Thursday, October 31, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(for more reports on SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY)

Yecch to Halloween!

Today is October 31, 2013. All across the nation and worldwide, satanists and the Illuminati have reserved this date for their most heinous acts of human sacrifice possible. Their victims will include helpless infants, toddlers children, teens and adults. Even unborn infants will be sacrificed as abducted pregnant women are chained to their evil altars, and cut open to remove the unborn child for sacrifice first, and then the mother.

No act of human sacrifice is too cruel or merciless for these murderers without conscience. True life accounts from former satanists and survivors reveal horror stories of little children chained to altars and then cut into pieces with chainsaws, even as they scream for mercy. Christians have been abducted BECAUSE they are Christians, then nailed to crosses and tortured to death to mock the death of Jesus on the cross. Or chained to satanic altars to be brutally tortured and killed.

Often these abducted Christians are tempted to DENY JESUS CHRIST and become a satanist, and they will be spared. Or, they will die. Many Christians have actually died as martyrs right here in America because of this, when they refused to deny Jesus, and died for their faith at the hands of America's satanists and Illuminati. 

Yes, America has her share of unknown Christian martyrs as well.

Although satanists "celebrate" Halloween on the 30th, 31st and November 1st, their high unholy night of mass murder and revelry is traditionally the 31st, on SAMHAIN.

One former satanist I interviewed told me it is often celebrated as "Satan's birthday."

All across America, satanist vans and rental trucks and u-haul vehicles have been busily hauling the grim cargo of human sacrifice victims to the location where they are to be cruelly sacrificed tonight on Halloween. And you will never know exactly which vehicles they are, unfortunately.
Rental trucks are often used for hauling abducted victims.

Armed security is intense surrounding such locations of human sacrifice rituals. Satanist police officers often operate police scanner radios to know if police are heading in their direction. Outsiders hoping to spy on them or infiltrate their rituals will find themselves detected very quickly...and even killed.
Satanist mansions are frequently used for rituals,
 like the one in Transylvania, NC

Locations often used are: barns on remote farms, satanist mansions, basements of  homes, large caverns, and other locations as well including outdoor altars.

Not even precious infants are spared on Halloween.

Heavenly bright light reportedly appeared in one ritual, stopping the sacrifice.


What if it were YOUR child that was abducted?
Or even YOU???
Wouldn't you want people to be praying tonight???

This is an excellent time for Christians to pray together against the darkness in our world today.

Pray for every intended victim to be rescued and spared.
Pray for the satanists and Illuminati to be brought to brokeness and conviction and salvation, 

Pray for an end to this terrible darkness this time of the year, and always.


"...Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
James 4:7-b

"The fervent effectual prayers of a righteous person avails much."
James 5:16b

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Michael Snyder

Are you a conservative, 
a libertarian, 
a Christian, 
or a gun owner?


Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order?  Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times” or do you ever visit alternative news websites (such as this one)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents.

At one time, the term “terrorist” was used very narrowly.  The government applied that label to people like Osama bin Laden and other Islamic jihadists.  But now the Obama administration is removing all references to Islam from terror training materials, and instead the term “terrorist” is being applied to large groups of American citizens.

And if you are a “terrorist”, that means that you have no rights and the government can treat you just like it treats the terrorists that are being held at Guantanamo Bay.  So if you belong to a group of people that is now being referred to as “potential terrorists”, please don’t take it as a joke.  The first step to persecuting any group of people is to demonize them.  And right now large groups of peaceful, law-abiding citizens are being ruthlessly demonized.

2. Those that advocate for states’ rights
3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”
4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”
5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”
6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”
7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”
8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”
9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”
10. “Anti-Gay”
11. “Anti-Immigrant”
12. “Anti-Muslim”
13. “The Patriot Movement”
14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”
15. Members of the Family Research Council
16. Members of the American Family Association
17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union’”
18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol
19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform
20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition
21. Members of the Christian Action Network
22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”
23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”
24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21
25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps
26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”
27. The militia movement
28. The sovereign citizen movement
29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”
30. Anyone that “complains about bias”
31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”
32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”
33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs” 
34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”
35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”
36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”
37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”
38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”
39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”
40. “Militia or unorganized militia”
41. “General right-wing extremist”
42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.
43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”
44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”
45. Those that are “anti-global”
46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”
48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”
49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”
50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”
51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”
52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”
53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”
54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”
55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”
56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”
57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”
58. “Rightwing extremists”
59. “Returning veterans”
60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”
61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”
62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”
63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”
64. “Anti-abortion activists”
65. Those that are against illegal immigration
66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner
67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations
68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”
69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr
70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)
71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies
72. Evangelical Christians

The groups of people in the list above are considered “problems” that need to be dealt with.  In some of the documents referenced above, members of the military are specifically warned not to have anything to do with such groups.

We are moving into a very dangerous time in American history.  You can now be considered a “potential terrorist” just because of your religious or political beliefs.  Free speech is becoming a thing of the past, and we are rapidly becoming an Orwellian society that is the exact opposite of what our founding fathers intended.
Please pray for the United States of America.  We definitely need it.

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

My Miracle of Healing at LAST!

"By Whose stripes you were healed, 
by Whose stripes you ARE healed."

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

It has been many years since I struggled with such persistent and ongoing pain and troubling symptoms in my body. But this attack on my health was most upsetting because it affected my ability to blog and to minister with my hands in Christian music and other capacities using my hands.

God's ways are so amazing! He is a God Who honors our faith, commitment and obedience to Him. And Who hears our heart's cries and answers our prayers!

Last Friday (10/25/2013), in spite of still being in great pain and feeling very weary from continually battling it, I felt the leading of God to drive throughout the Asheville area to pray against the spiritual darkness and against all Halloween horrors of the satanists so prevalent throughout this region. I knew from years of journalism and Christian outreach in this region, that many unfortunate victims were scheduled to die at their  ruthless hands this Halloween season.

Frankly, when you know what I know, you simply can't stop praying about all this. I never do stop praying.

There will come times in all our Christian lives, when we must do the things God is leading us to do, no matter how difficult it may be due to various circumstances. 

Jesus remains our example. He had to go to Jerusalem to face a most terrible death for our sins on the cross. In the garden, even He cried out for this cup to pass, if possible. It was not easy for Jesus to press on to the destiny God had for Him that fateful Passover season. But He knew He had to do this, because it was the will of God and His destiny as well.

In spite of my pain, I knew that God was leading me to do this Friday, and so I prayed for strength and the the pain to abate, and began my prayer drive throughout this region. This is also when I met with Christian Officer Keith in  downtown Asheville, as the following article declares. We also prayed together against Asheville satanism and for the intended victims to be delivered from death at their hands this Halloween.

Would you believe that I also met a person  last Friday who had been following my reports?

Two paramedics, parked next to Officer Keith downtown (in case of any accidents or medical crises that often can occur as people carouse on a Friday night in Asheville,) talked to me as well. One, after listening to me for a while, asked if I were that woman who wrote the article "Asheville Satanism." He then asked if it really were all true.

I replied that I was the author, and that it was unfortunately all true. But that such articles were written to wake up the Body of Christ and to motivate them to heart-felt prayer against the spiritual darkness prevalent in this region.

That paramedic then shared how a friend of his, who is now a Pentecostal pastor, Rob Taylor, had a frightening but revealing experience in Asheville that opened his eyes to satanism in this region.
Ceili's Castle on Town Mountain road, Asheville, NC

When Rob was a high school student, he and some friends decided they would climb over the grim metal fence surrounding Ceili's Castle on Town Mountain Road, to see if satanists and human sacrifice really did take place there as many suspected. (It's a miracle they ever lived to tell the tale!)

As they were walking towards the forbidding castle, Rob and his friends were soon confronted with men in black satanist robes carrying firearms. They were ordered to leave at gunpoint, and ran to get out of there.

The paramedic told me that what frightened Rob the most, was when he and his friends received letters in the mail a few days later, giving their names, social security numbers and dates of birth, and warning them to never return again. They then realized how heavily monitored this grim stone castle really was! This all  happened when Jerry Sternberg still owned this building.

What an interesting conversation I enjoyed with them on Friday in downtown Asheville at Pritchard Park.

Pritchard Park on a typical Friday night.

But what was even more amazing was when I returned to the nursing home where John is to spend time with him that night. How much better my neck, shoulder and arm felt! So much of the lingering pain was gone.

And today, Sunday, I believe that I am finally healed of every painful symptom I have suffered from previously. I have wept as I prayed previously, asking God to take away the pain and the paralysis and numbness in my left arm and hand. I told Him that I could not continue in ministry as before, with these debilitating handicaps.

In fact, this is why you have not seen many reports in recent weeks since I got here. Every day and every hour had been an ongoing battle with pain and strange symptoms I have never had before in my body. Recurring numbness and terrible pains in parts of my neck, shoulder arm and wrist were all making it impossible to write articles. 

And by this time, none of it was of God. It became obvious to me that satan was working overtime to stop me from being effective in this region. I also know how satanists operate when attacking their opponents. They hold rituals in which they summon demons of pain, sickness and death to attack those they target.

Can Christians come under such deliberate attacks? Yes, and many do. But, they don't have to stay under attack! That is what spiritual warfare is all about, and why we are commanded to put on the full armor of God and to resist the adversary effectively using the weapons God has given us through Christ Jesus. We are to use THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB and the WORD OF GOD and the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST in battling this kind of enemy.

And the Bible promises us, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." And that is exactly what has happened. As I prayed against the spiritual darkness in this region on Friday, the powers of darkness also oppressing me and attacking my health also departed in Jesus' mighty Name.

I distinctly began getting better Friday evening, and even told a Christian nurse friend of mine as we at dinner together. She noticed how much better I was than a few weeks ago when we met and had dinner together. It abruptly ended when my pain became unbearable.

And now today, Sunday, I can honestly say that I feel 99 percent healed, with only a trace of minimal soreness as the natural healing process progresses. What a relief! Praise The Lord God the Almighty! Praise His Son Jesus Christ for the power of HIS STRIPES WHICH HEAL US!

John and I are now spending time listening to Christian Gospel music and have our own church service right in his room, as we spend time in prayer for this nation and for our many needs. John remains an invalid, confined to a bed or wheelchair, and also battling recurring pain. But he now has hope as he witnesses Jesus healing me. 

Thank you for your prayers for John and I, as we press on towards overcoming and victory through Jesus our Savior. By His stripes, we can ALL be healed and set free, and that includes you as well. Never give up, and keep on persevering in your faith and your prayers! God WILL come through for you. He cannot fail you.

He remains incapable of failure.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Christian Heroes of Asheville, NC

 Christian policeman 
patrolling downtown Asheville, NC

Officer Keith Whittington, Christian witness to Asheville, NC

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout my many years of Christian outreach and witnessing in the Asheville, NC, area, I was privileged to meet a wonderful Christian brother, Officer Keith Whittington. You know, God knows where to place His Christian witnesses for maximum impact on this dark world. I encountered him at Pritchard Park in downtown Asheville only a few years ago.

Pritchard Park is where the pagan crowd of Asheville meet every Friday night (weather permitting) for their drum circle. Last Friday, while performing a prayer drive throughout Asheville because of Halloween coming, I decided to stop at Pritchard Park to see if there would be a drum circle, so I could spend time praying for the salvation of the many participants...and witness Jesus to some as well.
Drum circle in Pritchard Park, Asheville, NC

I was overjoyed to find my dear brother in Christ, Officer Keith, still patrolling the park every Friday night. I parked and quickly walked over to him. We had not seen each other in 3 years, but he still remembered me and my Christian testimony. What a wonderful reunion we enjoyed last Friday.

In the past I have written many articles about what is wrong about the Asheville area. But Officer Keith is thankfully one of the things that is RIGHT about this city! Officer Keith is directly related to the renown  Dr Ben Carson, beloved by many for his strong and uncompromising Christian witness and his skills as a doctor.Recently Dr. Carson even dared to challenge OBAMACARE. He also will be remembered for his comments made a a recent National Prayer Breakfast with Obama present.
Dr. Ben Carson

Officer Keith is stamped from the same Christian mold that made Dr. Carson famous. Over 6 feet tall, he makes a formidable opponent to those who would commit any crime in Pritchard Park in Asheville. But he is also a wonderful and compassionate Christian witness there as well. 

Officer Keith and I have enjoyed many conversations in the past, including discussing America's future and the upcoming "MARTIAL LAW" scenario. We have talked about the reality of the coming persecution of Christians in America, including dark plans for the Asheville area. 

I had previously informed him of my research uncovering the prisoner boxcars with shackles and guillotines already prepositioned in the Asheville area (though remaining out of public sight.) I shared with him about the NWO agenda for America, and how Christians will be tempted to deny Jesus Christ and join their Luciferic NWO, or risk being terminated by guillotine or FEMA/DHS camps and in the prisoner boxcars. It is all here in Asheville, just waiting for the declaration of MARTIAL LAW and the appearance of the foreign troops and DHS armored vehicles, etc.

He is fully aware of all this, and let me know last Friday that his Christian response to all this is to remain faithful to his Savior, Jesus Christ, and that he is prepared to die for his Christian witness in this city as well.

Excellent. This is what Christianity has always been about for 2000 years now, from the very beginning of the early church..beginning with Jesus the Christ. "Tell us...are YOU the Messiah, the Son of the Most High?" And when Jesus replied that He was the Son of God, He was sentenced to death.

And ever since, His followers have also been persecuted and sentenced to death throughout the world for daring to confess before men that He indeed IS the Son of God and Savior of the world. But Christians know that they are not living for this present temporal world, but rather for the glorious and eternal world to come. 

Flesh and blood does not enter into the Kingdom of God, but rather the eternal redeemed spirits of Jesus' followers. For this reason, we are commanded to remain faithful unto death to Jesus, knowing that the death of our bodies is the glorious entrance of our eternal souls into His heavenly Kingdom forevermore. 

That is why Christians are always victorious, even in death. Death has lost it's power for those who have received Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Persecution holds no fears for those who trust in Him completely, knowing that a great reward awaits those who endure faithful unto the end.
Officer Keith in front of the park in downtown Asheville.

Officer Keith and I spend much time talking about all this and more in front of Pritchard Park. I am very thankful for his influential Christian presence regularly there. Officer Keith patrolling in the heart of the city of Asheville, especially at Pritchard Park, is one thing Asheville actually does right!

Thank you Keith, my brother in Christ, for your wonderful Christian witness and influence in the dark and sinful city of Asheville, North Carolina. God knows where to place His people to exert a positive influence in the dark places of the earth today.

Please pray with me for Officer Keith's safety and protection and for his ongoing Christian witness to continue in this city of Asheville, NC. Pray that God will raise up multitudes of other Christian witnesses to reach out to the lost here as well. Thank you, and God bless you all.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from a modern "Babylon"