Sunday, May 5, 2013

Israeli Intelligence WARNS About Nuke Strikes AHEAD OF TIME!


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from 
a Biblical Christian perspective-

Pamela, I am just discovering your writings. 

I wanted to let you know that last year,about the end of April, say about the 18-26th or so, I was driving from Utah to Idaho with my husband. He was driving. I had my Ipad, and from Facebook or someplace, I linked on to an Israeli news source. 

The article stated that "ISRAEL had intelligence... that a strike was to take place in America May 2nd thru May 11, ... a 9 day period." 

 If I recall correctly, the article stated that there would be strikes against several (6 or more) US several different areas.. and that  "Al Qaeda" was planning this attack...

JUST SO HAPPENS that Israeli intelligence knew all about the plan. 

[Why, oh WHY am I not surprised?-PRS]

It was NOT reported in the US news.

[I wonder WHY?-PRS] 

And when we returned home, and I got onto my computer, I could not find the article. 

[Of course not. It was removed because they probably decided it provided too damning an indictment against potential Israeli complicity in the NWO/martial law agenda for America...-PRS]

I did read it out loud to my husband at the time ... luckily!

This newest information about possible nuke strikes on the USA is almost the exact dates from what I saw last year.

It is time for prayer... and diligence... Thanks for your work!

From Pamela-
I must follow this with an honest comment. Many "9/11" truthtellers and researchers are firmly convinced of the complicity of ISRAEL and dual-citizenship Israeli-American political supporters of the Talmud-based Zionist agenda, in the false flag black op of "9/11."

It is obvious that a largely Jewish NWO agenda cabal runs HOMELAND SECURITY (oh, hi, Michael..hi, Jay, Janet...and so many others), which has been lately delivering huge DHS armored police vehicles in a frenzy all across America...and buying up million of BULLETS...obviously to get them all in place BEFORE SOMETHING MAJOR HAPPENS.

"Something" they just might know about ahead of time...???

Let their names, evidence and the emerging facts speak for themselves.

Therefore, I must ask, could all this possibly suggest Israel's dark complicity in the coming US
false flags as well?

Only time and much research and 
insider revelations will someday tell.

Isn't it a shame that I even had to publish 
the above facts? 

This latest revelation makes me so sad.

But the truth remains the truth.

-An American Holocaust is coming-

And it could never happen 
without the many players behind it.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
about Israeli/Jewish complicity
in the NWO (Marxist/Communist)
agenda and their role 


  1. Im not suprized Been on This since 2010