Thursday, June 30, 2011

Montana "PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES" In Columbia Falls, Revisited

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Greetings from COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA, considered  by many to be the gateway to beautiful GLACIER NATIONAL PARK.

But Columbia Falls also holds some deeper and darker secrets as well. for it was in Columbia Falls in 1995, that Christian missionaries on a PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA accidentally stumbled upon a suspicious sight of a long row of BLACK BOXCARS WITH PRISONER SHACKLES WELDED INSIDE EACH ONE. And something even MORE mysterious inside each one: A MODERN GUILLOTINE.

I personally heard this account first hand in a Christian retreat in South Carolina from the leader of the journey, Marie McCullough. She recounted her amazing experience to me in our living room. Marie shared how her group wanted to take pictures of the beautiful Glacier NP region, and so they parked their van and followed railroad tracks into the woods to take pictures, so they would not get lost. They were not prepared for what they discovered on those railroad tracks!

(The above black boxcars is only meant as a depiction and NOT the actual black boxcars sighted.-Pam)

Marie admitted that they became frightened after seeing the shackles and the guillotines, and quickly left the area. Her friend Rose had actually take pictures of the insides with the shackles and guillotines, but after this trip they all parted and she was not able to get into contact with Rose again. (How I wanted those photos!)

It was this revelation, coupled with ex-CIA and Pentagon source admissions to me of a coming MILITARY POLICE STATE UNDER MARTIAL LAW and FEMA camps and boxcars to transport prisoner to them, that fired up my curiosity and desire to come 2,500 miles out to MONTANA to find out MORE  about these mysterious boxcars.

And so, I came out to Montana first in 1997, finally to Columbia Falls. While interviewing locals about these boxcars, i received admission that they KNEW about these boxcars, and that the KNEW what the would be used for! But they also admitted to me, "These prisoner boxcars have since been relocated to remote sidetracks and higher elevations, to avoid any more public sightings...." Hikers and hunters reported having occasionally stumbled upon these boxcars in the mountains of MONTANA.

From LEE HARRINGTON of VALLIER, MONTANA, I discovered that the shackles had been welded into the boxcars by summer youth workers in Glasgow, Montana, then shipped west down the "Highline" (tracks that follow Highway 2). 

The boxcars then went through the Blackfoot Indian reservation, sighted by George Bullcalf and reported to one Christian intercessory prayer group. While slowly moving trough the reservation, some doors were open with the shackles fully visible to the native Americans. the shackles were welded in at GLASGOW MT.

I had also received a report of US MARINES UNLOADING MILITARY GUILLOTINES in a closed military base. This would have to be the one in GLASGOW as well, since the guillotines were also installed in the boxcars in Glasgow, Montana.

As I sit typing this report, I am only several miles from where my friend Marie actually first sighted these prisoner boxcars with shackles in 1995. It has been many years since I first received their initial report. 

Since then I have traveled thousands of miles across this nation, following railroad tracks and sightings of these prisoner boxcars and shackles that range from ASHEVILLE, NC to MONTANA to OREGON and beyond...all across our nation.


One woman who had me lecture in her home admitted that her husband was a high executive with GUNDERSON INC and that he told her they WERE under secret contract with the US government to produce these prisoner boxcars to take people to the camps under Martial Law.

My reports are well known and well read by now, both nationwide and worldwide. People I encounter all the time can almost quote my reports back to me about MARTIAL LAW and the boxcars! (I just encountered one such person at a Christian retreat near Columbia Falls.)

What is the Christian response to my reports? Many admit to me  that they are FINALLY WAKING UP TO THE REALITY OF WHAT IS TO COME TO OUR NATION, and they are preparing both spiritual and practically as well. Thank GOD!

One Christian woman told me a few days ago that God relocated her from ALASKA to this region AS AN INFORMED INTERCESSOR for the area! She was fully aware of my reports about Montana prisoner boxcars and shackles from my reports. And therefore she and her fellow intercessors are praying AGAINST this heinous NWO agenda for our nation and for Montana as well.

Friends and readers, THIS is how important my kind of investigative journalism is in this hour! An INFORMED people is an ALERTED people and becomes AN ACTIVATED PEOPLE!

For us as Christians, INTERCESSORY PRAYER is of major importance against this antichrist and Christian-persecuting NWO agenda for our nation and North America.

I lectured in Portland, Oregon a few years ago, and afterwards we had prayer. One person received a word of Holy Spirit prophecy stating, "THUS SAITH THE LORD: had it NOT  been for MY INTERCESSORS praying that I would hold back this NWO agenda for your nation, YOU WOULD BE UNDER IT RIGHT NOW!"

I knew this. That is why I have sacrificed everything for this work, on behalf of my endangered fellow Americans and fellow Christians as well. And now, I continue to live on the edge, facing dangers and opposition and many basic needs to CONTINUE in this urgently needed reporting. Food and gas are critical needs at this time.

Friends and readers, please support this important work! It is making a definite difference all across our nation. NO one can live on the road, out of their vehicle as I do, to perform investigative journalism WITHOUT RECEIVING READER SUPPORT! Christian readers, you know from Scriptures that, as the Apostle Paul stated while on his missionary journeys, NO one can perform such work without support from those who directly benefit from it.

Are you enjoying reading these reports? Are you benefiting from them (as many tell me continually that they do)?

Then I need both YOUR prayers and YOUR financial support at this time. I am in a region where there has already been a previous death attempt on my life, threats against me, and my personal laptop stolen by an admitted CIA operative following one radio broadcast of mine from here two years ago.

But this work MUST GO ON in this critical hour of America's destiny. I KNOW what their cruel and brutal NWO intentions are for my fellow American Patriots and my fellow Christians under future POLICE STATE USA. And for this reason, I cannot be silent!

Again, thank you for your prayers and your support. 

God bless you and protect you ALL throughout the times we face. Christian intercessors for AMERICA (and CANADA as well), do not be silent in this hour! YOUR prayers are needed!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


               Glacier National Park, Montana

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

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Pamela Rae Schuffert

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Your Support is URGENTLY NEEDED! And WHY...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Already it has become difficult on the road for me. Due to rising gas costs and cost of food and the essentials for survival living on the road, I have actually been forced to visit local pawn shops  in the area just to get emergency funds to survive! In fact, this is how I lost almost everything in the past years of performing this work.

Due to my making all my reporting free to readers in past years, and receiving very little support, I was forced to sell  or pawn everything to remain on the road in this important work. I remain stripped to bare basics, in fact, because of this. My treasured musical instruments, my laptop, and MANY other items were parted with throughout the years  to make this work possible for YOU to read!

Friends and long term readers, this should never be. While the NWO pours BILLIONS of dollars in support into it's dark agenda, Christian journalists like myself are left to suffer as we bear this burden on behalf of many in our nation. It is a shame that people like myself who are laying down our lives for this nation's freedom and liberties and performing valuable services to the American people should EVER be forced to live as I have, and for me to go without support while people enjoy my difficult journalism without offering support. I actually remain living in my vehicle on the road to be able to perform this work.

Are YOU willing to make such a sacrifice for your nation and her liberties and religious freedoms to continue? If not, please consider financially supporting THOSE WHO ARE SACRIFICING IN THIS HOUR on your behalf. We MUST all stand together in this hour.

This is why I must now charge for special reports. My work is not free: it comes at great personal cost. For freedom loving Americans, we should ALL be sharing in this burden for our nation in this hour. And Christians especially.

Please, pray about this and as God leads you, send your urgently needed support to: Pamela Rae Schuffert, PO Box 494, Montreat, NC, 29757

Greetings from Glacier National Park Montana!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

 Finally, I am back in the most beautiful region in north America, Western Montana and Glacier-Waterton Peace Park. This region is filled with much preparation for coming martial law, for many reasons. I spend much time here praying and interceding for America. I also spend much time investigating preparations for a military takeover of this region in the future under martial law.

Glacier National Park is a comfort to my heart, which is why I visit it when I come to this region. The magnificent scenery helps me to forget the terrible things I research for a season. And helps me to pray for our nation as well.

In the village of WEST GLACIER, immediately before the West Glacier Park entrance, there are delightful stores and restaurants. One is called the West Glacier Restaurant. I rarely visit restaurants because they are too expensive, the food is not organic or vegetarian in most restaurants, and I simply do not normally have the funds for such things. But in this case, I made ONE special exception!

I love this restaurant in West Glacier. This delightful restaurant has a homey atmosphere, great employees and wonderful food and drink reasonably priced. They also have Huckleberry products for sale here. Huckleberry products are a Montana specialty, and they are wonderful! (And healthy too.)

I recently came in for something cold to drink after riding my bike for health and exercise while visiting here.  I scraped my change together and made a huge sacrifice to get something special. I met a wonderful waitress, Candice, and told her I wanted a HUCKLEBERRY SHAKE! I don't often digress from my vegetarian/organic food program, but once in a rare moment I take a break and enjoy something special.

Candice understood perfectly and made a wonderful shake for me with REAL huckleberries and real huckleberry ice cream. It was wonderful!

Other special waitresses I have met and enjoyed are Tori, Bambi and many others there.

The manager of West Glacier Restaurant, Lisa, is awesome! She strives to make everyone who visits feel at home, treats her staff remarkably (they all love her) and makes sure the food quality  in her restaurant is NUMBER ONE!

COME AND VISIT AND ENJOY Glacier National Park this summer...WHILE YOU CAN! And don't forget to come to WEST GLACIER RESTAURANT for wonderful food and the best of everything to eat here! And don't forget to order a wonderful HUCKLEBERRY SHAKE from  CANDICE!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from western Montana

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Greetings from the Great Patriot State of MONTANA:Special E-REPORTS NOW AVAILABLE

NOW You Can SUBSCRIBE to My Special E-REPORTS With Information NOT PUBLISHED On This BLOG!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Well, well, well...Pamela is finally BACK IN THE SADDLE in the wild and woolly WEST! This IS "BIG SKY COUNTRY!" The state of MONTANA is FILLED with Patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, independent ranchers and farmers, gun-owning and law abiding citizens, and MANY fine Christians as well! And ALL of them LOVE THEIR FREEDOM!

Unfortunately, all of the above has attracted the complete attention of the Federal government and the US military. This straight truth is, many of these people know all about the New World Order agenda for America, and have chosen MONTANA as their state of THE LAST STAND FOR FREEDOM IN AMERICA.

Many are gun owners. Many have long term survival food supplies, ammunition stores, survival gear of every kind, and some have even ordered underground nuclear fallout shelters installed in their back yards! As one person put it, "We no longer join militias in this state, due to Federal infiltration of militias and related groups. Now it's kinds like every other home is it's OWN PRIVATE MILITIA."

One militia member I interviewed told me that, "...It will be outta my COLD DEAD FINGERS they pry my guns, because we are NOT surrendering our freedom nor our guns under MARTIAL LAW to the NEW WORLD ORDER..."

Strange things are being reported to me in MONTANA by many reliable sources. Sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES, sightings of MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES, foreign troops, building of new detention camps and more have all been reported here. I have been one of the chief investigators and reporters on these subjects.

And NOW, I have just received MORE alarming information, new, from several reliable sources. I was shocked at one Christian truck driver revealed to me after church last Sunday, that he and other truckers are now aware of in Billings, Montana.

Friends, it costs a lot for me to now to be living and traveling on the road performing this kind of  important and informative research. Gas costs are rising, costs of living and food costs are rising as well. Due to these factors, I am now forced to charge financially for my costly and hard-gained investigative information. This kind of information is obtained at great cost and personal risk, and I can no longer afford to make certain reports free of charge (although I will continue to provide general reports on my blog regularly.)

I am ready to send out THE MONTANA REPORT. This report is filled with critical information gathered over the past 15 years and  recent information just obtained as well. Every freedom loving American and  Montanan (you Christian also!) needs this information I have researched and uncovered personally.

You can subscribe to my special E-REPORTS through email. The cost to subscribe per month is $30.00 . Simply send $30.00 (US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY) to:  

Pamela Rae Schuffert, PO Box 494, Montreat, NC 28757. (Everything is immediately forwarded to me as I am on the road.)

Include your email address to which you want me to send you the SPECIAL REPORTS throughout that month.  

These SPECIAL E-REPORTS will be filled with information I have uncovered and researched which is not published on this blog to the general public.

This is how you can keep my ministry of investigative journalism uncovering the NWO agenda for America (and the CHRISTIAN RESPONSE) going at this critical time. The ONLY finances I have to keep me going now ARE YOUR SUPPORT AT THIS TIME! Don't let me down. Throughout my YEARS of reporting to my readers, I have not let YOU down!

Thank you for your critically needed prayers and financial support. Through your support of this important work YOU are  helping to keep America FREE and INFORMED for a season longer.

REMEMBER: An INFORMED people is an ALERTED people is an ACTIVATED PEOPLE. The MORE people who are informed and alerted, the MORE people then begin to pray and prepare practically as well. And when Christians are informed, many then FAST AND PRAY for God to restrain the darkness a season longer. AND IT HAS WORKED....or we would be under martial law NOW!

So subscribe TODAY and keep this work going for the glory of God and the alerting of our nation. EACH ONE OF US can make a difference...and we ALL should! Because the ignorance and complacency of many Americans (including some of you Christians as well) will only serve to kill you in the end. ("My people perish for lack of knowledge.")

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

(PO BOX 494, Montreat, NC, 28757)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Thank you both, Tim and Gwen, for the kindness you both have shown me recently. You will never know except in HEAVEN how much your love has meant to me. The LORD GOD will multiply all your kindness  to me back a HUNDREDFOLD in the perilous times to come. In Jesus' HOLY NAME!

Thank you BOTH again!-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Messianic Jew Receives PROPHETIC REVELATION About New Madrid Earthquake

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The husband of the family I am staying with in Appalachia is a Messianic Jew who loves Jesus His Messiah. A few weeks ago he received revelation he believes from God's Holy Spirit about the New Madrid Fault zone and coming earthquake.

Many of you have heard various rumors and reports about this potential earthquake to come to this region.

We had prayed about this with his family members and wife at his home. Here is what he shared with us one day.

God had given  him a dream/vision the previous night.

He shared how God showed him that THE EARTHQUAKE WOULD ABSOLUTELY COME, and that it would LITERALLY DIVIDE AMERICA IN TWO at that time.

He shared how God spoke to him and told him that Christians whose spiritual house was not founded on the FIRM ROCK of JESUS CHRIST and unwavering faith, would find their faith shaken and that many would also fall away at that time.


Because this major quake would be used to TRIGGER MARTIAL LAW. The Constitution will be suspended. Christian freedoms guaranteed with it WILL BE ABOLISHED. We will come under PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS turning America in a MILITARY POLICE STATE.

THIS HAS BEEN THE GOAL OF THE NWO MASTERMINDS AND MADMEN FROM THE BEGINNING FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC! They WANT the Constitution to be abolished. They WANT America to become another communistic police state to be melded with world globalist communist (NWO) nations for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The NWO has been working continually to plot how to CREATE DELIBERATE DISASTERS sufficient to trigger MARTIAL LAW and to hence ABOLISH THE CONSTITUTION, to then bring America under PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS turning America into  THE NWO POLICE STATE.

THIS IS WHY they are using PROJECT HAARP FREQUENCIES to deliberately trigger massive earthquakes and terrible weather conditions such as the recent destructive tornadoes. PROJECT HAARP frequencies  can do all this. I have been receiving numerous emails with links confirming the presence of PROJECT HAARP FREQUENCIES regarding the recent destructive tornadoes and now hovering over THE NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE.

Regarding previous earthquakes such as HAITI and JAPAN, I have received numerous emails with links indicating the suspicious presence of PROJECT HAARP FREQUENCIES (ELF) and other unexplained strange phenomenon  detected in their regions immediately prior to the earthquakes. And NOW reports of evidence of similar PROJECT HAARP ELF ACTIVITIES are being reported as taking place (for a while now) at the New Madrid Fault Zone area. Coincidence??? Many of us don't think so!

Would the US and  cooperating foreign military be so cruel and so brazen and insensitive to human life and suffering, as to use their Project HAARP equipment in such a destructive manner???

IF IT FURTHERS THE GOALS OF THE NWO AGENDA (which controls our US military,) YES THEY WOULD!!! And I believe they already have. The first thing they did after the HAITI EARTHQUAKE was to DECLARE MARTIAL LAW and bring in the US and foreign troops!

Was the HAITI EARTHQUAKE deliberately triggered by our PROJECT HAARP for a convenient PRACTICE EXERCISE for the US NWO military agenda to rehearse the agenda when earthquakes trigger martial law in the USA? Very possibly so!

When MARTIAL LAW is declared in North America, persecution of North American Christians would immediately  follow, even as I have patiently outlined for 15 years now about what will happen when martial law is declared following a major disaster in our nation. Former CIA officers working at one time for the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda under Bush Sr and other directors, admitted much to me about the coming MARTIAL LAW AGENDA for our nation planned by the NEW WORLD ORDER strategists.

FEMA will then  begin to seize churches and Christian buildings under Presidential Executive Orders which will absolutely permit this to happen "legally."

The CHRISTIANS (much hated by the New World Order as the ULTIMATE NWO RESISTERS)would then be rounded up, placed in boxcars with shackles wherever possible, or transported by helicopter, bus or whatever means that can function following a major earthquake, to the many FEMA and other detention camps to be  "evacuated" (actually eliminated as NEW WORLD ORDER resisters.)

Or possibly executed (or BEHEADED under NOAHIDE LAWS to be activated under martial law) on sight by the UN/NATO troops trained for this long anticipated hour of NWO MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER, if transportation means (boxcars and shackles, etc.)cannot be used due to severity of earthquake damages.

My in depth research and reporting on this strange subject reveals that both US and foreign military have been trained to operate the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES on all NWO resisters, again especially targeting CHRISTIANS who they know will NEVER accept their NWO agenda due to the Bible beliefs forbidding participation in their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER outlined in REVELATION 13 of the Bible.

Military sources have reported to me that the guillotines are now stored WORLDWIDE on military bases. They have told me of buildings used to train US military in how to operate these modern guillotines. They have reported to me that these guillotines are 6 1/2 feet high with hand restraints. All of this has come from more than one military source, and some non-military sources confirming this as well.

One US Army source from Fort Lewis Washington  personally informed me, face to face, that he was going to be training his men in how to operate these guillotines in a secret building, partially underground, at Fort Lewis Washington.

Eye witnesses have reported to me that the guillotines have been sighted in PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES, as in COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA in 1995.

5 Christian people on a missionary prayer journey across America stumbled upon these strange black boxcars while taking pictures near Glacier National Park. I sat and talked with the leader, Marie, personally, who admitted to me what they saw, and how shaken they were...especially then they realized that besides prisoner shackles, they saw MODERN GUILLOTINES in every boxcar.


IF and WHEN the NEW MADRID FAULT EARTHQUAKE OCCURS, FOOD AND WATER MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE TO MANY. And the government/military/FEMA relief agencies to be set up will probably require victims to utterly compromise their Christian belief system in order to receive government/military assistance at that time.I was warned that this would be case, and the policy will be "COMPLY OR DIE!"

While the earthquake has the potential to destroy some people, the resulting declaration of MARTIAL LAW and it's brutal enforcement following any major earthquake will undoubtedly KILL MANY MANY MORE AMERICANS!

15 years of my previous reports, many of which are still available on the Internet and in this BLOG, are available for you to read outlining the general NWO MARTIAL LAW STRATEGY for our nation.

I have been receiving consistent reports from many sources confirming that MILITARY PROJECT HAARP FREQUENCIES are being identified and detected as appearing increasingly OVER THE NEW MADRID FAULT region. When HAARP frequencies are beamed into the GROUND, they have the potential to create EARTHQUAKES! The military apparatus of the nations know this and have used it already to trigger various previous earthquakes. HAARP is suspected now in the HAITI earthquake, the JAPAN earthquake and several others as well.

Did you know that RUSSIA is beaming PROJECT HAARP FREQUENCIES 24/7 into YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK every single day? How do I know? Because I WORKED THERE ONE SUMMER! I was handed a sheet of paper frankly informing me that WE WERE BEING HIT WITH HAARP FREQUENCIES FROM RUSSIA 24/7! (All employees were handed this fact sheet.)

And when HAARP frequencies are beamed int the ground, THEY SOFTEN THE GROUND...and are able to hence HELP TRIGGER EARTHQUAKES as a result! Now WHY, oh WHY would Russia be beaming PROJECT HAARP frequencies into Yellowstone NP?

Because this is a region (Montana/Wyoming/Idaho) filled with bold NWO resisters, American Patriots well informed, well armed and prepared to take on the NWO martial law agenda. After spending years of research in Montana and that region (Pacific Northwest) I discovered this personally and interviewed many future NWO resisters and militia members.

The US government wants martial law in this region, so they can go after these NWO resisters, seize their many weapons, and remove them to the camps and eliminate them once and for all. It is in their interest to trigger (or SIMULATE) the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO eruption, to declare martial law regionally there.

And because Russian is in secret alliance with the US GOVERNMENT/MILITARY for a mutually beneficial martial law agenda, Russia's PROJECT HAARP is being used on YELLOWSTONE. Russian troops will be used heavily to patrol America under martial law and to operate some of the detention camps, as in up in ALASKA.

Truthfully, Yellowstone National Park has ENOUGH OF HER OWN BEARS, without the aggressive "RUSSIAN BEAR" (the BEAR is the national symbol of RUSSIA) intruding into America's most beloved National Park!

Friends and Christian readers, can we PRAY that GOD IN HIS MERCY will HOLD THIS BACK a season longer at this time? The earth is the LORD'S and the FULLNESS THEREOF! It remains HIS CREATION! He has power of ALL HIS CREATION!

While God did NOT give this Messianic Jew ANY timeline (date-setting is foolish, especially in something of this nature where prayer and God's mercy can change things) it seems that the Holy Spirit indicated that it was potentially SOON TO COME.

People, PLEASE prepare accordingly! Act SPIRITUALLY with wisdom and act PRACTICALLY with God's wisdom as well. PURCHASE your emergency supplies while they are available! Especially for people who are in the NEW MADRID FAULT earthquake zone. Below is a MAP of the region that would be affected severely:
If this earthquake comes as many sources seem to indicate from scientific and other research, ARE YOU PREPARED TO FACE ENSUING "MARTIAL LAW" and the hardships that will accompany this tragedy???

Christians, are YOU prepared to face this as well? Are you prepared to be faithful unto death should persecution of Christians follow this or other disasters coming to our nation???

This is a time for intercessory prayer for God's people and receiving revelation and direction at this time. It is also a time for reinforcing our faith and commitment to Christian truths and eternal principles and confessions of our faith.

And if you are NOT a Christian, isn't it TIME that you gave your life to Jesus Christ, to obtain forgiveness for YOUR sins, so that IF YOU DIE IN THE COMING EARTHQUAKE or many other disasters America faces(such as tornadoes, etc.) you will NOT perish or go to HELL, but receive forgiveness and eternal life instead!!!

My dearly beloved blog readers, never say you HAVE NOT BEEN WARNED!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Are YOU Living in Deadly PERCHLORATE CONTAMINATION Regions of the USA?

Are YOU living in a deadly PERCHLORATE CONTAMINATION REGION? Unfortunately, my Appalachian family IS...and I am too while staying with them! NOT GOOD!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


Thursday, June 02, 2011-from WEST VIRGINIA

For the past year I have been performing studies on contamination in the USA and what it has been doing to the people across our nation. Horror stories abound of whole families affected, including children in the womb. The US military and their families have been heavily affected by deadly and irresponsible dumpng by the DOD of military chemicals, even in or near the US military bases.

There are many books available exposing this terrible situation and the consequences of dumping of toxins into our land and water.

One excellent book is by LORETTA SCHWARTZ NOBEL called "POISONED NATION."

 In this book she outlines the horrors of PERCHLORATE POISONING in California and elsewhere, and interviews one family adversely affected by this, Greg Voetsch of Northern California. After reading his testimony of the sorrow, sickness and death perchlorate poisoning did to his family, I called him.

I was saddened to find out that Greg's wife had just died from complications of perchlorate contamination in their water. He is now undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of perchlorate related tumors.

Many other books and websites expose the dangers of perchlorate contamination across America.

What is perchlorate? It is a chemical used in rocket and missile fuels, among other things. It has an expiration date and when it becomes outdated it must be disposed of. The DOD is notorious for disposing of their chemicals in very unsafe ways, often leading to contamination of water supplies or the soil across this nation. In California, AEROSPACE has been guilty of dumping perchlorate, resulting in widespread contamination of land and waterways such as the COLORADO RIVER.

The Colorado River waters southern California, and waters or irrigates the many farms and even organic farms in southern California. The plants that absorb this water then become contaminated and washing cannot remove the internal contamination of perchlorate, In fact perchlorate then becomes concentrated in the leaves and products grown in that soil. This defeats the very purpose of organic farming.

What can perchlorate poisoning do to the human body? It affects the thyroid gland and hinders it from performing it's tasks, causing low thyroid. It hinders fetal development and can cause autism and other tragic problems for the unborn. Perchlorate especially affects women more than men, and causes extreme obesity problems primarily with women. It also causes fatigue, irritability and many other adverse symptoms.

Many people affected by perchlorate poisoning are now turning to legal channels to get help and to bring lawsuits against various companies guilty of dumping perchlorate and contaminating their local water supplies, wells, etc. Below is one article outlining the deadly results of PERCHLORATE CONTAMINATION in America:

Rocket Science - Dangers of widespread perchlorate contamination

source: Bill Walker, Environmental Working Group

Thyroid Toxin Taints Water Supplies for Millions in Calif. & Nationwide. Air Force, Defense Firms Lobby Against Standards for Rocket Fuel Waste

OAKLAND, Calif., July 16 - Sources of drinking water for more than 7 million Californians and unknown millions of other Americans are contaminated with a chemical that disrupts child development and may cause thyroid cancer, but is unregulated by the state or federal government, according to an investigation by Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Today EWG released "Rocket Science: Perchlorate and the Toxic Legacy of the Cold War," available at Perchlorate, the explosive main ingredient of missile and rocket fuel, has been detected in 58 California public water systems and in water or soil in 17 other states.

Citing EWG's study, The Sacramento Bee reported in a front-page story July 14 that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates 20 million people in California, Arizona and Nevada have some level of perchlorate, often undetectable, in their drinking water supplies.

But only a fraction of the water supplies in California or elsewhere have been tested, and the EPA believes perchlorate contaminates water wherever rocket fuel or rockets were made or tested - 39 states in all. "Rocket Science" makes public for the first time maps and databases of all known and suspected perchlorate contamination nationwide.

"We know the water supplies of millions of Californians are contaminated with perchlorate at potentially harmful levels," said Bill Walker, EWG's California director. "But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of untested wells and water systems across the country, and many Americans may be consuming a toxin which is a health threat at very low doses, especially to infants and children."

Too much perchlorate can damage the thyroid gland, which controls growth, development and metabolism. Fetuses, infants and children with thyroid damage may suffer mental retardation, loss of hearing and speech, or deficits in motor skills. At higher levels of exposure, perchlorate is known to cause cancer.

Neither California nor the EPA has established any safety standards for perchlorate in drinking water. The EPA is scheduled to begin nationwide water sampling this year, but it will be years before there are enforceable state or federal drinking water standards.

But it's unlikely that those standards will protect the public, particularly children. EWG calculates that the EPA's latest proposed standard would leave formula-fed infants exposed to between 7.5 and 2,000 times the safe level of perchlorate in drinking water.

EWG's recommendations for a perchlorate standard that will protect children were reviewed by Dr. Thomas Zoeller of the University of Massachusetts, an external peer reviewer of the EPA's proposed perchlorate regulations. Zoeller told The Bee that EWG "makes a scientifically valid case." He agreed with EWG's main finding: The EPA's risk assessment does not consider the possibility that infants and fetuses may be more sensitive to reductions in thyroid hormones caused by perchlorate contamination.

"Small, subtle changes in thyroid hormone levels in pregnant woman can predispose their children to measureable and permanent reductions in IQ and to Attention Deficit Disorder," Zoeller said.

But concerted pressure to set a looser perchlorate standard is coming from a powerful alliance of chemical companies, aerospace contractors and the U.S. Air Force. In an unethical attempt to prove perchlorate is safe, the Air Force is co-sponsoring tests in which human subjects are paid to swallow daily doses of perchlorate much higher than the levels currently recommended by EPA or California.

"In the name of national security the military created a widespread public health threat. Now they're trying to block safety standards that would protect people from that threat," said Walker. "It's clearly not in the public interest for the Air Force to be lobbying against EPA's efforts to set safety standards."

If standards are kept lax, the defense contractors responsible for perchlorate contamination will save millions of dollars in cleanup costs. Some contractors have already cut deals with the Air Force that will stick taxpayers with almost 90 percent of the cleanup bill. With cleanup of heavily contaminated sites estimated to take more than 200 years, the cost to taxpayers may reach billions of dollars.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, July 16, 2001

Contact: Bill Walker, Environmental Working Group, (510) 444-0973

Teresa Schilling, Environmental Media Services, (415) 561-2325

Are YOU living in a region affected by deadly perchlorate dumping in our nation??? You can find out now.
Simply CLICK on these links:,r:5,s:0&biw=1419&bih=629
In closing, I have encouraged my friends living in West Virginia to protect themselves from the perchlorate poisoning in their region by getting a whole house water filter system (their water comes from their well.) The PERCHLORATE CONTAMINATION maps have clearly shown that they live in a region of WV absolutely affected by perchlorate contamination. I have personally observed the affects of perchlorate affecting the entire family's health.

Unfortunately these whole house water filtration systems can cost around $1,400 according to one company I contacted. They can barely survive on the finaces they now have. PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY for a financial miracle to obtain the water filter system they need. They have been victims long enough of perchlorate contamination.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from northeastern WV

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This morning, I prayed with Solomon, the son of the Appalachian family I am now staying with in order to provide some help for them. I prayed with Solomon that the Lord God would graciously bless me with a newer vehicle, so I could continue in ministry on the road.

And I promised the Lord God that IF HE WOULD DO THIS, I would GIVE my present older (but functional) car away to this family, especially to help their 16 year old son. The son agreed with me in prayer. I then told Solomon that, whenever I made a promise to others and before God, I kept that promise, even as God keeps HIS. We are instructed by Jesus to " ye therefore PERFECT as your Father in heaven is perfect...."

I THEN went to the computer and sat down to answer my many emails. I received an email from a "Tim" stating that he had a nice  car to donate to my ministry, a LEXUS!

I was stunned at first. And THEN I began to give thanks to the Living God for His mercy in answering prayer so rapidly! (Actually, I have been praying for a LONG time for a newer car to be donated. My present car, a 1993 Buick donated by my church, is in good shape and great for local use but NOT for extensive travel such as I perform.

But it is perfect for local use and for their son to train in as his first car he has ever driven. This family needs a second car.

Solomon could not believe it at first! He KNEW that THIS was the POWER OF THE LIVING GOD answering our very prayers this morning! Halleluia!

And so,  I will soon be going to the DMV to sign over the title of my car to this family, to become their very own and Solomon's beginner driving car. I fear God: I have learned throughout the years to keep my commitments to God and to others.

The donor of the car lives 750 miles away. I will have to come to their home to pick up this precious gift of their donated used car .

Pray for me however to have a financial miracle. I have exhausted all my recent donated fund to help this Appalachian family, and they are so grateful. But it will take approximately $200 in gas to come to their home, and more besides for me to get back on the road again.

Simply join me in prayer about this. God WILL provide for HIS people, and He CANNOT fail!

Are YOU praying for A MIRACLE for your many needs and personal crises? NEVER give up!

Your answer is coming too. God's eternal word tells me so. We may have to wait. I have had to wait MANY times on answers to times even over 30 years. But God will always come through, through His eternal promises and through His precious Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hang in there: a miracle is about to happen!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


Please PRAY for my Christian  family friends in Appalachia! The wife is being abused at work and they are trying hard to make her lose her job, BECAUSE SHE IS A CHRISTIAN ON THE JOB! They have given her impossible hours, many without pay, and in her poor physical state she could even collapse and die from overwork and exhaustion. Yet she is the family's ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME, and with two children, one autistic.

Pray for LISA.

Furthermore, the family lives in a region known to be contaminated with deadly health-affecting PERCHLORATE! Perchlorate is used in rocket fuel, and is very deadly to human health. There is a missile manufacturing company only one hour away. Often they dump outdated rocket fuel in various regions.Unfortunately, this is ONE OF THOSE REGIONS.

What does perchlorate do to the human body? I can cause AUTISM to the unborn. It can cause extreme fatigue, terrible thyroid conditions and contribute to extreme obesity (especially with women), thyroid cancer and much more.

All the members of her family all seem to be affected by perchlorate poisoning, Lisa included.

On a map of the USA indicating PERCHLORATE CONTAMINATION hot spots, their region is defintely affected.

Pray for the health of this entire family!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert