Saturday, October 31, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The NWO agenda supporters (working throughout our government, military and intelligence community and the political spheres) loves to use their dark Halloween period to seek to obtain power from the darkness for their NWO black ops. Such black ops are designed to bring down MARTIAL LAW in North America under their NEW WORLD ORDER.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: the ILLUMINATI and the satanists of this world are the backbone of he NEW WORLD ORDER. The NEW WORLD ORDER IS satan's manifest kingdom on earth, described in REVELATION 13. One of it's major manifestations throughout the world in the past 100 years is brutal COMMUNISM with it's "round up and kill the Christians" agenda, started by the ROTHSCHILDS ILLUNIMNATI faction and funded heavily by assisting Illuminati supporters.

American now faces an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, with the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY deathcamps in place nationwide, thousands of prisoner boxcars and shackles all in place to round-up and destroy the future RESISTERS OF THE NWO, even as my former CIA/NWO agenda insiders told me frankly. My reports (found all over the Internet)throughout the past 13 years all bear testimony to this information I have put out relentlessly to WAKE UP AMERICA!

Perhaps martial law in America could be more accurately referred to as "GULAG AMERICA" as well! Because that is what will happen in our nation! And with RUSSIA's full assistance, even as they build more detention camps off the Aleutian Islands, and prepare their military to assist in gun seizures and round- ups of American resisters.

KARL MARX was in fact a practicing SATANIST. Interestingly, Obama is also a MARXIST. One leader in Russia, Medvedev, referred to Obama as " dear COMRADE!" This means COMMUNIST PARTNER.

The "AGENDA" of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to bring AMERICA OUT FROM UNDER HER CONSTITUTION and UNDER MARTIAL LAW. And to banish our religious freedoms and every other freedom guaranteed under the Constitution as well. COMMUNISTS (and RUSSIA) have long held that goal for AMERICA as well.

Former planners and former insiders have told me that they will fully use any destructive tool they can to bring America under the massive disasters needed to cause the Constitution to be rescinded under NATIONAL EMERGENCY, and to declare MARTIAL LAW at last.

Such black ops may include: massive CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL releases, including deliberately spraying deadly diseases their microbiologists have long been working on in their bases like Fort Detrick, MD; former PLUM ISLAND off Long Island (now closed, but MANY like Plum Island remain), and many other covert US military/intelligence community locations nationwide. Even covert underground military facilities in YELLOWSTONE NP are being used for experiments. (They are not deep enough to be affected by the volcanic actions there.)

Former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris told me as I interviewed him, that they worked long and hard to manufacture these deadly diseases to be deliberately spread, to weaken the American people and cripple their ability to resist under martial law. Also, in order to force people to take the deadly "vaccinations" that contain not only a HUMAN BIOCHIP for tracking people under martial law, BUT also deadly substances that will trigger terrible AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES ( like deadly SQUALENE added to vaccinations), further weakening the American people.
"OPERATION RING OF FIRE"- Massive detonations set off in city after city and regions across America, designed to bring great disaster and destruction to many lives. They will use a fully complicit government/Pentagon censored/controlled news media, with their PLANNED news to present the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT VERSION to the American people on national news. It will seem all quite plausible. But in fact, "HE WHO CREATES THE CRIME CAN ALSO CREATE THE CRIMINAL!" Even as in "9/11," the OKC Bombing, and many other black ops for their agendas. They will always blame the group/individual they want to target for various agendas and reasons. There was a reason why the militias of America were targeted as the culprits for the OKC Bombing (the US government hates the militias of America, because they are prepared to face MARTIAL LAW and are educating others about this as well.) IRAQ was blamed for "9/11" for a reason (justification for the American presence in Iraq/Middle East forMANY agendas and reasons.)
The potential is endless.

PLEASE PRAY throughout this season for the Divine and Almighty hands of the LIVING God through JESUS CHRIST His Son, to restrain their madness and their deadly NWO/antiChrist agenda for our nation.

Our prayers can make a critical difference in this hour of America's uncertain destiny. -Pamela Schuffert

Friday, October 30, 2009



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have been fasting and praying ceaselessly during this approaching time of Halloween/Samhain. Three days and nights of horrific dark revelry and human sacrifice and torture and death await all innocent victims abducted (or bred) over the past weeks by satanist "hunters/huntresses" worldwide.

Ways in which they find human sacrifices include: false "adoption agencies" that pose as legitimate and loving agencies. Women often are unknowingly are giving their children over to them , not to be happily adopted, but to be brutally sacrificed! Failure to thoroughly research the background and credibility of adoption agencies results in such tragedies happening all to often.

One US Army source, coming out of satanism in Fort Jackson, SC, admitted in a seminar that this is the kind of tactic the satanists at Fort Jackson used there to obtain babies for sacrifice. They formed a false adoption agency, obtained babies by this means, and as he stated, "We never ran out of babies for sacrifice this way...." He spoke at a seminar in Okeechobee, Florida at Dunklin Memorial Christian Camp, sponsored by Christian counselor Chuck Lakin at that time. I spoke as well as several other speakers.

The DSS (Department of Social Services) is notorious for being infiltrated by satanists and witches. They prey on poorer families who cannot afford a lawyer to get their children back. SUch infiltrators use their DSS positions to visit poorer families, declare their homes unfit for children (etc) and then seize the hapless children. As insiders revealed to me, confirmed by one former CIA insider Steve Campbell, these children are often sold on the black market to satanist covens for sacrifice, or sold to rich pedophiles to "use, " etc.

Woman are also held by covens and used for "baby breeding" as well. Such babies are then sacrificed. One woman, referred to below, told me how she was gang-raped by the coven, and then after one week after her baby was born , it was brutally sacrificed on her naked stomach as she lay screaming and chained to their altar in Ohio. She showed me the tiny gravesite in her backyard where the tragic (and few)remains of "baby Becky" lie buried..

Former satanists revealed that even aborted babies are used for human sacrifice rituals. They obtained them from local abortion clinics, the late-term intact ones preferred.
"We desecrated them and then cannibalized them...I never remembered a ritual in which we did not have aborted babies involved." admitted the former high priestess in training for the state of Ohio to me as I interviewed her over several months. She came out to become a born-again Christian and expose their dark works in Ohio.

Christians worldwide MUST wake up and begin to understand that just because you are a born-again Christian, it does not automatically make you immune to abduction and sacrifice. Just because you do not hear of the multitudes of victims being abducted and sacrificed world wide on government-controlled/censored news media, means nothing in today's world of news media bias/blackout.

Former satanists admitted to me that CHRISTIANS ARE HIGH ON THE LIST OF DEMAND for human sacrifice victims. MANY a victim on their altars worldwide and throughout out America were abducted because they were Christians. This includes pastors, children of pastors and Christian families, Christian women in ministry, etc.

Both former satanist leaders and FBI investigators such as TED GUNDERSON have admitted to me personally that victims can number into the UPPER HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EVERY YEAR in America alone.

When former participants shared with me in detail what can occur in such rituals, the memories became painfully burned in my mind forever: babies skinned alive and sacrificed, people nailed to crosses and brutally tortured and killed, children chained to altars and cut into pieces WHILE ALIVE with chainsaws, and more. I will spare the reader more grim details.

For CHRISTIAN INTERCESSORS, this is a time of fervent and intense intercessory prayer, fasting and crying out to the Living God for MERCY for every intended victim worldwide. God remains a MIRACLE GOD, THE Lord God the ALMIGHTY!

Remember: The Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ was MANIFESTED to destroy the works of the devil!

This does NOT mean to TOLERATE, to IGNORE, or for Christians to remain in denial or ignorance of his works. We are called to deploy the mighty weapons of the Living God through Jesus Christ His Son, as revealed to us through His Word, and TEAR DOWN THE STRONGHOLDS OF SATAN!

Please, my fellow Christians, do NOT remain indifferent to this tragic plight of countless victims this Samhain/Halloween weekend. YOUR prayers can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE for innocent lives, and prayer moves the hands of God and His mercy and grace on others' behalf.

When I asked former satanists about this, many admitted that more than once, there had been obvious DIVINE INTERVENTION as their rituals were about to commence.

I know this is true, and I know the power of PRAYER to deter and shatter the plans of satanists. For I was SUPPOSED to be abducted in the mountains of NC, and brutally sacrificed in fall of 1995. By then, many satanists were angry at me for my reporting and working with families of victims and exposing them. BUT THE POWER OF PRAYER AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST brought me safely through this crisis.

Allow God to use YOUR prayers and compassion manifested through them, to save even ONE innocent life from the hands of these ruthless murderers this SAMHAIN.

Christians, pray for your OWN protection and your loved ones as well. Pray for God to move in power against these murderers, to expose them and to cause their hate crimes against humanity to be uncovered and to be fully prosecuted by law. Pray for these satanists to come under conviction and to Jesus Christ , and that He would divinely reveal Himself to their lives.

As the Body of Christ stands UNITED TOGETHER IN PRAYER and FAITH, we CAN make the difference in our nation and today's world, FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

And in closing, remember, that the satanists/Illuminati ARE the "backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER" of Revelation 13. Such people have been strategically planted throughout the highest levels of our government, our US military, the intelligence (spy)community, the political sectors, law enforcement, HOMELAND SECURITY/FEMA and elsewhere. They were put into such positions, because of their full agreement with the AGENDA of the NEW WORLD ORDER for this nation, and ultimately AGAINST CHRISTIANITY AND CHRISTIANS. And that means YOU.

Such people have been secretly waging warfare against Christianity and America's Christians for a long time now. They cannot wait for the hour of the DAWNING OF THE NWO to come on the heels of MARTIAL LAW in our nation, as former participants admitted freely to me.

While today it may be the hapless victim abducted by them for sacrifice this HALLOWEEN, someday it may be YOU as their NWO agenda is fully implemented in America. Jesus Christ declared, "Blessed are the merciful, for their SHALL OBTAIN MERCY."

What kind of mercy have YOU sown on behalf of innocent victims recently? The mercy you SOW is the mercy you shall ultilmately REAP someday.

Is this not a time for prayer,and for many reasons?

God protect and deliver us ALL at this time, in Jesus Christ' holy Name. Amen.

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

After many struggles and debates over a long period of time in both the House and the Senate, the HATE CRIME BILL was passed, and signed officially today (Wedsnesday, October 28, 2009)by Obama . While many supporters of the hate crime bill in certain sectors of society are rejoicing over this as an apparent victory from their perspective, there remain many others throughout America who are wondering exactly HOW it will be used in the future, by WHOM, and against WHOM.

For example, WHO determines WHAT CONSTITUTES A "HATE CRIME?"

Throughout my life, I have both witnessed and reported on what to ME are quite obviously HATE CRIMES. I have investigated and reported on children and other victims harassed and tormented, or ruthlessly abducted for brutal rape, torture and death by the satanist/Illuminati covens across this nation. Surely satanists and their brutal crimes against humanity constitute HATE CRIMES of the most graphic and severe nature!

I have performed Christian missionary work in NYC and elsewhere, and personally witnessed religious hate crimes performed by religious anti-Christian militants against peaceful Christians legally distributing literature in various neighborhoods in NYC. Roving gangs of anti-Christian vigilantes often prowled the streets looking for Christian workers on the streets to attack and harass. Friends of mine were personally assaulted and beaten, their literature stolen and destroyed. Many received death threats and harassing phone calls and many other forms of harassment, often over a long period of time.I have read their hate literature against Christians and against Christianity in fact.

(These hate crimes were frequently committed by various ultra-Orthodox Jews in NYC. Jewish hate literature against Christians, including outdoors posters stirring up neighborhoods against Christians, were quite prevalent as well, as I observed personally. Amazing how THIS religious persecution never makes the news!)

In fact, there are many forms of anti-Christian hatred manifested across this nation, by various groups, continually.Let's carry modern day examples of HATE CRIMES a step further.

Former CIA officers admitted to me, as I researched the coming NWO/MARTIAL LAW agenda, that they used to sit around in circles in the CIA discussing how MUCH they HATED THE CHRISTIANS in our nation, because they stood in the way of their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for America.

They admitted that they finally came up with the concept of DETENTION CAMPS to get RID of the Christian threat against their NWO permanently under martial law. And one former CIA assassin admitted to me that , "It will be brutal rape, torture and death once they start arresting Christians during martial law and start taking them to the camps..." These are in fact, TERMINATION CAMPS, as many admitted to me.

Surely this kind of infernal "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST"plan constitutes a major HATE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY NATIONWIDE, and is directed against a large segment of the American people!

What is frightening about the HATE CRIME BILL and it's expansion, is that the definition of WHAT CONSTITUTES A "HATE CRIME" is not clearly defined. This means that potentially ANY group with a cause against another may seek to find ways to exploit this bill to use against what has been traditional religious freedom in America, for one example.

WHAT IF a Christian pastor preaches from a Bible passage of Scripture, and one group of people become "offended?" Is it possible that they might then attempt to use the HATE CRIME BILL legislation to prosecute this pastor, because they choose to interpret his use of Bible Scripture as "STIRRING UP HATRED" against their group and their views?

The obvious answer is YES. And I will dare go one step further and boldly declare that many (with their own personal HATE agenda against the Christians and the Word of God) WILL use this legislation to eventually attack outspoken and uncompromising Christian preachers, related religious books (even the BIBLE...???) and ministries and related organizations, schools, colleges, institutions as well.

The future appears more and more ominous for traditional religious freedoms in America today.

But let's face it: we ARE living in the LAST DAYS before His return. He warned His disciples in Matthew 24, when they asked about the signs OF HIS RETURN, that in that time frame ALL nations would hate his followers, and deliver them up to tribulation and to be put to death. And ALL nations must include NORTH AMERICA as well.

Wise Christians who study BIBLE PROPHECY know that PERSECUTION IS COMING TO THE CHRISTIANS OF NORTH AMERICA, and throughout the entire world, more and more.


-Pamela Schuffert

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our TOXIC NATION Today, And What We Can Do About It

I have just reviewed about 12 books now, all exposing the horrors of TOXIC AMERICA. We are surrounded with and inundated by a sea of toxins and pollutants that are causing childhood leukemia, birth defects, autoimmune disease, cancers and illnesses of every kind.

We are frequently assaulted with these toxins before we even leave the WOMB! And the exposure to such toxins from the outside world continues from the day we are born, to the day we die.

Such toxins often come in the form of the foods we commonly eat, the water we drink, the clothing we wear, the toys children play with, the personal products we put on our bodies and on our hair.

They include many forms of plastics and what industry uses to produce plastics, plus pesticides, chemicals used by industries (and their toxic byproducts and effluent)to produce many of the items we use daily, medical toxins, and military (DOD) toxins, just to mention a few.

Even in the local grocery stores across America, we are inundated with "food" products that contain toxins and health hazards of many kinds. Plus, MISLEADING ADVERTISING indicating how "healthy" and "good for you" such products are, reinforced by a dubious approval by the FDA that is often tainted with money incentives from the food industry itself.

I am preparing to publish a series of articles that outline important facts on what my research has uncovered, condensing it for the readers into WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW and WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Parents need to PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN from our toxic world. And themselves as well. EVERYONE needs to understand what is happening across America, to spawn so MUCH sickness and cancers and birth defects at this time.

I will also be publishing the titles of books and their authors, and websites as well, that will be helpful in enabling you to understand more about this timely subject, and learning what you can do about it.

Personally, I am now VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC (VEGAN.) Following much research, I finally realized that I HAD to change my eating habits and choices, because of how toxic the food production industry has become. I ONLY drink quality bottled water, due to the many toxins that have accumulated in our public water systems now. Due to the many chemicals they now inject into animals used for food (meat/milk/dairy), plus contaminated feed filled with pesticides and other contaminants they supply to them, I have been compelled by thorough research to finally give up these products completely.

IS VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC MORE EXPENSIVE than "regular" food? NO! And I have never felt better in my life! So watch for my coming articles on YOUR HEALTH and the truth about OUR TOXIC NATION.

-Pamela Schuffert

Friday, October 16, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


(NEW: Part TWO below part one)

(NEW-Part THREE below part two)

The Christians of this nation need to understand the dark and destructive tactics of the satanists. The satanists are targeting Christians, their homes, their families, their health and work and churches continuously. Satanists love to attack and DESTROY CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES! They also love to attack and destroy Christian ministries, pastors, etc.

With October being a major month of satanist/"the Craft"/"the Brotherhood" dark activities, I want to share some insights that can protect your family and marriage and ministry from their attacks.

The SATANIST BLACK WIDOW is a female satanist, highly trained in the art of allurement and seduction of the desired target. The satanist black widow is sent in, when a coven decides they want one man for their coven, who is married to a Christian wife who will never allow it to happen. She is also sent in against successful pastors or Christian men in ministry, to seduce and lead into sin, to thereby destroy their ministry and credibility and effectiveness.

I know how real this all is. My OWN parents' marriage was effectively destroyed by a confirmed satanist black widow, Florence "Pat" Jennings from England, confirmed to me by former satanists as one of the world most deadly and dangerous at that time. My father was easy prey, because although happily married, he DID NOT KNOW JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR! And when the satanists began targeting our family, my mother was not yet a Christian (although later became a wonderful born again Christian in 1971, as I did at that time.)

The "black widow" met my father at work, then invited him to dinner after work. My father would call frequently and say, "Oh, tell your mother that I have to work late tonight...." What gave his secret away was the food unlike any my mother prepared, brought home and placed in our refrigerator.

Other tell-tale-signs began to emerge. This black widow was trained in vilifying the wife, to help poison the heart of the husband against his wife. Although my mother was a wonderful person and wife, this tactic also worked. He would come home late at night, after being with "her," filled with anger FOR NO REASON against his wife, and false accusations as well.

Not understanding what was happening, my mother was heart broken. All attempts to reconcile with him sadly failed throughout the years. She finally had to have a legal separation.

Finally, this black widow began to invite my father to weekends in Virginia Beach, where her coven operated. (His former high priest, whom I interviewed, told me all about this.) My father would create excuses for being gone to Virginia Beach, VA, on the weekends, such as reunions with retired military friends, etc. But we knew that he had been to something quite different, when he would come home, eyes bloodshot, anger and extreme emotions showing, behaving strangely. It would be years later when I finally uncovered the evidence proving he had participated in grim satanist rituals in Virginia Beach with "Pat."

Not only had this wicked woman succeeded in breaking up my parents' marriage and destroying our family unit, but she also succeeded in drawing my father RIGHT INTO SATANISM AS WELL. It looked like there was no hope, until..................................

Until the Living God mercifully came into our lives, bringing healing and hope and salvation through Jesus Christ!

My father would bring home terror from the Pentagon NWO mind conditioning he was recruited into, coupled with his satanism as well. It made our home a living hell. My brother and I dreaded my father's coming home at night. My mother watched as his car would pull into the driveway in the evenings, and then warn us, "Quick, children, run to your bedrooms...DADDY'S HOME!" And we would, hearing hearing his footsteps pounding towards our rooms, to bang on our doors and then to begin attacking us angrily with his words spelling hatred, anger, and tragic rejection of his family.

Unfortunately, the church we were initially attending in the Washington DC area, was nothing more than "Sunday morning social hour." There was NO salvation preached, NO redemption through Jesus Christ and NO teaching in the word of God. We were under the assumption that anyone who "goes to church" is a "Christian." We didn't even know what salvation meant!

And because of this, I strayed far from God, looking for power and miracles in alternate religions, paganism and the occult, all quite innocently enough. I believed the books by the pagan and occult writers, believed their empty promises of fulfillment and power. I did not have the WORD OF GOD to guide me into all truth! And as a result, I fell into the darkness...only compounding my problems in our home.

And to add to all this, I became deathly ill following a routine appendectomy. It triggered other problems that rose to the surface, including epileptic seizures leading to many other problems. We were forced to go to several doctors, one a Park Avenue (NYC)physician, Dr. Kugelmass, and another in NJ, Dr. Getlin. Neither seemed to be able to control my conditions however.

THE UNSEEN HANDS OF GOD were moving through all this however, to bring me to JESUS CHRIST our of sheer desperation, and my mother as well. After both doctors gave up, we turned to the God of the Bible finally. My mother prayed, "Oh, GOD, if you are there, PLEASE HELP US!" Within two weeks we found ourselves in a small Pentecostal church outside Washington DC, hearing the glorious message of Jesus Christ, forgiveness and salvation for the very first time ever. Plus, the pastor gave us hope for a divine miracle of healing from God as well! That very day, my mother and I gave our lives to Jesus Christ in 1971.

I excitedly returned home to renounce everything of the occult. I gathered up my books on the occult (over 60) and burned them. I smashed my expensive lead crystal ball. I burned my Ouija Board. Shortly thereafter I was healed completely, confirmed through one doctor's testing.

God moved me into a crash course on spiritual warfare. I attended an excellent Bible college in NY for several years, then YWAM/DTS in NJ, and following this, yet another school of ministry training, Slavic Gospel Association in Wheaton, IL. I still had my father to contend with. And thus began 30 years of spiritual warfare and intercession to bring my father to Jesus Christ,and OUT of the terrible NWO mind indoctrination of the military, and OUT of satanism (the religion of the NWO, in fact.)

After years of battles, often heartache, much prayer and fasting, there was finally a breakthrough. My father became terminally ill with bone cancer. God used this to move him to brokenness and repentance with much suffering, and considering finally where he would spend eternity. Revelations from his former high priest were used to confront him with his dark secrets he had kept from our family for so long. But finally, DADDY CAME HOME.

He threw out the satanist black widow from the home I had grown up in (that my mother had long ago been forced out of so SHE could move in.) through the ministering of several people including one fine USAF chaplain, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and become a totally forgiven man, as my mother and I took care of him at home in hospice.

My father died in peace and sent to be with Jesus Christ in November of 1998. VICTORY IN JESUS CHRIST FINALLY! The satanist black widow had been overcome through Jesus Christ and his greater power, once and for all.

However, satanist black widows (and their male counterparts) are rampant across America. Christians marriages are especially targeted, as well as Christians in ministries. SEX and SEDUCTION are the tools they seem to use the most often initially. One former satanist, now Christian, from Asheville, NC, told me how her coven decided to make four prominent pastors fall from their positions and pulpits through their tactics.

"And it worked. All four pastors that we targeted fell and lost their positions and churches. I should know, because the church I had infiltrated was the fourth. The pastor fell through the black widow they sent in to seduce him..." She also admitted they held rituals in which they summoned "DEMONS OF LUST" to assault the pastors they targeted. This is WHY Christians MUST understand the tactics of the enemy, and then learn to apply effective SPIRITUAL WARFARE through the weapons Jesus Christ and His Word have given us!

IF ONLY Christians of this generation would would be more diligent about applying the word of God to their lives! THEN these wretched black widows would not stand a chance! The word of God is so clear about sexual immorality, fornication and adultery. But unfortunately, we live in a very morally compromised generation, including throughout most of the churches in America today. These satanist black widows ( and related satanist recruiters and operators)often find easy prey among Christian leaders and Christians in general today.

Many a once-valid ministry has been destroyed by such satanist tactics.

Satanists and witches are also notorious for infiltrating CHRISTIAN DATING WEBSITES. Pretending to be "Christians" they often target multiple dating partners on the website, and lure each one into illicit sexual relationships and compromise. Two Christian men, in fact, met after being deceived and lured into sex by the same satanist black widow over the SAME Christian Dating service website. They kept tabs on her and performed some follow up. They discovered that this woman was sent in against a total of 13 Christian men on this site, in fact,to pull the same tactic on each one...if she could!

But again, this could NEVER happen IF Christians would simply choose to abide in the WORD OF GOD and His clear commandments regarding sexual morality and holiness and sanctification.

I received information and several confirmations a few years ago about a once-valid Christian ministry of one woman, very powerful in exposing satanism, that was hijacked by the satanists using the same tactic. They sent in a the equivalent of a male satanist black widow, highly trained in his field, to the woman who was head of this ministry. Pretending to be a former satanist who had come out to become a Christian, he begged her to let him into her home for protection. Although she was repeatedly warned not to let him into her life by others who knew what he was up to, she did. Soon they were sleeping together, and later married.

The problem was, he had NEVER come out of satanism! It was a lie and a front. And he began to corrupt her immediately, and bring her into captivity through the satanism and the occult that he practiced in their marriage. Although the outer shell remains of what was once a valid ministry, within it is now darkness, pretense and cover-up. Again, this is so very tragic. But it never could have happened, had this person adhered to the commandments of the word of God. Former satanist leader, now Christian exposing the occult, BILL SCHNOEBELEN (author of "Lucifer Dethroned") confirmed to me person, by phone, that this indeed happened to this woman I am referring to. Her previous Christian partner in ministry told me, in person, all about this situation, from a first-hand position. It was a lesson I never forgot.

In 1995, the satanists in NC tried the same identical tactic on me. They sent in a man, Larry, with a sob story of how he "needed my ministry." How he heard of my ministering to people coming out of satanism, etc. How his fiance he was going to marry, turned out instead to be a satanist, and how he therefore had to break off their engagement, and how "devastated he was." the Holy Spirit gave me red flags in discernment from the beginning, however.

Exercising caution, I attempted to minister to him periodically over several months. However, he turned out to be the very instrument they used to try to lure me in to the abduction attempt on my life in 1995 in Ridgecrest, NC. It was only through MUCH prayer and the grace of God that preserved my life from tragedy at that time. As I discovered later, I was set up by Larry, to be abducted, hauled away to the satanist caverns of the Smokies of Tennessee, and sacrificed (literally crucified, a favorite satanist tactic)to "teach me a little lesson" for daring to work with victims of satanist attacks in the mountains of NC/TN (as my father's former high priest from VA Beach revealed to me while being interviewed at Bradenton Christian Retreat in Florida in 1998.)

Several other things happened, that confirmed to me beyond any doubt that Larry was a deadly fake, a plant sent in to deceive and destroy me. Because of the grace of God, plus much research and understanding of how these people operate, it never happened. I ordered him out of my life, in Jesus' name. He attempted to infiltrate my life one more time, many months later, but I confronted him at that point with all the evidence I had collected against him, and ordered him to leave my home. After that I never saw him again. I pray constantly against his present activities directed all other potential victims.

I later discovered through much background research that not only was Larry a satanist, BUT also working for the CIA as well, through one information source that told me about him. "Oh, Larry is a low-level grunt working for the CIA...." he told me. This did not surprise me. The CIA is always hiring satanists for assassin jobs, among other roles. They know that satanists will kill without regret, hesitation and mercy, and several of my Christians friends today are former CIA satanist/ assassins who had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and came out to become committed Christians to this day.

What totally unnerved me was to find a picture of Larry at some gala festival in Washington DC, standing right NEXT TO MY FATHER! I was going through my father's pictures after he died, and was shocked beyond words to see Larry standing next to my father at some major event in Washington DC. But then Larry had admitted to me that he had worked in Northern Virgina as a pharmacist, and had spent time in that area. The photograph was taken in the days of my father's involvement in satanism in that region previously, so I can only imagine that it was under these circumstances (satanist gatherings)that they knew each other. It was extremely painful for me to see my own father standing next to a man who had almost succeeded in having me killed. But this is part of the ongoing tragedy of satanism whenever it invades a family.

In closing, these seductive tactics of satanist black widows could NEVER succeed so extensively, IF the Christians in America were sincere and committed in their walk with Jesus Christ! THIS INCLUDES PASTORS THAT THESE BLACK WIDOWS SUCCESSFULLY SEDUCE AS WELL. It is not enough to have a degree from seminary or a pastor's title! One must be walking daily in the light of God's Holy Word, and obedient to the Word of God and the commandments of Jesus Christ.

In today's dark and troubled world, it remains vitally important FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN to learn how to scripturally perform SPIRITUAL WARFARE, using the whole armor of God and the gifts of the Divine Holy Spirit, coupled with the victorious power of THE NAME AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, to effectively battle these deadly and destructive enemies of God's kingdom and people.

And if both marriage partners are committed and are Word of God-abiding Christians, this kind of tragedy could never happen in marriages today. Had my father been walking in the light of the Word of God and a born-again Christian, he would have known immediately what to do when this wicked woman began to allure and seduce him away from his wife and family, and ultimately into satanism. He would have resisted her and rebuked her with the WORD OF GOD and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ, and never opened the door to this sin.

But sexual immorality and compromise is rampant throughout Christian circles and EVEN in certain Bible Colleges and various ministries, as I painfully discovered through 38 years of Christian ministry nationwide now, traveling nationwide and worldwide. Students from Bible colleges that I have interviewed admitted to me privately that homosexuality and fornication are often present at the Bible Colleges in America today. Sexual immorality and compromise can be found among Christian music groups and musicians, and in fact in every sector of Christian ministries today.

I frequently stayed with my mother at her home on the grounds of a once famous Christian television ministry, and personally observed (to my great sorrow and that of many others who lived there, worked there and uncovered the truth that I uncovered as well), the widespread sexual immorality, homosexuality, and compromise of many kinds that eventually saturated the entire ministry, from the leadership down. It so grieved me and repulsed me, that I had to leave there many times, to go back out onto the mission fields God often uses me in, rather than remain in such spiritual darkness hiding under the guise of "a Christian ministry."

When we break the word of God and His commandments, we open the door for satan to come in with his tactics and his followers to bring destruction, tragedy, and sin into our lives.
Christians need to purpose in their hearts to NEVER give this deadly enemy an open door by sin or compromise of God's word.


I am grieved and angry every day as I research and pray against what the Illuminati/satanists and people of the occult are doing to attack God's people and God's kingdom.
However, I must say that they could not succeed in many of their tactics, IF Christians would BEHAVE as Biblical men and women of God! The sin and compromise of many "Christians" opens the doors for satan's tactics to succeed against their lives.

This is one of the many reasons WHY I FEAR for the future of many of the so-called Christians and the Church in America today. I emphasized throughout my years of investigative journalism, that PERSECUTION IS COMING TO THE CHRISTIANS IN NORTH AMERICA. Many great trials and temptations and testings are coming along with it. "Pseudo-Christians" will NOT endure the coming times of testing! They will be moved to fall away, to deny Him, and to ultimately PERISH ETERNALLY! Don't believe it? Then READ MATTHEW 24 CAREFULLY!

Christians who are living in sin, compromise, and a lukewarm walk with Jesus Christ, will not have the grace and spiritual strength and fortitude it will require to overcome the darkness and remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH when the temptations come to deny Him and turn from Christianity to join their satanic NWO of Revelation 13.

I have learned through DISCIPLESHIP principles found throughout the Words of Jesus Christ, to confront my own heart and life with the word of God, it's requirements for DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY, and examine my own life according to the Word of God. I then strive to faithfully apply them daily to my life.

Jesus told us to pray MUCH that we enter not into sin: He declared that the spirit is willing, BUT the flesh is weak.

DO we purpose to spend QUALITY TIME IN PRAYER daily? I never could have fulfilled the work God has give me throughout the years, without spending MUCH time in prayer daily, and sometimes throughout the night as well. Even as the Apostle Paul himself experienced and wrote, I also have found myself faced with life-threatening dangers, crises, difficult situations, persecutions and many hardships throughout the 38 years I have served Jesus Christ. ONLY the power of God and Jesus Christ, appropriated through standing on the word of God and much prayer (including fasting at times), brought me successfully through each trial and testing.

Frankly, from the time God called me to live as a single woman in ministry in 1976 (I was saved in 1971), I have walked with Jesus Christ through successful ministry after ministry, without any shadow of sexual immorality or even a boyfriend. I don't want it, and I don't need it. Jesus Christ and His grace and love is ALL SUFFICIENT! Although I enjoy Biblical fellowship with committed men of God, I realize that when we are called to follow Jesus Christ, we are called to EMBRACE THE CROSS, DIE TO SELF, and follow HIM wholeheartedly. I gave up my dream of being happily married to a wonderful Christian man, and having MANY children, to the CALL OF GOD for my life.

And it has been a wonderful and challenging, inspiring life of full-time ministry and touching thousands of lives throughout these years for His sake. NO REGRETS! Serving God and the purposes of Jesus Christ is utterly fulfilling and worthy of ALL cost and sacrifice we may have to make to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST.

The Word of God tells us that when we recieve Jesus Christ,we are CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST, and those who are HIS have crucified the flesh with it's flesh and affections and lusts thereof. The moment I walk out of His will and commandments to willfully sin, I lose all rights to minister IN HIS NAME. There is NO TRUE MINISTRY without SANCTIFICATION.

How can a person PREACH and minister the salvation of Jesus Christ and FREEDOM FROM SIN, while secretly and willfully LIVING IN SIN???

Satan's tactics are no match for those who choose daily to live their lives according to the Word of God, and who walk closely with Jesus Christ! Purpose therefore to walk a LIFE OF VICTORY through Jesus Christ, and you will experience victory over satan and his tactics repeatedly throughout your life.

Until you finally stand in glory with Your Savior...SAFELY HOME. Until then, God bless you and keep you!

-Pamela Schuffert

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Readers Ask............

Recently my readers are wondering, WHY does an article appear one day, and then the same article has additions to it published the NEXT day...and sometimes the next???

The answer is simple. I am forced to use a LIBRARY COMPUTER with a one hour limit every day! Why? Because of my NEW laptop being STOLEN BY A CIA OPERATIVE in Montana following a break-in of the family's home I stayed in while researching there!

Following attending a Bible study with the family, one night , we returned to find a large window smashed. Obviously someone had broken into their home while we were gone! His daughter started to cry.

We entered the home cautiously. Things were strewn everywhere. Drawers opened, things scattered. BUT NOTHING WAS MISSING! Except...MY LAPTOP AND NOTEBOOK with phone numbers and names.

It became clear that this was not a local robber, but rather intelligence community antics focused on monitoring ME.

Yes, I know who did it. He had pulled this kind of thing on me previously in that region. I pray for him daily. Jesus died for CIA too!

But this is WHY I have to use a library computer....(BYE! Time's UP!)

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To My Readers: "In CASE I 'Disappear...'"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am writing this brief warning to all my readers. I live in a real world, and not make-believe. In MY world, good people trying to do what is right, often get hurt. Sometimes permanently, and sometimes with "extreme prejudice."

People who have performed the same kind of investigative reporting as I have, HAVE gotten hurt. Some have had to go underground (including personal contacts I have interviewed, such as former CIA.)

Others have been killed (like my good friend Ed Pack, microwaved to death by the government who didn't appreciate his insider information going out nationwide on the truth about WACO, the OKC bombing and more. )

Still others have been "suicided." You know, when the spy guys grab someone they don't like, who knows or talks too much, and takes that poor person to a hotel room high above some city, force the person to write a suicide note, and then throw the still warm body over the balcony railing.

IN 2001, I traveled to Germany to research for 6 months.While investigating the role of German military in the USA under martial law, I often visited that intriguing city of Munich, Germany. One evening, while sitting outside visiting at an outdoor cafe, I asked my military contact Michael about how the CIA got rid of people they didn't like, here in that spy city of Munich.

He replied, "It's simple. See that hotel balcony over there?" I looked up at the high rise balcony. "Whoever they want to get rid of, they take up to a hotel room like that, force the person to write a suicide note, kill that person without leaving forensic evidence, and then toss the still warm body over the railing, at night to avoid detection...."

I thought for a moment, and then laughed. Michael looked at me strangely and asked why. I replied, "Well, if they want to try that tactic with me, it won't work! I am staying in a small ground-level ski hut in Bavaria. The window is barely large enough for them to push me out of, and then when I fall...I will only fall four feet to the ground!" I wasn't laughing at the terrible act of intelligence community assassinations of innocent victims, not at all. Michael groaned as I snickered. I silently thanked God that I was NOT staying in a high rise hotel in Germany at ANY time!

Yet another tactic is character assassination, or COINTELPRO. You can destroy a person in many ways, and this is one way also. "Freddy the Fed" uses this tactic as well, to destroy a person's credibility to his readers, etc. I have already had my own personal experiences with trained intelligence community COINTELPRO operatives, posting their slander against me on the Internet, hoping somehow to dissuade my readers from believing my reporting.

To this date, it has not worked. My readers are nationwide and worldwide now. My reports outlining the coming persecution of the Christians in America and MARTIAL LAW have had a tremendous impact in various regions of America, including Montana, where some Christians are even now forming underground churches, as led by the Holy Spirit, following reading my articles outlining what is planned for that state and region of America.

And my fellow Christians who have known me for many years, among whom I am now visiting in NC at my church and Christian retreat, know me well and laugh when I show them the poorly written COINTELPRO attempts to paint a villainous "me" that simply does not exist in real life. Besides, for REAL Christians, we know that we are blessed whenever we are persecuted for righteousness' sake.

The Bible calls us "blessed" whenever evil is spoken about us falsely for His sake, and for righteousness' sake. Jesus further tells us, "WOE UNTO YOU when ALL men speak well of you, for so they spoke of the false prophets before you...." For these Biblical reasons I do not worry about COINTELPRO. I simply pray for the salvation of the lost souls writing it, forgive them, and continue in my work. I also pray that God will show people THE TRUTH regarding such attempts at defamation, and trust God for my vindication. That is all any Christian can do.
In this real world I live in, all these things can all happen to good people (including God-fearing committed Christians such as myself), and they do...all the time, and worldwide to investigative journalists as well. I face this as well. I pray about this all the time, constantly, as I continue in this work for YOUR sakes.

I pray daily for all the readers of this blog, and for my fellow Americans and Christians nationwide. Please, keep me in YOUR prayers as well. Thankyou.

-Pamela Schuffert

"...But My Family Thinks I Am CRAZY..."

YOU are NOT ALONE! MANY are experiencing this reaction when they TRY TO TELL OTHERS THE TRUTH! Even Jesus Christ went through this at times...

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In traveling across our nation for the past 13 years to perform investigative journalism, I have been blessed to meet people who understand where America is being taken by the forces of darkness of the NWO. I also have had several radio broadcasts on different networks as well. People who enjoyed my broadcasts would often call in and tell me how much they appreciated my broadcasts, and ask for more information.

But so often, sincere and intelligent people would also tell me the following: "I believe everything your are saying and I know it is all true, BUT my family thinks I'm crazy!"

Or " HUSBAND thinks I am crazy..."
or " WIFE thinks I am crazy...." and so on.

I am writing this to encourage you if this is your situation where you are living. No, not everyone WILL believe the truth, even when it is clearly pointed out to them! And the consequences are going to be tragic for those who refuse to hear and to see and to understand where our nation is going.

Jesus Christ had to deal with this in His society of His day as well. He referred to the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, speaking of His people "..having ears but not hearing, and eyes but not seeing...." when people did not believe HIS testimony and warnings, either. But He then turned to His disciples and proclaimed, "Blessed are YOUR eyes, for they SEE...and YOUR ears, for they HEAR...." (paraphrased)

The events and things that I am led by God to investigate and report on, are all tied in heavily with END TIME BIBLE PROPHECY. I am frankly weary of Christians I encounter who tell me, "Oh, YES... I BELIEVE in end time Bible prophecy!"

But in the next breath, after I begin to tell them the events coming to our nation that involve THEIR future persecution and tribulations coming to OUR nation, they quickly back off! They don't want to HEAR it!

Oh, it's FINE as long as it come to OTHER Christians in OTHER countries...far away from OUR nation! But when it touches THEIR lives and future...all of a sudden they DON'T believe in Bible prophecy after all! And then many retreat into DENIAL, or their "safety-comfort-denial" zones. And then they start accusing their spouse or others of "being crazy" when they try to tell them of these things!

And mind you, they cannot DISPROVE ANYTHING with factual research or documentation that I have previously researched and documented and report on. The basis for their denial of the truth has NO factual substantiation whatsoever! They simply cannot deal with the truth.

After every broadcast I had, people would then call in , wanting to talk with me. And almost EVERY time, my listeners would unload their hearts to me, saying, "Well, I KNOW these things are true, but my wife (or husband, or friend)doesn't believe it...."

Etc. Etc. Etc. Some of you KNOW exactly what I MEAN! You have already experienced this.

If this is the case in YOUR home, BE ENCOURAGED! If you are a Christian, you can PRAY for your spouse (or the people you are trying to share this kind of information with) and let the Holy Spirit begin to open their eyes to the truth. The Holy Spirit is called THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Jesus declared that HE (the Divine Holy Spirit) WILL LEAD YOU INTO ALL TRUTH.

Never allow this to become an issue that divides your family or marriage! You will need MARITAL/FAMILY UNITY as never before, as these times of testing come upon this nation.You should be praying constantly with your spouse and family members regarding protection against these times to come, and for God's grace, guidance and wisdom as well.

So don't get discouraged if this is what you are facing in your home or with friends. Commit it to prayer and ask God to lead them into all truth.

And NO, you ARE NOT CRAZY for believing the truth! Maybe it's the OTHER way around...with all the warning signs literally screaming at us daily, maybe THEY need to re-examine their thinking instead. Hmmmmm.........

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Redefining VICTORY by GOD'S DEFINITION and Perspective

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Definitions are very important! Most of us have heard the word "VICTORY" throughout our lives. For many of us, it conjures up the picture of one military force defeating another. Or perhaps a person running a race and winning. And in another example, the picture of one football team defeating the other. This is how the world most often defines VICTORY.

But there is another kind of victory that the Bible defines. It is not defined by the world's common understanding of VICTORY, but rather by GOD'S.

This is the kind of victory that the world often cannot comprehend. Envision the Son of God, unjustly accused and finally condemned to death by the world's justice system. See His closest friends desert Him in his hour of betrayal. Watch as his enemies stand at the foot of the cross to mock Him as He bore the pain of our sins on the cruel cross for us. See Him cry out, "IT IS FINISHED!" And then die.

The world can never define this as VICTORY!

And yet for Jesus Christ the Son of God, it was HIS HOUR OF GREATEST VICTORY! For THIS was the very purpose for which He came to this lost world! He was BORN to suffer and die for OUR SINS on that cross, and to fulfill every word of Bible prophecy pertaining to the redemption of mankind as THE MESSIAH and SAVIOR OF THE WORLD.

We, as Christians MUST begin to understand this Biblical principle of GOD'S DEFINITION of VICTORY, especially if we are to successfully overcome what we face in the future under persecution. Otherwise many of us can become discouraged, and wonder IF God IS with us as we stand against the darkness. Let me give you a practical example from my own life's experiences:

During four active years of Christian pro-life activities (1988-1992), I often found myself sentenced with other pro-lifers to both jail and ultimately prison for peacefully rescuing the unborn from the horrors of death by abortion at the abortion clinics across America.

I remember one particular time in Asheville, NC, in which I and my fellow pro-lifers were on trial for our pro-life activities. We fasted. We prayed. We stood on the WORD OF GOD for VICTORY in the trial. We had others praying for us nationwide as well. We KNEW we had obeyed the Word of God to save innocent life, and prayed to be vindicated and found NOT GUILTY.

BUT...the judge and jury found us GUILTY! We were sentenced to a month in the local jail for our "offense." I was led away to my cell to serve my sentence. Lying on my hard bunk, in a small and outdated southern jail cell, surrounded with cockroaches on every wall (including inside the food serving cart as well) I meditated on what had just happened while praying.

"Father God, I don't get it. We fasted. We prayed. We stood on your Word for VICTORY. We saved babies. BUT WE WERE FOUND GUILTY and led away to serve our sentences! I thought You were always victorious..." I was simply being honest with God my Father in Heaven. I wanted to know what we might have done wrong. Did we fail to fast and pray hard enough? Or what???

INSTANTLY the Holy Spirit began to speak to me! Putting it into human words, He said, " I do NOT define VICTORY the way the world does! The greatest victory the world has ever known was when My Son hung on that cross for YOU and mankind! Although it appeared to the world and His enemies that HE WAS DEFEATED, it was His greatest VICTORY OF ALL! Because, HE WAS RIGHT WHERE I WANTED HIM!"

"And YOU are right where I WANT YOU! I allowed you to be found GUILTY so you could become MY WITNESS to testify of MY SON and proclaim salvation to these women in this jail, for MY glory! And whenever YOU are where I want you to be for My greater purposes and glory, YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!"

And God's purpose worked. I can never forget several women lining up, at one point, in front of my jail cell, some with tears in their eyes as I was praying and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. One woman, arrested for drug charges, started crying and said, "I want what YOU have...I want JESUS! Will you pray with me?" I invited her in and as she sat on my bunk, I ministered God's grace through Jesus Christ for her salvation that very hour, and prayed with her.

Some nights the guard on duty would pull me out of my cell to come to their desk and talk to them about Jesus Christ. Some Christian officers even congratulated me and other pro-lifers for why we were in that jail. God worked in such a mighty way through both me and many other Christian pro-lifers, as we yielded to God's reasons for WHY we were there, and began to minister Jesus Christ to all the lost around us.

I will never forget the Holy Spirit impressing all this upon me so clearly as I prayed in that decrepit jail cell in Asheville, NC! It was a lesson I will never forget. And I witnessed the glorious fruits of WHY were were there all throughout that jail sentence we served! Yes, suffering for Jesus Christ and for righteousness' sake DOES bring forth wonderful fruits, both in our lives and the lives of others we may touch as well.

And I share this lesson with you as well. We are facing a time in this nation wherein Christians will know persecution as never before. The potential is here already for Christians to be arrested, taken away to detention camps or to awaiting prisoner boxcars and shackles. The modern guillotines to fulfill REVELATION 20:4 await the Christians who will refuse to renounce their precious faith in Jesus Christ to join their satanic NWO agenda under martial law. MANY of us may find ourselves in a position where it appears that the enemy is victorious and triumphing over us.

But remember: God has a GREATER purpose for everything He allows in OUR LIVES! Whether for HIS glory, or for the salvation of others, there is a HIDDEN reason for the events in our lives that may lead to our persecution, suffering, and trials of our faith.

Begin to study or review how God works through suffering, trials and persecution of His saints by reading the accounts of PAUL THE APOSTLE, of PETER, of STEPHEN and other heroes of the faith throughout the New Testament, and the Old as well.

Building up YOUR faith is excellent in such a time as this! And it will ultimately lead to VICTORY BY GOD'S DEFINITION as well in the times to come, and even now.

"IN ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him who loved us..." ~the Apostle Paul

"And this IS the VICTORY that overcomes the world, EVEN OUR FAITH!"

-Pamela Schuffert

Americans FINALLY March in Protest Against LYING NEWS MEDIA Nationwide!

This article is reprinted from WORLD NET DAILY, an excellent source of INDEPENDENT journalism and reporting. It fully confirms what I have been trying to tell my readers about the lying news media and their corrupt policies that cover up crime, the NWO agenda, that are complicit with "black ops" such as "9/11" and more, through NEWS MEDIA BIAS AND BLACKOUT.

Many Americans choose to live under the delusion that they have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in America, and the NEWS is the TRUTH. IN fact, the organized news media moguls and conglomerates have become the government's intense tool of MIND CONTROL/CONDITIONING that the Russians protesters against communism called PROPAGANDA throughout THEIR news, such as IZVESTIA and PRAVDA.

At LEAST most Russians weren't so dumbed down as to believe the propaganda in THEIR communist mainstream news media! As Russians sarcastically told me, "We KNEW there was no "PRAVDA in IZVESTIA" and no "IZVESTIA in PRAVDA!" Meaning, there was no TRUTH IN THE NEWS, and no NEWS IN THE TRUTH. (Pravda and Izvestia are two major newspapers in Russia to this very day.)

In order to receive and distribute the REAL news in communist Russia, the Russian dissidents formed their own UNDERGROUND NEWS MEDIA, called "SAMIZDAT and TAMIZDAT" meaning self-published materials. they distributed it through underground channels nationwide. Will it come to this someday in America, in the direction we are going now? I believe it will!

I am so thankful that FINALLY many Americans are realizing the NEWS MEDIA have become the "LYING LAPDOGS" of the corrupt Establishment and NEW WORLD ORDER agenda threatening our nation.And this is WHY I am an independent investigative journalist, working for NO one but God and on behalf of the American people. NO one pays my wages, except the grace of God through occasional readers. I refuse to be controlled by the forces of darkness undermining our nation. The people of this nation deserve THE TRUTH!

-Pamela Schuffert

CBS, NBC, ABC to be slammed by more than 100 protests

Tea parties dare Obama 'Minion Media' to 'cover what's right under their noses'

By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily

American taxpayers are planning to storm more than 100 mainstream media offices and stations across the nation next week in protest of a MEDIA BLACKOUT of the growing movement against Obama administration policies.

Following sparse coverage of a massive 9/12 march on Washington, talk show host Rush Limbaugh urged citizens to bring their protests to the front doors of major media outlets."The media [are] no longer reporters. They are repeaters," Limbaugh said on his Sept. 14 show.

"There have been hundreds and thousands of protests by conservative groups that haven't been covered, and tiny turnouts by the Left that are covered."It's not just Obama who's lying. It's his Minion Media, too!

He suggested citizens host tea parties "on or next to the properties housing the TV networks."

"Dare them to cover what's right under their noses!" he said. Limbaugh suggested leaders of the media rallies present a list of grievances to each individual station."Make the challenges substantive and adult and challenge their journalistic ethics," he said. "... I want this all to happen spontaneously.

"Now, a group unaffiliated with Limbaugh is preparing to do just that."Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?" is planning more than 100 media protests across the nation next week. Nearly 7,500 fans have flocked to a Facebook page for the event......-end

Monday, October 12, 2009

"America's Unknown Christian Martyrs" and How YOUR INTERCESSIONS Can HELP

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical Christian perspective-

This following article of mine is republished from

Because October ( and even throughout September) is a major time for the abducting of countless innocent victims for HUMAN SACRIFICE by Illuminati/satanist covens (through their hunters and huntresses, as they are called)nationwide and world wide, I am publishing this article again. Christians especially NEED TO KNOW the truth about what is happening throughout our nation regularly, and the news media blacks out constantly.

The INTERCESSORY PRAYERS of INFORMED (hence intelligent) CHRISTIANS can and WILL make a huge difference in the statistics every year of those victims ABDUCTED BECAUSE THEY ARE CHRISTIANS, and brutally, horrifically sacrificed.

Some surprised Christians may ask, "But HOW can this be? WHY don't we HEAR about this in our news, IF there are such great numbers of victims?" My response is, WHO is policing the news media today? Who says they are under ANY obligation to publish the truth? (A recent court ruling declared they were NOT under any obligation to TELL THE TRUTH!)

When hard-core satanism and the Illuminati members reach up into the very White House itself, including some of our Senators and Congressman and major world leaders and figures, don't you think they have a vested interest in controlling what kind of information gets published on a major scale? Doesn't MONEY TALK in today's world we live in? Don't they have a reason for wanting to cover UP this dark secret? You bet!

WHY do you think the rich and powerful satanists/Illuminati have infiltrated THEIR men into police departments, sheriff's department, the intelligence community, etc.? This is just one method of how they regularly cover up their routine acts of satanic crime, nationwide and worldwide.

In fact, I have noted how America's paid off and propagandist news media regularly covers up such satanic crime/criminals often called the "rich,elite and powerful" such as WARREN BUFFET, exposed by lawyer John DeCamp in his book "THE FRANKLIN COVERUP.

Buffet is regularly praised by news reports in the world of money and finances. But DeCamp has exposed this man as a human sacrificing, child-raping/cannibalizing satanist, operating with the other satanists in the Omaha region. And because of his financial status and power and satanist infiltration into law enforcement in that city, he is untouchable! In fact, the news media praise him for his "financial genius!" (While ignoring the innocent victims in the wake of Buffet and his fellow satanist cronies.)

Christians in America can no longer afford to be naive in such matters and information. Former high level satanists, come even connected with the CIA, have confirmed to me that CHRISTIANS RANK HIGH ON SATANIST LISTS for abduction and sacrifice with every ritual date or full moon. Neither infants, children teens nor adults are spared such horrors.

It is these same satanist/Illuminati murderers masterminding the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation, with a "KILL THE CHRISTIANS" agenda for us in this nation!

We can no longer afford to be deceived or naive( as they desperately WANT US TO BE.) It is not without reason that Jesus Christ declared, "You shall KNOW THE TRUTH and the TRUTH shall MAKE YOU FREE!"

Halloween (Samhain)consists of three nights of horrific human sacrifice rituals with MANY victims, including Christians. YOUR FASTING, PRAYING AND INTERCEDING BEFORE GOD'S THRONE OF GRACE, using spiritual warfare and the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST can make a critical difference in the lives of MANY, including in your region where YOU live.!

Furthermore, you cannot fast , pray and intercede are you ought IF YOU DO NOT KNOW what is happening. Satanists are fasting and praying to SATAN for our destruction on a regular basis. Can YOU afford to be naive any longer?

(By the way IGNORE the "WITCHVOX" (meaning "WITCH VOICE") series of articles on the Internet attempting to discredit my reports exposing the occult and satanism. This is a WITCHES website, dedicated to MISINFORMATION and deceiving the American public about the true nature of this I report on. They ONLY target those who pose a true threat to their covercy.It is only MISINFORMATION/COINTELPRO and nothing more. They want you DECEIVED. ..because occult darkness operates best under the CLOAK OF DECEPTION!)
-Pamela Schuffert


Tragic is the reality that innocent victims are perishing increasingly across America on Satanic altars or crosses in countless rituals. According to one noted Christian evangelist , Satanism is AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING RELIGION!

Yet your average Christian and American knows little about it's reality, or how to actually protect their family and children from such attacks. And many of America's Christians actually believe that BECAUSE they are Christians, they are automatically immune from such attacks.

WRONG! Both Christians and non-believers have died on the Satanist altars of America. Hear the words of a former high level Satanist and regional leader (High priestess of Indiana) for 17 years, also former CIA assassin before she became a Christian and some out to expose the darkness, with several books as well:

"I would get so angry when Christians would come up to me after my lectures on Satanism, and say, 'Well, because I am a Christian, I cannot be touched by Satanists!' Wrong. SATAN HAD GIVEN US A MANDATE TO SACRIFICE CHRISTIANS, and we obliged him. We targeted them, stalked them, abducted them, AND THEY WERE SACRIFICED LIKE ALL THE REST. "

"Except many cases, just as we were bringing forth some of them to be tortured and sacrificed, often A BRIGHT LIGHT WOULD APPEAR OVER THEM and they would start to shout, 'Jesus, you've COME for me!' And just like that...their souls would be gone...and we were left with dead smiling corpses. Our night of sacrifice and fun would be ruined! And I would go home cursing and saying,' what IS this with so many of these Christians...before we can kill them, THEY ARE GONE, and WITH A SMILE!' I tell you,nothing convinced me that Jesus was greater than Satan than when these things would happen during our rituals..."

This source admitted that this was not always the case, however, and some died in great agony. I want to point out that Christians die in car accidents. They die of cancer. They die of gunshot wounds. Being a Christian does not make anyone immune automatically to such attacks! Nor does it make them immune to persecution or martyrdom. However, I am also of the belief that certain precautions CAN and SHOULD BE TAKEN to help prevent Satanist attack and abduction of family members and loved ones.

I am sharing the following accounts to wake up my fellow Americans to the reality of attacks of this nature, and will follow it with special precautions to be taken to avoid becoming JUST ONE MORE VICTIM on American soil. Satan is the author of death. Jesus Christ declared, "I AM come that they might have LIFE and have it more abundantly!"

The following accounts come out from the mountains of North Carolina as they stretch into Tennessee. They come from a now Christian source, undergoing professional counseling after coming out of years of Satanism, having been born into a Satanist family and dedicated to Satan from her mother's womb. I have spent hours personally interviewing her, working with her professional counselor for many years in exposing Satanism in this region. Many of her accounts have been further confirmed through other former Satanists in that region.

"I would often travel with my father when he was sent out to abduct people for sacrifice. I was placed in front of the satanist van to make my father appear innocent: he was carrying a child. But it was just a front. And behind us, concealed in the back of our van, were two men with knock out drugs and duct tape. The windows were blacked out and a blanket put behind the driver and passenger seats up front so no one could see them." (This is typical for satanist abduction vans and teams. Beware when you see such suspicious looking vans, especially out late at night.)

"There was this one woman they especially hated and were stalking. She was in her early twenties, pretty, and known as a strong Christian. We knew she was joining in prayer meetings praying against the Satanists here. So we were stalking her for sacrifice.

One evening, just as it was getting dark, we spotted her walking home along a deserted country road. Our van pulled up, and our men jumped out. They grabbed her, duct taped her hands and feet together and her mouth shut, and injected her with a knockout drug. She lay silent as we drove her to the caves where our rituals took place." (This location is beyond Murphy, NC, as you drive into Tennessee.)

"When she came out from the drugs, she was naked and chained to our altar. The Satanists then told her that they wanted her to be recruited into Satanism and to work undercover for them, to infiltrate churches and spy on the Christians for them and to help recruit others. But if she would not recruit into Satanism, she would be sacrificed. All she would say is, 'I am a Christian, I cannot...' "

"And when they saw she would not cooperate, they began to sacrifice her. I watched as they did various things to torment her, finally driving a spike through her head from ear to ear. And when she continued to groan, they took a high caliber handgun, inserted it into her vagina, and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited through her head, and by then she was gone. But never once did she deny Jesus Christ..." She died a true UNKNOWN CHRISTIAN MARTYR in this nation, America.

I am sparing my fellow Christians and American people no details, however graphic. Why? Because of the intense apathy and ignorance that America's Satanism thrives and operates under! Your ignorance is their cloak of darkness under which they must operate! With such atrocities multiplying throughout this nation, it is time the veil be lifted. It is the intent of these accounts to break indifferent hearts in this nation and to wake up America.

She also admitted, "At one time, our coven kidnapped a pastor. He was brought to our cave and stripped and nailed to a cross. He kept pleading with us to repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And when they got tired of hearing that, they slashed his throat and finished sacrificing him..."

Even little children are not spared. "Our coven often sacrificed children. Satanists believe that the smaller, more innocent and perfect the victim is, the more power Satan will give them through the sacrifice. Some of our members were doctors, and we had shock treatment equipment in our cave. Children were chained to altars, electrodes placed on their bodies, and they were shocked into spasms and seizures. Their private body organs were often ripped off and thrown to our dogs in the caves. They were raped, tortured and killed."

"I will never forget one little girl...they used a power saw to begin to dismember her, starting at her feet. I will never forget her screaming as they slowly began to cut her apart...the screaming only stopped when they finally reached her stomach, and she was gone.There were always video cameras mounted on the walls so that each sacrifice could be turned into another money making porn snuff film."

"They even abducted pregnant women. I would watch as these women would plead for the lives on their unborn children. The unborn would be cut out of the mother's body and then sacrificed...then they would sacrifice the mother. Or often, we would throw babies alive into vats of battery acid. Yes, I have watched many victims as they took their final breath..."

One friend of mine, now a Christian undergoing extensive counselling, was sold into Satanism and the coven in her area at the age of two (her parents needed the money.) I spent much time with her, interviewing her in the Cleveland, OH, area and also at a Christian retreat. She was personally being trained under the infamous Norma Fitzwater, brutal high priestess of Cleveland and the entire Ohio Satanist region for over 25 years. (Fitzwater's name and rank were personally confirmed to me by numerous former Satanists, including my CIA source. I have personally gone on the radio broadcast of Pastor Ernie Sanders of Cleveland to expose this vicious Satanist for an entire week.)

She shared the following: "I only had a week to enjoy my newborn, Baby Becky, before she was brutally sacrificed. During the ritual, I was forced to the front of the altar. My clothes were torn off. Screaming, I was fastened to the altar as my baby was seized. They laid my baby on my naked stomach and began to sacrifice her. A knife was inserted into her vagina to enlarge it and they then began to sexually assault the extent that her internal organs spilled out. She was cannibalized. When the ritual was finished, I was released and the remains of Baby Becky were handed to me in a bloody blanket."

She led me over to a window in her home. "See those wild daisies in the corner of the yard? That is where the remains of Baby Becky are buried under..."

My fellow Christians and Americans, multiply this wicked assault on the little children of America by the Satanists many times over, and you will begin to have some idea of the extent to which our nation is stained with the blood of the innocents. Christians reading this, do you REALLY CARE? Can we PROVE we care by our intercessions at this time of the years, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE???

Stand against the darkness in heartfelt intercessory prayer this Hallween season, and every season of such rituals!

(For more information on this subject, please go to and read further reports about AMERICAN'S UNKOWN MARTYRS.)

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective- (Although longer than usual, PLEASE take the time to read this article through to the end. It's message is very important.)

I thank God that He has brought me, long ago, out of the pit of "safety-comfort-denial" zones that so many other Christians choose to stagnate in, retreating into especially when hearing increasing reports of dire warnings of things to come to our nation.

I encounter this kind of "denial" response all the time, as I encounter Christians across our nation, who ask what kind of work I perform and I tell them. As I begin to relate to them about my in-depth investigative journalism nationwide, and the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and the PLANNED persecution that genuine Believers in Jesus Christ will inevitably face as a result, I watch carefully for their response.

So often, they begin to retreat into false and unBiblical (heretical in fact) teachings about THE RAPTURE, telling me "When it comes, I'll be OUTTA HERE!" Funny how none of them can give me either chapter or verse conclusively proving that, before they can suffer prophesied end time persecution coming worldwide to Jesus's disciples (Matthew 24 and throughout various sections of REVELATION), they're "gonna be Raptured out!"

Don't get me wrong! I BELIEVE we ARE living in "THE LAST DAYS" and His Coming is near! However, what such Christians fail to remember is, WE DO NOT KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR! Convince me that He is under ANY obligation to time His Coming and the catching up of "we who are alive" according to OUR convenience,WHEN WE WANT HIM TO...just to escape the kind of unpleasant persecution that the Bible states will come to all WORLDWIDE before He returns!How wise it is therefore, to prepare our hearts and lives for what we may indeed face regarding persecution and potential martyrdom, with so much evidence surfacing continually of this being prepared against us in North America.

Other people tell me (usually politely) that they "really don't want to hear any of this." In essence, they are happier in their "safety-comfort-denial" zones!

And then, thank GOD, there are those Christians who have been listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit ("Who shall show you THINGS TO COME") and have been fasting, praying and doing their research and homework, both Biblically and practical research on the internet, alternate news broadcasts, etc. Such are preparing their hearts for what the Holy Spirit, the word of God and practical research is telling them WILL COME TO THIS NATION.

And such saints have told me that they too are preparing their hearts
for the coming persecution , suffering and inevitable martyrdom that will follow, for those uncompromised Christians who will NEVER deny the One Who bought them with His blood, Jesus Christ, in order to escape persecution/termination by the satanic/Luciferic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda (of Revelation 13). This NWO agenda described in Revelation 13, will be fully imposed on this continent under coming MARTIAL LAW.

I spoke with one brave saint in NW MONTANA, Carly, who told me she knows all about these things. When I told her about the guillotines and prisoner boxcars with shackles and detention camps awaiting Christians and all OTHER NWO resisters under martial law in uncovered in Montana, she looked at me and replied, "If THIS is the price I must pay to REMAIN FAITHFUL TO JESUS CHRIST, then SO BE IT!" And this little Montana woman meant EVERY WORD she said! (Thankyou for your bold witness, Carly of KALISPEL, MT! I love you and am praying for you and your family daily.)

Another woman I met at a Derek Prince PROPHECY CONFERENCE in 1995 in SC, from Montana, told me about VISIONS GOD HAD GIVEN HER of CHRISTIANS BEING ARRESTED IN MONTANA, loaded on boxcars like cattle, and hauled to awaiting detention camps to be killed for their faith. When I explained to her what my investigating had uncovered, even back then, she exclaimed, "THAT explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME!"

God speaking to His people about the coming times of suffering for our faith in this North American continent? Yes! He loves His people! He promised that the Holy Spirit would show us things to come and would lead us into all truth! And His eternal word has given us the Biblically desired response we are to have when such persecutions come upon us.

The bottom line is, we are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. Our very SALVATION depends of this! The Word of God is very clear about this. "IF we deny Him, He will also deny us, " the Word of God warns us. Jesus spoke to His disciples facing imprisonment and martyrdom for their faith in the book of Revelation. He said, "Be thou FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE..."

Let me share my heart with you. There is not a day that goes by, in fact, for many years now, that I do not spend time interceding for my soul, for God to grant me the unsearchable riches of His grace through Jesus Christ to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. For those of you who are mature Christians, let me tell you, I will pay a price some day for my kind of testimony and my kind of reporting. I am not naive, nor in any "denial zone."

I have already suffered several death attempts on my life, poisoning while investigating drug dealing allegations and more going on in one famous National Park. I also suffered an abduction attempt in NC previously, various threats from the intelligence (spy)community with one warning to my former webmaster, Ron , of Tulsa, OK, several years ago: "Tell that woman her time is very short..." and another ex-CIA source near Denver warning me one day on the phone that because of my helping a fellow investigator who said too much on radio, to escape a set-up for HIS termination , I was placed for a time on their top 100 hit list at that time as well.

The night before I was to meet with Jason Hills of REVOLUTION FILMS from Kelowna, BC,Canada, to film a hidden detention camps and provide documentary information about the coming martial law agenda for America, MY BRAKE LINE WAS DELIBERATELY SEVERED, in the hopes of cancelling out the interview. Their assassin tactic did not work. Although I almost suffered a fatal accident, GOD WAS WITH ME through much prayer preceeding this interview, and it went on later that weekend as scheduled. After my car was towed away, the garage in Montana later confirmed that it appeared that THE BRAKE LINE HAD BEEN DELIBERATELY SEVERED.


But every time I have prayed and asked God what my response should be, He has told me TO PRESS ON BY FAITH with this calling of TELLING AMERICA THE TRUTH of what is to come. The Bible tells us, "THIS IS the VICTORY that overcomes the world, even our faith!"

Furthermore, knowledge is accountability. HOW in good conscience can I remain silent in such an hour as this??? True Christian discipleship understands the principles of laying down our lives so that the will of God may be done, on behalf of others. Jesus did so. We are to follow in His footsteps, even if it costs our lives. Laying down our lives to obey the commandments of God and to do His will remains an essential principle undergirding all true DISCIPLESHIP.

After praying for my heart to be strengthened to go on, my prayers continue,to pray for MILLIONS OF MY ENDANGERED FELLOW CHRISTIANS throughout North America, and worldwide, who will face similar persecutions and testings for THEIR faith as well, under this prophesied end-time kingdom of darkness that the Bible tells us WILL have the power to put the saints to death, those faithful ones who will not renounce their faith and embrace the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER and it's false messiah, the ANTICHRIST or MAN OF PERDITION and it's "cashless society " as well.

I am committed therefore to laying down my very life for this kind of uncompromising and hard-hitting reporting and testimony for Jesus Christ, to WARN MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS. CHRISTIANS WILL BE THE MAJOR TARGETS of satan's NEW WORLD ORDER, as former insiders have warned me. The Church MUST know this kind of truth in this hour. Most pastors have failed sadly to warn their congregations of this kind of information I publish...yet so many have told me behind closed doors THEY KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THIS!

As I look around me every day at my fellow Christians, the pain I feel in my heart for what they will face someday is almost unbearable. I see their precious children...the elderly...those who love God and serve Him. And I know what these NWO communist murderers plan to do to my fellow Christians under martial law...the boxcars...the camps...the modern guillotines....and much more.

I know the track record of world globalist communism, and that is all the NWO is: the Illuminati's deadly antichrist brainchild, communism repackaged with a new name ("NEW WORLD ORDER"), coming in through America's unguarded back door, with the help of many traitors to our Christian founders' heritage and our Constitutional freedoms from within the highest levels of our leadership down into every sector of our society.

I previously trained at one time in the SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION's "INSTITUTE OF SLAVIC STUDIES in Wheaton, IL." to learn Russian and to learn about Russia, communism, and how to perform ministry to the Russian/Slavic people. God used Russian Christians to open my eyes to the horrors of intense persecution of the Christians under communism, and the communist world globalist agenda...which HAS NEVER EXPIRED!

The farce of the "END OF COMMUNISM IN RUSSIA" is merely one major part of the Russian world globalist expansionist plan, to lull the West in to a false sense of "peace and safety." Former speeches and writings by communist planners decades ago outlined how this would take place, pretending to
"BE FRIENDS WITH THE WEST" but in secret laying the groundwork for AMERICA TO "FALL LIKE RIPE FRUIT" INTO THEIR HANDS at the given hour. LISTEN to YURI BEZMENOV, former KGB!

Informed Americans like myself who have done our research and know the inside story, laughed when we watched on television the staged "COUP" and "FALL OF COMMUNISM" in 1988. What a farce! You don't end 0ver 80 years of fierce and relentless battling for communism in Russia in a tiny little "made for television" coup!

Even as America has downsized her military and closed her bases down, Russia has been building up her military and her arsenals with alarming intensity, as my military sources (including Col. Jim Ammerman) warned me. NEWS MEDIA BIAS/BLACKOUT, with it's big news syndicates owned by NWO/communist sympathizers /supporters, has completely lied to the American public about this subject, continually.

And the NWO traitors within our US government have even made secret treaties with Russia, using Russian troops to build even MORE detention camps to take Patriotic Americans off to, to be killed as NWO (world globalist communist) resisters under martial law (Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. And Russian military supervisors are over the largest detention camps for Americans that exists, in Alaska, to hold up to ONE MILLION PEOPLE. It flies both a RUSSIAN flag and an AMERICAN flag.)

According to one Pentagon source I talked to (Al Cuppett), four US states have been secretly awarded to RUSSIA for their assistance in the betrayal of this nation in to the hands of world globalist communism: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Ever wonder WHY there are SO MANY RUSSIANS living throughout OREGON AND WASHINGTON, for example???And why Russians living in America are making threatening and boastful statements to Americans, as in SOAP LAKE, WA, like,
(Source-Member of the local Constitutionalist Party I interviewed while investigating there.)

Russian spies are making arrogant comments to my Russian Christian friends in SPOKANE, WA, like,
"Ha HA! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!"

(Source-my Russian translator friend Olga in Spokane, WA.)

I know well what communism has done to Christians in nation after nation that has fallen to it. throughout Russia alone, tens of millions of Christians were brutally persecuted, arrested, tried, tortured and sent BY PRISONER BOXCARS to the bleak and horrible GULAGS of Siberia. I used to write letters to Christian prisoners in Siberia, sent there for various "crimes" such as PRINTING BIBLES (Galina Vilchinskaya) or teaching SUNDAY SCHOOL to children, or being preachers (Georgi Vins), etc.

Terrible true accounts came to me from my Russian Christian contacts of brutal rape, torture, death, persecution and mockery of their Christian faith, not even sparing children and youth or elderly. And I know well where this nation, America (in fact our entire continent, Canada included) is being taken, NOT by consent of "WE THE PEOPLE," but by the traitors within who have sold us out to the NWO or WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM devised from the BEGINNING by the Illuminati Luciferians to be a Christianity persecuting/destroying world government under SATAN himself, to serve their own evil purposes.

And I grieve so deeply within. And I fast and pray and cry out, even through many long nights, on behalf of my precious fellow Christians who face all I report on. Laughter has vanished from my heart. I walk in silent tears daily. "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted...." And not one tear is for myself. It is for YOU, my precious endangered fellow Christians and fellow Americans, that I weep. I know their hearts, and I know what they will do to you to attempt to destroy your Christian faith under martial law.

I know well the hearts and mindset of the people working for satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. They are murderers like their father, Satan/Lucifer. They have slain many a Christian victim on their NWO/communist and satanic altars already, worldwide, without mercy. These NWO world globalist communists have slain tens of millions of Christians and victims without mercy worldwide, and they will do the same to my nation as well. And they plan to murder many more, under martial law and as their NWO agenda commences throughout this nation.

My own father was recruited into the NWO agenda of the USAF, and the "religion of satanism" as well. I know the terror he brought home with him, from the military and the rituals he attended, into our home as I grew up. I have experienced first-hand IN MY OWN HOME their hatred of Christians and Christianity, and their merciless attitudes as well.

My own father would come home from the Pentagon filled with their NWO mind indoctrination, stating things like, "Everyone who believes in GOD should be SENT TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS!" He knew what their antichrist agenda would be someday.And I know what they plan to do to me and my fellow Christians under martial law as their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for North America commences. It is burned into my mind indelibly.

But I know even MORE so, that OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is worth it all. And so is my eternal soul! And so is my testimony for His glory to millions of others out there. "Worthy is the Lamb, " declares the Word of God. I AGREE!

And my friend, so is YOUR eternal soul. If you have been born again through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, YOU ARE REDEEMED! Your soul is precious and costly. It is worth every cost of suffering necessary to maintain your salvation. Jesus Christ paid a terrible price to redeem you from death and hell and eternal damnation!

But you must choose to walk in the path of TRUE DISCIPLESHIP to maintain that precious salvation! As Jesus said, "...but he that ENDURES TO THE END , the same shall be saved" in Matthew 24. He is speaking of end-time persecution to come to His people worldwide. Jesus outlines the persecutions His people face as they are hated of all nations for His name's sake.

Our Savior then warns that many shall be OFFENDED (FALL AWAY) because of persecution, hate one another and betray one another. BUT, he that shall endure to the end, maintaining their faith and confession of Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments, the same shall be saved.

You CANNOT accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior one day, and then someday DENY HIM BEFORE MEN to preserve your life from persecution (loss of job, to avoid imprisonment or persecution or death, etc.) Jesus Christ outlines clearly the COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP throughout Scriptures.

The greatest tragedy is NOT that a Christian should be called upon to suffer for Jesus Christ and their faith, or even to die for Him. The GREATEST tragedy is when a Christian REFUSES to embrace the Cross and suffer for Jesus Christ and His testimony, and is somehow moved to DENY JESUS CHRIST, to fall away, and to therefore PERISH ETERNALLY. That is the greatest tragedy than can befall any Christian. And THAT is what I grieve over most of all: the thought of many Christians NOT being prepared for this coming persecution and times of testing, who will sadly be moved from their faith, fall away, and perish eternally.

Christian prophets in this nation and some ministries have already received from the Holy Spirit warnings that MANY will DENY JESUS CHRIST when this great persecution comes!

Said one word of warning from a reputable ministry, "...And I know the hearts of the Christians in America. And when this great persecution comes, MANY OF YOU WILL DENY ME! You will not be willing to suffer the mockery, the rejection , the humiliation...and you will deny Me. But I WILL HAVE A REMNANT! And to this REMNANT I will give revival. But it will be A REVIVAL IN THE MIDST OF SUFFERING AND DYING FOR ME, saith the Lord..." When I first received this word of prophecy from one ministry in 1988, I fell to my knees weeping before the Lord, crying out for His grace to keep me faithful through whatever was to come. And then I prayed for the Body of Christ as well, to also be kept FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and to NEVER fall away.

And knowing what we Christians face for our faith someday in North America, has driven me to my knees in tears to the feet of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. It has compelled me to search my OWN fact to tear it apart with the Word of God, to see just where I stand in the matter of FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and the issue of persecution and temptation to DENY HIM to avoid it. I have been forced to become ruthlessly honest with myself in this matter.

And as a result, I have had to confess to Jesus Christ with tears that ONLY BY HIS GRACE AND MERCY can I stand against such forces of hell and destruction, period. I am wretched. I am vile. I am unworthy. I am weak. I am only one woman.

I am therefore forced to come to Him in complete humility and utter brokenness in my wretched state, to beseech His mercy, grace and compassion, in order to fulfill His demands for TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY upon my life!

Friends, we all come before the Lord in brokenness and unworthiness! We MUST allow Him to search our hearts, to cleanse us, and to make us what His Word calls us to become in Him! We must ask ourselves, ARE we true DISCIPLES OF THE CROSS and followers and imitators of the Lamb? OR are we frauds, pseudo-Christians, self-deceived, victims of Americanized "Churchianity" and failing to understand what TRUE DISCIPLESHIP is really all about? Do we LOVE Jesus Christ and God, really? Do our words and actions prove this to God and the world???

I testify to you this day: ONLY TRUE DISCIPSHIP CHRISTIANITY will OVERCOME THE WORLD! ONLY true Discipleship will empower each one of us to stand when the fierce winds of persecution and suffering for His Name's sake come upon us with gale force! And ONLY TRUE DISCIPLESHIP in Jesus Christ will enable each ONE of us to face the future of our nation, America, and the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and persecution of the true, uncompromised saints of God in Christ.

I testify to you, they will attempt to coerce you and force you Christians into DENYING THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST and renouncing your precious Christians faith, to jump on board their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER when it all comes down. "Renounce Jesus Christ and LIVE, or confess Him and DIE" at the hands of these NWO murderers....this IS what it will come down to someday across the North American continenet, including Canada as well. But to DENY JESUS CHRIST is INESCAPABLE ETERNAL DAMNATION!

We Christians have only one clear option: REVELATION 12:11-
"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the Word of their testimony, and because they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH." We are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and nothing less.

Please, won't you allow God to search YOUR heart today and to prepare you to stand in the power of HIS glorious VICTORY by faith through His grace in the times that are coming? You will be glad you did!

-Pamela Schuffert