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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

FINALLY...Veral and Judy Smith have completed their shocking book describing their horrific ordeal at the hands of the US government. They occurred the wrath of the US government when Veral decided to go into the world of BULLET MOLD MANUFACTURING. Unaware of how private gun ownership and ammunition-making is so hated by the dark forces of the NWO, Veral decided to turn this into a career to provide for his family.

And what was to follow was THEIR PERSONAL NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE. The US government often attacks family members loved by their target, in order to persuade the target to stop whatever the government does not like.And in this case, they targeted his precious wife Judy.

Judy's ordeal included being cruelly imprisoned under false charges, microchips embedded into her skin that are even now being used to focus military frequencies on her, producing terrifying results in her body and slowly destroying her health.

Judy's daughter was abducted by the CIA, thoroughly brainwashed and turned into a sex slave and spy. Her heartache is unbearable as she describes in her book what they did to her daughter.

They asked me to help them share their account with America, after I recently visited them. Giving me a box of their books, they said, "PLEASE tell America our story! HELP us get these books OUT!" I promised I would do that immediately.

You can NOW order this fascinating book that tells JUDY'S STORY. Simply send $15.00 (cash or US postal money order made out to my name) to this address below. And on behalf of Veral and Judy, I will rush the book to you by mail.Part of your support will go directly to Judy, and the other will be used to help enable my critically needed investigative journalism to continue.

Judy's Book
C/O Pamela Schuffert
PO Box 488,
Montreat, NC 28757

-Pamela Schuffert

America's Unknown Martyrs-The Little Boy Who Confronted Satan

"They cut out his tongue and sacrificed him..."

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective

I have traveled across America to visit, interview and assist individuals and families being tormented by America's Satanists. My heart was particularly touched when I heard of the case of one family from eastern Indiana who had been terrorized for several years. Following much prayer, I traveled up to visit them. Their Pastor was present to confirm their accounts of what happened to their family and their children within the Sunman-Dearborn school district in East Harrison, Indiana. I visited their Satanist controlled school personally.

Because of Satanist harassment, the couple is now divorced. The husband could not take any more of their terror. They children are still recovering. The son lives a zombie existence due to painful memories, sleeping all day to forget the pain, and up all night (it's safer to live in the dark where they won't find him.) A professional news investigator was also carefully following their horror experiences firsthand. They are now out of Indiana and in seclusion to protect the children, now grown.

Let me introduce you to Sean, and his younger sister Katie, and their mother Diane Morgan.

Sean attended Dearborn Hills Elementary School, as did his sister. Their nice log cabin home was directly across the street from the school, Dearborn Hills Elementary School. One day, however, strange things began to happen at school. Sean was taken, without his parents' knowledge or permission, out of class and driven to a nearby home. He was taken down into their basement. It was dark and scary. In fact, as he later described it to his mother (MUCH later) it was evidently prepared unto Satanic rituals!

Throughout the school year, Sean was frequently taken out of his classroom and taken to various nearby homes whose basements had been prepared for satanic rituals. He (and several other children from the school who were targeted who were also exposed to this) was terrorized into silence by frightening statements such as, "if you DARE tell your parents or friends what you have seen or done, WE WILL SACRIFICE YOU LIKE WE SACRIFICED THIS BABY!"

Yes, Sean admitted later that he was exposed to both animal sacrifice and infant sacrifice in these basements. Tragically, one day he was forced to participate directly in one act of infant sacrifice.

Sean said, "Mom, they took me to this basement. There was an altar. And a baby. They put a knife (sacrificial dagger) into my hand, and the man put his hand around mine and the knife, and made me sacrifice the baby..." His mother showed me the daily school diary he was instructed to keep in his classroom. And there was the entry, in a child's handwriting, "Today I made a sacrifice..." Oh, break my heart!

His mother admitted that, while her children began to behave bizarrely, and acted withdrawn, they said nothing UNTIL Sean came home one day limping in the evening. She asked him what had happened, and he denied that anything took place.

Suspicious, she grabbed him and pulled down the side of his jeans, and gasped with horror. There, burned into his hip, was a clear Satanist pentagram (five pointed star) still bright red from some heated instrument that seared his tender skin. She admitted, "At that instant, Sean could hold in the secrets no longer. He began to scream in our home and everything began to pour out...the pent up fear, the anger, the horrible memories, it all began to come forth..."

And suddenly, everything began to make sense. The bizarre behavior...the withdrawn attitude...the secretiveness... and more. And living close to the school (in fact the closest house to the school) Sean and the whole family had become a target!

The truth began to pour out. How the principal, Chris Heller-Utter, was the high priestess for the region. (Her husband is reputedly CIA, one organization intensely saturated with active Satanists. Which means this whole operation in the school using children was protected by the CIA.) How Jim Pierce, the middle school coach, was the high priest. How many of the teachers were also involved. The Pastor and a reporter was called in at this point. They began keeping a journal of everything Sean painfully revealed.

I am mentioning one extremely vivid account Sean gave of a human sacrifice ritual, in which a young abducted son of a minister was sacrificed. (The former Satanist high priestess of the entire state of Indiana for 17 bloody years, who had also previously worked for the CIA as well, confirmed that this type of activity goes on all the time in Indiana...a major Satanist region and stronghold. This source admitted that their covens had also abducted many children of Christian origin for their sacrifices. In Indiana, it is apparently quite common!)

Recounted Sean, "Mom, they forced me after school into a ritual. The principal and the coach were in black robes at the front. A large golden seat was between them." [I will explain more later about "Satan's golden throne" used frequently in rituals across America. In fact, there are more than one.]

"They had a little boy brought in for sacrifice...I got to talk to him for a short time. He told me his dad was a minister, and that he was 8 years old [this was in 1990.] The Satanists then led him to the front. As the Satanists began worshipping Satan, Satan appeared in the golden seat."

"I watched as the little boy pointed his finger at Satan and said loudly, 'Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus' Name!' And Mom, Satan spoke from the seat and said, 'cut out his tongue!' I watched as they cut his tongue out, and he was sacrificed..." Burned into Sean's tormented memories forever are this little victim's bravery and the price he paid to confess Jesus Christ before this coven. He is truly one of "America's Unknown Martyrs."

My many years of researching Satanism in America Todayhave confirmed completely the reality of such rituals. In fact, if you obtain the book "He Came to Set the Captives Free," originally published by Jack Chick and later by Whittaker House, you will find a complete description of a similar ritual also held in Indiana during which what is called "Satan's golden throne" is displayed in major rituals, and Satan manifests in this throne at the height of Satanic worship, and human sacrifices take place before him.

Cutting out a victim's tongue is quite common punishment among Satanists for insubordination or showing disrespect to Satan or their leaders, as former Satanists have told me frankly. All of this which I have described above is tragically quite common among Satanist rituals, as ten years of my personal in-depth research has uncovered.

Although Sean is still recovering from the painful memories and the horrors he was exposed to , as was his sister (and in fact several other families who are too afraid to come forward with the truth) he considers himself blessed to still be alive. Many young people never came out alive. And as long as there is CIA complicity, the perpetrators may never be successfully prosecuted.

East Harrison, Indiana and West Harrison, Ohio, continue to be known as a mecca for Satanist activity in that region where Sean's horrors occurred. One Christian family admitted to me that when their children went out to play with the other children on the streets in that area, the children of that area were heard discussing "where the next ritual would be held ..." frequently. Welcome to the dark side of "America the Beautiful."

Please, won't you PRAY AGAINST this terrible darkness in our nation?

-Pamela Schuffert

America's Unknown Martyrs-Sacrificed for Refusing to Deny Jesus

"I CANNOT deny Jesus...I am a Christian!"
by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

America is stained with the blood of the unknown Christian martyrs.The government censored news media will never admit to you what satanic crime investigators, good police officers, former CIA and FBI, professional therapists and counselors and former satanists ALL know. Innocent victims are dying across America at the rate of into the upper hundreds of thousands of victims murdered through satanic/cult rituals.

And many of those victims are CHRISTIANS, abducted BECAUSE they were Christians, and murdered for this same reason. Satan HATES Jesus Christ and he hates His people, the Christians of the world. And satanists/Illumnati know this also. Therefore satan's lapdogs are always on the prowl seeking to abduct Christians for human sacrifice.

I can never forget the moving account given to me by Paula, a woman whose family raised her into satanism in the mountains of North Carolina. Her therapist and counselor, Sharon Syputa, brought Paula one day to me to interview for my reporting. Paula revealed much to me about the inner workings of the satanists in the mountains of NC, notably the ASHEVILLE, NC, area.

Paula could never forget any of her experiences watching as abducted victims were tortured to death and finally killed. But the experience she remembers the most is centered around another America martyr for Jesus, a young Christian woman they abducted one day.

"My father drove the satanist van they used for abducting victims. In the back was our abduction team. I was sitting in the front with my father, to help him appear innocent and non-threatening. It was almost dark outside, as we drove along a country road. But suddenly, my father noticed a woman walking along side the road. It was that Christian woman the satanists here hated, a person who would always pray against the satanists in her church. Our van pulled up quickly next to her, and our men jumped out and abducted her. They used duct tape to bind her hands and feet, shut her mouth, and injected her with a knock-out drug. My father then drove the van to the satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee."

The satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains in TN are well documented in the world of satanic crime investigation. Also called a grotto, such locations are used for major sacrifice events. This one even boasted a video recording camera installed in the walls, to record acts of human sacrifice which were then quickly turned into pornographic snuff films and sold on the black markets.

Paula continued. "I watched as they unloaded her and took off her clothes, and chained her to the satanist altar in the cave. She came out from the effects of the drug. They told her, "Look: if you will get RID of Jesus Christ, worship satan and work for US, we will let you live! You can keep pretending to be a Christian, go to church, but help us infiltrate and recruit and work for us. And if you will NOT get rid of JESUS, we will KILL YOU!"

"All I heard her say was, 'I CANNOT DENY JESUS CHRIST.' And then, I watched as they started to torture her. They did things like drive a rod through her head...I heard her groan...but never did she deny Jesus. Finally, they took a handgun, inserted up her vagina, and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited the top of her head, and she was finally dead..."

And the grim true life accounts go on and on. Christians nailed to crosses and tortured to death. Victims chainsawed into pieces while alive on their altars. Christian children not spared as well.

Cisco Wheeler, well known across the Internet for her reports exposing CIA mind control and what she was forced to endure in that dark world, admitted to me that they had recruited her into satanism as well during that time. I asked her what finally brought her to Jesus Christ.

She replied, "It was while I watched one Christian man being tortured to death by our coven. As they were cutting his eyes out, he didn't even seem to feel the pain...he was obviously under the power of God and praying in other tongues! I prayed inside me at that moment, 'Jesus, if you are GREATER than satan, I want you now!' And Jesus instantly came into my heart that day. All because of this Christian who died on our altar."

It seems that indeed, "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." No matter what satan's tactics are, God is always greater!

However, I would ask my Christian readers to please begin to pray for God to protect His Christian people from satanic abduction and sacrifice. Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy, as Jesus tells us. The Bible also tells us that "Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil."Won't you consider becoming one of God's mighty intercessors against the horrors of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY? Your prayers have the power to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of so many innocent victims threatened by rampant satanism in our nation. We are called by God to stand against satan's dark kingdom, and promote God's glorious kingdom instead.Purpose to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE today.

-Pamela Schuffert

America's Unknown Martyrs-Keith Green, Musician for Jesus

Throughout my years of investigating and exposing SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, I came across many shocking accounts of Satanic ritual murders, confessed to by former satanists and confirmed oftentimes by satanic crime investigators, police I networked with at times, and survivors.

I learned throughout these yearsthe grim truth many Christians remain unaware of: America's soil is stained by the BLOOD OF COUNTLESS UNKNOWN CHRISTIAN MARTYRS. They were abducted by satanists/Illuminati BECAUSE they were Christians, and they were tortured and sacrificed to satan and died as Christian martyrs.And the news media will never reveal to you the full scope of this great tragedy in our nation.

"Satan was demanding Christians for sacrifice, and we satanists obliged. They were stalked, abducted and died like all the rest..." admitted Elaine, former satanic high priestess over Indiana for 17 bloody years until she finally came out to become a born again Christian who has exposed satanism for many years. Elaine had also been hired by the CIA under Bush Sr., to work for them as a female assassin. She confessed that thousands of abducted Christians died at the hands of her covens in Indiana alone, and at least 6,000 children of Christian background during her reign of terror in Indiana.

While living with Elaine and her family for a month to interview her in Florida at that time, we both were invited to attend and speak at a conference at a Christian retreat in Okeechobee to expose SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY. But on the way, something strange happened. Elaine began to weep uncontrollably. "Elaine, what is wrong," I asked.

Elaine replied through tears, "Can God...can God ever FORGIVE ME? WE KILLED KEITH GREEN!" I was shocked. Sure, I knew about Keith Green, wonderful Christian music artist, whose plane went down killing him and several other people as well. But the "official government explanation" said that the plane went down because of overload.

Elaine continued. "We satanists held a tribunal and decreed KEITH GREEN MUST DIE. He was winning MORE teens to Jesus Christ, than our satanic heavy metal rock groups were winning to satan.And therefore Green had to die. His plane was rigged to crash...I even know the CIA assassination technique they used...and now that I am a Christian, I feel so terrible. Can God ever FORGIVE ME?"

I prayed for God to give me an answer, and gradually it came. "Elaine, you know that Jesus Christ has already forgiven you for everything you did as a satanist. Furthermore, God will never be defeated by satan and his tactics. Keith is in heaven with Jesus, and death could not defeat him. Keith Green's music has been used ever since he died to STILL WIN MORE PEOPLE TO JESUS CHRIST even to day..."

In fact, when I went to Jerusalem and traveled throughout Israel for a while, I met a young man, Andrew, working at a Christian hostel in Tiberias. Andrew admitted to me that when he had strayed away from Jesus Christ, God has used THE MUSIC OF KEITH GREEN to bring him back to Jesus Christ.

It is not without reason that the Early Church coined this phrase: "The BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS is the SEED OF THE CHURCH." Indeed, God and His purposes in the world today will NEVER be defeated by satan's tactics...NEVER.What satan means for EVIL, God is capable of fully turning around and using FOR HIS GLORY and purposes in the world today.

Thank you, Father God, for using the testimony of KEITH GREEN, even in his death, to GLORIFY YOUR SON Jesus Christ, and to continue to win even MORE souls to Him.

-Pamela Schuffert

Enjoying 38 years of Christian Ministry Nationwide/Worldwide

There Can BE NO GREATER JOY Than Serving Jesus Christ

by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

I often marvel over today's generation of "Christians." I find so many young people today who are actually afraid to commit their lives fully to Jesus Christ, and to offer to serve Him. Many are afraid they will no longer have "any fun." And fear that Christianity will somehow prove to be "dull and boring and unfulfilling."

These are all lies from the very pits of hell. NOTHING can be more exciting and fulfilling than to KNOW AND SERVE THE LIVING GOD and walk with His glorious Son, JESUS CHRIST!

When we fully surrender our lives to God and His eternal purposes, His Holy Spirit is then released by our will aligned with His, to move us to those places of calling and ministry and training that will TOUCH THE WORLD for Jesus Christ.Serving God IS EXCITING! REWARDING! FULFILLING! And the fruits of one life fully surrendered to the glory and the will of God, can change the world and will be ETERNAL.

In my exciting 38 years of Christian training and ministries in many locations, I have watched as the power of God came into many lost souls I encountered as I shared my testimony with them. Often my testimony came in the form of working with the sick and elderly in home health care positions. As I shared love and hope with people about to die, many asked me to pray with them to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some received Jesus only hours before they died.

In one amazing case, a Jewish grandmother I took care of prayed for Jesus to be her Messiah and to save her as I held her hand and ministered. She died a few hours later. The family asked me to attend her funeral. I encountered her grandchild, Marsha, a few days later. "Pam, what happened to MY GRANDMOTHER? I had a vision of HER IN HEAVEN! She spoke to me and said, 'Don't be sad, don't cry for me, because now I am HAPPY! I am in HEAVEN WITH JESUS!'"

Immediately I explained to Marsha how her grandmother had prayed and asked Jesus into her heart before she died. I shared how Jesus died for our sins, and how Marsha also needed Jesus Christ in HER life. Marsha prayed and asked Jesus into her life after that, and became a follower of Jesus from that time on.

I have spent years in fields such as volunteering in Christian outreach in several Native America reservations, like LOWER BRULE, SD and CROW AGENCY, MT.Tragically, the American Indian reservations scattered across America, are among the most oppressed locations in the nation. Child abuse, spousal abuse, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, satanism and the occult...all are widely found on the reservations. As many I interviewed admitted to me, "life 'ON THE REZ' is hell..."

Wonderful people like PASTOR DWAYNE AND ANITA BULLCHIEF of OUR FATHER'S HOUSE church at CROW AGENCY Reservation in Montana, have invited me in the past to host their children's church crusade during annual SUMMER CAMPMEETING among the Crow Indians. I can never forget being the only white face among up to 25 little Crow Indian children, ministering JESUS and HIS LOVE to these precious children for three nights.

Anita Bullchief admitted to me that every year, at least one Crow Native committed suicide, CROW STYLE. "They simply went down to the railroad tracks along Interstate 90 here, and jumped in FRONT ON THE ONCOMING TRAIN to end their lives...." Talk about breaking my heart!

But then THE CONCRETE JUNGLES of NYC and CHICAGO can be just as oppressive. I can recall performing Christian outreach in Brooklyn, NY, among the Russian Jews, and at night hearing the gunshots and bullets whizzing in their air from gang related drug and turf wars. Gangland type shootouts and murders often occurred in "Little Odessa," the predominantly Russian/Ukrainian Jewish section of Brooklyn near Coney Island.

At one of my favorite Russian restaurants, I was shocked to read in the Russian journal "Novaya Russkaya Slova" of one such gangland type killing, where a rival Russian Jewish mafia gang had executed both father and son of a rival gang...right in RESTAURANT ODESSA!

And YET, such hearts are often OPEN TO THE LOVE OF GOD and the power of their Messiah, Jesus Christ. After years of oppression under godless COMMUNISM, such people are hungry for the truth and the reality of GOD!I worked with many other dedicated Christian workers in NYC, Connecticut and CHICAGO to bring the power and love of God to these precious Russian Jews.

While living in the southeast "Bible Belt" for many years, I enjoyed working with African American children in inner city outreaches. Often I found myself the only white face in predominantly African/American churches. But nothing could keep me out! I loved to hear their intense choirs singing with a passion I wish was more often found in many white churches, frankly.I would watch as dedicated preachers would walk across the stage, pulling out white hankies to mop the sweat off their faces as they preached from their very hearts the wonderful saving message of Jesus Christ. How I loved these people. But then, GOD IS LOVE. Have we forgotten this in many of our churches today, the very LOVE essence of Christianity?

At one point in my life, God called me to become involved with Christian pro-life outreach nationwide. Beginning with OPERATION RESCUE, I began traveling nationwide to various baby killing centers to both pray and to hand literature offering alternatives to abortion to the mothers about to enter these grim clinics of death. During a RESCUE, we would peacefully and non-violently block entrance to the clinic doors, hoping to buy time for out counselors to hand out literature to the women who were now detained from entering the clinic. MANY women in fact CHANGED THEIR MINDS as a result, went HOME and GAVE BIRTH TO THEIR CHILDREN INSTEAD!

And often, we Christian pro-life outreach workers were arrested, charged, put on trial, and frequently sentenced to both jail and prison. I was imprisoned in both several jails and prison at one point, all for the "CRIME" of saving the children.

But I can testify personally, to the power and the glory of God being found in those decrepit jailcells, as God used both me and many other imprisoned pro-lifers to SHARE JESUS CHRIST with very lost inmates and guards. It was exciting to witness the power of God vibrant and at work in these places of incarceration!

I began to experience first hand what the Apostle Paul wrote about in the Epistles found in the Bible. As Paul related from personal experience, I could also testify to: NOTHING COULD SEPARATE ME from the love of GOD found in Christ Jesus!Not the filthy jail cells, not the torn and ill-fitting clothing,not the often disgusting "food," nor at times abusive treatment by guards and wardens. NOTHING could separate us from the power of God in such places.All glory be to HIM forevermore.

And beginning in 1996, as I spent much time in prayer seeking direction for my life, God led me by His Spirit into INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM, to research the NWO and to warn His people in America of what is SOON TO COME, and to help prepare them to STAND FAST IN THEIR FAITH FOR HIM. I have endured many hardships and much persecution, much loss, threats from the US government and several death attempts on my life in this challenging ministry. But it is exciting to watch the POWER OF GOD IN ACTION, knowing that you escaped death ONE MORE TIME because of the MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!

God is often MOST GLORIFIED, when we find ourselves most endangered and at risk, and on the front lines for GOD. This is where I have witnessed His power and glory the most. And that is frankly WHY I prefer to be ON THE FRONT LINES OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE AND OUTREACH with GOD.

Truly, serving God is exciting, fulfilling, and furthermore eternally profitable. I cannot even begin to count the number of souls that were brought to Jesus Christ through my witness throughout the years. And I continue to witness Jesus Christ to this very day.

In closing, I encourage YOU to TAKE THE RISK! GIVE your heart and life COMPETELY to Jesus Christ! TAKE HIS HAND and choose to walk with Him in a committed lifestyle daily. ASK Him to lead you and guide you into ministry that will touch the lives of others. OBEY His word, and step out in faith and love to reach others in various ways. And you will be surprised at the many amazing things God will then do IN and through YOUR life, given to Him completely.

-Pamela Schuffert



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

Throughout my years of investigating and reporting on the NWO agenda, much controversy has centered around what was an AMTRAK REPAIR FACILITY located outside of Indianapolis, IN, in Beech Grove. 

This facility was used for many years, then was closed and lay idle and vacant for several years. And then, strange rebuilding activities began.

Linda Thompson of THE AMERICAN JUSTICE FEDERATION had previously expressed her suspicions about it being refurbished to provide yet another location for the future termination of NWO resisters under coming martial law. YOUTUBE has her video posted, in fact.

But also you will find many government DISINFORMATION posts as well on YOU TUBE, attempting to disprove and ridicule this.

The US government is continually spending millions of dollars annually in their efforts to continue to brainwash the American people, especially denying the NWO agenda even exists. 

They often use COINTELPRO, government misinformation specialists for such deceptive operations. Investigative journalists like myself are constantly battling such deliberate government disinformation, in the quest to TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE TRUTH in this critical hour.

Later, my friend AL Cuppett, former NWO exposer from Pentagon background, visited this facility, and left feeling it was indeed being set up for a future termination facility under martial law. He wrote extensively about this former AMTRAK facility.

While I was in Jerusalem, Israel, during FEAST OF TABERNACLES one year to lecture and investigate, I met one night with a CIA link, Michael, a Messianic Jew from Tulsa. 

While standing in Ben Yehuda Square, we discussed the COMING NWO AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. I asked Michael if he knew about the AMTRAK DEATHCAMP in BEECH GROVE, IN. Michael replied,

"I know all about it. My CIA contact G_______comes over to our house to talk about this all the time. He told us that UNDER MARTIAL LAW, this facility will TERMINATE 26,000 RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL PRISONERS every 24 hours...."

Many other former CIA have personally revealed to me NWO AGENDA activities directly linked to the notorious CIA. 

Michael Maholy, Steve Campbell, Dave, Elaine, Larry Wayne Harris, and many more were ALL former CIA operatives. ALL testified to the painful reality of the role the CIA plays and will play in bringing Americans down into the iron jaws of death of the NWO.

If anyone should know about the NWO agenda, it is of course the CIA. The OSS/CIA remains a distinctly NAZI CREATION, beginning with the WANNSEE CONFERENCE outside Berlin, of high level Nazi officials meeting to determine the destiny of the NWO. 

They decided that IF the NWO AGENDA FOR THE WORLD FAILED THROUGH NAZI GERMANY AND HITLER, they would transplant the ENTIRE NWO AGENDA to America...and they did.

BUSH SR (real nameGeorge Scherff Jr.,who has been more recently exposed through a series of reports and damning Nazi photographs as a foreign German transplant at the age of 16, clandestinely brought into America through the CIA'S "OPERATION PAPERCLIP,")used the CIA intensely to advance their cherished Nazi NWO agenda. 

Former CIA admitted to me that CIA sit around discussing how to bring down the NWO in America all the time in CIA surroundings. 

The CIA helps design the very FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY camps that will be used to persecute and terminate all future NWO resisters. 

SATANISM is a major pillar of many of the CIA black ops activities, and satanism/Illuminism is THE BACKBONE OF THE NWO.

Although parts of the AMTRAK repair facility
are allegedly used for "repair", the fact remains that several HUGE repair buildings have been retrofitted to be used as GASSING facilities under martial law. 

These huge train repair buildings that can hold 4 train engine/boxcars at one time, have been sealed up and made airtight. 

Huge exhaust fans to suck out air and fumes have been installed into their roofs. Strange AGA gas tanks and lines have been installed into such buildings. AGA is known for manufacturing toxic gasses.

PRISONER TURNSTYLE entrances have been created. FOUR ROWS of barbed wire fencing have been installed around this facility for security.

In order to use this AMTRAK facility as a DEATHCAMP for future NWO resisters, ALL THEY HAVE TO DO is simply back in four FOUR PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES into one former repair building, SEAL IT UP, and release the deadly gas into the building. And within 20 seconds, PRISONERS WILL BEGIN TO DIE, according to former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris.

When I interviewed my friend, former CIA assassin Elaine (later becoming a Christian exposing satanism and the NWO agenda), about this facility, she confirmed that this will be used as a FUTURE DEATHCAMP to get RID of anticipated NWO resistance.Elaine should KNOW. She WAS the previous satanic high priestess over Indiana for 17 ruthless years, when hired for the CIA as an assassin.

Elaine sat around in CIA circles discussing with others "How the heck DO YOU TERMINATE the Christians who stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER?" 

She admitted to me that they came up with the concept of the very concentration /detention camps I have been exposing for 13 years now.

"And although I greatly regret my role in these camps, they stand to this very day, and they will be used for termination of NWO resisters in the future..." Elaine told me.

I have performed several live broadcasts from Beech Grove, Indiana, across from this facility. I also discovered an ominous fact about the people in Beech Grove, IN. 

When asked about the AMTRAK repair facility, they often matter-of-factly reply, 

"Oh, that's to KILL THE CHRISTIANS under martial law...." 

Elaine, former high priestess over Indiana, told me how rampant SATANISM is throughout Indiana, and how ALL the satanists KNOW the THE NEW WORLD ORDER is frankly SATAN'S KINGDOM MANIFEST ON EARTH. 

"Satan is the father of the NWO, and the satanists are the backbone, " Elaine explained to me. And the Bible, in Revelation 13, tells us this very thing as well.

Throughout years of research to investigate and expose the NWO agenda, I know the following: there is not a SATANIST/ILLUMINATI worth their title, who does NOT know all about everything I uncover regarding the NWO agenda for America, and their dark plan to murder millions of innocent victims in their FEMA/Homeland Security deathcamps under MARTIAL LAW. 

In fact, as Elaine and others have admitted, they CAN'T WAIT for the NWO AGENDA to BEGIN. And sadly, they can't wait to round up and KILL THE CHRISTIANS IN THE CAMPS.

From the heart of the CIA NWO planning sessions, they admitted that their NUMBER ONE ENEMY of the the NWO agenda WERE THE CHRISTIANS. They knew that NO Bible-believing Christian could ever abandon their faith, to jump on board their Satan-based NWO agenda. And hence, they determined that THE CHRISTIANS HAVE TO the CAMPS, that is.TERMINATION, Communist Bolshevik gulag style, complete with brutal rape, torture and death for the CHRISTIANS.

How perfectly this all lines up with Bible Prophecy pertaining to the END TIMES. Revelation 13 in the Bible tells it all about this coming antichrist world globalist tyranny that will have the power to put Christians to death, and whose power is directly derived from SATAN HIMSELF. And we are now living IN THIS TIME PERIOD ON THE EARTH.

Well, my fellow Christians, can you stand up to the test we all will face in America in the future? Is Jesus in fact worth LIVING for, and is He also worth DYING FOR? We love to serve a "bless me God," but can we also EMBRACE THE CROSS when the prophesied times of testing and persecution come? Decide now. Your eternal soul and eternal destiny is at stake.

I beseech you, my fellow Christians, to use this grace time we have left in America to SEEK GOD for the strength and grace to face the COMING TIMES OF PERSECUTION, SUFFERING AND MARTYRDOM that Christians in America (and soon worldwide) will face under the world globalist antichrist system of REVELATION 13. Choose to confess and forsake any compromise and hidden sins in your life also. His greatest grace and power to overcome will be given to those who are truly committed and faithful to God, and who walk and holy and upright walk with Jesus Christ COVERED WITH HIS BLOOD.

Seek God to be filled and empowered with His Divine Holy Spirit. Apart from a power far above our own weak physical capabilities, we cannot possibly stand against this NWO darkness. BUT COUPLED with faith in the LIVING GOD of ALL might and power, through faith in His Son the LORD JESUS CHRIST, we CAN and SHALL overcome.

-Pamela Schuffert

"And they overcame him[satan] by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, by the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and because they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES unto the DEATH." Revelation 12:11

Friday, February 27, 2009

God's Miracles Among Russian Jewish Children

How the MESSIAH Jesus Continues to Touch Jewish Lives TODAY

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

How I LOVE to witness the miracle power of our LIVING GOD, manifested through His wondrous Son, Jesus the Messiah and Savior of the world! Many people mistakenly believe that miracles died out with the early Church. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

I have personally witnessed many Scriptural miracles, often validated by doctors' confirmations (including my very own) and I can testify that GOD IS STILL PERFORMING MIRACLES TO THIS VERY DAY!

It was my privilege to work among Russian Jews out of Chicago, New York City and New Jersey for many years, in a wonderful Russian Christian retreat center based in Connecticut. These wonderful Russian Christians hosted Summer camp for underprivileged Russian/Ukrainian Jewish children out of NYC and NJ every summer, often numbering over 100 children each time.

I was personally assigned about 15 young Russian children to my cabins, as senior counselor over them, every summer. This was in fact a long term overnight camp as well. IN effect, I became "big Momma" for these adorable children that I will forevermore love. Sasha...Lyuba...Tanya...Nastia...Olga...Vera...these were my children, and all with distinctly Jewish last names. Zilberman...Vayneberg...Kogan...and more.

Unless God has touched your heart deeply for the Jews, you may never understand how much they meant to me. But I knew HOW MUCH THEY MEANT TO GOD, and to THE MESSIAH! And I therefore treasured them deeply with all my heart. And they in turn loved me back.

I can never forget a young Russian teen, Yana Strutin. She had sever chronic pain in her leg, and often it brought tears. Sometimes Yana could not sleep at night due to pain. One night, her counselors came running up to my cabin frantically. Yana's pain would not go and she was screaming for help. It was late at night and the infirmary was closed. "We KNOW you believe in MIRACLES...." exclaimed one of the counselors. "Please come down and PRAY FOR YANA!"

I threw my clothing on and rushed to her dormitory at the camp. Dozens of young Russian Jewish teens had been awakened by Yana's screams, and now watched intently as I approached her bed. I took Yana up into my arms, placed her upon my lap, and softly began to pray for Jesus to touch her and heal her. The Holy Spirit guided my words as I continued to pray.

Unexpectedly, Yana BEGAN TO LAUGH...even as tears remained on her cheeks! Astonished, I listened to her in amazement as she exclaimed, "WHY??? WHY do I SEE JESUS! WHY is He on the CROSS! I see Him dying on the cross for ME! PAIN is GOING! It is GOING.....!" All the young teens in her dorm that night were silent as they witnessed an obvious miracle of the grace of God moving in Yana's life through the POWER OF PRAYER and Jesus the Messiah!

All I know is, I had done NOTHING but to pray for her, using Jesus' name, as the Bible says to do. And everything that followed was THE WORK OF GOD, and not mine.

Yana then got off my lap and stood up immediately. She kicked out her leg and said, "THE PAIN IS STILL GONE...I can kick my leg!" I began to join with others in thanking God for this incredible move of His grace among these Russian teen girls that night. And the next day, I approached Yana, and asked her how her leg was doing. She smiled and admitted to me, THE PAIN WAS STILL GONE!

Miracles like these were subsequently taken back home to the Jewish neighborhoods of NYC and spread around like wildfire. I had spent much money, in fact, purchasing quality Bibles for these children to take back home with them to NYC. One was given to one of my favorites, little red-headed Ella Vayneberg one summer.

Many years later, I returned to the Russian Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, "Little Odessa" ("Malinkaya Odessa" in Russian.) I began to pray intensely as I walked up and down the colorful sidewalks in front of Russian stores and deli's. I asked God to send me even ONE child, now grown up, that was at our camp. I wanted to know how these children were now doing as teens. Suddenly, I found myself almost walking into the person in front of me. Looking up, I said, "excuse me.." and saw THAT IT WAS MY ELLA! She was overwhelmed as she recognized me. "Miss's YOU from CAMP! Do you remember me? It's ELLA...I am now a teenager!"

I started to cry right there on the streets of Brooklyn. "Ella, it IS you!" She hugged me and smiled excitedly. "Miss Pam, I STILL HAVE THE BIBLE you gave me...and I am still a virgin...and I still BELIEVE IN JESUS!" Amazing words, considering the sinful neighborhood this was, often filled with vice of every kind and sexual immorality, Russian mafia, and much more.

I told her that SHE WAS MY ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS that very day! We finally parted, but not without prayer. I said, "Ella, let me FIRST PRAY FOR YOU." But Ella's response was, "No...let ME pray for YOU!" What a woman of faith she had become, all because of her discovery about JESUS HER MESSIAH at our wonderful summer camp. Glory be to the God of Avraham and His Messiah, Yahshua (Jesus) for such great things!

SO many Russian Jewish children had similar experiences of the power and reality of God at our summer camp. Many children, sent to the camp with money for ice cream, spent it instead on BIBLES...something most of them never had back in communist Russia. We witnessed dramatic answers to prayer every summer there as well. And many discovered for the first time the amazing reality of JESUS THEIR MESSIAH in their lives. And they took their new found Messiah back to the streets of NYC with them. Many of their parents also came to Jesus as well as a result.

I will never forget my years of working with the Russian Jews of New York City, Chicago and elsewhere. And the glorious miracles brought forth through the power of Jesus their wonderful Messiah, truly the Savior of the world.

-Pamela Schuffert

When The Pain Just Won't Go Away: POWER OF PRAYER


by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

The satanists/Illuminati love to torture victims before they sacrifice them, as my years of investigative journalism uncovered. Well, they have found an even more effective form of torture than physical, for those of us they love to hate.

I find myself emotionally tortured every single day I investigate their NWO agenda, and report on the horrors they plan to inflict on the innocent, and the outrage of their plans. Tender Christian hearts cannot bear the pain of these insane murderers. I live with it. I sleep with it. Even when I laugh, it is through tears.

I finally asked God one day, "WHEN WILL THE PAIN GO AWAY? When will you heal me?" And He told me, NOT until I die and be with Him in heaven. Only in heaven, will He wipe away every tear. He told me He wanted me to be His weeping intercessor to pray against the horrors these Illuminati have planned against His people. And therefore my heart had to be broken. And it remains to this day. The closer we draw to the heart of God, to understand HIS grief over the sins of this world, the more we also begin to grieve with Him as well.

There is power in PRAYER WITH TEARS. Jesus wept. Who would NOT weep, knowing what I know is to come to my nation and to millions of my fellow Christians and Americans? And honestly, not one tear is for myself. As Jesus said, bearing His cross to be crucified,"Do not weep for Me, but rather for what is coming to you and your nation...."

I say the same thing. It doesn't matter what they do to me. Rather I am burdened day and night for what these NWO people will do to millions of my fellow Americans and Christians under their world globalist antichrist agenda. They plan to CRUCIFY THE CHRISTIANS of America, and the entire world someday.

If you are a Christian, will you please allow God to break your heart also, and weep for this nation and for what is to come upon it? YOUR PRAYERS have the power to CHANGE THE VERY DESTINY OF A NATION. Frankly, I am so weary of weeping and praying alone. SO many Christians in America only want to hear the word of false prophets telling them of GOOD things to come to America. They do not want to hear THE TRUTH. And hence, ignorant of this kind of urgent truth regarding what is planned for America, they are unable to pray with knowledge for our nation.

Don't be like them. RECEIVE the words of warning God is giving for this nation, and begin to FAST AND PRAY as never before. The very future of this nation and fate of millions of Christians in this nation DEPENDS ON THIS, because PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. ONLY GOD is big enough to comprehensively confront on many levels the dark powers of Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for this nation. And God's mighty hands are moved THROUGH PRAYER. Many of us intercessors already realize that God has held back their persecution agenda for many years now, through the POWER OF PRAYER.

Please, purpose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE today.

-Pamela Schuffert

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Testimony From INSIDE The CIA: Miracles of God

-How God Touched ONE MORE LIFE Inside the Dark World of the CIA-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective

I am in love with our mighty GOD OF MIRACLES and His glorious Son, Jesus Christ! My new life was birthed during a Christian miracle crusade many years ago, as Jesus Christ reached down and touched me when I was dying of epilepsy, brain damage and other complications. After two doctors gave up, Jesus Christ stepped IN. And subsequently, I was totally healed of all my illnesses, and confirmed through later testing by my doctor in New Jersey, Dr. Samuel Getlin. My healing was declared to be a MEDICALLY UNEXPLAINABLE MIRACLE by my doctor!

Often we get a greater glimpse of His greatness, when God steps into seemingly impossible situations filled with tragedy and hopelessness. It is at times like this that we SEE THE GLORY OF GOD, as Jesus Christ then brings HOPE and MIRACLES into the darkness when ALL ELSE FAILS.

I love it when God does this.

I was fascinated therefore, to sit in the living room of a former CIA assassin, Steve Campbell, in his condominium in SC. Steve had become a born-again Christian after years of serving in the CIA as an assassin. And all throughout those years of performing hits for the CIA, Steve was also a satanist. The CIA, in fact, often hires satanists in America to become assassins/assassin teams. They CIA realizes that hardened satanists will not flinch at such deadly assignments, since their satanic rituals involve killing innocent victims without mercy by night anyhow.

(Please go away, pain in my heart, as I write these words. Because sometimes the pain of this kind of knowledge becomes unbearable. Oh, GOD...WHY do these people have to KILL? America is filled with their tragic victims everywhere...WHEN will the killing stop?)

Steve's life is truly a testimony to the wondrous grace and mercy of the Lord God the Almighty, and the power of His Son Jesus Christ. He explained the events that led to his salvation experience.

"I was raised in a satanist family in the foothills of NC. And when I became an adult, I was hired by the CIA for assassin jobs. They are always hiring satanists for assassin positions. I had done 17 hits and was out with my partner on what I thought was another assignment. But soon, I discovered it was not a normal assignment: I was being set up to be TERMINATED! The CIA was finally through using me, I now knew too much, and it was time to be TAKEN OUT....."

"I found myself with my back to the wall in an alleyway, and my partner aiming a handgun at my chest at close range. Terrified, I watched as his hands began to squeeze the trigger, and I prepared to die as he started to empty his clip at close range while aiming at me. Blast after blast came out of that barrel at close range, BUT NOT ONE BULLET TOUCHED ME...NOT ONE."

"My partner became shocked when he saw that I was not hurt, and threw down his gun and began to run. He knew I was still armed and could come after him and kill him now...." But that is not what Steve did. Stunned, Steve immediately recognized this as an awesome and unexplainable GRACE MIRACLE OF GOD. Steve SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD!

Growing up in the Bible belt, Steve had heard about Jesus Christ many times. He knew what Jesus Christ could do. He definitely knew he was a sinner heading to hell. But he never made that commitment to Jesus, to repent and become a born again Christian, until THAT VERY DAY that the grace of God and a divine miracle spared his life.

Steve totally committed his life to Jesus Christ as a result of that incredible miracle of God's mercy and grace, and came out of the CIA and quit all assassin jobs after that. Not satisfied, the CIA forced Steve to undergo painful brainwashing by electronic devices designed to erase all his intimate knowledge of CIA black ops, etc. He admitted it was a terrible experience, but also told me that he was glad to forget many of the things he had done while working in the CIA.

I will never forget Steve's true and awesome testimony while sitting in his living room that day. What a glorious account of the undeserved mercy and grace of God upon his life! But then, NONE of us deserve God's grace and mercy. We have ALL sinned, and we are ALL worthy of His judgment.

And that is why we ALL need the mercy of God in our lives. And it is through believing in JESUS CHRIST that our sins are finally removed forever from our lives, and peace comes as we receive His salvation in our hearts.

If you are working for the CIA or the intelligence community, perhaps you are struggling with sin like Steve's in your life. You may be facing serious decisions. But God's Word is eternal and it promises that NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, Jesus Christ died for YOU and He knows our deepest secrets and He is ABLE to forgive our darkest sins. And bring you into God's peace and love and forgiveness at last.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall NOT PERISH, but have eternal life." (John 3:16) Please, won't you try Jesus Christ?

"I have come that THEY MAY HAVE LIFE, and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY."~Jesus Christ

-Pamela Schuffert

(Postscript-I remember growing up just outwide the Washington DC area. As I became involved in the world of investigative journalism, my eyes began to be opened to what was hidden from me during my childhood years in that area. When I first began to hear sordid accounts of CIA black ops from former operatives turned whistleblowers, I was frankly overwhelmed. As a Christian, I felt that something had to be done to bring GOD into this dark picture.

I can remember driving from my home outside Alexandria, VA, along the George Washington Parkway, taking the McLean exit and parking across the street from the CIA headquarters. With a heart filled with the revelations of former CIA officers of what really goes on inside the CIA, I remember bowing my head, folding my hands and letting the tears fall as I prayed from the depths of my soul. I prayed for both CIA operative and their victims as well: Jesus died for ALL. I cried out to God for His love and mercy to touch their hearts and lives throughout the CIA. And for God to save and heal their many victims as well.

And though now living far away from the Washington DC area, my tears and my prayers continue non-stop for these people. Can you find it in your heart to join me in this kind of prayer? And remember: nothing is IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. And no matter how great the sin, GOD'S MERCY IS GREATER.-Pamela Schuffert)

Dangerous CIA Assassin Exposed-Jeff Swedenburg

Stalked By Confirmed CIA Assassin-Experiencing God's Power when Facing Death

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

I have performed several years background research into the life of CIA asset JEFF SWEDENBURG, along with several other members of the Patriot community. Jeff Swedenburg is one of the better known/exposed CIA infiltrators into the PATRIOT (NWO resisters) community in America. Swedenburg has spent much time infiltrating the Patriot community in the USA, including in DENVER and MONTANA.

However, according to standards for the intelligence community, Swedenburg is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Swedenburg openly boasted to one personal contact of mine while infiltrating/fraternizing with local Patriot groups, "I DO WHACK JOBS FOR THE CIA!" He was very proud of this fact and could not keep this a secret.

People in the intelligence community who cannot keep secrets like this soon lose their jobs...or their lives. According to one couple I interviewed, Jack and Jeannie Stover, Swedenburg had rented a room from them in their home outside Denver, at the time they were working with patriot groups and investigating UFO's as well. I personally interviewed the Stovers, and they admitted Swedenburg's strange behavior at times reminded them of what they had read about CIA MIND CONTROL VICTIMS.

"We had children's toys set out for our grandchildren one day, which included a set of DISNEY CHARACTERS tea cups and plates. Jeff noticed them and began to act strangely, reverting back into a childhood voice and playing with them..." Disney characters, and Disneyland itself after hours is used to program children into mind control tactics of the CIA's MKULTRA program, according to many survivors and former victims. The Stovers knew this and watched him carefully. He also said strange things as well.

After monitoring his behavior at their home, they finally concluded that Swedenburg had been sent in by the intelligence community to spy of them (which he had, of course.)

Some years ago, during the time I was attempting to minister over the phone to CIA COINTELPRO INFILTRATOR Barbara Hartwell, Swedenburg had been paid thousands of dollars to become her personal bodyguard for a trip she was making to Denver, as Hartwell's devoutly Christian sister Irene Adrian had admitted to me one day. In fact, Swedenburg was there at Hartwell's home at the time I had called her.

I spoke to Swedenburg personally over the phone while he was with Hartwell, briefly, not knowing of his actual assassin/infiltrator roles in the CIA at that time. Not long after that, the truth began to become apparent to me and many others regarding the hidden role of BARBARA HARTWELL, and that she was in fact a COINTELPRO agent for the CIA, writing libelous misinformation against targeted members of the Patriot community.

Many good people, hated for various reason by the US government, began to be targeted by HARTWELL, on orders from the intelligence community (CIA.) I began to perform background research on her, and discovered many disturbing facts. It was then, once she knew I had discovered the truth, that she began to write venomous articles against me in earnest.

I began to also find out the truth about SWEDENBURG as well. In fact, one former CIA of over 30 years who I talked to many times, admitted, "Swedenburg is well protected by the CIA..." I have spoken personally to this former CIA officer near Denver.

Several years later, I was performing investigative research in MONTANA. Much of this centered around reports of BOXCARS AND SHACKLES being uncovered in the GLACIER NATIONAL PARK REGION, which includes COLUMBIA FALLS, MT. There is a COLUMBIA FALLS SUPER 8 MOTEL there.

I was surprised to find out that JEFF SWEDENBURG'S AUNT, SERENA STREETER, owned this motel! Serena Streeter herself is shrouded with mystery and intrigue due to the strange death of her husband. Following my stay at her motel with a Canadian film crew who came down to interview and film me while we performed research on the NWO, I noted "AUNT SERENA" at the front desk, and went up to her and said, "Oh, and give my regards to JEFF SWEDENBURG and his 'girlfriend' HARTWELL also!" (I was of course joking. Hartwell's boyfriend is actually Ray Stewart.)

Serena let out a shocked "OH!"
and almost fell over when I mentioned Swedenburg's name to her! What was to then follow, fully confirmed my research on SWEDENBURG. I spent much time at the local library sending out email reports to my radio listeners. I was shocked to discover I was being followed by Swedenburg. One day I heard a noise behind me as I sat at the computer. I turned to look at who was behind me in the WHITEFISH (MT)LIBRARY, and IT WAS SWEDENBURG! Swedenburg stood right behind me in the local library there, laughing a sinister "grade B movie" villain laugh, getting my attention quickly.

Swedenburg had openly announced his presence to me, indicating he had been tracking me! And letting it be known he was on assignment against me in that region. Assassins often do this, figuring that their intended victim will not live long after they have exposed themselves to their intended victim. Unfortunately, Jeff does not know the power of the Living God I serve.

SWEDENBURG then began to make life in that area hell for me, breaking into the home I was staying in as a guest THE DAY AFTER I went on radio exposing the NWO activities here in this region. He stole MY NEW LAPTOP and my notebook ONLY, scattered my underwear all over the room for good measure (sorry it wasn't "VICTORIA'S SECRET" brand undies, Jeffie), and THEN that very night immediately after, began to email HARTWELL'S CIA SLANDER ARTICLES SHE HAD WRITTEN AGAINST ME directly to this person's INTERNET and EMAIL ACCOUNT immediately after we got back to this home!

Swedenburg made it clear he was the one who broke into the house to steal my laptop and notebook. And THEN, not happy with that, he tried his WHACK JOB (CIA assassination)tactics on me and apparently severed my brake line the night before I was to meet with a Canadian film crew to film a hidden concentration camp in SAND POINT, IDAHO.

I almost died, and along with me a state trooper, and several firemen blocking the road to fight a field fire...I COULD NOT STOP going over 60 MPH on a narrow two lane highway with NO shoulders to turn off on...and only rocks and trees and brush. MY BRAKES WERE MASHED TO THE FLOOR...and WOULD NOT STOP!!! (And I had just gotten BRAKE WORK DONE only a few months previously!)

ONLY MUCH PRAYER that morning, prior to my leaving, provided the grace for me to utter up a prayer in nanoseconds as I barreled towards the terrified state trooper whose car blocked the road...and God took over my hands and directed the car AROUND THE TROOPER and firemen, AROUND the trees and boulders, until it finally came to a shuddering stop AFTER HITTING A DIRT HILL and BECOMING AIRBORNE...HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STYLE!!!

My car was towed to a local garage, and after a week of diagnostics and repair, the owner admitted, "...Yes, ma'am, among other things, YOUR BRAKE LINE WAS SEVERED!" I questioned him about this. Yes, he meant deliberately cut! Hmmmm... Tell me something I hadn't already figured out!

At the time this article was written, I was continuing my intense research in the very region of Montana in which his aunt's motel is located, and not far from where my brake line was severed and the home was broken into by Jeff. Local people in the Patriot community appreciate my work and have asked me to remain here to help educate them regarding the NWO agenda and related matters. I spend time also going on local access television in this region exposing the NWO (MCAT in Missoula, MT.)

IN CASE I DISAPPEAR or end up "terminated," or "suicided" (where the CIA stages "a suicide" but in fact they have already terminated the victim)remember the previous information above when wondering who the culprit just MIGHT be behind it...but then again, there are many assassins in the CIA.

My fellow Christians, please pray for God to deeply touch the heart and life of Jeff Swedenburg. Jesus Christ loves and died for all sinners. Because there is no greater battle than for a soul to be saved, I have chosen to forgive (long ago) these kinds of people and to pray for their salvation and for God to have mercy on them. May God take what satan meant for evil, and turn it into HIS GLORIOUS PURPOSES for their salvation instead. Our prayers CAN make the difference. This same Jesus Who died for MY sins, also died for HIS as well. We are called to be merciful, to forgive, and to pray for our enemies.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from Montana