Saturday, December 29, 2018

American Christians, Prepare to DEFEND JEWS Across USA From Islamic Terrorist Threats!


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This is terrifying! All across America, various Imams, or Islamic religious leaders, are calling for the death of Jews in this nation. How outrageous is THIS?

Do we, as Christians in this nation, simply sit back and breathe a sigh of relief that we are NOT Jews being targeted for attack? Or do we recognize that this kind of  threat is a deadly danger FOR US ALL, Christian and Jew ALIKE???

For these same radical Muslims are also threatening to destroy CHRISTIANS around the world...and in many countries, have already done so with impunity.

LOOK at these precious, innocent Jewish children from a community in New York. Could YOU ever sit back and watch as brutal Islamic terrorists tried to harm such as these??? 

AMERICA has offered safe asylum to oppressed and persecuted peoples from around the world for centuries. Because of this, the Jewish communities across this nation have flourished in safety and security, with no possibility of another “Krystallnacht” or Holocaust such as happened in Hitler’s Germany. 

NO OTHER NATION in the world has provided such protection and safety for the Jewish community, as North America has. There can be NO place for the persecution and even calls for deadly attack upon ANY religious group, including against the Jews.

Therefore, the deadly threat of  such cult leaders calling for “the death of Jews” MUST be taken seriously by ALL Americans. 

Christians must remember that the Islamic extremists have also been calling for the eradication of CHRISTIANS  worldwide as well!

Christian prayer warriors across North America, please keep this increasing danger to us ALL in your prayers daily. PRAY for God to hold back the violence and the hate. PRAY that these dangerous people will be silenced and stopped. 

And take the time to PRAY and ask God what YOU CAN DO to help protect Jews in America, should they find themselves endangered or targeted for deadly attack.

I can never forget the day, so many years ago, when I was in the 5th grade, and students started throwing rocks at a Jewish boy on the playground during recess. I was outraged! I ran up to them and said, as I stood in front of my friend Philip Rothschild, “You leave him alone! He is one of God’s chosen people!” They threw down their stones and quietly walked away.My mother came to school and complained the next day.

Most Christians in America all know about heroic Christians who laid down their lives to rescue Jews endangered by the Nazis in Hitler’s Germany. They simply did it out of love, asking themselves,  “What  would Jesus do?” He Who laid down His life for US, also asks us to lay down our lives for others.

It does not MATTER if Jews do NOT believe as we Christians  believe! What matters is that they are fellow human beings, with families, with children, and with feelings, whose lives may be endangered by dark forces calling for their destruction.  For love  of God and our fellow man, we MUST care! 

Always remembering the wisdom  of our Savior, Jesus Christ: “Whatever you would have OTHERS do for you, also do for THEM.” Remember that we TOO have been targeted by radical Islamic terrorists. Do you want others to come to YOUR rescue? Let us therefore also come to the rescue of OTHER innocent victims of the killing cult of hatred, ISLAM. 

Jesus, Who  we believe to be the ONE TRUE MESSIAH, has never stopped loving THE JEWS. From His throne of Heavenly glory, seated at the right hand of God, He ever intercedes for the Jewish people, generation after generation, to DISCOVER THEIR MESSIAH at last, and to receive all the glorious promises God had given the Jews when their MESSIAH CAME FOR THEM.

Regardless of whether we as Christians may agree with Jews on various issues, we are nevertheless called by God to pray for the Jews, and to show them the love of God and Jesus the Messiah as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA-


Friday, October 26, 2018

SPIRITUAL WARFARE for Christians as Halloween Approaches

SPIRITUAL WARFARE-A TIME TO PUT ON “THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD” as Halloween/Samhain rapidly approaches!                   

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Christians must NEVER FORGET: Jesus Christ died on the Cross and rose again to DEFEAT and DESTROY the WORKS OF THE DEVIL! 
And He has given us, His chosen and redeemed elect, His same power and authority to conquer the enemy, using HIS WORD and HIS BLOOD and His PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT’S power!
As my many years of reporting have uncovered, satanists are constantly on the prowl for more victims. One former satanist who became a Christian, admitted to me that SATAN WAS ALWAYS DEMANDING MORE CHRISTIANS FOR SACRIFICE.
WHY Christians? Satan KNOWS that he was defeated and his kingdom overthrown by JESUS CHRIST the Son of God! And he KNOWS taht the ONLY PEOPLE REDEEMED from his dark power and influence ARE THE CHRISTIANS, who have put their trust in the blood of Jesus to SAVE THEM FROM SATAN’S POWER and from SIN.
NO OTHER PEOPLE GROUP IN THE WORLD can boast of this. This former satanist leader never said, “Satan is demanding JEWS, MUSLIMS, HINDUS, BUDDHISTS” etc. for sacrifice, but Satan remains focused mainly upon TARGETING CHRISTIANS.
Satan KNOWS he’s already got the lost sinners of the world under his control and influence! And that NO ONE is saved from sin and hell and Satan’s power, except for those who are saved from sin through trusting in Jesus Christ for SALVATION.
However, Christians should NEVER automatically presume that , just BECAUSE they are A CHRISTIAN, Satan cannot attack them thru his followers! My investigations and interviews uncovered that MANY A CHRISTIAN has been abducted and died at the hands of satanists, including in America.
America’s soil is stained with THE BLOOD OF THE UNKNOWN CHRISTIAN MARTYRS, young and old alike,nationwide and Canada included.
A former satanist high priestess, Elaine, said to me one day, 
“You know, when I lecture across America about Satanists and human sacrifice and abductions, many Christians come to me after and boast that satanists could never get THEM, because ‘I AM A CHRISTIAN!’ But Satan was DEMANDING Christians for sacrifice, and so we stalked and abducted them, and they DIED LIKE ALL THE REST.”
She even admitted participating in the sacrifice of Christians while a leader in Indiana for 18 years. 
(But this was what led her to finally become a Christian at last, after witnessing these Christians becoming martyrs for Christ, remaining FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and refusing their temptations to DENY JESUS.)
Christians must also never forget the COUNTLESS MARTYRS who have died for Jesus throughout the centuries since the Early Church, to this present day. Every day, Christians die from accidents, get sick from cancer and other illnesses, etc. None of us are automatically IMMUNE to the attacks of the enemy!
This is WHY it is CRITICAL for Christians in today’s dark world, to SPEND TIME DAILY in spiritual warfare, putting one the FULL ARMOR OF GOD through prayer,and confessing God’s word of protection over your life.
I have to spend TIME IN PRAYER and spiritual warfare every single day, because my reporting has understandably made me a target for attack from the enemy.
And never forget: if Christians allow SIN in their lives, this opens the door for the enemy to attack! It is useless to pray for protection from the enemy, when you become YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY by allowing SIN and satan to influence your life! 
Repent and get rid of the sin that may be lurking in your life by confessing your sins to Jesus and asking for His precious BLOOD to wash them away. THEN you are fully ready to enter into successful SPIRITUAL WARFARE.
During this Halloween season, PRAY CONSTANTLY for the protection of you and your loved ones.Pray for God to EXPOSE and STOP the satanists of America and worldwide. Cover yourself with the power of the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS.
And be sure to NEVER place yourself in poitions of DANGER.
AVOID hiking or jogging alone inisolated areas, especially without cell phone coverage. ALWAYS take a weapon of self-defense, whether pepper spray or a legal weapon even, such as a handgun. Hiking in groups is always preferable when in wilderness regions.
Realize that National or State parks/forests are NOT automatically “safe.” Many innocent victims have been abducted by cult abduction teams, hidden along isolated hiking trails, especially where there is no cell phone coverage.
Do not put your life at risk. PRAY daily for protection, ask God to show you who you can or cannot trust that you may encounter, LISTEN to the voice of the Holy Spirit as you pray for protection and guidance.
This has saved my life more than once, and it can also save YOURS.
Finally, pray for the hands of God’s MERCY to be upon every victim already abducted by these murderers, and being held for sacrifice over Halloween/Samhain. The Bible says, with GOD, ALL things are possible! Christians united in prayer across our nation CAN stop the enemy!
PRAY FOR SATANISM TO BE EXPOSED AND STOPPED, worldwide and throughout America/Canada as well.
May YOU be protected by God’s grace and mercies upon your life also, in Jesus’ mighty Name.
“In all these things, we are MRE THAN CONQUERORS through Him ho loved us.”

-Pamela Rae Schuffert