Monday, September 30, 2013

Visiting my LIttle Brother for the First Time Now

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

FINALLY! I'm HERE, little Brother John!

Little Brother's eyes light up with joy as Big Sis comes through the door.

He loves stuffed animals ("critters") and so I brought him a MONTANA MOOSE!

Well, thanks to GOD and YOUR prayers and support, I am finally here...sore arm/shoulder and all (ow!) I can't believe it.....whew.

Little Brother was not expecting me at all tonight...I decided to surprise him completely. You should have seen his eyes light up when he recognized me at last as I walked towards him. A surge of love simply filled my heart as I looked at him and hugged him. We have been apart for at least three years now...I out in the Wild West, and he in NC.

I am so glad we can finally be together again, especially at this time in our nation.

I gently explained to my brother why I felt compelled to leave the state I love, Montana, and return to the brother I love even more at this time. I told him that very serious tragedies and events may be happening relatively soon in America, and that he would need my assistance in the future if things all come down. He understands. 

But then, he added to that. He replied that we would NEED ONE ANOTHER, and be a strength and comfort to each other during hard times. And he was right. I need Little Brother as much as he needs me.

And in the Body of Christ, we all need one another. That is why Jesus  created HIS BODY OF BELIEVERS in the earth today. Throughout the coming times of testing and tribulation for His sake, we will absolutely need one another. We need to learn now what it means to be "members of one another" and to walk in Biblically defined love as well.

Much thanks and appreciation to ALL OF YOU for helping to make this PRAYER JOURNEY to be with my beloved brother at this special time. I couldn't have made it, WITHOUT YOU!

John wants to thank you as well. He really wanted me to be here with him.

Remember God's unfailing promises: 

"Blessed are the merciful, 
for they shall obtain mercy." 

May God show abundant mercy to all of you who helped to make this all possible, whether by your love and your prayers, or giving and sharing at this time.

Pamela Rae and John Schuffert in North Carolina

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Here is Where This Present Ministry All Began...

My former home in South Carolina 1983-1996

Above is the home that my beloved mother and I lived in for 13 years in the Carolinas, from 1983 to 1996. It was while living here that I experienced the years of intense battles with the satanists of the Carolinas, especially in the Asheville, NC, area.

It was here that I first received the strange report from my friend Marie McCullough about their prayer journey across America and stumbling accidently upon black prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines in Columbia Falls, Montana, near Glacier National Park. I listened in fascination as she sat in our livingroom here, talking about those strange boxcars.

It was here that I first began receiving reports from my CIA whistleblower friend, Michael Maholy, who had formerly worked directly under Mr. 666 Bush Sr. himself when he was head of the CIA. In this very home I received the words over the phone from Michael stating that "...oh, ALL of us in the CIA know what the concentration camps in America are for...we ALL know that they are to TERMINATE the resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER as it comes down in America UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."

Actually, it was his words of shocking revelation, coupled with those of other CIA insider contact like my friend Elaine, that fueled my intense passion to investigate the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America, and WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED AGAINST MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS IN THIS NATION. 

When my friend Elaine, former assassin under Bush Sr in the CIA, admitted to me that it would be "...brutal rape, torture and death for the Christians once they get their hands on them under martial law..." I remember being devastated as I thought about the Body of Christ in America. It was when I lived in this home, that I visited Elaine in Okeechobee, Florida, to interview her for one month about her former experiences as the satanic high priestess over Indiana for 18 years, and a CIA assassin under Bush Sr. as well.

It was when I lived in this home, that I encountered my friend, super Patriot ED PACK, who was a brilliant man and researcher exposing the NWO. He  warned me about the OKC bombing plot ( an inside job) 3 months before it actually happened, thanks to his contacts, Patriot moles planted deep in the White House, as he admitted to me. He also filmed WACO live as it happened. His film was later turned into a documentary exposing the truth about the WACO tragedy.

And it was while living here that I watched the US government systematically destroy this poor man, finally culminating in microwaving him while in his home in January of 1995. He saw the government van parked in front of his home, he witnessed the microdish mounted on the top of this van as it was aimed towards his living room, and his body then filled with terrible heat and burning. He went to his doctor the next day, coughing up blood. His doctor said, "Ed, what has happened to you? Your body is filled with DEEP INTERNAL BURNS."

I watched this poor man degenerate during the next year and a half, until he was skin and bones and hospitalized with a large tumor that the microwaving spawned rapidly in his body. In the hospital where I visited him in Spartanburg, SC, he spoke to me as he put his hands on my shoulders and looked intensely into my eyes: "Pam, they may have gotten ME, but they haven't gotten YOU yet. TELL them...tell the American people everything about the NEW WORLD ORDER...promise me you will tell them."

With tears in my eyes, I promised him I would never remain silent. And two days later, Ed was dead. I attended his funeral in April of 1996, and looked up into heaven and said, "God, give me the grace to keep this promise I made to Ed." Apparently God has done so, because I am alive to this day many years later, and have not stopped in praying against and reporting on the NWO agenda for America.

And it was while living in this home, that Bush Sr sent one of his CIA assassins and satanists, Larry Burks, into my life to deceive me and lure me into a set-up for my abduction and demise planned for the mountains of NC.

I barely exited from that set-up alive, after realizing it was a trap near Asheville.Thankfully, I had taken a fellow Christian prayer warrior with me on that trip, and I am certain that his presence with me, praying heavily, helped to avert a near and fatal disaster.

My father's former high priest, Jericho, confirmed this to me several years afterward. When I asked him what they had waiting for me, he replied, "Pam, they had a RYDER rental truck filled with chains, knock out drugs and duct tape. They were going to abduct you and haul you to the satanist caverns of the Smokey Mountains, and nail you to a cross to teach you a little lesson for daring to mess with them..."

I found out from one info source following this failed abduction attempt, that Larry indeed was CIA and working for Bush Sr at that time, and a satanist as well. The CIA is always hiring satanists for assassin positions and torture roles as well, even as former CIA employees admitted to me frankly. To put it bluntly, the CIA and satanism are inseparable. The Nazi fascists of OPERATION PAPERCLIP who helped to form the CIA were products of the Bavarian Illuminati in Germany. 

Nazis and satanism are inseparable. Communists and satanism are inseparable. BOTH are the products of Illuminati planners and indoctrination. And therefore BOTH are used for the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA of the Illuminati as well.

Are we commanded by Jesus to forgive and to pray for our enemies? You and I know we are, as Christians. This is why I have published several articles asking readers to pray for the mercy of God to bring George H. W. Bush (Scherf) to great and deep repentance for his sins against God and crimes against humanity, that he might be forgiven and saved. I have forgiven him. And God is able to set him free and save him before he dies. 

They prayer of my heart daily is for God to reach down in His mercy and bring to salvation every member of the Bush/Scherf family, and to all other Illuminati bloodline families as well.

The only way to redeem their lives after years of lawlessness and sin and rebellion against Almighty God, is for Jesus Christ to move them to repentance and for God to be glorified in their salvation at last.

Above and below is the prayer chapel where I first began to pray against everything I began finding out about the NWO and martial law. I would enter into one of the prayer rooms through the brown door (above) and cry out to God about all of the disturbing revelations I had been receiving about martial law and the NWO.
And it was when I was laying on the floor of my bedroom here, while fasting in January of 1996, that the Holy Spirit distinctly told me that He was ready to show me the things to come to this nation at last. And that He was commissioning me to warn His people and wake them up. He told me that He would lead all the right people into my life, to show me what was to come. 

And He told me one more thing: that I would someday give my life for this calling IF I chose to receive it.

God does not make robots. He gave each one of us a free will. We can choose to obey God, or not. Because I knew by then that God's people would be among the major targets under martial law, and I loved the Body of Christ so deeply, I could never say no to God about this.

And my answer was YES to God that day.

And the reports you have read of mine throughout the years, are a direct product of that divine encounter that day in January of 1996, right here on these grounds of a Christian retreat.

There is a lady sitting next to me here, who is also aware of many things to come. She has asked me numerous questions about my reporting, listening intently.

Finally, she looked at me and asked, "Are you going to die a martyr some day...???"

I simply smiled and replied the obvious: you cannot perform such investigative journalism as mine, coupled with an uncompromised Christian testimony, and not realize that someday you probably will give your life for Christ. 

But I certainly know I am not alone. Every true Christian throughout North American faces persecution and martyrdom from the same NWO people as I do. We as Christians are all in this together.

Below is a picture of the very ministry auditorium in which I encountered a woman from MONTANA, attending a DEREK PRINCE Prophecy Conference being held there in 1996. By then, I already knew about the prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned in Montana for martial law.

I walked up to her and said, "Ma'am, did you realize that there are already prisoner boxcars with shackles in Montana, to take Christians and other NWO resisters to the detention camps under martial law someday?"

She looked shocked, but then replied, "No...but this explains THE VISIONS THAT GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME!"

Visions??? What visions, I asked her.

She said, "God has been giving me visions of CHRISTIANS BEING HERDED LIKE CATTLE INTO BOXCARS, to be TAKEN TO CAMPS AND KILLED..."

I told her that she had received a true vision from God of things to come. This was exactly what I had been told would happen under martial law in America.

Yes, God IS speaking to His people, to forewarn them and prepare them. The question is, WHO is willing among His people to receive THE TRUTH??? Our flesh does not like to hear such revelations!

I have been encountering such wonderful Christians at this revival meeting here this weekend. No, I may NOT agree with every point of some of the speakers or even leaders here. We never will. But I am called to love my fellow Christians as Christ loved me, and to receive them. God will sort them out in the day of judgment of all men's hearts, and not me.

In the mean time, I am called to love and to BE LIKE JESUS. Thank God!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. Though still dealing with pain continually, I am slowly making progress and it is slowly receding. Thank you for your prayers for John my brother. Will write a special article about my visit with him this coming week and all about what I encounter in Asheville, NC, THIS time around...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Hilarious! Reader Responds to Satanist "Death Threat"

(Be Warned, Lucifer and Co.! There ARE Christians with 
"God, guts, and glory" in this battlefield!)

Chuckle...(laughing thru pain) I just HAD to post this humorous yet Scriptural response on my blog. I got this email this morning, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank God that HE has a MIGHTY ARMY that is NOT afraid of cowardly Lucifer and Co.

Hey! It is only bold and courageous Christians that will win the victor's crown in the coming battles, and not the cowards. "He that OVERCOMES shall inherit all things..." Jesus promises us. Name me ONE battle in the history of mankind, in which an army of COWARDS ever won! By faith and boldness, let us press on to inherit the promises of God at last.

And thank you, David Stevens, bold and courageous brother in Christ who is obviously not afraid to stand up for Jesus Christ in this hour. Keep it up!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from the Carolinas at last (and frankly wondering  "Okay, WHAT NEXT, Lord???")


Hello Charles, Mr. Shadow Commanding Officer,
I was just reading the email that you sent to Pamela which was as follows:

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 13:41:37 -0400
Subject: You have opened my eyes! Thank you!
I read your article entitled “Satanism in America Today,” and it revealed to me the secret world of Satanism that is slowly engulfing our own. I am going to pray to Jesus Christ every single day to make sure that these twisted devils see the light.

Just kidding.
You are a blight upon the modern world. Your writings and exposures of our organization have designated you an enemy. Prepare yourself, Christian, for Satan’s coming rule.
We have been watching you, Pamela. And just know that you aren't ever safe.

See you soon,
Charles Urban
SHADOW, Commanding Officer
So Charles, Mr. Shadow Commanding Officer (What a joke),
Are you really such a dimwit that you would play for the the losing team?  Might I remind you that God tossed Satan/Allah out of heaven along with a few of his buds, and he didn't encounter any problem at all doing it.  
Why didn't your mighty master put up a fight then?  Or when Jesus Christ was in the desert 40 days, why did Satan try to trick and bribe him?  Why didn't your mighty master just beat him into submission?  Oh, maybe it was because compared to God, your master is an 85 pound weakling in the ring with Andre the Giant.  
You can bet that if he has pants, that every time Satan thinks about facing God, that he has an embarrassing wet spot all across the front of his trousers.  But that talent of wetting himself won't do him much good when his backside is on fire.
At some point God has said that he will allow Satan to reign on Earth for a limited time.  But that nothing to do with your mighty master being able to take control of anything.  God has willed it due to free will, the gift given to man, in order to sort out the chafe.  It is already written what will become of your master and the likes of you.  Poor little wimp that you are.  And there isn't a single solitary thing that you or your wimpy master can do about it.
Do you really think that you can intimidate the worshipers of God?  Might I remind you of the verse, "Let him who has no sword sell his clothing and buy one."  Or the fact that when they came to take Jesus in the garden that he instructed his disciples to put away their swords.  
There are Christians that you would be best served by running from, just as your wimpy master runs from God.  You and your master have no power over us, and in fact fear us with good reason.  (Don't you?  Little wimp.)   If you pull stupid stunts we'll send you to be judged in quick fashion and let God sort you out.
Now get thou from me and go change your trousers,
David Stevens - Servant of Him whom your master and you both fear     

Saturday, September 28, 2013

IT IS FINISHED! Finally...Just Arrived in the Carolinas

DAY 20

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Finally, I arrived early Friday evening (yesterday) BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THIS EXCITING FAITH JOURNEY, began from this very location in 1996 at the distinct leading of God.

I was exhausted Friday night. Battling pain can be both exhausting and debilitating...especially when you are driving as well. But it sure draws you closer to God and Jesus Christ through prayer! Every word I am typing is through extreme pain, still. Yet, I am much better than what I was before.

I went into the beloved prayer chapel to obtain prayer today, located near where I used to live in a Christian retreat. I was stunned however, when I began to talk to the person in charge this morning. I told her what kind of journalism I perform, exposing the NWO agenda for America and the coming persecution of the Church  as well.

She responded with, " mean, like the GUILLOTINES and...."

Huh? I was shocked and totally unprepared for her answer! I asked her what more she knew about the coming persecutions. "Oh, I read lots of alternative news websites...there are lots of us who are waking up now and getting informed here..."

I thought inwardly, "Thank you JESUS!" Because when I first left this Christian retreat, very few Christians knew anything about the kind of subject matter I report on. My heart has been deeply burdened for the endangered body of Christ in North America, to become the major target for persecution and elimination by Lucifer's useful idiots of his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Therefore, one of my major prayers spoken daily for the past 18 years has been, "Father God, WAKE UP YOUR PEOPLE! PREPARE them for the things to come! HELP them to understand and to PREPARE to withstand the coming darkness..."

To sit in front of this woman in the prayer chapel that I used to come to to cry out to God over all the information I had been receiving back in 1995-1996, and to hear her talking matter-of -factly about everything I have been researching and reporting on  over the years was SUCH a blessing from God and answer to my heart's cry. 

Yes, God IS waking up His people!

And then, another woman came in to pray and talk, and SHE too began to talk about such things as well.  I was amazed. I never would have heard this from others many years ago, when I used to live on these grounds. Something IS happening!

I then went to a ministry building where they were having a special fall revival, and talked to Christian people there, who asked me many questions. I ate dinner with many people who had come for this revival. Again, they indicated to me that they too are waking up to the things that threaten the Christians in North America. They were doing their research.

Sunday, I will be posting photographs I have been taking of the home I used to live in with my mother, during the time that I first began to receive this information from whistle blowers about MARTIAL LAW and the NWO agenda for America.

We sold our condominium here, to then travel across America so I could begin my new career of investigative journalism and reporting to the American people about AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST COMING. I can't believe I have been gone for 17 years now...and that I am even still alive. So much has happened in my life in those years.

Will report much more tomorrow, Sunday. I have to get as much rest as possible, and keep healing.

Because it has become far too dangerous for me to live in the Asheville, NC region by now (due to my reporting), I am planning to live a safe distance from there and to commute periodically, unannounced, to visit and spend time with my brother and his caregivers. I am already looking into finding  rooms in Christian homes to rent at this time.

As soon as I recover from deep exhaustion from this journey, I will be traveling to visit my brother next week. I will take photos so you can see him and get to know him better as well. The caregivers there love him.

"Pray without ceasing..."

We must all continue to pray against the plans of the enemy for our nation, America. Yes, God has the power to change and avert the plans of wicked men, and He has done so throughout the history of mankind, as the Bible reveals.  Prayers are important. Never stop praying and never stop exercising faith in the Living God, that He is able to perform what He has promised in  His word.

Thank you for your support and your ongoing prayers! Will write more tomorrow....and God bless you ALL until then and ALWAYS!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Friday, September 27, 2013

Thank YOU~ Your Prayers WORKED!

DAY 18

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Thank you for your prayers. Last night was the FIRST NIGHT in five nights of sleep following this accidental injury of my back and neck, that I haven't tossed in feverish agony and muscle spasms and recurring cramping pains.

Although it hurts to type this, I now have more mobility with less pain and my body (back/neck/shoulder) is slowly healing...thanks to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ and the prayers of God's precious people.

Keep praying for me that I make it safely to my destination, please. I had a bizarre accident happen two days ago. I hurt too much to spend time reporting on it, but can do so today finally. As I was traveling down an interstate highway, I heard a strange noise coming from the rear. My vehicle began to jerk forward and backward. Finally someone pulled up and rolled down their window and told me to PULL OVER...YOUR TRAILER IS UNHITCHED!

 I quickly did so. Thank God I was safe! Because The BALL connected to the hitch hauling my new trailer had COMPLETELY COME OFF! Only safety chains had prevented it from rolling down the highway to wreak havoc with other hapless vehicles that might encounter it. 
I prayed and asked God what to do as traffic whizzed by. It was hard enough dealing with this pain minute by minute. But as I prayed for grace, the pain actually subsided, and God showed me what to do. I called my insurance company, told them of my location, and they located a reliable towing garage service at the highway mile marker I was at. Within half an hour, a rep from JIM MOORE'S Towing there in Ohio came, separated the trailer from my SUV, and I soon followed him to their garage.

Amazing things began to happen quickly. They actually had a replacement ball and hitch in stock there! The manager informed me that the wrong size ball had been attached to my hitch to being with. So he replaced the entire towing mechanism completely. Within less than an hour after I had called for help and help arrived, everything was repaired, replaced, and I was back on the road again! Halleluia!

The  trailer was just fine, thank God.

And of course, unexpected emergencies like this require funds for repairs/replacements. THANK YOU READERS for YOUR kind support for this PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA and to be with my brother in NC. YOUR kindness paid for this emergency repair crisis. YOUR kindness paid for the gas necessary to do this. YOUR generous compassion paid for the very trailer I was hauling...the food I am eating.... and more. THANK YOU AND GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU ALL.

And furthermore, may God richly bless and minister to all those who simply cannot afford to give any support at this time. We have all been there. I too have been in a position where, in spite of serving Jesus in numerous ministries, at times I have had no money to give to others or even tithe. BUT...God blessed me anyhow, just for my love and obedience to Him.

The greatest gift we can ever give to GOD and to OTHERS, is the gift of OURSELVES given in love and compassion and service to both. God wants committed and obedient SERVANTS more than anything else! In the sight of God,  one of His children living to love and serve Him is PRICELESS! It is worth more to Him than any money we could ever give Him.  And we can ALL do this, whether we have this "filthy Illuminati currency not worth the paper it is printed on"...or not.

But unfortunately, THIS world's system runs (only for a season) on filthy Illuminati bankers' currency. (You  can be certain it will NOT control this world's financial systems, if there even IS one, AFTER JESUS RETURNS!

And so, I also thank you for your practical help as well financially. Without YOU, this trip would never have been made possible!

Thank you again...and to God be all glory as well!

Keep praying for my health and safety on the road. 

Still too much pain to do any articles beyond this simple message. But there are plenty of websites with alternative new to keep you up to date on latest events. Be sure to watch THE PREPPER NURSE on YOUTUBE for some excellent prepping advice.

Love and blessings in Jesus Christ to you ALL, 
Pamela Rae

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Threatening Email JUST RECEIVED-

" aren't ever safe!"

Here is an email I just opened today. I am posting this, in spite of pain just typing this, so you may understand the kind of threats I face daily........and please pray. I refuse to retreat in the face of the threats of those who worship a defeated foe called S-A-T-A-N. Jesus Christ is GREATER! Yes, it is actually a death threat. (So what else is new?)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

(I apologize for the message contained in the following email, but what else can you expect from those who worship a disgusting fallen angel doomed to destruction???)

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 13:41:37 -0400
Subject: You have opened my eyes! Thank you!
I read your article entitled "Satanism in America Today," and it revealed to me the secret world of Satanism that is slowly engulfing our own. I am going to pray to Jesus Christ every single day to make sure that these twisted devils see the light.

Just kidding.
You are a blight upon the modern world. Your writings and exposures of our organization have designated you an enemy. Prepare yourself, Christian, for Satan's coming rule.
We have been watching you, Pamela. And just know that you aren't ever safe.

See you soon,
Charles Urban
SHADOW, Commanding Officer

FINALLY! Prayer Journey Across America Continues...Again

DAY 17
9/25 2013

It is a miracle that I can even type this article 
for you tonight. 

Every word I type is aggravating my recent injuries, and very painful. I have just finished enduring 4 days of excruciating agony due to an unplanned shoulder/neck/arm injury while moving heavy things in my U-haul trailer (including a heavy copy/printer machine) looking for things to donate to CORRECTING GAITS Christian ranch in Minnesota.

Sometime on the 21st, this accident happened quite unexpectedly. The pain began gradually after all my lifting and straining with heavy objects in my trailer. And continued to worsen and increase until it was almost unbearable. Sleep at night has been almost unbearable, with every  movement, even simply laying down, bringing forth more muscle spasms, contractions, numbness and tingling and PAIN.

These past four days have been days of unrelenting pain and frankly, agony.

Having a background in home health care, I performed research to discover what actually happened. Based on tenderness, swelling and pain surrounding my left rotary cuff (where arm meets shoulder) I determined that I had inadvertently torn some tissue there while lifting. Others nerves and muscles have been affected, with tenderness and swelling, including in my neck as well. Even numbness and tingling as well, where the swelling had blocked the nerves.

Unfortunately, I had to exit CHANGING GAITS prematurely and go the closest WHOLE FOODS MARKET in St Paul, to get the proper pain relieving liniments to rub into the affected areas to help alleviate the terrible and never-ending pain.

I was not looking forward to driving! But when you are a woman alone on the road, you have no other choice but to look to God for HELP and grace, and push ON. How badly I felt about leaving Guy and his wonderful ranch hands prematurely! 

But I DID provide a great Sunday dinner for all of them before leaving. Had to cancel the big barbecue cookout I was going to do for them, and instead go purchase some rotisserie chickens and salads and deserts to bless them for all they do. My friend Cathy, who works with them, had to drive me to pick them up.

Sadly, I realized with this unexpected health problem developing, that I would have to cut short my plans for a more extensive journey on the way back to be with my brother, and go the most direct route so I can completely rest my back and shoulder and arm as soon as I get there.

I had originally planned to go the longer route that would take me near Washington DC and FEMA REGION THREE to pray at this important time in our nation. But God hears our prayers for ANY region, no matter WHERE we are. 

I just don't have the strength at this time, and do not feel it wise to prolong my time on the road with health issues like this. Safety is a major concern for me as a woman alone on the road. And so, I am proceeding directly to my brother the closest route at this time.

I am now forced to type with one hand at this left shoulder and arm just doesn't want to cooperate...pain getting worse as I type with both hands. Darn!

I apologize to my readers who requested postcards...I have DOZENS OF THEM! And stamps too. I mailed out the first batch a while ago. But dealing with this pain and incapacitation has taken everything at this time. After I arrive, I can then safely focus on doing more articles and mailing out more postcards as I recover gradually. One health article said the damaged muscle in my neck may take 1-4 weeks to completely recover from the pain and injury.

And the rotary cuff injuries may be even more complex with it's own set of particular problems, including weakness and numbness.

Every day I have had to battle the pain and uncertainty of everything that just went wrong health-wise, with the power of PRAYER AND THE WORD OF GOD...MILE AFTER MILE. Accompanied by stopping to rest frequently. But again, when you are a woman traveling alone, you have no other choice but to take the hand of Jesus and battle it out until victory is achieved and you safely arrive at your final destination at last.

So please pray for my health issues at this time with me. Secretly, I am hoping no one notices me here in this truck stop restaurant, desperately trying to type this to you all before my strength gives out due to pain, as I periodically pause to try an adjust my position to alleviate this.

And THANK YOU ALL for your support that made this PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA all possible! THANK you! God BLESS you ALL! I will thank you all individually when I get to my destination and have recovered enough to write and send postcards to all who helped enable me to do this.

Please, just pray for this final day of driving tomorrow. 

Pray for a total healing miracle so that I can get proper sleep at night...including tonight (Weds nite). Pray for strength for the final day of driving (maybe two in fact, depending on how long I can drive each day.)

Pray for my safety as well. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Pamela, back on the road again

Saturday, September 21, 2013

MORE From "CHANGING GAITS" Christian Ranch...

DAY 13

Welcome to 
Christian Recovery Ranch, 
and to the wonderful things they do 
for the local communities here...
and all across the nation as they assist men in recovery.

Today I watched the amazing people at "CHANGING GAITS" as they volunteered their wonderful services and people to assist in a Christian outdoor evangelism festival in a neighboring town. The air was filled with excitement as children stood in line to ride the horses or take a buggy ride 'round the town, complements of "CHANGING GAITS" Christian Ranch.

Today, three fine men living at the ranch, and the ranche's own beloved Renee, the professional horse trainer who volunteers her skills at CHANGING GAITS, made lots of children and parents very happy.

Renee as she gives excited children a buggy ride 'round the town

This fine ranch hand oversaw the signing up for the horse back riding adventures and buggy rides. As you can see, all their horseback riding services were FREE to the community today at the Christian one is deprived of the joys Jesus provides to ALL through CHANGING GAITS.

Another great volunteer from the ranch makes sure 
this little tyke stays safe on the horsey!

What makes these men at the ranch special is, they have all decided to overcome their problems GOD'S way, through Jesus Christ, and to get set free once and for all. They have become born-again Christians, and these men witness the life-changing power of Jesus every single day they are there.

The men at this ranch work hard, every single day, to keep the ranch in shape and growing. People use this facility continually. Handicapped children enjoy the special treat of horseback riding here. Terminally ill children find their dreams come true at the ranch, as they enjoy riding in the spacious arena or trail rides. Christian youth groups also come here for special events. But in everything that happens at "Changing Gaits," God is glorified and the Name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and preached.

Guy Kaufman (center), founder of "Changing Gaits" Christian ranch 
with several riders.

These men at the ranch are learning how to led by Jesus Christ, instead of "the world, the flesh, and the devil." Just as a horse learns to follow his master and trainer, so these people are learning how to follow the Master, Jesus Christ. 

A horse led by a good cowboy, will always be led to green pastures and pure refreshing water. That horse will learn to trust his master, as the cowboy takes good care of him. A good cowboy will never overburden his horse or give that horse more than it can safely bear. A bond of love and trust will develop between that cowboy and his horse. And someday, they will find themselves inseparable.
And so it is with the "Good Cowboy and His horses." These men at "CHANGING GAITS" are learning so much about a relationship of trust and growth and love of God every day that they are here. God is wonderful...and so are the people He uses for His glory!

If only...if only my brother had come to CHANGING GAITS to get victory over his drug and alcohol addiction. Perhaps he would never be in the tragic situation he finds himself today, his health destroyed by the bondage of drugs and alcohol. Yes, beloved John is finally set free through Jesus Christ at last. But oh, what a toll sin and addiction took upon his health.

But for your loved ones who suffer from similar problems, it is not too late. CHANGING GAITS is available now to help men who want to be sent free from life-destroying addictions. You can contact them by going to the following website:

Always remember: with God, ALL things are possible!
And with Him, it is NEVER TOO LATE!

Come to Jesus today for everything your heart yearns for.
Let Him bring comfort and healing to your broken heart and life.
And let Him bring you HOPE for the future as well.

You need not fear what the future holds, 
when you know Him who holds your future,
Jesus Christ.
Simply let Jesus take the reins of your life,
so that you may ride off into the sunset 
together, inseparable partners forever.
And He will bring you safely home at last.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome to CHANGING GAITS Christian Ranch!

DAY 11
Guy with one of his horses

God truly works in amazing ways!

Back in Montana, I met a young man called Tim, who told me all about the wonderful Christian ranch and rehab facility in Minnesota, called CHANGING GAITS. He advised me to look them up on my PRAYER JOURNEY as I traveled east. I prayed about stopping there to see them, and got the green light from God. And so, I exhausted my final gas money to get here. AND AM I GLAD I DID!!!

The director, Guy Kaufman, is a wonderful man of God with a vision for broken lives to be healed through Jesus Christ and healing therapy. He is supported in this work by his dedicated wife Sandy. Here on the ranch, God is using horses for physical and spiritual therapy for people with many different needs.

Even the "MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION" (see the donated horse below)  uses his facilities to bless people in need and crisis. People with terminal illnesses who wish to ride a horse, can do so. Young men seeking to overcome addictions are finding peace, healing deliverance and grace to be set free at this wonderful Christian ranch.

It is beautiful here. Broad green pastures filled with old fashioned fences and trees and flowers...and HORSES! Dozens of beautiful horses! A large arena barn is here as well, in which therapeutic rides on horses take place all the time. Even churches bring youth groups here for trail rides and special events.


Guy has a wonderful barn manager, 
who directs the arena activities 
and specializes in horses.

Every day begins with prayer and devotional readings from the Bible, with every resident participating...even me this morning. It was wonderful. We read from the Bible, we shared insights, and we prayed together. I prayed for my brother as well. 

Many of the young men here are recovering from substance abuse. I shared with them the story of my brother and why is is in a nursing home today, at the age of 58. He never fully surrendered his life to Jesus Christ nor got deliverance from severe substance abuse for over thirty years.

It took a life-threatening crisis of ending up in a hospital for three months in intensive care, for my brother to finally repent and give his life completely to Jesus Christ. He was then transferred to several nursing homes, and now Golden Living in NC following a fall and a compound fracture. He is now confined to bed, with pain continually.

I shared with them that all of this never would have happened, had he sought God many years ago for deliverance from alcohol and drug addiction. he would be healthy and active today IF....if only he had turned to Jesus to be set free so many years ago.

Yes, my brother is now a born-again believer in Jesus Christ now. Jesus has saved him completely from his sins. He loves Jesus! And he acknowledges that it was sin that brought him to where he is at today, in a nursing home. But he also knows that it is the grace of God that will someday take him to Heaven, where he will never suffer pain again!

As I shared with the men today at the ranch, "I hope that this never happens to any of you. You CAN be set free completely from your addictions! Jesus Christ has the power to SET YOU FREE. Jesus has the power to GIVE YOU NEW LIFE. Please...don't make the same mistake my brother did...let Jesus set you free NOW so you will never suffer as he has suffered." I then prayed for them for mighty deliverance and healing and mercy through Jesus Christ this morning.

My ministry is not only about the disturbing things coming to America that Christians need to be made aware of. God is doing many wonderful things in the world today, and right here in America as well. I love to be a part of what God is doing in our world today, through Jesus Christ. It is so important to focus on the good things God is doing in our world today as well.

You too can be a part of God's life changing miracles happening on the CHANGING GAITS ranch in northern Minnesota. Visit their website today, and discover what God is doing there. And then, consider sending support to help Guy keep this wonderful ranch going. They love donated saddles and tack as well.

Here is their website again:

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-