Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It Will Take MORE Than Boxcars and Shackles To Defeat the Christians in America!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism 
from a Biblical Christian perspective...on behalf of her endangered people-

Every day that I research and report on the NEW WORLD ORDER satanic agenda for my nation, America, I am reminded that their major target for elimination are 


Because the NEW WORLD ORDER is formed primarily by those who serve another god, Lucifer, and it is therefore his worldly kingdom of darkness they are struggling to bring forth, they realize that THE CHRISTIANS OF THE WORLD WILL NEVER COMPLY WITH THEIR GOALS. Christians CANNOT. For this is the end-times kingdom of darkness circling the globe someday, as spoken of in Revelation 13.

"What the Christians have to understand is, the NWO is satan's kingdom on earth, the satanists are the backbone of it, and thus THE CHRISTIANS HAVE TO GO..." -Elaine Knost, former CIA assassin and NWO supporter/planner under CIA leadership of Bush SR.

Go where? Go to the prisoner boxcars with shackles and FEMA/DHS camps, that is, for persecution, termination and ultimately final elimination. Yes, the NWO wants to totally eradicate CHRISTIANITY from the face of the earth, and transform it into a one world government under LUCIFER'S DARK REIGN OF TERROR.
Through years of research, I am now painfully aware that the thousands of prisoner boxcars and shackles and hundreds of detention camps present throughout America, have been prepared to deal with all future NWO resistance in America. CHRISTIAN RESISTANCE rates high in their scopes for elimination nationwide.

One only needs to study the pattern of Christians previously being arrested by the millions, and sent by prisoner trains to the gulags under Communism throughout the former Soviet Union (Communism.)

World globalist COMMUNISM always a major role in the NWO subjugation of the nations of the world under a centralized government controlled by the elite. And Lucifer is also the father of Communism and Marxism. Karl Marx was in fact a satanist, heavily influenced by the Illuminati and their world goals.

And yet, in spite of over 70 years of ruthless Communist persecution of God's elect in Russia and eastern Europe, Christianity is alive and well therein. Countless saints died under Communist persecution in this region of the world, leaving behind the lasting ongoing legacy of "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."

Throughout two thousand years of persecution and martyrdom in various places of the world, Christianity has always rebounded from such attacks, to thrive and prosper and proliferate once again.
And now, it plainly appears that IT IS AMERICA'S TURN TO SUFFER FOR CHRIST. (At least, that is their plans.)The NWO planners have plotted and labored for decades to bring this nation down under their anti-christ globalist agenda. 

They have laid the groundwork for future persecution of the Christians in America nationwide. 

And the coming persecution will include the temptation to deny Jesus and JOIN in their rebellion against the Living God called the NEW WORLD ORDER...or DIE.
The thousands (millions now?) of modern military guillotines I have reported on extensively that are stored nationwide, remain in place to be brought out under martial law. 

They will be used to tempt Christians to deny Jesus and join the NWO, or be beheaded for their faith. Under the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS which will be enforced under martial law, Christians will be condemned as both IDOLATERS and BLASPHEMERS OF GOD, all for believing that "Jesus is Divine and the Son of God."

(And sorry, NWO, but JESUS IS DIVINE!)

The prisoner boxcars with shackles that have been quietly manufactured under secret government contract, and now prepositioned nationwide for the hour of martial law and round-up of all NWO resisters, will be used to transport Christians arrested for their faith to the camps for elimination. 

Forget the term "detention camps." For all NWO resisters, they will ultimately be TERMINATION  camps.

My former CIA whistleblowers (hi, Michael...) and military insiders and former NWO agenda planners informed me that they will be used to TERMINATE all NWO resistance, with Christians high on the list.

The NWO minions from hell REALLY believe that through these means, they can intimidate Christians into denying Jesus, surrendering their faith, and coming under Lucifer's enslavement instead.

However, the NWO is in for a real eye-opening shocker when it all comes down! 

Christians I have interviewed across America have told me how they plan to respond under martial law. So many have told me: NO COMPROMISE! NO DENIAL OF CHRIST! 

They have declared to me personally they will gladly suffer and die for Him, Who suffered and died for them!

So MANY Christians have informed me they are preparing their hearts and their children and family members to confess Jesus before others, regardless of the cost.

Do you really want to know what all these years of reporting on this subject has done for my Christian faith? It has compelled me to reach up to Jesus Christ for GREATER FAITH AND COURAGE THAN EVER BEFORE!

It has forged me into a solider of the cross, determined to overcome for His glory. Or to die in the process...

It has made me ANGRY AT THE DEVIL behind all this, more angry than ever before.

It has compelled me to become a relentless PRAYER WARRIOR against all this darkness threatening our nation today.

Thank GOD for persecution and tribulation! Through it, God can forge His people into becoming OVERCOMER WARRIORS FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

I enjoyed my years in Bible college and various schools of Christian training in the past. I learned so many truths about the Christian walk with Jesus. This helped to form the firm foundation of my Christian life.

But nothing can replace LEARNING BY EXPERIENCE, not only through miracles, but also through suffering persecution and tribulations and dangers for His sake. NOTHING.

I have been a Christian for 42 years now. Throughout these many years I have suffered persecution and loss, heartaches, many dangers and even attempts on my life. I have been betrayed by those I thought were Christians. I have been deliberately poisoned more than once. I have been set up to be abducted and murdered in the mountains of NC by the satanists of Asheville. 

I have even served time in both jails across America and one prison during four years of intense Christian pro-life activities that helped to save the unborn of America.

Jesus rescues us from every storm in life!


When I was imprisoned in dark and filthy jail cells in various locations across America, for saving the unborn with OPERATION RESCUE, I would take time to sing His praises and worship him. The other inmates would hear this, and the anointing of God would fall upon them and bring deep conviction.
 They would then come to me one at a time, often crying, and saying , "I WANT what YOU have...I want JESUS! Will you pray with me?"

I would take their hands and pray, and they would come to Jesus Christ for salvation as a result! Oh, the amazing ways in which God works through Christians as they suffer persecution for His sake!

I remember when even guards would pull me out of my cell and bring me to their desk, wanting to know more about my Christian testimony. And I told them all about Jesus.

In one prison, the Raleigh state prison for women in NC in 1992, I and ten other Christian women arrested for one pro-life protest in Asheville, NC, were informed that we could NOT share Jesus with even ONE other inmate...could not PRAY with one other inmate...could not have Bible study with ONE other inmate. ONLY ALONE could we do these activities. (There were 26 of us pro-lifers arrested in all. This was their stated policy back in 1992: it may have changed and become more lenient since then.)

I was outraged. I raised my Bible in the air and said to the director, at that time Danny Thompson,

"But sir, what if what YOU are asking us to do, and what the Bible COMMANDS us to do, are two different things??" He looked at me and replied harshly, "I don't care what your Bible tells you...break THESE rules, and you will serve ONE MONTH PER OFFENSE in the solitary confinement cells in the death row building! Have I made myself clear...????"
I returned to my prison block, my heart heavy. I knew that my health could be destroyed if I had to serve my year and a half sentence in the solitary confinement cells there. But I also knew that God had commanded me to witness to others about Jesus, to pray with others and to study His word and fellowship with others.

I tossed all night with this decision of what to do. But in the morning, I had made my decision. 

I would pray with others, share Jesus with others, and have Bible study with others, regardless of the cost.

Word of this got finally back to the Chaplain at that time. He called me into his office. He was a fine African-American Chaplain.

"Come in...sit down there...I hear that you are going around saying you'd rather do six months in solitary confinement, than stop talking about Jesus...." He actually sounded accusatory, however, as he told me this. Although a professing Christian and chaplain, his main objective was to enforce prison rules on the inmates.

Boldness arose in my heart and I replied, "Yes, sir, that is true. And as a Chaplain, you should know that we are commanded by the Bible to confess Jesus Christ before men, no matter what the cost..."

He immediately replied, "Well, now I didn't say you couldn't witness Jesus...."

And at that point, it turned into a witnessing session to the Chaplain! I explained to him how the Bible does not give us any alternative to confessing Jesus before men, that these women here in the prison were lost and going to hell without Jesus, that their blood would be on my hands if I failed to share Jesus with them, and I was under command from the Word of God to do so...consequences from wicked men be damned. Christians have suffered and died for confessing Jesus for two thousands years now.

A strange thing happened as I spoke. The chaplain's head began to sink lower and lower between his shoulders. He could not longer look me in the eyes. Obviously paid to enforce the prison's rules regarding all this, he was nevertheless coming under the conviction of Almighty God as I spoke. 

As I finished, he looked at the ground. 

Finally, he looked up and said to me, "You know, I greatly admire the reason for why  you are here...." He had nothing more to say. He knew I had spoken the world of God from my heart. And he knew it was true. I shook his hand and we parted as friends. But he knew where I stood on this issue. And if I had to serve the rest of my sentence in solitary confinement for daring to share Jesus with others, so be it.

I left his office, and promptly went out with my Bible to encounter and pray with other women across the prison compound. Guards began to follow me everywhere I went, monitoring my activities. And I did not care. I had made up my mind to FOLLOW JESUS.

And soon after this experience, an amazing thing occurred. Former Senator Jesse Helms  of NC (a Christian) got word that 26 Christians had been sentenced to prison for 1 1/2 years for one act of pro-life protest in NC. And I was one of them. He declared that such a lengthy sentence was ridiculous, and arranged for us to all be released very soon afterwards.

If this had not happened, I would have certainly served my entire sentence in solitary confinement. But thus is the mercy and the faithfulness of Almighty God. 

Whenever we stand up for Jesus Christ, Jesus stands up FOR US! He provided a miracle for all of us in that prison system of NC back in 1992. And for me, the miracles have never ended.

Asheville, NC
Speaking of Asheville,NC...that southeastern pagan mecca whose mysterious surrounding mountains are filled with the blood of the unknown saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ, abducted by resident satanists throughout the years because they were Christians and sacrificed most cruelly when they refused to deny Jesus and join the satanists.

It was in Asheville  that I discovered the NWO supporters had prisoner boxcars with shackles and the modern military guillotines all in place, ready to bring forth under martial law. 

While interviewing my father's former high priest, "Jericho," (Actually JP Morgan junior, another dark Illuminati bloodline family) he actually boasted to me about Asheville, NC, prisoner boxcars with shackles.
"And OUR Asheville boxcars have ONE MORE THING besides SHACKLES and GUILLOTINES..." I looked at him and replied somewhat sarcastically, "Yeah..and what would that be...SATANIC ALTARS, even???" He looked shocked and replied, "How did YOU know?"

I replied, "It's easy...I know the hearts of the satanists in Asheville, NC. I know their cruelty and their wickedness. And I know they plan to sacrifice to satan every Christian that is arrested under martial law, to try to get more power from satan to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER..."

This is standard "BASIC SATANIST 101" teaching and behavior. They are all taught universally that satan will give them more money and power with every act of human sacrifice offered to him. They believe that the more helpless and pure and innocent the victim is, again the more money and power they will receive from him. (And of course these are all soul-damning lies! Satan impoverishes mankind and dooms them to eternal destruction!)

And every former satanist and Illuminati member I have ever interviewed, told me that satan was demanding more and more CHRISTIANS for sacrifice, continually. And they told me further that every Christian arrested under martial law, would be sacrificed to satan to get power from him to bring down their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Please understand that these are dark satanist/Illuminati secrets that can easily get a person killed for revealing them openly. 
But I deeply believe that the Christians of America, so endangered by this horrific satanist NWO agenda for them and our nation, DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

This is the only way they can comprehend what has been planned for them, and to begin to prepare accordingly to withstand and overcome this terrible plan of destruction for the Christians of America.

Christians across America, are you going to sit back on all this? Are you going to wait until it is too late to prepare to protect and defend yourself and your families from the coming onslaught of terror???

Are you going to retreat into denial over these revelations, until they finally take place and you become just ONE MORE VICTIM???

PLEASE DON'T! These NWO murderers are someday coming in satan's name to steal, kill and ultimately destroy God's very elect from this nation.

You are under neither moral nor spiritual obligation to meekly submit to satan's terrorists, to allow them into your home to arrest you and family members and take you to the boxcars and camps to be tortured and killed.
Rather, the Bible teaches us to resist the devil and he shall flee from you.

Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. And there is no greater work of the wicked one, than his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America...and the WORLD.

God's word declares that the NWO is DOOMED FROM THE BEGINNING, and it's eternal end is unending torment in the lake of fire for Lucifer and all his followers and NWO adherents.

No Christian is ever called to cooperate with the devil! NOR with his infernal NEW WORLD ORDER!

Jesus declared that the enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy.We are called instead to RESIST him and his plans, along with his workers of iniquity.

It will take more than prisoner boxcars and shackles and FEMA deathcamps to stop the true elect of God from marching onward with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to reclaim this nation under martial law.

The countless Christians I have interviewed across America for 17 years on this subject, have told me without exception that they will never deny Jesus nor compromise their faith as these things finally come to pass.

And I am compelled to pray constantly for the many Christians in America, that God will give them strength, faith, mercy and grace to maintain their precious Christian convictions unto the end.

Christian, are you preparing your heart for such testing to come, so that you may OVERCOME and reign triumphantly with Jesus Christ someday???

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Only God is who will determine how, when and how many will die.

    In the midst of the great tribulation who will preach?

    God will protect a large group of believers and give them the power to succeed.

    God Bless you, Pamela.

  2. Im working for years on investigation about the NWO, it is very important to report and show the great satanic deceiving.

    But there is something more important than we realize:

    We are to preach about the Lord's lovingkindness to all mankind. David said: "I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation; I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation" (Psalm 40:10).

    David not only appropriated this wonderful message for himself, he knew it was sorely needed by the whole congregation and by a hurting world. David was grateful to God for such great love, because he was surrounded by his own failings: "Mine iniquities have taken hold upon me" (Psalm 40:12). It does not matter how badly people have sinned, God still loves. That is why He sent His Son. And that is what we should be preaching to the world!

    Can you say with David, "I have not concealed thy lovingkindness from the great congregation"?

    Perhaps one of the most quoted and sung verses in all of God's Word is this: "Thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee" (Psalm 63:3). You may ask, "What do you mean, His lovingkindness is better than life?" Life is short! It fades like the grass, which is here one season and gone the next. Yet His lovingkindness will endure forever. A billion years from now, Jesus will be as tender and loving to us as He is now. Others can take your life from you but they cannot take away His lovingkindness.

    The greatest proclamation of His lovingkindness is joyful praise. Stop and think for a moment: God is not mad at you anymore. If you're ready to forsake your sins, you can be forgiven and restored this very moment.

    The Word says nothing can come between our Lord and us: no sin, no guilt, no condemning thoughts. You can say, "My life is a blessing to the Lord, and I can rejoice and praise Him. I am clean, free, forgiven, justified, sanctified, redeemed!"

    If you really understood how tender He is toward you—how patient, how caring, how ready to forgive and bless—you would not be able to contain yourself. You would shout and praise Him until you had no voice left!

    Beloved, Jesus is coming—and we are ready to go. You have a loving, tender Father who cares about you. He has bottled every tear you have ever shed. He has seen your every need and known your every thought—and He loves you!

    David Wilkerson