Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are You Proud of Jesus Christ and His Words Today?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am.

I am proud of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Words and Gospel. I am  not ashamed to confess Jesus Christ before men and others. I am not afraid to lose my job friends for the witness of Jesus Christ. I am proud to confess Jesus Christ to others, even if it costs me my friends,  job,  freedom or even my very life!

Fellow Christians, let us purpose to proudly confess Jesus the Christ in fullness before ALL THE WORLD! Your very salvation DEPENDS on this. If WE confess HIM before mankind, then He will confess US before GOD'S eternal throne.

Forget saving your job over your very soul. Forget holding onto your friends at the expense of your eternal soul. Forget trying to save your your mere temporal body at the expense of your precious soul!

Your salvation is the most important gift JESUS CHRIST could ever give you! Don't forfeit it.

Repent if you are not witnessing Jesus Christ at your workplace or in public. And then GO and witness to others TODAY! Jesus Christ is blessed and holy and worthy and WONDERFUL!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert confessing Jesus Christ to YOU today

I Am Going Up To Be With Jesus Forever!

By PamelaRae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Jesus Christ is coming SOON! We don't know how soon, but we know He is coming AGAIN! And all the signs on earth are present indicating His soon return.  I want to be READY! Are you preparing for His SOON RETURN??? Are you also preparing for trials and testings before His soon return ?

Whether I die to go to be with Him or am alive at His Coming, I am going to BE WITH HIM forever!

Be ready! No man knows the day or hour...
If you are not a born-again Christian yet, TODAY repent of your sins, get baptized and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour NOW.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lisa is Now Helping Inupiaq at Point Hope, Alaska

                                 Point Hope, Alaska

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Lisa, my nursing friend here, is now assisting the Inupiaq at Point Hope, Alaska. She is working as a nurse at their clinic. She is training local people there.

Point Hope is a whaling village and filled with skilled artisans as well. Please pray for Lisa's strength and safety there at Point Hope and success at the clinic. Pray for the salvation and health of the Inupiaq in Point Hope as well. The Inupiaq are a beloved Native people, having survived here for thousands of years. They have gone through many hardships and at times relocation due to erosion. May God the Father bring life and health to all there, through Jesus Christ His Son.

They presently have a polar bear watch in effect!
Ice has broken up and now polar bears are being sighted. Or maybe they are sighting the villagers!The bears pose a safety threat to all the village. They are forced to come ashore due to melting ice caps.When the ice melts they cannot hunt on the ice any longer. They then may starve. Read more about this tragedy:

For more fascinating information on Point Hope click on:

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

Saturday, February 25, 2012

AT LAST:The Information Many Readers Have Wanted About RELOCATION





Describes a domicile or domain for dwelling as a family unit with all essential needs of food, water, waste and energy contained within that land’s boundaries.

A fully contained, sustainable ecosystem
suitable for human habitation.

From Pamela Rae to all my concerned Readers:

You will enjoy going to BIOSPHARMS' excellent website and reading more about this incredible yet workable concept that has many people excited. Many North Americans realize that we are on the brink of disaster and famine and nuclear war as well. More and more are considering RELOCATION out of the CONUSA (Continental USA.)

In fact, many Americans have already chosen to relocate out of North America to places like Costa Rica where I have lectured to them previously. They are concerned about their children and their future safety as well.

Darin Smith, a committed Christian and professionally trained in agricultural techniques and farming, has developed a wonderful concept for viable self-sustaining farms in Central American, Belize. More about Darin:

" ...I have been schooled in tropical sustainable agriculture and experienced as a international developer. This is the combination God gave me to build the farmettes or ARCs. We have been prophesied over, that thousand's will seek refuge in our ARCs. Our job is to get the word out to the Christian community so that those called know where we are. We are putting this all together as inexpensively as possible to make sure all walks of life can join us and we even have financing available which is unheard of in central American countries. Please help us spread the word. We both agree that time is very short."-Darin Smith, director of BIOSPHARMS.   

Here is more from their website:

Biospharms ... Where & Why
Biospharms are commonly referred to as ARC’s (Agricultural Retreat Communities). When searching for the best place on the planet for agriculture, Belize takes the top spot. Why? Belize has three growing seasons and as long as you are in the best spot in Belize the rainfall and soil are near perfect for growing almost any crop. Furthermore, the laws and language of the country are most favorable to western buyers.

Biospharms Layout
The layout of the farms is important for several reasons. The Biospharms community is off the grid. With that being said, roof tops and windows must be designed to take full advantage of sunlight and breezes to help bring full enjoyment to the Biospharmer and their family. These farms are fully fenced and securely gated to insure privacy and peace of mind.

These lovely Biospharm units can also include fine cabins for single people or families.

The above is a smaller version of their excellent cabins. The cabin unit below is larger. But both are excellent options for those who desire to relocate to a safe haven outside the CONUSA.

Once again I encourage my readers to visit Darin Smith's excellent and informative website for BIOSPHARMS by clicking on the link below. Time may be short for remaining freedom and safety in North America. Consider RELOCATION as a safer option TODAY. Christians, fast and pray and do your research on this important subject. Don't be moved by panic but PRAYER and sound wisdom and research.

Darin Smith
Cell: 239.896.7777

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Thursday, February 23, 2012


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
                                 Kotzebue Airport, Alaska

Finally, after much preparation and further medical  training, my friend Lisa will be  flying to a local Inupiaq Eskimo village to assist the people in various ways for an entire week. We are all very excited! This is the very reason why Lisa came here from the beginning: she loves the Native peoples of North America, and truly enjoys working among the local Inupiaq people here in Kotzebue.

And who wouldn't? With every trip to the downtown area in Kotzebue, I meet more and more wonderful people, whether at the local AC grocery store, or the post office, or at various functions, these Inupiaq people are unique and precious. They truly form an important part of North America's national treasures and ancient heritage pre-dating all foreign settlers. I so enjoy watching them as they walk by in beautiful Native parkas with rich furs of various kinds composing hoods  and trim. Or zooming by in their VERY fast snowmobiles! And also watching their huskies and dogsleds go by in the distance across  the frozen tundra.

Lisa will face many challenges in the village. Training people in medical techniques, confronting various health needs and crises, and more. But these resilient people deserve the best of quality medical care and assistance, and I am happy that Lisa and her years of training and experience can be a part of providing that excellent care for the Inupiaq.

PRAY therefore for Lisa, for strength and wisdom to face the many challenges she will encounter this following week. She thanks you all and covets your ongoing prayers for not only her, but for the beloved Inupiaq people she will be assisting.

There are many courageous people here in Kotzebue, both Native and the newcomers who came here to help the Inupiaq. Medical staff and teachers and other committed workers who have come from the Lower 48 to contribute their many skills to assisting the Inupiaq of Kotzebue. John Baker, Inupiaq, is the amazing winner of the previous IDITAROD race in Alaska who also  lives here in Kotzebue.

I am happy that Lisa's name can be added to the list of those who came to love and to help, and to contribute their skills to bless the local people here.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for Lisa and her success at this time! And your prayers for the Inupiaq of Alaska as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska




Now I sit me down in school, where praying is against the rule.
For this great nation under God finds mention of Him very odd.

If Scripture now the class recites, it violates the Bill of Rights.
And anytime my head I bow, becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green! That's no offense; it's a freedom scene.

The law is specific, the law is precise: prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall might offend someone with no faith at all.
In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state.

We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks. And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.
They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible: to quote the Good Book makes me liable.

We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen, and the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King.
It's "inappropriate" to teach right from wrong, we're taught that such "judgments" do not belong.

We can get our condoms and birth controls, study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.
But the Ten Commandments are not allowed, no word of God must reach this crowd.

It's scary here I must confess,
When chaos reigns the school's a mess.
So, Lord, this silent plea I make:

should I be shot, my soul please take! Amen

Pray for the children who attend public schools in America today.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Alexander Ogorodnikov, Christian SURVIVOR OF THE GULAG

            Alexander Ogorodnikov, sent to Gulag for his faith

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This website and my ministry proudly stands with Alexander Ogorodnikov, a brave Christian man who endured 9 terrible years in the Gulag system (Perm 36) under Communism for his Christian faith.

Although most American Christians have never heard previously of Alexander, I have followed his situation  now for many years, praying for him when he was finally arrested and sentenced to many years in the gulag, and then praying for his success in difficult Christian outreach in Moscow following his release. 

Unfortunately, Ogorodnikov lost his place of Christian outreach in Moscow: the government did not support his kindness and forced him to close down. However, God had a BETTER IDEA!
                    Alexander's new ministry base in Buzhorova

Thanks to wonderful Christian volunteers from Russia and Germany, his own personal house of outreach has been finally built. In this place, "Island of Hope,"Alexander takes in the homeless, single mothers with children, and those in crisis, fulfilling Bible commands to so do. His work is persecuted even under Putin and Medvedev, however, and FSB (KGB) monitoring of his Christian activities continues to this day. He is also vilified by the  Russian media as well for his brave Christian stand.

         Inside the new ministry base: people enjoy God's love here!

While sentenced to the Gulag system, including notorious Perm 36, Alexander was subjected to much cruelty. At times he was forced into isolation cells that were unheated, with the intent of killing him by hypothermia. 

But at times as this, Alex would experience what he felt were the "arms of God" embracing him and breathing divine warmth into his shaking body suffering from hypothermia. He is convinced that these "arms of God" were the result of Christians from all over the world, following his situation, who were praying for him.
Infamous PERM 36 GULAG

And, yes, I was one of those many Christians who followed his situation throughout the years through reading excellent human rights publications that  monitored communist persecution of various people, by keeping in touch with contacts of his and family members, who updated them on Ogorodnikov's situation. And I prayed for him continually.

This is the probably only reason Alexander is alive today. I am convinced. Christian readers, THIS is the power of YOUR prayers for Christians on the front line for Jesus Christ...and prayer for any other purpose as well! 

Are you praying for Christians being persecuted for their faith across the globe? You should be. There are excellent websites bringing to us true accounts of Christian persecution worldwide. Go to these websites and begin to pray for these precious Christians, especially that their faith will not fail under persecution.

Such Christian prisoners of the faith are constantly being tempted to DENY JESUS CHRIST. Often deprivation of food, sleep, proper clothing and other necessities are used as enticement to fall away. Your prayers are critically needed by them.

Remember: genuine persecution is coming to NORTH AMERICA and very soon. A very Communist NWO agenda has been planned for our nation. 

We too shall someday know the horrors of martial law (military rule) in North America. We too shall experience the sorrow of being rounded up and arrested for our faith. We also shall understand the heartache of being separated from loved ones as some are arrested and sent to the terrible FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps, many by prisoner boxcars with shackles (just as the Communists did to millions of Christians.)

FEMA will begin to seize churches and church property under martial law (Presidential Executive Orders will permit them to do so LEGALLY)and forbid Christians to meet there again. 

This is how the Bolshevik Communists attacked Christianity throughout Russia: they seized and destroyed churches or converted them into secular government buildings instead. And then they forbade Christians to freely assemble. 

The freedom to gather to meet for Christian purposes will be taken away someday in America. Underground churches and prayer meetings will become common in North America. Christians will be arrested for meeting together in groups. And yes, there will be those who are martyred under this dark agenda for our nation. 


All of what is coming to North America follows a Communist(now referred to as a NEW WORLD ORDER) pattern of takeover and persecution of the Christians. The groundwork has been carefully laid over the past decades, and the infrastructure is fully in place throughout North America.

Christian reader, the mercy you show NOW to Christians under persecution throughout the world, is the kind of mercy you shall  someday REAP as persecution comes to OUR NATION

Jesus Christ declared,  "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." You shall REAP what you have SOWN. Also, the mercy you show to those in crisis all around you in America...the homeless and the hungry and those in the mercy you shall reap someday as well.
PRAY for the prisoners of Jesus Christ WORLDWIDE

Remember to take the time to fast and pray for these precious Christians under persecution in countries throughout the world. READ their true-life accounts of persecution: then put YOURSELF in THEIR place. How would you want Christians to respond if YOU were that one being persecuted?

Then take the time to LOVE them through your prayers, as Christ Jesus has commanded us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. DO such prayers reach them and affect their lives? YOU BET! I was a Christian prisoner for Christ in both jails and prison for Christian pro-life RESCUE for four years, across this nation. In my often lonely and decrepit jail cells, I FELT the prayers of God's people so many times!
                                    Alexander Ogorodnikov

PRAY for Alexander Ogorodnikov and the worthy Christian work he is doing in Russia today. And remember in your prayers the suffering and endangered Christians worldwide as well.

"Sasha, we love you and appreciate all that you do for Jesus Christ! Thank GOD you are alive today to serve Him and others as well! We are praying for you! Keep doing such wonderful work"
For more information about Alexander ("Sasha")  and his amazing experience as a prisoner in PERM 36, and God's miracles in the midst of great darkness, go to:

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, reporting from Alaska, 2012-

Friday, February 17, 2012

Emergency Prayer Request: Pray for LISA, My Friend Here in ALASKA

Greetings to all my beloved readers, from the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

As you know from reading my blog, I came here to Kotzebue, Alaska, to help my dear friend Lisa, who has become a nurse among the Inupiaq here. She has two children, one of whom is autistic. Her beloved husband, Steve, could not come due to health conditions: he regretfully has been forced to remain behind in the lower forty-eight. Lisa is a devout believer in Jesus her Messiah: she is of Jewish background (Russian/Polish) as is her husband, Steven, who is also of Russian/Polish Jewish background and comes from New York City. Her whole family is  dedicated to the Messiah of the Jewish people, Yahshua Ha'mashiach, or Jesus the Christ.

This is ultimately why I came here, to help her with the many responsibilities she faces as she flies to the Eskimo villages and helps the Natives here. Her children must be cared for while she is gone, and I am here to do that, among many other things. Most of the time, I prepare morning meals and evening meals and week-end meals as well. I also provide cleaning, laundry, etc. All of this is performed free of charge: Lisa does not have the funds to pay anyone for help. It is all being done on a volunteer Christian basis. This is what true loving Christianity has always been about: laying down our lives for others, in love, without any thought of return.

Lisa is struggling to overcome adverse reactions to the extreme cold, which is affecting her heart at this time. Lisa also has pre-existing health conditions, such as diabetes and congestive heart failure as well. Yet, this courageous nurse was willing to put her health at risk to come to this brutally cold Arctic climate, to help the Inupiaq Eskimos here.

Tonight she came to me, struggling to talk. She has been suffering from extreme exhaustion all week, and now swelling of her legs and fluid building up in her lungs as well. Plus, Lisa is forced to WALK TO WORK in extreme temperatures reaching even to -60 below ZERO F, because we have no vehicle to commute in and cannot afford one at this time. With her heart condition, this walking in brutally cold weather daily  could actually kill her. And the cost of taking a daily  taxi is prohibitive.

Fully aware of her health conditions, and the effects of the cold and stress on them, I often have been staying up throughout the entire night praying for Lisa's situation here (and for everything I report on as well.) It is already late here tonight, but as usual I am up praying for Lisa and her many physical needs. And I never stop praying about the subjects I write about: they are a continual burden on my heart.

My Christian and Messianic Jewish readers, will you please take the time therefore to act as a true member of the body of Christ, and pray for Lisa and her health and her job as well? Without her health, she cannot work and take care of her two children. And because of her husband's health conditions, he cannot work either, nor can he come here. We are in a precarious position here, and the burden falls upon me to hold this situation up. But more importantly, we look to Almighty God to hold us up! And to the prayers of the Body of Christ as well.

A VEHICLE WOULD MAKE SUCH A GREAT DIFFERENCE FOR LISA! Will you also pray that God's grace would help us to get a vehicle quickly...ANY kind of vehicle. It will take the grace of God, because the cost of everything here in Alaska is so extremely high, that the moment she collects a paycheck, it is GONE for the many bills and prohibitively high cost of living here. we actually need a donated from here, because it is impossible to go to Anchorage and get a vehicle and drive it here, due to the hundreds of miles between Anchorage and Kotzebue and no roads here. We are truly ISOLATED here in Kotzebue.

SO, we covet YOUR prayers at this time for LISA, her two sons, and myself. Lisa's health is our NUMBER ONE CONCERN at this time. Your prayers will make a big difference in her crisis.

Thankyou for your concern and prayers! If you have any viable ideas about geting a vehicle for Lisa's health concerns, share them with us.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

Sorry, NWO Zionists, But I Am NOT Giving You What You WANT!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(Note-The following article is written to whom it is written. It will  never be understood by all readers, nor is it intended to be. Those to whom it is written, however, understand perfectly. However, for those of you on the outside wondering what this is about, go to the  following link for insight:

This article had to be written, Zionist NWO supporters. And it is addressed to you. Of course, many of you read my blog all the time, don't you? You are fully aware that I know too much and write too much, perhaps, about things you wish the American public did not know about! But the truth must be told.

Huh? Shut up already, you say? How do you expect me to remain silent at a time as this, when I and my fellow Christians nationwide are so endangered by YOUR agendas for OUR America and against OUR religious freedoms...and threatening our very LIVES as well! You gotta be kidding. If I were to remain silent with what I know, the very rocks would have to cry out. If your people were critically endangered in Israel, would YOU remain silent? Hardly.

However, I am not giving you what you want. Certain elements among Jewish Zionists are historically known for sacrificing their own fellow Jews in the name of Zionism,  through dark tactics such as even helping to create the Holocaust in order to create the need for a Jewish homeland and restore the Jews to ISRAEL. How many NWO Zionist Jews worked hard with the Nazis behind the scenes, to help create the horrors of the Holocaust, so that the suffering of their hapless fellow Jews could be used as a Zionist excuse to establish Israel once again as a Jewish Homeland. This is well documented by many articles and researchers.
                  Jews forced by Nazis to carry signs against Jews.

My well-known Jewish journalist friend Barry Chamish and I had a talk about this one day. When I expressed surprise that Zionist Jews would actually murder fellow Jews for their agendas, he replied, "Of COURSE they would, and they do so for their agendas ALL THE TIME!" Hmmmmm. Thanks for the insight, Barry. Golly, don't Jews have enough enemies in the world, without them killing one another? I guess not.

Here is another excellent article by Chamish, exposing horrific Zionist crimes against their fellow Jews, even children, and the behind-the-scenes roles of some collaborating with Nazis, even in THE HOLOCAUST, to force the Jews to leave Europe and go to Israel instead. My friend Saida, a Sephardic Messianic Jew, was one such victim of the horrific genocide program against Sephardic children through massive x-rays used on them allegedly to "kill ringworm." Again, it is Jew killing Jew for dark agendas.

Many powerful Zionists have traditionally been behind much persecution of the Jews, to drive them out of Gentile nations and back to ISRAEL. "ALIYAH" or returning to the homeland of Israel is very important to Zionists. So important, that once again, they will even sacrifice their own fellow Jews to make this happen.
         Jewish neighborhood, Bensonhurst, NYC

However, there is a problem: Zionists know that Jews are very contented here in America. They have nice homes, established neighborhoods and communities, good jobs, a cushy state of existence compared to the challenges they would face in Israel. It is not easy to live in Israel: I lived there for a while and know this.They know it will take alot to move them out of America to Israel. Uh-oh! So WHAT are the Zionists going to instigate behind the scenes to pressure and persuade reluctant Jews in  America to LEAVE and MAKE ALIYAH?

Traditionally, Zionists have always been good at helping the opposition (such as NAZIS) to raise up PERSECUTION against the Jews. What? Jews helping THEIR PERSECUTORS? Yes. Zionists will stoop to any wretched level to accomplish their goals...and they have proven this historically  again and again.

Enter my reporting on the New World Order...or what many Jews have told me is THEIR New World Order. And of course in the process of researching the NWO and it's roots and participants, I uncovered the sad reality of many who call themselves Jews being heavily involved in the NWO/communist  agenda for America. Fact.

And of course the Noahide  Laws that pave the way for us Christians to be beheaded for our faith when we refuse to renounce our Jesus to join their NWO, are strictly from Jewish origins. Lubavitch much more Jewish can you get? Oy, vay.....and "Ha'Shem ha kadosh baruch Hu" help us Christians when they get those guillotines going on our tender necks because of their Noahide Laws! Actually, it is not a joking matter: it is deadly serious subject with many frightening consequences.

And there are many other websites and alternative news sources also doing the same thing as well.

And you Zionists know that what I publish is absolutely true. You know these truths among yourselves and you talk about this all the time in your circles. Jewish contacts have explained this to me. You KNOW about the guillotines. You KNOW about the prisoner boxcars and the camps and their  communist orientated agenda for America. You know all about the martial law plan for our nation. Because many of those among you have played a major role behind the scenes in setting this all up, right? We both know it's all true. Sadly.

And I am sure many of you were originally thinking, "Yeah, lady, PUBLISH the truth about the NWO...TELL Americans how much some Jews are involved...make people in America ANGRY about this ...ANGRY at the the point where they will start  hating and threatening and persecuting the Jews in America so Jews will WANT to leave and make ALIYAH BACK TO ISRAEL! C'mon...push 'em! Write MORE!"

And I am confident that some of you watched my reporting with baited breath, hoping that this Gentile would be a useful idiot in your Zionist agenda for this purpose.

Sorry, darlings, but it ain't gonna work. I refuse to be your useful idiot and pawn in this deadly Zionist game. Why? Because I love the Jews too much. Little Jewish children...the elderly...and so many others would be hurt needlessly by your kind of tactics. I have encountered and taken care of both throughout the years, and I love them. Many Christians in America love and are praying for the Jews  and Israel in this nation. And yet sadly, you want to kill us?
                        Jewish elderly affected by the Holocaust

Your murderous Zionist tactics are despicable! How many helpless and innocent Jews have died, including women and children and elderly throughout the recent decades, due to disgusting tactics such as yours, even in assisting in the Holocaust in order to drive Jews out of Europe??? Far too many, I am afraid. History proves this out.

                           Jewish children during the Holocaust

Therefore you will carefully note, that whenever I am compelled as a honest journalist to mention the sad reality  of certain elements of Jews involved in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, I am very careful NOT to respond with hate and vicious counter attack. My articles are never written with the intent to inflame Americans to murderous acts of hate, but rather to honestly inform. I want people rather respond, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Jesus Christ commanded us to love and pray for those who hate us and persecute for His sake.

I have exhorted Christians to take the time to love and pray for the Jews in our nation, to show compassion and mercy, and to live up to Jesus the Messiah's expectations of us all.

I pray there will never be a Nazi-type response from Biblical Christians (which compose 80 percent or so of America) to this very real threat in America, because a "FINAL SOLUTION" is never God's solution!

And I steadfastly refuse to be your "useful idiot" in your insane  pursuit  of your often deadly Zionist agendas.
                  God protect the precious children........

May God protect the little Jewish children in our nation from any such horrors as the NWO Zionists would seek to devise, who deliberately want to raise up persecution against the Jews in order to drive them to Israel. May God protect the fragile elderly, the children, the infirmed, and all others endangered from Zionist madness of this sort. May the Christians in America come to understand what this is really all about, and stand in the defense of the innocent, both targeted Christians and Jews alike, if any such hour should ever come upon our nation as it once to Germany.

No, NWO Zionists. We genuine lovers of God and followers of that wonderful Jew, Jesus, are never the real enemies of the Jews. We who pray for the Jews and for Israel, who keep Israel afloat in part by our tourist dollars, and send our Christian sons to fight Israel's battles in the Middle East (sigh...), are NOT the enemy of the Jews!

YOU ruthless Zionists who conspire to create such tragedies that sacrifice countless Jewish lives are! You with your heartlessness in raising up persecution and pogroms from behind the scenes, even aiding in a Holocaust, just to get what you want...THIS kind of behavior is the real enemy of good Jews everywhere.

Indeed, I publish some very disturbing and heavy materials at times. but I know I am handling it correctly. I will never use the truth as an inflammatory tool to raise up persecution or hatred against any people. To do so would be WRONG!

So go find other useful idiots, because this Gentile woman will never be one of them. God bless and protect innocent Jews (and Christians as well)   from your ilk everywhere!

I also have a honest proposition for you NWO Zionist hate-mongers. Since you believe in ALIYAH so fervently, WHY don't you set the example, and LEAVE America and GO make ALIYAH to Israel! And TAKE your Illuminati communist NWO agenda, your  prisoner boxcars with shackles and deathcamps and Noahide Laws with guillotines WITH you! America will be much safer for both endangered Jew and Christian alike. Don't be hypocrites: DO what you want every other Jew to do, set the example...and GO. 

You will be such happier, especially in Tel Aviv, perhaps even living on Rothschild Avenue (heh-heh..I am sure you get it), which is now the secret headquarters  of world communism. After all, this is what you want and this is what you love. Most American Christians and Jews have been content to peacefully co-exist and interact peacefully for hundreds of years now. Don't spoil a good thing by imposing your Zionist/NWO agenda on our nation, America.


(And you Gentile readers who also know the truth about the NWO, PLEASE don't try to accuse me of being some "shill for  the Jews" by writing articles such as this. I am simply an honest Christian journalist who is striving to do what is right in the light of God's Word, and thereby trying to protect the innocent from dark Zionist agendas that have destroyed so many innocent lives in the past. I am called by God to forevermore line up with what His word teaches. I love, and therefore I care about innocent lives. That's all. "A faithful witness saves lives." From the Bible)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


Postscript- In 2001 I spent 6 months traveling throughout Germany, to investigate the NWO agenda in Germany and Europe. I encountered a member of the secret underground rising Nazi movement in Germany. When she discovered I was a journalist from America, she insisted on taking me to her apartment in Munich to tell me about her group. Afraid at first, I nevertheless came with her. My curiosity overwhelmed all fear.

Once we were in her apartment, she showed me piles and piles and modern glossy magazines filled with Nazi agendas and hate literature. Much of it accurately described the  NEW WORLD ORDER danger and the reality of the involvement of certain Jews in it. However, it was quite obviously written and designed to be inflammatory towards the Jews and to instigate open hatred for them.

I soon began to smell a rat , however. The volumes of this published literature and underground distribution across Germany and Europe would have cost millions of dollars to produce, and such literature is illegal to produce in Germany. People in their underground Nazi circles are not known for being rich, either. They are often poor, without jobs, etc.

In fact, here is an excerpt from a recent German news article confirming this:

"...Many unemployed youths, especially in eastern Germany, fall under the spell of neo-Nazi groups, or "Kameradschaften," which indoctrinate them with propaganda glorifying Hitler's Third Reich. Peer pressure sucks them first into a racist ideology and then into violent crime...."

And here is yet another article further confirming this as well:

"...The right-extremist National Democratic Party is almost broke. That, at least, has been the message delivered recently by both media reports and the party itself. Even the NPD chairman Udo Voigt admitted that his party was in an "existential crisis."

The NPD, which Germany's domestic intelligence agency describes as a "racist, anti-Semitic, revisionist" party bent on removing democracy and forming a Fourth Reich, is on the brink of insolvency..."

If this is the evident state of the underground Nazi movement in Germany today, then exactly WHO is funding the massive churning out of this expensive modern Nazi hate literature I witnessed in Munich that day, that is fueling this movement and rise in anti-Jewish sentiments?
I  soon began to wonder if this was not a blatant example, once again, of the Illuminati deliberately funding and raising up both sides to fight one another for their own hidden agendas. And in this case the Jewish Zionist elements of the Illuminati, to inflame people in Europe against Jews once again, to serve to drive the Jews out of Europe and TO MAKE ALIYAH TO ISRAEL. Jewish Zionists have done this BEFORE, and they can ( and WILL ) certainly do it AGAIN.Remember, things are not ALWAYS what they appear to be!-PRS

A Special Report to Russian Christians: Thank You!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian persepctive-

First of all I want to thank ALL of you Slavic Christians, for the wonderful witness and examples to me  throughout the decades of what true Christianity under persecution should truly be. Numerous accounts of Russian/Ukrainian and other Slavic Christians who have both suffered and died for their Christian faith have inspired me for many decades now. <>

I have stood in Russian Churches in America,( including Baptist, Pentecostal and Orthodox,)singing the deeply moving songs of true faith that kept their hearts burning with courage in the midst of great suffering and loss and temptations to deny Christ from the Communists. In fact, right now as I write this, I am listening to Russian Christian music and finding so much inspiration, as America soon faces her hour of judgment and persecution of her Christians along with it.

"Stormy and black, the seas of life are raging..." "Living for Jesus, dying is gain..."  Songs about prayer sustaining Christian faith in icy Siberia. Songs about being faithful unto death. Songs about embracing the Cross and following Jesus to the end. How often, when I am discouraged, I play on the piano  these well known Russian Christian hymns, and sing them in Russian to remind me of  what God did throughout decades of Communist persecution  to keep them faithful to the end. They are so often in the minor key, because of the sadness they depict due to persecution.

The names of the infamous Communist gulag and labor camps I can never forget: Vorkhuta, Sahkalinsk, Ussyrisk and so many others that Christian prisoners of faith were exiled to. Many died of hunger and starvation and deprivation, often being worked to death under malnourishment. Their bleak barracks were cold and underheated, their food of terrible quality, and their medical care often non-existent. I wrote letter in Russian to many prisoners in such camps throughout the years, encouraging them and loving them.

Long before the Nazis sent political and religious prisoners to the camps and gulags by trains, the Communists were using this tactic for decades  to send millions of Christians to the gulag system via prisoner train transport. This is the same type of prisoner transport system set up across America now, with thousands of prisoner boxcars secretly prepositioned across our once-free nation  to some day take millions to their suffering and death in the FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps. Yes, a Communist ("New World Order")agenda is about to be imposed by force upon America. Russian spies have even bragged to my Russian Christian friends in Spokane, Washington State: "Ha! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, so shall it SOON BE IN AMERICA!" Sadly, these Russian FSB are correct. But are American Christians prepared for this?

Galina Vilchinskaya was one such prisoner. For the crimes of secretly printing Christian Bibles and teaching children in Sunday School about Jesus, she was sentenced to three difficult years in a gulag labor camp. Her health greatly deteriorated in that camp, but her faith remained intact. When she was finally released to go home and marry her beloved, the cruel communists had planted illegal drugs in her luggage and she was arrested upon arrival at the airport,  put on trial once again on false charges, and sent yet again to serve another 3 year sentence in another gulag. Yet she never grew bitter against God, nor did she turn back from her Christian faith. Thank you Galina, for inspiring those of us who have read your testimony throughout the years.

Any manifestation of their Christian faith in these gulags was met with cruel guards and beatings, isolation in bitterly cold solitary confinement cells without even a chair or mattress for comfort. Any pieces of  Bible literature, even scribbled on pieces of paper, were ruthlessly confiscated and the owner beaten.

Visitations from family members were severely limited, and letters of love and comfort often destroyed rather then delivered to the Christian prisoners. Food parcels filled with desperately needed vitamins and healthy nourishment  were also withheld from these prisoner, to be consumed instead by the heartless guards.

And many Christians succumbed to brutal Communist tortures, yet died praying and forgiving their persecutors, in the imitation of Jesus Christ. The personal accounts of Richard Wurmbrand and Haralan Popov are worthy of reading, to better understand what Christians have suffered under Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. Both mention torture and deprivations and suffering for their Christian faith under fire. Multiply their testimonies by countless other Christians who died in the same manner, under torture from the communists.

I cannot forget the testimony of  "VANYA" or Ivan Moiseyev, a young Russian soldier, whose Christian witness in the Russian Army brought so many to Jesus Christ.  Vanya died a true martyr's death for his Christian witness. He refused to be silent about Jesus, even when threatened with death.

I met one of his pastors, Stanislav Nasteka, many years ago, who told me that yes, it was all indeed true.

My heart has always been closer to Christians who have suffered for their faith. Only those who have truly experienced the deep sufferings of Christ, can understand the depths of fellowship with Him that it creates. American Christians, with 400 years now of religious freedom and little real persecution as a whole, cannot always understand. My whole Christian life has been filled with persecution, hatred, dangers and sorrows, personal losses and rejection for His sake. Persecution for being a Christian even began in my own home as a young believer.

My father tragically was recruited into the military program  of the New World Order (actually the communist agenda for America.) It filled him with hatred for Christians and Christianity. He would come home from the Pentagon filled with rage against Christians, persecuting my precious Christian mother and I intensely. When I told him about the Russian Christians I was writing letters to in the gulags, he would make cruel remarks such as, "Christians sent to the camps? Good! Everyone who believes in God and miracles should be sent to the camps!" He forbade us to have prayer meetings in our home, or at least tried. We held them anyhow. Oh, the sorrow he inflicted on our family until he finally became a Christian many years later.

It seems that every ministry God has ever called me to has involved THE CROSS and suffering for His sake. This has included going to jail numerous times,  and also  prison, for peacefully  saving the unborn in America from abortion.   But as I sat in those terrible jail cells and prison, I would remember the suffering Christians in Russia and other communist countries worldwide and what they suffered in prison too, and be comforted and strengthened in my faith by remembering their testimonies.

Years of ministering among the Russian Jews in New York City brought much persecution and dangers, including from the Orthodox Jewish community who hated our Christian witness among the Jews. Our outreach workers would often be beaten on the streets by Jewish hate groups, their Christian literature seized and torn into pieces. Police would often have to come and intervene. Firebombing threats, being watched and followed all the time, phone threats, discrimination in the workplace, and more was often suffered in this field of outreach. Yet the Christians I worked with continued to love, to forgive and to share Jesus Christ continually. There can be no place in the true Christian heart for hatred, resentment or revenge. We are called to FORGIVE and LOVE.

15 years now of this Christian journalism to warn my fellow American Christians of the coming persecution and NWO takeover of our nation, has been frequently  filled with sufferings, losses, sacrifice, persecution, several death attempts on my life, slander and vicious false accusations. Yet it is no different from that which Russian and Christians under communism have had to contend with for many years now. Those who have suffered for Christ Jesus are united together across the globe in that mystical bond of fellowship of the true Body of Jesus Christ. Those who are not willing to suffer for Him, are not worthy of Him. Those who do not embrace the Cross to follow, cannot know true fellowship with Him or other Christians in the true Body of Christ.

So many in America who call themselves "Christians"  are not, by truest Biblical definition. They may "go to church", sing in a choir, put money in a plate, but this does not make one a true Disciple of Jesus Christ.

A true Christian is one who is truly born again by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, and baptised for the remission of sins. A true disciple of Jesus Christ studies to understand the true conditions  for Discipleship and following Him. True discipleship involves denying one's self continually, embracing the cross of hardships and sufferings to follow Christ at all costs, even to the end. "...But he that endures to the end, the same shall be saved." True discipleship puts the WILL OF GOD first in one's life., above financial profit and jobs or career. True discipleship will lay down one's life for the Word of God and His will.

And true Discipleship will not deny Jesus Christ when persecution comes, or threats of death for His sake. True Christians will obey God and His will, even when it means facing persecution and great sufferings. Those who are not willing to suffer for Jesus Christ and His word, cannot remain His when persecution comes. It has already been prophesied through the Holy Spirit, that many American Christians will fall away from the faith when the hour of persecution comes upon this nation.

God has prepared me to face the coming sufferings for my faith, by giving me the examples of Russian Christians who endured to the end, among many other  experiences in my life that have built up my faith.

And now, here on the west coast of Alaska above the Arctic circle, I am less than one hundred miles from Siberia. As I gaze across the ocean, I am ever reminded of the great sufferings that my fellow Christians have endured in Russia and throughout the former Soviet Union. And I am painfully reminded that the same kind of persecution and Communist (NWO) dictatorship government is planned for once-free America as well.

But I remember my visit one day to a Russian Baptist Church in Arvada , Colorado. A huge banner was over the church altar and pulpit. It said in large letters in Russian, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." The Russian Christian response of forgiveness and prayer for their persecutors, remains a great inspiration to Christians like myself, who not only HAVE suffered for their faith, but who also know we shall soon suffer even more at the hands of unbelievers in America.

PRAY for the Christians of North America, as they face their hour of persecution  and suffering and martyrdom for their faith. Pray for them to be strengthened in every way. Pray for the lukewarmness and compromise and sin to be purged out of the American churches. Pray that nominal Christianity will be replaced with fervent DISCIPLESHIP instead. We need your prayers and we need your examples to inspire us all.

Thank you Russian Christians for your testimony to the world, and to me!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Henry Makow and Jeff Rense...STOP IT!

Showdown at the NOT-OK corral! Rense VS Makow

By Pamela "Peacemaker" Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Both Henry Makow and Jeff Rense have been great reporters exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER and related subjects throughout the years. I have enjoyed various articles from both of them, while not necessarily agreeing with all of  their articles all of the time. Still, they have done a great job, both of them. Here are their website links:

But NOW???  Proverbial blood is splattering everywhere across the  Internet in the latest knock'em-down drag 'em out fisticuffs over silly petty issues between Rense and Makow.

All I have to say about this, after reading BOTH sides' accusations against the other is, STOP IT!

We are on the threshold of WW III, war with Iran, and martial law USA, and THIS is your behavior in this critical when we should be standing united together against a very deadly foe that would LOVE to terminate both Rense and Makow for their reports???

You both are great  in your fields. I and millions of others enjoy your websites and various articles. And as you continue to fight each other with various accusations, you are only downgrading BOTH OF YOUR IMAGES to the public. Don't ask readers who enjoy you BOTH to take sides: many of us like you BOTH.

And the very Illuminati that you BOTH claim to be against and exposing, is LAUGHING AT YOU BOTH! They say, "Hey, lookee at  this, boys! We don't need to take 'em out! There are taking THEMSELVES out with this inhouse fighting! Our opposition can't even stand together...."

So please, for the sake of the perilous hour we are now in, stop this fighting. It doesn't further either of you or your only fosters more mud-slinging. It damages BOTH of your credibility in the sight of the public. First people read Makow's accusations and mud-slinging against Rense. "Wow! LOOK at what Makow wrote about RENSE!" Then they read Rense's accusations against Makow. "Golly..LOOK at what  Rense says about Makow!"

Through this mudslinging they think they are finding out dirt on BOTH of you...and maybe then deciding, "Hey...after reading THIS stuff, I have decided that I don't like EITHER of them now! Yuck! Time for NEW websites!" And this is eactly what is happening. You both are only hurting yourselves.

However, I made the  choice to NOT make that mistake. BOTH of you have some great articles and I hope they continue.

Once again, please, for the sake of the hour in which we live and because so many people need BOTH of your articles,  STOP THE FIGHTING. Lots of us like you BOTH. Don't ruin it.

Although I suspect that neither of you confess to being Biblical Christians, I encourage you BOTH to do what the Bible says is a tried and true tactic that WORKS: FORGIVE and be RECONCILED. Why would Jesus encourage people to do this, if it did not WORK!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christians Facing the New World Order Guillotines

A WARNING of things to come and what our ONLY Biblical Response Can Be-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Yes, the modern military guillotines are very real! I have been researching them for 15 years now, among other topics under the subject of the New World Order. Whether the ones originating from JAPAN, or CHINA, or now in our own military bases, THE GUILLOTINES ARE REAL. And none of my information originated from the Internet  regarding my reports on the guillotines. It all came from first hand accounts as reported to me by eye-witnesses.  Many websites are now carrying my articles about the guillotines. You can find many of my reports not only in this blog  with past articles, but also by going to:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1d556ad472bf6615&biw=1424&bih=746&ion=1

There IS a reason for these modern guillotines in today's world. FIRST OF ALL, they perfectly fulfill Bible prophecy in these end times with the obvious emergence of the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER described in Revelation 13. The Bible clearly speaks of the beheading of the saints of Jesus for refusing to participate in this "Kingdom of the Beast" or New World Order as it is called today.

Read Revelation 20:4.

"And I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus and the Word of God...." who, to paraphrase it ,  had not worshipped  Satan represented by his Antichrist world leader or the statue of him, and would not take the mark of the cashless society or the number of it's name-"666".

The cashless society is HERE AND NOW, waiting to be implemented at the right time.

A Bank of America representative admitted this to me in Florida one day. When I talked to her about the coming cashless society, she smiled and said, "Yes, you are right. We are preparing for this. There will be no cash someday. And all the banks in America will be merging under ONE BANK someday,  which in turn will come under the GERMAN BANK..." Hmmm. Interesting how German currency was called "THE MARK" As in "mark of the beast"  ( and now THE EURO.)   And when I researched in Germany in 2001, I saw ominous billboards everywhere with "666"  and nothing more. How obvious a message!

Here is a practical example of "666" everywhere. Every bar code contains "666" in it automatically. The two thinnest lines with the narrowest space between them, of every complete bar code, stand for the number SIX. simply find a product in your home that has a complete bar code. Look on the right hand side of the bar code. Find one that has a number six.

You will see that the pair of lines over "6"  are the two thinnest   lines  separated by the closest space apart. Every number in the bar code system has TWO LINES of varying width assigned to it. Always on the right hand side, the bar code lines for "6"  are the two thinnest lines the closest distance together.

Now look carefully at the complete bar code. You will see   the pair of bar codes lines for "6"  BEGINNING each bar code, DIVIDING each  bar code, and ENDING each bar code! 666 is already here and on BILLIONS of sales products!  

And the coming antichrist  cashless society  is full of "666"  in many forms as well. "WWW" actually stands for "666." How? In the Hebrew alphabet, there is no W. There is only a "Vav" to replace the "W" sound in the Hebrew alphabet. The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Vav!  "Vav-vav-vav" (the Hebrew equivalent of W-W-W) or "6-6-6"!

The Rothschilds are a powerful Jewish banking family and have much power and influence in the banking world of today. They are also an Illuminati bloodline, meaning they are powerful SATANISTS and well. There is a notable segment in the Jewish society, of those that are actual satanists  or Illuminati, who are working towards a NEW WORLD ORDER. (Sad but nevertheless fact. But then to be fair, there are also many NON-Jews into Illuminati satanism and the NWO as well.) The Rothschilds and  their supporters, both Jew and Gentile alike, have been working behind the scenes through their power in the banking system, to bring down their antichrist cashless society to further eliminate the much hated Christians.

Remember, the powerful  Illuminati (satanist) Jewish ROTHSCHILD BANKING FAMILY was directly responsible for designing, funding  and implementing COMMUNISM, beginning in Russia, as a tool of bringing in their sadly very JEWISH-originated  concept of a  New Word Order and eliminating  the Christians and their faith  in Jesus Christ as Messiah hated by so many Jews  worldwide. Satanist hatred of Christians coupled with traditional  Jewish hatred of Christians makes for a very deadly combination, and such make up the major ranks of those who support and believe in the New World Order, Satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13.

However, before I go any further, I must make the important following statements  so there is no misunderstanding  of what I am trying to communicate:

I do not stereotype any people. It is a terrible thing to do and it has hurt many. There are many Jews who are aware of the kinds of things I report on, who are NOT in agreement with what SOME  of  their fellow Jews are doing regarding establishing  either communism or a New World Order. There are many Jews who are not even aware of those things I report on. 

I have met with some lovely people, Jewish, who were shocked when I began to reveal these things to them. One woman had even worked as a secretary for GEORGE SOROS, Hungarian Jewish billionaire  who is of the same ilk as the Rothschilds and working feverishly for a NEW WORLD ORDER agenda indeed. "I knew Soros was evil, but I did not realize just HOW evil he was nor the truth about the New World Order..." this Jewish  woman Pat admitted to me last summer as we sat and talked about these things.  

I have loved and worked with and for Jews in many capacities  throughout the past decades. I have worked at summer camps with adorable Jewish children (Russian Jews from NYC) for years, and I love them dearly to this day. I have taken professional care of Jewish elderly until they died, often for families that could not afford the normal  rate of pay. I sacrificed gladly to provide home health care for their dear Jewish elderly. I lived for a while in Jerusalem, and spent so many hours praying for Israel, for the Jews, and simply showing God's love to everyone I met there. This is the true nature of genuine Christian love and compassion.

There were many Jewish protesters of communism in Russia, who recognized it was wrong, And they suffered alongside the Christians under communist persecution. I have stood side by side with Russian Jewish protesters in Washington DC  holding signs protesting communism in the former Soviet Union.

The point I am making is  that whenever I am compelled to mention, as an honest journalist, the role that some Jews decidedly play in the emerging NEW WORLD ORDER, it is with deep sorrow and regret   that I even have to admit such things.

There are other websites exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER: they know the same things that I know as truth  and the role of some Jews in this. But their response is not a Christian one. They are filled with hatred, with stereotyping of all Jews, they are even designed to be inflammatory against all Jews. This is dangerous, because it can cause many innocent people, even children and elderly, to be hurt.

Look what happened under the Nazis in Germany and Europe. Jews were stereotyped. inflammatory movies and publication were used to turn the hearts of people in Germany against the Jews as a whole. And many Jews were rounded up and sent to the camps to die horrible deaths, elderly and children included. I have taken care of Jewish elderly and children: they are precious and pose no threat to anyone.yet they suffered under Nazi oppression lie all the rest.

And as I discovered while researching In Germany for 6 months in 2001, there is a deadly rising underground movement, very large, of the new NAZI YOUTH and sympathizers throughout Germany. I was taken by one young female member, by invitation, to one of their secret apartments in Munich. I was shown huge amounts of modern day Nazi magazines and literature. Much of it was filled with traditional Nazi stereotyping and hatred of Jews.

Yes, their literature was quite accurate  in describing the certain  Jewish elements involved in the threat of the New World Order. But their RESPONSE to such truth was anything but Christian in nature, and in fact quite inflammatory and dangerous instead. Their literature I read while visiting that secret underground Nazi establishment in Munich, was filled with hatred and murderous intentions towards the Jews. I  was very afraid to be in that apartment, even though spending the night, and was relieved to leave the next morning as quickly as possible.  I fear greatly for what is going to come from this seething underground movement so filled with hate and spiritual darkness. Jews in Germany and Europe, be forewarned: this modern day underground Nazi threat is REAL.

This is not and can never be the Biblical Christian response.We are not of this world and are called to higher accountability and a Biblical response...even if those Jews in support of the NWO agenda for America hate us, are happy to see us arrested someday and sent to the FEMA camps, or beheaded under their Jewish Noahide laws. I have encountered such Jews who have admitted these things are true, and that they DO want to get rid of us Christians through their plans and NWO agenda.

And my  only response has been to BE LIKE JESUS, and love and pray for them and show them the truth from Scripture. And, to forgive their intentions. Of course, I pray against such NWO darkness daily, if not hourly. But I also pray for the forgiveness and salvation of ALL involved. Did Jesus die for ALL sinners to be saved? Yes. And as He hung in agony and rejection on a cross, mocked and hated and condemned by His Own Jewish people, what was His response? "Father, FORGIVE THEM, for they know not what they do!" Again, this can be our only Christian response as these sad truths become evident, IF we are to BE LIKE JESUS.

Christian readers, I encourage you to find  a Jewish nursing home in your area, and  visit some of the patients there, and take the time to love them. Go to a Jewish synagogue some Saturday and show the genuine  love of God to these people. Pray silently in your heart for all of them to find Messiah Jesus as you sit through their service. Walk the streets of a Jewish community and PRAY for all of them to be touched by the love of God and the truth about Messiah! Hug a Jewish child! I have done all of the above, and have found love returned, and seen the power of God work incredibly           through this. How can they know Jesus loves them, without OUR manifesting HIS love to them in realistic ways? We are called to overcome evil with GOOD. And LOVE never fails.

PRAY for those particular Jews sadly deceived by the NEW WORLD ORDER  rhetoric, that their eyes would be opened to the truth about Jesus their ONLY true Messiah and the ONLY One God will ever send to the Jews.

The Jews who support the NWO believe that a NEW Messiah is coming to save them in a politically and world conquering way...AND to get RID of the Chrstians they actually believe stand in their way. Lubavitch Chabad has been working hard to raise up  THEIR NEW MESSIAH (the last one they proclaimed to be "the new messiah" died  and predictably has not come back from the dead yet...)

It is LUBAVITCH CHABAD that wrote up the Noahide Laws  and got them signed into actual legislation by Bush Senior, that will be used to pave the way for the beheading of millions of Christians nationwide under martial law. This is another example of just how far Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity can go. But again, we are called to love and forgive.

Christians, PRAY for these people, pray about these tragic truths so painful to comprehend, and let us SEE what God shall DO in response to our Biblical behavior in the face of persecution to come.


The NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13 has already divided the world into 10 WORLD REGIONS, with Canada-America-Mexico combined to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the NEW WORLD ORDER. One military insider source, Brian,  who worked for Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD at one point, told me this plainly. He described to me a secret military brochure he saw of the secret NWO plans for America and the world. They displayed this to him when they tried to recruit him into their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for the military. And when he said NO to joining the NWO agenda  for the USAF, he found his life actually endangered and had to leave the military and that state.

The NWO plans Brian was shown, showed a map where the borders between Canada, America and Mexico were erased to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the TEN WORLD REGION of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER.  Even the Bible in Revelation declares there will be ten world leaders under the Antichrist and his world kingdom of "THE BEAST." How accurate Bible prophecy is  proving to be!. Again, how obvious that Bible prophecy is being prepared to be fulfilled even as you read this.

And hence the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES are also in place to fulfill Bible prophecy regarding the saints of Jesus Christ who will NOT accept a totally satanic  new World Order of Revelation 13. Although many Christians have been beheaded throughout the past 2000 years, this particular passage of Revelation 20:4 is specifically referring to those Christians beheaded under this world Antichrist government of Revelation 13 and of no other time frame. This way we can KNOW that the saints who are in the world under this NWO WILL BE TEMPTED TO DENY JESUS and participate, OR  WILL BE BEHEADED   for their faith and confession of Him.

For my European readers, yes, the guillotines are worldwide...I have read reports of the guillotines in the UK and Europe. One military source, Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel, formerly training his men on the guillotines in Fort Lewis, WA, even told me that "...hey, the GUILLOTINES are EVERYWHERE! Fort Lewis, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, and even in Berlin when I was stationed in Germany...they are EVERYWHERE!"

And unless Jesus Christ returns very soon , you and millions of other fellow Christians will be forced by the military minions of the NWO to stand before these guillotines WORLDWIDE someday and be asked in so many words, "Will YOU renounce your faith in Jesus Christ and JOIN our NWO, or will you DIE?"

Obviously, for the true Disciple of Jesus Christ, there can be only ONE ACCEPTABLE ANSWER:

"Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior! I believe in Him and cannot renounce Him!"

Or, of course, every one's own personal words of  their Christian testimony spoken at that time  to this effect.

We are commanded by Jesus Christ to confess Him before men! We are warned by Him that to DENY HIM before men is to LOSE OUR SALVATION FOREVER! This is basic Bible doctrine that every Christian should know. But how many modern Christians really DO understand this, and how many are prepared to obey this Biblical command  when persecution comes , especially to North America and  Christians coddled and pampered by 400 years of religious liberty in North America?

How many Christian pastors (who nervously read websites such as mine and realize by now that  these things are true,) even have "...that pair of male anatomy commonly associated with courage", to stand up  and faithfully WARN GOD'S PEOPLE of these things to come? WHEN is the last time your pastor boldly declared to you these truths and prepared YOUR congregation to suffer and die for Christ in America?  Such pastors are only a tiny remnant to be found in America.

How very sad. And how many Christians will fall away under such testing, because even their pastors did not warn them? There is blood on the hands of the pastors of America today!

Readers, as you can plainly see, I am being your faithful witness to the truth in this hour. However, I know the Word of God: I am held accountable in HIS SIGHT to share these truths with you. Knowledge IS accountability. It will cost me everything in this world, but doesn't the Bible teach us that Jesus Christ is worth it ALL anyhow??? Isn't He WORTHY that we should suffer and die for HIM, Who suffered and died for US??? We live in a frail and temporal body anyhow, destined to die  someday regardless. Let us therefore choose to live and DIE therefore for Him as well. Heaven awaits us!

Pastors reading this, do you understand? Do you love your money and your sense of personal safety MORE than the flock God has placed under YOUR care? DO you fear the wrath of God for failing to warn and prepare His people? You should, because His great wrath will someday be upon YOU for failing to warn His people and to prepare them for the persecution and suffering to come! You will someday give an account  before Almighty God for EVERY soul that falls away under perseution in your congregation, because you failed to be the faithful shepherd and watchman, to WARN them of these things to come!

But I have no other option but to testify to this truth to  ALL. You "mighty men of God," are you going to be outdone by a mere woman, who has more courage than the vast majority of you, to tell God's people the truth??? God help us, if this is the case! Where are the mighty men of God boldly proclaiming these pressing truths and waking up the people of God in America! Have they all sold out to love of mammon, fear and self preservation, and 501-C-3 tax exempt status??? No wonder the churches in America are in such great jeopardy today.

These NWO murderers will use these guillotines to torment and tempt God's people to deny Jesus Christ. Children will be snatched out of Christian parents' arms and taken to the guillotines. The NWO will say, "NOW...Will you DENY JESUS CHRIST to save your children...?" Christian parents will be taken away from their children and forced to the guillotines, and the NWO will ask the children, "NOW...will you deny Jesus to save your parents from being beheaded...?" One Christian, Becky of Washington DC, had a very clear vision of this and how they would use the guillotines someday. her vision even included guillotines set up on the White House lawn. (This does not surprise me.)

READ my many previous articles written exposing the  MODERN GUILLOTINES and their purpose. read about WHO is behind them and WHY. Obviously they are haters of Jesus Christ and Christianity and His followers! Militant Orthodox Jews called Lubavitch Chabad and then-President Bush SR. (Mr. Illuminati/NWO advocate himself) teamed up many years ago, to make this beheading of Christians nationwide (and worldwide) a COMING REALITY. READ about the NOAHIDE LAWS of LUBAVITCH and their dark purpose! In the following link you will find many of my reports on many websites explaining this.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1d556ad472bf6615&biw=1424&bih=746&ion=1

How many of you Christians reading this, have loved and prayed for the Jews and Israel? I have,   for decades, and have been a missionary to them and their children for many years. This is what makes their hatred for Christians and this NWO  plan to destroy the Christians even sadder still: they are murdering their true truest friends and advocates in the world through the dark plan of the guillotines and the Noahide laws. And through what many Jews call THEIR New World Order. How very heartbreaking this kind of truth is to report on. I spend hours at night praying about these things, pleading with God to touch and change their hearts, and for all who are so deceived by the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Some Jews have actually bragged to me that my reporting is correct. One Jew contacted me and said to me that "...yeah, your reporting is correct. And the person you Christians call THE ANTICHRIST will be our NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world conquest and VICTORY, and to get RID of you CHRISTIANS who stand in our way!"

How very, very sad. Their "New Messiah" can only be the MAN OF PERDITION  of Second Thessalonians to instead lead them into ETERNAL DAMNATION! Read Second Thessalonians about the STRONG DELUSION that they will receive for rejecting the truth about their ONLY MESSIAH the Jews will ever have, JESUS or YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH!  He is called the MAN OF  PERDITION. He is also called THE ANTICHRIST.

You can also read about the many visions God has been giving to His Christian people about these things to come in my reports. Christians with visions from NEW ZEALAND, MONTANA, LONG ISLAND NY, CALIFORNIA, the BAHAMAS and Washington DC.  the Bible states that the Holy Spirit will show us THINGS TO COME both through prophecy and through visions.

People from inside the CIA have abundantly confirmed to me the reality of the MODERN GUILLOTINES to me personally, and you can read about this.  People from inside the US military have also confirmed this truth to me personally. People from inside the ILLUMINATI who have come OUT have also confirmed the guillotines to me personally. Truckers making shipments  across the USA of these guillotines have confirmed this to me personally.

In fact, before I left Montana recently, a Christian trucker warned me in a church in West Glacier, MT, that TRUCKERS WERE BRINGING IN THE MODERN GUILLOTINES TO BILLINGS, MONTANA,  this past summer of 2011.  A Christian missionary  eye-witness  accidentally discovering the prisoner boxcars with shackles with four other people accompanying her one day, told me they saw A MODERN GUILLOTINE  bolted into each of those prisoner boxcars  discovered in MONTANA.

Church across North America (Canada and the USA) WAKE UP!

And prepare to stand before the modern guillotines and the military who will operate them, fully armed with THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST and the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!

"And they overcame him by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, by the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and because they loved NOT their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11

"Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE! He that OVERCOMES shall not be hurt of the SECOND DEATH."-words of Jesus Christ in REVELATION

If you are moved to deny Jesus Christ to save yourself or your family and loved ones, you HAVE NOT saved yourself or them! You have only DOOMED YOURSELF to eternal torment and eternal loss of your very soul and their as well! The smoke of their torment shall ascend forever, who go along with this NWO agenda, declares God's eternal word!  Without Jesus in your life, you have no eternal salvation:  it is as simple as that!

With the US military and foreign military specialized forces training in many US bases on how to implement  the guillotines  (Fort Lewis, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg among other bases) and sightings of these guillotines surfacing everywhere, isn't it TIME  to prepare your hearts before the Lord through fasting an prayer to FACE THE GUILLOTINES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER in TOTAL VICTORY THROUGH CHRIST JESUS?

This testimony of mine to YOU is true and confirms Bible prophecy of things to come perfectly.

Christians, PREPARE. Your eternal soul is at stake. Remember that Revelation 20:4 ends with the promise that THOSE BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST WILL BE RESURRECTED TO REIGN WITH HIM A THOUSAND YEARS at His return! 

Hold fast therefore to the promises of God, beloved in Christ, and NEVER be moved from HIM!
-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from ALASKA
(And once again, this report is brought to you FREE OF CHARGE, information painstakingly gathered at great personal cost and risk. I do not serve God for filthy Illuminati currency  that is not even worth the paper it is printed on, with no gold in Fort Knox to back it up. I refuse to even have a bank account. No one should be in "ministry" with "making money" in mind.  No man can serve two masters, declared Jesus Christ.

So when you come across government-sponsored COINTELPRO hate articles describing me somehow as some "well known con/scam artist,"  and other libel , understand the truth. The government will do anything it can to attempt to discredit honest journalists who pose a threat to their NWO  agenda. That person they have fraudulently described as ME simply does not exist, except in their evil imaginations and articles.Church, wake up and understand and quit being so naive.Didn't the Bible warn us that we would be hated for righteousness' sake?-PRS)