Friday, September 7, 2018

WARNING to Complacent Christians in North America

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT from a letter I sent to the director of a Christian institute I attended. It is both a warning and a call to WAKE UP THE CHURCH across AMERICA to the lateness of the hour that we now live in. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert 
...By the way, I will mention that one of the biggest enemies of declaring THE TRUTH to the Body of Christ in America today, is the 501-C-3 tax   exempt status  influencing today's pastors and ministries. 

After compiling years of my research, confirmed through much prophecy as well, and taking it to pastors across America and even to Alaska, I quickly discovered how many are controlled by love of money and personal security. 

One pastor of a 7,000 member congregation church here in Montana quickly took me behind closed doors in his church as I showed him my reports and discussed what I had gleaned through military and intelligence and other sources, and said nervously, "Look...we KNOW these things are TRUE! But we don't DARE share this with our congregation! We might frighten away members...we might lose MONEY..."


Quite evidently he was looking out for "number one" and feared persecution from the government and losing MONEY or his 501-C-3 status, with his congregation of 7,000 in Bozeman, Montana. 

BUT HE FAILED AS A WATCHMAN ON THE WALL and as a true shepherd to prepare and build up his flock for the coming persecution.

As Jesus said, "NO man can serve two cannot serve MONEY and GOD!" And you are either willing to risk ALL and lay down your life for the  Gospel and to be a true Shepherd over God's people...or you are not. I was to sadly discover that he was not alone, and such pastors are many in the churches of America today. 

Furthermore, many of the churches in North America are infiltrated in various ways, including by  government spies and CIA especially. As one former CIA literally bragged to me, "There is not ONE church or religious institution that we have not infiltrated across America in one way or another..." And I have written about many other forms of infiltration as well that I was to uncover.

A Christian couple discovered this in TAMPA, FLORIDA, when building their alternative news radio station to report to Americans the same kind of information God had led me to research and report on, to WAKE UP AMERICA and the Body of Christ.

They soon came under vicious government attack for their truth-telling venture. Bullets fired into their vehicle. Black helicopter spraying deadly malathion over their building by night, and more.

But the ultimate came when they were betrayed by the Pentecostal church they joined there. 

"We don't go to church anymore, because WE DON'T KNOW WHO WE CAN TRUST! We were attending a Pentecostal church here, until one day the pastor asked us to the church picnic. We came, and he handed my husband a 'cup of Koolade.' He drank it, and SEVERAL HOURS LATER HE WAS DYING! I rushed him to the emergency room, and they discovered HE HAD BEEN POISONED...and the agent of the poisoning WAS THE KOOLADE!”

“We performed a background check on the 'pastor' and discovered HE WAS ACTIVE CIA sent in to spy on and monitor our activities, and to terminate my husband...." Sigh. But CIA infiltration happens more often than most Christians would want to know...

I have had my own close calls with death for obeying the call of God to warn His people about the things to come to our nation, the groundwork already completely laid in place. Only His grace and much intercessory prayer has preserved my life through many harrowing situations, but I refuse to remain silent and to abandon the call of God as a watchman on the wall.

Thankfully, God has His remnant of faithful pastors who, after researching and praying for confirmation on this kind of information, have been faithfully warning the people of God, putting all on the line to obey their calling as shepherds over His flock. 

But they are not the majority of Christian leaders and pastors in America today...many of whom also know that what I have researched and documented and report on IS TRUE, but respond with craven and cowardly FEAR instead of rising up in FAITH THAT OVERCOMES.

I deeply BELEVE in God using the mighty men of God for His glory, and in Biblical male leadership! And that is why my heart is filled with sorrow as I observe what I have just shared first hand. 

Where ARE the "mighty men of God" in the world today, unafraid to lay down their lives for the sake of Christ and building up His Body into true disciples, AND unafraid to WARN HIS PEOPLE of things to come??? Traveling across America, and in various parts of the world, I see that God's true people are but A REMNANT everywhere.

I remember many years ago back at my former Bible College, during WEEK OF PRAYER, that a prophecy came forth as we were worshipping and praising The Lord:
"My children, I do not want to frighten you, BUT EVEN NOW THEY ARE PREPARING FOR YOUR DESTRUCTION!" I wondered about that, but saved it in my heart.

 And after leaving there and going to Tulsa and being involved in street outreach, as I prayed with an intercessor, The Divine Holy Spirit spoke and said, "I Am pouring out My Holy Spirit upon my people in America, because WITHOUT HIM YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE IT WITH WHAT IS COMING TO YOUR NATION!"

Shocked, I asked, "LORD, WHAT IS COMING???" His reply was, "My child, if I were to show you NOW what is COMING TO AMERICA, you would not be ABLE to bear what I would show you!"

And the next day, my prayer partner told me of a VISION he received from God that night after the prophecy was given. "I saw a future event where CHRISTIANS WERE LINED UP IN FRONT OF MODERN GUILLOTINES, to be beheaded for their faith! I stood in one line, and as it was MY TURN, the Holy Spirit fell  upon me and I began to LAUGH...and the vision ended."

GUILLOTINES, I thought??? HOW RIDICULOUS! TOO MUCH PIZZA the night before, and a wacko dream. BUT I WAS WRONG!

Many years later, when God was finally ready to show me WHAT IS TO COME TO AMERICA, I discovered to my shock that the military was quietly importing guillotines from countries like Saudi Arabia and Japan, and then China, and stockpiling them in various military bases and facilities nationwide. 

And when I asked a former CIA source (who came out to become a Christian and blow the whistle) about the guillotines in America, she admitted that she knew all about them, having seen them personally. "I was flown to Japan where they were being manufactured under secret government contract, and then taken to the loading docks of San Diego, where I saw them unloaded in unmarked crates and then transported all across America..."

I have interviewed truck drivers as I traveled across this nation for many years to uncover and document such reports. Many truck drivers have quietly admitted to me that they discovered they were hauling loads of these mysterious modern guillotines across America, including to military bases. 

My military sources of information even include a former drill sergeant with Fort Lewis, Washington, in full military uniform, who privately admitted to me that he was training men to operate these guillotines, using test dummies, in a partially underground building in which no cameras or cell phones were allowed.

I asked him, "ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN..and do you KNOW what these guillotines will be used for someday???" He replied that they had not told him what they were for. And that he was a Christian as well. 

I told him all about REVELATION 20:4, the BEHEADING OF THE SAINTS under the coming antichrist world government, and that Christians would someday be tempted to DENY JESUS AND JOIN THE SATANIC NWO GOVERNMENT under martial law in America (as was previously revealed to me) or BE BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH!

I shared much more with him about how the government plans to use the US military for the future oppression of Christians, even martyrdom in the FEMA camps, (America's future GULAGS) once they are arrested for their faith under a future state of military rule, or MARTIAL LAW, as revealed to me by CIA and military sources.

He became outraged, said he would never go along with this agenda...and then contacted the 60 men in his platoon to tell them what he had just found out...and resigned from the military. This is the kind of "news" a controlled government media will NEVER TELL THE AMERICA PEOPLE! But it is quietly happening, all across America.

Here in MONTANA, there are many reports of truckers hauling the modern guillotines into this state. 

I attended HUNGRY HORSE CHURCH OF GOD near Glacier NP one day, and was discussing my research with some people afterwards. A man came up to me and interrupted. 

He said, "I heard what you said about MODERN GUILLOTINES. I am a Christian trucker, and I KNOW ABOUT THEM! I have been getting phone calls from my trucker buddies, who are not happy with the kinds of loads they are hauling into Billings, Montana. They told me they are hauling GUILLOTINES!"

Uh-huh...undoubtedly to  the US MARINE outpost there in Billings, where a former drill instructor admitted he had been training and hardening his men to even fire upon women and children when the hour of MARTIAL LAW came to America. They were fully onboard the NWO AGENDA FOR THE USA!

 I had already received reports that one US Marine admitted to his family he and others had been unloading crates of GUILLOTINES into a closed military facility here in Montana.

When I was living at a Christian retreat for many years in SC (1983-1996), a Christian prayer warrior had taken a PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA in 1995 with four other intercessors. When they came TO MONTANA, near Glacier National Park, they stumbled upon a dark surprise.

"We loved the scenery and decided to walk into the woods around Glacier NP to take pictures. We FOLLOWED RAILROAD TRACKS into the woods so we could NOT GET LOST. But we then came upon strange looking black boxcars parked there. Curious, we came up to the door of one and looked it. I was shocked as I saw prisoner chains welded inside as if to hold people captive, and then....I SAW SOMETHING STRANGE AT ONE END OF THE BOXCAR! My friend Rose said to me, 'look,'s a GUILLOTINE!'"

And it was, and each prisoner boxcar with shackles had one inside.

She told me how they all became scared, and quickly exited and left in a hurry. She returned later to SC and told me all about this strange experience. I prayed about going to Montana to check this out...and ultimately moved to Montana to be a prayer warrior over this region when I DISCOVERED FROM LOCALS I INTERVIEWED THAT IT WAS ALL TRUE.

Through several years of research I was able to solve the mystery of these  prisoner boxcars and their real purposes. 

They were being built to someday haul NWO resisters (religious and political) the the FEMA CAMPS for elimination someday, under martial law, as the Constitution is revoked and America comes under police state dictatorial PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS and religious freedoms are abolished in America. 

As the Nazis used prisoner trains to haul enemies to the concentration camps, and as the Bolshevik Communists used prisoner trains to haul Christians to the GULAGS in Russia/Soviet Union, so shall these prisoner boxcars be used in North America/Canada some day.

At a Derek Prince prophecy conference in 1995 back as my former Christian retreat in SC, I met a woman with a MONTANA visitor badge. I told her about what had been uncovered in her state. 

She looked shocked and replied, "THAT EXPLAINS THE VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME! GOD HAS SHOWN ME Christians being arrested in Montana and thrown into boxcars like cattle, and taken to FEMA camps TO BE KILLED!" I told her that God had given her a true vision of THINGS TO COME, and my research had uncovered all of this in place in Montana as well.

SO MANY Christians, including pastors and their wives, have shared with me their dreams and visions of literally being BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH, including when I traveled and lived for a while in ISRAEL and Jerusalem. 

When I lectured in Jerusalem on my reporting during the FEAST OF TABERNACLES, international attendees came to me and readily confirmed THEIR VISIONS FROM GOD ABOUT BEING BEHEADED BY MILITARY FORCES IN THEIR COUNTRIES...Brian from the Bahamas with YOUTH WITH A MISSION, Christina from New Zealand, and so MANY more lined up to excitedly tell me GOD WAS SHOWING THEM THE FUTURE BEHEADING OF THE SAINTS (Revelation 20:4) even affecting their own personal lives.

One pastor's wife from Long Island, NY,  (when I traveled there to research) shared with me through tears of her vision of also being arrested and beheaded for her faith. "It was in a military setting...I was filled with tears as I was told I was to be BEHEADED FOR MY FAITH!"

One youth pastor from Bakersfield, CA, admitted as I showed him my book, "Look, I don't even need your book to know this! The other night God GAVE ME A VISION OF EVERYTHING YOU ARE SHARING coming down here in America. I was arrested under martial law and dragged before a modern GUILLOTINE. they asked me, 'OKAY, PASTOR, what shall it be??? Will you RENOUNCE JESUS and join our NEW WORLD ORDER, or will you be BEHEADED???' I was very afraid, but I KNEW I had to confess JESUS BEFORE MEN. I was beheaded, and WOKE UP wondering what it meant. The vision was repeated a second time, and then I KNEW it was a true warning of things to come..."

I now live in what I jokingly call "the land of boxcars and shackles and guillotines" here in MONTANA.

 I discovered that the reason there are so many reports of these things in this region of America, is simply because SO MANY AMERICANS KNOW ALL ABOUT THE MATERIALS I HAVE REPORTED ON, and have relocated to this "last frontier" region of America for a last stand against future NWO (Communist/globalist) takeover under martial law. 

They have their "dream homes" built in these remote mountains, many with fully equipped nuclear fallout shelters included (as one construction foreman readily admitted to me one day that he is now frequently building.) 

These informed people are getting legally armed, stockpiling food supplies , and prepared to defend their freedoms and religious faith to the death when that hour of persecution comes.

The government has many spies infiltrating this region, even in the churches, and are aware of all this preparation to resist. Hence, the government and military  are responding her by prepositioning numerous prisoner boxcars with shackles throughout this region, in more remote untraveled areas and even in Canada right above us. 

There are even underground detention camps for future "NWO RESISTERS" , linked by a series of vast underground military tunnels linking underground bases across America. this was confirmed to me by a person who had top secret security clearance to make food deliveries to the underground bases and detention camps via the secret underground military  highways across this nation.

When I asked this person, "Where is the LAST PLACE you delivered food to an underground detention camp," this person replied, "MONTANA." Not surprised at all!

And former insiders of this NWO agenda admitted to me that  at the top of the list to be arrested and persecuted and ultimately terminated ARE THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA who will never accept a satanically based NWO agenda for this nation, as admitted by both military and intelligence and former planners when I interviewed them. Admitted one former CIA source, now a Christian who has helped to expose their heinous NWO agenda for America:

"We NWO satanists in the CIA hated the CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA more than any other people, because we KNEW that they stood in the way of bringing AMERICA UNDER THE NEW WORLD ORDER! And under martial law, when they begin to arrest THE CHRISTIANS and send them to the FEMA camps for termination, I tell you it will be BRUTAL RAPE, TORTURE and DEATH...."

When I heard THOSE words in 1995, my heart was sick and broken. I prayed for God to USE ME to WARN  HIS PEOPLE of what was planned to come to the Church across AMERICA. And He HAS, for 23 long years now.

In Whitefish, Montana, one Christian man even admitted, "We are starting to form our own underground church in this area, because we know what is coming, and we know we are being spied on, and we know Christians will be targeted in the future..."

When I traveled to Costa Rica to lecture on my research, American ex-pats same to me and told me they have relocated to Costa Rica AFTER visiting websites like mine that reported on this kind of information. One woman told me, "..when I prayed about this and asked God if it were all true and coming to America, He replied 'YES!' He then told us to relocate out of America and take our small children with us for their protection, and that is WHY WE ARE HERE."

SO MANY, including retired military and government personnel, have relocated out of the North American continent to move to central and South America, I discovered...knowing from insider sources what is planned for America. And the SAME Globalist NWO AGENDA is also fully in place for CANADA as well, as my Canadian contacts and researchers have admitted to me.

Frankly, it has become obvious to me that with so MANY godly people receiving clear visions of themselves being beheaded for their faith, that there might not BE a "quicky RAPTURE" to take people out from the coming prophesied end time tribulations to come BEFORE HIS RETURN. The people I interviewed were not living in sin and doomed to "miss the Rapture," but included dedicated pastors and their wives, etc.

Many Christians I have reported this to, have a smug attitude in response and have said, "Oh, I don't have to worry about any of this...I will be RAPTURED OUT before this can ever take place!"

Oh, REALLY! Where in the Bible do you find specific verses to the Christians in North America, that before they can suffer even the loss of a hangnail for their faith in Jesus, they will be conveniently "RAPTURED OUT" when they WANT to be??? 

Hmmm...nowhere in the Bible! And what about the Christians who are suffering around the world for their faith and dying...they have NOT been raptured out from prophesied end-time persecution Jesus warned clearly about in Matthew 24. And Christians in North America ARE NO BETTER THAN THEY.

Through 23 years of  intercessory PRAYER, intensive research and investigative journalism, it has become evident that the Body of Christ in America desperately needs to be awakened to these realities and what is in place for their future persecution and martyrdom.

Many are NOT true disciples of the cross, but simply church goers who give a couple of hours a week to God, and then live as the world lives, never considering the COST OF DISCIPLESHIP and the call of Christ to DENY SELF, EMBRACE THE CROSS AND FOLLOW HIM. And never considering that true end-time Christians in America just might be called upon to SUFFER AND DIE for their faith someday...right here in AMERICA.

I simply hope and pray that God is preparing a generation of true disciples of the cross and Jesus Christ, who will never fall away under the planned persecution of the Church in North America. 

Actually, this is planned worldwide, and as several military sources have warned me, THE GUILLOTINES ARE STOCKPILED EVERYWHERE, including in Berlin,Germany, and also in the Philippines according to one Naval source. It is a worldwide end time antichrist government prophesied in Revelation 13, that will put the saints to death and BEHEAD THEM as well. However, I chose to primarily focus on the groundwork laid here in North America, as God led me to do.

Interestingly the man who repaired my RV trailer a few months ago, admitted that he was a former ARMY RANGER in Fort Benning, GA, and that he of course knew all about everything I was reporting on. 

When I asked him if the military guillotines were there and if they were training soldiers on how to operate them there as well, he looked shocked that I knew about this covert operation and replied "YES...There are things I can't even talk about to you, but I will admit the GUILLOTINES ARE THERE..."

And I sincerely hope that informed Pastors & leaders across America will not afraid to confront God's people (carefully of course)with the truth of THINGS TO COME here in America, and to prepare God's people to remain faithful unto the end and OVERCOME (Revelation 12:11.)

Personally, every day I prepare myself for inevitable martyrdom for Christ. The government has threatened me more than once for my reporting, saying they did not like what I was telling the American people..and telling me my time was short if I refused to stop publishing my reports. 

I HAVE REFUSED TO BE SILENCED! My webmaster was threatened in his office as well. My reports are read all over the world, and the government and military certainly know what I stand for in Christ Jesus and what I am warning my fellow Christians about.


Pastors are often afraid to  be associated with me, for fear THEY will come under persecution by the government. And they remain SILENT about all this urgent information to their congregations, even as the pastor in Bozeman, MT, who admitted to me personally HE KNEW ALL THIS WAS TRUE IN THIS STATE, but FEARED telling God's people the truth.

I am compelled to ask repeatedly, WHERE IN THE BIBLICALLY-DEFINED CHURCH OF LOVE AND COMPASSION, willing to lay down their lives for their brethren, even as Jesus commanded His disciples to do for one another??? 

I have often suffered more from the lack of Scriptural love from the alleged Body of Christ throughout my many years of ministry, than from the persecutions of the enemy. The enemy is NOT saved and does Not have the WORD OF GOD, and therefore I can more easily forgive them, than the Christians who clearly have the word of God and Christ's commandments, BUT REFUSE TO FOLLOW THEM in Scriptural love and mutual support and encouragement of one another.

It is far past time for the genuine BODY OF CHRIST across North America to choose to side with those Christians like myself who have placed our lives and all we hold dear at stake for DARING TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH THE BODY OF CHRIST NEEDS TO HEAR IN THIS HOUR.

My fellow Christian, where do YOU stand in this hour? Are you walking a holy, sanctified and sincere walk with your Savior, Jesus Christ? 

Have you sought Him for the grace to REMAIN FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH should that “hour of temptation” come to AMERICA someday??? Do you really understand THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP, and of remaining faithful to Christ your Savior unto the END???

And that the terrible CONSEQUENCES of FAILING to remain faithful unto Him, thought it may cost your life and all you hold dear in this world, IS ETERNAL DAMNATION AND TORMENT, separated from a Holy God that ONLY JESUS CHRIST can safely bring you to in ETERNITY! Without JESUS, YOU HAVE NOTHING!

Please take this report seriously, fellow Christians and future martyrs of the cross of Jesus in these perilous yet famously prophesied END TIMES. Purpose in your heart to REMAIN FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH to Christ your Savior, and to thus enter into His glorious Kingdom that awaits you someday BEYOND THE VEIL of this life’s sufferings and pain.

I realize that many in America are hopeful that these things can never happen, now that TRUMP is in office.

However, let me be honest: the prisoner boxcars with shackles remain prepositioned across the North American continent, the guillotines remain where they have been stored, the FEMA deathcamps have NOT yet been razed to the ground signifying an END to this heinous agenda for AMERICA. Furthermore, I have never known the HOLY SPIRIT to be wrong, and I have reported for years on what He has abundantly shown  to many of His people is to come to AMERICA someday.

As military tensions continue to build up in the Middle East with America’s meddling therein, the stage is being set for confrontation with RUSSIA, who is clearly opposing US military intervention and tactics in Syria and beyond. One act of aggression triggering inevitable war can plunge America into MARTIAL LAW instantly, and OVERNIGHT the police state long planned and prepared for can come roaring to life, nationwide.

God’s people are not to take refuge in an elected official, but ONLY in Jesus Christ and His eternal promises in these perilous END TIMES.

HALLELUIA! “In all these things, we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us...”Jesus our Savior! And remember that NOTHING can separate us from the LOVE OF GOD in Christ Jesus. Heaven awaits THE OVERCOMER! 

Make sure you are one of them.-Pamela Rae Schuffert