Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once Again, Thank You, Michael Maholy, Former CIA/ONI...

God bless you, dear Michael! Well, looks like everything you told me was going to come down in America is doing exactly that...17 years now after you gave me the initial warning. You told me 17 years ago about the general plan for martial law to be declared, using artificially created disasters (false flags)to stop elections, to lock their chosen dictator into place over America and to begin the reign of terror under the NEW WORLD ORDER.

To many of us alternative news analysts who investigate and report on this subject of alternative news, it seriously looks like it is all about to come down...and exactly like you warned me.

17 years ago, after sharing so much with me, you had to go underground or they would have killed you for becoming a whistleblower. You then asked just one thing of me: "Tell them...tell America everything I have ever told you about the NWO plan for America. I am now going underground to fight the very same NWO I used to work for..." That was in 1995. We never had another phone conversation together again. But I promised you I would share everything with the American people.

And I did.

For seventeen years now! I am now much older and wiser, and becoming tired at times now. This has been a very tough and challenging 17 years due to this kind of investigating and reporting. So much has happened! But you are witness that I have faithfully warned America for 17 years now about all this.

I am thankful that a mutual friend gave me word a year or two ago that you were still safe, and alive and well underground...and that you were fully aware of my reports and my using your name and info to this very day. I had prayed for years that God would give me confirmation if you were still alive...and He did! Thank you Jesus! I pray for you to this very day.

Michael, I want to remind you of all I ever shared with YOU as well. About how Jesus loves you and gave Himself for you, how there is no sin too great for Him to forgive and set people free from, and how important it is to remain right with God and walk in the truth of His word every single day. And that if you would walk with Him, He would bring you through to victory.

All hell is about to break loose in North America soon, and in many places throughout the world...possibly even where you are at in this hour. When tough times come, take His hand by faith and prayer, spend time in His word the Bible, and let Him bring you through the fire. And be faithful unto death, even if it costs your very life.

God only knows what I may face for my reporting and warning the American people. But it really doesn't matter now. I did what I know God called me to do, and millions of Americans have become informed through reporting such as mine, and they are now preparing to stand up to this coming darkness and so something about it. Good.

God also used you to expand my scope of Christian comprehension of how far the love and mercy and forgiveness of God really goes. I had no idea how deep the darkness in the CIA really went, until I met you...and then several others from the inside of "...the boys with the agency and the AGENDA".

 But each one I encountered had a story to tell about how God came into their lives, apprehended them with His mercy and grace, and ultimately saved them from their sins and changed their lives wonderfully. Even several assassins...

For this reason I am praying daily for God's Holy Spirit to invade the CIA ( and the REST of the intelligence community) with His Divine love, conviction, grace, mercy and call to repentance. As you admitted to me, the peace that you felt after asking Jesus Christ into your life and to forgive your sins and the past, was incredible. God IS real! And Jesus is there for both "handlers" and "handled" alike to save, forgive, heal and restore.

Thanks again, Michael, for telling America the truth. Millions of Americans have finally awakened because of THE TRUTH.

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."~Jesus Christ.

Your thankful friend, Pamela

Friday, September 28, 2012


The terrifying truth as revealed to me personally by a USAF insider
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
No one can ever know the deep internal burden I bear regarding this kind of heavy information I have painstakingly uncovered throughout the years. This morning I woke up around 4 A.M. and could not get back to sleep. I climbed out of bed, made some hot oatmeal, and spent the early morning praying for our nation and against the coming holocaust of the innocents at the hands of NWO madmen and murderers. 
I thought about all my years of research had uncovered. And then I began to ponder over recent information coming in from all across America.
Reports of rogue Russian troops and Spetsnaz appearing in so many locations...evidence of troop movements...heavy military equipment convoys reported moving across America...huge armored HOMELAND SECURITY vehicles being transported and prepositioned across the nation...Washington DC governing elite now vacating DC ...and so much more.

My readers know that I have long reported that FOREIGN TROOPS will be used to do the dirty work against the American people that our own troops will be reluctant to perform against fellow Americans under martial law.
One reader sent me an email asking me if something were about to come down. I let her know that it certainly appears so!
By now so many Americans have become informed of the general NWO agenda for "Amerika", to deliberately trigger martial law during the election year to stop the elections, WHEN their NWO puppet President is firmly in place, so that they may thereby lock him into power as DICTATOR FOR LIFE under martial law and THE NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA!
Many conspiracy theory researchers and commentators certainly admit that this SEEMS to be exactly what is being prepared to come down soon!
I was given further insight into this, through an actual USAF insider, following a broadcast in Rapid City, SD, when I hosted my own DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY broadcast in 1999.
After having broadcast live over a  public phone in a public facility, I was approached by a man who had overheard my broadcast.
"I just heard your broadcast, and because of what you were talking about, I am going to give you information I was told by my father to NEVER REPEAT. My father is an USAF NATO general working over in Europe for the NWO agenda. He told  me that Ellsworth AFB lied to the public, when they told them that the MISSILES HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM THE UNDERGROUND SILOS here in Ellsworth."
Ellsworth AFB is right outside Rapid City, SD. I had even attended USAF church there several times.
"He admitted that those missiles had been secretly diverted by NATO sources from EXTERNAL TARGETS outside America, now  to INTERNAL TARGETS for a NWO/martial law agenda..."
I informed this contact, who would only give me his admitted code name of BRAVO 6, that I already knew about this outrageous hidden agenda to divert many of our own missiles now to internal targets within the CONUS (continental United States.)
AL CUPPETT ( my long term Pentagon info source and friend, had already confirmed this to me personally, as revealed to him by a military general, who was visibly angered over this shocking discovery as he discussed it one day with Al.

Al informed me that one day a general came to him, angry and sputtering, complaining to him about what he had discovered about our own missiles in some cases being redirected towards internal targets, all tied in with false flag/disaster with the intent of a martial law scenario being triggered.
"I believe you, " I said. "Now tell me...where have these missiles from Ellsworth been aimed at?"
He named four locations.
"Washington, DC; Omaha, NE (home to Offutt AFB); Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO; and Rapid City, SD."
The fact that Washington DC was named as one of the targets, perfectly confirmed what I had heard repeatedly from NWO insiders: that Washington DC was destined to go up in smoke and flames to bring an end to the OLD order of what was once our nation's Capitol, and that the NEW Capitol of America under martial law and the NEW WORLD ORDER was destined to be DENVER, COLORADO.
I had also received word that the CIA had been quietly relocating their offices from McLean, VA in the DC area, to DENVER. Other government functions were doing so quietly as well. Still other government offices were relocating 50 miles or more outside Washington DC.
And NOW, we have reports of Congress vacating prematurely during this election year, and reports of strange activities centered around the underground base MOUNT WEATHER,VIRGINIA, a place of safety for VIP's and government elite in the case of national emergency or martial law, and so much more happening across the nation.
The question on the lips and minds of millions of discerning and researching Americans is, IS A MAJOR CATASTROPHE AND RADICAL CHANGE ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN OUR NATION???
For me, because of 18 years of researching this subject in depth, I believe that the answer is clear and unmistakable. This is why I simply could not sleep this morning and took the time to PRAY-PRAY-PRAY and stand on God's word for hope and miracles on behalf of our nation and for God's elect in this desperate hour.

Christians in America, are you fasting and praying and preparing??? Those who faithfully seek God in this hour, and who choose to abide in His Son Jesus Christ, will certainly find the peace and confidence and reassurance necessary to successfully face America's coming times of unfolding crisis.

~Psalm 46:1~
-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Postscript-Please note that this was revealed to me in 1999. The man who revealed this to me was with the Air National Guard there, and his father was a NATO general with the USAF. His information was true at that time. 

However, the plans of the NWO are fluid and mobile.They can change as time goes on. Missiles may have eventually been moved out of Ellsworth AFB in the years since he gave me this information, or they may not have been. 

But there are many other active OR closed military bases with missile silos that can be used as well, and the military is NOT going to reveal to America their dark plans and false flag scenarios. 

The fact remains that Washington DC has been targeted by the NWO to be taken out, DENVER has already been designated the new Capitol of America under the NWO/martial law for it's military facilities and central location, and the fact remains as revealed by military insiders that OUR OWN MISSILES in some bases have been diverted to internal targets by NATO instruction and NWO planners, for false flag attacks designed to indeed bring America under martial law through "disasters" later to be blamed on "AL-CIA-duh" or "Muslim terrorists" etc. It's any one's guess at this point.-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Military Admissions:The Coming NUCLEAR STRIKES on American Soil

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I don't want to sound like the proverbial "broken record" to all my readers, but I must sound the alarm once again. Anonymous military sources from Kirkland AFB in New Mexico admitted to a concerned contact of mine the following information that must be taken seriously at this critical time:


He continued. "That is why we have been stockpiling up to ten years worth of EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLIES in the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES, in FULL ANTICIPATION of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE."

Deep Underground Military Base ("D.U.M.B.")

I have direct evidence of the US military stockpiling of years of emergency food supplies in deep underground bases. Following one of my former radio  broadcasts ("DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY" ON WWCR), a listener called in.

He admitted he had been hired as a specialized construction worker to help build AN ENORMOUS UNDERGROUND REFRIGERATED FOOD STORAGE UNIT for the US military.

"The security was intense," he told me. "There was a security guard in white HAZMAT uniform assigned to every construction worker. If we dropped so much as one little screw, security would make us pick it up. I noticed that these food storage units were the size of  SEVERAL FOOTBALL FIELDS. They separated the food according to what types they were. For example, in one area I saw NOTHING BUT CHEESE stockpiled up from the ground level to the ceiling of the unit."

Now remember: ALL of this is being done in FULL ANTICIPATION of  the coming nuclear war and nuclear strikes anticipated by the US military on American soil BECAUSE OF AMERICA'S FOREIGN POLICIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

Several important questions must be asked by the American people in light of this.

If the US military KNOWS that nuclear strikes are coming due to our screwed up policies in the Middle East, then WHY are no preparations in place to rescue several hundred million Americans from the horrors of a coming nuclear holocaust???

Where are the mass evacuation shelters nationwide to save Americans! WHY is provision only being made to rescue the military and government elite...when it is the tax dollars of the good American people paying for their underground shelters and long term food supplies???

Furthermore, how can this government and HOMELAND SECURITY and FEMA be so outrageous, as to somehow declare that "FOOD HOARDING IS A CRIME," and then brazenly announce that FEMA is coming to seize our precious long term emergency food supplies to feed our families in crisis...when the US government/military has already stockpiled up to TEN YEARS WORTH OF FOOD SUPPLIES FOR EMERGENCIES???

Is America abandoning the Constitution and slipping into the medieval dark ages and the caste system, wherein "all men are NOT created equal"...and some are "more equal than others" and entitled to emergency food supplies...while tens of millions of fellow Americans are NOT???


Now add to all this the obvious fact that ISRAEL is preparing to go to war VERY soon with IRAN...and fully with AMERICA'S HELP...and Iran is already threatening retaliation on AMERICAN SOIL...and Russian and China are saying to America "DON'T YOU DARE ATTACK IRAN!"

Are you beginning now to get THE BIG PICTURE???

My practical advice to my fellow Americans regarding emergency food storage is, zealously guard your precious food supplies from ALL thieves who come to steal them!

If the US military and government DEMANDS the right to feed themselves with long term food storage supplies of up to ten years, THEN SO SHOULD YOU, the good AMERICAN PEOPLE, whose tax dollars made all this possible for them!

There is no privileged caste system legally in place in America...all men are created equal in the sight of are fully entitled to protect your family and feed them in the coming times of crisis!!!

And for my Christian readers, let me go a step further: you are COMMANDED BY THE ETERNAL WORD OF GOD to make provision to feed and provide for your family!
"If any man  does not provide for his relatives, especially for members of his own family, he is worse than an unbeliever and has denied the Christian faith."
I Timothy 5:8

When the foolish and capricious laws of ungodly men seek to contradict and nullify the eternal and unchanging laws of Almighty God, the Bible clearly states:
"We ought to obey GOD rather than MAN!"
Acts 5:29


Then take every measure to provide, protect and preserve your precious and hard-earned  food supplies intended to feed and save your family members during the coming times of famine and war and crisis.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Is Hilarious! A Little Humor to Lighten One's Life

Greetings from "The Furry Woman" of Kotzebue, Alaska

Today I went to the Post Office to check for mail. Since the temperature was originally only 13 degrees early this morning (already) I decided to take my new lynx hat and furry gloves (hand-made by yours truly) for a "test drive" to see how they perform in the cold weather.

The local Post office is directly on the waterfront of Kotzebue Sound, making it extremely windy. Across the Sound in the distance, one can clearly see the snow already on the higher elevations here in northern Alaska.

As I stepped into the Post Office, my interesting mountain trapper-style lynx hat immediately caught the attention of one local Inupiat native. He immediately froze, stared at my wild gloves reminiscent of two polar bear paws, and my lynx sitting atop my head, and finally said: "Wow! I never see anything like this ever...CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE???"

I remember feeling confused, thinking, "Huh? Don't I look NORMAL? Don't all the people here make nice furry hats and parkas and gloves to stay warm in the winter...?"

He then proceeded to take an enormous professional camera out of his backpack, and then had me pose for the camera as he took several pictures. He showed me one pic, thanked me, and left the Post Office.

What he did not know was, I was chuckling inside as he took the pics. Why?

I thought this was a hilarious reversal of roles.  I remember traveling across America on summer vacations. Often we would see a tipi next to a tourist trap souvenir store, with a Native person in full headdress, ready to pose with children for a fee. "Oh, LOOK! Look at the headdress! Look at the real Indian! Let's take his picture..." everyone would exclaim as we got out of the car. Click!
Well, THIS time around, the roles were reversed! "Oh LOOK! LOOK at the strange white woman wearing a lynx hat and polar bear gloves! Wow! Gotta take a PICTURE!"

I'll bet he has fun as he shows all his friends this strange white woman in a lynx hat and wild furry gloves! I had the strangest feeling that maybe this time around, I was the wild white woman and he was the civilized tourist fascinated by my headgear...


Seems like there's never a dull moment here in LIFE IN THE ARCTIC CIRCLE!

Bye for now.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Kotzebue, Alaska


 Jesus Christ spoke of several prophetic signs to watch for that would be linked with the times of His soon coming. In Matthew 24, He warned of  famine, pestilences and EARTHQUAKES.
"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."
Matthew 24:7
Of course, we all know that there have been earthquakes throughout the world from the beginning of this creation. As I have studied the history of this world, it has become very apparent to me that this present creation has always been fraught with geological disasters and catastrophes as a part of the natural growth and change cycles of planet earth.
Throughout Creation, God has been known to work instantaneously and Divinely, and ALSO through the natural processes He placed within His creation. And whether Divine or through natural processes, it ALL originates from Almighty God.
For example, huge geological upheavals took place that formed the mountain ranges we now see throughout the world, including the  Rockies and the Grand Tetons.
Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Massive earth changes took place to form the tilted red rocks, once an ancient beach of an ancient inland sea, that presently compose GARDEN OF THE GODS in Colorado Springs, CO.
Colorado Springs, CO
However, what Jesus is referring to is plainly the INCREASE of such earthquake activities in the earth prior to His return.
Articles I have been reading and following recently indeed indicate a distinct INCREASE, both now and anticipated to come, in the frequency of worldwide earthquakes. AND INCLUDES ANTICIPATION OF EARTHQUAKES COMING TO NORTH AMERICA.
Earthquake:NEW ZEALAND
I presently live in ALASKA. Alaska has been home to the worst earthquake to date occurring in North America, in recorded NA history.

Good Friday, 1964, Alaska Earthquake
The 1964 Alaskan earthquake, also known as the Great Alaskan Earthquake, the Portage Earthquake and the Good Friday Earthquake, was a megathrust earthquake that began at 5:36 P.M. AST on Good Friday, March 27, 1964.[2] Across south-central Alaska, ground fissures, collapsing structures, and tsunamis resulting from the earthquake caused about 143 deaths.

Lasting nearly four minutes, it was the most powerful recorded earthquake in U.S. and North American history, and the second most powerful ever measured by seismograph.[3] It had a magnitude of 9.2, at the time making it the second largest earthquake in recorded history....[2][4]

More recently, on Wednesday, September 26, 2012, an earthquake measuring 6.9 struck an island in the Aleutian chain off the coast of Alaska. Kotzebue, where I live, is directly on the coast. Much of Alaska is also coastal, meaning that it can be affected by TSUNAMIS that result from earthquakes occurring.


Earthquake, Good Friday 1964, ALASKA
And sadly, modern military technology through PROJECT HAARP generating ELF's, is now fully capable of artificially triggering EARTHQUAKES worldwide as well. This means, that IF the military determines that an artificial earthquake would benefit their NWO agenda, etc., they are capable of using HAARP equipment to attempt to trigger such earthquakes.
Many articles and reports are now coming forth indicating that we can expect swarms of earthquakes in the very near future. Here are links from an email I just received today:
U.S.G.S., Univ. of Texas, and Georgia Tech unitedly issue a scientifically
absurd statement, cryptically warning the public that major earthquakes
are about to strike all around the World.

The underlying message accompanying such recent earthquake warnings is, GET YOUR EMERGENCY SURVIVAL SUPPLIES WHILE YOU CAN! 
Obtain your FOOD supplies, your WATER supplies, your EMERGENCY MEDICAL supplies, your emergency SHELTER supplies (like A WALL TENT) while such supplies are readily AVAILABLE!

Because when such disasters occur, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN. The provisions you make now for coming emergencies, will be what you will have to live  on when they happen.

The MOST IMPORTANT PROVISION anyone can make for emergencies, however, is always THE SPIRITUAL.

Thankfully, Jesus Christ will be there for those who have wisely put their trust in Him already for salvation.

Jesus Christ declared, "...But seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then ALL THESE THINGS shall be added to you."

Your eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ MUST be the foundation of your preparation to OVERCOME and SURVIVE the coming crises.

Tragically, many people will die in the coming times we face. But you can ensure the ULTIMATE VICTORY for yourself, by making sure YOUR NAME IS WRITTEN IN THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE!

Because someday death must come to ALL people, the greatest victory you can have is ETERNAL LIFE through repenting of your sins and receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior and eternal life provider.

This simple Bible verse tells it all:
"For God so loved the world,that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him SHALL NOT PERISH but have everlasting life."-John 3:16
The Earth will ALWAYS remain God's Creation. "The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." God as Creator can use the Earth to bless mankind when they walk in righteousness and obedience to Him.
And God is fully capable of using His Earth to bring JUDGMENT to mankind when sin and rebellion is found.

He has used the earth and Divinely influenced natural principles to being judgment to sinful mankind in the past (as in NOAH'S FLOOD) and He can certainly do so in the future!
Even the BOOK OF REVELATION speaks of great earthquakes to come as judgment upon a wicked end time world. JERUSALEM shall be judged and fall by means of a great earthquake. And ultimately THE CITIES OF THE WORLD SHALL FALL.
"And the great city [Jerusalem]was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath."
Revelation 16:19
Readers, are you ready??? Are you preparing? Is your name written in the Lamb's book of Life?
Today is THE DAY OF SALVATION! Get ready NOW!
-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WHY Your Support for This Work in Alaska is Needed NOW

Greetings from Pamela in Kotzebue, Alaska!
(I recently designed and MADE my fur gloves and lynx hat that you see pictured above. It's all part of  SURVIVAL here in the Arctic!)

I am making exciting plans to expand my scope of outreach to the precious local Inupiat Eskimo people here in Kotzebue in a big step of faith!

After much agonizing over whether I would seek to leave prior to the onslaught of another Arctic winter, OR brace myself to remain here and tough it out, I have finally decided to  remain here. Last winter was very hard on my health. Illnesses I have never experienced in my life (such as Arctic lung and severe staph infections), I encountered during the brutally cold winter months here, with temperatures down to -70 below zero day after day. Arctic winters are very draining emotionally and hard on one's health. However...

Lisa and her family still need me to watch her children, as she flies to the villages to minister to the Inupiat native people in their medical clinics. She flies out every other week, and I take her place in taking care of her children while she is gone.

I have further discovered that my compassion for people coupled with my musical skills, also ability to teach arts and crafts to elderly and children, are also greatly needed here as well.

After having provided piano and autoharp music for the elderly here in the long term care facility at their hospital, coupled with my now-famous brownies, everyone there let me know how much they really appreciated my music and spending time in prayer with the elders there.
The children here do not have a true  recreational facility to come and hang out, play games, learn arts and crafts, etc. There are no fast food restaurants here, no "Chuck E Cheese,"no WALMARTS or  shopping malls. Kotzebue remains a small and isolated Eskimo village in the Arctic circle.This can create boredom, that can then lead to alcohol and drugs and other problems common to youth anywhere.
I have decided to use my years of experience in teaching children arts and crafts professionally, to minister to the precious children here in Kotzebue! Having taught leatherwork to children previously, I am planning to order TANDY leatherworking tools and belt blanks, to teach the children how to make their own beautiful belts with native themes such as moose, bear, eagle and nature stamps, plus their own name on their belts as well. They will even be able to stamp "JESUS IS LORD" on their belts!

This will be coupled with sharing the love of Jesus Christ for children, and providing them with their own personal children's Bibles free of charge.

While no one knows how much time America has left, there is one thing that MUST continue regardless, and that is the ministry of the Word of God to mankind! Precious souls need Jesus Christ and salvation in every season.
I refuse to allow a sense of fear and panic to overwhelm the command of God to minister His word to everyone, in every season.

In fact...with what is coming to America, for many people, this time period of grace may be their LAST OPPORTUNITY to hear the Word of God, and repent and get saved before great destruction comes to our nation.

Furthermore, how safe do you think Alaska is, less than one hundred miles from Russia, with detention camps on the mainland and on the Aleutian islands, and everything in place here for martial law? More reports are constantly coming in that make it clear that Russian troops will be used against Americans under martial law.

However, I have chosen as a Christian FIRST, to put aside all of my research, and to focus on how I can reach the precious people here for Jesus Christ, in the time we have left. I have chosen to forget looking out for my own personal safety, and to instead attempt to lay down my life to reach out to people here.

And for this reason, your support is desperately needed.

Honestly, I do not even have a functional survival winter coat for the Arctic at this time.

And children's Bibles and ministry tools for this outreach all cost money.

Your love, prayers and support for this work and to provide me with a functional winter coat are greatly appreciated at this time!

In fact, you can directly help provide the tools of ministry to reach out to these children! have the Tandy leatherstamping tools and mallets that are needed, plus leather belt blanks. Children's picture Bibles can be ordered online through Amazon and sent here for these children.

You can help reach out to these children by ordering and having such tools sent directly to me. And thereby know that every cent you have invested has gone directly into this Christian outreach work.
Simply contact me first to find out which leatherstamping tools are needed for the children, and which version of Children's picture Bibles are needed for them. All Bibles sent will be given freely to these children, and you can have your name inscribed in it as well as the benefactor.

In the forty years I have been a born again Christian and involved in many ministries, I can proudly state that I have never been in ministry for money,or filthy lucre. Most of the ministries I have been involved in, have provided very little pay or none at all. The same has been true for my many years of investigative journalism on behalf of my fellow Christians in North America.

However, at this point it has become critical to receive support for my work here in the Arctic circle. We have no long term emergency survival food supplies, should disaster come. I do not even have an adequate coat.

Although I am working 40-60 hours per week to assist Lisa with home care, I only now receive a tiny grant from the village paying for just ten hours a week...not enough to make it on, in a remote region where 1 gallon of milk is $12, a carton of eggs $5-$6, a loaf of bread $6, etc.

Just two cases of bottled water a week is almost $100 here at the local AC grocery store. I can only consume bottled water due to heavy carcinogenic contaminants in the local water supply here. When I tried to subsist on the local water, I became very sick when I first arrived here. Several websites I later visited, providing a detailed water analysis of Kotzebue, made it clear WHY I became sick from the water!

Help me to reach out to these people with the love of Jesus Christ in the precious time America has left before the storm and before "...the night comes when no man can work."

At this point, I have decided that nothing else matters more in my life than REACHING ONE MORE SOUL FOR JESUS CHRIST. This is my central focus at this time.

Thank you for your love and your prayers of support and caring in a practical way at this time. I am praying for you, all my readers (God knows who they are) as well.

Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from THE ARCTIC CIRCLE

Monday, September 24, 2012

Is There A BIBLE In Your Emergency Survival Backpack?


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian  perspective-

If not, I suggest you rush to your local Christian book store or Barnes and Noble, and purchase a quality pocket size Bible, preferably zipper or snap cover to protect the pages from being damaged in your backpack. Put it in a Ziploc bag as well to protect from rain and moisture.


I believe in being prepared for the times we all must face in North America. Knowing what I know from years of research, years ago I decided to put together a very practical and functional backpack for times of true emergency. 

In fact, I have learned to live out of my backpack when traveling for my journalism, and have learned from experience, including in foreign countries, how important certain basics tools of survival really are!

It is important to BEGIN with a quality backpack. My choice is a GREGORY MOUNTAIN "WHITNEY" model expedition backpack. In the times that are coming in North America, you may find yourself forced to flee your home with only what you can carry ON YOUR BACK. Your backpack may have to last for a LONG time. Choose one for quality, comfortable fit, size and endurance.
I have stocked my backpack with very important basics.  A KATADYN WATER FILTER with replacement parts, etc., is a valuable tool to have in a crisis. Water purifying tablets are also important.

An excellent choice  for cooking outdoors is a DRAGONLY "Whisperjet" MSR camp stove , only the size of my fist when collapsed and stored, that cooks excellently in all kinds of weather. Also I have included two MSR fuel tanks as well. When I was performing journalism and camping in the cold Bavarian Alps in Germany, or traveling throughout Israel, or researching across the USA, this powerful little camp stove never failed to provide excellent and intense cooking power, including in colder temperatures and winter settings.
For warmth at night, I chose a North Face below-zero rated down sleeping bag with compression sack to fit in the lower compartment of my backpack. A warm quality sleeping bag is utterly essential for survival in colder weather. When I was car-camping in colder states during the winter for my investigative journalism, I could never afford to keep my engine running for warmth at night, even when there was a blizzard outside. Instead, I would unzip my sleeping bag and use it as a comforter over me completely. It worked wonderfully...even in 20-30 below zero nights. Here in the Arctic circle, I am  still using my sleeping bag as my only comforter at night to keep me warm.

A quality CAMPING KNIFE with  sheath and extra blades is irreplaceable for every camper and hiker or emergency situation. This must also include several knife sharpening tools as well. My personal choice is a CASE knife, made in the USA, with several replaceable blades.

A GERBER camp ax and collapsible saw are also in my backpack. 

CANDLE LANTERNS and spare candles are great for lighting. A mini  flashlight with extra batteries comes in  handy as well.

Fire starter supplies are also essential.

I also will be carrying emergency medical supply basics, some emergency freeze-dried meals, and a two month supply of quality vitamins, plus other assorted odds and ends. Handwarmers, rain poncho, extra Ziploc bags, and many other practical items make for a well-stocked basics emergency backpack.

QUALITY HIKING OUTDOOR BOOTS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVAL!  I personally know what it is like to literally LIVE in your boots as I traveled to research,and slept nights in my vehicle to save  on costs. My ASOLO hiking boots (below) literally preserved my feet from severe frostbite as I slept in my unheated vehicle in temperatures up to -30 below zero WITH NO HEAT! Of course, such boots must be combined with warm quality woolen socks,preferably knee-high, for warmth.
Survival clothing is very important as well. There are excellent manufacturers of winter survival clothing items, such as MOUNTAIN HARDWARE, NORTH FACE, PATAGONIA, COLUMBIA and others. I have personally decided to invest into an Arctic expedition quality survival winter coat due to temperature extremes here in Alaska. Should we lose electricity in a crisis during -70 below zero winter months, such clothing will literally save a person's life. I have learned to never play games with killer cold.

Americans living in northern states and colder regions must consider investing in quality winter clothing, because your very survival may depend on it.  I know that my very survival depended on such clothing while researching in some states.

However, while it is important to have necessary survival supplies in every good survival backpack...

You cannot make it through the times we face, without God's grace through Jesus Christ to BRING YOU THROUGH! But remember..."with God, ALL THINGS are possible!" And we can ONLY come to God through Jesus Christ, His Son!

May God bless and protect you and your families throughout the times to come, as you take SPIRITUAL steps of FAITH, and PRACTICAL steps to PREPARE for the coming crises...remembering THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert