Thursday, January 28, 2010

WHY I am Proud of My Pastor and My Church: Montreat EPC

I am proud of my pastor, Richard White of Montreat Presbyterian Church in beautiful Montreat, NC. I have known and enjoyed Richard and his wife Portia for 20 years now. Richard has been the faithful pastor of this church for many years. He is surrounded with a committed and faithful office staff who also love the Lord Jesus Christ. Edward, Cathy, Ron, and many others work hard to help make this church a true expression of the Biblical Body of Christ in action.

When the Presbyterian Church USA began going down the slippery slope of false doctrines (heresies) and compromise with the written word of God several years ago, Richard and many other concerned Christians in this church decided to take action. They voted to withdraw membership with the PCUSA and to become a part of the Scriptural "Confessing Church" movement and are now proudly continuing as a Presbyterian EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church).

Richard is the kind of pastor who stands with the members when they put their lives on the line for righteousness and obedience to the Gospel. When I and other Pro-Life Christians took a stand for the unborn children in the Asheville, NC, area, and found ourselves arrested and on trial for our standing with the unborn, Richard faithfully attended the trials and prayed for us at the church with other concerned members. One member, Steve Aceto, helped us as a lawyer with legal assistance. The congregation prayed for us.

When I was involved with the many battles against satanism in these mountains, helping families in crisis and putting my own life frequently in jeopardy, Richard and his wife and prayer group stood in the gap with me and the endangered families. At one point, the battle was so intense that I could have died had it not been for their prayers!

In this day when so many mainline churches are going down the path of compromise and disobeying the Gospel, Richard and his fellow leaders and congregation have taken a clear stand for the Gospel and following Jesus Christ completely. I am so proud of him and the good men and women who work beside him to make for a wonderful Christian fellowship.

This church has assisted me through more than one crisis, and many other families and people in crisis as well. They work hard to line up with Biblical admonitions about how a Body of Christ should behave towards one another, support and pray for one another, especially in crisis.

Unfortunately, because they are helping many families in crisis during recession, they cannot provide all the answers to the crises I am now facing. This is why I must share my needs with my faithful website readers. After all, it is my readers who are directly profiting from my research and labor to present my investigative journalism to them.

This post by no means is meant to indicate that they or church leaders/members necessarily agree with me on all my viewpoints contained throughout my journalism.

Rather, I have written this to illustrate how the Body of Christ SHOULD love, pray for and stand united with one another IN SPITE OF varying differences, viewpoints, etc. And how my wonderful Church and pastor have done this very thing. I personally believe that Pastor Richard and his committed congregation of devout followers of the Lord Jesus Christ will resolutely stand firm to the end when all I have written about for the past decade begins to unfold in our nation.

Come and visit Montreat and the wonderful Christian retreat grounds here someday!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

WHY I Include LINKS Throughout My Reports

Just an important world of clarification. You will note that often in my reports on this blog, I include quick links to other websites, verifying and confirming from other sources what I wrote. I want my readers to find this information from other quality websites as well.

However, my information that I publish has NEVER been the product of casually "surfing the net" and republishing as many other websites are that discuss the NEW WORLD ORDER and related subjects.

I have spent 14 years now traveling across the nation and at times around the globe to personally investigate information, interview people, observe situations personally and at times broadcast live on location. Although I may briefly quote from other sources at times to confirm my reporting where it is beneficial, the body of my thousands of reports over the past 14 years has been through often difficult, often dangerous and costly "hands-on" investigating and research.

I feel that this is important to clarify in the minds of my readers, so you understand why I insert links in these reports at times.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from North Carolina

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UPDATE-Brother Had MAJOR SURGERY, Now in ICU Again

My brother John Schuffert just experienced MAJOR SURGERY in Tulsa. Doctors had to cut through his ribs and into his lungs, to scrape a life-threatening abscess away in one lung. He is back in ICU and in great pain and under heavy sedation. All this is a major setback. Pray for John in St Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK.-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Understanding Martial law, the New World Order And Coming Chaos

(Important note for my readers: The following simplified version is for people who have perhaps never heard of the kinds of information I am presenting on this blog. While MANY of you have known about the NWO agenda for America for years, and understand all I am about to share, it is important to constantly educate Americans who have never heard of this information before. I frequently encounter such uninformed Americans every day. Thus the need for a quicky simplified version.-Pamela)

Important Subjects to Fast and Pray About for America's Future-

I am writing this report to help simplify in your mind the troubled times coming to this nation. I want Christians especially to understand so that they can pray and act accordingly. The present government censored/controlled news media, complicit in covering up so many government "black ops" designed to lead American into chaos and martial law, will never tell you the truth about this subject. They are the NWO government mind-control over the American people.

This is why you have 24 hour news channels blaring out "official government versions" of major or important events in the world today. You were not there: you did not see it happen. However, you are compelled to believe everything they are saying is "truth." They are in effect thinking for you and deciding for you in such news reporting. But IS IT THE TRUTH? Smart Americans want to know.

You, the American people, have been programmed to believe somehow that everything the news media presents to you is the unbiased and complete truth. However, in a recent court ruling that I read with interest, the judge declared in his ruling that the news media is NOT legally compelled to "tell the truth!"

This is WHY more and more Americans are turning to alternate news journalism in response to what they know discern to be much disinformation on the television/radio news broadcasts today.

Americans are turning to alternate news broadcasts on shortwave stations. They are turning to publications written by former government/military sources, now become whistleblowers, exposing the NWO agenda of the corrupt despots who seek to rule the world under Satan's power. They are turning to whistleblowers' reports. They are seeking out alternate news forms that they hope are more reliable in truth than what Americans are receiving now.

This is why more and more newspapers are folding up and closing down. In the wake of ongoing disaster events like the Oklahoma City Bombing, "9/11" and many other tragedies with suspicious origins and evidence of government cover-up and complicity, people are waking up and finally demanding the truth! Many Americans frankly are weary of what they finally perceive to be continual government cover-up, lies, scandals and corruption at the highest levels regarding events that are shaping America's destiny.

Jesus Christ declared, "YOU shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE!" Freedom means LIBERTY. For LIBERTY to continue therefore in America, people must KNOW THE TRUTH!

From my 14 years of difficult and dangerous, time-consuming and costly investigative journalism, I now understand perfectly the NWO/communist agenda for our nation. From former CIA (who participated in the NWO planning), to Pentagon, military and various other sources, a grim picture has emerged of the dark future there NWO despots have planned for YOU and your nation.

Here it is in a simplified version.

The term NEW WORLD ORDER is simply a new title for the goals of WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM, repackaged in modern terms. It is indeed the Bible's prophesied "KINGDOM OF THE BEAST" of Revelation 13, with the MAN OF PERDITION and his allies attempting to rule over the world under Satan's power. Former satanists and former Illuminati confirmed to me personally that the NEW WORLD ORDER is indeed Satan's manifest kingdom on earth, the satanists/Illuminists/communists are the backbone, and Satan himself is the spiritual head of it, even as Revelation 13 indicates clearly.

Historically, Communism is the direct product of the direct planning and funding of apostate Jewish Illuminati (satanists) out of New York City in the early 1900's. Communism also contains many non-Jewish converts/proselytes among the gentiles, or non-Jews, as well.

The NWO communists, both foreign and domestic, have been working furiously for decades now, often behind the scenes, to bring America DOWN into their planned chaos, in order to impose their coming NWO communist government police state.

One of the major terms the NWO uses is, "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." Only THEY create the deliberate CHAOS, and out of it's ashes they then bring forth their NEW World Order!

The only way they can bring America down and impose their NWO agenda, is for America TO COME UNDER A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW.A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW means the Constitution has been suspended, and with it ALL OUR PREVIOUS LIBERTIES GUARANTEED BY IT have been abolished as well!

For MARTIAL LAW to be declared, tremendous disasters have to occur nationwide, thus justifying declaring "martial law" and imposing military rule and activating the PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS..

The Presidential Executive Orders that will be imposed under MARTIAL LAW will effectively turn America into a POLICE STATE with religious and speech freedoms abolished, and MUCH more.

My former CIA sources and military sources warned me from the beginning, as I first received information in 1995, that America will experience more and more seeming "disasters" coming to America, which will originate NOT with groups like "AL QAEDA" but rather our OWN military/government forces (called "BLACK OPS") with the intent of using them to either further legislation that is designed to take away our freedom in the guise of "BATTLING TERRORISM."

The lying and complicit major news media networks will publish and proclaim the "OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT VERSION" of these disasters, but in fact will only serve to cover up the truth about the origination of these "disasters" for the US government/military black ops.

This happened in fact with the Oklahoma City Bombing, "9/11" and many other suspicious events that have been used to further their NWO agenda.



Part 2

As I traveled across America and various parts of the globe to further unmask and uncover the truth about coming MARTIAL LAW/NWO takeover in America, I repeatedly heard from former insiders I encountered that when Americans hear the words MARTIAL LAW DECLARED NATIONWIDE, that would BE THE END for FREE AMERICA once and for all.

One information source with trusted contacts in Washington DC, Ed Pack of Spartanburg, SC,, told me about how his information sources in Washington DC uncovered the horrible covert government plan of "OPERATION RING OF FIRE," describing a major "black op" designed to trigger martial law nationwide through a series of MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS in major cities and strategic locations. These could be in the form of SUITCASE NUKES or even our own missiles from various bases, redirected towards internal targets, as one of my previous investigations uncovered.

LARRY WAYNE HARRIS, former CIA microbiologist become whistleblower, informed my radio listeners how he was paid at one time by the CIA to help develop deadly microbes, viruses and bacteria to later be deliberately unleashed against the unsuspecting America people. The complicit lying news media would then churn out the "official government version" to cover up the full responsibility of our own government and military.

Harris warned my radio listeners to fully anticipate deadly ANTHRAX releases over major cities and strategically targeted regions in the future, as one of their strategies to then declare MARTIAL LAW over those regions. He mentioned other possibilities as well. Harris has sadly been the victim of GOVERNMENT COINTELPRO misinformation in their desperate attempt to try to discredit his shocking revelations to the American people.

PROJECT HAARP military frequencies are fully capable of unleashing deadly WEATHER CRISES over America, and also triggering deadly EARTHQUAKES in the targeted regions.

Already I have been receiving emails with reports indicating evidence is being repeatedly uncovered of US military complicity in the triggering of the deadly earthquakes in HAITI recently. Such reports reveal HOW and for WHAT HIDDEN REASONS Haiti was targeted.

I want to emphasize again and again to my Christian readers that I was repeatedly informed by former insiders, that when martial law is finally triggered and declared and fully comes down, one of their major targets of NWO satanist wrath WILL BE THE CHRISTIANS. Insiders from the CIA and the world of satanism told me they hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA above all, because they stood in the way of their agenda more than any other group (with gun owners and Patriots falling closely behind.)

I was informed that brutal torture and death awaited the Christians (and all other NWO resisters) under the NEW WORLD ORDER and martial law, and that prisoner boxcars with shackles awaited them to take them to those infamous FEMA/military detention camps for brutal treatment and ultimately termination. Yes, I said TERMINATION as "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER."

Frankly, WHY should this surprise anyone in America? History does repeat itself. The Bolshevik communists did this. The Nazis did this. They arrested and brutally took away to camps, using the railroad systems, all political and religious opponents for elimination. and someday soon , it is also coming to the North American continent. over 800 modern detention camps under FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY and closed military bases do NOT lie. Thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned nationwide including throughout Canada and Alaska do NOT lie. And someday they will be used against us in earnest.


-Pamela Schuffert

Monday, January 25, 2010


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


I received a phone call from St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK. My brother was re-admitted Friday due to lung collapse again, and once again is in ICU. I gave the hospital consent today for him to be operated upon, for one lung to be drained and a biopsy performed.

Your prayers and compassionate financial support are appreciated more than you will know. Because of this worsening situation I must anticipate returning to Tulsa once again, with NO vehicle and NO funds at this critical time. This last visit exhausted all remaining finances completely. But it was blessed! I also thank God for the support of other Christians and the wonderful encouragement from my Church as well. The pastor, Richard White (who has known me 20 years now), is an amazing man of God who remains faithful to the Word Of God in every sermon to his congregation who also desire the pure word of God in today's often compromised church world.

God performed a miracle of enabling my brother to talk IN SPITE OF a tracheotomy tube in his throat and lung machine during this last visit! We had a wonderful conversation and he admitted that he knew he could die, but he also knew HE WOULD GO HOME TO BE WITH JESUS CHRIST if this happened.

I committed to him that I would come out to Tulsa and take care of him for the rest of his life if he survives this ordeal. But now it is all in the hands of the Lord God the Almighty.Praise and glory be to the Lord God and Jesus the Christ, His Son. forevermore.

Please therefore PRAY FOR JOHN SCHUFFERT in surgery today. I will keep you posted on his condition as I receive word.

You can send emergency financial support to me at: Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757. This will enable me to return to Tulsa once again to take care of him in his desperate condition.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ON THE AIR LIVE in the UK! Feb 14, 6:30-7:PM EST

Listen LIVE on the INTERNET SUNDAY February 14, 2010-

I just received an invitation from Kathryn Anastasi of TalkSport radio in the UK. She and Ian Collins have invited me to be interviewed on the subject of the NEW WORLD ORDER and the correlation of satanism.

If there is no "interference", they will be interviewing me starting 6:30 PM EST through 7:00PM Sunday night live. You can listen live via the Internet.

IF there is a problem, they will reschedule in the future.

Join me there!

Pray for God's grace to enable me to communicate vital information in a short time. "Big Brother" is intimidating many throughout the UK as well at this time. Many feel threatened there by what they see is also coming to their nation and throughout the EU.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from NC

Friday, January 22, 2010


Valuable Collector's Item NOW AVAILABLE to My Readers-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism form a Biblical Christian perspective-

January 21, 2010, NC-

Finally, I have returned from my visit to my brother in Tulsa.Praise God for miracles!

While visiting the home of my former webmaster in Tulsa, OK, as I visited my brother this past week there, I stumbled on quite a surprise. Although out of print for a while now, my former webmaster finally found in his home THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of "PREMONITIONS OF AMERICAN HOLOCAUST."

This was my original collection of my numerous reports initially uncovering of the New World Order agenda for America beginning in 1996, including documenting the original sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles and my interview with the people who tipped me off. I made it available to radio listeners over ten years ago. It was very popular and a real eye opener at that time.

It also includes the initial reports of the uncovering of the GUILLOTINES across America today, the AMTRAK death camp and the CIA officer who confirmed it, my interviews among the German military in America, the detention camps of death, and much MUCH more.

I have not had a copy even for myself for years now...every copy finally given away to people who desperately wanted it.

But NOW I can make this priceless original edition of my book, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, out of print for years, available to the public once again.

To copy this fully bound 8 1/2 by 11 full-size manuscript filled with my reports, and mail it out now costs me approximately $50.00. It is hundreds of pages of my original investigative reports from across the nation and worldwide, fully bound.

I am now offering this valuable collector's item for donations of ANY AMOUNT over my cost to reprint and mail it out to you ($50.00).

These funds will be used to help me relocate as quickly as possible to assist my brother John in his critical physical condition which I have outlined on my blog recently, as I pray for the grace to relocate to Tulsa, OK.

I took precious pictures of my brother in the facility in Tulsa, OK. I hope to get them developed and scanned into this blog as soon as possible, for your prayers for him.

You may order your copy of PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST by sending your urgently needed support and your request for each copy of this manuscript to:

Pamela Schuffert, C/O PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757.

Allow several weeks for printing/mailing time.

God bless you and continue to pray for my brother John in Tulsa.Thank you.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your Help Is Needed At This Time

I am returning to North Carolina this week, ending my visit to John temporarily, in order to begin preparations to relocate to Tulsa, OK, to take care of him. Many obstacles are in the way of this transition, however.

As my readers know, my transmission on my SUV gave out a few months ago, and it was towed to the junkyard for this and other problems as well. I have been handicapped due to lack of transportation, including the inability to obtain a job due to lack of effective transportation in the NC area where I have been living.

The two major needs I will have to pursue obtaining are living accommodations and transportation above all.

Without tranportation, none of this transition would be possible, in fact.

I am therefore sharing with you my critical need for financial support to enable me to return to Tulsa to be there to help my brother John with his crisis, as soon as possible.

Pray for God to bring in support at this time. If God should place this burden on your heart, you may send all emergency support to:
Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757
at this time.

This is a difficult and unexpected challenge for me to face at this time. But BY GOD'S GRACE, I can make it through to victory. And with your help, miracles can happen!

God bless you all, Pray for John and I.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Tulsa, OK

IT'S A MIRACLE! Brother TALKS for FIRST TIME Since Crisis

Just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of How God Answers PRAYER-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

It is a miracle! I went to visit my brother yesterday. He is laying in a medical bed, surrounded with all kinds of critically needed medical equipment, including a ventilator. He has a tracheotomy tube in his throat and a feeding tube in his stomach. Weeks ago he was IN A COMA and close to death.

But yesterday, following PRAYER IN A LOCAL CHURCH in Tulsa on Sunday, he was TALKING in spite of his tracheotomy tube in his throat! The doctor said that he should NOT be able to even speak with it in. BUT HE DID!

His FIRST words spoken since the crisis began was, "IT IS A MIRACLE!" He struggled at first to form the words, but finally they came. And finally, we were able to carry on a normal conversation for the first time. Halleluia! PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST our Savior and HEALER!~

He remains in alot of chronic pain. I watched as they inflated a special device to help transfer him for the first time since his crisis to a special chair, to semi-sit up. Pain from his broken toes suffered previously through a wheelchair running over them a few months ago erupted as they transferred him. He grimaced through the ordeal, but finally was securely in the chair.

We discussed his future. He made it clear to me that HE NEEDED ME with him through this crisis for love and encouragement and support. As a Christian and a family member, promised him I would remain with him to help in any way throughout this crisis. It will be be long term, possibly for the rest of his life.

Having worked for years previously (prior to my past 14 years in investigative journalism)as a home health care/nurse's aid caregiver to fund my missionary outreaches in the past, I am able to perform the needed help should he improve enough to be in a home situation. But for now he must remain in special care facilities, remaining in stable but guarded condition.

We also discussed gently the possibility of his dying, realistically. He suffered much brain damage due to lack of oxygen initially when his lungs shut down sue to pneumonia in both lungs and their collapse. He remains weak. He cannot move all his body parts at command. His hands and arms, once so skilled at playing guitar in church on Sundays, can barely move now.

But John received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior several years ago. His sins, which were many throughout his years of drugs and partying (tragically so typical of many of today's youth) are forgiven forevermore. He said that he knew if he were to die, he would go to be with God through his Savior Jesus Christ and was not afraid of death. Praise the mercies of the Living God, Who sent Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world.

Should he continue to overcome his circumstances, he will require much rehabilitation and therapy. But God and big sister will stand with him through his future.

Please continue to pray for John. I will be returning to the Carolinas to set things in order, and to work as rapidly as possible to relocate to Tulsa where John is.

You can actually mail cards of encouragement to John!

If you desire, you can send your cards with words of love and encouragement to: John Schuffert through my mailing address, since he is being moved back and forth at times from the therapy facility to the hospital due to further lung distress just experienced last Friday.I will forward them to his location. ALL encouragement is appreciated by John at this difficult time!

Just my visiting him and reassuring him I would be with him through this ordeal, and letting my love show, has made a incredible difference in his visible improvement already.

This is only one small example of the power of God's love working through us, in action. LOVE IS ACTION! The Bible tells us to love NOT only in word, but in word AND DEED OR ACTION.

God's love manifesting through each one of us should result in appropriate actions conveying the reality of that love for God and for others. God's love manifested in practical ways provided my help for Shlomo that he needed during the bus trip. God's love manifested in practical ways provided much needed food for the hungry I encountered during the bus trip.

Your prayers are a manifestation of your love and concern for others. God may lead you beyond PRAYER to ACTION as well. "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, " declared the Apostle James. "Prayer" is asking God to do something. Many times in response to prayer, God may ask US to do something about the situation we are praying about!

Our prayers, coupled with our Scriptural actions, can often make the critical difference in today's troubled world.

Purpose today to be a greater part of God's answer to a perishing world full of darkness and tragedy. Because YOU are important! You would not be in the world today, if God had no purpose for you here!

And thank you for YOUR love, prayers and support, always!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Tulsa, OK

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SAFE IN TULSA,OK, AT LAST! UPDATE on Hospitalized Brother

Finally...I safely arrived in Tulsa 3:AM Friday morning, to my wonderful Christian host family. Exhausted and struggling with normal human emotions regarding my brother's condition, I fell into bed and got some much needed rest. The bus ride was long and arduous, due to a major accident with several semitrailers that had a terrible accident, blocking traffic for up to three hours. All my connection were missed and I was delayed for ten hours in ST. Louis, MO.

But as I stated before in a previous post, many are the hidden ways of God! I prayed for God to bring people to me that needed help, assistance or ministry. Many young people who are traveling by bus are in crisis and do not even have money for food. I always pack enough for the hungry when I travel. And sure enough, one young man traveling to Seattle told me his situation, and said he was SO hungry! I made him several sandwiches and gave him other food items, which he gratefully received. I then asked his name, put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for Clint and his salvation.

And then, a most amazing event occurred. Frankly, I miss being among my many friends and contacts in the Jewish community. God has placed a deep love in my heart for them that is Divine. I prayed a strange prayer and said, "Father God, please send into my life a Jew from NYC to talk with...." I noted later a man boarding the bus, tall and distinguished, definitely European and dressing Old World style. He definitely did NOT look like any other bus travelers that day. I watched him as he walked around the bus station, and then he came over to the one vacant seat next to me. I cordially greeted him, and he responded. Immediately I recognized that accent. "Tell me...where are you from?"

He responded, "I am from Israel..." I immediately asked him, "are you Jewish?" He replied "Ken (Hebrew for YES." I immediately responded, "Shalom, mishpocah! Am Yisrael CHAI!" He couldn't believe that this American knew a LITTLE Hebrew. And this began a fascinating conversation.

His name is SHLOMO. He was a Polish Jew, rescued from the horrors of the Holocaust as a young child, who later went to Israel. He is now in America to write a book as he researches the three branches of Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative and Liberal. Though living in Boro Park in Brooklyn, NY, he was traveling to Dallas and then Denver to meet with Jewish communities for his book.

I felt such compassion as I listened to him. Elderly, he was obviously very exhausted from his journey and now this long bus delay. At times he appeared to have difficulty walking. I took his heavy baggage over to the front of the line where mine was and made sure he was among the first to board the bus safely. I promised to keep him in my prayers for his journey and safety and slipped him some money as well...something every traveler needs.

I actually told him, "You are a miracle! I just prayed to Ha'Shem (God) for Him to send me a Jew from NYC to talk to...and here you ARE...straight from Brooklyn, NY!" He smiled. After helping him safely to the front of the line to board the bus, he said to me
"You are very kind to me...." and disappeared to the back to collapse on the rear seats and fall asleep.

No, dear Shlomo, it is not I who am "kind". As Yahshua the Mashiach (Messiah) said, "There is NONE GOOD, but GOD."It is the love of God in my heart, placed there by His grace, coming to you through me. We even discussed the subject of "messiah" together. I asked him, "Tell me, do you believe, as Lubavitch teaches, that the Lubavitcher rebbe (leader) Schneerson is the Messiah? "

He replied, "No! He cannot be the Mashiach (Messiah)! Mashiach must BE ALIVE! Shneerson is DEAD. I have been to his gravesite...."

Dear Shlomo, how wise and how right you are. Schneerson IS dead. He is not risen, either. The true MASHIACH must be ALIVE! And that is exactly what MY Mashiach and Savior is today, RISEN AND ALIVE FOREVERMORE! Yahshua Ha'Mashiach is the ONLY TRUE MASHIACH, Biblically prophesied, tha the precious Jews will even be given by God. (Although Lubavitch Chabad and other groups work heard to try to produce the "new messiah...")

What an amazing encounter! And all by Divine grace.Friends, please pray for Shlomo, for his safety and his health, and that God himself will reveal the ONLY TRUE Messiah to him by Divine grace ("chesed.") He is a precious man. I felt God's love for him as I helped him in his journey. How amazing are the ways of God...

Today is Saturday. I will be visiting my brother to pray for him and talk to medical personnel about his condition and long term care. Thanks to YOUR intercessory prayers and the grace of God responding, he is no longer close to death. He is alert, although very weak and unable to move much of his body. He has been moved now to a long term respiratory care facility.

But when the nurse placed the phone to his ear once again, so I could talk to him while traveling to Tulsa, she said he indicated he could hear everything, and even mouthed "good-bye" when I said goodbye and they took the phone from him at this point. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD for His everlasting mercies through Jesus Christ our Savior!

And of course, pray for the victims of the earthquake tragedy that struck Haiti. PRAY that many people come in desperation and their crisis and heartache, to Jesus Christ, and out of the prevalent world of voodoo, witchcraft and satanism that tragically permeates Haiti, as my Christian outreach worker friends told me about their work in Haiti. Pray for my outreach friends LINDA AND JERRY Schmidt of VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER in Tulsa, OK. They have worked extensively in Haiti, and I do not know their status as yet regarding safety.

I continue to pray for you and for our nation regarding the perilous times we face in the North American continent. regardless of my situations in life, I devote hours to intercessory prayer over all the things I write about, and for my fellow Christians as we face the coming times of testing. This morning was no different. I awakened early to pray for several hours. Yes, PRAYER MOVES MOUNTAINS and DOES CHANGE THINGS! It can be used of God to shape the destiny of human lives and the destiny of a nation as well.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER! IF you are not yet a committed intercessor for God and His kingdom, seek Him for the grace to become one. Do not let the cares of this world rob you of the precious fruits and results of INTERCESSORY PRAYER and the power of praying "in the NAME OF JESUS"!

I love you and am praying for you and for our nation. God knows who you are, in His omniscient knowledge of all things.

And for those of you readers who do not yet know or understand the wonderful power of the Living God and His Messiah and Son, Jesus ("Yahshua Ha' mashiach" ) the Christ, take the time to discover this glorious reality today.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Tulsa, OK

Monday, January 11, 2010

UPDATE on My Brother in Hospital: GOOD NEWS

UPDATE-January 11, 2009

I have been keeping in daily contact with St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK and the ICU nurses. GOOD NEWS! Your prayers are being answered! He is SLOWLY improving, and in guarded but stable condition. They have had to intubate both lungs, and recently inserted a feeding tube in his stomach.

For the first time, a nurse was able to hold the phone up to his ear, and he HEARD AND RESPONDED TO WHAT I SAID TO HIM! When I told him I WAS COMING to visit him, he indicated to the nurse how happy he was, through hand squeezes and eye blinks.

I will be visiting him soon. However, he remains in much pain and must remain on pain relievers at this time.

PRAY for his condition to improve and for the pain to dissipate.

PRAY for me to have a safe journey to Tulsa, OK, and a safe and profitable time while visiting him.

Let me be frank and open with you, my cherished readers. My former webmaster, Ron, of Tulsa, was the webmaster approached by the FBI in 2003 and given the ultimatum for ME.

"Tell that woman that on a scale of 1-10, she rates an '8' in our priorities to TERMINATE HER and 'take her out'...we don't like her telling the American people the truth...." and on. It amounted to quite a threat and act of very cowardly government intimidation against me for simply exercising my First Amendment rights as a journalist. Ron was very concerned at this time when he relayed their blunt message to me.

My response however was that I was doing nothing illegal. I had an obligation to tell my fellow Americans the truth and I would not be intimidated into silence in this critical hour of America's destiny.

And this threat came from intelligence in Tulsa...the very city I am traveling to, to be by my brother's bedside and to help him in this urgent health crisis.

Please pray for my safety and protection, therefore, and that God's mercy and grace will prevail in these very difficult and challenging circumstances I must deal with. Your prayers will make the difference.

And IF I do not return alive, and my life is somehow taken or I disappear, I will count it a very small price to pay for obedience to God and to warn my beloved fellow Americans of what is to come to our nation. True Christianity is always sacrificial, always willing to lay down it's life on behalf of others, and counts it a privilege to give one's all for THE CAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior. Simply pray.....

-Pamela Schuffert

Explosive Satanist "Deathbed Confession" Confirms My Reporting

Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control-

The following was reprinted from Dr Henry Makow's website, with much appreciation for Dr. Makow's excellent website .

-Pamela Schuffert

January 3, 2010

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In an explosive deathbed confession, a former head of the satanist "Alpha Lodge" in Sydney, Australia, revealed the pervasive worldwide power of organized Satanism, which is synonymous with the Illuminati.

"Things are not as they seem -- and they have not been for a long, long time," he wrote, describing a wholesale betrayal of society by its ostensible leaders."Petor Narsagonan" aka "Frater 616" died March 25, 2004.

Recently, his executor, an "Aloysius Fozdyke" (their satanic names) sent the 15 pp. document by email to Arthur Cristian, webmaster of "" "I have felt it necessary to edit very little of this work," "Fozdyke" wrote to Cristian, "although legal considerations have ensured that some names and details were excised. It was his intention to have this published in the popular media."

What follows is a synopsis of this shocking document focusing on Satanic power and influence. Satanic influence is "now so pervasive as not to be readily noticed," Frater says. Satanists are laced throughout Australian society, and the pattern is replicated everywhere. [That includes AMERICA, my readers!-Pam]

They include politicians, doctors, high ranking police officers, lawyers, decorated military men, media personalities, fashion models and social workers. The most talented have lifestyles maintained by crime under a veneer of respectable professionalism and knowledge. [Note-My famous USAF father was tragically recruited into the dark web of satanism in the US military. He made our home life hell for many years until our Christian witness and prayers to reach him prevailed. He finally died a saved and forgiven man in November of 1998, by the grace of God.-Pam]

Marginal types (prostitutes, drug dealers) are important to Satanism but are merely tools. Frater explains he got involved in a satanic group in university in 1971. "I fell through a crack in reality...I escaped the mundane through one of western society's fault lines."

"A mentor" in the Satanic network set him up in the travel business and for years Frater live a life of unimaginable wealth, occultism and debauchery. He studied the blacks arts: divination, dark meditation, sacrifice, sexual vampirism, voodoo dolls and sex magic. Each day ended with a "Black Mass orgy of unforgettable and unspeakable delight."

The US-based "Church of Satan" was the public face of "an ancient body whose very existence had never before been imagined." He lists as "influential members" J.P. Morgan, Drs. James McDonald and Rene Hardy, the Kennedy's (including Jackie), Irving Berlin, Groucho Marx, Elvis Presley, Garner Ted Armstrong, Sammy Davis Jr., Ronald Reagan, Edward Heath, Thomas Plantard de St Claire and the Bushes.

[Note-The Bush Illuminati bloodline has worked ceaselessly to destroy America's freedoms and to bring us under the Illuminati's NEW WORLD ORDER communist regime that intends to destroy Christianity throughout North America under coming martial law.-Pam]

He later mentions Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas and Gerald Ford as members.


[Note-What have I been saying repeatedly?-Pam]

Intelligence agencies are instruments of the Illuminati central bankers.

[Note-This is especially true of the CIA and the NSA.-Pam]

Frater says, "American Intelligence Services" funded the occult. "Many of America's high ranking military men were members of various Satanic Lodges or kindred organizations." They overlapped with organized crime and drug trafficking. US and Australian Navy ships were used, as well as oil tankers.

Brothels and porn are a small part of the "International Satanic Empire" (i.e. Illuminati.) Most of the money comes from CIA drug trafficking (something I have previously written about through the testimony of former CIA/Naval Intelligence MICHAEL MAHOLY.-Pam], sophisticated blackmail, money lending and currency trading.

"The US Federal government dances to our tune ( a couple of steps removed, if you know what I mean!)" "Satanists of the highest order are behind a number of wealthy, Conservative, New Right Christian churches and organizations in America.

[Note-I have also reported on this.-Pam]

These are some of contemporary Satanism's best cash-flow enterprises (mostly indirectly) and allow mass indoctrination and networking.

[Note-Especially throughout corrupt CHRISTIAN TELEVISION involving people like PAT ROBERTSON, as friend of the Bush's, and John Hagee with his doctrines of demons and working for both Israel and American intelligence, as I found out.And there are many more.-Pam]

"Henry Kissinger first proposed using fundamentalist Christianity to bring about war, first in the Middle East and then globally. Kissinger "refined Hitler's 'Terror Technique' ... building tension within a society and then finding a scapegoat. Dark Path adepts do this ... to move people to more gross and hideous behaviors."

The aim of the Alpha Lodge is 66% illiteracy rates in the Western World by 2010, and "the destruction of at least 70% of the globe's population by the year 2030."

Most governments count on their "sheeple" to respond in "typical infantile fashion" and to identify with " a more powerful force-- even if it enslaves, brutalizes and humiliates them."Frater attributes the following to the "influence of Satanism in the modern world:"

-The developed world is heading toward Third World status because the central banks are owned by Satanists.[Like the Jewish Illuminati ROTHSCHILDS banking cartel family....-Pam]

-Multinationals rape the environment and reap the rewards from Australia's natural resources.

-The media in the Free World is "heavily controlled" and in bed with the government. [What have I said repeatedly about the controlled propagandist NWO media in the USA???-Pam]

-Fluoride in Australia's water supply.[And FLUORIDE IN THEE US WATER SUPPLY!-Pam]

-Educational standards dumbed down.

-Multiculturalism foisted on the First World (with exception of Japan.)

-Illuminati Satanists behind 9-11.

[Note-9/11 had nothing to do with Iraqi terrorists, but a much deeper and darker NWO agenda involving America, Israel and much more...-Pam]

-Mossad came up with weapons of mass destruction rationale for Iraq Invasion. Illuminati uses Israel to run US foreign policy.

[Note-As I have reported previously , Satanism and the Illuminati is rampant throughout Israel (I lived and researched for a while in Israel, and for years among the Jewish communities in America), and it was Jewish Illuminati who founded and funded their tool of destruction of the Christian civilization worldwide, COMMUNISM as well.-Pam]


Frater says politicians know that if they feign interest in the welfare of the sheeple, they will go along with their policies "because it is the line of least resistance."

"Homo sapiens are herd animals, after all! ...Give them an election with no policy choices and for the most part they are happy. Allow their children no real prospects of success, inhibit their natural drives, particularly their sex drives; limit their options, coarsen their choices and society (such as it still is) quickly falls apart into predetermined categories. No families, just weak individuals free to do as they are told. Satan is a wonderful 'systems man.' "

The first and foremost responsibility of government is to prevent devil worshippers from taking control.

It has failed.

[Note-Indeed, throughout North America it has failed as well, as my years of reporting on SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY can attest accurately to.-Pam]

What do we say about a youth who can't tell the difference between good and evil?

Increasingly this is the condition of society as a whole. The world is indeed controlled by Satanists who indulge in the most heinous crimes with impunity.

[Note-How true this is in America, where frequently Presidents and Vice Presidents and Congressmen and high level military and intelligence community officers (etc.) participate in grim human sacrificing/child raping/dismembering satanic rituals with impunity and NO FEAR of legal consequences..because there ARE NONE for the so-called "rich, elite and powerful"-Pam]

Membership in this club appears to be the price of success, whether political, economic or cultural. "Progress" and "social change" are synonymous with mass social induction into Satanism.

Frater 616: "Every hour of every day and every night, people are knowingly engaged in Satan's service. Human sacrifice--whether ritually and quicker, or slowly and degradingly over time -- is all harnessed to specific ends. "

"Politicians are introduced by a carefully graded set of criteria and situations that [convince] them that their victims will be "Our Little Secret." Young children sexually molested and physically abused by politicians worldwide are quickly used as sacrifices." The social contract is broken.

Any government that fails to tackle this cancer is illegitimate. Any society that tolerates it deserves what it gets.

[Note-And THIS is what is happening throughout AMERICA every single day...from the highest levels of the White House down through the ranks of every strata of society....all too frequently involving the teachers in our school system... the men and women throughout our military... people operating in the intelligence enforcement...and throughout our society. My many years of investigating SATANISM IN AMERICAN TODAY has uncovered this grim reality continually.

WHERE are the concerned and outraged Christians pastors of America exposing this? Where are the Christian intercessors weeping and fasting before Almighty God over this? God's Word makes it clear that he has commissioned HIS CHRISTIAN PEOPLE to use their authority in Christ Jesus to STAND UNCOMPROMISING against the forces of hell (which also compose Satan/Lucifer's NEW WORLD Order agenda endangering millions of Christians throughout America and worldwide.)

But ARE WE??? One former satanist high priestess told me after becoming a Christians and exposing satanism, the following: "IT was MY BURNING PASSION to bring forth Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda to the earth!"

How many Christians can honestly state, that it is THEIR burning passion to bring forth THE KING OF GOD ON EARTH??? How tragic it is when satanists', and Illuminati and their Communists often demonstrate more intensity and zeal to bring forth that which is damned eternally, than Christians who are commissioned by the WORD OF GOD to bring for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to this perishing earth???

"Thy Kingdom COME...THY WILL BE DONE...on EARTH as it IS IN HEAVEN!"

Ours is not ONLY a heavenly kingdom, my Christian friends! And when Satanists, Illuminati and Communists work harder and sacrifice more to bring their dark kingdom to fruition on the earth, there can only be bitter fruits reaped in the end by a complacent and apathetic Body of Christ as a result.

And someday, many of you will curse the very day that you did not stand up for the Word of God and His kingdom more intensely and devoutly, as we should have , in this ONCE Christian nation...America. Oh, weep, my fellow Americans and Christians, for what is soon about to come upon this nation and your churches and your children!]

-Pamela Schuffert

Saturday, January 9, 2010

True Tales of KGB/FSB Encounters In America

The enemy is all around us, and so often we do not perceive it.....

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout my year of training through the Slavic Gospel Association in 1979, following by decades of Christian outreach among the Russians, I experienced several notable encounters with Russian spies in America. They were very revealing!

God worked incredibly through one encounter with the KGB/FSB,as I worked at the Russian Christian camp in Connecticut one summer in the early 1980's, before the phony coup was staged in Russia.

(In case you did not know it, the phony "coup" and "overthrow of communism in Russia" is simply a major communist strategy to lull the West into deception and letting down all guards, to then strike America at the right time. The communists have planned for this to happen for many decades, even stating that someday "America will fall into our hands like RIPE FRUIT!"

And the NWO communist elements in America fully realize this and have been working to continue this deception through lying and distorted news media "bias and blackout," constantly reinforcing in the minds of the deceived Americans that "Russia and communism has collapsed" and "it's military s in shambles and no longer a threat, " etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someday all Americans will understand this perfectly...but by THEN, it will be TOO LATE. Never forget these words....

Spies are very skillful at using their children for many different purposes. Since the communists wage ceaseless war against Christianity and consider Christians to be "the enemy," they decided that our Russian Christian camp was an ideal target to spy upon. Much Russian Bible Christian literature was also published here as well.Many Russians and Russian Jews became dedicated Believers in Jesus at this wonderful Russian Baptist facility throughout the years. So the Russian government apparently wanted the camp documented.

And so, they used their two children, Igor and Olga, as pawns, bringing them to "enjoy the camp" for the summer. My constant prayer while working among the Russians is, for Divine revelation whenever I encounter a Russian spy. The day this family arrived, something strange was happening within me. I felt a tenseness and alertness, which gradually increased as I noticed them and walked closer and closer to them. As I talked to the parents, a warning was screaming in my spirit, "BEWARE!" They were friendly enough, and the children were adorable, but I have learned throughout the years to never disregard the internal warning sounded by the Holy Spirit within me.

I watched these children carefully throughout the summer. Gradually, suspicious things began to happen. As other Russian emigre children dutifully said the pledge to the American flag, these two children would defiantly cross their arms, looking scornfully at the flag. They both made fun of God. I began to compare notes with other camp counselors, and we began to agree that these two children exhibited signs of belonging to active KGB.

Finally, one former Russian journalist, Irena (who frequently worked for the KGB while working as a state journalist in Russia), visiting for several weeks from NYC provided the missing link. She took me aside and said excitedly, "This family IS KGB! I just received a letter from my sister in Moscow, and here in the newspaper article revealing that this man is high level KGB. He has put many people into prison....BEWARE!"

I related this to the other camp counselors. And from that time on, we purposed to pray for and love and minister the reality of Jesus Christ to them with greater intensity, knowing that eventually they would return to Russia. We would have this opportunity only once to reach these children with salvation through Jesus Christ!

And so the weeks of summer camp went on. Igor and Olga were exposed to the power and the love of God unlike anything they had ever encountered in Russia! And amazingly, before the summer camping program ended, BOTH had abandoned their atheistic communist upbringing, and had fully committed their lives to Jesus Christ for salvation!

Igor Senior, however, pretending to be a Russian dissident defector, busily pursued his KGB agenda of why he placed his children at the camp. I noted with interest one day as he took out a huge and very professional camera, and laboriously began to document all of the camp grounds and buildings on film. Here was no ordinary parent filming their kids at summer camp! He meticulously and professionally documented every building on the grounds.

In fact, here is one Ukrainian publication of 1978, in which Igor Sinyavin continues to pretend he is a "dissident" as part of his KGB spy cover. He always wore a huge cross, stating that he was a dissident (protester) and persecuted under communism. This is how he infiltrated into such organizations in America to spy on them, and the false pretense under which he entered America under (political refugee.) Here is one article portraying him as a dissident:

"...Below is the text of a presentation made by Mr. Boldyrev, as a follow-up to Mr. Igor Sinyavin's statement, at a recent session of the Americans for Free Captive Nations. Both Mr. Sinyavin and Mr. Boldyrev are recent Russian emigres from the USSR and are advocates of the national rights of the non-Russian peoples of the USSR...."

But in fact he was a KGB spy, and used his children at the camp as a pretense to document it's Russian Christian activities for Russia.

But God's plans were obviously greater! His children BOTH became born-again Christians with a foundation in the Word of God that had the potential to last for the rest of their lives! Halleluia.

Another encounter with KGB came through a Russian souvenir kiosk set up in a mall, used by the Russians for public relations. All these lovely Russian souvenirs were on shelves in this kiosk. I started talking to the operator, "Larissa." Trained by the KGB to be charming in PR, we had a polite conversation about the beautiful items she had for sale. I then changed tactics, catching her completely off guard.

"You know, Larissa, I love and pray for the Russian people. I would like to be friends with them. But MARTIAL LAW IS COMING TO OUR NATION, with the help of the Russian communists. There are many NEW detention camps being set up for Patriot Americans with the help of Russia, and Russian troops will be used to help arrest us and take us to the camps...." It was fun to bait her. I watched for her response.

It was electrifying. She almost fell on the ground with shock, that here was not yet another stupid American, but ONE WHO KNEW THE TRUTH! After attempting to regain her composure, she finally stammered, " are WRONG! WE ARE FRIENDS!"

Chuckling within, I smiled and said, "I wish that were true, Larissa....but I know what is coming to America." Abruptly, I changed subjects and pointed to one Russian item and commented on how nice it was. She regained her composure and resumed the role of the charming and petite Russian saleswoman at the kiosk. I then walked away.

I then decided to walk to the end of the mall, and casually come back past the kiosk. How very revealing eyes can be, especially expressive Russian eyes! I glanced as I walked past her once again, and instantly noted that the professional PR face she was trained to wear when dealing with Americans, was replaced by the look of a crafty spy. She looked at me intently as I passed by, a dark smile on her face and the question literally written in her facial features: "HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS???" (Working with Russian for years, I have learned how to "read" them and facial features and expressions, much as one reads a book.)
I am sorry, Larissa, and all other Russian Communists/KGB/FSB who even carefully follow this blog. (Yes, I have a reputation among the Russian spies and have been watched periodically for years because of my work among the Russians.)Not ALL Americans are naive or successfully dumbed down by the lying and complicit news media! There is a vast and ever-growing grass- roots movement of Americans who ARE becoming aware through alternate journalism, and who are waking up to the deadly threat of NWO communism and their planned martial law takeover. And the Americans I have interviewed and spoken to across this nation do NOT plan to sit back and merely LET IT HAPPEN UNCHALLENGED!

"NIMBY!" ("Not in MY BACK YARD!")

Americans need to become aware that most of these kinds of public relations operations like Larissa' in the mall, are indeed KGB/FSB fronts, to spy, to gather information , to plant disinformation, observe, etc.

I was eye-shopping in a high-end department store in a ritzy area of Washington DC, looking at the perfumes on the counter, when I noticed her one day. She was tall, beautiful, dressed seductively with a low-cut blouse, and demonstrating the more expensive perfumes that day. I knew from her appearance she was Slavic. And from years of experience among Russians, I immediately suspected that here was another KGB spy, planted in a high-end store where Senators, Congressmen and generals are known to come to purchase special perfumes and lingerie for their spouses...and also lovers.

Seducing spies lure Congressmen and Generals (and others) into their enticing webs by such means, then sleep with them to suck out all the information they can for the KGB. This is standard procedure among such women operating in the intelligence communities.

Women are often highly trained in the KGB in the art of sexually seducing the people that Russia wants to spy on. This store was located conveniently near major US government and military buildings in Washington, DC. And Hollywood could not have done a better job of dressing her seductively for the scene!

I dropped a little Russian language in her presence, and she lit up immediately. I told her my name, and she said her name was Ala Rabinovich. In the process of making polite small talk, she mentioned that her father was the cantor at one time in the Synagogue in Moscow, in fact.Realizing that she was a Russian Jew, I began to share with her about my work among Russian Jews, and how so many were discovering the joys of YAHSHUA, or Jesus the Messiah, in their lives. I handed her a Russian Bible, in fact.

Suddenly, she said, "Wait a moment...I have something for you." Bending over for several minutes, she retrieved a gold semi-solid perfume container containing "PAVLOVA" perfume from behind the counter. This is quite an expensive item. "Here...this is GIFT for YOU!"

Elated, I accepted this expensive gift. I didn't realize that it had a darkly hidden price tag attached: it would almost COST MY LIFE!

The ignorance and sweet naivete of Christians can kill them.

I never should have touched the contents of that perfume container. Covert KGB assassinations of those considered enemies of communism happen all too frequently throughout the years. In the eyes of Ala Rabinovich, I was "THE ENEMY" for more than one reason. I was A CHRISTIAN who was publishing the WORD OF GOD (forbidden under communism in Russia) among Russian communists. I was also a Christian who was declaring the word of God to her fellow Russian Jews, also considered by many Russian Jews to be a major offense.

I have been persecuted MANY times by Russian Jews, including rabbis, for my sharing of Jesus Christ among Russian Jews in cities like Chicago and New York City. Many of you, my readers, will never understand this world, until you have personally walked in it as I have. It is a real eye-opener to painful realities that many Christians in America simply do not understand. But by the grace of God, the love God has placed in my heart for such people and for their salvation has never been dampened. I love and pray for them to this day.

I eagerly took that perfume container home (I love PAVLOVA perfume to this very is a well known designer fragrance, in fact. However, the KGB had taken great pains to supply Ala with specialized "samples" that were tampered with and designed to eliminate perceived enemies of the Communist regime.

I sniffed the charming fragrance from that golden container, and then proceeded to rub a generous amount on my neck and wrists. AND WITHIN LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR, my HEART WAS RACING ABNORMALLY! Yet, I HAD no heart condition and was quite healthy. OTHER alarming symptoms began to rapidly appear. I immediately had to lay down, and as the deadly symptoms progressed, began to feel that I was slowly dying. I began to mentally put two and two together,and silently lamented the fact that I had blindly accepted this "gift" from someone I did not know, who in all probability was an actual KGB plant.

ONLY THE POWER OF INTERCESSORY PRAYER, standing on the Word of God for healing, throughout the rest of that fateful day as I laid in shock, prevented something terrible from happening to me as a result of that "gift."

I eventually recovered from this frightening attack. The PAVLOVA perfume container was immediately discarded, and my skin was washed thoroughly from all areas of contact. Realizing painfully after the fact that I had been attacked, it confirmed to me my suspicions about what kind of person Ala Rabinovich truly was.

But then, why should I be surprised, really? This IS war. The communist war is ever relentless against the American/Christian ( and all OTHER Christians worldwide.) So often, we as Christians allow ourselves to forget this important fact.After all, the news we are barraged with 24 hours a day doesn't mention this reality, does it? Of course, not! Not when the news media is largely controlled by American NWO communists!

PRAY for the salvation of Ala Rabinovich, her father, and the many others like her in our nation. She may be here for ONE purpose, but God has ANOTHER purpose, and that is to touch her heart and theirs with the saving grace and salvation of THE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST! For many are the hidden ways of God.....

As Christians in America, we must always remember: there is a GREATER battle then what we can physically see. The greatest battle of all , from the perspective of Eternity, is that for the ETERNAL SOUL TO BE SAVED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

I always keep this in mind when dealing with such encounters as these. While I pray constantly against the dark subversive activities of the communists, I also pray incessantly for the salvation of their eternal souls as well. For Jesus Christ died for ALL PEOPLE TO BE SAVED. We are battling for an eternal kingdom!

The godless teachings of antichrist communism will lead a soul into ETERNAL DAMNATION in the end. May the witness of Jesus Christ to lost souls such as the above turn many to the glorious power of the LIVING GOD through Jesus Christ.Christian readers, PRAY for God to encounter them with His mighty love and conviction here in our nation.

-Pamela Schuffert


Boast of Russian KGB/FSB spies, as related to me by Russian Christians in Spokane, Washington.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christian Heroes Under Communism-Vanya Moiseyev

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout my years of working with Russians and Russian Christian survivors/overcomers of communism, the powerful testimony of Vanya Moiseyev remains one of the most poignant and powerful witnesses for Jesus Christ and His power in the midst of communist darkness that the world has today. An excellent book detailing his life testimony and his subsequent circumstances of martyrdom in the Red Army, has been written by Myrna Grant, simply entitled VANYA.

I was personally privileged to meet one of his former pastors, Stanislav Nasteka, now in America, who confirmed it was all true. Here is one account of VANYA.-Pamela Schuffert

In the last letter that he wrote home, Ivan Moiseyev (known to friends and family as Vanya) urged his brother Vladimir,

"Don't tell our parents everything. Just tell them, 'Vanya wrote me a letter and writes that Jesus Christ is going into battle. This is a Christian battle, and he doesn't know whether he will be back.' I desire that all of you, dear friend, young and old, remember this one verse. Revelation 2:10 -- 'Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.'"

The next day, July 16, 1972, twenty-year-old Vanya died in suspicious circumstances. The Soviets claimed it was an accidental drowning. His family insisted that Vanya was tortured to death.

The son of peasant farmers, Vanya entered the army at eighteen to perform two years of required military training and service. Because he spoke openly of God, which was forbidden in the atheistic regime, Vanya was persecuted by his military supervisors.

His letters home and the tape recordings that he made on his last leave home, documented the cruelties used against him. At times he was starved. He was awakened and interrogated night after night, and often struck. For two weeks in the dead of winter, he was compelled to stand outside in his thin Summer uniform. He claimed that God miraculously warmed him.
Miracles confirmed his testimony. Once he was run over by a truck. He was told his life could only be saved by the amputation of an arm and part of a collapsed lung. Delirious with fever he prayed earnestly aloud. The next morning, he was completely healed.

On another occasion, he was challenged by his barracks to prove that God exists. The test was that God obtain leave for a certain sergeant. Leaves were hard to get. After asking God if he should accept the challenge, Vanya agreed. All night, he sat up with the sergeant explaining the things that he would need to know when he became a Christian. The next day, an authority from another town called and ordered the leave. The sergeant became a Christian and so did other men.

Vanya was an army chauffer. When every effort failed to break him of his faith, he was ordered to chauffer some KGB men. He did not return. A coffin arrived at his parents' home, welded shut. Vanya's mother insisted it be opened. A brother, who belonged to the Communist party resisted, but the rest of the family prevailed. Vanya was barely recognizable. Witnesses, Christian and non-Christian alike, signed a statement which declared that his chest had been burned. His face and body were lumped and bruised. Heel marks marred his body. His heart was punctured in six places.

Under Communist pressure, the non-Christians withdrew their testimony. The Soviet's claimed that the six heart punctures were from attempts to restart the heart with adrenaline after a drowning accident and that the other marks were from an autopsy. They claimed the Baptists made up the torture story to discredit the regime.

However, in light of thousands of other incidents of mistreatment of Christians in the Soviet union, and given Vanya's letters and recordings, the Baptist story is the more believable of the two. To cap matters off, Vanya's unit was broken up because so many men in it had become Christians.


Dewar, Diana. All for Christ. New York: Oxford University Press, 1980./li>
"Strengthened by Angels." Jesus Freaks. Voice of the Martyrs. Vision_Summer01.pdf
Various other Internet articles, mostly based on the book Vanya by Myrna Grant.
Last updated July, 2007
Note-In working with and encountering Christian survivors of brutal communism over the past 30 years, I heard many other accounts of Christian suffering and martyrdom, especially when working for years with the Russian Baptists in New England. You will find reference to this wonderful camp (Ashford Camp)on page 18 on the following link:

I worked here for five long summers in an long-term overnight camping program, often with up to 15 young Russian Jewish children under my direct care. Often these children came from the families of Russian dissidents battling against communism and for human rights, such as the KOVALEV FAMILY.

Little Anastasia Kovalev was an amazing daughter of the Kovalevs. She was a junior dissident in action! Her sense of humor was reflective of Russian dissident caution when uttering words against the Communist regime. (Her family had only recently come from Russia at that time.)

Anastasia would urge me to come into the corner of our cabin with her, to bend over and hear her political jokes learned from her parents.

"LENIN-DUROCK! Brezhnev...DUROCK!" In Russian, this meant, "Lenin is an idiot...Brezhnev is an idiot!" And then she would laugh and laugh, and all at the tender age of five years old!

These Russian Christians are wonderful people, filled with accounts of suffering, martyrdom and overcoming under decades of relentless Communist persecution.

American Christians have much to learn from their examples, from what they have suffered and how they overcome. American Christians MUST UNDERSTAND: America is about to go into NWO communist captivity. Persecution shall descend like a terrible flood across the North America continent, affecting Canada, Alaska and North America. Decades of planning by the world communists and their many allies (including the satanists and the Illuminati, etc.) have laid the deadly groundwork for America to become one vast GULAG system of detention and termination camps for all NEW WORLD ORDER/Communism resisters.

Commmunist traitors to our Christian heritage and our Constitution have successfully infiltrated the major power bases (political, news media, government, intelligence community, educational systems) of our nation, having done so gradually and relentlessly over past decades.

The Communists HAVE an agenda. Theirs is an agenda of malevolent and destructive hatred towards the Christians of America ( and throughout the world.) They hate the God that the Christians serve, and their world view is NOT a Biblically-based one. Therefore, they step out of the guidelines of what the commandments in Word of God permits or forbids people to do, and instead act out of lawlessness, cruelty, ruthlessness.

Rejecting the commandments of God's Word, Communists will do whatever it takes to implement their satanic world globalist communist agenda: murder, false accusations, persecution, lying news media, and whatever else it takes to accomplish their evil goals.

In fact, the actual "god" of communism is Satan/Lucifer. It was founded and funded into power in it's beginning by apostate Jews, void of the word of God, who worshipped satan (the Rothschilds and their many supporters and adherents,) planning the Bolshevik Communist takeover from New York City in the early 1900's.

The Rothschilds to this day remain a financially powerful Jewish Sabbatean (satanist) Illuminati bloodline family. They play a major role in fueling and funding communism for their purposes to this day, including in the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST I have reported on . They are the ones laboring to perfect the coming Biblically prophesied "CASHLESS SOCIETY" of Revelation 13 through their power in the financial world.

2000 years of traditional Jewish hatred against Jesus Christ and the Christians who believe in Him, coupled with Illuminati worship of Lucifer and his hatred of God and His Christians, forms the basis for their planned communist/NWO persecution of the Christians and the desire to eradicate it wherever communism seeks to take over in a nation.

I have had conversations with a former Rothschild Illuminati member, one who fully participated in grim human sacrifices with the Rothschilds and who was used to help the Illuminati infiltrate the US military with their NWO/communist agenda, especially in Fort Lewis, WA. Fort Lewis is a major military base of training the military to operate the modern GUILLOTINES that will someday be used to execute Christians who refuse to renounce their faith under martial law, backed by the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS mandating such execution of Christians as "idolaters" and "blasphemers of God". Doc admitted to me that while there, he both witnessed, and in some Illuminati rituals even used, these modern military guillotines on hapless victims sacrificed during their grim rituals.

I asked him, "Well, did they work?" He replied, "Just fine....."

DOC MARQUIS is a wealth of knowledge on this subject, as a former participant. When I talked to him about the roots of communism and the Rothschild, he immediately confirmed my research, stating how it was indeed planned by them and funded out of New York City at that time by the Jewish bankers Rothschilds.

But what should the Christian response be in light of such revelations and understanding of the truth behind Communism? This question must be asked, in light of a frightening event occurring throughout Germany and Europe today.

I discovered while researching 6 months in Germany in 2001, that there is a renewed underground uprising of THE NAZI PARTY among the youth today. This uprising involves thousands of German youth. When I investigated and reported on this in 2001, the last estimate was about 8,000 underground members and 7,000 open members of this Nazi youth uprising. And it has been spreading throughout Europe as well.

One member, Christina, took me to her apartment in Munich, Germany. She proudly showed me piles and piles of modern magazines, filled with pictures of Adolph Hitler and Nazi war criminals, and praising them as well. Pictures of Jews in synagogues and articles vilifying them also were in these magazines, I noted as I began to glance through several.

And then Christina began to recount to me the truth behind the New World Order (Communism) and the Jewish background and role, etc. Much of what she was saying was, in fact, historically correct about the Jewish communist threat to undermine and take over Germany at that time.

BUT HER RESPONSE TO THIS TRUTH WAS FOR THOUSANDS OF THESE YOUNG GERMANS TO RETURN TO NAZISM...which would obviously lead to the potential for another holocaust against the Jews. Nazism is a "religion" of hatred and intolerance. It led to unspeakable cruelties during World War II. Precious lives, including that of Jewish infants, children, and elderly were sacrificed in their attempt to root out the Jewish communists and their influence in Germany. And whenever innocent victims are sacrificed, even in situations such as this which threatened Germany, it is wrong...period.

And here is where we as Christians must decide now in our own nation: HOW should we respond to the truth about coming martial law and the Jewish communist NWO agenda against us? IF we are truly Biblical disciples of Jesus Christ, we must then turn to the eternal Word of God for the answer.

In the words of Jesus Christ Himself, we are commanded to love and forgive and pray for our enemies. We are commanded to turn the other cheek. We are commanded to have compassion on them and to pray for them.

There is no place in the Biblical Christian worldview, for the horrors of a HOLOCAUST that indiscriminately destroys the lives of young and old alike. There is no place in the Christian heart for retaliation, hatred and cruelty. We are to follow the examples and words of Jesus Christ to the end, including under persecution.

Throughout my years of working among Jews and Russian Jews, there has been nothing but God's love and compassion and tenderness from my heart ministered among them.In the midst of uncovering truth during 13 years of research on the NWO agenda, I have chosen to respond to the truth with prayer and God's Word.

However, do I PRAY AGAINST the darkness I see coming to our nation and against my fellow Christians? Without ceasing! I awakened last night and prayed for several hours, until dawn broke, about all I now know. Nor can I in good conscience advocate that Patriot Americans and endangered Christians merely sit back and allow such unprecendented horrors and crimes against humanity to take place unchallenged against the innocent in our nation as martial law comes down.

But it is imperative that we maintain, as Christians, the heart and mentality of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord when facing persecution. This is something we must all choose to do a true Biblical Christians in the hours we face.

For through your love, your forgiveness and your prayers towards those who tragically choose to become our enemies, many will be touched by the love of God and turn to God as a result. Many will be convicted of God regarding the wrongfulness of what they are about to do in our nation. And this is exactly what God wants. Through our prayers and Biblical responses, hearts are then moved, minds are changed, and God is glorified as His will is brought forth.

-Pamela Schuffert

Learning From Russian Christians Persecuted Under COMMUNISM-Aida Skripnikova

The following excellent article is republished from a Christian website. She is one of the many persecuted Christians I prayed for constantly.-Pamela Schuffert

Hero of the Persecuted Church Under Communism in Russia-

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA (ANS) -- Aida Skripnikova is one of the great heroes of the persecuted church in Russia, yes she has almost been forgotten by the church around the world.

She was known as "Aida of Leningrad” for her exploits on behalf of the suffering believers of the USSR.

Now aged 66, this charming Baptist believer is still serving the Lord in St. Petersburg, formerly Leningrad, and some time back she agreed to talk to me about her dramatic life and her battles with the KGB and so I thought it was time for you to become acquainted with her.

Aida was born in 1940 in a small town in western Siberia and she said that she did not know her father as he was arrested when she was just one year old.

“My mother, who was a Christian, brought up all of us in a Christian spirit, and since our childhood, we knew about God,” she said. “I remember my uncle, a preacher, being arrested together with two other brothers from our secret church.

When we would meet, we always had someone on guard outside of the place where we met for worship for warn about any danger.”

Aida said that her mother died when she was just 11 years old and she eventually moved with her other brothers and sisters to another town where she received an atheistic schooling.

“My eldest brother moved to Leningrad and, in 1960, I moved here, too and began to work. I lived in a worker's hostel and I wasn't interested in religious questions.

The beginning of her spiritual search...

One day, she said she was walking along the Nevsky Prospect, the main street of the city, with her brother and they came across a “House of Prayer,” and went into the service.

She also found a bookstore that she hoped would find a Bible, but they didn't have one in stock.

“A man who was standing nearby told me that I had the Gospel and he sold it to be for 15 rubles. I told my brother that I had been able to purchase it. Shortly afterwards, we found out that my brother had terminal cancer. My brother asked me to go to the ‘House of Prayer’ and find a particular man there as he wanted to see him. "

"We found the man, who was older than my brother, and informed him that my brother was in the hospital and he came and visited my brother and I remember he wrote out some verses from the Bible and recited some Bible verses as well."

“We took him home and all of a sudden he started feeling better and so he began going to the services held in a flat. I went with him for four months, but by autumn my brother felt much worse. "

"He said, ‘I have prayed that God would give me some time so I could prepare myself for death. He told me one day that he had had a dream in which he saw his mother and she told me tell me the story of the chapter 15 second epistle to the Corinthians and the resurrection of the dead. She explained to me what it meant. I then asked her if I would die and she smiled and left me.’ He died shortly afterwards. His name was Viktor and he was 25.”

This event caused Aida to become a regular attendee at this Baptist church and she came to know Christ in the fall of 1961 as a nineteen-year-old girl and immediately knew that she had to share her newfound faith with others.

So she purchased some postcards with a beautiful picture by Claude Lorain representing a harbor at sunrise, chosen possibly as a symbol of the spiritual sunrise she had discovered, and then wrote a New Year's poem on the reverse side.

The poem expressed her insight of life and the need to find God. The poem was entitled: “Happy New Year! 1962.”

It read:

Our years fly past
One after another, unnoticed.
Grief and sadness disappear,
They are carried away by life.
This world, the earth, is so transient
Everything in it comes to an end.
Life is important.
Don't be happy-go-lucky!
What answer will you give your creator?
What awaits you, my friend, beyond the grave?
Answer this question while light remains.
Perhaps tomorrow, before God,
You will appear to give an answer for everything.

Think deeply about this,
For you are not on this earth forever.
Perhaps tomorrow, you will break
Forever your links with this world!

Aida then took her postcards and stood on the Nevsky Prospect (which is the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) equivalent of Fifth Avenue in New York City) and, standing close to the Museum of Atheism, handed out her cards to passersby.

She was arrested and was tried by a Communist court in April 1962, was sent to prison and exiled from Leningrad and lost her job as a lab assistant. Aida, who by now had her own Bible, was inspired by reading the fifth chapter of the book of Acts and been struck by what the angel told the apostles after he delivered them from prison, “Go, stand in the temple courts and tell the people the full message of this new life.”

"She was arrested again in 1965 and was sent to a labor camp for a year. In 1968 she was arrested again and was sent to a labor camp for three more years,” wrote R. Kent Hughes in his book, Acts: The Church Afire, [Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 1996], 86-87).

Aida took note of how the apostles were arrested, tried, and flogged, but on their release they went right back to the temple courts and “never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.”

Postage stamp messages and chocolate cake-

Once she was free following her first imprisonment, Aida began a life that was similar to James Bond. She would pass out information on the trials of believers and also receive Scriptures from contacts in the West.

“We would send short messages back and forth written on the back of a large postage stamp,” she said. “When my contact received the postcard, he would steam off the stamp and read the message, which was usually about the next delivery.

Brother Andrew-

"When he came, I would give him information on various trials and he would bring Scriptures. We often met in the square outside the Winter Palace and then would go somewhere quiet for the Bibles to be passed to me.” One message was even brought in for her in a chocolate cake.

I first heard about Aida from Brother Andrew, the author of “God’s Smuggler” and founder of Open Doors, who would carry two pictures of Aida Skripnikova -- before and after her arrest. ______________________

Aida before her two imprisonments.

Arrested On Easter

The first picture showed her as a beautiful and vivacious young lady in 1968, the second showed her looking much older and haggard after serving three years for the “crime” of distributing, on a Leningrad street, invitations to attend a church meeting.

She told of her arrest at Easter.

“I wanted to go to the service on the Thursday,” she said. “It was to be held in a private flat and I did not know that they would be watching the house. I went to the service and when I was coming back from the service, I was standing at the tram stop and some people seemed to me to be suspicious, but I didn't pay much attention to them."

“I knew that some people were coming from Sweden and I had a bag with me to get their Bibles. I was very peaceful and calm and went home. The next morning, I went shopping to buy some milk and in the street a man came to me, an investigator, and there were police, and I was told, ‘You are arrested.’"

"Opposite that place was a police station and so I acted very calmly, at least on the surface. On the face of this officer, there was some triumph written. We entered the room and he showed me the file of the whole case and he showed me all the papers, which had my file.

"He said, ‘Aida, we know what you were doing and we were not sitting doing nothing, so this is the case on you.’ He also showed me the order for my arrest.’ They said they would search my home and there was a bag with Christian magazines and I was able to hide it before he could find it. I was arrested on 12th April 1968 and some people were due to come on the 15th from Sweden."

A message on the cell wall-

"I was locked in the cell of the police station. I was confused and I wondered if God didn't want me to continue my work. I tried to pray, but I couldn't. All of a sudden, I looked at the wall and saw written there in black ink, ‘The ways of the Lord are not understood.’ I discovered that it had been written previously there by one of our sisters had been in that cell for teaching the Bible to children. To me it was like the answer from God. "

“When the team from Sweden came, one of my girlfriends and one of the brothers went to meet them and they informed them that I had been arrested and had already been sent to the jail. This officer visited me practically every day. I felt they were in a great hurry with my case. All of a sudden, my officer disappeared and nobody came. "

"The people from Sweden sent a message by telegram to the jurisdiction in Moscow and the people at the jail were embarrassed at this and they decided that our contacts were so well organized and they thought that because the foreigners would watch, they decided to drop some of the items from my case."

"Usually my kind of case are ideological ones and the authorities give all kinds of false information, and then in a month another officer came. There was no evil triumph on his face. He said he was investigating the case of my pastor. ‘I like him very much,’ he said.”

She said that when the trial came about and because the foreigners were monitoring it, they allowed Aida to speak as long as she wanted to in her defense. "I was able to tell the court that it was true that there was persecution in the USSR and they didn't interrupt me."

After her sentence, Aida was thrilled to discover that the contacts with the Bible couriers from the West did not stop, but more people from the church became involved.

She then spoke about her life in prison and then a labor camp, the second time around.

“I was in the prison for six months and then I was sent to a labor camp in Moldavia,” she said.

“The conditions there were very hard, the food was very bad. We had to work there doing sewing. I was not depressed or afraid. Spiritually, I was uplifted. Later I was given a gospel to read and I spoke about Jesus with the other prisoners. "

"Everybody there knew that I was Christian and the prisoners treated me very well. They knew that I wouldn't inform on them. They trusted me. When I was set free, it was in 1971, and later in two years the conditions in the camp were worse. In my last year, the conditions got worse concerning the feeding and the camps became more crowded."

“When I returned to St. Petersburg, I rejoiced that the borders seemed to be open wide and the spiritual literature was coming to Russia. I was 30 already and I did not marry.

"Then I found out that an underground printing house has been opened and so the Christian literature and books were being printed in large numbers. Also Bibles and New Testaments were still being brought in from the West."

Transcript of her trial was smuggled out to the West wrapped around the body of a Westerner -

Still, her Swedish contacts were faithful and a transcript of the court proceedings against Aida written painstakingly on dozens of strips of linen sheet, and wrapped around the body of a Swedish Christian to be taken undetected out of the Soviet Union, translated and published by Keston College in England. Soon the world knew of her situation.

She said that in 1975, the Soviet Union signed the Helsinki Agreement and pledged that it would honor religious freedom. This stimulated “self-monitoring,” which led to another wave of arrests and consequent protests.

In 1976 Fr. Gleb Yakunin set up the “Christian Committee for the Defense of Believers' Rights” and systematically transmitted new information from all areas and denominations to Christian human rights groups in the West.

"Many Christians in the USSR went through the same trials as I did,” she said.
(Note-In fact, TENS of millions of Christians suffered in the former Soviet Union under communism.)

I concluded my interview with her in St. Petersburg by asking Aida if she thought that all the suffering she had endured had been worthwhile?

“Of course it was,” she said firmly. “The next time you come, I will share more with you and I will also tell you about our church. Our pastor was in prison and many Christians in the USSR went through the same trials as I did.”

This extraordinary lady
is still serving the Lord in St. Petersburg and her early life story was told in the book “Aida of Leningrad: the story of Aida Skripnikova”; edited by Xenia Howard-Johnston and Michael Bourdeaux and published in the UK by Mowbrays, [1972].

Maybe it is time now for a follow-up book to be written.

You may republish this story with proper attribution: By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries ________________________________