Tuesday, June 9, 2015


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Because I have such a large readership on FACEBOOK under "Pamela Rae Schuffert," I have been posting my articles there for a while, instead of this blog. (However, I am now resuming posting articles on this blog.) 

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"Operation Jade Helm 2015" is taking this nation by storm! Military convoys are rolling across America at this time, as some WALMARTS are being mysterious closed and military are taking them over. Even "Bluebell Ice Cream trucks" from the now closed company, are being included in such military convoys strangely, and speculation is running rife.

TIME MAY BE SHORT FOR AMERICA STARTING THIS SUMMER. I have hesitated for several weeks now to post on my blog about JADE HELM until I could perform more research to really uncover what is happening in America today.

Recently the Russian government threatened to arm Mexico to fight against America, to retake the states that America was awarded by Mexico following our war with Mexico many years ago. The Chechen government declared that this is no different, than America presently arming the UKRAINE against Russia. 

Therefore, SOME researchers believe that this is WHY the flurry of US military activity in the region of the STATES FORMERLY GIVEN TO THE US BY MEXICO IN THE PAST. Does the US military really anticipate that there will be fighting between America and Mexico in the "JADE HELM" states of the southwest/southeast???

Some articles state that Russia is threatening to arm America Patriots/separatists in "JADE HELM states and the southwest, to fight the US military under a MARTIAL LAW scenario. Speculation is rife across our nation today.

Many believe that FEMA RED/BLUE LISTS ARRESTS are about to take place under JADE HELM as well, pointing out various factors that seem to indicate this.

I have waited to post materials on this subject on this blog, hoping to take more time to investigate and research to get "THE BIG PICTURE" before jumping prematurely to any conclusions about JADE HELM.

I encourage all my readers to follow my reports on FACEBOOK at this time as well. 

In closing , PLEASE take the time to make sure your sins are forgiven by receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior TODAY. Many serious things can unfold this summer in AMERICA, and with them the potential for loss of human life and much suffering as well. ONLY faith  and hope in a Living God BIGGER THAN  YOURSELF can bring you through what is potentially to come.

JESUS CHRIST will be there for YOU!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert