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URGENT MESSAGE From "Cowgirl Pammie" in MONTANA!


With"Cowgirl Pammie"

By"Cowgirl Pammie" in Montana, 
presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-


I am now publishing my own tracts, 
warning Montanans of deadly nuclear threat.

This thought-provoking (even chilling) article makes it clear that in the event of WW III and enemy attack from Russia or China (or both), that Montana (my state) will be among the first states attacked. This is due to the presence of Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, linked with the North American Missile Defense System and the many underground nuclear missile silos in place across Montana,  to defend America from enemy attack. On the partial map of MONTANA below, with GREAT FALLS showing, you can see SOME of the locations of the many underground missile silos here in this state. 

Personally, my heart was devastated to discover that all 7 Native American reservations located throughout Montana are all endangered by the threat of future enemy attack to destroy our North American missile defense system here in Montana. Frankly, although it is painful to admit, this could even become an EXTINCTION EVENT for some tribes located here when the foreign nukes strike Montana.

And as some of my Native friends have told me, they have seen missile silos directly on their reservations. What does this mean??? It means that not even ONE resident of that reservation will ever escape this terrifying future nuclear conflagration alive. 

The ENORMOUS blast will either send SOME to Heaven eternally, or to HELL eternally, with NO SECOND CHANCE to REPENT and GET RIGHT WITH GOD.
Several chiefs from the Blackfeet Tribe.

Here in Montana, there are 7 Native American Indian reservations scattered throughout this state, with 12 tribes represented in Montana. And for the past several years, I have been personally involved in working to share the love of God in spiritual and practical ways as well with many of these precious Indigenous people living on various reservations. The needs of many impoverished Natives are so great on most Native reservations, and the genuine love and compassion of people who care is always welcome "on the rez."
Extreme poverty sadly exists on many reservations

I live in beautiful Kalispell, Montana. Nearby is lovely GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. To the north of me, there is the BLACKFEET INDIAN RESERVATION. As is sadly all too typical of most reservations, this reservation also has struggles with widespread poverty and many other problems often associated with "life on the rez" as they call it. Teen suicide is a serious problem on this reservation (as with most others.) 

One youth pastor, working on this reservation, admitted to me that sadly some children often go to bed hungry, and may go to school cold, surrounded by the harsh winters here in NW Montana. 

The Blackfeet reservation lies directly east of famed Glacier National Park, and receives the brutally cold winds and harsh winter weather patterns from Glacier NP, as the winds move from west to east. On this reservation, winters are particularly cold and prolonged, with much snow and fierce winds that can reach 90 mph. 
Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park, Montana

A wonderful Native Pentecostal Pastor, who works hard on the Blackfeet reservation to touch the lives of his Blackfeet people, is Pastor Titus Upham of Browning, 
Montana. Pastor Titus is a very sincere follower of Jesus, filled with joy and exuberance for the Lord, and truly cares about his people, and the youth of his reservation. He works hard to counsel and help those struggling with substance abuse on his reservation. It has been my privilege and and honor to work with him, to help support his important outreach for Christ among his people on this impoverished reservation.

Pastor Titus from the Blackfeet Reservation

Throughout the past to this present time, I have blessed his great ministry with numerous children's Bibles, blankets for the children, plus much-needed financial support through donors like you who read my blog or watch my YOUTUBE videos, to help build and support his church and very important Christian outreach among his people.

My precious Blackfeet  children at 
THE WAY Christian camp 2022

FOR TWO SUMMERS NOW, I have been teaching ARTS AND CRAFTS to precious Blackfeet children at THE WAY summer youth camp, operated by Brother Arlan Edwards, the grandson of the famed former Blackfeet leader, Chief Earl Old Person. 

Famed Chief Earl Old Person of the Blackfeet Tribe-
Now with JESUS!

DURING THE SUMMER OF 2022,  I lived in a trailer on the Blackfeet reservation, at CHEWING BLACK BONES Campground. Numerous tipis were also located at this beautiful RV park on the reservation on the East end of Glacier National Park.
Chewing Black Bones Campground on the rez

How I loved these precious children, and how they loved me back! I was privileged to give each one of them a beautiful hard-cover ACTION BIBLE to take home with them, to help them learn MORE ABOUT JESUS. Again, none of this would have been possible without the gracious donations of READERS LIKE YOU. All the ARTS AND CRAFTS supplies and over 50 Bibles all came from reader/viewer donations. And what a wonderful impact this ARTS AND CRAFTS program has on their precious lives!

Many of these beloved children come from broken homes. Some have one or two parents who suffer from substance abuse. Accompanying substance abuse comes child and spousal abuse. Depression and suicide is a serious problem on many reservations, including the Blackfeet reservation. Sadly, teen suicide is prevalent, and reports of even children committing suicide at times have also emerged. Break my heart.....
My students decorate their JESUS shirts!

HOWEVER, MY GREATEST CONCERN TODAY INVOLVES A VERY SERIOUS THREAT, that of the possibility of NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICA SOIL. This is due to America's continual provoking of RUSSIA by the arming and support of Ukraine during this Russia/Ukraine conflict. Russia is frequently threatening NUCLEAR ATTACK ON AMERICAN SOIL. And America is not backing down under these threats.

According to military analysts, WHEN Russia decides to pre-emptively strike AMERICA, Russia will primarily FIRST target the North American Missile Defense system of underground nuclear silos located largely in Wyoming, North Dakota, and MONTANA.

Military analysts have further revealed that when THIS event happens in Montana, it is highly probable that every living thing will DIE throughout this state. Montana, often called THE BIG SKY STATE, will then become known as THE BIG DIE STATE.

But what does this mean for the 12 tribes and 7 reservations located here in Montana???
This could possibly mean a terrible EXTINCTION EVENT for the tribes located here in Montana. Some missile silos are located on Native American soil here, in fact.
As I discussed this subject one day with a Native friend, he admitted that he has seen the nuclear missile silos on his reservation. It becomes very painful emotionally to contemplate all this, even as I sit writing about this sorrowful subject. In fact, it is all I can do to continue this article without breaking down and crying...and crying...and crying. And I do not cry easily. 

Oh, what great sorrows and tragedies await this end- time generation! Sleep has fled from my eyes, as tears and sorrow fill them instead, as I pray day and night on behalf of my endangered nation and my people.

It has therefore become my passion while I live in Montana, to work with local pastors such as Pastor Titus of the Blackfeet tribe, and others, to reach out and touch as many Native lives as possible with the message of Jesus Christ BEFORE THE NUKES COME to this imperiled region. And I tell you, THEY WILL COME SOMEDAY. I HAVE BEEN CAREFULLY FOLLOWING THE HOLY SPIRIT and His prophetic words about the future of AMERICA for 47 years now. 

I became a born-again Christian in 1971 during great revival, in which Jesus saved and healed me after two doctors said I would die from various illnesses following 5 years of treatment that failed to cure me. Halleluia and glory be to God forevermore!

Throughout the years, I have carefully recorded what God led me to believe were valid words of prophecy, often given during times of revival and God visiting His people in power. And while some were joyful and uplifting, other words of prophecy became of great concern and prayer as God spoke of THE COMING PERSECUTION OF THE SAINTS in North America, and the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. 

And yes, God has confirmed to me and to other Christian truth-seekers and intercessors over America, that the time will come when Russia and China will inevitably attack this nation. And the Holy Spirit has borne witness that it has ONLY been INTERCESSORY PRAYER, moving the hands of God's mercy, that has held back such dark agendas thus far. But sadly, it will come to this nation someday.

I can never forget the time of great revival happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1976, as I attended many meetings in which the power of God was moving, people were being saved and healed, and great visions and prophecies were being received by many.

AS I prayed one night with a fellow intercessor there, the Holy Spirit interrupted our prayers and spoke, He said, "I Am pouring out My Spirit upon my people in America, because WITHOUT MY POWER, you will NOT be able to make it with what is coming to your nation." 

Stunned, I paused to think about these words. I then prayed, "Father, what is coming to AMERICA?" And I have never forgotten the words the Holy Spirit gave in response.

"My child, if I were to show you now what is coming to America, you would NOT BE ABLE TO BEAR what I would show you." 

Now, THAT got my attention that night! And I have never forgotten those words, and have prayed ever since for GOD TO SHOW ME WHAT IS COMING TO THIS NATION.

And it was this kind of disturbing prophecy that finally led me to over 25 years of performing independent investigative journalism to uncover the truth about where America was being taken, and the dark NWO AGENDA plans for this nation as well.

And furthermore led me into becoming a dedicated prayer warrior over this nation, on behalf of millions of God's precious children throughout this nation, many of whom to this day still do not have a clue as to what the future holds for AMERICA.

Two years ago, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me and unexpectedly to me one day. He said, " If My people will not fast and pray against this, there will be NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICAN SOIL.

And during this same time frame, my Christian co-laborer for Christ, Sylvia, received a graphic VISION of a nuclear weapon detonating in our close vicinity here in MONTANA! And this is BEFORE Russian invaded Ukraine.

And later I was to read the article in THE MISSOULA CURRENT about the missile silos in place for America's defense, scattered all across this state....and how this would be the reason for Russia's pre-emptive nuclear attack targeting MONTANA before leading into WW III in earnest.

I take God's word of revelation very seriously, and began to periodically fast and pray against nuclear strikes on American soil. I continue to do so to this very day, for I understand THE POWER OF PRAYER AND FASTING.

My URGENT YOUTUBE VIDEO all about this crisis!
In truth, Montana is a powderkeg, just waiting to explode with deadly destruction to all who live in this state, as foreign powers target the missile silos across this state someday. After 25 years of investigative journalism, I KNOW THE TRUTH. I cannot play games, nor retreat as many do into their "safety-comfort-denial zones" to escape uncomfortable truths no one really wants to believe. No matter how uncomfortable the truth may be, the truth remains THE TRUTH.

According to a recent poll taken, only about one percent of the Native American population across America actually know Jesus Christ as their Savior. What then does this mean for the 12 tribes and 7 reservations of Native Americans located here in Montana??? It means that when these deadly nuclear attacks occur, many will PERISH ETERNALLY with NO SECOND CHANCE to repent and receive Jesus as their Savior. 

NO SECOND CHANCE to escape hell and get right with God! That's how final a deadly nuclear attack is, friends. People living in the death zone of that attack will either be blasted into HEAVEN, or blown into HELL. Period. Knowing what I know, how can I remain silent or indifferent at such a time as this??? I CANNOT.

IN CLOSING, please pray about all I have shared with you. Seek God for protection for yourself and your loved ones. Pray for every member of your family to be saved through Jesus Christ. And ask God for His plan for your protection and deliverance from evil. Some Americans have even been led by God to LEAVE AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. I know, because I have met some as I traveled to lecture about my reporting. This includes American Christians I met in Costa Rica. God cares about His precious people! Seek Him now for wisdom and guidance.

Please pray for my success in Christian outreach here in the endangered state of MONTANA. Many will perish in the coming attacks on our state in the future, unless I can help reach them NOW with the WORD OF GOD and the message of SALVATION.

Your prayers and financial support is critical at this time. I cannot do this alone! 

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My mailing address is: Pamela R. Schuffert, P. O. Box 10584, Kalispell, Montana 59904

God bless you all.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert