Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Shooting: FALSE FLAG EVIDENCE

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Dave Hodges 
Always watch the first new reports and official statements in a false flag attack, because this is where the perpetrators typically make their mistakes. This is proving to be the case in New Orleans in the wake of today’s Mother’s Day shooting in New Orleans.

The Unfolding of the Event

New Orleans police are searching for three suspects after at least 19 people were shot during a Mother’s Day second-line parade in the 7th Ward.  
The FBI said that the shooting appeared to be “street violence” and wasn’t linked to terrorism. Fox News of New Orleans is reporting that FBI spokeswoman. Mary Romig, has stated that federal investigators have no indication that the shooting was an act of terrorism. “It’s strictly an act of street violence in New Orleans.” 

First Reports from the scene indicated that at first 17 people were wounded, now that number has been revised upward to 19. The victims included a pair of 10-year-old’s, both a boy and a girl. There were 200 people near the corner where shots first rang out, and 300 to 400 were at the even in all.
At the time of this report, there have been no fatalities, and police say most of the injuries are non-life threatening. New Orleans Police Department, Superintendent Ronald Serpas, stated that he believes three gunman were involved. Serpas promises that “We will find them, and we will bring them to custody and will make them pay for the crime they committed today. I think what frustrates all of us is the selfishness of some people, and I think what frustrates all of us is that the great culture of this city sometimes stumbles a bit because of the selfish behavior of some people.” What selfish behavior, Superintendent Serpas? What do you know that you are not saying?

Another Martial Law Scenario?

boston marathon 4Detectives are out in full force, knocking on doors. Anyone want to bet we will see another martial law presence in New Orleans, similar to what we saw in Boston? If the detectives are not successful in finding the three gunmen, how long will it be until we see the swat team armored personnel carriers driving down the streets of New Orleans in yet another display of martial law as innocent people are forced from their homes at gunpoint as they were in Boston nearly a month ago?

A Closer Examination of the Facts

The events, as being reported, are just not believable. Are we supposed to believe that three men on Mother’s Day had nothing better to do than conspire to shoot up complete strangers on Mother’s Day? What could be the motive? We cannot blame psychotropic drugs, this time, because three men are involved and it is not likely that all three would “freak out” at the same time in the same manner.
The police are saying this is a case of gang violence. This makes no sense either.
We are supposed to believe that three men shooting at each other, can hit 19 people and completely miss each other or their intended target? What is this, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight?  I come from an old family line that can smell excrement from a mile away and this story stinks to high heaven.
homeschooling 3Perhaps I can occasionally buy the traditional the lone nut gunman scenario, in which, a person loaded up on psychotropic drugs, shoots up a school or some other public venue because he is not in his right mind. Although the rash of violence, in America, defies the statistical odds of probabilities that these random mass shootings can still be considered to be random acts of violence which are unrelated to one another. The odds just do not add up.  The story being trotted out today in New Orleans, is just not believable. Yet, we will see Obama get up before the country renewing his cries for strict gun control while wiping away his fake tears.
What do false flag events capitalize on? They capitalize on sensationalism. And how sensational is a random, mass shooting on Mother’s Day?
moore 3Stay tuned to your TV as Obama  addresses the nation with renewed demands for unconstitutional gun control in yet, another false flag attack. How many in America will be gullible enough to wipe away their tears with him?  Meanwhile, more innocent people are victims of the Obama Agenda to disarm America. God Bless the victims and damn the perpetrators of this event. What false flag event lies ahead of us next time? Perhaps it will happen on Memorial Day at a VA hospital is attacked by crazed vets with automatic weapons.  One thing I am sure of, look for another spectacular false flag event this Memorial Day weekend.
There is nothing that this administration will NOT do to steal our guns.

What If the Authorities Are Telling the Truth (this time)?

This administration’s motto is “to never let a good crisis go to waste.” Therefore, in the unlikely event that we are merely looking at one of the most bizarre cases of gang violence in American history, Obama will not hesitate to spin this even to his advantage. Namely, gun control followed by confiscation which will render the American public defenseless.
Pray for the victims as well as their families and further pray that this Administration will reach a merciful end of the road under the crushing weight of the Benghazi scandal.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to publish these posts and wanted to let you know that there ARE people that follow you daily and are deeply interested in what you are publishing. I realize that knowing the things that you now know can cause much distress and grief, so I wanted to inform you that I am praying for you and your protection and also for the preservation of our nation, along with the hopeful Christianization of our society.