Thursday, May 23, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigtive journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

All across America, people are feeling increasingly restless and uneasy. 

They sense that something is going on in our nation, that simply is not right. And Americans I have talked to have told me so. Many Christians I have talked to, tell me they can feel it in their spirit...something is wrong and something seems to be coming down in America...something that is not good.

The pastors across our nation are uneasy as well. Many actually know the same kinds of information that I and others report on concerning the coming police state and martial law. 

But as some pastors have admitted to me behind closed doors, many pastors are too afraid of repercussion from both their congregations and the government to give an actual warning from their pulpits to their congregations.

I came to one pastor, showed him my book, and asked him if he were warning God's people of these things to come.

"Look, lady, we KNOW these things are true, but we don't DARE mention this from our pulpit!" 
These words came from one pastor that I sat with in his church, holding a copy of my previously published book "PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST."

I was deeply disturbed by his answer. I asked him, "WHY???"

His reply was even more disturbing. "Why? Well, we could frighten off and lose members! We could lose MONEY! We could get into trouble with the IRS (they were "501-C-3 tax-exempt status")...." And more worthless excuses poured forth.

What deeply troubled me was, all of these feeble excuses were unworthy in the sight of God, who had called this pastor to be a faithful shepherd and "watchman on the wall" over God's people.

I remember thinking, "But what about SOULS YOU COULD LOSE if you FAIL to warn your congregation of the COMING PERSECUTION and temptation to deny Jesus Christ??? What IF they fall away, because YOU did not warn nor prepare them???"
I left deeply disappointed. But also much more enlightened as to the true state of may pastors in America today.

How many pastors are secretly like this pastor above? 

How many pastors are more afraid of MAN, than of the wrath of God for failing to warn God's people? 

How many pastors love personal security and MONEY, more than they love the people of God placed under their care??? 

How many pastors today are operating under FEAR, rather than in FAITH???

And how many are truly willing to lay down their lives for the sheep under their care, even as Jesus commanded us to do???

I also wondered how many of these compromised pastors, have already sold out to the NWO agenda, and have been FEMA-coached into how to sedate the sheep under martial law, encourage them to meekly cooperate with their own destruction, to be led to slaughter to the prisoner boxcars with shackles awaiting the haul them to the FEMA camps for total destruction. 
And most people who will be arrested and taken to the boxcars will never make it to the camps alive....because they will be tortured and murdered before they ever reach the camps. Both US military and intelligence sources and NWO satanists alike confirmed this grim coming reality to me personally as I interviewed them.

And how much $money$ are such FEMA/DHS compromised pastors secretly receiving from the government, to betray the sheep under their care and to cooperate with satan's plan for the destruction of God's people under martial law....??? Don't think for one minute that the government does not use money to entice people and pastors to cooperate with their agendas!

Oh, the wrath of God is soon coming upon such false shepherds over God's people in America! 
They will perish in the lake of fire for failing to fulfill God's calling as a faithful shepherd, and instead leading God's people into destruction.
I therefore testify to my fellow American Christians, as a faithful and uncompromising witness to the truth, that Christians will be persecuted someday in America. They will be rounded up and arrested under martial law. 

They will be tempted to deny Christ and join the NWO agenda to escape persecution.

And if they will not renounce Jesus Christ, they will face DEATH. 

Whether by the modern military GUILLOTINES to fulfill Revelation20:4(facilitated by the NOAHIDE LAWS) or by being shackled into boxcars or prisoner transport planes to be taken to FEMA/DHS camps to be brutally slaughtered.

"Oh, all of us in the CIA know about the detention camps...we all know they are to TERMINATE the RESISTERS OF THE NWO as it comes down in America under MARTIAL LAW..." Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI/CIA.

The NWO supporters in the CIA consider the  Christians in America, to be one of their greatest hindrances to their bringing America under their NEW WORLD ORDER. 

In fact, the CIA plays a major role in coming persecution against the Christians under martial law. Let's face the cold hard truth: the CIA was founded by NWO supporters, and everyone in CIA leadership has vigorously pursued the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER for "AMERIKA." This includes George Herbert Walker (SCHERF) Bush as well.

And the present-day (albeit concealed) Nazi elements of the coming NWO REICH in America (and the world), who were brought into America under the CIA's program called "OPERATION PAPERCLIP," would heartily agree!

Looks like the seemingly defeated Nazis have actually succeeded in fulfilling their vow at the Wannsee Conference in Germany in 1942, that IF the NWO agenda were to fail in Nazi Germany, they would transplant the entire ILLUMINATI NWO AGENDA to America. And guess what? THEY HAVE!

Enter the OSS/CIA, established that very same year in 1942, and later their OPERATION PAPERCLIP, and Bush Senior running the CIA and working hard for the NWO agenda...and the rest is history.

The fact that there are now hundreds of detention camps and thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles now across America for the hour of martial law, all reminiscent of prison camps and prisoner trains under Nazi Germany, is a grim indication of just how well the German NWO Nazis have succeeded in bringing their elements of the NWO agenda to "Amerika." But they are not alone...
Karl Marx
The Jewish Marxist/Communist/progressive elements in America have worked equally hard for the realization of a new world order in America, THEIR Zionist version, as well. Their purposes are also well served by the prisoner boxcars and shackles and detention camps in America, since they equally hate THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA. And in the true spirit of Jewish Bolsheviks, such Jews in America are more than happy to join hands with traditional enemies, to come against their common foe, the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA TODAY. 
Russian Bolshevik gulag
And such will be quite happy to send Christians to the camps, even as their ancestors did back in Russia under decades of Jewish Bolshevik persecution of Christians under COMMUNISM...and they have told me so. Jews commenting on my reports have stated that Jews must "..get RID of the Christians who stand in our way."

"It is the AMERICAN CHRISTIANS' turn to be sent to the camps..." many Jews are quietly saying in Jewish communities in America today,according to my Messianic Jewish friend Saida, who is a relative of those very Jews back in Brooklyn, NY, making these statements. "My unsaved Jewish relatives in Brooklyn always tell me to come out of my faith in Jesus, because now it is the Christians' turn to be sent to the camps." 

When I asked her about their sentiments about this, she admitted they were rejoicing over the thoughts of Christians being rounded up and sent to the camps. May God forgive them and open their eyes to the great spiritual truth that Jesus IS their Messiah Who loves them and died for them to be saved. I pray for such Jews daily.

Well, my Jewish readers, you may get your wish soon...
Based on many years of research, I predict that in the future, the "black hole prisons" which the CIA has established in foreign nations, wherein CIA torture is also applied, will someday be used against NWO-resistant CHRISTIANS as well. And I predict that the day is coming when you will witness the NDAA act being used against Christians and Patriots alike under martial law.

Just follow the pattern in every nation that fell to communism or fascism and became an oppressive regime. Christians who could not go along with their agenda for religious reasons, were arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed. 

It happens all over the world. 

And America is not exempt.

A special computer program the CIA has designed, is already used to monitor churches nationwide, and to note those who are true Christians in every church. The only purpose of such a computer database monitoring churches across America, will be to spy upon, arrest and someday terminate such Christians already secretly labeled as "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER"...
God's Word is Truth

And I furthermore testify  from the authority of the immutable Word of God, that if any Christian foolishly chooses to DENY JESUS CHRIST to save their temporal life in this world, that person shall suffer ETERNAL DAMNATION and lose their salvation forevermore!
One of the major purposes of my reporting, is to wake up what is often a very naive and slumbering church across America. The vast majority of pastors in our nation have FAILED to adequately do so. Many Christians remain ignorant of the MARTIAL LAW/NWO AGENDA for America. And they are not yet aware of the plan for MASSIVE PERSECUTION OF THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA under martial law.

Because I know perfectly, through years of research and reporting on this subject, what is about to unfold in our nation ( and is unfolding already,) therefore God is HOLDING ME ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THAT I KNOW. 

KNOWLEDGE is ACCOUNTABILITY in the sight of God.

WOE UNTO ME, should I FAIL to warn God's people in this hour!!! 

The blood of those people that may perish, that I COULD have reached, who were not informed and who failed to adequately prepare as a result,  would be on MY HANDS.

This is what great accountability God holds His Christian people to!

Furthermore, I refuse to be like FEMA coached pastors, who will tell their Christian flocks that they are to meekly cooperate with the government, do exactly what they are told, etc.

How can I ??? 

HOW can I tell God's beloved people across this nation, to meekly surrender their weapons AND THEIR LIVES to satan's NWO meekly ALLOW these satanist NWO murderers to brutally arrest them and take them to awaiting prisoner boxcars and shackles, where many WILL be tortured and murdered before even reaching the camps???

The NWO will demand that Christians renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. HOW can I cooperate with such a soul-damning and unBiblical agenda as this???

I tell you, as a true born-again Christian who fears God,

I refuse to instruct you to meekly cooperate with satan's plan for YOUR destruction!

Instead , I am compelled by Almighty God to SPEAK THE TRUTH to His beloved people in this uncertain hour.

I testify that the leaders of this nation, who have indeed secretly sold their souls to satan, and sold this nation and her inhabitants into the destructive hands of satan's infernal NWO agenda, will perish eternally at the hands of an angry God unless they REPENT.

I refuse to be like such FEMA coached pastors, and to suggest to American Christians and Patriots that they meekly surrender their weapons to the brutal forces of NWO occupation.

I say unto you, NEVER SURRENDER to the forces from hell! Jesus never surrendered to satan, and neither should YOU!

The SECOND AMENDMENT was written for an excellent  purpose, to protect Americans from a tyrannical government should it rise up.

In America's future, people (which the Bible would actually classify as criminals, thieves and murderers,) will bang on the doors of America. 

They will demand to be let into your homes.They will seek to seize your weapons. They will search your homes.They will then arrest Americans and lead them,unarmed and defenseless, to the prisoner boxcars (or buses or planes) awaiting them, to be TAKEN TO THE CAMPS.

You are under neither moral or spiritual obligation to open your doors to thieves and murderers, who come to destroy you! Rather, you NEED to defend your homes, your possessions and your loved ones! You need to stand up for your endangered liberties and your destiny!

You need to STAND UP FOR JESUS when they tell you your religious freedoms have been abolished and you can no longer freely witness your Christian faith to others, or preach the Gospel, or hold church services, etc.

I refuse to tell my fellow Americans and Christians that they should somehow feel compelled to cooperate with the NWO PLAN for their destruction and for the destruction of their American Christian heritage and our Constitutional Republic as well. 

I refuse to tell my fellow Christians, that they should meekly surrender their Christian liberties guaranteed under the Constitution, and furthermore given to them BY ALMIGHTY GOD.

That which God has bestowed upon His elect, NO MAN can take away!

And so in closing, my beloved readers, this is what differentiates me from the FEMA-COACHED PASTORS in America today.

God bless you and be with you in the times to come. Take time to build up your faith so that it can stand when the persecution comes.
Embrace the cross to follow Jesus. Put on the full armor of God. Take up the sword of the spirit, the eternal word of God.

Never compromise and never surrender to the forces of hell that compose satan's NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13.

Above all, stand firm and uncompromising with your Christian faith and testimony of Jesus Christ.

Although the enemy will tempt you someday to deny Him, NEVER BE MOVED FROM YOUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST...even if it kills you.

Your eternal salvation depends upon your remaining FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH, as the Bible teaches. Pray for the strength and grace to remain faithful to the end.

"...Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the Crown of Life."
Revelation 12:10b

And pray for the strength and grace to rise up and overcome these murderers and rebels against the LORD GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

The Bible tells us that their satanic kingdom of darkness, called the NWO, is DOOMED from the very beginning!


...And may God be with you.

"These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they who are with Him , are called, CHOSEN, and faithful."
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. This is what happens when pastors preach prosperity gospel and deceive many instead of repantence to preach 99% of US church are more bothered to fill the crowd so that they can get lot of money fooling people wake up America judgement is on your door

  2. Philippians 2:9-11 KJV
    [9] Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: [10] That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; [11] And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    God Bless! From, Brother John :o|

  3. Exactly the same things says Lord Jesus to John Leary. Ask your angel to guide you to the nearest refuge before the martial law begins.
    Pray the Seal Preyer every day and trust in God.
    God bless you. Elisabetta from Italy