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Deadly Discriminatory NOAHIDE LAWS AND Military Guillotines USA

Noahide Laws 
American Christian Freedoms 
and Lives in the Future-
WHY are modern guillotines
in US military bases today?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


Many concerned Americans, finally aware of the NOAHIDE LAWS and their implications, now believe that it is far past time for "SEPARATION OF SYNAGOGUE AND STATE." "SYNAGOGUE" or the influence of the distinctly Jewish religious belief system has crept into US legislation that makes actul provision in the future for CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA to be EXECUTED for their faith.

The alarming Jewish "NOAHIDE LAWS" signed into legislation by BUSH SENIOR, make provision for non-Jews to be tried in Rabbinical courts of law in the future. THE SANHEDRIN OF JERUSALEM preside over the B'nei Noah international courts of the GENTILES.
These supposed 7 laws given to the sons of Noah (Gentiles,) ALSO make provision for CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA AND WORLDWIDE to be EXECUTED BY BEHEADING for breaking TWO of these laws pertaining to BASIC CHRISTIAN BIBLE BELIEFS. Those two laws BY JEWISH DEFINITION which Christians break automatically are:

-the crime of "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD," and "IDOLATRY."
All of course, by THEIR DEFINITION.

Noahide Laws will force people of differing religious convictions across the globe, to choose between maintaining their religious convictions, OR Being EXECUTED BY BEHEADING for their faith.

One aspect of Jewish definition of "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD" is to declare/believe that Jesus Christ is "GOD MANIFESTED IN THE FLESH and DIVINE." This is something which every Christian believes and reads in their Bible universally.

Jesus the Messiah, 
Son of God and Divine

LUBAVITCH CHABAD, the presenters of the NOAHIDE LAWS legislation in Washington, DC, declare themselves to be the descendants of the ancient Pharisees and their school of teaching in Jesus' day. 

"He is worthy of death..."
Matthew 23:63-66

Therefore, these modern-day Pharisees also follow the pattern outlined in THE GOSPELS of how, after Jesus was arrested and brought before their rabbinical court to be tried, they asked Him IF HE WERE THE SON OF GOD.

And when He responded that He was, the Jewish religious leaders then declared "You have HEARD HIS BLASPHEMY...what do you say?"

Their response was, "HE IS WORTHY OF DEATH!"

This therefore is a major part of Jewish definition of "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD," to declare that JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD and DIVINE.

When Jews who accept Jesus as Messiah come to tell their former rabbis, many of their rabbis echo this sentiment to this very day by stating to them, "BLASPHEMY!" 

The logical Jewish progression of declaring"JESUS CHRIST IS DIVINE" to be BLASPHEMY, is therefore also DECLARING the VENERATION OF JESUS CHRIST to be IDOLATRY.

And there you have it...the two NOAHIDE LAWS upon which all future persecution and beheading of Christians in America and worldwide will in fact be based.

Mute evidence of their full intentions to someday enforce these discriminatory and heinous, genocidal Noahide Laws sentences upon countless Christian necks are the documented millions of modern GUILLOTINES, 6 1/2 feet high, with hand restraints for each hand ( as in the case of FORT LEWIS WA)that are now stored in many of our US military bases.

I have received word of these modern guillotines being imported originally from China and Japan, and distributed across this nation, as confirmed by numerous witnesses, including former CIA, Pentagon sources, and truckers delivering these actual guillotines confirming this, since the 1970's. 

By later accounts, they are now being manufactured domestically at various locations including military bases.

Recent confirmations/sightings include the powerful testimony of Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel of Fort Lewis, WA. 

In an exclusive interview I conducted with him for several hours, Boysel fully admitted the presence of MODERN GUILLOTINES in a special partially underground training facility in Fort Lewis WA, but also confirmed their presence in FORT HOOD, TX; FORT BRAGG, NC; and elsewhere, including in US military bases in Germany. In fact, military sources have confirmed these modern military guillotines are located worldwide....because it's not called "the new WORLD order" for nothing.

Boysel admitted that when he returned from his special ops training in Fort Hood, TX, he would be returning to his platoon of 64 men in Fort Lewis, WA, to conduct SPECIAL TRAINING WITH HIS MEN ON HOW TO OPERATE THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES at Fort Lewis.

My endangered fellow Americans, let's face the truth. In this day of ultra-modern technology in the US military, the ONLY PURPOSE for the use of the antiquated form of execution, EXECUTION BY GUILLOTINE, is to fulfill the blatantly Jewish agenda: 


THINK of the untold millions of dollars in our taxpayers' cost to both produce or import these modern guillotines, and to covertly train OUR OWN MILITARY in their use.

THINK of the level of BETRAYAL OF THE MANY U.S. CITIZENS who are CHRISTIANS by this breach of separation of religious organizations and state. 

The more I perform independent journalism and research on this ominous subject, the more concerned I become on behalf of my endangered fellow Americans and fellow Christians.

I find it very ironic, that the very Christians who are "praying for the peace of Jerusalem," supporting ISRAEL through millions of U.S. tourist dollars coming in as they tour "THE HOLY LAND," and are in some cases even claiming to be "CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS," are ALSO the very ones TARGETED BY THESE JEWISH/ZIONIST "NOAHIDE LAWS" aimed at rounding them up and declaring

them guilty and TERMINATING THEM.

As one Jew privy to all this was overheard to remark to another Jew, "So WHAT are you going to DOUSE the Christians now, and THEN....???" 

Yes, sadly that's correct. USE the loving, largely naive and unsupecting Christians NOW to fulfill hidden Jewish/Israeli purposes, and when

finished, sacrifice them on the Noahide Laws guillotines, and ultimately in the NWO FEMA camps when America finally comes under martial law (Jewish Bolshevik Communist style, as throughout the past.) 

TRAGICALLY, this becomes a true modern day "Judas act" of using a good person, and then betrayal, wouldn't you say?

Obviously, the level of betrayal of the trust and support of American Christians in this situation is deeply tragic and extreme.

What if such laws were written in America declaring the JEWS could be executed for THEIR religious beliefs? Sadly, this has happened before....

Wouldn't you consider this to be "forced conversion"....something that Jews historically hate...but now they plan to use against millions of innocent Christians under their Noahide Laws???

What if THEIR taxpayer dollars were going to be used to EXECUTE THEM??? One can only imagine the outrage and public outcry worldwide!

In conclusion, America, it is far PAST time for SEPARATION of SYNAGOGUE and STATE in this nation.

THE NOAHIDE LAWS, signed into legislation by "MR. NWO" BUSH (actually CIA Nazi transplant foreign agent SCHERFF), HAVE TO GO...and the heinous US MILITARY secret training on the modern military guillotines must BE EXPOSED AND ABOLISHED with them.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Thursday, May 28, 2020


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE is my report previously published in 2013, revealing fascinating information...and sharing how I HAVE ACTUALLY SAT IN THE VERY SEAT HITLER ONCE SAT IN, at GLACIER NATIONAL PARK in their famed Lake McDonald Lodge.

BUT NO ONE IN THAT BEAUTIFUL LODGE EVER KNEW....that I was quietly praying against the deadly NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for my nation, as I sat where HITLER ONCE SAT during his reunion with his personal bodyguard, OTTO SKORZENY, in 1997....MANY YEARS AFTER HITLER WAS FALSELY PRESUMED TO BE DEAD. BUT IN FACT, HE WAS NOT DEAD.....and my friend Eric Berman's photographs (as revealed in the article below)PROVED THIS. 

ENJOY THIS FASCINATING ARTICLE....and ponder it's many implications.-Pamela Rae Schuffert


The famed Canadian movie producers GALAFILM will be interviewing me for my research regarding the NWO agenda entrenched throughout the mysterious Glacier Park region in Montana.

GALAFILM is producing a special series on 
The filming this week will be taking place in GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. In fact, today (Monday, June 10, 2013) their experienced film crew is hiking deep into the park to a special location where they will be filming THEIR NEW SERIES FOR THE TRAVEL CHANNEL, "MYSTERIES AT THE NATIONAL PARKS," Series 1, Episode 1.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11th, GALAFILM will be interviewing and filming me for my research throughout this Glacier region, ever since I received reports of black prisoner boxcars with shackles located right outside Glacier NP (in Columbia Falls, MT) and finally came out in March of 1997 to research.

GALAFILM  will be exploring mysterious reports of a huge hidden underground military base in Glacier NP, ominous sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles nearby, plus shocker information that Adolph Hitler (who allegedly never died as reported at the end of the war-it was his double instead...and Hitler was transported to freedom outside Germany,) and many years later even held a reunion with his former bodyguard Otto Skorzeny right in Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier NP, Montana. 
Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier NP Montana

And the clear photographs finally revealed by Hitler's bodyguard  Skorzeny prior to his death confirm this amazing hidden truth. 

I have personally stood in the very location where Skorzeny, his wife and the much aged Hitler (alias "WiIliam Coates") held their reunion in 1997 in Lake McDonald Lodge. I have personally played the very piano in this lodge, that Hitler/Coates used to play when he visited, staying in the VIP cabins nearby. The unsuspecting staff at Glacier NP even fondly referred to him as "the little old man."

IN FACT, I AM PERSONAL FRIENDS OF THE OWNER OF THESE SHOCKING NAZI PHOTOGRAPHS, GIVEN BY OTTO SKORZENY TO MY PERSONAL FRIEND, ERIC BERMAN (who dated Skorzeny's LORI for ten years). A recent phone call to ERIC just confirmed all the shocking truth contained in these disturbingly revealing photographs.

Interestingly, 1997 was the first year I ever came to Glacier National Park.

As with other world leaders such as Queen Elizabeth, special medical procedures and advanced drugs have been developed for life extension of the "elite," and only available to them at this time. This is why she has lived for so long. 

The same is true for William Coates/Adolph Hitler and explains why he lived so long in exile from Germany after the war. The CIA Nazis through "OPERATION PAPERCLIP" took good care of him until his death in Bethesda Naval Hospital, MD, in 2004.
Otto Skorzeny, wife, with Hitler seated at the left, 
in Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier NP 1997

In the TOP photograph above, Hitler is seen sitting at a well known table, behind Skorzeny.  In the foreground of the photograph BELOW is that very table, long and brown. Today the very same chairs are set at that table, with puzzles for guests to put together. This is the table Hitler was sitting at in the above photo with Skorzeny. 

Another photo of Otto Skorzeny
during his reunion with HITLER
in 1997 at Lake McDonald Lodge,
owned by my friend ERIC. 

See brown table directly above in this photo

When my friend CISCO WHEELER, FORMER VICTIM OF THE CIA'S MKULTRA PROGRAM told me in 1998 that Adolph Hitler was still alive, I didn't know what to think. 

She knew that he was, because she was forced into the CIA mind control program as a child, and abused by Dr. Joseph Mengele, part of OPERATION PAPERCLIP that brought Nazi war criminals into America. She saw Mengele face to face (AND HIS SON, CODE-NAMED "DR. GREEN")as he continued in performing human experimentation, using children such as her, right here in America. Now I realize she was speaking the truth from the inside.

GALAFILM and film producer LEWIS COHEN will be exploring the Hitler/Nazi connection in Glacier National Park, tied in with the alleged CIA/NAZI underground military base located in Glacier NP as well.

Well, my readers, perhaps now we can finally understand WHY the blatant presence of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES uncovered in the GLACIER NP region! How very reminiscent of a previous holocaust in Germany under the Nazis, involving prisoner trains and detention camps! 

Were these boxcars a kind of "in your face, America" message from NWO Nazis, deliberately exposed to be discovered by locals???

As my  friend Elaine, formerly CIA working under Bush/Scherff SR for the NWO agenda, once told me: 

"The plan to bring America under the NEW WORLD ORDER , was often called from within the CIA...'THE FINAL SOLUTION.'" 

Hmmm...where have I heard that term before???

Only a few years ago, Jason of R.EVOLUTION Films of Kelowna, British Columbia, came down to film me and interview me for my research.

I almost suffered a fatal accident traveling to meet his film crew in Sand Point, Idaho, that day. 
Highway 2, NW Montana

While traveling 60 miles an hour down famed Highway 2, I noted a firetruck and state trooper blocking the highway in the distance.They were fighting a field fire, and blocking the road for driver safety due to the flames.

Not a problem, I thought. I will simply step on the brakes and slow down. 

WRONG! THERE WERE NO BRAKES! Slamming both feet onto the brake pedal, I desperately tried to stop the car, but in vain. Having only seconds to decide what to do, I realized as I thought in nanoseconds speed, that MY BRAKE LINE MUST HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY SEVERED! 

With the trooper and fire truck only seconds away, I screamed out a prayer for Jesus to take over the steering wheel...AND HE DID! My car swerved wildly around the police and fire vehicles blocking the road, and managed to avoid striking boulders or trees, still racing at around 60 miles an hour. There are no real pull-over shoulders on narrow Highway 2. Only dirt, trees, rocks and brush.

All of a sudden, a huge dirt hill appeared, and I realized in seconds I WOULD BE AIRBORNE. And I was. Seconds passed as my vehicle sailed through the air. Finally, it came to a jarring halt in a ditch on the other side of the hill. Dust and dirt flew everywhere.

The firemen abandoned the field fire they were fighting across the street, and came racing down to assist me.  "Ma' must be critically were airborne...let us take your vital signs," said one of the firemen as he ran to my vehicle.

But glory be to God, NOTHING IN MY BODY WAS INJURED...NOTHING! After silently thanking God through Jesus Christ, a holy joy rose up within me to realize the mighty power of God's protection for His people!

And then anger arose, because I realized that my brake line must have been severed deliberately...and I was supposed to die and never meet my Canadian film crew after all!

I said to one of the men, "Please give me your cell phone...I must call the film crew...they may have shot my horse out from under me, but I'm not outta the saddle yet! " I called the film crew and they scheduled to pick me up the next day...and the filming took place exactly as planned. Glory be to God.

When God calls you to do something, nothing can stop it...until He finally decrees "IT IS FINISHED." The only time they will ever succeed, is when Jesus is ready to bring me home at last. And it will be in HIS time, and not THEIRS.

And I knew God had called me back in 1996 to warn my fellow Americans and Christians of what is planned for our nation, and in spite of several death attempts on my life and many hardships, the work has continued non-stop...and Americans are waking up!

My car was towed to Loren's Garage in Kalispell, MT. It was finally repaired after a week there. (The repair crew at Loren's did a magnificent job!) I pointedly asked the repair personnel about the brake line. One man replied,
"Yes, ma'am...among other things, YOUR BRAKE LINE WAS CUT." 

Uh-huh. I knew it. Typical assassin tactics. Make the assassination LOOK like "an accident." My former assassin friends who used to work for the CIA told me alot about this. A car rigged silently at night to crash the next time it is driven...a plane rigged to crash after takeoff...directed energy weapons aimed at people while driving to cause them to crash...people "suicided" after being forced to write suicide notes, then being thrown off balconies on high rise hotels or apartments. 

I even know now who the paid assassin is who did it...he is the same one who broke into a local home I was visiting to steal my notebook and laptop and nothing else. And you want to know what? He is on my prayer list continually. If I die, I go to heaven. If he dies, he is toast forever. God  forbid. May Jesus rescue him from the deadly darkness of the CIA and set him free at last. 

Or didn't you know that Jesus died for the sins of the CIA also? He died for ALL to be saved.

Pray for my filmed interview with GALAFILM PRODUCTIONS on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. 

Pray for the safety of the wonderful film crew who are courageous enough to make this riveting documentary exposing the NWO agenda in this region of North America. 

Is the production of such documentary films dangerous? 

Yes. Just ask ANDREW BREITBART...if you can. Because he was a film maker exposing Obama and government corruption, and now he is dead. The government obviously did not appreciate his kind of reporting and film making...
And now the Obama administration is on the warpath against all investigative journalism. I have received several emails about the recent black uniformed SWAT team armed with machine guns making a raid on journalists exposing the truth about Obama's birth certificate. 

All their files were seized by the DOJ and other alphabet soup agencies involved in this Obama-ordered raid.

Journalists telling the truth have now become major targets of NWO reprisal. Why am I not surprised???

It is later than we think, in "AMERIKA."
But then, haven't I been telling my readers
 for a long time, that

Thank you for your prayers. 

And if anything happens to me, just remember:
They can take out THE MESSENGER
but they cannot take out

The truth shall remain for the 
whole world to know someday.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Saturday, May 23, 2020



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I republished this article in 2003, based on information that came out in 1996 when it was first submitted to the MILITIA OF MONTANA, and they published it. 

This is a time to read and heed, because this NWO meeting in DENVER at that time ADMITTED that deadly diseases would someday sweep across America, that not everyone could be saved, and that victims would have to helped to "humanely die" in the detention camps across America at that time.

And now, many years after I wrote this article, it appears that this hour of fulfillment of these dark prophetic words spoken over America might be about to come to pass at last with the advent of THE COVID 19 CRISIS. And this is why I am republishing this article once again for my readers. 

God have mercy on this nation, 
and have mercy on us all.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
US Citizens!
"The Angels of Death" 

The NWO TERMINATORS who will play a major role 
in America's "FINAL SOLUTION" for all 
"...She is on the verge of madness because she knows about an approaching AMERICAN HOLOCAUST that can only rival the previous Holocaust..."

The above words were contained in the letter of a woman who has served as a volunteer for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals) for many years. She wrote these words in reference to a high level SPCA official (the head of her regional SPCA) who apparently KNOWS the purpose for many SPCA volunteers who have been deliberately hardened emotionally through the "mercy killing" of millions of animals.

In October of 1996, this SPCA volunteer was invited to attend a special seminar to be held for SPCA employees. The speakers would attempt to help the employees deal with the emotional trauma of killing the unwanted animals.

Here are the shocking words of the Christian SPCA volunteer attending this meeting.

"The seminar was held in a lodge in a forest. All the attendees were women. This did not surprise me...most of my office is made up of lesbians. There are a few who aren't, but in our branch of the SPCA, lesbian women control and run all aspects."

"At the seminar, we were told: 'You MUST not feel guilty for helping an animal die painlessly. It is better than having them starve to death. Don't think about the killing: think about the wonderful lives you are giving to the hundreds of animal that are saved....resources are limited." 

"We SELECT THE HEALTHIEST and the most adoptable animals. FOCUS your attention on them. Don't think about the animals that have to be killed. We carefully select the animals that will make it. Those that are vicious will never find homes. It is better for them that they die painlessly before they hurt other animals or people, or themselves. It is HUMANE TO KILL THEM and to end their sufferings. The young and healthy are the perfect examples of ones that can be saved. Dogs that are strong, trainable and healthy will be easily adoptable..."
 Euthanized cats at an animal shelter
(Note-Keep these reasonings in mind as your read carefully the rest of this report.)

The Christian SPCA volunteer listened carefully to these words. She also noted that many of the attendees were radical lesbians of feminist background. Their lifestyles stood in stark contrast to her own, as a Christian who is happily married AND ALSO aware of the insidious coming NWO agenda for America as well.

She continues in her observations:

"Following the seminar, the attendees all went to dinner together. The woman who is head of my regional SPCA attended the dinner. About 35 years old, she wore a black beret with official looking insignias and pins on it. Her hair was cut short in a man's razor cut. (She looked more like a man than a woman.) She wore a navy blue double breasted jacket, slacks and black oxfords. She also wore a wedding band and showed us pictures of her son."

"This regional director had attended the meeting to see if there was something that was effective in dealing with the stress of animal termination.
Seeming uncomfortable around other people, she sat down with me and began to order 'tequila with beer chasers.' After downing four of them, she was drunk but lucid. She kept going back and forth between jokes and tears. I moved next to her and asked, 'What's wrong?' She said, 'I've killed millions of animals.'"

"I touched her hands and repeated the sentences just taught in our seminar.' It's best for them...they will suffer less...'"

"She began to cry. Her head was on the table, face down. She didn't look much like a feminist butch anymore. She looked like one of my children. Her hat fell on the table. I stroked her curly hair. She turned her face to me, her cheek on the table and face wet with tears. 

Voice low and full of gut-wrenching sobs, she said, 'You DON'T DON'T understand!'"

"I said, 'Help me understand.'"

"She was very quiet for a long time...and then in calm, unbroken sentences, she told me the secret horror with which she was living. As I listened, I went from horror to sympathy to compassion and then back to horror."

"The following is a condensation of the words then spoken by this tormented SPCA leader as she poured out her heart to me..."

"In late June or early July, this high level SPCA official attended a NEW WORLD ORDER futurist seminar in Denver, Colorado."
Denver, Colorado: New Capitol of USA 
under MARTIAL LAW and the NWO

"She must belong to this group as a part of her job with the SPCA. There were many international attendees who would be discussing the growing food shortage. This SPCA official was told by lecturers that there would be food shortages in the USA." 

"Riots and wars (internal fighting) were predicted. As a result of HUNGER, all sorts of diseases would ravage the population. The viruses and bacterial infections that have been killing people in Africa will soon make it to the United States. HUNGER, DISEASE AND DEATH WOULD BE ALL AROUND.
"This SPCA official was further informed that RESOURCES WOULD BE IN SHORT SUPPLY...not everybody could be savedOnly those most likely to survive would be given the precious resources of food and medicine. They explained that those that are healthy, young or useful in some way would be spared."

("When this SPCA official mentioned hearing this at the meeting, I was reminded of the speaker at the other seminar we had just attended, who taught us how to choose the animals that will be saved.")

"She was told that THE OTHERS WOULD BE ALLOWED TO DIE IN A PAINLESS, HUMANE MANNER. As I listened to her explain what the international lecturers told them, I was reminded again of the words of the SPCA seminar speaker earlier."
FEMA detention camp

"I had noted that, in their reasoning, a quick and painless death is better than starving to death or dying a slow and agonizing death from some of the new diseases like Ebola." (!)

"The conference in Colorado told her that 'ANGELS OF DEATH' had to be created in response, and that a program of training these 'Angels of Death' had been going on in the SPCA for over thirty years.With the rise of SPCA's throughout the nation and the world, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THESE 'ANGELS OF DEATH' HAD BEEN TRAINED in this thirty years period." 

"When the time comes to put them to work KILLING HUMANS, they will be told the same things they were told when killing animals:

'It is better to let them die painlessly than to starve to death...'"

"The startled SPCA official was further informed that research over a thirty year period showed that lesbians without children were actively sought out in certain areas to fulfill their quota of 'Angels.' "

"FOOD RIOTS, they warned, would soon fill the prisons with millions of violent prisoners WHO WOULD HAVE TO BE HELPED TO DIE painlessly, just like the vicious dogs who cannot be rehabilitated. 

All this was worded to sound similar to what we had just heard earlier in the seminar, justifying putting animals to death."

"They explained to her and the attendees that SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD BE LABELED 'A DANGER TO SOCIETY'  [note-Christian NWO resisters, Patriots, gun owners, militias, Constitutionalists, etc.] that MASSIVE HOLDING PENS would have to be created for them. THEY DID NOT CALL THEM CONCENTRATION CAMPS, BUT THAT IS WHAT I IMAGINED THEM TO BE. "

"They told her that ONCE THE CAMPS OPENED, the OLD, the VERY YOUNG, the TERMINALLY ILL, the disabled, the MENTALLY ILL...and anyone who CANNOT WORK or bear PERFECT CHILDREN will be helped to HUMANELY DIE."

"This SPCA official who was pouring out her heart to me kept repeating these words: 'The SPCA is hardening our human emotions by forcing us to needlessly kill animals...THEY ARE MAKING US INTO MONSTERS FAR WORSE THAN ANY IN HITLER'S GERMANY...'"

"Finally, this leader's grim account was over. I said to her, 'You really need to talk to someone...' It was like I had hit her. She lifted her head off the table and said with fear in her eyes, 'No, I can't! NO ONE CAN KNOW!'"

(Ahhhh..but now we DO know!)

"Then she moved closer to me and said, 'I go crazy at's the killings...I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself.' She then got up, appeared stone sober, and quickly walked out of the restaurant without saying a word to anyone else. I was the only one who heard her story." 

"Evidently our regional director has awakened to the New World Order conspiracy, and it has made her sick. 

Being responsible for the slaughter of millions of animals was hard enough on her, but now she has realized that THE TRAINING SHE AND HER 'ARMY OF ANGELS' RECEIVED FROM THE SPCA WAS JUST 'PHASE 1' OF A LARGER, GLOBAL PLAN FOR REDUCING THE WORLD'S POPULATION."


And this is exactly what these NWO MONSTERS are proposing to do here in America someday, under MARTIAL LAW.


Frankly, readers, I am overwhelmed now after re-reading this for the first time after many years. I am shocked at how accurately these NWO meeting lecturers then predicted and described the circumstances that would lead to AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and people being quarantined and terminated in the FEMA/DHS camps.

The meeting occurred in Denver in 1996, and subsequently I wrote articles based upon it several years after. The above article I published in 2003. And now, many years later, it appears that the COVID 19 PANDEMIC is becoming the FULFILLMENT OF THIS VERY WARNING.

Just like they said..... 

But of course, because this and all other pandemics to strike America have first been tested in secret military testing labs, designed for this very purpose of the NWO. For this is a planned pandemic, staged for their NWO agenda and to trigger medical martial law.

People are YOU taking wise precautions and preparing NOW while there is yet time and supplies are available??? You need to, because...AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING.

Just like I said.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-