Monday, November 30, 2009

The CALL TO PRAYER Throughout This Holiday Season

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Sorry this was not up sooner, but our library (hence computer access) was closed longer than what I expected, and so this greeting comes AFTER Thanksgiving. But truly, we should be living in a state of Thanksgiving to God every day, and for MANY reasons.

We are not YET under martial law and military police state rule...THANK GOD!

I hope ALL my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Rarely do I ever break my vegetarian/organic rules in eating, but I admit that THIS Thanksgiving, I finally did! I could not resist my wonderful friend's gourmet holiday dinner. Anne Foreman is a professional gourmet caterer serving western North Carolina and the Asheville, NC, area. Her MOMENTS coffee house in the Asheville area is a BIG hit with everyone here. EVERYONE here loves her freshly baked delicacies. Her custom-made CHAI is also a favorite.

IF you are traveling through the ASHEVILLE, NC, region, PLEASE take the time to visit Anne and her wonderful MOMENTS Coffee House, immediately off I-40 in Swannanoa, NC, only minutes from Asheville, NC.

I spent much time in prayer throughout this Thanksgiving, thanking God for His mercies over this nation and upon His elect remnant, to protect them from the evil that the ungodly desire to bring upon us in this nation. We are truly in a spiritual battlefield in this very hour, with the forces of darkness ever seeking to bring persecution and tribulation upon God's people in our nation at this time. After I lectured in one state to a group of concerned Christians, we prayed. The Holy Spirit gave a WORD OF KNOWLEDGE to one person. The Holy Spirit declared,

"Thus saith the Lord: Had it not been for MY PRAYER WARRIORS interceding against MARTIAL LAW in your nation, YOU WOULD BE UNDER IT NOW!"

And this was several years ago. This then IS the mighty power of INTERCESSORY PRAYER AND FASTING, manifested on behalf of God's endangered people. God has held BACK the forces of hell that seek to bring our nation under martial law, yet a season longer, THROUGH PRAYER. And this is only one of MANY reasons WHY it behooves us, as Christians in America, to FAST AND PRAY frequently.

Will YOU therefore accept the CHALLENGE of becoming a powerful and fruitful CHRISTIAN INTERCESSOR in this critical hour of America's unfolding destiny?YOUR prayers can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Frankly, I am very weary of carrying this heavy burden in my heart continually. Although I indeed "cast it upon the Lord, " my heart is naturally grieved over all that I have uncovered. I understand perfectly what is coming to our nation, the planned persecution and tribulations against my fellow Americans and Christians in our nation. I understand well the ruthless, godless nature of the people planning this coming "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST" against the Christians and all freedom lovers in America.

If you consider yourself to be a born-again Christian, and understand the Biblical principles of INTERCESSORY PRAYER, please...won't you take the time to PRAY OVER OUR NATION on a regular basis? Also take the time to research and become EDUCATED in this subject of COMING MARTIAL LAW and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation, so you can then pray with clarity and knowledge and understanding. There are MANY excellent websites, including Christian founded, that expose the NEW WORLD ORDER and it's satanic agenda, and plans to persecute the Christians, nationwide and worldwide. This is NOT an hour for the Christians to be naive regarding what is planned against them, worldwide. "My people perish for lack of knowledge," warns the Word of God.

As a born-again Christian, God has placed at YOUR disposal the mighty tools and weapons of the WORD OF GOD, FAITH and intercessory prayer that can shape and change the destiny of eternal souls, and a nation as well!

DO NOT allow these precious tools to "become rusty" through neglect and lack of use. Purpose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this critical hour!

Remember: it is YOUR religious freedoms, YOUR heritage and ultimately YOUR very life, that these NWO forces of hell and spiritual darkness threaten throughout YOUR nation, AMERICA.You had better be concerned!

In fact, we ALL need to become concerned and ACT in faith in this hour.

"Faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead..." declares God's eternal word.

Now, go and spend some time in PRAYER!

-May God bless and keep you ALL throughout the challenging times we face, by the eternal power of Jesus Christ His wonderful Son, our Savior and Deliverer from all darkness in this present world.-Amen

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


BILLBOARD WARS Erupts Across America

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I received a fascinating email from a reader the other day. It contained a link about strange billboards appearing across our nation. They are going up in PROTEST over what millions of Americans are now perceiving as a WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and our cherished American traditional heritage and freedoms.

Frankly, Americans have been suppressing for a long time the growing feeling of "we have been had!" With the truth increasingly coming out on national tragedies like "9/11" and OKC Bombing, just to name a FEW government black ops offenses against the American people, anger has been slowly building in the hearts of Americans nationwide. The hidden NWO agenda for our nation has become increasingly clear, as more Americans turn to ALTERNATIVE NEWS JOURNALISM to understand the truth, and choose to dump lying government controlled/ censored news media propaganda sources.

I discovered this first-hand, living on the road and traveling nationwide for the past thirteen years to perform investigative journalism, and hands-on research exposing the NWO agenda for our nation. I have interviewed people from one coast to the other, and from our northernmost border to our southern as well. Across this nation, people have expressed to me their discontent with corruption in our government, their suspicions over the government's hidden agendas and their role in "9/11" and their hidden motives. They have expressed to me their fears indeed about America heading towards MARTIAL LAW and a future military police state.

Many Americans I have talked to have translated their fears into practical actions. They have purchased their long term food supplies and their firearms and ammunition. Some have built or ordered their pre-fab underground fallout shelters and had them installed in their back yard or property. Yet others I have interviewed have relocated to other countries, as I discovered while lecturing in Costa Rica and other countries.

Truly, the previously hidden NWO AGENDA for our nation is finally a "cat outta the bag" for millions of Americans.

Revealingly, not ONE American I have ever interviewed, has ever told me that they will simply "roll over and play dead", or simply allow the government/military to seize their family members and food supplies and property voluntarily under martial law. Not ONE American I have interviewed, has said they would march meekly at gunpoint to prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be taken alive to the FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps under martial law.

On the contrary, people have made remarks indicating they have done their research through alternate news media sources, they understand what is coming to America, and they are preparing to fight and resist to the end. And interestingly, it is NOT only the "militia-minded" who have made these comments to me! Your average every-day American people who know about coming events, have let me know they are preparing to face the future in a way that let's the NEW WORLD ORDER thugs know: "NOT IN MY BACK YARD, YOU DON'T!"

One actual militia member in NW Montana told me one day as I casually discussed with him and several of his friends these coming events, "Yes, ma'am, we KNOW all this is true. And I got 26 guns, some of 'em are even hidden uppa tree. They will have to pry my guns outta my cold dead hands, because WE ARE NOT SURRENDERING TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER or being taken alive to their camps!" And I knew he meant every word he spoke to me this day.

In fact, he was practically speaking for the countless actual militia members scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest, especially in the mountain regions, who have made this region of America their home as a LAST STAND locale against the NWO. Most of them feel this way as well, as my interviews revealed.

Some have gone a step further by stating to me, that they are prepared to "...take a few of them out" also, as the NWO military forces from hell come breaking down their doors someday to seize their weapons and haul them off to the camps.

One Christian friend of mine, retired USAF, working at a gun store near OKC, told me that gun and ammo sales are going off the charts, especially since Obama was elected. "And it's NOT just the 'militia types' coming in to buy guns and ammo! Commonly, it is your average American citizen, truly concerned for where they see America is being taken..." Brian told me one day as we discussed America's future.

How close are we to SHOWDOWN TIME? Only God knows.

-Pamela Schuffert

Monday, November 23, 2009

Original Report On PENTAGON SPRAYING Reposted

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Here is a repost of my previous article outlining the deadly Pentagon spraying over Montana and their true "crime against humanity" of using innocent Americans as human guinea pigs.

For 13 years now, I have been performing investigative journalism in that glorious PATRIOT STATE OF MONTANA, "BIG SKY COUNTRY," which I have grown to love. Montana is filled with the bold and the brave who will DIE fighting for our cherished FREEDOM under martial law during the future attempt to impose a NEW WORLD ORDER communist regime across this nation. Here is my report that every Montanan needs to read and understand: it is happening NOW in your state. EVERY AMERICAN AS WELL needs to know this, because it will one day occur nationwide.



Pamela Schuffert reporting from the Pacific Northwest-

I was recently horrified and angered to discover through a reliable information source in Northwestern Montana (whose husband works with the "spy guy" agency, NSA of Fort Meade, Maryland)that THE PENTAGON HAS SELECTED THE STATE OF MONTANA to be used in an ongoing program (already 7 years now) to TEST THEIR MORE DEADLY MILITARY CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE SUBSTANCES on the unsuspecting HUMAN population of MONTANA.

And I became just one MORE of their victims in March of 2007, when I was performing investigative journalism in Northwestern Montana, in the LIBBY area. I simply happened to be in the WRONG place at the WRONG time, and became one of the many Montanans hit and affected with their deadly,covert, and ongoing military warfare chemical testing program.

Prior to being exposed to their insidious chemicals, I had performed much research on this subject of MILITARY CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WARFARE TACTICS, and had purchased JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS CHEM-BIO HANDBOOK as well, to better understand how such things work on the human body.

I therefore knew the warning signals and symptoms to watch out for, when I was caught in their low altitude spraying that day in March. I could actually "taste" the chemicals in the air, that hugged the ground surface due to cold and dampness and fog in the region. What ever was sprayed did NOT disperse rapidly.

The symptoms were numerous as I began to detect through smell and then inhale those chemicals. They immediately began to affect my brain and to alter my ability to think independently, to give the controls to my hands and the rest of my body. I began to feel disorientated, and felt helpless.I also began to feel "easily controlled," as patients might feel in a psych ward when given powerful drugs to disable and control them.
My motor coordination began to be affected as well. Extreme and long lasting weakness followed after this initial exposure that day. I frequently had the sensation that I was going to fall on the ground at any moment, in fact.

As I continued to analyze what these unknown chemicals were doing to my body and mind, I slowly began to realize that WHATEVER they were test-spraying that day, would be the PERFECT MILITARY CHEMICAL SOLUTION to cope with anticipated NWO RESISTERS UNDER MARTIAL LAW (including the many MILITIAS in Montana and independent gun owners in this state, who have vowed to NEVER SURRENDER to the NWO under martial law.)

This powerful chemical combination temporarily incapacitated me both MENTALLY, affecting my ability to think and reason and control my decisions, and it also effectively DISARMED ME at the same time, so that IF I HAD GUN and IF IT WERE MARTIAL LAW SHOWDOWN time, I would NOT be able to aim a gun or take other evasive action effectively.

I noted also that my body became VERY WEAK as well. SO weak in fact, that it took me 5 months of detox (with health food supplements)and total rest to recover strength completely from this one lingering exposure that day.

SUSPECTING BUT NOT KNOWING FOR CERTAIN that I had been exposed to powerful military war chemical testing, I went to various insider info sources of mine in Montana, who tipped me off and sent me to the woman whose husband is NSA in Montana.

I met with her, and to my surprise she told me, "YOU ARE CORRECT, and you did NOT imagine anything! You WERE exposed to Pentagon chemical testing!"

She then told me how she and her husband were ordered to report to an office in Whitefish, Montana, and then were informed by Pentagon representatives that
"...there IS an ongoing MILITARY PROGRAM TO TEST THE MORE DEADLY PENTAGON WARFARE CHEMICALS on the population of Montana, due to the fact that this is one of the most sparsely populated states in America. Should they test these chemicals on OTHER more highly population regions or states, thousands could die, but here in Montana, ONLY 50 or 60 people are made sick at time when they test them...."

Hearing this kind of justification for their actions,
I became angered. ONLY?????? What kind of insane US MILITARY REASONING AND JUSTIFICATION IS THIS??? If only ONE innocent America were made ill by this testing, IT WOULD BE ONE TOO MANY!
My contact continued in her revelations.

"The Pentagon spokesperson told us that they had their military doctors embedded in the KALISPELL REGIONAL HOSPITAL, in order to monitor the results of this spraying after each test. And in fact, if you go to GLACIER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Columbia Falls, MT, you can even SEE the low altitude flying planes they use, resembling 'crop-dusters', but in fact ARE NOT CROP DUSTERS BUT THE PENTAGON TEST PLANES!" The Pentagon had hired a company to spray-test these chemicals for them on this region.

She then added that "...only last week, they performed a test on OLNEY, Montana..."
OLNEY, MT??? I had just BEEN TO VISIT OLNEY, interviewing some of the many militia members who live throughout this region.

And I think now that I UNDERSTAND THEIR STRATEGY. The Pentagon is apparently selecting areas high in GUN OWNERS/MILITIA MEMBER populations to test such chemicals on, because they are the EXACT PEOPLE TYPES THE PENTAGON PLANS TO RELEASE SUCH DEADLY CHEMICALS AGAINST UNDER MARTIAL LAW, in order to effectively incapacitate them and mentally disarm them.

And recently (a few years ago)in HAMILTON, MONTANA, the US military has opened another testing facility, THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN TESTING LAB, which is being used to develop and test BIOLOGICAL warfare weapons.

God HELP all the Montanans they decide to use as human guinea pigs, when they test those BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS!

Therefore, I highly recommend that every Montana and every American, in fact, begin to do their homework (background research) on MILITARY CHEMICAL/ BIOLOGICAL WARFARE tactics and substances, because they will be using such means in the future to weaken, sicken and incapacitate the America people UNDER MARTIAL LAW...especially those Americans who they anticipate will OFFER RESISTANCE to NWO/UN the good American LOVERS OF LIBERTY of MONTANA.

JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS provides an excellent handbook for EVERY American, JANE'S CHEM BIO HANDBOOK, for about $44.00 (and worth every cent.)
Learning how to recognize the symptoms of chem/bio attack and what to do, how to detox, etc., is critical in such a time when experiencing chemical/biological attacks. Detoxification is very important following suspected exposure to such toxins.
Immediately following my exposure to these terrible chemicals in Libby, I went to my regular health food store in Kalispell, MT. I spoke to one woman there who knew me as a regular customer whenever I was performing investigative research in Montana. I was amazed at her response.

"Yes, we DO KNOW this spraying is going on! Because whenever they perform a test spraying on local communities, PEOPLE FROM THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD OR CUL-DE-SACS with IDENTICAL SYMPTOMS, come rushing to our store here for detoxifiers and supplements to help them recover. They often report of going to their neurologists to find out WHAT has happened to them, but their doctors cannot find ANYTHING WRONG INTERNALLY to cause such symptoms!" (And of course there IS nothing wrong with them internally...the symptoms all CAME FROM THE OUTSIDE through the deadly spray testing!)

She then shared how her husband was exposed
to similar kinds of chemicals apparently that I was, sending him into convulsions and taking away his strength. She then told me,

This made me further outraged by such outrageous Pentagon black ops and their insensitivity to the American people. Imagine the cost in human life, health, hospitalization and suffering,not to mention the FINANCIAL cost of medical treatment to try and diagnose these peoples' symptoms and cause of their "illness"and THEN to try and treat it!

I know that this attack on my health
wiped me out financially for five long months, spending all my research support funds on supplements useful for detoxifying my body from these chemicals (chlorella, etc.)and supplements to boost my body's strength.

I recommend that EVERYONE across this nation begin NOW to perform more research, easily performed on the Internet by GOOGLING words in "SEARCH" such as:
"Pentagon black ops chemical warfare testing covert America"
and SEE the related articles and interviews confirming my data, happening nationwide in fact, and THEN search the net for reliable source (Jane's Defense Publications, ARMY SURPLUS, etc.) of obtaining books on how to protect yourself and your family from such chemicals ( and biologicals) PLUS how to DETOX after such spraying, how to purchase CHEM-BIO BODY SUITS (disposable) and how to take precautions against them...BECAUSE THEY WILL BE USING WHATEVER THE PENTAGON AND US MILITARY ARE TESTING NOW, on YOU the AMERICAN PEOPLE in the future under MARTIAL LAW. You have been FOREWARNED. Now PLEASE go and DO something about this!

EVERY AMERICAN needs to become INFORMED of such happenings in our nation, and begin to act accordingly. IF YOU ARE A MONTANAN, please pass this critical information on to your fellow Montanans.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from the Pacific Northwest

Friday, November 20, 2009

Deadly Pentagon Spraying Over MONTANA: An UPDATE:AMISH TARGETED

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have previously written a report outlining the deadly military Pentagon program of testing their chemical warfare agents on unsuspecting Americans, being practiced in Montana (and I suspect overlapping into IDAHO and other states as well.)

Having been personally affected severely in my health while being present at a time when they were spraying one region (Libby, MT) several years ago, I understand first hand what deadly effects such chemicals can have on the physical body. The toll they take, not only on one's health, BUT also on the victims' finances as they seeks relief by various means (health food/holistic recovery or doctors and hospitals, etc.) is immeasurable.

Before leaving Montana in early summer of this year, I stopped by to visit my friend Lloyd Miller, head of an Amish community in Libby, Montana. Brother Lloyd and his industrious community produce some of the finest log cabins you will find across America. My purpose in visiting his community several years ago, was to present my book to him, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST outlining the coming MARTIAL LAW scenario and it's future impact against Christians across this nation. It was also to pray for the safety of Lloyd and his entire community.

Lloyd's progressive Amish community is located in one of the most volatile regions in America (NW Montana), pertaining to the coming MARTIAL LAW showdown between the American Patriot, and the forces of the NWO that will seek to seize and subjugate this nation under martial law. Having spent much time in various regions of Montana, during my thirteen years of ongoing research nationwide uncovering the plan and preparations being made for martial law, I know of what I speak.

The US government/military fully realize that MANY American Patriots, who are aware of the coming showdown, have chosen this beautiful and often remote wilderness region to build a home, build up survival supplies, and to prepare to battle the forces of NWO encroachment on our liberties to the very end. For this reason, Federal agents and military intelligence have made it a point to infiltrate every city and town, every militia, Constitutionalist and Patriotic organization throughout NW Montana.

Extremely important to their NWO agenda there, is Highway 2, or what is popularly called "THE HIGHLINE." Stretching across Northern Montana from east to west, the HIGHLINE will prove to be invaluable to the military forces who will patrol this state and region under martial law. It is a major artery of traffic for Montana, and close to the Canadian border as well. Locals I have interviewed have repeatedly informed me of sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES on the railroad tracks that follow Highway 2. My research uncovered that near Highway 2, they are new and hidden detention camps being built to hold anticipated future NWO resistance in that region.

Federal agents have been approaching local people, residences and businesses, in some cases encouraging them to sell their homes or businesses along Highway 2 to them, and to vacate that part of Montana. One can notice the "FOR SALE" signs on many homes or businesses along highway, especially near Glacier Park. these locals are not stupid. The Patriots in Montana have quite an information network across the state. In fact, I have received much information via this network of concerned citizens, such as the building of another detention camp, underground, near Libby, MT, which is utilizing a former underground military radar station.

Such people as I have privately interviewed, have confirmed to me the presence of a secret, hidden UN MILITARY TRAINING BASE above Troy (near Libby) in the Yaak River valley in the beautiful and often mysterious Kootenai National Forest. Eye-witnesses told me of observing foreign troops with dark skin, riding on horses and practicing shooting with rifles at a full gallop. Yet others (hunters) have told me of foreign troops crossing in front of them in full military gear, never saying one word and then disappearing into the dense woods.

For years I have prayed for the safety of the ANABAPTISTS (Amish/Mennonites/Hutterites) across America, and in Montana/Idaho as well. I learned early in my research, that such people groups are considered special threats to the NWO agenda in our nation, because they are able to live OFF THE GRID and independent of "the system" to be imposed by force. They produce their own food, crops, herds, build their own homes, often live without electricity and many things most Americans could not survive without.

Anyone who can "LIVE OFF THE GRID" independently, and not be controlled by the NWO through their coming PLANNED FAMINES and deliberate deprivation of gasoline, electricity (etc.) that they will use to force the American people to "COMPLY OR DIE" (NO hand-outs without complying with NWO demands) remains a distinct threat in the minds of the NWO. I have interviewed people, in fact, who told me that the FBI was carefully monitoring Amish and related communities nationwide.

In one extreme case, HOMELAND SECURITY even labeled the Amish YODER POPCORN FARM in Indiana as a site for potential TERRORISTS and acts of terrorism. How ludicrous! But it shows you clearly the mentality of the NWO mindset and illustrates their agenda.

During the spring several years ago, I came to visit, to inform and to pray for the Amish community headed by Lloyd Miller for one week. Although they were not fully aware of it at that time, I knew what dangerous waters they were treading in and how volatile their region will become under future MARTIAL LAW SHOWDOWN.

It was while spending time there, that I came to realize that THEIR COMMUNITY HAD BEEN TARGETED BY THE DEADLY PENTAGON SPRAYING. It was there I experienced the horrific effects of the powerful chemicals they were spraying. However, I DID NOT REALIZE until this past spring, that THEY ALSO HAD EXPERIENCED THE SAME TYPES OF SYMPTOMS I HAD! No one told me. They did not even realize what had happened.

But as Lloyd's wife told me this past spring (2009), the week I was there visiting their community several years ago, many also came down with the identical symptoms I experienced. The way she explained it to me was as if "death" had visited their community. Periods of extreme weakness. A feeling as if one wanted to collapse on the ground. Inability to fully coordinate motor skills at times. One's mind was affected as well.

In fact, having read in the past about the CIA's experiment with MIND CONTROL drugs, and their ability to make people unable to independently think for themselves or become extremely docile and easy to control, I felt I was at times experiencing the same kinds of symptoms that survivors had described in various reports.

During that very cold and damp, windless period that I was there, the fog and chill hugged the ground. An ideal time to spray! Anything sprayed would also hug the ground and refuse to disperse readily. I can never forget that episode in my life, and the five months it took me to fully recover.

But then to return to his Amish community recently and discover afterwards that they too experienced the same thing, was incredible. PRAY FOR THEIR SAFETY IN TIMES TO COME!


Part Two, Saturday, November 21, 2009-

Lloyd Miller and his wife, family and small Amish community of other families live in Libby, Montana. Their fine community boasts a fine general store that serves the area. Also, more importantly, they have a large log cabin home production on their property as well, called MEADOWLARK HOMES. If you go to their website, you can view the beautiful scenery of the Libby, Montana, area on their website.

I first became aware of this Amish and other Amish communities throughout Montana when I began the serious task of investigating the coming NWO/MARTIAL LAW agenda for our nation. Hearing through various sources of new detention camps being built in this region, plus numerous eye-witness sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles and foreign troops, etc., I became intrigued and finally came to Montana, first in in 1997, to perform first-hand research.

It soon became clear to me that Highway 2, or the HIGHLINE across northern Montana, would become a major military artery in the future for their agenda. Major railroad tracks also follow along Highway 2 as well, on which numerous people have sighted and reported seeing prisoner boxcars with shackles traveling along, or being stored on sidetracks, as in COLUMBIA FALLS, MT.

It was HERE in Columbia Falls, MT, that my missionary friend, Marie McCullough and her party of four other Christians traveling across America in a PRAYER JOURNEY, accidentally stumbled upon the black PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. And to their utter shock and horror, all five noted a modern guillotine bolted inside each one as well. Locals I interviewed after arriving here, that I interviewed, totally confirmed the presence of these boxcars at one time.

"But because of so many public sightings, " declared one man to me, "they have been relocated to higher elevations on more remote sidetracks." Hunters I interviewed confirmed this to me, stating how they stumble upon them accidentally, occasionally, while hunting in more remote regions of Montana.

It was while researching and investigating in their region , along Highway 2, that I discovered the Amish community in Libby, Montana. I immediately added them to my [prayer list for protection. What these precious Amish did not seem to realize, is that they are indeed in a future HOTSPOT for showdowns between the military forces of the NWO agenda versus the American freedom fighters prevalent throughout that region of America. These pacifist Amish will literally be caught up in the crossfire between two opposing forces when martial law is finally declared.

Furthermore, they are MAJOR TARGETS for coming persecution against the Church across America. Known for their Anabaptist history of resistance to corrupt government and refusal to conform to corrupt demands, they have learned to "live off the grid" and live independent of any governing system and society and it's controls and demands to CONFORM. This presents a clear threat to the NWO agenda for America.

With Christians already being a major target for persecution by a decidedly antichrist/satanic NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda, the Amish become even more so because of their history and their views on society.

I can remember literally shedding tears as I prayed for them with a heavy heart, while driving by their community. With their pacifist positions, they vulnerable families and children will become major targets of the NWO in the future. The railroad tracks on which prisoner boxcars with shackles have already been traveling to be prepositioned throughout that region, run right by their community.

It was out of deep concern for them, that I finally stopped by one day, in the spring a few years ago, and visited them for a week, presenting Lloyd with my book PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. (Some of my readers may still have the original copies I mailed out during my radio broadcasts in the past.)And tragically, this was the very week that the Pentagon decided to release their deadly chemicals of death over Libby and their community, making MANY sick and weak and afflicted with the same symptoms I suffered as well.

This, then should illustrate to the American people the utter ruthlessness of the US military, in their quest to bring forth the NWO agenda, and how they will spare NONE , innocent and pacifist as they may be, such as the Amish/Anabaptists. I also visited several other Amish communities, including Rexford, MT. I prayed while visiting each one, fearing for the fate of these Amish/Anabaptists in the times we face.

When I most recently visited Lloyd Miller in his Amish community in Libby, his words confirmed my deepest suspicions for their safety. He told me, "The FBI came here and tried to cut a deal with us. I refused. WE NOW FACE ANNIHILATION AND GENOCIDE!" My heart grieved deeply.

It was then that his wife admitted to me, in his home, that the week I had stayed there several years ago, was the time that they also experienced the same deadly symptoms that I had experienced and reported on in a following report, as well. I explained to them that this was the result of the deadly Pentagon Spraying going on over Montana, and their region as well.

Please pray for the safety of beloved Lloyd and his Amish community, and for all the other endangered Anabaptist pacifist communities throughout that region of Montana and Idaho. While many THINK they are safe in that beautiful wilderness, with heavy heart I tell them IN THE FUTURE THEY WILL NOT BE. Pray for them natinwide, in fact.

Many Amish in fact are preparing to leave this country and go to places like South America, as I found out while researching in Indiana.

Pray for Lloyd and his people to be shown clearly by God what to do in this hour.

(POPSTSCRIPT-If you ever visit Montana, take the time to pray over this beautiful yet endangered region. Stop at MONTANA COFFEE TRADERS in Columbia Falls near Glacier National Park, for wonderful food and drink, beautiful views of the Glacier area, and then to take the time to silently pray over this beautiful region. I did so, many times. Many wonderful Christians also work there as well. ALL of our prayers are needed for America at this time!

-Pamela Schuffert

Thursday, November 19, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have now placed beside me the excellent book, POISONED NATION-by Loretta Schwartz-Nobel. I recommend sincerely that you find it in your local library or purchase it online.

This is one of the many books that I have been consuming recently that expose OUR TOXIC NATION and the people and industries behind it. The more I read, the more outraged and concerned I become over the toxin and pollutant epidemics raging across our nation, which remain SILENT epidemics. Meaning, the mainstream media is NOT publishing the truth about this,nor promoting this kind of information helpful to millions of fellow Americans at this time.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "What you DON'T know, CAN'T HURT YOU!"

This is an absolute lie. In fact, what you don't know can both HURT and KILL you in the end!

According to many authors researching this terrible national tragedy, the silence in major news media outlets is ultimately linked to THE MONEY TRAIL. So is the silence of the FDA and other government agencies set up to protect the health of the America people. One book exposing this problem gives the names of MANY government agencies supposedly set up to protect the health interests of the American people, BUT INSTEAD have also taken the "MONEY BAIT" and are silent, or actually denying the truth about such subjects.

Another book I have read recently on this subject, is POISONED PROFITS-THE TOXIC ASSAULT ON OUR CHILDREN, by Philip and Alice Shabecoff

The horror of children being born with birth defects across America continues to unfold every day. Through researchers investigating certain regions across America where groups of identical health problems occur, these birth defects and other related health problems are constantly being linked to industrial pollutants from nearby companies and industries and toxic waste dump sites, among other sources. When groups of people or children are found with the same illnesses in a concentrated region, they are called "clusters." Clusters often indicate that the diseases they all have in common are linked to nearby industrial pollutants, toxic dump sites, etc.

POISONED PROFITS outlines the poisoning of America's children FROM THE WOMB, by poisons ingested by the mother (which include pharmaceuticals, plastics, fluoride and a host of other toxins in the air and water and food that the mother is exposed to.) Soon after the child is born and begins to drink mother's milk, the poisoning continues, unknowingly, through the mother. Whatever she is exposed to, she will secrete in her milk to her child.

This book also explains the deadly plastics used in making children's toys, teething rings, bottles and nipples, sippy cups. It explains the hazards of fire retardant in children's clothing and pajamas. Plus the hazards of foam mattresses in a baby's crib.

The many chemicals or pesticides often found in baby formula, baby food, the water given to the child, the pesticides in the fruit and food the child consumes constantly, are all detailed in this excellent book.

ANYONE WITH CHILDREN OR INFANTS IN THEIR FAMILY should take the time to purchase or obtain this book from your local library and READ NOW!

The great and deadly hoax of FLUORIDE POISONING OF THE CHILDREN (and anyone else as well) is exposed in the excellent book, THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION by Christopher Bryson.

Again, the fact that industries are profiting immensely by such operations is brought to light in this excellent book, PLUS the deadly damage fluoride does to a person's health throughout their life, and how fluoride gets into our bodies.

In light of all this, the following questions MUST BE ASKED: IS the toxic poisoning of our children and our nation DELIBERATE in some cases?

IS there AN AGENDA, such as the "DUMBING DOWN" OF AMERICANS to better control them in the future NWO?(Fluoride, a toxic byproduct of aluminum production, contributes greatly to brain damage, for example.) Russian communists used FLUORIDE to add to the water of the prisoners in the immense GULAG SYSTEM, to keep prisoners docile and cooperative. Hmmmm!

IS there a CONSPIRACY between pharmaceutical companies and big industries and the medical profession, to profit off the sicknesses of the American people, that come directly from the industrial and other pollutions filling our nation today???

IS there a BIGGER PICTURE in all of this??? When one considers that the BILDERBERGERS/ILLUMINATI are often the owners and controllers of such mega-industries which are the worst offenders, and when one considers that their agenda is WORLD POPULATION REDUCTION and the ultimate CONTROL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ( and the world) under their NWO, such questions are unavoidable.

No, these industries are not stupid. They KNOW well the tragic and toxic results of their industrial policies on the health of the American people. So does the US military understand well the results of toxic pollution of our nation and our water supplies being continually contaminated by military industrial waste and indiscriminate disposal of their deadly toxins, by-products of military productions, such as perchlorate and beryllium and MANY more.

And YET, they continue to both produce their products using hazardous chemicals and processes, and thereby produce deadly by-products as well, and continue to jeopardize the health and best interests of the American people.

And one must ask, to what extent have the American people been betrayed and sold out by our own government and military, linked to all this as well?


-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

All across America, millions of fellow Americans are being effected by the toxic chemicals we BREATHE, we INGEST, we DRINK, and we TOUCH or encounter daily.

EVEN FROM THE WOMB, infants are being affected by what the mother encounters daily.
The US MILITARY is among the major offenders, being careless with how they dispose of their toxic wastes across this nation.

The US government and military are also guilty of using the American people as HUMAN GUINEA PIGS to experiment upon without their consent or being informed.

I recommend that you do what I HAVE DONE: Go completely VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC and drink only the purest quality drinking water you can obtain or produce. Also, obtain clothing, shoes and personal items that are made without plastics or related chemical compositions. Get rid of foam furniture (mattresses, pillows, etc.) and go with wood and leather, etc. Even carpets are offenders, among many other household items.

And make sure that you do not use plastics on your child or infant! Bottles, teethers, food servers, sippy cups, etc. There are children's' items available today that are safely manufactured without such dangerous plastics, which leach into your child every time they suck on the plastic bottle's nipple, chew a teething ring, etc.

Have your well water tested if you use it. Industrial pollutants can travel a long way underground, called a "PLUME," and make your water quite toxic. This includes local springs as well.

I was horrified when I read about the water quality of many cities and regions across America. What comes out of our taps is frightening! This is WHY I recommend that you not take prolonged showers or baths. Your body absorbs those harmful chemicals every time you do so.

Because of the dangers in municipal tap water and in taking showers or baths in such water, I recommend instead body bathing with bottled spring water and an organic chemical-free loofah sponge or washcloth, and organic body soap as well.This is how I bath (often several times daily to exfoliate my skin), from head to foot, and then apply organic body lotion and essential oils afterwards. My whole body feels great, I smell great, and my skins looks youthful and wonderful! There is even a local discount store called AMAZING SAVINGS where I am able to obtain both bottled spring water, and close-outs of quality organic products and essential oils for personal use, saving BIG dollars! You may have such a store near you as well. You do NOT have to spend MORE, to BE HEALTHY!

The amount of money I save just by eliminating all meats, milk and dairy products is incredible. The amount of money I save by refusing to purchase products that are "manufactured" (processed) and each filled with a variety of 15,000 or more different chemicals (for flavors, colors, smell and taste enhancement, etc.) is amazing.

And above ALL, my HEALTH is improving daily as I continue to avoid polluted and contaminated food/ water/personal use products!

Many Americans are already defeated by the big money people of the NWO! THEY are the owners of the big industries that are polluting our nation, filling out grocery shelves with their toxic "foods," etc. Get smart on this subject and DO SOMETHING NOW!

Here are some excellent links on this timely subject of OUR TOXIC NATION.






Go to your local library also. There are many excellent books outlining all of the above, as I found. I obtained at least 12 books in my local library.

I will write more in the future on this urgent subject.

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Preparing to Face the Coming Persecution of Christians in North America

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I will remain forever thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ leading me to study Russian and understanding the Marxist/communist mindset when evangelizing with the Gospel among Russians, at the SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION'S "Institute of Slavic Studies" formerly in Wheaton, IL in 1979-1980. Rev. Peter (Jr.) and Anita Deyneka, and many other fine Russian Christian teachers, were wonderful instructors and examples for us who came to study there.

This provided an open door to witness and understand the kinds of deadly persecution that COMMUNISM inflicts upon the Christian elements especially, in every country it invades. Christians in America often cannot comprehend the horror, the cruelties, the ruthlessness with which the anti-Christ communists persecute the Christians.

The NEW WORLD ORDER is simply world globalist COMMUNISM and it's globalist agenda repackaged. NEW name, but same tired, old and DEADLY agenda for the Christians once again. And the same people groups who were behind the original communist Bolshevik takeover of Russia, remain the ones who today have laid the groundwork for the communist/NWO takeover of our nation and in fact the entire North American continent (NAU) as well.

This is why Christians will experience someday in America, the same kinds of persecution as Russian/Slavic/Eastern European Christians once experienced(often leading to martyrdom)as this deadly agenda is finally activated in North America.

The GULAGS are all in place across North America (Canada/America)with FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY/KBR detention camps located nationwide. The many thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES are built and now prepositioned across the nation, waiting for their hapless human cargo to arrive.

Under COMMUNISM IN RUSSIA, religious and political prisoners were transported BY PRISONER BOXCARS for thousands of miles across the former Soviet Union, to the thousands of GULAGS located in Siberia and other locations. For example, SVERDLOVSK was a major city for arrival and further transportation of such prisoners to the camps.

I frequently wrote letters of consolation and encouragement to Christian prisoners of conscience in various gulags and locations such as VORKUTA and SAKHALIN island.

Reports came back to us of brutal rape, torture, starvation, denial of any Christian freedoms or the right to own a Bible. Brutal labor works camps took their tolls on the health of the Christian prisoners.

This week I am going to write more in depth reports on this subject. We MUST learn from what THEY EXPERIENCED under communist repression..and their secrets of OVERCOMING and SURVIVAL!

-Pamela Schuffert

Monday, November 16, 2009


God bless you, Larry and Carol and Bob and Steve! I went to my mail box last week and this week as well, and was so delighted to receive your letters of encouragement! And because of your kindness, I am able to continue to come into town to continue to post my reports on this important blog.

TO LARRY of LYNCHBURG, VA-Thank you so much for your letter!
I used to live in Alexandria, VA, near historic Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, ANYTHING located near WASHINGTON DC will experience major NWO operations taking place throughout that state. Already you have MOUNT WEATHER. VA, especially used at such a time as in coming MARTIAL LAW/NATIONAL EMERGENCY.
We have received numerous reports throughout the past years of FOREIGN TROOPS AND EQUIPMENT being witnessed by quality eye-witnesses moving throughout that state. Foreign planes and helicopters as well. MANY things and events will transpire throughout the state of VA in the future. Be advised. And GOD BLESS YOU and bring you through!-Pamela

To Carol and Bob from MICHIGAN
-There have been many preparations made in the state of Michigan for MARTIAL LAW in the future. For example, CAMP GRAYLING will be used to incarcerate NWO resisters, in Michigan.
The MICHIGAN MILITIA has always been known for their professionalism, the WOLVERINES. There are MANY who are well informed about coming martial law/NWO agenda in MICHIGAN.
However, it is highly recommended that people who oppose the NWO/Martial Law agenda do NOT join militias meeting openly (though they be lawful and Constitutional.) Federal infiltration, spying, monitoring, etc., is rampant amongst such groups. Militia members admitted to me in Montana that they do not openly meet for this reason any longer. It is all underground now, and for good reason.

-Florida is going to be hit very hard during the future NWO takeover of this nation. With so many military bases located there, plus training for arresting and incarcerating of citizens under martial law that has been taking place for a long time now, and many other factors, Florida is going to be a difficult challenge to face under martial law.
When my personal friends JEFF AND MARSHA BAKER tried to set up their Christian/anti-NWO broadcasting network AMERINET in TAMPA, FL, they encountered unbelievable opposition from the military and the government. By night, black helicopters would fly over their studio and spray MALATHION on them (they also lived there as well.) Bullet holes filled their SUV. I watched them go through attack after attack.

Finally I asked them, "WHY aren't you going to church
and getting PRAYER from your pastor and congregation?" They looked at me and replied, "We no longer GO TO CHURCH, because we do NOT know who WE CAN TRUST any more!"

Stunned, I asked WHY.

The wife Marsha replied, "We WERE attending a Pentecostal church in Tampa.
One day our 'pastor' invited us to come to the church picnic after the service. We came. He handed my husband a cup of Kool-Aid. He drank it. A few hours later, MY HUSBAND WAS DYING! I rushed him to the hospital. The doctors performed tests and determined HE HAD BEEN POISONED. And the agent of poisoning...WAS THE KOOL-AID!"

"Horrified, we performed a background check on the 'pastor.'
We discovered he was AN ACTIVE CIA OFFICER! Obviously sent in to spy on us and to KILL my husband," declared Marsha his wife. They finally had to flee the country for safety and abandon everything.

Jeff wrote a book about coming martial law
, and outlined many things coming to FLORIDA during martial law, and other locations as well. It is a great book, and you may still be able to order it.

I want to thank you all so much again!
Thank you SO much, Larry, as well!(I sent postcards of thanks to you all...hope you received them!)And I have more to write later this week on this blog to you all. (Dern this library computer I gotta use! Only one hour daily.....)

As many of you have observed already
, events leading to martial law showdown ARE PROGRESSING RAPIDLY THROUGHOUT AMERICA!
Please, continue to pray and fast as well for this nation and YOUR future about to unfold in America.

Prayer and repentance in this nation WILL make a difference in every way!

-Pamela Schuffert

Monday, November 2, 2009

An Important Message

I am so thankful for the millions of readers worldwide who appreciate and read my blog! I will be brief and to the point, because I want you to move on to the next important article.

YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT IS CRITICALLY NEEDED AT THIS TIME! Many people mistakenly think that when I post such a request on this blog, that hundreds will send support. This is simply not true. The last time I posted a critical need for support, ONLY TEN PEOPLE RESPONDED!

However, HOW grateful I am for their support! It meant so much. But in today's economy, it went very quickly and for urgently needed items just to survive, including food and personal items as well.

My vehicle recently died: the transmission went out and I could not afford to repair it. Staying in a tiny cabin (free, provided by Christian friends)on a mountain with no vehicle is very difficult, with no transportation. I have to ride a small commuter bus to the library to post my reports for you.

I am at the point where tomorrow I cannot afford to even ride the local bus to be able to provide articles by posting for you to read. And it only costs ONE DOLLAR both ways. I do not have even one dollar in my possession at this time. And this is no exaggeration.

It takes time and effort to provide these reports for you continually. It places my life in greater risk and jeopardy every time I post one. I have sacrificed everything in this world to make this kind of information available, free of charge, to my fellow Americans, and worldwide readers as well.

If you have appreciated my efforts to bring you these urgent reports consistently, PLEASE...will you be compassionate and take the time to show your support and appreciation and send support today? I want to be able to continue to do this work free of charge and to provide it without cost to all my readers. It only take a little support monthly to keep me enabled to bring this information to you.

My investigative reporting throughout the past 13 years has NEVER BEEN about sensationalizing to get the "dirty buck." Rather, I have been laying down my life, enduring much loss and hardships and dangers, to tell AMERICA THE TRUTH. And to warn my fellow Christians.

You can send all much-needed and gratefully-received support to:

Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC 28757

Thankyou so much, and God bless you for your response.


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical Christian perspective-

(This message is reposted from a previous report on my blog, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT in this critical hour. PLEASE READ!)

Are YOU Preparing for the COMING NATIONAL EMERGENCIES? Many of these are planned BLACK OPS to bring martial law down in this nation, as outlined to me by former NWO planners, former CIA and other information sources.


SHOULD Martial Law be triggered by massive CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS in your region, ARE YOU PREPARED?

SHOULD a SUITCASE NUKE be detonated in your city/region, ARE YOU PREPARED?SHOULD FAMINE STRIKE in this nation, ARE YOU PREPARED?

And MORE..........God ALWAYS desires a prepared people.

That is WHY He forewarned NOAH of the flood to come, so HE COULD PREPARE and save his family! (Not to mention the future of mankind and the animals as well...)

A forewarned people is an activated and A PEOPLE WISELY PREPARING for the worst.There are many excellent websites on the Internet that help you prepare for coming emergencies. In the event of MARTIAL LAW and the various disasters listed above that WILL come to our nation at various times, YOU WILL NEED:

-EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLIES AND WATER-Freeze-dried and long term food supplies are excellent choices. The US military told me they have stockpiled up to ten years worth of emergency food supplies in their deep underground military bases in anticipation of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE because of our foreign policies in the Middle East.

-EMERGENCY HEALTH/MEDICAL SUPPLIES-Supplies that include medical, health (vitamins and prescription medications also) and related items such as first aid supplies.

-EMERGENCY DEFENSE- Household arms and ammunition, including bullet molds and related supplies, for survival based on hunting, plus protecting yourself and your family from armed intruders in a state of disaster. Fishing gear/trapping gear is also beneficial as well for survival food supplies.

ALTERNATE HEATING METHODS FOR YOUR HOME-Electricity and natural gas WILL BE DISRUPTED in the future. Make sure you have alternate heating/cooking /fuel sources in your home.A WOOD STOVE is excellent. Have a good source of wood and kindling and storage. Heaters that depend on fuels will only be good as long as there is fuel available. FUELS WILL RUN OUT AT TIMES!

-NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTER/BUNKER /PRE-FAB-These modern PRE-FAB FALLOUT SHELTERS are selling like crazy all over America now! I have talked to distributors and they are selling and installing them all over America at a rapid pace. You can locate them on the Internet.There WILL be NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICA SOIL in the future of America! Military sources have confirmed this to me. Prophetic visions by Christian groups have also confirmed this.

BE PREPARED, however you choose to approach this, whether with home-made or pre-fab and installed. There are excellent websites dealing with home-made and cost-effective shelters and techniques as well. Also visit websites to obtain books on this subject of how to protect your family and yourself in the event of a nuclear attack. THE US GOVERNMENT/MILITARY WILL NOT BE THERE TO SAVE YOU WHEN IT COMES! (They WILL be there however to take you TO THE CAMPS to eliminate NWO resisters ...)

-DEFENSE AGAINST CHEMICAL BIOLOGICAL ATTACK-You will need a good book like JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS "CHEM/BIO HANDBOOK"to recognize what has been sprayed in your area, and how to recognize symptoms, and how to detox yourself and your home, etc.

CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL books, gas masks, filters, body suits will all come in handy in the future. In fact, they will be ESSENTIAL.
-EMERGENCY BACKPACKS AND SUPPLIES-In the future, you will need an emergency backpack and supplies that include many items necessary for survival. A below-zero rated sleeping bag is essential for your well being. Quality hiking boots. A small backpackable portable camping stove and fuel. A water filter unit for your backpack. Utensils. Etc.

Many of YOU READERS will someday BE ON FOOT in the future, due to no fuel available many times, forced evacuation because of disasters, emergencies, chem/bio spraying in your area, not to mention persecution and fleeing on foot for safety, etc.
MARTIAL LAW SPELLS WAR-TIME CIRCUMSTANCES IN AMERICA. Many of you will be forced to abandon your home and all that is stored in it for survival, and to FLEE. Get a quality backpack and FILL IT with quality essentials...NOW WHILE YOU CAN.

SURVIVAL CLOTHING AND GEAR-For those of you in colder climates (like MONTANA where military battle against the NWO resistance will be fierce), you WILL need quality winter gear and clothing to survive in case you are forced out of your home or shelter or vehicle. You should have quality clothing such as coats to withstand colder temperatures, hiking/ski warm thermal socks, hiking boots, gloves, hats, and related warm gear FOR SURVIVAL. Appropriate summer survival gear is important too.
-EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS AND RADIO-Normal communications will be disrupted in the even of national emergencies. Phones and Internet and cell phones will be disrupted in many situations and locations. You will need an emergency radio and emergency communications devices in this kind of emergency.

This report outlines most of the basic survival information essential to prepare for what is to come to our nation under martial law or any kind of attack. However, there are many MORE things that may be necessary to your survival. Emergency gas storage for the time when there is no gas in your gas station, emergency forms of transportation, regional maps, a compass, etc. Please, sit down and DO your research!

And PLEASE do not be like the ten foolish virgins in the parable in the Bible! THEY KNEW the bridge groom was coming...but did not prepare by getting extra oil in their lamps AS THEY WAITED FOR HIM to appear at night! They ran out of oil, their lamps went out, and they suffered greatly as a result.

Many of you KNOW martial law and many disasters are coming to our nation soon. Shouldn't YOU PREPARE? GET "OIL IN YOUR LAMP" NOW! PREPARE WHILE ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY SUPPLIES ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION!

Emergency food supplies people informed me they are running OUT of food supplies rapidly! Guns and ammunition stores tell me the same thing. Please PRAY and prepare NOW."FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, "declares God's word...and so might YOU be as well!

HERE are several more excellent links:

The MOST IMPORTANT PREPARATION will be SPIRITUAL, however, and that comes to you FREE OF CHARGE! Without Divine help from God and His Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus Christ, you "don't stand a chance in hell" in overcoming these forces of death and persecution...and if you DIE in the coming confrontations without JESUS CHRIST in your life, you will END UP IN HELL...forever! And THAT is never God's will!

If you are not yet a born-again Christian, take the time to PRAY now and ask JESUS CHRIST into your heart TODAY. Ask Him to forgive your sins and to come into your life and set you free from ALL sin and condemnation. (John 3:16)Ask HIM to cover you and your family with the precious blood of the Lamb, that blood shed for YOU and for your sins to be forgiven. Have everyone in your family receive Jesus Christ into their lives as well. Pray to be filled with Divine power of the Holy Spirit to give you strength to endure and overcome. (Acts 2 and I Corinthians 12.)

The whole purpose of my years of reporting is to INFORM and PREPARE AMERICANS of what is to come. Please take advantage of this FREE reporting, and prepare yourself accordingly.

-Pamela Schuffert (and GOD BLESS YOU!)