING HER VISIONS of people being ARRESTED IN MONTANA, and shackled into PRISONER BOXCARS to be taken to DETENTION CAMPS like cattle, to be killed. She told me, "This explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME," when I told her of my research uncovering martial law agendas, prisoner boxcars and detention camps in her state.
(The Bible reveals that the wondrous Holy Spirit will SHOW YOU THINGS TO COME, in fact.)

PLEASE understand: NONE of this is wildfire rumor or "urban legend." I painstakingly took the time and effort for years, to carefully sort out such false information from the GENUINE and obtain documentation in order to warn people of what is coming.

The PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES are rampant throughout your state of Montana, prepositioned to haul you and your loved ones to the FEMA/HOMELAND camps when their agenda begins. MONTANA is filled with government and military/FEMA spies, infiltrators into communities (including churches), local militias, etc. They already know that Montana is considered a "place of refuge" against the NWO agenda for many informed Americans, and that such people are preparing to make their last stand for FREEDOM in the great freedom-lovers' state of Montana. And the US government/military/intelligence community has responded accordingly.

Their spies are NOT so foolish as to be dressed in "three-piece Washington DC government business suits!" No, they are rather dressed totally like local mountain folks instead. The ones detected by locals have been known to dress like good ol' mountain boys and cowboys, drive mountain trucks, hang out in local bars and family restaurants in order to infiltrate and penetrate the local communities. BUT IN FACT THEY ARE "FEDS!"

One man in Kalispell told me a rather humorous account of one such Fed being exposed.
"It was morning in Kalispell, when right near Snappy's sports store and Walmart, there was an minor traffic accident in the intersection. Before any police could arrive on the scene, an old truck pulled up , and what looked like a local mountain man jumped out and ran to the driver to see if he was hurt. I came up closer, and watched as he then PULLED OUT HIS WALLET AND FLASHED AN OFFICIAL FBI BADGE! Yup, he was one of those FED INFILTRATORS into our community alright...."

After going on radio live for two hours in Kalispell, in fact, to share this information I research and report on, the owner said, "Beware of FED INFILTRATORS here in this region...they are swarming everywhere and have infiltrated completely this area..."

Montanans are not stupid by any means. That is WHY you no longer see OPEN MILITIAS meeting any more. They KNOW they are heavily infiltrated and monitored! "This is why it has finally become 'every other home is their own private militia' now in Montana," as one person admitted to me while being interviewed.

I first heard of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES through an eye-witness traveling with four other Christians to perform a PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA in 1995. After they returned to South Carolina, Marie (the leader) told me about their strange and disturbing discovery: as they followed railroad tracks into the woods in COLUMBIA FALLS MONTANA, to take pictures and not get lost, they accidentally (or DIVINELY?) stumbled upon BLACK BOXCARS. Suspicious, they went to one where the door remained partly opened. Once their eyes adjusted to the dark inside, they noted SHACKLES WELDED TO THE SIDES AND FLOORS OF THE CARS.

And something stranger still: A MODERN GUILLOTINE BOLTED in one end of the boxcar. GLASGOW MT is where they have stored thousands of modern GUILLOTINES, some already previously welded into PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES sighted by reliable witnesses in COLUMBIA FALLS MT.

Shocked at this revelation, I decided to prayerfully travel to Montana for the first time, to Columbia Falls. I first arrived at BOZEMAN, where I met with one person in 1997 who was head of a prayer group, who had heard of the prisoner boxcars with shackles from a Native Blackfeet Indian through whose reservation those boxcars had passed while apparently being transported from there they originated east(Glasgow, MT) to the Glacier park region further west and beyond.

Finally making my way up to Columbia Falls and beautiful Glacier National Park region, I got up the courage to interview locals about what they knew about the prisoner boxcars with shackles sightings. Amazingly, they WERE aware of them. One man said, "Yes, it's true, they were here..but because of so many public sightings and too much public awareness, they were moved to higher elevations and remote sidetracks. Hunters occasionally stumble upon them, as well as hikers." I managed to locate and interview such hunters later, who confirmed at times such sightings in remote mountain regions.

Sadly, because of "Glacier/Waterton International Peace Parks" designation of being an official "UN BIOSPHERE", it can fully be utilized under martial law or war time as a region for: foreign troops to camp and use for their operations under martial law; PRISONERS TAKEN UNDER MARTIAL LAW to be incarcerated in facilities on it's grounds as well. Judging from all the NWO activities taking place around the Glacier region and along Highway 2, it appears they fully plan to utilize this otherwise beautiful park region to the maximum for their NWO/martial law agenda.

Further sources contacting me after hearing my radio broadcasts on WWCR, told me of WHERE these prisoner boxcars sighted in Columbia Falls, MT, originated according to LEE HARRINGTON of VALIER, MT(GLASGOW MONTANA) and WHERE the guillotines were stored (Glasgow military base) unloaded by US MARINES by the thousands, according to one friend and information source DORIAN what he told me from his US Marine source.
They will use US MARINES HEAVILY for round-ups under martial law, and they have been hardened to KILL their fellow Americans who offer resistance.

DEADLY PENTAGON SPRAYING in various regions has already been going on for 8 years now, especially in the NORTHWEST quadrant. Their military doctors have been planted in hospitals like KALISPELL REGIONAL HOSPITAL to monitor effects of their deadly chemical/biological spraying over various regions. They will be releasing such deadly chemicals/biologicals under martial law in the future to incapacitate all anticipated civilian resistance (militias, gun owners, etc.) They even brazenly sprayed the Amish community in NW Montana the very time I was visiting it 2 years ago, in order to pray for them and share some of my warnings with them. I was terribly affected, and so were many of them as well, as I found out later upon returning. It took me five months to recover strength, in fact. No, they will NOT spare the peaceful Amish, either!
RUSSIAN MILITARY (among others)will be used heavily through Montana and Pacific Northwest under martial law to police, patrol and deal with all anticipated resistance. There is a large presence, both in NW Canada and the Pacific NW USA, of Russian SPETZNAZ, spies and related people. We have reports from reliable sources of whole convoys of military equipment (including Howitzer type cannons)being moved into the mountains of NW Montana, driven by RUSSIAN military with DOD badges, according to one Pentagon and state trooper in information source. Evidently they plan to blow out of those mountains all who offer armed resistance, much like what happened to Patriotic anti-UN/NWO freedom fighters in the mountains of KOSOVO and former Yugoslavia.

HIGHWAY 2 (the"HIGHLINE") is apparently a major hot spot for MARTIAL LAW takeover (a major artery for upcoming military activities apparently, among other uses under martial law), I discovered as I drove repeatedly up and down that stretch of highway throughout my years of research. So MANY sightings of prisoner boxcars and strange NWO happening are sighted all along it.

And YES, there really IS a secret UN training base above TROY in the KOOTENAI National FOREST in the YAAK RIVER VALLEY. I interviewed eye witnesses and got lots of information. This facility near the Canadian border, has been used in the past to train dark skinned men riding on horses how to fire rifles while running at a full gallop on horseback, according to one eye-witness source. And more. Strangely, two men who witnessed their activities up close and began to report what they saw to others are now dead, according to one reliable information source.

Others hunting told me as I interviewed them in the Yaak, of having FOREIGN TROOPS crossing right in front of them , saying not one word as they silently passed by the hunters. Several other hunters from Noxon, MT, told me of stumbling upon RUSSIAN MILITARY practicing under American military leadership, and being cursed out by the American military and ordered to leave immediately.

In fact, Canadian sources have told me of many sightings of RUSSIAN MILITARY in large numbers arriving at the international airport in Abbottsford, BC and Lethbridge, Alberta, CA (right near GLACIER/WATERTON PARK). Since the Canadian and American governments are fully cooperating in this NAU/NWO agenda, we believe that many of the foreign troops to be used in America, are being trained and housed extensively in CANADA, according to some information sources including from TORONTO, ONT.

I have long reported that FOREIGN TROOPS will be used extensively to do "the dirty work" that many of our America troops will not be willing to perform against their fellow Americans under martial law. Such include Chinese, UN/NATO/Partnership for Peace, and RUSSIAN MILITARY will be among them. In fact, right next to Montana, in SPOKANE, WA, my Russian Christian sources told me that Russian spies are openly bragging to them, stating,

"Ha-HA, stupid Americans! AS LIFE WAS IN RUSSIA, SO SHALL IT SOON BE IN AMERICA!" And I have looked sadly at my Russian Christian friends who have revealed this to me and told them, "Your Russian spies are sadly CORRECT..."

MONTANA IS FILLED WITH DETENTION CAMPS FOR ALL NWO RESISTERS, both ABOVE ground and UNDERGROUND. Local sources just this spring along HWY 2 admitted to me that one man reported of working to help refurbish an older underground military facility on HWY 2 near Libby, that will be used as an UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMP for NWO resisters they arrest or round up under martial law. It was a former underground radar facility used during WWII, now being upgraded for future use.

One information source under top government security clearance but willing to talk anonymously, told me of making truck food deliveries to deep underground military installations and UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMPS across America. When I asked this person WHICH STATE they had just made delivers to of UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMPS, this person told me, "MONTANA."

I discovered while researching in Northwestern Montana, near WHITEFISH, that they are building NEW DETENTION CAMPS and laying much new railroad tracks (servicing BNSF) leading to such types of facilities, throughout that region. This was confirmed by another independent journalist.

After going on local television in Missoula, MT, I was recognized by one viewer as I sat at an outdoor cafe. He said, "Hey, I want to confirm what you said on television last night. A friend of mine was flying out of Glacier International Airport recently, and sat next to a man who was very nervous. He asked him why he was so nervous. The man replied,

"I am a journalist. I just finished researching in Whitefish
investigating alleged reports of prisoner boxcars with shackles, detention camps and martial law preparations I had heard about. Someone with Whitefish City Council told me that this was all true...they were building more detention camps, had mobile FEMA prisoner units in place, etc. And THEN he told me THIS WAS ALL CLASSIFIED GOVERNMENT INFORMATION for which I could be killed for either knowing or publishing. I AM NOW FLYING HOME TO GET MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER, and we are LEAVING AMERICA FOR GOOD...."

Even the innocent and gentle AMISH communities
are not immune to government spying and intimidation. I spoke to one man with his Amish community along Highwy 2, who told me, "The FBI came to me and my community and tried to coerce me into making a deal with them. I refused. we now FACE GENOCIDE....." His voice trailed off as he looked distraught and full of anguish. Montana is filled wth many of the ANABAPTIST COMMUNITY, including AMISH, MENNONITES and HUTTERITES.

I have received many reports by observers of the FBI and the intelligence community actively spying on such Amish/Anabaptist communities nationwide,
because they are known for their tradition of resisting corrupt government and refusing to conform to "the system." They are often looked at as MAJOR THREATS by the NWO bureaucracy, because they are able to LIVE OFF THE GRID and independently when martial law comes down. They supply their own food (farms) and generate their own power, etc. Many refuse to have their children accept Social Security numbers, etc. The government knows they cannot control such people through forced planned FAMINE, or by witholding electricity or gasoline, because the Amish are conditioned to living completely WITHOUT these commodities.

Hence, these Amish become a threat to their NWO takeover agenda.
These Feds have even gone so far as to label the Yoder popcorn farm in Indiana, for example, as a site for "POTENTIAL TERRORISTS"(!)

The US military has been practicing reconnaisance (spy)missions over Montana.
One former Army ranger told me of watching as men jumping out of low altitude planes landed accidently in Flathead lake one day. He and his father rescued them and picked them up in their boat. These men admitted they were practicing "recon."

What "RECON" means is,
once on the ground, they get rid of their military uniforms, don civilian clothing similar to locals, and learn to intermingle with the civilian population, hopefully remaining undetected. They may grow their hair long or grow beards, don a backpack to look like local students, hikers, etc. They then begin to monitor civilians and covertly report back periodically to their headquarters their observations. This former Army Ranger even told me about one man he KNEW was a military recon person, and pointed out how he dressed to look like a local hiker or student, grew a beard, carried a backpack, etc.
Yes, there IS sadly coming a day in which certain elements in our own military will be USED AGAINST US, the "Patriotic/Constitutionalist/Christian Heritage" elements of the American people, under martial law.

WILL PUBLISH MORE SOON! (Hidden secrets of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, PLUS the underground tunnel and underground military base no one knows about, and MORE.)-Pamela Schuffert

Saturday, September 19, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Independent investigators and researchers like myself are hearing more and more from alternative news sources about the coming SWINE FLU PANDEMIC (all originating in Government/military labs of course) and the terrible FORCED INOCULATIONS they plan to impose on ALL citizens under this ruse. We are also hearing about the plan to arrest and take people TO THE CAMPS who refuse these deadly inoculations.

Forget their term for it:"QUARANTINE of swine flu vaccination resisters." Think instead "TERMINATION OF NWO RESISTERS," even as my former CIA/NWO agenda people warned me, who came out to blow the whistle on government NWO black ops and the REAL purpose of THE DETENTION CAMPS.

"Oh, ALL OF US IN THE CIA know about the detention camps in America and their purposes. We ALL know they are to TERMIANATE the future resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER under martial law as the government brings it down...." (Source: Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI/CIA before becoming whistleblower exposing the NWO agenda.

This warning was further reiterated by former CIA assassin Elaine, who actually helped to plan the detention camps that will house and terminate future NWO resisters before coming out to blow the whistle. She told me while interviewing her:

"I tell you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death for NWO resisters once they get their hands on them and take them to the camps....."

Let's face it: you ARE already a "NWO resister" by now IF you know about this kind of government-censored information and have been following it for a while on alternate radio broadcasts and websites like mine!

I will say this again..and again...and again to my readers. Do NOT be taken alive to their FEMA/military (or any other) camps under any circumstances in the future. My CIA sources warned me, face to face as I interviewed them, of the many tragic horrors waiting for the unfortunate Americans who DO somehow get taken alive to the camps under martial law.

"NWO resisters" are considered committed Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, gun owners, etc. ANYONE who is already profiled through massive government spying on the American people, to be unwilling to cooperate with their nefarious plans to destroy our Constitutionally-based government, our cherished religious freedoms and rights, our sovereignty, our decidedly CHRISTIAN American founders and heritage, etc., has already been secretly labeled on massive government/military computer lists to be "RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER" and marked for priority arrest, round-up, and transporting TO THE CAMPS to be "dealt with accordingly."

I challenge you to therefore stand your ground, defend your home and family, food supplies and possessions, and fight like honorable Patriotic men and woman of this nation who cherish their God-given freedoms and LIBERTY in the hour of coming confrontation.

You are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly surrender your God-given rights and liberties to these NWO murderers, who will come in Satan's name and his NEW WORLD ORDER, to steal, kill and destroy the righteous and the innocent, to impose and install their satanic NWO agenda NOT BY CONSENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, but by brutal force, under martial law.

In that great freedom-lovers' "BIG SKY state of MONTANA," I interviewed some courageous mountain men one day, who admitted to me the following: "Yes, Ma'am, we KNOW what their NWO agenda is, and it will be out of our cold dead hands they pry our guns , because we are NOT surrendering to the NEW WORLD ORDER! And we are NOT gonna be TAKEN ALIVE TO THEIR CAMPS!" (Good!)

I will never forget that interview. The REST of America should learn from their courageous and uncompromising example........

-Pamela Schuffert

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Autumn That New York City Fell

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Friday, September 18, 2009
I was praying the other evening for our nation, against the heinous Martial Law agenda and for God to give me insight as to how to pray at this time. Immediately I received a strong impression of "MISSILES HITTING NEW YORK CITY." I was surprised. Although I always Ask God to show me things I must pray for, this came as a shocker. No, God did NOT give me a date. Prayer can influence and change many things.

But I was instantly reminded of several things. First of all, Messianic Jews in NYC told me of visions and revelations God gave them of great destruction coming to NYC in the form of missile attacks. Famed NYC "Teen Challenge" Pastor David Wilkerson has revealed how God has shown him how NYC will someday "burn with a THOUSAND FIRES" in judgment.

I was then reminded of the VISIONS my saintly "prayer warrior" Christian mother received before she died, very graphic, of NEW YORK CITY in ruins. She told me all about it one day, some 30 years ago. God showed her it was going to happen IN THE AUTUMN of the year it finally comes to pass.

In her vision: "I saw the buildings all around me in ruins everywhere in New York City. I was with a friend in my vision, walking carefully over fallen buildings and rubble. I heard people discussing this terrible crisis, saying that "the tunnels are closed and no one can drive through them now because of the destruction...." (There are tunnels in various locations in NYC under water.) God showed me it would happen in the fall of some year in the future..."

I am always praying for God to hold back such horrors in our nation. Military sources warned me that because of our US policy in the Middle East, there WILL be nuclear strikes on American soil in the near future. They informed us that the US military is now stockpiling up to 10 years of emergency food supplies in the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES in full expectations of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE. (Source: anonymous military insiders from Kirtland AFB, NM

Furthermore, another USAF source admitted to me personally that MISSILES ARE NOW AIMED AT MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES NATIONWIDE from our OWN MILITARY BASES! He admitted that this is for their covert MARTIAL LAW AGENDA, to help trigger martial law through military "black ops."

"Bravo Six" told me that the missiles at Ellsworth AFB ( )Rapid City, SD, are aimed at four major US cities for such an outrageous NWO agenda. "They have lied to the American people about the missiles having been removed from their underground silos, " he told me. "In fact, they are still there and will be used for their covert martial law agenda in the future...."

Of course they will BLAME it falsely on a "rogue nation" or "AL QAIDA", but in fact it will be our OWN traitorous elements of our MILITARY working with the government for their NWO agenda.

Interestingly, an evangelist shared at one time how God showed her a great EARTHQUAKE beginning in the MOUNTAINS OF NC, traveling up a fault line and leveling NEW YORK CITY (and other cities in it's path) as well. I have long been collecting prophecies of THE MOUNTAINS OF NC GOING TO BE JUDGED BY GREAT EARTHQUAKES, from many excellent Christian sources, including Russian Christians here in NC.

A powerful man of God, Bill Thurmond of Asheville, NC, told me how God revealed to him, "The longer I wait for these people [satanists] to REPENT and THEY DO NOT, the greater their JUDGMENT WILL BE WHEN IT COMES!" I asked Bill, "WHAT judgment?" He replied, " My wife saw a vision of the high rise buildings of Asheville toppled as IF BY A GREAT EARTHQUAKE!"

The potential for both missiles strikes, massive explosions, EMP's,chemical-biological releases, etc., and natural ( or PROJECT HAARP triggered) disasters and earthquakes for NYC and other cities/regions across our nation remains very real in this hour.

SO I have long been praying for the mercy of God to hold back such black ops, missile strikes on major cities and regions, earthquakes, etc., since all of the above will affect the innocent and the righteous in such regions when they happen.

Christian intercessors, you need to join with me in such intercessory prayers, now!
When it comes to Holy Spirit visions and prophecies, judgment, and "date-setting," I tell people "date- setting is foolish!" Because PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! So does repentance on the part of nations and people.

SO, NO, I am NOT saying that "THIS AUTUMN NYC WILL FALL." But I AM saying that the potential is HERE for anything to happen, not only in NYC but also nationwide, due to MANY factors at this time. And I DO know that I received a very distinct impression of "MISSILES" and "NEW YORK CITY" as I prayed the other night. The Bible tells us that the beloved and Divine Holy Spirit will indeed SHOW US THINGS TO COME as He wills, to those who seek Him in fasting and prayer in Jesus' name. And so often He shows us, so that our intercessory prayers can hold such things back and bring people to repentance...something that our nation desperately NEEDS IN THIS HOUR~.

SO PLEASE PRAY and seek God in this crucial hour of America's destiny.

-Pamela Schuffert


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

September 18, 2009-

I just received this important email today from my friend BRIAN of OKC. Brian is a former SECURITY GUARD with CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN NORAD in Colorado Springs. He told me much about being exposed to the NWO agenda while working there previously, and how he said "NO!" when they tried to recruit him into going along with it in the USAF. Now Brian goes through all kinds of covert attacks, such as his home broken into, CIA vans parked outside his apartment, microwaving through the walls, military sitting next to him in church in full uniform asking strange questions. Pray for Brian and his family.

I have long reported on the used of GERMAN MILITARY BUNDESWEHR and other German forces in America under MARTIAL LAW, to patrol our streets, shoot us and seize our weapons and take us to the camps in the future. Refer to my previous articles on this important subject.-Pamela

On Sept 16, Weds of this week, I had worked at the gun store in the morning. I later got a call for me to come and pick up the new flag "DON'T TREAD ON ME". So I jumped back into my van and went back to the store.

Outside the store in the parking lot was a large white van with logo of a town just outside OKC. It was not marked as a police unit. So I walked into the store wearing my black SWAT hat, military sunglasses and long beard and hair.

So what did I see in the small store? 20 men and women ages from about 21 to 35. All strong, they all looked as if they just came from a workout gym. Most were at lease 5ft 10 inches to 6ft 3 inches tall. Most blond hair. Thus going through the door 40 eyes stared at me all at once.

Everyone quit talking. You could drop a pin and hear it hit the ground.I guess they did not expecting to see"'Santa Nam Vet!" Tee-Hee.

So I walked behind the counter by the cash register and picked up my flag from a member of the family who owns the store. That snake on the flag is big! So many German eyes were looking at the flag. So I started to ask if anyone needed help in the store.

Not one person spoke up. Then a man in his 40s said "Oh, they are German police officers and they are with me!" So I asked if it were an exchange program. He said "Yes!" Then he said this was the third year that this had been going on. Plus they (Americans) had been going over to Germany. All parties learn each others ways of "law enforcement".

Then he said that"these GERMAN officers do not put up with anything. When they ask you for I.D., you better give it to them or they will 'bust your head and put you in a world of hurt!'" (Hmmmmmm! They learn the German way of doing things.)

My point of all of this, Pam, is: "how many of these German officers will end up on American city streets UNDER MARTIAL LAW?" With the American police officers being sent over to Germany to enforce things under a NWO agenda, replaced by foreign so their German officers can take our freedoms, shooting gun owners or taking families away to camps?

Just things to ponder! One last thing: all the German police officers speak perfect English.

That's all for now from "OKie" land!
-Brian (p.s you can post this if you want... :)
NOTE-I performed many years of investigating the foreign troop presence in our nation, here for MARTIAL LAW. I interviewed German military in both GERMANY for 6 months (2001) and here in America. German BUNDESWEHR (military) are now stationed in over 100 of our own military bases nationwide. German military stationed at HOLLOMAN AFB in NEW MEXICO
were at one point openly bragging to Americans that :

"...Your President knows that UNDER MARTIAL LAW your America troops do not want to arrest you, fire upon you or take you to the camps...But he knows WE GERMANS WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM! That is why he is shipping out more and more of your AMERICAN troops and bringing in more and more of us GERMAN TROOPS!" Admission of one German military source in Alamogordo, NM, with Holloman AFB, to Americans one day, according to eye-witnesses I personally interviewed while researching there for 6 weeks and going on live local radio as well.

They scorned the American ignorance of their activities and coming martial law.

America, isn't it time to get educated to THE HARD TRUTH and to WAKE UP?

-Pamela Schuffert

Thursday, September 17, 2009


They are going to force this vaccination on people worldwide! READ! That is going to happen in EUROPE is going to happen here in the USA.-Pamela Schuffert

By Jane Burgermeister from Europe-

There are only days or weeks left before this very real catastrophe occurs: in just days and weeks governments around the world plan to implement a mass vaccination programme.

An international corporate crime syndicate is about to force on the people of the world an unproven and toxic vaccine to achieve their political, spiritual and economic objectives. Laws are in place in every country to stamp everyone who refuses to take these toxic jabs as a criminal - and the police are today entitled to use deadly force against criminal suspects.

That means, if I, for example, refuse this jab in Austria in the next few weeks, I will be classified as a criminal. I have no criminal record. Yet I will have a criminal record for refusing to take this poison from a company, Baxter - being investigated by the police for deliberately putting live bird flu in vaccine material to trigger a pandemic - for refusing to consent to an action that will cause me death or deadly injury.

If you refuse this lethal jab in your country, you will be classified and registered as a criminal, too. The police, too, will be entitled to use physical coercion to force you to take this jab.

But who, here, is the real criminal? There is overwhelming evidence that the people who are implementing this forced mass vaccination plan are the real criminals. It is a shame on us, the people, that we have allowed it to come to this point where the future of the entire human race is at stake, where liberty, life and civilization are just weeks away from total annihilation by a programme of forced mass vaccinations.

The mass graves have been prepared, millions of body bags and plastic coffins are standing ready: the concentration camps are waiting to act as quarantine centers.It is a shame on us that we stand idly by and watch a group of criminals implement a genocidal plan of a scope and scale that has no parallel in our history.

All the evidence that the forced mass vaccinations with a toxic and unproved substance is a genocidal plan by WHO and UN, the pharmaceutical companies and the Rothschild, Rockefeller banking crime syndicate is there. It is a shame on us, the people, that we have not learned the lessons of history and of the need to confront criminals and tyrants forcefully and courageously in good time.

How can we, people who break absolutely no law, allow ourselves to be stamped as criminals for refusing to go to our deaths by taking these jabs? How can we meekly accept such a perverse and murderous law issued by decree by our so-called governments without any discussion or debate?

How can we accept that the infrastructure for genocide is being built around us as we go about our daily business – and do nothing?How can we accept that governments in secrecy implement plans to bypass hospitals and doctors and create secure vaccine centers to administer this poison to others – and do nothing?

We have seen the 19-page document issued by the French Health Minister and Minister of Interior to start the forced mass vaccination in France from September 28th, just three weeks away. It is a shame on us all, yes, a shame on us, if we stand by just one more day and watch this criminal plan unfold and do nothing to stop it.

The criminals are so arrogant, so hardened in depravity, so without any decency, honor or empathy as they pursue their restless search for ever more power, luxury and money, supporting each other in their abuse of their office in their secret networks, that for us to accept orders from them is a disgrace.

What person of dignity and honesty takes orders from a criminal? What person of worth obeys the commands of murderous tyrants? It is a disgrace for the French government to circulate in secret a plan for the forced vaccination of the entire population in four months in secure vaccine centers.This is an act of treachery and perfidy on a scale that cannot be tolerated, not one single day longer.

It is a disgrace to us if we stand by and allow these monstrous killing zones to appear in our midst - and to start to operate in our midst in whichever country we live in. It is a disgrace to us if we allow children and babies as young as six months old to be taken to such “secure vaccine” centers and for their lives to be destroyed under our eyes as we go about our daily business averting our eyes. It is a shame to every adult now alive in North America and Europe today.

Enough is enough.We have a responsibility to take action to restore law and justice in our societies.If we want to see enlightened, sensible government, we have a responsibility to see that it becomes a reality ourselves.The days of criticizing governments are over: the time for toppling these criminals from their seats of power has come.The days of going to vote in manipulated elections that bring no change are over.

The time to take back our governments has come....-END

NOTE-The forced vaccinations will include a BIO-MICROCHIP in EVERY DOSE to track every person worldwide with MILITARY SATELLITES!!! A microbiologist gave us this information several years ago an excellent article he wrote exposing this evil agenda. DO NO TAKE THE VACCINATION!

Several sources tell me that they predict that there will be all out REVOLUTION and a people's uprising in OCTOBER of this year over the forced vaccinations program for their children and families.

My friend Eddie Laughlan, on his excellent website, has posted more information about the forced swine flu vaccination.

PRAY about this and act accordingly.

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have you ever asked God how YOU CAN MAKE an important difference in today's world in which we live?

America sits on the
BRINK OF JUDGMENT, CATASTROPHE and DESTRUCTION in this critical hour of her unfolding destiny. Many Americans and Christians are sensing uneasily that SOMETHING is not right out there, and that SOMETHING is about to happen, among those who do not even read sites or listen to alternate broadcasting covering the coming POLICE STATE/MARTIAL LAW NWO agenda for "Amerika."

People I interview across America
tell me that AMMUNITION and GUNS are selling like CRAZY. Many people are now contacting construction companies and ordering PRE-FAB NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTERS TO BE INSTALLED AT THEIR HOMES.

Still others are leaving the country quietly with their children and going to locations like Central or South America and beyond. People from as diverse groups as the AMISH and RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA are all telling me that they KNOW something bad is about to come and have told by God's Holy Spirit to LEAVE AMERICA WHILE THEY CAN.
SURVIVAL FOOD COMPANIES are doing a brisk job nationwide, as well as sales of water purifiers shortwave radios, survival gear of every kind at ARMY SURPLUS and outdoor stores.

American faces the multiple crises of PLANNED FAMINE, FORCED VACCINATIONS and DELIBERATE RELEASE OF DEADLY FLU AND VIRUSES AND CHEMICALS nationwide. We face the potential of MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS in city and region after region, all pre-planned government/military black-ops designed to bring AMERICA TO HER KNEES and under the IRON FIST of their NEW WORLD ORDER.

None of these examples are exaggerations, urban legend or hype. They are REAL and they are coming to AMERICA!

The call is going forth as never before for an increase in GOD'S PRAYER WARRIORS and INTERCESSORS!

To understand just HOW important INTERCESSORY PRAYER truly is in this desperate hour regarding the MARTIAL LAW CRISIS we face, read the following account:

I was traveling to perform journalism and investigation regarding coming martial law across the nation, and lectured in OREGON. The listeners and I then followed this with powerful intercessory prayer. The Holy Spirit then gave one intercessor an inspired WORD OF KNOWLEDGE:

"Thus saith the Lord: Had it not been for MY PRAYER WARRIORS PRAYING that I would HOLD BACK Martial Law from your nation, YOUR NATION WOULD BE UNDER MARTIAL LAW RIGHT NOW!"

I responded with the words, "I KNOW it, Lord Jesus...I KNOW it."

This is WHY I abandoned two jobs and steady income, and responded to the call of God to perform this kind of work and investigating to wake up the slumbering churches across this nation, and to pray for America region by region, since 1996 when God gave me this clear calling. Revelations from military and CIA insiders had horrified me of what they were planning to do to millions of innocent people, Christians especially, when martial law was finally triggered and declared across America.

I KNEW that I WANTED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS CRITICAL HOUR! And my Bible tells me that PRAYER MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I have labored ceaselessly to gather important information for many years now, not only to warn my fellow Americans, but to inform CHRISTIAN PRAYER WARRIORS for our nation, so they too can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

The Bible tells us that...

"…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16).

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him" (1 John 5:14-15).

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7).

Please remember, that the coming MARTIAL LAW scenario will absolutely include severe persecution of the genuine Christians throughout this continent, and America. The NEW WORLD ORDER considers Bible-Believing Christians to be one of their most formidable opponents and persistent obstacles to their bringing the entire world under their kingdom of darkness described in Revelation 13. They know that because of our faith in Jesus Christ and His word commanding us to NOT be participants in their kingdom of darkness and it's cashless society and false religious system, we will never accept their NWO kingdom of darkness...which former members admitted to me is in fact the MANIFEST KINGDOM OF SATAN ON EARTH.

And we as Christians are commanded to resist the devil steadfastly. Biblically based intercessory PRAYER is one of our greatest weapons against this enemy! And of course, pleading or beseeching the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST against him and his works and followers and plans. "PRAYING IN THE HOLY SPIRIT" is also essential as well, and using the WORD OF GOD as our authority against the spiritual darkness that threatens us even now in our nation.

IN fact, if I were not living in constant intercessory prayer, I would be VERY dead right now. None of this is a joke or a game. We are in a very deadly battlefield. The stakes are high, and the enemy knows it. Even as the Apostle Paul, the Apostle Peter and others, I live under a constant sentence of death from the enemy camp for my kind of reporting and my calling in Christ Jesus. I am only alive to this day BY HIS GRACE...and the power of intercessory prayer and a LIVING GOD WHO FAITHFULLY ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!

And so, my beloved Christian friends and fellow Americans, PLEASE purpose NOW to become the quality intercessors America needs in this hour, and help MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the outcome of America's final destiny!

-Pamela Schuffert

Saturday, September 12, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Please take the time to visit this excellent website by my Scottish friend Edward Laughlan. Edward is a fine Christian working hard to expose the NEW WORLD ORDER. Please pray for his health. He is not well, with a muscular disease keeping him now from productive physical work. It is very difficult for him to feed his family on what little finances they have monthly. He lives now in Spain.

I promised him I would help to raise financial support to feed his family and help him in his excellent website and work. Please visit this link, and pray about helping Edward in his vision and work as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

Also Visit Another EXCELLENT LINK Exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER As Well

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

September 12, 2009

I just received an email from a contact whose website this link is, who asked me to review it and post his link on my blog. I find it excellent and you will enjoy the articles also. Please visit:

My linking with him does not mean I endorse or agree with EVERY article necessarily and hold the same viewpoint. But the articles are very good in general. Use your own discernment.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In these important reports you will find information about: THE COMING PRISON FEMA CAMPS AND NWO/MARTIAL LAW...prepositioned Prisoner boxcars with shackles in YOUR states..WHAT is the truth about modern GUILLOTINES and HOW they will be used...PENTAGON BLACK OPS SPRAYING in America..the TRUTH about the vaccinations and the created PANDEMICS....and much, much MORE.-Pamela


Please go to for some excellent updated information regarding "BANKERSTERS' HOLIDAY and VACCINATIONS THREAT. Some information is excellent and valid and other may be posted by questionable sources. Be discerning and prayerful. TO save time, go to the following link for it. -Pamela

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"The RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS Around My Neck"-Now YOU Can Own One !

I know that millions of my fellow Americans and Christians will be terribly affected by MARTIAL LAW to come. Many of my fellow Christians will be arrested for their faith and sent, Nazi/Bolshevik style, by PRISONER BOXCARS down the railroad tracks of America, to their deaths in the many modern detention camps located across America and Canada and Alaska as well.

After many years of following the railroad tracks of America to track down reports of prisoner boxcars with shackles sightings and known detention camps, I began to collect old rusted and discarded ones from the many tracks I followed, especially throughout Montana.

Deeply grieved by what I was uncovering, and realizing how many of my fellow Christians would meet their final end on the railroad systems of this country, I finally decided to have a cross made of such railroad spikes as I found across America.

I contacted a metal worker in NC, Tekla, who was willing to make my spikes into a cross. I handed her three spikes. She cut two of them in half and welded the top ends of them to form side arms of the cross, welded to either side of one complete spike. The impressive cross that it formed was incredible and deeply moving.

I have actually worn my railroad spike cross to churches and while praying on city streets across this nation. It is MEANT to be an attention-getter and attract questions from viewers. And people now LISTEN when I tell them WHY I wear this kind of cross, and WHAT IT MEANS.

Let me be honest with you: I cannot bear this heavy burden and this cross alone. God needs many MORE of His people across the land to warn other Christians and Americans of what is to come to this nation. After much prayer about this, I decided to contact Tekla and ask her if she were willing to make MORE of these beautiful Railroad cross spikes for me and my readers as well. She said she would be delighted!

If YOU would like to now possess your very own RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS, to use as a gripping prayer reminder of what is coming to our nation, and to show to others in order to begin to warn them about the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, you can now receive yours through this ministry.

For your support gift of $50 or more, I will be happy to send you your personal RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS. Tekla will charge me $25 for each cross she makes, and of course there is shipping costs involved as well due to weight. SO be generous in sending your support to keep my work of investigative journalism on behalf of my fellow Americans going, WHILE I CAN STILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS.

I wish I could send them out to every one FREE. Unfortunately, I cannot. Because this kind of investigative reporting has been a sacrificial work for so many years, I am utterly destitute, having sacrificed everything to perform this valuable labor on behalf of millions of threatened fellow Americans. And in the end, I will sacrifice my freedoms and my very life for this work. But it will have been worth it all, IF people will ONLY WAKE UP and respond to the WARNING!

If you would like to own a RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS, please contact me at:

Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757

I will place your order at once with Tekla, and your Cross will be shipped to you immediately upon completion.

Last month, I thought I was going to actually die. My SUV drove it's last mile and had to be towed away. I had no food left, no financial support coming in, my church could not help me with any more emergency food cards (because they have to help so many others). I found myself with NO vehicle, NO food, not even personal needs that most take for granted, like toilet paper.

(Thanks to the kind support of ONE person prior to that, Joyce from Texas, I was able to temporarily get food and a few much needed items...God bless her! But it was gone all too quickly.)

And I had no one to rescue me: I have no home to go home to, no family to lean on, no monthly checks coming in, etc. BUT THE WORK HAD TO GO ON. This is the only reason WHY I finally felt compelled to share my financial needs with you, my readers.

The kind gifts that some readers have sent, have literally given me HOPE and LIFE! With your gifts, I have finally bought some FOOD! And personal needs as well. My clothing is very meager, most of them from Good Will and some donated from Salvation Army, which I am wearing as I type this. The kindness of the dozen of so readers who have sent gifts of compassion have literally given me LIFE. I have been enabled to continue this work now.

But I still more support at this time. My reporting needs a replacement vehicle to continue across this nation. Unlike so many across America who HAVE their survival food supplies, and survival gear, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NONE! I find it sadly strange that, after having laid down my life to warn America non-stop for 13 years about this coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, I have absolutely NOTHING to stand prepared for the coming famine and food shortages, and no survival gear to speak of. In fact, I gave most of mine away to others in need as I traveled, to help them prepare to stand. I frankly talk about this to God many hours at night, asking Him for His provision and solution.

For those of you who also are also destitute financially (as MANY tell me they are) and have little or nothing to prepare for the coming storm, REMEMBER THAT WE ALL HAVE THE WORD OF GOD AND HIS ETERNAL PROMISES TO STAND ON, REGARDLESS! Jesus Christ will NEVER let you down. HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU IN THE TIMES TO COME! But take the time to prepare as well.

"Faith without works is dead, "declares the Word of God in truth. Be a "wise Virgin" and take "extra oil" for the coming crises, so you can minister to others as well, being a good Christian witness!

His word will never fail YOU nor I in this desperate hour of America's destiny. Remember this when the hard times come!

I do, every single day. And I remind God of His promises as well, through hours of prayer daily..not just praying for SELF, but rather for millions who face the same things I do.

God bless you all.

-Pamela Schuffert