Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Call to Christian Intercession For THE ROTHSCHILDS

By Pamela Schuffert presenting journalist from a Biblical Christian perspective-

To many who understand the truth about globalization, communism and it's genocide of Christians, the New World Order, and the backing by the Illuminati families, including the heavily involved Rothschilds, this may seem like a strange request.

Some who know the truth may even say, "Pray for THEM? Why not CURSE the very day they were born and pray for God to obliterate them from the face of the earth, for all the evil and sorrows they (and their allies) have and will bring to the world!"

You don't understand the heart of God. God sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save those lost under Satan's dark power and control. He sent His Son to the Jews first. These Rothschilds fulfill the very heart of the purposes of God in sending His son: to turn men's hearts from the power of Satan to the power of the Living God, and to redeem His people, the Jews whom He called to be His own.

You don't understand. God's Word has spelled out the eternal and terrible damnation that these sadly deceived Rothschilds (and all OTHER Illuminati/Luciferians/satanists)will face for all eternity, as they take their orders from Lucifer to plot the NWO takeover of the world under Lucifer's control, and the genocide of ALL Christian resisters of THEIR antichrist (false Messiah) and THEIR New World Order.

The Bible declares that the wrath of God Himself will judge these "...who make war with the Lamb." The Bible tells us that "...and the Lamb shall overcome them"! The Bible declares that the smoke of their torment shall ascend forever and ever, and that they shall have no rest from the eternal torment of the Living God for their rejection of their Messiah and His free gift of mercy and forgiveness for their sins.

Bible prophecy perfectly predicts all of this that we can now see unfolding in our world today.The Rothschilds have been busily raising up their world antichrist, whom jubilant (and deceived) Jews have told me is their "new messiah" to lead them to world victory and to get RID of us Christians who "stand in their way." The Rothschilds banking family have of course played a major role in the preparing of the "cashless society" with Lucifer's mark involved, without which no man can buy or sell...even as the bible declares to us.

The Rothschilds and their cohorts in NWO agendas have also heavily funded the GUILLOTINE AGENDA to behead all Christians under the Noahide Laws. The modernized military guillotines have now been reported to be found in many of our US military bases, and in bases overseas as well. They have been sighted in the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles I have extensively reported on.

All of this preparation for their NWO takeover of North America requires money..and lots of it. But of course, this is something the Rothschilds have in abundance!

But there is something priceless that all their corrupt wealth and earthly power cannot purchase, and that is eternal salvation and peace within their hearts. No one who worships the prince of darkness and commits deeds of blasphemy and crimes against humanity on their satanic altars, to receive reward and power from Lucifer in exchange, can possibly know the peace of God!

I know: my own father at one time foolishly sold out to the recruitment of the satanists of the NWO. He yielded to pressure and temptations in Washington DC, and sold out to the devil.

My once warm, friendly and humorous father became a nightmare and terror to his own family in our home. He had no peace whatsoever. He would spend long hours in our basement, drawing his famous and well military cartoons for the US Air Force publication AIRMAN MAGAZINE, seeking relief from the horrible memories of the many rituals he participated in with others. But he could find none. He would emerge late at night from that basement, eyes bloodshot, in denial of the guilt and tears that often flowed night after night.

One evening he even told me frankly, " Well...I will probably go to hell...." He did not elaborate.

Such people never have peace of any kind. Satanism destroys any compassion that could be in a person's heart. Such people transfer their own hatred, anger, and guilt to those around them, making their lives miserable as well. My father did this all the time. Children under such parents especially suffer the most. Their tender hearts become wounded repeatedly from such darkness coming from their very own parents. They feel betrayed. After all, aren't parents supposed to be there to love them, to protect them from evil, and to nurture them? But satanist/Luciferian/Illuminati parents do not. Instead, they inflict great evil upon their children instead.

I received an email today talking about the ROTHSCHILDS. It included pictures of various family members, including Nathan Rothschild. My heart was instantly filled with pain within. Yes, I DO know what goes on on the inside of such families and their children as well. How my heart grieves for them, for their victims, for their children raised in such wickedness, and for their eternal souls and their destiny of damnation.

I have worked extensively with Russian Christians who suffered under decades of Bolshevik Communism. Communism is a directly product of THE ROTHSCHILDS and cohorts, planning the demise of Christianity throughout the world to make way for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCIFER.

How well I know the horrors of the brutal Siberian gulags, the torture BY COMMUNISTS of innocent Christians in such gulags or prisons, their temptations they put before Christians, to deny Jesus Christ who bought them with His precious blood. Jewish communists have successfully recruited Gentile followers of communism throughout the world, and the same thing happens whenever communism takes over: THE CHRISTIANS ARE SOUGHT OUT FIRST TO BE REMOVED TO PRISON CAMPS AND DESTROYED.

These NWO globalists are coming now to North America to DESTROY CHRISTIAN FAITH from the face of the earth! And this is their sad agenda they have created now for our beloved AMERICA.The same kind of suffering, persecutions, temptations and martyrdom that Christians have faced under Jewish inspired and funded communism in nation after nation, is going to take place some day RIGHT HERE IN NORTH AMERICA someday.

But WHO are the REAL losers IN THE END?

NEVER THE CHRISTIANS! For those who will remain faithful unto death, a great and eternal reward awaits! "In ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us!" This is the eternal promise of the WORD OF GOD.

Rather, the REAL losers are those who chose to forsake the mercies of the Living God and to to turn to the hater and destroyer of their souls, Satan/Lucifer instead. Lucifer can NEVER defeat the LIVING GOD! He is in fact DEFEATED ALREADY! His fate is clearly spelled out in the infallible WORD OF GOD: he will be cast into the LAKE OF FIRE to be tormented eternally, even forever and ever. And this is the sad fate of ALL who are deceived by him as well.

I took a long look at the various photographs of the ROTHSCHILDS today, and began to pray for each and every one, and their children as well. How deeply my soul grieves for their eternal fate! And I realized, even as I gazed at their pictures, that soon they will be no more...their judgment from a Holy God is certain! To be cast from the presence of a Holy and righteous God, Who in His mercy called them to repent ceaselessly, into an eternity of torment and regret that will have no end.

This is the fate of all those who war against the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ and His elect. The Rothschilds and all other Illuminati families are in fact warring against their own souls! We Christians have been enduring persecutions and martyrdoms for 2000 years now throughout the nations for our steadfast faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The coming persecutions they are preparing for us in North America and worldwide are nothing new! And the Christians of this generation will also overcome Lucifer's attacks by the blood of the Lamb, their testimonies of Jesus Christ, and their faithfulness unto death.

Knowing what great persecutions I also face for my faith, including for my reporting exposing their NWO, I nevertheless consider myself to be very blessed indeed! For my sins have been forgiven! I have become a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ! Death has no power over me! I have been granted ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior! And the sufferings of this present world shall be over soon.

And as for the Rothschilds? Even now they live under the wrath and judgments of the Living God for their sins against God and crimes against humanity. They can have no peace within. ALL their money and material goods and earthly corrupt power cannot save them!!!

"He that believeth not IS CONDEMNED ALREADY, because he has not believed in the only begotten Son of God, "declared Jesus Christ.

Therefore, as I research the coming persecutions planned against the Christians in North America under their New World Order, my tears are not for myself. Rather, they are for THEIR eternal souls, so foolish to believe they can escape the wrath and judgment of God Almighty in their NWO folly!

Dear Rothschilds reading this, please come to the mercies of the Living God through Jesus Christ... the ONLY Messiah God will ever give to the Jews, and the world...while you can. I am praying for you. And now so many of my readers are praying for your eternal souls as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Also:MORE of John's incredible Christian testimony of freedom from 40 years of drugs:

" The Insane SIZE THIRTEEN Shoes Adventure"

(Or, "Be SURE Your Sin Will FIND YOU OUT")

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

FINALLY! Both YOUR prayers and mine have been answered by the Mighty God of our Lord Jesus Christ! My beloved brother is now living in a faith-based Christian nursing home, and is very happy at this time. Your prayers helped to make this all possible. My now Christian brother is rejoicing at the goodness of God in his life at this time, and thanks everyone of you who have been faithfully praying for him. Thank you!

I spent a very interesting time with my brother during the Holiday season. We sat together and reminisced over the past...his past. It was as if the ghosts of his Christmas past were emerging and bringing memories with it. It was not a pretty picture as we quietly discussed past events in my brother's life before he finally surrender his life to the Lord of mercy and grace, Jesus Christ. Painful memories of John's years of involvement in the drug scene are never good memories.

I will never forget one particular Christmas past, when John was living with my mother and I in a Christian retreat. My loving and well-meaning Christian mother was trying SO hard to get rehabilitation and help for my brother. But as it is so often, tender mothers trying to save their children from sin and drug bondage can often become enablers instead. Often, they just cannot bear to be hard or firm ("tough love")on their children. And so, taking their children in and trying to be helpful and kind to them, actually backfires on the parents..and that child on drugs will eventually use the goodness of the well-meaning parents to his/her own advantage and never come clean from drugs at all.

I was awakened on that unforgettable morning to a knock on the door. I opened to find a police officer standing on the porch. (Sigh...little brother, WHAT have you been up to THIS time, I remember thinking.)

"Uh, good morning can I help you?"

"Well, ma'am, we received phone calls in your neighborhood from people reporting thefts from their storage lockers behind their condominiums. When we went to investigate, we found a trail of large footprints leading through the snow from your back porch, to all the neighbors' storage lockers, and leading back to YOUR storage locker..."

(By then I was fuming internally. Little brother, you IDIOT! How could you forget that snow had just fallen last night and SNOW leaves FOOTPRINTS..and YOURS are a massive SIZE 13!)

The police officer continued. "Ma'am, can we go look in your storage locker...please?"

Sure officer, no problem, I thought as I led him to the back of our condominium.

As I led the police officer to the storage unit behind our condominium. I noted that there were the telling size 13 footprints leading to our unit. I groaned within as I gave police permission to open our storage unit.

Crash! There were so many stolen goods pilfered by my brother from our neighbors, now piled high in our unit, that they almost collapsed on the head of the hapless policeman!

"Uh, ma'am, these items look like the stolen goods described to us at the police station...." said the officer as he looked at the stolen stash before us.

"Does anyone else live here at this address?" Looking at my shoes, he quickly realized that the thief with the tell-tale shoes was not me.

Oh, how I hated to have to tell the police officer that indeed some else did, and that it was my brother who wore the guilty size thirteen shoes.

"Yes, officer, my brother John....he wears size thirteen shoes...."

Oh, how pain filled my heart as I was compelled to tell the officer the obvious truth that morning. I loved my brother. I and my mother had prayed for years for God to set him from from the cruel world of drugs and it's terrible bondage.

That morning I was forced to watch as my brother was arrested for theft and led away in handcuffs. And I, his dear sister, was the one who had been compelled to become the snitch.

That foolish act of theft the night before cost my brother dearly: 2 1/2 years in prison!

As we sat in the nursing home Christmas time this year discussing this event, I asked my brother, "HOW could you have been so insane as to not know your footprints would lead the police right back to OUR home and to YOU, John?"

Smiling sheepishly, John looked at me and admitted, "I had been stoned out of my mind with cocaine that night I stole those things....I later cursed my own stupidity after I was arrested and came down off of it to find myself back in jail...again." The purpose of the thefts was to be able to later pawn the stolen goods the next day and get more money for...what else... MORE drugs!

John then said to me, "You know, I don't even like to remember these things I used to do before I found Jesus..."

I understood and agreed. We both acknowledged that his sins were fully forgiven by Jesus Christ, and he did not have to live in the guilt of the past, ever. Through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, the ghosts of sins committed Christmas past (and all other times) can be banished as painful memories forever.

But I then reminded John how priceless his Christian testimony is, as a former drug user/dealer, to the young people of today who do NOT know Jesus as their Savior and think that the world of "drugs, sex, rock n' roll" is SO cool.

And this is why John has given me his permission to share his past with my readers. How many of the parents reading my blog suffer emotionally from their children's involvement in the world of "party on, dudes" and drugs and sin? Or spouses?

John wants his true testimony of deliverance from the sordid world of drugs and crime to become an inspiration to families going through what our family once endured because of John.

John knows now that living for the devil in this world of sin and corruption ONLY leads to death and destruction. How many of his friends are now dead or in prison, who once ran with him and thought this lifestyle was so popular and cool? John also knows that the ONLY One who was able to set him free from this lifestyle, was the Living God through Jesus Christ, now his Lord and Savior.

Please, if you have someone in your family who is on the same path of destruction as my brother John was, don't hesitate to print this article off the Internet, and give a copy of John's powerful testimony and words of warning to your loved one involved in drugs.

Such a
powerful testimony as John's, coupled with prayer ad the witness of the Holy Spirit, has the power to convict many also involved in the same path to hell.

John does not want to see anyone travel down the same path to destruction as he did for 40 long years. Neither do I. Nor does God!

Always remember: there IS hope through Jesus Christ for YOUR loved ones!

NEVER stop praying, fasting and witnessing to that family member or friend involved in the darkness. It WILL bear fruit someday. God's Word has promised that His Word will not return empty and unfulfilled, but accomplish the reason for which it was sent forth.

God's blessings upon you and your loved ones this New Year, in Jesus' wonderful Name!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Thursday, December 23, 2010

So You THINK the World Doesn't Need JESUS...???

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

As Christians throughout the world take time from their busy schedules to observe celebrations honoring the coming of the Light of the World, Jesus the Christ, to this dark planet, it becomes a time of deep reflection for all of us.

As I pondered the true meaning of God sending the Savior to this sad world, I began to think about the consequences of the world rejecting it's only Hope, and turning to it's own evil devices instead.

Throughout this nation during recession, many people are facing a bleak holiday season with no job, no income, and much crisis as a result. Young people are telling me that they wonder if they will even be able to find a job once they finish college. Many are losing their homes now. Homelessness is increasing nationwide. Americans face many problems in today's world.

Tragedy is occurring throughout different parts of the world even as you read this. Wars and revolutions are raging in distant nations. Disasters of many kinds are taking place worldwide. Famines and plagues are sweeping throughout various regions of the world. We frequently hear of earthquakes in different places as well, ending the lives of countless victims in their dread wake. Tsunamis and hurricanes and tornadoes frequently take their deadly toll on human lives as well.

Our 21st century world is perched on the precarious brink of WWIII, with various nations amassing weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, biological, chemical and now exotic futuristic weapons as well. America is doing the same thing. It seems as if the whole world is marching towards Armageddon!

Planned persecution and actual genocide plans against the end-time Church worldwide is in the making, and North America is not exempt from the coming sufferings of the end-time Church.

I can only shake my head in disbelief as I discuss world events with people I encounter every day. There are those in the secular world who reject Jesus Christ as the answer, and say with contempt that "...the world doesn't need Jesus!"

Oh, really? CONVINCE ME!

IF the people of today's world would give heed and obey the Word of God and His Son...

-There could be no more wars.

-There would be no more murders or abortions.

-There could be no more drug dealers or manufacturers.

-Adultery, fornication, rape, pedophilia, pornography and all sexual offenses would stop.

-There would be no more organized crime.

-There would be no more spousal or child abuse.

-Satanism and it's crimes against humanity would utterly end.

-Terrorism would cease to exist in all it's forms.

-Corruption in leadership worldwide would end.

-Deadly cults would cease to exist, and with it their terrorism and oppression of the people of God.

Think about it.

God's answer to ALL the world's present problems is SO SIMPLE!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."-John 3:16

God's simplicity is the answer to the world's complexity of problems: He gave HIS SON!

Therefore take the time to pray with me for this sin-darkened world we live in today.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will enlightened every lost soul regarding the glorious truth of Jesus Christ, the Light of the world.

Pray for God to restrain the madness of world leaders walking in darkness, intent on their world conquests and corrupt godless agendas.

Pray for God to raise up a true and faithful end-time people to be glorified in throughout the world, and to reach the lost of this generation for His glory.

Pray for those without churches or Bibles, to encounter His word regardless, and for God to send forth laborers to bring the precious word of life to the lost throughout the world. And to America as well: America is filled with unsaved souls!

May God use all of us to reach out in love and compassion to the sick, to the poor, to the lost and perishing at this time of the years, and all others as well.

In Jesus' precious Name!

Much love to you all this time of the year, and thank you for your prayers as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Four American States Secretly Awarded to RUSSIA

America has truly been sold out to our enemies...while America slept.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There are four states that have been secretly awarded Russian takeover completely in the future, and the Russians living in those states know this...and many are openly bragging about this as well to bewildered Americans AND resident Russian Christians.

I was given this information by none other than Pentagon source AL CUPPETT some time ago. I finally decided it was far past time to write an article uncovering this tragic betrayal of our nation and her citizens. Especially after visiting the Pacific Northwest region extensively and discovering the large Russian populations in each of these four states.

Those four states are: WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO and MONTANA.

These states have been secretly been awarded full Russian control in the future under martial law to RUSSIA, as a gift of appreciation from the NWO elements of our US government, for Russia's cooperation, both presently and in the future US martial law takeover agenda. Their Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic troops will be used heavily against resistant Americans under martial law.

These Russian troops will be used under martial law to break into homes and seize weapons, march Patriotic/religious America people off to prisoner boxcars to be taken to the detention camps, Bolshevik style, to be eliminated.

In Washington state some Russians are openly bragging that Washington state no longer is AMERICA, as up in Moses Lake, according to one member of the Constitutionalist party there.

This member personally admitted to me that military type Russians are strutting around, looking at every American suspiciously, stating, "Be careful what you say, be careful what you do : THIS IS NO LONGER AMERICA!"

Russian Christian immigrants in Spokane WA, told me that Russian spies are bragging to them privately, saying,


These four states admittedly are filled with many Russian immigrants, Washington and Oregon especially.One patriot group told me that there were more confirmed Russian KGB/FSB spies in WASHINGTON STATE than in any other, to their knowledge.

I have spent time in Oregon, noting the huge Russian population there. I also attended Russian churches there as well.

I have personally lectured in two Russian churches in Montana on the subject of MARTIAL LAW. They were very attentive and very concerned.

This is a major reason why Russian troops have been rehearsing in military practices in the high mountains of Montana, according to eye witnesses I personally interviewed. Russians will have to work hard to uproot and remove the strong and often militant Patriot community from those cherished mountains and remote wilderness regions of "BIG SKY COUNTRY."

This is a major reason why one Montana state trooper admitted that he observed a convoy of Russian military with US military DOD badges, hauling heavy military equipment up into the northwestern mountains of Montana. he pulled one over who showed him his DOD badge and admitted he was RUSSIAN. The state trooper peered into the trailers they were hauling and noted the heavy howitzer type cannons they contained among other weapons of war. It is believed that these powerful weapons were being hauled to a permanent secret military location(s) for future use against Patriot resisters of the NWO under martial law, heavily entrenched in the mountains of Montana, as my years of research uncovered.

So many preparations for NWO/martial law takeover are going in in those four states, I noted as I toured and researched for years in this region. Also there are so many sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES have occurred by locals throughout that region as well.

I used to wonder WHY there was seemingly so much NWO preparation throughout that region, UNTIL I remembered the words in one report of AL CUPPETT some years ago, of Russia's future annexation of those four states.

Although I cannot prove this, I suspect that ALASKA has already been secretly awarded to Russia as well, for obvious reasons. It is the one state closest to RUSSIA. A military tunnel has been created between Siberia and Alaska, bored by nuclear melting equipment. Russian insiders including one Russian pastor in Denver told me personally about this. The largest detention camps known is the one located in Alaska. It is only accessible by train or plane, can hold one million prisoners, and has a human crematory oven to dispose of those terminated under martial law. This camp flies joint RUSSIAN-AMERICAN FLAGS and is under the control of RUSSIAN MILITARY ADVISORS.

Prisoner boxcars with shackles are heavily entrenched in Alaska. One welder I interviewed in Montana (Ken) told me that he met with three welders from three different states, who told him that they had all been to ALASKA for recent work, that many welders were going to Alaska for special work to weld SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS.

The Alaskan railway had been extensively renovated around 2000, upgraded at feverish speed and using high tech modern railway equipment to replace miles and miles of worn railroad tracks and ties.

Several former American military bases have been closed in recent years in Alaska including Camp Greeley, and I was informed they would be used as PRISONER DETAINMENT CAMPS in the future. (Can Alaska become AMERICA'S FUTURE GULAG, as SIBERIA was to Russia?)

Russian military are building detention camps on the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska, as Lenny Bloom informed me a while ago while I was being interviewed on his radio broadcast CLOAK AND DAGGER.

Russian Communists are experts in using their railway systems through past decades of oppression under communism, to transport millions of hapless political and religious resisters of their communist NWO takeover of Russian and Eastern Europe as well.

It is not surprising that Russians will play a major role in the NWO globalist/communist takeover of America. Their pattern is being followed here in America with the building of hundreds of modern detention camps (FEMA/HALLIBURTON, KELLOGG, ROOT AND BROWN/ HOMELAND SECURITY and military camps as well) for detaining of political/religious NWO resisters in North America. All these camps are accessible by rail or planes, and many relying on the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles for prisoner transport.

I will never forget standing next to Militia of Montana leader JOHN TROCHMAN on time as I interviewed him in Noxon, MT. He pointed up into the air and said, "SEE that high altitude plane flying overhead? I have viewed many of them with powerful binoculars, and they are RUSSIAN planes!

Canadians living in that same Pacific Northwest region told me that they have witnessed huge planeloads of Slavic military troops coming off their planes, destination unknown in Abbotsford, BC at the international airport located there.

There is so much more I could say about all this.

American Patriots and Christians living in thes four endangered states, be aware and pray fervently for divine intervention in your states at this time and in the future.

-Pamela Schuffert

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beware of Commercialism and Deceptions at Christmastime!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Christmas is coming soon! And how many people are now busy shopping and spending money and using credit cards and getting into more and more debt? Is this a time for commercialism and and going into bondage and debt? Or is this a time for celebrating the Son of God coming to this dark world we live in?

Of course I understand the many aspects of "Christmas" and some of it's pagan festivities now involved in many "Christmas" celebrations. Yule logs, holly, mistletoe, Yuletide, winter solstice...all this is not of God nor Biblical. Nor is the extreme commercialism involved in present day American "Christmas." The "Christmas tree" is NOT Scriptural, but rather pagan in background. What a waste of precious trees by the millions worldwide at Christmastime, when the world is suffering from loss of trees every single day!

But any time that is used to celebrate the Son of God coming into the world we live in, is acceptable in the sight of God when presented Biblically and celebrated with JESUS CHRIST and HIS GLORY in mind.

"SANTA CLAUS" is an abomination in the sight of Almighty God. He is the counterfeit of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the false god of commercial Christmas.

No, he does not know "who has been naughty or nice..." but Jesus Christ does! NO, he does NOT see you when you are sleeping, or know when you are awake, but Jesus Christ DOES!

He is not omniscient, but Jesus Christ and Almighty God ARE!

Do not teach your children to believe in this terrible deception and lie of "Santa Claus"! But rather teach your children to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ instead at this time of the year.

Santa Claus cannot save anyone from sin, but the Lord Jesus Christ can and does.

Let's get back to the true and Biblical roots of celebrating the Son of God coming to this dark world, and do so Biblically and righteously and with His glory in mind.

With that said, I am wishing all my readers a Biblical and loving Christmas, with true eternal Christmas birthed into all hearts through receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior into your

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NEVER SURRENDER Your Valuable Emergency Food Supplies Under Martial Law...and WHY

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many of my readers have already performed research on the planned coming NWO takeover of our nation. Some of you have read the PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS already signed by previous Presidents, with NO consent or approval from the American people.

These EXECUTIVE ORDERS pertaining to MARTIAL LAW make it clear that we are going to become prisoners of a dictatorial police state in the future, as these executive orders become the law of the land.

FEMA will be used to brazenly attempt to seize any land they want, any buildings they desire, any people they want as well, even separating family units.

FEMA also plans to arrogantly break into you home to seize any surplus food supplies you may have stored up for your family in times of crisis. This, of course, is ridiculous and borders on the insane.


In 1999, I had my own radio broadcast entitled "Defenders of Liberty" broadcast through WWCR radio out of Nashville, TN. After one particular broadcast, a man called me personally. He informed me that he was a specialized construction worker, and had just finished an assignment that was fascinating and disturbing.

"I and my work buddy were hired to perform construction on top secret underground military facilities that seemed like huge refrigerated food storage units...the size of FOOTBALL FIELDS!Everything we did was highly monitored. Military men in white HAZMAT outfits supervised our every move. If we even dropped a nut or bolt, we were instructed to pick it up again. Security was tight when we went in and when we came out."

"I remember seeing one food storage location where there was nothing piled in it from top to bottom but cheese, for example..." I was fascinated as I listened to him explain this strange job he had recently performed.

Several years later, I heard from one investigative source that anonymous USAF from Kirtland AFB in NM had admitted that "..we are now storing up to ten years of EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLIES in the deep underground military bases across America, in full anticipation of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE. Because of America's policies in the Middle East, it is NOT a matter of IF, but WHEN: there WILL BE NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICAN SOIL."

Now isn't this outrageous???
While the US military is storing up emergency food supplies to last at LEAST ten years during an anticipated time of nuclear war with our enemies, we the American public have been told that emergency food storage is considered "hoarding" and is therefore is subject to seizure by FEMA under martial law emergencies!

Wait a minute! I thought our US government and military were here to protect the American people! And just what kind of "class system" is this?

While the ruling and military elite can anticipate safety in their deep underground base/cities, complete with many years of food supplies for THEM, "WE THE PEOPLE" have NO nationwide fallout shelter systems in place throughout America to preserve the lives of millions of American citizens under the anticipated coming nuclear holocaust, NOR are we even allowed by our own government to store food intended to PRESERVE AMERICAN LIVES in times of crisis???

WHAT US GOVERNMENT/MILITARY HYPOCRISY IS THIS! Is there a caste system operating here, or what???

For those of my readers questioning whether FEMA really means to seize our emergency food supplies under martial law, just read the following true account:
While performing my research in western Montana, I encountered a true American Patriot in Libby, MT, known to locals as the "honeybee man." He had set up his stand in Eureka, MT, to sell his product during their annual fair. The "honeybee man" was a part of those courageous Montana patriots who have done their homework, understand perfectly wheat is planned for our nation, and has responded as any red-blooded Patriotic American man should to protect his family and children. He possessed firearms (legally) and ammunition, and had emergency survival supplies including food.

But one day, a stranger moved in next door to him. He finally admitted the truth to honeybee man. This man had the audacity one day to inform honeybee man, "I'm here with FEMA, and under martial law I'm authorized to seize your food supplies and ..."

Honeybee man simply smiled at this man's Federal government agent's arrogance, and told me his reply to the Fed was, "Oh NO YOU WON'T! NOT with my buddies 'SMITH AND WESSON' helping me!" Of course he was referring to his firearms.

Federal fools.... do they really think that Americans will surrender their Constitutional and God-given rights and Biblical mandates as well, to allow these thieves to steal their hard earned emergency food supplies in time of crisis?

Never surrender your right to bear arms or to defend and feed your family. This has always been a part of the true American legacy. NEVER surrender! It is a Biblical mandate to provide for your own family. Man's laws can never supersede the higher laws of ALMIGHTY GOD.

"One nation UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all...." Amen to that!

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The NWO Resistance Movement is Growing Across America

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Every day, as I pray for God to lead me to the right people to minister to or encounter, I find myself amazed at the kinds of people I meet.

Yesterday, as I was driving down a local highway, a truck passed me. I was jolted as I read the words spray-painted on the tailgate of the truck: WWW.INFOWARS.COM. INFOWARS is the website of Alex Jones of Austin Texas, who has presented much information exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America. I was once a guest on Alex's program, as he interviewed me on the subject of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES in our nation.

I remember thinking as this truck passed me, "Huh? Could this possibly another NWO resister in these parts?" I immediately followed him into a parking lot and engaged excitedly in conversation. He was a local resident who had been doing his homework by researching on alternate news websites and radio broadcasts to uncover THE TRUTH about where America is sadly going.

And thank God, he told me was NOT planning to be just another "dumb American sheeple" to be led stupidly to slaughter! This good ol' mountain boy was getting all his "NWO resistance" ducks in a row! Practical weapons of food supplies, weapons of self defense and more were all in his practical preparations arsenal. He also admitted to me that he was a born-again Christian attending a local congregation that I have also attended periodically. But the kinds of people responding with preparation to resist this NWO agenda are by no means limited to Christians alone. MANY are concerned over where America is being taken, and they are formulating practical plans to ensure they can emerge as VICTORS and not VICTIMS of NWO insanity.

Everywhere I have traveled across America, I have actually encountered such people. It appears to me that more and more Americans are slowly waking up to the truth, they are choosing to reject the lying propaganda of the controlled news media channels, and are wisely turning to alternate news websites and programs and publications.

The vast majority of people I have interviewed on this subject of NWO aggression in America, generally agreed that they were under no moral or spiritual compulsion to meekly cast down their weapons of protection under martial law, and to allow foreign forces to arrest them for "crime" of being committed American patriots or Christians, to be taken by prisoner boxcars to the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY/HALLIBURTON camps located all across our nation, to then be brutally disposed of.

Americans I interviewed as I traveled all across this nation informed me that they would fight to defend their homes, their families, their cherished freedoms and religious faith... TO THE DEATH. That they would never surrender their weapons, their food supplies and property, to then be taken to FEMA camps to be brutally killed. "WHY SHOULD WE?", they frequently explained to me.

I have often been amazed at the intensity with which Americans spoke to me of this subject. One ex-Navy SEAL I spoke with in Wyoming, told me that he knew all about the NWO agenda for this nation. He became very passionate as he expressed his concerns for America to me. He finally concluded by stating, "If they EVER come to MY home to seize MY weapons and take me to the camps, I will blow their %*##!!!# brains out!" This American military vet was passionate about preserving his freedoms in this nation!

NWO resistance I encountered everywhere throughout the Pacific NW, especially in Montana, expressed the same sentiments. Many are doing their homework, and many have extensive preparations in place: food, ammunition and weapons of self defense. Some are even having pre-fab nuclear fallout shelters installed on their properties (these can be ordered through various website dealerships on the net. Look them up on search engines like GOOGLE.)

One mountain man in Montana informed me, "Yeah, lady, I know all about this NWO agenda. And they will have to pry my gun outta my cold dead hands, because I will never surrender to the New Word Order...and I will never be taken alive to the camps!" He then bragged to me that he had a stash of 27 guns, and some of them were even hidden up one tree!

And of course this is kind of truthful yet volatile kind of information that the news medias will NEVER admit to the American people!

The Patriot movement remains alive and well across America, and it appears to be growing every day.

However, it is not enough to fight such darkness with material weapons alone. People must remember that the historical roots of the NWO, or world globalist communism, are utterly and factually satanic in nature. Satan cannot be terminated with a handgun or M-16!Former NWO satanists admitted to me that the NWO in in fact Satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Christians recognize this as the kingdom of darkness and tyranny described in Revelation 13. This is why the NWO globalists hate the Christians so intently, and are seeking to destroy them from the face of the earth.

Resistance to such spiritual darkness must begin ON OUR KNEES IN PRAYER. It must begin with the WORD OF GOD. We must be clothed with the FULL ARMOR OF GOD, covered with the devil -defeating BLOOD OF THE LAMB. And there must be a willingness to suffer and die if needs be for that truth of God's eternal word.

The Bible states, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and because they were faithful unto death."(Revelation 12:11 paraphrased)

You must fully understand the following: the NWO adherents are COMING TO DESTROY YOUR FAITH IN GOD! They are coming to obliterate the very testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ from the world...and someday from North America as well. They are coming to tempt you to fall away, lose your faith, and to deny Jesus Christ. Behold what world globalist communism has already done in every nation they are taken over, and are doing to Christians in those nations to this day.

An excellent website to go to to more fully understand what Christian in North America soon must face, is found on VOICE OF THE MARTYRS founded by Richard Wurmbrandt. I tell you, this generation of Christians in North America faces all this kind of persecution and suffering in the times to come.

Fellow Christians in America, purpose therefore to prepare not ONLY with practical preparations, but more importantly with the SPIRITUAL PREPARATIONS that are able to keep you and your faith intact when the times of testing come to our nation.

Your very eternity depends on this.

-Pamela Schuffert

(Postscript-In conclusion, let us fervently pray for one another throughout our nation. Because of all I have researched, I cannot stop praying for my nation and my fellow Christians at this time. I am tormented every hour that I think of what these NWO mass- murderers have planned for our nation and my fellow believers. And let us pray for Christians around the globe who are suffering for their faith. I refuse to be silent in this hour: Americans must be warned. But no one can publish reports such as mine, without realizing that persecution will inevitably follow someday. However,we must be willing to suffer persecution for obedience to Jesus Christ, even as He suffered persecution and death for His obedience to His Father in heaven. Pray for me to be given the grace to continue His testimony to the end. And remember to pray for our suffering brethren throughout the world.

Thank you-Pamela Rae Schuffert)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Having Compassion on the Homeless This Season

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

We are approaching a busy time of the year, with the holiday season almost upon us. All across America, malls are already beginning their Christmas store decorations and playing carols heralding the birth of the Savior of the World. I have personally observed people beginning their holiday shopping already, with children telling parents what they want for Christmas as they push shopping carts down seemingly endless WALMART toy aisles.

Yet America remains in recession. Many people have lost their jobs and sources of income. Elderly and other endangered groups are suffering from government cutbacks. Homes are in foreclosure all across this nation And the number of America's homeless are gradually increasing as well.

We frequently see the homeless at the intersections holding scruffy cardboard signs with messages like, "Will work for food." Many can be recognized by their unkempt appearance coupled with well-worn backpacks, often unshaven faces, as they seek shelter during the day after being put out of the homeless shelters they just spent the night in, until it is time to return later that evening for a meal and a bed.

Their stories are many diverse as to why they are homeless, but all are basically filled with sorrow and tragedy.

How do we respond to such people when we see them? Some Americans respond to such people holding signs with internal contempt for these homeless. Many begin to reason that the person must somehow be a "bad person" undoubtedly on drugs or alcohol to be homeless. How often the homeless are stereotyped negatively in many minds of Americans.

But have we forgotten that Jesus the Savior of the world was also homeless for much of His life on earth? When sent forth by God at His appointed time, to begin His earthly ministry in earnest, He forsook family and home and it's comforts, to share the Good News with His people throughout His nation. He said of Himself that "...foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."

Jesus found Himself not only at the mercy of His father in heaven, but also dependent upon his followers and people He encountered for a place to spend the night or a table to eat at. In fact, the donkey He rode triumphantly into Jerusalem was not His own, the Upper Room where He celebrated His Last Supper with His disciples was not His own, and even the tomb He was buried in was not His own!

God used the common everyday people who surrounded Him in His ministry, to supply everything He needed, including to fulfill Bible prophecy.

There are deep implications for all of us in His words.

He declared that judgment would come to someday to ALL people based on how they responded to the crises and needs of His people. He stated:

"Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ "

"Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’"

" Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

These are sobering words for all of us at this time of the year. And beware of judging and stereotyping these homeless we see around us in America.

For I am one of those homeless, even as Jesus was, for righteousness sake.

I understand perfectly how the homeless feel, especially at this time of the year. Envision the penniless child with his nose pressed to a frosty pan of glass in front of a bakery or toystore brightly decorated at this time of the year. Everything inside looks so appealing, so warm and wonderful and inviting. But such joys are only for those who have the money to purchase them. Those with little or nothing are left on the outside, to gaze sadly at the things that bring comfort and joy at this time of the year, as they hungrily eye everything within but realize that such luxuries are beyond their reach.

I understand how it feels, to be living in my car at this time of the year, parked in some nameless truck stop or WALMART parking lot, surrounded with whirling snow and bitter cold and often blizzards in the colder states where I have performed my journalism and Christian outreach while living on the road.

Driving through various neighborhoods at times, I could gaze through windows at warm homey scenes, with beautiful decorations within and without. I could see families gathered in the living rooms around presents and loved ones, or sitting at well spread tables covered with everything one could wish to grace a table for holiday dinners. And at such times, a deep sense of sadness would overtake me. It hurts to be homeless at this special time of the year.

For I too had once known what it means to have a warm and comfortable home, to be able to entertain others and enjoy comforts at holiday seasons, and to even invite those less fortunate into our home for a warm meal and prayer and encouragement.

But in 2001, I found myself homeless since the time of my mother's terrible accident in which she fell and almost severed her leg, forcing her to sell our jointly own home (truck and RV used for ministry nationwide) to cover her medical expenses. I lost everything, and found myself through no fault of my own instantly homeless and with no other resources to fall back on. But in the midst of the pain and sorrow I endured with that loss, I knew my ministry had to continue. It was too important to stop my reporting.

Christian friends rallied together for me, and donated an old used van, which I transformed and used as both a home on the road and a means of continuing in my ministry. Some of my most important reports to my fellow Americans were composed while living in that old van, based on my investigative research that took me all over this country.

I often endured bitter winters in states such as Montana and Wyoming, in order to continue my research on the detention camps and prisoner boxcars so prevalent in that region. At times the winter temperatures dipped to minus 30 degrees F with wind chills of minus 70 F. It was too costly to keep my engine running all night to provide heat. And so I learned the fine art of TRUE SURVIVAL in frequently life-threatening circumstances.

And even as Jesus, I too was at the mercy of the Christians and people around me, reliant on readers or radio listeners for every gallon of gas, every bite of food, and every practical aspect such a ministry involved. This provided a window of opportunity to observe first-hand how Christians treat the homeless in our nation, for I found myself one of them. Our compassion for others often grows the best, when we suffer as they suffer.

While many encounters were positive, many encounters also saddened me, including in churches across this nation. I have noted how the words of Jesus are sadly proving true in our generation. "And because of iniquity increasing, the love of many will grow cold."

I encourage you, my fellow Christians, to never allow YOUR love to grow cold, neither towards God nor towards others you meet in your daily life. Remember that LOVE is foundational to the entire Gospel! "For God so LOVED THE WORLD that He GAVE His only begotten Son...." (John 3:16)

The end result of God's love, is that HE GAVE...of His finest and His best to the world and to all of us , Jesus Christ!

And Jesus has commanded us, His followers, to ALSO love, even as HE loved us.

Please do not allow your love to grow cold, especially at this time of the year when many are suffering in various ways across America, and many are homeless as well. The mercy you show now, is the mercy you shall also reap someday from a righteous God. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy, " declared Jesus Christ.

You to may find yourself homeless, as many tragic events come to this nation. Don't think it could ever happen to you? Neither did I. And in spite of serving God for forty years now, and walking in integrity, and laying down my life continually for His call, I remain homeless to this very day. Friends allow me to stay in a tiny one room cabin here in Montreat. They were hoping my job would enable me to finally obtain necessary funds to invest in a modest used trailer, camper or RV.

But now my job is finished: I was fired for my Christian witness to my sick and dying patients. And the needs of my handicapped brother in a wheelchair, forced to leave his previous nursing home and move in with me, takes whatever little funds I have left. Yet I praise God and find the grace to continue in my ministry and my daily walk with Jesus Christ. And you can too, no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in...even homeless.

I am sharing from my own personal experiences simply to create understanding in your heart, to realize there are many reasons why people are destitute or homeless in America today. I encourage you to open your heart and hands to those who are suffering in our nation and elsewhere, and allow God to use you in a marvelous way to lift up those going through crisis and tragedy and heartache. This is how each one of us can shed the light of God's love through Jesus Christ abroad in a dark world filled with suffering and tragedy.

I never allow my poverty or circumstances to keep me from loving, giving of what I have to share with others. Somehow I always find the grace to minister a warm meal, an extra pair of warm socks, gloves or even a coat to the homeless I encounter everywhere.

And God's grace and mercy ensures that I shall never run out of LOVE TO SHARE or something to give. And neither, my friend, shall you as you seek to obey His word and to LOVE. God's supply of love and mercy and compassion can never end!

Remember the poor and the homeless at this time of the year, and at all other times as well. You could be among them someday!

-Pamela Schuffert
P.O. Box 279,
Montreat, NC 28757

Friday, November 19, 2010

Are YOU Preparing For What America Faces Soon?

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

More and more Americans are waking up by various means, including alternate news on radio, websites exposing NWO agendas, and books addressing the coming destruction of America.

Many are finally perceiving that America faces tragedy and destruction from both enemies within and without.

And many are taking precautions and beginning to prepare for what they perceive could indeed become AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

It is NOT enough to merely read this kind of information or listen to it repeatedly on various Patriot networks. This is a time to seek the wisdom of God in order to adequately prepare to face the ominous future in our nation.

I write this article because throughout my years of research and spending time with Americans everywhere I go to discuss these issues, so many tell me they are aware of these truths such as I outline and document, BUT most of them have done little if any practical preparation.

You cannot imagine how sad this makes me. I have personally laid down my life and all I hold dear in this world to research and report on these subjects regarding America's future, BECAUSE I CARE! The Bible states that "...a faithful witness saves lives."

I have been striving to be that faithful witness to my fellow Americans and Christian in this nation. My hopes have been that many would wake up, realize that there are many tragic hidden agendas for this nation, and begin to practically prepare, so as to be equipped to successfully withstand and counter the coming darkness we ALL are to face.

Complacent Americans and Christians in this nation, do not be so foolish as to think that America will not face the coming crises of famine, nuclear strikes on American soil, martial law, persecution of Christians, foreign troop enforcement under martial law, attack from both Russia and China eventually, massive earthquakes in various regions, and much more.

Bible-believing Christians, you are without excuse! You have the precious Word of God outlining many of the end-time tragedies we will face, spelled out clearly in Bible prophecy. God's word has spoken clearly of worldwide persecution and martyrdom we face under a satanic world government (Revelation 13). God's word has spoken of the beheading of the saints who will not deny Jesus Christ nor His word, nor accept this antichrist world government and it's financial system(Revelation 20:4).

Yet how many complacent Christians I encounter every day, who choose not to respond to warnings and the truth, who insist that "...these things can never happen in America!" And the enemy of Christianity is laughing in the shadows at the naivete and ignorance of the very Christians they are preparing to attack and persecute and destroy...if they can. Right here in America.

Please do not be like those who choose to mock and ignore God's words of warning from His word, and from those who are faithfully proclaiming the truth to this generation. Do not put off practical preparation for the future America faces in this hour.

When God warned Noah of a great flood to come, and immediately began to prepare his ark unto the saving of his entire family and more. Noah did NOT sit back in an easy chair, kick up his feet and say to himself, "Well, God has found me righteous in His sight! I don't need to worry about future judgment at all...God will take care of me!"

Many Christians I have spoken to have this attitude. THEY ARE FORGETTING WHAT THE WORD OF GOD SAYS:


How many of you know that the Bible says "God will supply your needs through Jesus Christ"...BUT at the same time you also go out to work every day as well. Why? Because you know that faith without works is dead...we are called to do our part as well. While we ask God to do the impossible, we are called to do the possible.

"Be DOERS OF THE WORD and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."

Many years ago, God warned Noah of the destruction to come, so he could then take obedient steps to prepare an ark for safety. And today, God is warning His people in many ways, so that they too make take measures designed to protect and save their lives and that of their loved ones as well.

If you have not begun to take measures for practical preparations for the times we face, consider beginning to do so now. There are many excellent websites that outline what your basic survival needs should be, and that sell such equipment and supplies as well.

Postscript-After writing this article, I went to visit the local RED CROSS offices. They have excellent literature for disaster preparedness, and also first aid kits for emergencies, and much on the internet as well. I just signed up for a basic first aid course and CPR training as well, something every American should attempt to do.

Begin your wise preparations TODAY. And perhaps the first place to begin is, on your knees in prayer with Almighty God, seeking His wisdom and guidance in this critically important matter.

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pray for the Jews of the "New World Order" Agenda

They are "God's Chosen People," who BEHAVE as God's chosen people. It's that simple.-

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

As I have researched the plans to force America under a communist type brutal police state under martial law, many truths have slowly emerged that have broken my heart. Having enjoyed working among people in the Jewish communities in America for man years, I have many friends and acquaintances therein, people that I love. It therefore grieved my heart deeply, to comprehend how many Jews of various political and other positions are relentlessly pushing for a NWO takeover of this nation.

I understand perfectly that NOT ALL JEWS are supportive of this repressive globalist agenda, and it is wrong and dangerous to stereotype ALL Jews as all being supportive of this. There are actually those who oppose the NWO, and oppose many of Israel's policies as well. But admittedly, there are many Jews, especially in high positions of political and financial power in America, who have been working hard for this NWO agenda to become tragic reality in our nation.

Many of these NWO-supporting Jews are also the hidden masterminds behind the horrors of planned persecution of the Christians throughout America when it all comes down, much as communism originating from the Jews sought to brutally repress all Christian religious expression, first in Russia, and then wherever they could persuade other nations to join in.

The pattern of "arrest all political and religious opponents of communism and ship them off to the gulags for elimination from society" that the Jewish Bolshevik communists originated under their Bolshevik takeover of Russia, is the same identical pattern that NWO supporters will attempt to deploy here in America.

The Bolshevik communists used trains extensively to transport religious and political opponents to their assigned gulags and detention camps. Most of these brutal communist detention camp systems were far away from major cities, "out of sight, out of mind" of the common people.

This same identical pattern is being followed by NWO planners and detention camp builders such as Halliburton, Homeland Security and FEMA detention camps prepared for martial law. Through much research, I have uncovered detention camps being established in remote locations such as the deserts of NM and NV, the bleak plains of Wyoming, and remote mountains in northwestern Montana stretching up into Canada. Because of remoteness, many camps are also being established up in northern Canada and Alaska as well.

To haul prisoners to detention camps by rail, you have to have appropriate boxcars to use. GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION of Portland, OR, is one company known to be under secret contract by the US government, to produce prisoner boxcars with shackles. I have previously reported on them extensively, and on their ubiquitous nature of being sighted all across America.

What I deliberately did NOT emphasize previously about Gunderson Inc, is that this is a Jewish owned/operated company. I was informed of this reality in Israel while researching in Jerusalem and lecturing on coming martial law in America. Gunderson Inc knows precisely how these boxcars will be used someday under martial law, and what they are for. And they gladly accepted the money from the government to produce these infamous boxcars of carnage and death for the Christian elements in America, as well as other opponent of the NWO takeover.

What does this mean? It means that these Jews operating Gunderson Inc are fully joining in with the communist agenda for our nation, to bring Christians to a brutal end in the American gulag system, just as their Jewish Bolshevik forefathers did in Russia and eastern Europe. (America is filled with Russian/Eastern European Jews: I have personally spent much time among them in social work and assistance and outreach in NYC and Chicago.)

Are communist/globalist Jews in America joining with their communist/NWO counterparts in other countries, to help bring this nation down, at the expense of the American Patriot and the American Christian?

These are sobering and saddening thoughts to contemplate, especially for those of us Christians in America who really do love and care about the Jews. I have manifested my love among people in Jewish communities for most of my life.Nothing, including my investigative journalism and what it uncovers, can take away that love. It was planted in my heart by the God of Israel and His Son,t heir Messiah, Yahshua (Jesus) Himself.

But God's love for the Jews is never a compromised love with tolerance for their sins. Read the Old Testament to discover God's wrath for the Jews when they turned against His word, committed sins and abominations, worshiping even idols and offering human sacrifice to other gods! The Jews who rebelled against His word were eventually conquered by enemy nations and banished from their own land, even as the prophets had warned would happen IF they turned from the Living God to serve idols and and commit abominations. God's love for them called them to repent, again and again.

And today, thousands of years later,nothing is different in the Jewish communities worldwide and nationwide. There is the remnant of righteous Jews in every generation who seek to follow the Word of God and who have accepted their Messiah at last. And then there are many who call themselves "Jews" but in fact are reprobate, their actions and works denying this completely. They do not know the God of Israel, nor His Messiah. And many of these are actual Satan/Lucifer-worshipers, by their own admission. (Read the admissions of Jew Harold Rosenthal in a shocking interview exposing all this.)

And these are the major element of Jews who are supportive of the NWO agenda and pushing for it's establishment in America. They often call themselves Illuminati (such as the Rothschilds), or Sabbateans. When researching for my book "Satanism in America Today", it has deeply saddened my heart to discover how many in the Jewish communities are now involved in hard- core satanism, both in America and in Israel. And as former satanists admitted to me, the Illuminati and the Satanists are the backbone of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER. It is satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Revelation 13 confirms this completely.

Jews have openly bragged to me as they commented on my reports, admitting my information was correct. One man boasted, "The antichrist you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to bring us Jews to victory and world control under our new messiah! And to get RID of you Christians!"

Jews believe that Christians are idolaters and blasphemers. They have prepared the Noahide laws to facilitate the executions of millions of Christians who will not deny their faith in Jesus the Messiah. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled as Christians are decapitated by Jews, as they refuse to deny Jesus and abide by the Jewish Noahide laws. (Revelation 20:4)The modern guillotines are here in many US military bases, our soldiers being trained to operate them, ready to be deployed against the Christians under martial law as the Noahide laws legislation becomes activated. Only the Constitution still being enforced, holds back the Noahide laws from being enforced on Americans NOW.

It therefore breaks my heart when I go to Christian fellowships or Messianic synagogues, seeing precious and sincere people "praying for the peace of Jerusalem" and praying for the Jews and Israel. Their love is very real for the Jews. But their love for these Jews is about to be mocked, scorned and trampled upon very soon when martial law is declared...and by the very Jews they are praying for! Much as the love of Jesus for His fellow Jews was sadly betrayed, mocked and nailed to a brutal cross so many years ago...

"If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you..." declared Jesus to His disciples.

Pray therefore that God will touch the hearts of such Jews so tragically involved in this NWO deception and darkness. God longs to bring them into His kingdom through His Son their Messiah, Yahshua. Jesus their messiah died for such Jews of today, so tragically deceived and lost.Our prayers and continuing forgiveness and love can make the difference. Don't be afraid to compassionately share Jesus the Messiah with the Jews in your world. I do so every time I encounter them. And it is done with love and sensitivity and respect.

The end of such deceived NWO Jews is eternal damnation as they embrace the "man of perdition" as their "NEW MESSIAH," and reject the salvation that comes from Yahshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus) alone. How needless and how tragic.

And also remember, a modern revived "FINAL SOLUTION" by the emerging Nazis in Europe and elsewhere, who also seek to counter the NWO agenda, is NEVER God's solution to the sins of His people! Nazis are also of Satan's kingdom and the occult.

God has a better plan!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

Pamela Schuffert

Friday, November 12, 2010

"You Can't SHARE YOUR FAITH In The Workplace!"

-My personal response when faced with this ultimatum recently in the workplace-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many of you, my readers throughout the years, are dedicated and practicing Christians. And if you adamant about living up to the Word of God's requirements for your life, you have realized that there is no room for compromise of the Word of God, regardless of your circumstances or whereabouts. God's eternal word and commandments are binding regardless of whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in . The Early Church recognized this truth from the very beginning, and chose frequently to face persecution, suffering, imprisonment and torture and ultimately death for the sake of their Christian beliefs.

Disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the centuries have also understood these Biblical principles, and thus suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ has occurred at various in every continent, and in every nation throughout the world.

"In the world ye shall have tribulation..." declared Jesus Christ to His disciples. How true this word has proven to countless saints and martyrs of our Savior throughout the ages!

Christians in North America are by no means exempt from suffering for the Gospel, either. Jesus declared that we would be hated by ALL nations ultimately for His Name's sake. "ALL NATIONS" must therefore include North America as well.

Some of us have suffered more for His sake in America, than others. Personally, I have been to both jail and prison for peaceful Christian pro-life outreach that saved more than one innocent baby's life during the years I was involved. I have suffered death attempts on my life for my bold Christian witness to the Satanists in various parts of this nation, for aiding their victims, and for my journalism exposing them. I have been set up to be abducted and killed. One government agent broke into a home where I was staying to research and stole my personal notebook and laptop computer. I have endured threats from the government for my in-depth investigative journalism exposing a future coming military police state and massive persecution planned for the Christians and all Patriotic Americans who will resist the abolition of our Constitution and it's rights guaranteed therein, and a transition to a communist type regime.

When I discovered that a terrible plan secretly exists in America, to someday seize our churches and arrest millions of unsuspecting American Christians and patriots under a well planned martial law scenario in the future, I felt compelled to lay down my life and all I held dear, to pursue the truth about this matter on behalf of my endangered fellow citizens. Leaked out information by several CIA whistle blowers and Pentagon sources initially sparked a passion in my soul to uncover the truth, and to make that truth known to my endangered fellow Americans.

Much persecution and suffering has followed that decision. But I knew, after much prayer, that God was calling me to this task and to take the risk, regardless of difficulties.

Frankly, accomplishing anything worthwhile on behalf of God and others, will always have it's risks, perils, and pain involved. And yet, what we will have finally accomplished for His glory and purposes, is worth it all in the end.

At one time in my life, I began working with one health care company in order to help fund my ministry in journalism. My work involved home health care, something I have performed periodically for 40 years now at various times.

The various clients I came into contact with were often very ill. One patient had a colostomy and was very weak. Others could not stand and needed assistance with equipment designed to transport them. Some were bedridden and close to death.

Small wonder therefore that I felt compelled to compassionately and gently share hope from God's Word with various clients when deemed appropriate, and offer to pray with them. And with some I was compelled to share the words of life and salvation, knowing clearly from the Word of God that if they were to die, they would face the terror of eternity without the forgiveness and salvation that is only available through Jesus Christ. This is the truth from the Word of God.

So many of my patients were grateful for my Christian witness, prayer and compassion!
And they told me so frequently.

But inevitably, we will always encounter those people who oppose their very own soul's well-being, who will attempt to silence our witness of Jesus Christ in the workplace.

In a recent meeting with my health care agency, I was informed that two prior patients had complained about my Christian witness. One person was a very open idolater, his home filled with idols from India and photos of his favorite guru. This patient had been very weak, suffering a horrible skin condition on much of his body, and had a colostomy as well. My heart filled with sorrow and compassion for this man, as I realized that his idols were providing no hope for healing nor eternal salvation. The Bible states that all idolaters shall have their part in the lake of fire, or eternal damnation. And there before me that day was an idolater, very sick and possibly facing death soon.

I was compelled from the word of God to gently share hope for both healing and salvation with this man. He never uttered any complaint during the conversation. Had he done so, I would have respected his request and said no more. But he said nothing, only listening intently. However, later he complained to my company, and this complaint was brought up in a subsequent meeting in the office.

Here are excerpts from my response to my superiors, when informed by staff that I was ultimately not allowed to share my religious beliefs with any of my patients.

First of all, it is illegal for any business or company to discriminate against any employee based on their religious beliefs or to hinder their free exercise thereof. To do so is to be guilty of religious discrimination in the workplace. IT IS ILLEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY EMPLOYEE FOR THEIR RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS IN THE WORKPLACE.

Furthermore, CHRISTIANS HAVE THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION PROTECTING OUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. No company, business, corporation, etc., can make or enforce rules that attempt to negate that which is already guaranteed to each and every American in the Constitution.

I informed them that had either of my patients complained in the course of my sharing love and hope through God's Word with them, I would have instantly refrained...but neither one complained as I shared. I am not a mind reader! People must express their thoughts and desires clearly for anyone to understand and respond.

Finally, I informed them that I would not have to stand someday before their company to give an account of my life, but before Almighty God. And woe unto me if I had failed to share the eternal witness of Jesus Christ with those patients in my personal care, who were without salvation and about to die! God holds me completely accountable to testify of Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation to everyone He sends me to, and that includes in the workplace.

Let's be honest: you can't shut God out from ANYWHERE! He remains OMNIPRESENT!

We as Christians are commanded to bear witness of Him to everyone, everywhere. To fail to do so, is the same as denying Him before men, as a sin of omission.

I have told employers in the past, that if you do not want Jesus Christ in the workplace, then you do not want me, because He and I are inseparable, and His witness accompanies me everywhere I go.

One nurse told me that it was considered "unprofessional" to share my religious beliefs with clients. Frankly, the Bible-based Christian does not care what the world considers unprofessional!

What is "professional" about refusing to share loving words of compassion and hope from the Bible with a suffering patient? What is "professional" about refusing to share helpful words of healing and the promise of eternal life with those who are suffering and close to death?

The sad but realistic truth is, the vast majority of today's businesses care about one thing only: money and making a financial profit through their business. The dollar sign rules! This health care agency was so determined to profit financially from each patient, that they were terrified of losing any client because of someone "sharing their faith" with them. Hence, to avoid any patient perhaps becoming offended, and losing their business with that client, they were adamant about no Christian witness in the workplace. But for the reasons I have listed above, to try and enforce religious discrimination in the workplace is illegal and unethical. So is attempting to restrict freedom of speech.

Here is the strategy that many companies use, when they see that the Christian employee will not compromise on this subject in the workplace. Realizing that it is indeed illegal to discriminate against any employee on the basis of religious beliefs or to restrict their Constitutional rights, they will then begin to find fault of any kind with that targeted employee. Faults or errors overlooked with non-targeted employees, will then be regarded as serious offenses with this targeted person they seek to remove.

The truth is, you can find fault with any person's work performance if you look hard enough, or have a reason to. And companies do this all the time for their own purposes.

I have personally suffered this kind of discrimination in the workplace, suffering even humiliating situations designed to force me out of one job position when higher-ups informed my supervisor to "...make sure that she fails...we don't want her here!" Quite by accident, I overheard this conversation my supervisor had with her superiors over the phone regarding me . Drugs and illegal activities were going on clandestinely in this large corporation, and they feared my investigative journalism background. They also hated my Christian witness!

Following that conversation, I was then systematically humiliated, ridiculed, my work performance attacked.They even arranged to have 40 dollars disappear out of my cash drawer while I was at lunch, then blaming me for ineptness in handling money with customers. But I realized that my superiors had removed it themselves, since the $40 was not missing BEFORE I left for lunch! It was locked securely in the cash drawer.

These are the tactics that Christians may encounter, who refuse to compromise their faith in the work place. Be aware of this tactic.

For those of use who strive to be Biblically-based disciples of Jesus Christ, we can honor no law or rules of men that attempt to hinder or restrict the witness and testimony of Jesus Christ, at any place or at anytime.

WE ARE COMMANDED to confess Jesus Christ and His testimony before men.

WE ARE INSTRUCTED to lay hands on the sick and pray for their recovery. Especially in the field of health care, Jesus Christ and His promises and love and healing are especially needed, as we deal with those who are sick, in pain, and close to death.

I have no apologies to make at any time for sharing the love of God and the witness of Jesus Christ with anyone! I furthermore refuse to be silenced when Jesus Christ has commanded me to speak the WORDS OF LIFE to a lost and dying world!

Who is Lord of my life?
My WORKPLACE? The money I earn in my workplace? My boss? Or Jesus Christ? Every Christian must ask themselves this question when persecution comes in the workplace for their Christian witness.

God will never call us to compromise His work, at any time, at any place. To refuse to confess Jesus Christ before men, for any reason, becomes the equivalent of denying Him by sin of omission.

I choose to embrace the Cross and follow Jesus Christ to the end!

Since that meeting, they have not contacted me back for any work. They know where I stand and I will never compromise the Word of God in this matter. I now suffer loss of income and have many needs with my handicapped brother now living with me. But WORTHY IS THE LAMB! He WILL supply our needs when we are persecuted for righteousness' sake, and His promises can NEVER fail! My job is not my ultimate source of provision, but JESUS CHRIST IS!

Please, never compromise your Christian testimony in the workplace. This is how the enemy whittles away our Christian freedoms throughout America, whenever Christians can be bullied into COMPROMISE. Choose to stand boldly for your religious freedoms in America, and against discrimination based on religion in the workplace. Stand up for your First Amendment and Constitutional rights. And above all, stand up for Jesus Christ!

There is a great reward laid up in heaven for those faithful Christians who will confess Jesus Christ before men without wavering. EVEN if it costs your job, your freedoms, all you hold dear, and your very life.

"Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they may kill, God's truth abideth still, His Kingdom IS FOREVER!"

(From "A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD" by Martin Luther)

-Pamela Schuffert