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For Those Who Ordered the DVD.....

I deeply apologize that the DVD reproduction process has taken so long. I am frustrated, because I love my readers! Honestly, it is not my fault.

I have actually spent more money by now in purchasing and downloading DVD copying/duplicating programs onto my computer, than people have sent me money to order a copy (3 people ordered it.)

None of these programs have worked effectively to date. I have consulted several computer experts, in fact, about this. They are working with me presently. It is too difficult to find a reproducer in my area, as I discovered. The one I have contacted never responded.

At this point, I have one foolproof option left. I should be able to get copies ordered from the station that originally filmed it. I will contact my host, and find out how to order copies directly from the station. I should have them relatively soon, as as soon as they can run off the copies.



-Pamela Rae

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EMAIL:A Vision of NWO Takeover in GERMANY


My Dear Pamela,
My name is Wesselin, I'm a guy living in Germany. And since Veronika Ulrike Barthel linked your website on her homepage, I frequently visit your blog.
Sorry for my bad English.
I first wanna tell u how much I appreciate and love the job you do !!! May the Lord Yeshua protect you from the evil forces that try to kill you and stop you from telling the truth to the World!
Two days ago I had a strange dream from the Lord.  At first I didn't understand it and also spoke with Veronika (you posted her vision some days ago) about this dream...
Frankfurt, Germany
I dreamed I was in Germany in Frankfurt on a normal day. At once without warning a war began. I saw many explosions from bombs falling from far on houses. 
They came closer and as closer they came I started thinking now I'll die. But the explosions stopped. But before I could relax and think about what was happening, strange men looking like civil troops came in my apartment and told me very rudely I only had 1 minute to take what I need, and they would take me to a camp! Where there were also others already arrested...
I recognized or knew that these bombs and attacks came from a Russian invasion...but the most irritating was that I could recognize that the military staff to take were Bulgarians..not Russians neither Germans! 
Because I'm originally from Bulgaria, I understood in the dream their language and I started in the dream to argue with them, that I'm originally Bulgarian and that I was Bulgarian until my 21st birthday  and they will have problems because they caught the wrong one.
So in the dream the commander started to be bit insecure, and told me they will check later if this is true, but nevertheless I have to come with them. And then the dream ended.
I really was completely confused about this dream, and asked God what this means, or if this dream is really from him or I'm only dreaming stupid things. Today I came upon your blog and first article I saw was your article about foreign troops sighted in US from 20th of May...this was a direct answer for me from our Lord that this will be happening worldwide when they start their NWO agenda.
2 months ago I had a similar dream Russian companies and secret Services take over many positions in economy and politically all over in Germany before a Russian Invasion that is coming to Germany. 
In this dream I spoke with a very wealthy and well-dressed and important Russian man about this, and saw also that  his son  was in an elite school...
Just wanted to share this with you and thank you for your fearless work and what you do!
In Yeshua's love
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Thank you, my dear brother in Christ, Wesselin!  

How much I loved meeting the wonderful German Christians throughout Deutschland as I lived there in 2001 for 6 months. God's love, bringing people of different nationalities and cultures together for genuine friendship, is a wonderful thing! God bless richly His precious Christians, including homeschoolers, in Germany. (Christian homeschoolers are very persecuted in Germany: PRAY FOR THEM.)

We, as Christians, MUST CHOOSE to stand united together across the globe, in God's word and truth, regardless of nationalities and political differences between our nations. This is because we are all citizens of a higher kingdom, the Kingdom of God! 

We know that nations and kingdom shall all someday pass away, but God's Kingdom is AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM that shall have no end! I am ONE IN CHRIST with the Christians of GERMANY and every OTHER nation as well. WE ARE ONE IN HIS TRUTH AND HIS LOVE!
In 2001, I spent 6 months living and traveling in Germany to research the NWO agenda and the German elements of UN/NATO NWO German Bundeswehr foreign occupation we Americans will experience under martial law. And to discover what is going on in Europe that our controlled American MSM  won't tell us about.

This was prompted by my previous research indicating that GERMAN MILITARY (Bundeswehr) will be used extensively in America to help patrol "America under UN/NATO NWO occupation" under martial law someday. 

German military previously admitted in Alamogordo, NM,(connected with Holloman AFB) that they were stationed here in America for the hour of martial law, to perform the "dirty work" that the American military would not want to do to their fellow Americans under martial law.

This will include gun seizure from Americans, firing upon Americans who resist, and taking them to the prisoner boxcars and the camps under martial law. 

I admit I experienced deep emotional pain over this revelation, because I grew up as a child in beautiful Germany, I love the German people and her wonderful Christian community there as well. How very sad this kind of research can be for tender hearts like mine. But I refuse to stop walking in LOVE...the only way Christians are called to live in this dark world.

Here are just a few things I uncovered while researching in Germany:


-I discovered shocking evidence in 2001 about the thriving underground Nazi youth movement in Germany. I was invited to the home of a secret member, who took me to her apartment in Munich. She showed me her vast collection of modern glossy magazines glorifying Hitler and the Nazis. And admitted that, in 2001, there were at least 7000 open members, 7000 underground members, and they were growing all the time. How many MORE must there be no in 2013??? Yet this is all illegal in Germany.

Or IS IT???

One military source admitted that the Nazi movement was thriving among the old school Nazi sympathizers  as well. And that the Nazi ratline to the Vatican was alive as well. "There were plans for the assassination of the Pope recently, " Michael told me in Munich. We were dining in an outdoor restaurant one evening in the summer of 2001.

"But it never happened and it never even made it to the news, because the German underground Nazis got word of it, sent word through the ratline, and it was squelched before it could ever take place."

"Also, the Nazis put a man in charge of investigating right wing (Nazi) crimes in Munich, Captain Ernst Heinz. The only problem is, HE IS A SECRET NAZI..." (And therefore, of course he will provide cover for his fellow Nazis in Munich.)

"666" displayed publicly on billboards 
and glorified in songs.

I was fascinated while staying in Bavaria/Bayern (actual home of the Bavarian Illuminati) to see huge billboards in public places including train stations, that said nothing else but "666."

One night I attended an outdoor ski festival in the Bavarian Alps in February in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A teen rock band was playing for the lively crowd that night. All of a sudden however, a kind of hush fell upon the listening crowd as the next song began. I listened for words I might recognize, curious.

And then I heard their chorus: they were singing "SEX-SEX-SEX," OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Hmmm, I thought, this is nothing remarkable...just teens singing about sex what's new?

And then, I finally understood! Wait a minute...aren't the German words for "6" pronounced "sex"??? YES! THAT WAS IT! They were singing an occult song glorifying satan's number in Revelation, "6-6-6"!

 I then decided to look at the audience behind me, as they watched the band playing this satanic lyric, to see how many people might really "get it." Evil smiles on so many faces, as they watched the band and sang along (one woman was writhing as a serpent to the music, even) told me everything. 

Well, with this being the birthplace of the Bavarian Illuminati, perhaps I should not have been so surprised after all.

Yes, in various places across Germany, "6-6-6" is already being glorified. Satan's number and the number of "THE BEAST" of the NEW WORLD ORDER, as revealed in Revelation. And it appears to me that there are certainly those people in Germany who understand perfectly the significance of this...just like back in America.


A Bank of America representative answered my questions one day about the coming CASHLESS SOCIETY. She admitted that THE CASHLESS SOCIETY WAS INDEED COMING. She told me that someday all the banks of America would merge together into ONE BANK. 

And that this bank would then be under THE GERMAN BANK. Interesting that Germany's currency was once called "THE MARK." I remember as a child growing up in Germany , having a piggy bank filled with German pfennigs and MARKS as well. Hmmm...reminds me of "The MARK of the BEAST" and "6-6-6" as well.

Military bases being closed down in Germany

(To be turned into detention camps for Germans?)

While interviewing Germans throughout Germany, I discovered that certain military bases were being closed down, at the request of the American government. And immediately, I became suspicious. I knew that closed US military bases were being turned into detention camps for Americans under martial law. 

And I began to wonder, if these closed German military bases would someday be used as detention camps for German resisters of the NWO agenda in Europe as well. 

One base I noted in particular, that had been closed down, was on the way as I rode the train from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Munich. 

Every time I passed, I was compelled to think, "...will they someday use this closed base as a detention/termination camp too?" And of course, I was compelled to PRAY about this as well.

Just as the NWO will need detention camps in America to handle all resistance to their NWO takeover, so they will need detention camps in Germany and Europe as well to handle all the resistance to their heinous agenda for the world.

How very sad this all is. In these past one hundred years, we have already seen the evil fruits of totalitarian regimes and tyrannies that rounded up and sent millions of innocents already to gulags and concentration camps. 

And now in this generation, the NWO, through control of world leaders, wants to repeat such terrible crimes against humanity...once again.

It is time 
for concerned people 
of today's generation, 
to cast aside differences 
instead unite together 


against the planned 
outrages and injustices 
that the 
seeks to impose upon 
millions of innocent victims.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Monday, May 27, 2013

The US Missiles Aimed at US Cities for MARTIAL LAW

USAF Jupiter missile

As I sit here typing this article, I admit I am filled with both horror and anger...deep, deep anger. 

I have just finished reading an article putting forth clear evidence that a NUCLEAR DEVICE was used to bring down the TWIN TOWERS. The outrage I feel, over such a deep level of betrayal of my fellow Americans by the US government and military...allegedly in place to PROTECT them, but instead is MURDERING understandable.

I am experiencing horror as I read of innocent victims who were VAPORIZED by the nuclear explosion at the Twin Towers. I am experiencing shock as I read of OTHER planes innocently in the vicinity, which were also vaporized by the nuclear device used in this terrible FALSE FLAG black op.

But this is not the only source of my anger. As I read this revealing information, I am reminded of the words of a man with the Air Force National Guard in South Dakota. 

He had overheard me as I was broadcasting live on location, using a public phone to call into the radio station, for my weekly broadcast "DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY"  with WWCR out of Nashville, TN.

During this nationwide broadcast, I was talking all about the general plan to create disasters leading to martial law, and the NWO agenda for America on that broadcast.  

As I finished the broadcast and hung up the phone, he approached me.

"Hi...I just heard what you said on the phone, and I have to talk to you now...."

Puzzled, I listened carefully to what he had to say. 

"I am with the Air Force National Guard here (Ellsworth AFB right outside of Rapid City, SD.). My father is a big USAF general, now stationed in Europe. He is working with NATO and for  the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda."

"One day, my father talked to me about something important. He told me to never tell anyone. But I am telling YOU,  because of your broadcast I just heard."

"My father told me that the USAF had lied about all the missiles being removed from their silos at Ellsworth AFB. Instead, some of them remain and that THEY HAVE NOW BEEN DIVERTED TO INTERNAL TARGETS...."

I immediately replied that I believed him. "Tell me...which internal targets are the missiles at Ellsworth aimed at???"

He replied without hesitation, "WASHINGTON, DC; OMAHA, NE; CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN, CO..." and the Rapid City area.

"And they will fire missiles repeatedly until they take out every single underground floor of Cheyenne Mountain..."
Cheyenne Mountain, CO Springs

(Yes, there are military missiles today built with the capacity to burrow into the ground and then to detonate, to take out underground military installations. And forget trying to figure out WHY they have targeted certain locations. The NWO madmen have an agenda beyond the capacity of most people to understand WHY and WHAT they do. They have their strategic and military reasons for everything they do. "Martial law" means, in fact, MILITARY RULE.)

I have long known about the covert NWO plan to destroy Washington, DC. They reason that this must happen in order for the OLD world order to GO, and the NEW world order to come forth. 

The NEW CAPITOL OF AMERICA under the New World Order, is DENVER COLORADO, practically in the center of America. Even the CIA has been quietly relocating some of  it's offices to Denver, CO. Everyone involved in the NWO agenda knows that DC MUST GO, and DENVER WILL BE THE UPCOMING CAPITOL OF THE USA.  Of course, it is heavily connected with the DIA Deep underground Military Base located there.


"Pam, I know this is true! I recently encountered a General. He was angry. He was sputtering and muttering expletives as he told me, 'DARN it , AL! I JUST FOUND OUT that some of our missiles have been aimed at INTERNAL TARGETS!'"

And for the NWO gang, this all makes perfectly sinister sense!

A major NWO agenda motto is "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." However, THEY create the chaos deliberately, and then out of it's ashes they bring forth THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER!

Destroy the OLD, so that the NEW may come forth! And these NWO murderers without conscience do not care how many innocent lives they destroy in the grim process of destroying the OLD. 

In fact, these Illuminati satanists consider everyone who dies in their black ops, to count as just ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power from him to bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER.

And former satanists/ Illuminati I have interviewed have universally told me so.


The Bible speaks of this dark world government that will appear on the earth before the return of Jesus Christ to establish His earthly millennial kingdom at last.

In Chapter 13 of the BOOK OF REVELATION, it is revealed that THE DRAGON, or Lucifer/Satan, will give unto this world government his throne (seat of power), his power, and great authority on the earth (and all of it is corrupt, of course.) 

That is because Satan/Lucifer is the false god over the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is HIS.

Yes, Satan has a corrupt kingdom and followers. All of it is a counterfeit to Almighty God's throne and power and kingdom, which Satan lusted for at one time but could not have, and even got thrown out of heaven for coveting.

This Bible chapter speaks of men worshiping THE DRAGON, who subsequently gives them power to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER, satan's manifest kingdom on earth...every Illuminati/Satanist's dream.

And HOW is he worshiped??? Primarily by HUMAN SACRIFICE! This is "Basic Satanism 101." People continually abducted worldwide for grim human sacrifice rituals is a sad fact of life in today's dark world, albeit well concealed from the public.

Therefore, it makes perfectly sinister sense that these NWO monsters and madmen would count every victim who dies in their black ops/false flags, as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power from him to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER.

Believe them, and believe me, when I tell you that all the innocent victims that are horribly destroyed by their nefarious false flags, have just become human sacrifices in their wicked and warped minds. They do not care how many innocent people die in the future under martial law, nor in their insane quest for world domination. 

And therefore, every person who will  someday die in the prisoner boxcars with shackles and the FEMA/DHS camps under martial law, will also count as dark sacrifices of the NEW WORLD ORDER, to get more power from Satan.

Yes, this is the mentality and reasoning of the masterminds behind the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America...and the entire WORLD.

I personally believe that the missiles in various US military bases, now aimed at INTERNAL TARGETS for a martial law agenda, are also a part of "OPERATION RING OF FIRE, " the covert plan of the NWO agenda supporters to deliberately detonate the many planted nuked across this nation for a martial law scenario. The hidden nukes and rogue missiles can easily be used in conjunction with one another to wreak havoc and create chaos nationwide.

And with the recent advent of THE MILITARY DRONES, such missiles fired by them over America can also be used as well.

Regardless of exactly WHEN the NWO elements of the military and government decide to activate these terrifying agendas, both the planted nukes and the missiles remain in place and can be detonated or fired at any given time.

Just like a deadly serpent, undetected as it lies coiled in a dark and dusty corner, can unexpectedly strike the unsuspecting victim walking by it at any time, so these deadly nukes and missiles are in America today. Out of sight, out of mind, nevertheless lethal and able to strike unsuspecting victims at any given time.

And this is only part of the grim future that the NWO/Illuminati have planned for YOUR nation, America. 

Perhaps it is far past time for millions of concerned Americans to become angry, even as I am angry today.

And rise up and do something...anything...BUT just don't sit there and do nothing! Because that is why America is in the mess we find it in today.

SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE HAVE SAT BACK AND DONE NOTHING of any real consequence to stop them.

(Can it possibly be because they are 
paralyzed with fear...?

Read my previous article about casting off the shackles of FEAR and instead responding with FAITH and BOLDNESS and COURAGE instead!)

And because so many good people are 
doing nothing  to counter the darkness, 
the NWO is getting away with murder as a result.

Don't let them.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
And please make SURE your anger is channeled by the guidelines of the Word of God! "Assassinating a President" or "bombing a building", etc., are not God-sanctioned methods of dealing with problems in any nation, and would only contribute to the CHAOS these NWO people want to create in our nation.

Proper actions designed to 

After all, America's CONCEPTS OF LIBERTY originated in the solid truths contained in the Word of ALMIGHTY GOD.

"Our fathers' God, to Thee, 
Author of liberty,
to Thee we sing."

"Long may our land be bright, 
With freedom's holy light,
Protect us by Thy might, 
Great God our King."

(From "My Country, 'Tis of Thee")

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


I must now take the time to issue a very important NEWS SOURCE correction at this time. Recently, I reposted information from another website, regarding the apparent arrival of foreign troops according to eye-witness sources.

Unfortunately, this got picked up by one or more readers, who then reposted this information and FALSELY represented me as the source of this information. This misinformation then even got published as far away as RUSSIA.

I AM NOT the source of this information about foreign troops arriving in America.

This information was actually posted on STEVE QUAYLE'S WEBSITE. It was information received from one of his listeners/readers. 

I apologize for this misunderstanding. IT CERTAINLY WAS NOT DELIBERATE. I strive to maintain the highest degree of personal honesty and integrity possible in this field of investigative journalism. And I certainly have no control over what others write, including those who falsely attribute news information as originating from me.

I NEVER PLAGIARIZE! I strive to obtain my own information from my own research, travels and personal sources. However, I DO publish guest articles at times, and make it clear that they are GUEST ARTICLES and did not originate with me.

Apparently, I did not make this clear with that recent article I posted, referring to the apparent arrival for foreign troops. And so, I apologize for this misunderstanding. It was not deliberate.

To find the original source of this "incoming foreign troops" information, you must go to Steve Quayle's website,

Sorry for the inconvenience! However, this information posted regarding eye-witness sightings of the incoming foreign troops, remains accurate. I simply was not the source of this information.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Keep PRAYING This WEEKEND Against False Flag Attacks!

I am republishing this article on 
SUNDAY, May 26, 2013,
to encourage my Christian readers to 
-PAMEIA Rae Schuffert-
May 27, 2013
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective...and on behalf of the endangered American people-

The clear and visible warning signs have been coming in continually this month of May, that America may be on the threshold of "THE NEXT BIG ONE."

Recently, even a CIA-linked journalist wrote and article stating that "terrorist attacks across the nation were deemed imminent" beginning in May, 2013.

Of course, they will also implicate their favorite scapegoats to blame for what will undoubtedly be their very own false flag/black ops. In this case, the article linked IRAN and several Islamic militant groups with the coming anticipated "terrorist attacks."

As I have stated repeatedly, beware of "official government explanations." No further explanation needed!

Every false flag event is planned well in advance. Reportedly, some have even required several years of planning behind the scenes. It requires the careful coordination of cooperating parties from the military, intelligence, media and local groups as well. 

News media collaboration is especially needed. The media is used to prepare the minds of the American people to view a false flag event exactly as the perpetrators WANT them to view it.

Therefore, the complicit elements of the mainstream media are handed feed from military and intelligence to publish, designed to mislead Americans regarding every aspect of the false flag event. 

Such articles tell the American people WHO are the perpetrators to be officially blamed. And such articles have "official government explanations" designed to deceive the public regarding who is behind the false flag event, and the hidden purposes behind each false flag occurrence.

Let's face it: the NWO-agenda "bad guys" could never effectively get away with their false flag events, if it were not for the lying and complicit MSM, used to deceive the American people and to help cover up THE TRUTH.

Thankfully, due to the emergence and overwhelming success of ALTERNATIVE NEWS JOURNALISM, more and more Americans are refusing to be deceived by such tactics. As the truth becomes clear to them, more Americans are becoming angry and outraged at government deception and corruption, and are demanding that the truth come forth.

Many of us investigative journalists who know about the NWO agenda to stage false flags designed to bring our nation under martial law, are very concerned for the potential for this coming MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND to be used as a target for "THE NEXT BIG ONE," as it is called from the inside of NWO think tanks.

The term, "THE NEXT BIG ONE" is often used in reference to the next artificially created "disaster" or staged terrorist attack(s) that will be sufficiently terrible and destructive, to then warrant the declaration of  MARTIAL LAW nationwide and to ultimately suspend the Constitution (every NWO supporter's dream.)

Unfortunately, the NWO agenda masterminds have many such "disasters" waiting in place to trigger martial law. According to military sources that I have interviewed, even missiles from some of our own bases have been deliberately diverted to INTERNAL TARGETS (CONUS) to help create chaos and trigger martial law.

My recent interview with a Navy SEAL confirmed my previous report of many years ago, that nukes have been secretly planted across this nation, to be remote-detonated upon given cue, to stage "OPERATION RING OF FIRE" and bring martial law down nationwide as a result.

And of course, the NWO-complicit elements of news media will be called upon once again to cover for such false flags, feeding the America people the lies that the CIA and military instruct them to publish regarding the event.

In many ways, one must learn the techniques of a detective and learn about intelligence gathering, to be effective in researching a subject such as this. It is also important to learn how to effectively put together obvious clues as well.

Here is what I am deeply concerned about NOW: 

-We now have reports of large numbers of foreign troops coming into America by plane, to various locations nationwide. Foreign troops are essential for a martial law takeover of this nation, to control and patrol the streets of America. They will also be used to seize weapons from the American people, and to fire upon them when they refuse to cooperate. Because there are not enough American military willing to perform "the dirty work" against their own fellow Americans, the NWO has determined that foreign troops are essential for a successful martial law takeover.

Therefore, any reports of a large influx of foreign troops taking place across this nation, could be an indication that MARTIAL LAW MAY BE IMPOSED SOON.

-The CIA-linked intelligence report published nationwide recently, TOLD Americans to EXPECT disasters and terrorist attacks nationwide IMMINENTLY. Of course, this article also falsely implicated their selected perpetrators of such attacks, all for hidden US political and military agendas.

-The Obama administration is going through a period of shake-ups and scandals including the IRS SCANDAL, BENGHAZIGATE, and much more. Calls to IMPEACH OBAMA are increasing as more and more Americans become dissatisfied with this administration's anti-American behavior and antics.

FALSE FLAG EVENTS provide excellent diversions to take people's minds off of the above, and to focus on something else.

Furthermore, IF nationwide martial law is declared and the Constitution was ultimately suspended, THIS WOULD SERVE TO LOCK OBAMA INTO PLACE AS DICTATOR FOR LIFE OVER AMERICA! NO MORE ELECTIONS! This is exactly what would happen.

And therefore, wouldn't it be in Obama's best interests...

IF convenient false flag "disasters" and "terrorist attacks" were staged to take place on a major scale, ensuring the establishment of his NWO tyranny over America...forever? Think about it........

-In order for the martial law takeover of America to succeed, it is essential for all the proper military equipment and vehicles to be in place nationwide, to control the American people and to combat those Americans who will attempt to rise up to counter the NWO agenda.

Throughout recent months, photographs of heavy armored DHS vehicles being delivered nationwide have flooded the Internet. They have now been delivered to various police departments.

This information has been accompanied with the revelation that the drivers of these transports are detected to be FOREIGN MILITARY. And again, foreign military are being used to do what many American military would consider traitorous to the Constitution and to the American people.


Why should we be concerned? Why not!!! Such false flag disaster/terrorist events are incredibly destructive to human life, and will always take their toll in both human life and mass suffering every time they take place.

Furthermore, IF martial law is declared nationwide as a result, that will be THE END OF AMERICA FOREVER AS WE HAVE KNOWN HER...and HERE COMES THEIR PLANNED POLICE STATE!


After years of researching this important subject, I have learned to look for all the warning signals that something deadly is about to happen regarding the MARTIAL LAW scenario.

YOU must also become alert and learn to read the warning signs in our nation today.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND could be the perfect time for a false flag to be staged. 

"MEMORIAL DAY" corresponds to MILITARY matters, honoring all the US military who have died while serving in the US military. Therefore it is also a holiday connected with MILITARY and WAR as well.

What a perfect setting for a false flag to take place, designed to implicate (falsely) Islamic nations and militant groups that the US government/military is at war against. How easy it would be to have statements created in which "Islamic militants" declare that this is their way of attacking America, at a time when US military who have fought a died in war (including now in Islamic nations) are being honored!
What a perfect time for "Muslim militants" to stage a series of revenge attacks across America! Just like the CIA-linked article indicated was coming "imminently."

Makes perfectly sinister sense, eh??? 

But all false flag/black ops must be built around "plausible explanations" (lies) to cover up the dark covert truth behind them. OR their cover would be blown, and they would then have all hell to pay from outraged Americans everywhere. (Go get 'em, boys!)

How many Americans who have finally caught on to the despicable and destructive tactics of FALSE FLAG EVENTS IN AMERICA,  are weary beyond words of the needless violence and bloodshed, the deception through the news media, and want the false flags to STOP AT LAST??? 

Let us therefore join hands together across America to pray that these hate crimes against the American people, the horrific false flag acts of staged "terrorism,"  planned and carried out by our very own government and military and intelligence, ARE FINALLY EXPOSED AND BROUGHT TO AN END! 

Haven't enough Americans
died in false flags already???
False Flag "9/11"
False Flag OKC Bombing, Murrah Building

And let's not forget the staged mall, theater and school shootings for gun control...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Saturday, May 25, 2013



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I recently went to my local WALMART late one night, to pick up a few items. I never sleep much anymore anyhow...I am up praying for much of the night. I went over to camping supplies, near the guns and ammo. I started talking to one man working at the ammo checkout.

He then began to tell me something fascinating.

"You know...every morning about 5:30 AM, two men come into the store. They wait for our daily shipments of gun ammunition to arrive. And as soon as it does, they buy up large amounts...every single day."

When he first said this, I thought to myself, "Ahhh...a buncha good ol' Montana Patriots getting armed to take 'em on under martial law!"

But then, I started thinking further. I remember reading recent articles about the DHS buying up ammo nationwide so the American people can't buy it. I became suspicious about these two men immediately.

I asked the cashier about these men. He replied, "When I asked them why they do this every morning, they only talk about 'the kids shot and killed at Sandy Hook....'"

BINGO!!! What a give-away! Many of us researchers believe that the infamous SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SHOOTING was simply one more staged false-flag black op, designed to be used to erode our gun freedoms in America and to push anti-gun legislation! And most Americans who know the NWO agenda for America, have finally come to  realize this.

Therefore, NO true American Patriot gun owner, especially the fervent Patriot gun owners in MONTANA, are going to EVER refer to the farce of the Sandy Hook fiasco, as somehow a reason to  buy ammo.

But DHS agents ( and the FEDS are everywhere here in Montana, spying on the Patriot community continually) who are BUYING UP THE AMMO DAILY AT WALMART HERE IN KALISPELL, would of COURSE refer to the Sandy Hook event, using it as a twisted excuse to buy up ammo so the local populace cannot get their hands on it!!!

When I told a local friend about this, he exclaimed, "So THAT'S WHY I CANNOT GET THE AMMO I NEED AT WALMART ANYMORE!" got it!

SO I WONDER...are government agents also buying up ammo at OTHER WALMARTS across the REST OF AMERICA???



(And of course, don't forget checking with your local gun n' ammo stores as well.)



-Pamela Rae Schuffert

VIDEO-Martial Law? Military Tanks on TRAIN in California

My Email Reply to Christians in GERMANY

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following article is in fact the actual email communication I sent to German Christian readers with a fine Christian publication in Germany. They emailed me to find out more about the CIA COMPUTER THAT WILL MONITOR CHRISTIANS.

After writing this email, I realized that it was an article in itself. And so I have decided to reproduce it for my readers.-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Greetings, my friends! I see you are  from Bundesrepublik Deutschland ! Wunderbar.

I love Deutschland. My earliest memories as a child, are of beautiful Deutschland, living in Wiesbaden, and traveling to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Zugspitze. So beautiful! 

Tannenbäume und Schnee und Berge. Schön.

I now live in Montana, because the scenery is so much like Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I am only a few minutes from beautiful GLACIER NATIONAL PARK.
Glacier National Park, Montana

I surround myself with beautiful scenery, because what I research and report about is so sad and depressing. Hiking in Glacier National Park is my therapy...even though there is a deep underground military base located under their mountains(!)

All of my reporting is guided by the Holy Spirit, and I strive for accuracy. The CIA computer does not surprise me. I have interviewed several former CIA employees, and
the truth is frightening. 

Do you realize, that the CIA and it's present agenda is in part  a product of OPERATION PAPERCLIP, a program designed by America Nazi sympathizers to bring Germany Nazi military and war criminals and scientists into America, to erase their background, and to give them immunity in America?

The ROOT of German Nazism is the ILLUMINATI. And it's quest to establish Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda is their major agenda. The CIA works hard to bring America under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Former CIA employees admitted to me how MUCH the CIA hates the Christians in America, because Christians in America absolutely refuse to accept a "NWO AGENDA under Lucifer" for this nation. And I am one of those American Christians who will not tolerate a satanic globalist agenda takover in my nation.

These same CIA Nazis have helped to develop America's future concentration camp system, complete with prisoner trains and camps to terminate all NWO resisters. 

Friends of mine who worked with the CIA previously, have fully admitted this to me.

I have researched the modern American detention camp system and it's prisoner boxcars with shackles extensively for many years. IT IS REAL, and under MARTIAL LAW this detention camp system will help to murder millions of innocent people across America, and millions of CHRISTIANS who will absolutely reject the NWO agenda for America.

An AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING, indeed. And the main targets are NOT the Jews in America: it is THE CHRISTIANS. And of course the GUN OWNERS, the CONSTITUTIONALISTS, the PATRIOTS, and anyone perceived to be against their NWO agenda.

In fact, many Jews in America play a major role in the coming martial law/NWO agenda. The Jewish progressives/Communists in America have worked very hard for the fall of our Constitutional Republic, and for the overthrow of America's Christian heritage. Strangely, both Jewish Communists and NWO fascists are working TOGETHER in America for a joint NWO agenda...and to eliminate their common enemy, THE CHRISTIANS.

Realizing that CHRISTIANS are among their major target to murder in the detention camps, I prepare my heart daily to suffer and die for my Christian faith in America. This is realistic. But this has served to make me a much better, stronger and more dedicated Christian. I love Jesus more than ever! 

LET me die for the One I love, my Jesus! I have no higher honor and no greater joy, than to give my life for Him, Who gave his life for me. This IS my testimony to the NWO forces from hell.

AS a child, I grew up reading my father's many books written by immediate holocaust survivors after the war. My father had many of these books. I read about Auschwitz and Dachau and many other concentration camps.
Dachau today

I was so shocked and horrified by these camps in Nazi Germany, that I stood up and make a promise to God.
I prayed, "Oh, GOD! If Your people are ever in danger again by prisoner camps and trains, I will NEVER sit back and I will NEVER BE SILENT! I will do everything I can to help and rescue them! I PROMISE!"

God holds us to our promises...even as a child.

Never did I dream so many years ago, that SOMEDAY IN AMERICA, the same terrible system of TRAINS AND PRISON CAMPS would emerge. But God foreknew it WOULD.

And now, I am keeping my promise to God. For 18 years now, my reporting has been to expose this terrible NWO agenda for America, and to expose the horrors of the camps in America also.

I am continuing to do everything I can to warn my fellow Americans and Christians, that the FEMA/DHS CAMPS are REAL, they are to TERMINATE all resistance to the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for America, and that CHRISTIANS ARE AMONG THEIR MAJOR PEOPLE GROUPS TO MURDER IN THE CAMPS.

I must also say, that I love Germany. I love her people. There are so many beautiful Christians in Germany today. And Germans who have inspired me like MARTIN LUTHER and DIETRICH BONHOEFFER. I love the hymn, "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott."

My heart is therefore very sad, to know that GERMAN BUNDESWEHR here in America will be used under martial law, to help arrest us, to seize our weapons,  and take us to the camps. 

German Bundeswehr are now stationed in over one hundred military bases here in America. And many of them are now in CANADA as well. Much German military equipment  has also been secretly been brought into America and Canada, to be used under martial law as the NWO proceeds to take over America. German tanks included, according to my military sources.

I have taken the hands of German Bundeswehr here in America, and have prayed with them for salvation. I have also prayed with German Bundeswehr in Deutschland as well. I know how they will be used against us Christians under martial law here in America. But GOD IS LOVE. Gott ist Liebe.

We must pray for them and their salvation! Jesus died for these young German Bundeswehr also...

Right here where I am living in NW Montana, there have been many sightings of the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. They are often hidden in remote areas, and are prepositioned by the thousands all across America (and MEXICO and CANADA also) for the hour when they will begin to round up the NWO RESISTANCE in America, and then take them TO THE CAMPS.

There are many detention camps throughout this area as well. So many people living in the state of Montana KNOW about the NWO agenda for America, and they are prepared to fight to the death for Freedom and to defend America's Christian heritage and the Constitution. This region of MONTANA will become a very bloody region of battle between the satanic NWO forces and the Patriotic American freedom fighters here. 

People I have interviewed here, have told me they will NEVER be taken alive to the FEMA detention camps or prisoner boxcars, and they will NEVER SURRENDER OUR AMERICA to the forces of oppression of the NEW WORLD ORDER globalists.
I pray constantly for God to intervene, and to hold back all future violence and deadly encounters between the American freedom fighters and the military someday. NO true Christian wants violence or bloodshed in their nation! I DO NOT want violence or bloodshed in my nation!

Every day, I go to the railroad tracks here and pray against the prisoner boxcars with shackles. I pray, "Oh, Father God, in YOUR MERCY, HOLD BACK the boxcars! Hold BACK martial law! Hold back the senseless bloodshed and loss of innocent life!"
Railroad Spike Cross

I have a railroad spike CROSS I carry with me everywhere, as a reminder to PRAY DAILY about this. Christians see this, and they ask me what it means...and I tell them the painful truth. In the future, the Christians of America will be crucified on the railroad system across America. I have been told they will be murdered in the boxcars, even before many reach the detention camps for termination.

World history will repeat itself in America someday...

And so, I sit quietly on a bench by train stations, in front of the railroad tracks of America. I hold my cross, and I pray. And weep for what is to come. And cry out to God for MERCY for His children in our nation. Oh, God..................

When I told one German Bundeswehr in New Mexico that I NEVER THOUGHT I would see the day when there would be concentration camps in America, he laughed in my face. The German Bundeswehr stationed in Alamogordo, NM, are boasting to the Americans who live there, that the Bundeswehr are there for MARTIAL LAW, to arrest the Americans, and shoot them if they resist, and to take their guns...and of course take them to the camps as NWO resistance.

A very Nazi NWO agenda, transplanted in America....and facilitated by the efforts of the CIA indeed.

I have been forced to conclude the Nazis were never truly defeated: they simply went underground. And they have been proliferating and expanding and preparing for THE BEAST RISING AGAIN. Here comes "...the BEAST that WAS, and is NOT...and now IS."

The same is true for GERMANY. The underground modern Nazi movement is alive and well and growing. I met with underground Nazis in Munich in 2001: I was taken to the apartment of one member. She told me all about their movement, and showed me hundreds of magazines glorifying Hitler, Nazi war criminals, and the Nazi party. Other people in Munich confirmed the fact that the underground NWO NAZI movement is alive and well.

It is all so very tragic. We must all pray.

I love you. Let us stay in contact with one another. Keep bringing the light of Jesus Christ to Deutschland!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-