Friday, June 28, 2013

When Christians Laugh About Concentration Camps USA....

-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"Woe unto you who laugh now, 
for later ye shall weep." 
~Jesus Christ~

There are moments in our lives, when an event happens that we somehow never forget. Those incidents remain locked into our memories for the rest of our lives.

In reflecting recently on my many years of reporting on the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, I was reminded of an event that was very painful for me. Again, this experience is indicative of where many who profess to be Christians in America today, are perhaps not where God would have them to be in their Christian walk.

Many years ago, one of the catalysts that propelled me into the realm of investigative journalism was an eye-witness account of boxcars and shackles in the NW Montana region. A personal friend, Marie, had just finished a prayer journey across America with four other Christians.

After she returned to South Carolina, she sat in my living room to discuss their journey. I was fascinated to hear of her experience in NW Montana. She shared about how they decided to take photographs of the lovely region near Glacier National Park, and so they followed railroad tracks into the woods as to not get lost as they photographed the scenery.

It was then that all five of them discovered a strange sight on those railroad tracks: a long row of black boxcars with shackles welded inside each one, as if to hold people prisoners with them.

But there was more. Marie shared how her friend Rose then pointed to one end of the boxcar. Rose exclaimed,"Marie, do you see what that is?" Marie realized at that very instant that it appeared to be a modern GUILLOTINE. 

Fear overtook them at that point, and they immediately followed the railroad tracks out of the woods and back to their van and left the area hastily.  After returning to their host home in the region, and relating to their host their shocking experience, the host replied, "I warned you to not go near that is usually guarded by men with high powered could have been killed!"

Marie never forgot that strange experience. And after she shared this with me, neither did I. 

It was one of those  strange experiences that brought me out to Montana finally, to investigate such NWO-linked phenomenon that seemingly recurred throughout that state.

I already knew about the concentration camp agenda for future police state America by then. Thanks to CIA whistleblowers and military sources, I understood the plans to terminate millions of innocent Americans under martial law, people perceived by NWO terrorists to not be willing to accept transition from a Constitutionally based government, to a globalist dictatorship under martial law.

And I had already been informed of their heinous plans to haul millions of NWO-resistant Americans to the detention camps. And that is where the prisoner boxcars with shackles come into the picture.

It is often stated, that history repeats itself. Throughout many years of research, I can clearly see this happening in America today.

Prisoner boxcars worked fine for decades in Communist Russia, to effectively remove political dissidents and Christian resistance and take them to the gulags.

Prisoner boxcars also performed well for the Nazi killing machine and the concentration camps, wherein both Jew and Gentile opponents to Hitler's regime suffered and even died therein as they were cruelly transported to the camps.

And now in America today, there are both the prisoner trains and the gulags/detention camps fully in place for the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

When I first came to Montana for research, I met with a well known Christian intercessor for this state, in Bozeman, Montana.

I shared with her my research. She commented on the prisoner boxcars with shackles immediately. "Funny you should mention prisoner boxcars...I was recently contacted by a Native American from the reservation...he told me that they were seeing strange boxcars with shackles welded inside, traveling through the reservation..."

(Interestingly, I recently received word that this very man, a tribal elder called George Bullcalf, turned up strangely dead one day. Was it because he knew too much?)

I explained to her what the prisoner boxcars with shackles would someday be used for, according to intelligence community insiders and military sources. She was shocked. 

"Oh, I thought they would be used to take away people like ARYAN NATIONS over in Idaho..." (There once was a sizable neo-Nazi community in Hayden Lake, Idaho, not far from NW Montana.)

I told her exactly what I had been told, from even planners of this NWO agenda in the intelligence community: that CHRISTIANS were heavily marked for persecution and arrest under martial law, and to be taken to the camps for termination as "NWO resisters."

Uncomfortable silence followed. This was something apparently her flesh did not want to hear or comprehend.

She finally shared how she was there in Bozeman to lecture at a large Christian teen youth rally, and invited me to come.

I did so.

Sitting in the back so I could observe and pray for the youth in this event, I listened intently to her opening words. And I will never forget the statement she made publicly to hundreds of eager youth that night.

"...There are even those who say that there are concentration camps in America today..." The attitude with which this statement was communicated to these young people, was that of, "yeah, could this ever happen in America?"

And the effect on the crowd that night was predictable. Waves of laughter erupted from these naive and uninformed young people, all across the audience. And while they laughed, I began to silently weep in the back of that auditorium. I could not stop.

Here was a well-known figure in the Christian world in Montana, with an opportunity to gently forewarn these endangered young Christians of things they will face in America's future, and to help them prepare.

But no, she would not. This subject was simply not "politically correct" in the church world today. And instead, she encouraged mockery of such tragic truths.

And every single one of these precious young people living in Montana will someday experience the unfolding police state and the coming persecutions under martial law. 

Someday they will be arrested as Christians. They will be tempted to deny Christ and join this satanic NWO agenda, or be sent by prisoner boxcars to the very camps they were encouraged to laugh about that sad night.

And what is the potential for these young Christians to fall away, IF no one has adequately forewarned them, and if no one has Scripturally prepared them to face the coming persecution???

Body of Christ in America, I tell you the truth: there will someday be a great accounting for misleading words such as this, from those who profess to be His people. Jesus declared that in the day of judgment, men will have to give an account for every word spoken.

"For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned, " Jesus declared.

I have learned from tragic experiences such as this, to never look to people in Christian leadership or prominent positions with "names" to help in spreading this urgent message God has given me to share with America. 

Too many of them are bought already by "fame and popularity." They have "a reputation" in the Christian circuit world. They are influenced by 501-C-3 status and fear of losing popularity and financial support if they dare preach or reinforce a message such as the coming persecution of the Church in North America.

And they obviously fear persecution for speaking the truth in this hour. But HOW can anyone remain a true Christian, who fears persecution for righteousness' sake?

As one pastor admitted to  me behind closed doors one day in Montana, "Look, lady, we KNOW these things are true...BUT WE DO NOT DARE TALK ABOUT THIS FROM THE PULPIT. We might lose MONEY...we might frighten away MEMBERS...." Etc.

These were  his sad reasons for not wanting me to share in his church about my research.

God told me one day as I was praying about all this, that He would bypass the pastors unwilling to warn and prepare His people in America, and  go directly to His people in the churches instead. 

And that is exactly how God has used me throughout the years. I do not waste my time with the vast majority of pastors in America today. So many have been bought by the false gods of mammon and popularity and "numbers" in their churches, that they are afraid to even speak the hard truth from the pulpits of American churches today.

How can such people even be called accurately, "pastors" and shepherds over God's people??? Anyone too afraid to speak the urgent truth in this hour to the people of God, has been disqualified from being a Christian leader or shepherd over His flock.

In fact, the CIA classifications for  the majority of "pastors" in the churches of America today, on their huge church-monitoring spy computer, are pastors who are secretly Jesuits, Masons, intelligence such as CIA, and even satanists. (And yes, there are satanist front churches in America today, as I have previously reported in earlier articles.)

I personally fear that genuine men of God in ministry, while out there,  are becoming a distinct minority in America today. There is a price to pay in an increasingly evil world, for being a genuine Christian.

All I can say about this incident in Bozeman, Montana, is that the people who once laughed about such truth then, will someday be weeping as it becomes grim reality.

I remember encountering a woman at a prophecy conference at the Christian retreat where I once lived, back during the time I had just received information about the boxcars and shackles in Montana. This woman had a "Montana" badge on her.

I went up to her and shared with her my information I had recently received about boxcars and shackles in Montana, and coming persecution of the Christians under martial law.

She looked shocked, and quickly replied: "Oh! That explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME!" Visions? WHAT visions, I asked.

"God has been giving me visions of Christians being arrested and herded like cattle into boxcars, to be taken to camps and killed in Montana, " she replied.

I informed her at that point that these were genuine and accurate visions from a God who cared about His people and their future, and these were given to warn her about the intentions of the NWO supporters in the future.

"And He shall show you THINGS TO COME," declared Jesus about the Holy Spirit.

Well, Church across America today, you have a clear choice. 

You can laugh at the clear truth God is trying to communicate to you through His Holy Spirit and His servants sent to you, OR you can take His warnings seriously and begin to seek Him NOW for grace to endure and overcome the times we soon face in America.

For those who choose to laugh and mock such truth, be aware that there are others who are also laughing behind the scenes as well.

These are the satanists and Illuminati, who also know these things to be  very true. They know, because they planned these very persecutions and martyrdom for the Christians in North America and worldwide under their NEW WORLD ORDER.

And they are laughing at Christian naivete and ignorance and fear in this hour. 

They are laughing that their dark hour of NWO takeover and persecution of Christians is soon coming to North America and the world as well. And they secretly rejoice that the Christians in North America remain so ill-prepared to face what they have planned. OUR ignorance is THEIR increased opportunity to attack us successfully under martial law.

The Illuminati mock, even as people like myself who are laying down our very lives to warn God's people, face  rejection and persecution FROM WITHIN THE CHURCH, while their Illuminati richly funds their supporters of their satanic NWO agenda with billions of dollars annually.

The sad message that  Christian ignorance and mockery of the truth sends to these satanist behind the NWO, is not one that glorifies Jesus or Christianity, nor would serve to draw many of them to Jesus Christ or to want to repent and become Christians. Christian ignorance never glorifies Jesus Christ! NOT when the Bible declares that we are to be filled with wisdom, knowledge and power through Jesus Christ.

They can only see Jesus Christ as manifested THROUGH HIS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY!

Christians, what kind of message are we sending to the world perishing around us today??? And what are we doing with the people God has raised up to warn us of things to come?

The time for careless laughter in the Churches of North America is long OVER.


And blessed are those who will heed the words of warning, and seek God NOW and prepare their hearts so that they may stand in victory through their faith in Jesus Christ.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Deepest Sorrow...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

My deepest sorrow throughout these 18 years of investigative journalism, is never for myself and what I might someday suffer for my reporting. Nor for what I have gone through already in this difficult work.

Rather, it is reserved for those who consider themselves "Christians, " yet refuse to listen to those whom God has raised up and sent to them in this urgent hour. Oh, how they will suffer in the times to come, if they are not prepared!

I recently finished addressing thank-you cards to readers who have contacted me, sitting in an local Internet cafe. What makes this cafe unique, is that it is located in the heart of NWO intrigue and darkness that I have investigated and uncovered here in the NW Montana region.

Two young people working in this Internet cafe, have a mother who is aware of my reporting. But her response to my reporting fills my heart with sorrow and shame for those who call themselves "Christians," yet who mock the word of warning God is sending to them through His servants.

At Christmastime,  a friend of mine asked me to join her in coming to this very woman's home for Christmas dinner and fellowship. My friend said she would ask the hostess if she could bring me with her. The phone call was made, and the reply came back to me. "Tell Pam she can come, but I don't want her sharing her reporting with anyone in my home." 

Translated: we are comfortable Christians in our own little world, and we don't want to hear the truth. We don't care how much you have suffered and sacrificed to gather this information to share with us in our region. We simply don't want to hear it....

This same friend I was staying with invited me to also come to her church next door for Thanksgiving dinner in November."I'll ask the pastor if it is okay for me to bring you, " she said. She talked to the pastor. His reply was, "Tell Pam she can come, but I do not want her sharing her reporting with anyone in MY church...."

Oh, really, Pastor? You don't want me sharing in a church that is in the heart of the NWO agenda unfolding in your region? In a church in which a Christian truck driver admitted to me after a service one Sunday, that his trucker buddies were deeply disturbed because the loads they were now hauling into Billings, Montana, were now the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES?

You don't want God's people to hear the truth about the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES that have continually come down the railroad tracks right outside your church??? Pastor, don't you realize that these modern guillotines  and prisoner boxcars with shackles are there to martyr God's children under martial law...and you don't want me to be the faithful witness to warn God's people in this hour of these very real things to come ???

In fact, this very pastor made an elaborate speech to the congregation in my presence one day, stating that he did not want to know what is coming and would never preach on it. And intimated that I was somehow "a false prophet" and to beware of false prophets, etc. 

Being a "Pentecostal" church, I wonder how he could so quickly forget one of the roles of the Holy Spirit: "And He shall show you THINGS TO COME." 

Our God is a omniscient God of FOREKNOWLEDGE and WANTS His people forewarned of things to come!

Pastor, I must ask just who do you REALLY work for...FEMA and the US government, or the God of all truth who wants His people to be forewarned and prepared for what is to come???
Today, as I wrote these thank-you cards to readers, I actually wanted to break down and cry in front of everyone in that cafe. Both of the daughters of the previously mentioned woman worked in that cafe, and they were lovely. They loved Jesus. And they will suffer greatly under the coming persecution of the Christians in America as things come down under martial law. 

How I longed to share with them! How I longed to pray with them, for their strength to stand firm in the times we face.

But no...the mother did not want to hear it, nor did she want her family to hear it. For she is trusting in a false gospel of convenience, one that appeals to the flesh that declares that Christians in North America will somehow "be raptured out" before they can suffer for their faith in North America.

The sad message such people silently communicate to me in this region where in I have performed so much sacrificial labor and research on their behalf is: "...we will ignore you and push you aside, and shun your presence. We will not invite you to our Christian gatherings. We will remain indifferent to your suffering and sacrifice on our behalf, as you live out of your vehicle to continue your work to bring us this information...because we do not want to hear it."

"We will not love you as Jesus commanded us to love one another. We will not be concerned for you or your needs or your safety. We will not pray on your behalf. We will shun you when  you come into our churches. Your message of truth is not welcome here."

You will never know how deeply this hurts me, when I have sacrificed everything to warn God's beloved people of things to come through my research. It hurts to have your sacrifice and your love and compassion trampled upon. 

And it hurts even more to realize that these people are rejecting the very truth they need to hear in this hour, in order to prepare and to protect their families from what is coming to America.

I often wonder what Jesus thinks about this kind of sad response to the truth He wants His people to be aware of??? What does He think of such "pastors"? What does He think of such "Christians"?

Are these the true Biblical Christian fruits of love and compassion, towards fellow Christians on the front lines for His sake?

Truthfully, I must share with my readers that I have suffered more because of those who profess to be "Christians" yet whose fruits deny this, than I ever have from those who are not Christians and who have attacked me throughout the years.

I find it much easier to forgive those who do not know Christ, who do such things against me, because they are sinners. They do not have the word of God or the commandments of Jesus Christ. When they do wrong, they are simply doing what comes natural to the unsaved sinner without Jesus Christ. I can deal with this.

But it is much harder when dealing with professing Christians, who clearly have the word of God and the commandments of Jesus Christ, and yet who fail to live up to them. Jesus Christ designed His Body to be members of one another, to love and support one another as He has loved us.

How important do you think it is for Christians to obey the word of God regarding how to treat fellow Christians suffering persecution and dangers for His name's sake...including when their very lives are at stake?

Don't we realize that good Christians can be hurt and even killed, whenever the Body of Christ FAILS to BEHAVE as the Bible declares His Body should behave towards one another??? Have we forgotten what it means to be "members one of another"?
I have both suffered persecution, and found my life in danger more than once, while performing this investigative journalism on behalf of my endangered fellow Christians and Americans.

I can remember throughout my many years of ministry, how God would send me to minister to Christians whose lives were endangered for various reasons. This was especially true in the mountains of North Carolina, wherein satanists often attack neighboring Christians in various deadly ways.

I would listen to them pour out their hearts to me repeatedly, about what they had suffered from these dark people.

My heart would break, and I would then ask them what I could do to help support them in their times of persecution and attack.

One of the saddest things I would hear inevitably from every family I spoke with, was the following.

When I would ask these people under attack if their pastor or Christian friends were standing in solidarity with them through these difficult times, they would often break into tears. 

One man, Edward, a farmer who suffered all one hundred head of his cattle poisoned by the satanists in in his region, said in reply, "Well, Pam, you should know the answer to this question. As soon as the satanists began to attack me and my family, all our Christian friends abandoned us..."

"Pastor won't come over for chicken dinner after church any more...our friends have all deserted us..."

His daughter looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "When I go to the grocery store and say hello to friends I have known for years, they look at me and turn to walk the other way..." In fact, this woman and her husband and daughter later suffered the loss of their home by these very satanists. It was firebombed while they were gone one weekend. All in retaliation for them daring to stand against the satanists in their region.

A roadblock had even been set up one night for the husband, John Bruce. Three armed satanist gunmen exited from the truck they used to block a lone country road one night, and bullets flew everywhere. Only because of his previous military training in how to evade such attacks, and more importantly because of prayer for the safety of him and his family, did he emerge alive...although his car was thoroughly destroyed.

As a Christian who knows the word of God, I knew immediately what to do after hearing of this great tragedy of both the loss of their home and their car. I contacted my pastor at that time, and organized a special church service in which the family could share their story, and a special offering would be taken up for them, and a car donated as well. The car donated, in fact, was from my beloved mother.

Hundreds of dollars were donated to this precious family, and they left that church comforted by the love of God and the body of Christ, and with a car once again.

LOVE! This is the only true Christian response to other Christians in crisis and suffering danger and persecution.

We are commanded to love one another with the same love Jesus loved US with. That includes putting our lives at risk on behalf of others as well. 

Knowing these truths and having put them into practice throughout my 42 years of being a Christian, it deeply grieves me to see how many Christians do not seem to understand this Biblical kind of love Christ calls us to towards one another.

How sad it was to me, to visit many churches as I traveled across America for this important work, to find many churches loveless towards visitors and strangers. I can count on less than ten fingers how many Christians in these churches even bothered to talk to me after services, or offer hospitality and a fellowship meal after church. 

I would often go into a church seeking love and consolation, after suffering many things living on the road for my ministry, and frequently walk out just as lonely and in need of fellowship as when I went in.

Many Christians have admitted the same thing to me as I discuss this with them, the lack of true Biblically defined love in many of the churches of America today.

I can remember the years when I lived on the grounds of a Christian retreat for 13 years. Our home was open day and night to those in crisis, to the needy, to the homeless and Christians in various crises. Countless bags of groceries went out to families and individuals in crisis who stayed in that home with my mother and I.

Meals were always prepared for them, and I often took them shopping for clothes and other needs as well. Love and compassion was spoken in that home continually. We knew the command of Jesus to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and we practiced this continually. It was my great joy to do so.

We received those whom God had sent to us, and ministered to their needs. None of this is extraordinary. This is simply the normal Christian walk of love and discipleship!

But what I have experienced throughout these 18 years of ministering across America, has sent a warning signal to my heart regarding the actual state of so many "Christians" in America today.

I have personally discovered that many Christians do not want the truth in this hour. And that love is often greatly lacking in many of the churches in America as well.

They want to live in their safety-comfort-denial zones and under the delusion of a "rapture" conveniently timed to take them away from Biblically prophesied persecution to come worldwide in this age. And because their flesh does not want to hear the truth, they push aside those whom God has raised up and sent to them.

The messenger is often treated as an outcast or made to feel unwelcome in their circles. They forget the word of God about LOVE commanded from His people towards one another. They forget the words of Jesus that He spoke to His followers, "He that receives you, receives Me, and he that receives Me, receives Him that sent Me." They have forgotten the command of Jesus, to love one another as He has loved us.

They forget that Jesus declared, "By THIS shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another." A tree is known by it's fruits, and a Christian is to be known especially by his LOVE.

For reasons stated above, I remain in doubt of many who call themselves "Christians" in America today. When Christians refuse to stand with other Christians whose lives are in danger, are they REALLY Biblical Christians??? When Christians refuse to love one another as Christ loved us, are they truly Christians by the definition of Jesus Christ???

When Christians refuse to receive one another as the Bible commands, and to love and show His compassion to His children and to those He sends, can they really be called "Christians" by the Bible's definition???

Is it possible to call oneself "a Christian, " and yet be in fact a "pseudo-Christian" instead?

My big question remains, will such people remain faithful unto death, when the real persecution begins across America under martial law and everything I have reported is coming to our nation??? I fear that many will fall away in America under the coming persecution. This has even been prophesied by more than one ministry.

How deeply it hurts, when people professing to be Christians reject the words and the truth God sends you to proclaim in love to them. And by rejecting the truth in this hour, they are going to suffer deeply in the times to come. They will not be prepared to face the coming times of testing and persecution, and many in fact will fall away as a result ultimately.

This is exactly what happened in China when the Communists finally took over. Most pastors refused to realistically prepare God's people for coming persecution. And besides, most comfortable Christians did not not want to hear such a message anyhow. The pastors in China were reportedly telling the people what their flesh wanted to hear.

"Oh, you don't need to worry about the Communists in China! Jesus will rapture you out before the Communists can take over!" 

And as result, when the Communists took over at last, most Christians in China were NOT prepared for the subsequent persecution to come against them under Communism.

And true reports filtered out of Communist China of Christians being arrested and sent to prison. And there, many of them fell away, cursing both God and their pastors, saying, "Pastor, WHY didn't you warn us of these things to come? WHY did you tell us we would be raptured out??? WHY...??????"

And truthfully, how many pastors did not warn God's people, simply because the people let them know they didn't want to hear it???

However, regardless of whether God's people want to hear the truth or not, the truth must be spoken. Regardless of how I have been treated, I have never compromised the truth to God's people in North America. God has not called me to compromise!

It is for the reasons outlined above, that this has been a sad and lonely walk at times.

But sadder still, will be the future of the Christians of North America, who refuse to heed the warning of God regarding things to come, and who refuse to prepare WHILE THERE IS YET TIME.

This remains my deepest sorrow.

Please, don't be like them. These are the Christians who will truly be "LEFT BEHIND" when the great persecution of the Church descends upon this nation like a flood, and they have not prepared.

God has given you the warning through His servants like myself and many others. The evidence confirming my reporting is clearly to be found all across America. Do not be caught unprepared. Fast and pray and seek God while you can, and let Him prepare your heart so you may stand victorious in the times to come.

May God bring you through the coming times of testing and persecution safely. May you be accounted worthy to overcome all these things, and to stand before the Son of Man in His glorious Kingdom. And may Jesus Christ be glorified through your walk and your love continually, as you shine His light to a lost and perishing world around you. God bless you all. 

And remember to pray for me, as I am praying for you. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(Russianсамизда́тIPA: [səmɨzˈdat]) was a key form of dissident activity across the Soviet bloc in which individuals reproduced censored publications by hand and passed the documents from reader to reader. This grassroots practice to evade officially imposed censorship was fraught with danger as harsh punishments were meted out to people caught possessing or copying censored materials.
Vladimir Bukovsky defined it as follows:
I myself create it,

edit it,
censor it,
publish it,
distribute it, and ...
get imprisoned for it.[1]

Americans have much to learn from what happened to FREEDOM OF THE PRESS under Communism in Russia, and how truth journalism continued to thrive even UNDERGROUND.

In 1979, I began a year of studies in the Slavic Gospel Association's "Institute of Slavic Studies" located in Wheaton, Illinois at that time. These studies served to open the fascinating door of greater understanding of life under communism in Russia.

For most Americans, life in communist Russian remains an enigma. Most Americans cannot realistically relate to what the Russian people suffered under oppressive Communism. Nor can the church in America really relate to the sufferings of the Christians in Russia under Communism. Spending much time living and working among Christians in the former Soviet Union, I learned much about life under Communism as it was related to me by the Russian people themselves.

Persecution beyond most American Christians' comprehension occurred on a regular basis in Communist Russia. Parents could not "legally" raise their children as Christians for the first 18 years of that child's life. Christian children were mocked and persecuted in schools across Russia. Open evangelism was forbidden by the Communists. Churches were often torn down or razed. Pastors and outspoken Christians were frequently arrested. Once imprisoned, they faced torture and cruelty and even martyrdom in the cruel Communist prison system and the brutal gulags of Siberia.

I can never forget what I learned about persecution under Communism, from my many Russian Christian friends that I enjoyed throughout the years.

But I also learned about journalism under Communism in Russia as well. Truth journalism was outlawed and forced underground by the Communists. But the truth could not be silenced by them. Courageous journalists continued to operate underground, through the underground press.

Underground journalism in Communist Russia was called "SAMIZDAT" and "TAMIZDAT." SAMIZDAT meant "self-published."  TAMIZDAT literature was also written underground, but then published abroad. Christian publishers, including Bible publishers, were also forced underground. Bibles were made illegal in Russian.

But regardless of the level of persecution and oppression, the truth continued to be published by the resisters ("refusniki") of Communist terrorism and oppression in Russia.

I personally took care of one child of Russian dissidents, who dared to publish SAMIZDAT literature underground. They were political resisters of Communism in Russian. Her name was Anastasia Kovaleva.

You can read about the dissident family KOVALEV on the Internet, in fact. SERGEI and IVAN KOVELEV and families were active dissidents resisting Communism and publishing SAMIZDAT in Russia.

I can never forget taking care of precious Anastasia in our Russian Christian summer camp in Ashford, Connecticut one summer. She was only 5 years old then, but infinitely wise due to being raised by political dissident parents. 

One day, she pulled me aside as the other children played outside. Looking in both directions to make sure no one else was listening, she smiled a  conspiratorial smile and whispered, "Brezhnev...IDIOT! Lenin...IDIOT!" Then she laughed at her little joke, and joined the other children playing outdoors. Her dissident parents had trained her well. Even a small child could know that Communist leaders were exactly what the Bible refers to them as: FOOLS.

COMMUNISM teaches that there is no god. It is the embodiment of secular humanism. There is a saying in Russian, "BOGA NYET," or "GOD IS NOT." Communist posters all over Russia and the former Soviet Union contained these deceptive and soul-damning words.
"Boga Nyet!" ("God is not" in Russian.)

The Bible states in PSALMS, "The FOOL has said in his heart, 'THERE IS NO GOD.'"

Under Communism in Russia, both the independent alternative news press and the Christians were forced underground, where in spite of persecution and hardships, they both continued to thrive and persist in their messages to their nation and the world.

I personally foresee the day in which the same thing will inevitably happen in North America and Canada. In fact, we can even see this happening incrementally on a daily basis in America today.

Christian freedoms in America are incrementally being taken away, year after year. Anti-Christian forces have worked ceaselessly throughout the years to take away prayer from the schools, GOD out of daily life, Christian religious celebrations out of society, freedom to worship in one's home or to teach one's children about God, on an ongoing basis.

Truth journalists who dare to expose the corruption in the US government today, are being heavily spied upon and monitored, just as journalists are in communist countries. 

And it is becoming more and more apparent, that those who dare to cross the line with this administration, are now being targeted. Just like in Communist countries and other oppressive regimes who hate the truth worldwide.

Frankly, much of this persecution comes directly from the "progressive" Communists and their NWO agenda right here in America. Their message remains the same as ever. They HATE the God of the Bible, and the Christians who believe in God. They hate freedom of religion and freedom of the press. 

And their supporters have been planted throughout high levels of the US government, intelligence community, military, the government controlled/censored press, and in fact every major power base of influence and control of America. Their anti-freedom, anti-truth agenda for our nation is becoming more clear daily.

Considering the pathos and drama  involved in Michael Hasting's fiery death (dare I call it government-sponsored murder?) I personally believe that it was deliberately staged to inspire fear and horror in other would-be investigative journalists.

The clear message to the world of investigative journalism through Hastings' horrific death was quite clear. "DARE to expose US, and we will DESTROY YOU!" In other words, government intimidation of the alternative truth journalists through TERROR.

Oppressive regimes control the populace like this all the time. Lies through the news media, and continual oppression and murder of their opponents: these are the trademarks of every dictatorship, Communist or otherwise.

But both THE TRUTH and THE CHRISTIAN FAITH are indestructible, because they both proceed from an Almighty God, called the God of ALL truth. Therefore, they cannot be banished from the world through oppression and persecution. They can only be forced UNDERGROUND, where they will continue unabated and undeterred by the satanic forces of oppression and tyranny.

This is why both truth journalism and the Christian faith will survive in the coming times of  both globalist (NWO communist) and jihadist persecution, intimidation and persecution. 

Truth media has resurfaced in Russia today, and is stronger than ever, in spite of dramatic government assassinations of the more outspoken investigative journalists in Russia. And the Christian churches in Russia are resurfacing, to rebuild and emerge stronger than ever before. The truth and faith are indestructible. 

To me, it is clear that the future of truth journalism in America will someday be the UNDERGROUND PRESS. And it is also clear  to me that the future of the Christian faith will be THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH and house churches someday. 

Because oppressive regimes worldwide always oppress the truth through the opposition news media, and also oppress the religious elements who dare to challenge their wicked ways.

The challenge to both truth journalists and the Church in America today is, to resist the temptation to cave in and capitulate to these forces of hell and oppression, and to dare to boldly continue with THE TRUTH.

Was the recent death of Michael Hastings both tragic and frightening? Yes. 

In fact, I find myself involuntarily crying every single day at some time, just thinking about his death murder. And I do not cry easily. If I were to live in the realms of human emotions, I would soon die of a broken heart from my journalism and what it has uncovered. I have learned to walk in the strength and power of the word of God, and to never yield to negative emotions which can ultimately destroy us should we yield to them.

With investigative research emerging pointing repeatedly to the fact that Hastings' death was an inside assassination job, the message to all of us in the world of alternative truth journalism is clear. 

For this reason, I am thankful for the teachings embodied in the Bible and the words of Jesus Christ to His disciples. Jesus and His disciples were threatened by an oppressive regime, the pagan Roman Empire. And by religious bigots of that day who hated their message as well. He and his disciples faced persecution, intimidation, imprisonment and martyrdom continually. 

However, they did not allow this to deter them from preaching the message of the Word of God unabated, or to prevent them from living the Christian life in a hostile pagan world.

Instead, the threat of persecution served to compel many to aspire to an even deeper and more meaningful walk with God through Jesus Christ. Persecution is known for driving Christians to their knees in deeper prayer, and to more closely examine the Word of God and their Christian faith. 

Out of the fires of persecution and martyrdom have emerged some of  the most influential and inspirational Christian witnesses and testimonies the world has ever known.

Personally, the persecutions and dangers I have faced throughout the years, both for my Christian outreach and also for my journalism, have only served to bring me into a greater and deeper relationship with Almighty God through Jesus Christ, and to forge a union with my Savior that has been birthed out of the fires of tribulation and suffering for His sake.

As my friends often say, "it is ALL good!" Both times of blessing, and times of tribulation can prove to be beneficial for us. For the genuine disciple of Christ, persecution and tribulation can serve to strengthen one's faith and perseverance in the faith. 

But for the pseudo-Christian, into "religion" only for the hand-outs from  a pseudo-god, or "a sugar-daddy in the sky who exists to please out every whim," persecution will only drive them away from God instead. They cannot withstand the the fires of persecution, who do not practice true discipleship in a genuine walk with Jesus Christ.

There is hope for the world of alternative investigative truth journalism, because of the very nature of THE TRUTH. It is like the sun relentlessly rising every single day for countless eons,  brilliantly illuminating every corner of creation. That light simply cannot be destroyed. 

TRUTH is like the waves of the ocean.  It cannot be effectively held back. And every attempt to restrain or obliterate THE TRUTH will be met ultimately with utter defeat and failure.

And while the messengers of the truth can unfortunately die, that truth lives on forever. The enemies of THE TRUTH can take out the messenger, BUT THEY CANNOT TAKE OUT THE MESSAGE! Should one torch-bearer fall, there is always another to take up that torch of truth and liberty, and continue on in  the quest of spreading the truth to all of mankind.

Jesus Christ promised, "You shall know the truth, and THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE." Jesus declared, "Father [God], Thy word IS TRUTH." Is God indestructible? Yes. Then His WORD, or truth,  is also indestructible as well. For God IS HIS WORD!

Whether published and proclaimed openly or underground, the truth remains the indestructible truth. 

Truth journalists will find an advocate with God Almighty. God Himself is against all liars, to the point where the Bible declares that ALL liars will have their part in eternal damnation IF not repented of. This is stated clearly in the final book of the New Testament, called REVELATION.

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and sexually immoral, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

~Revelation 21:8~

God bless and protect the fearless and 
honest journalists everywhere!

Keep battling for truth and for freedom,
for the two are inseparable.

You cannot have real freedom
in any nation, 
without the truth being made known.

God's Word remains the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

"You shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."

~The promise of Jesus Christ~
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Your support enables this important work to continue on in a world that is increasingly  becoming hostile to the truth. 
Christian freedoms are becoming threatened continually in America.

Freedom of the press and the right of the American people to know the truth
is also being threatened.

Please choose to stand with those of us on the front lines
to continue throughout America today.

This vital work has cost me everything.
I have no family, and no home to go home to. 
I live on the road, to do this work FOR YOU.

I cannot make it alone. 

Thank you for your help.

Monday, June 24, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert 
presenting investigative journalism 
from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This article is being written in regards to journalist David Chase Taylor's article (posted below this) assessing false-flag terror threats regarding potential abortion clinic bombings, and the government then deliberately (and inaccurately) blaming Christian pro-lifers as the culprits.

The investigative research of David Chase Taylor is absolutely amazing, accurate and incredible. I personally credit this man as helping to actually prevent martial law and everything I have ever warned is to come to America, by his riveting book NUCLEAR BIBLE exposing government black ops designed to trigger martial law in 2011.

I was personally a part of intense Christian pro-life operations from 1988 through 1992, all across America. I worked successfully with OPERATION RESCUE and LAMBS OF CHRIST

I was arrested numerous times for peaceful and non-violent pro-life rescues in which abortion clinics were closed down, preventing abortions that day and also providing opportunity for our Christian counselors to encounter the women seeking abortions the days we closed the clinics down. Thousands of my fellow Christian pro-lifers were also arrested as well for peaceful protests. 

And countless unborn babies were rescued from abortion as well. Yes, our actions bore wonderful fruit all across America. Mothers' hearts were convicted and changed, and unborn children were spared the horrors of death by abortion. I am proud of committed Christian pro-lifers and the lives they have peacefully saved throughout the years.

During those four intense years, NOT ONCE did I ever encounter any Christian pro-lifers who suggested we ever BOMB abortion clinics, or attack or kill abortion providers. And I interacted with pro-life people from across this nation.

Yes, there WERE  a few people on the fringe who DID advocate such activities, such as Michael Bray, but the vast majority of us Christian pro-lifers did NOT agree with them, and I personally maintained a safe distance from those who advocated murder and violence to stop abortion. 

Quite honestly, the first thing I think of when I encounter someone claiming to be "a Christian" who advocates killing abortionists or "bombing clinics," is "government infiltrator" or "agent provocateur". 

Such people are created by the Feds to suck out of the woodwork and lure those who just MIGHT be interested in doing something like this, into their trap. They then entangle them in such an operation, and THEN the Feds move in to arrest hapless people caught in such webs of entrapment.

(And NO, Eric Rudolph never bombed an abortion clinic: he was falsely framed for government/FBI black ops, and became one more victim of such despicable tactics for their hidden agendas.)

My personal beliefs are that Jesus Christ died for the salvation of ALL sinners, and that includes THE ABORTIONISTS. Yes, they are sinners. Yes, they are murderers. Yes, they ALL face eternal judgment and damnation in the sight of Almighty God. 

But Jesus died for their sins to be forgiven as well.

God did not call me to become judge, jury and executioner of ANYONE. Rather, I am called by God's word to pray for the salvation of such people and provide Christian witness to them, and I did so.

As for BOMBING ABORTION CLINICS to end abortion, this is both foolish, dangerous and fruitless. If one clinic is bombed, people intent on having abortions will simply go to another abortion clinic to have one.

Bombing an abortion clinic sets a dangerous precedent for people to use deadly violence, to stop deadly violence. Where will the bombing and the killing stop???

We as Christians don't agree with topless bars, and so do we bomb them? We may not agree with the doctrines preached in the church across the street, and so do we bomb them? We don't believe in junky Hollywood movies, and so do we bomb theaters? We don't agree with the actions of a certain national leader, and so do we resort to shooting him?

You get the point...

Such actions  successfully resolve NOTHING and only create GREATER problems that escalate into MORE violence and MORE deaths, and even more needless, senseless bloodshed.

Furthermore, Christians turning to such tactics can then be used by the US government, which is  already hostile to Christianity, to falsely accuse Christians en mass of being "terrorists" and a terrorist threat, and to then go after them with a deadly passion.

In fact, I have long agreed with David Chase Taylor in his assessment on this subject. I have long known that the NWO elements within the US government desperately wants ANY excuse to label Christians nationwide as "TERRORISTS" to justify the coming PLANNED persecution and arrests of millions of Christians nationwide. 

I have been watching intently for signs of the anticipated false-flags that I am confident they will use to falsely vilify and portray America's Christians as "terrorists" in order to justify their upcoming persecution of the Christians in America.

But as we know, Christians are always to seek the peaceful and non-violent and non-deadly solution to any problem, whenever possible.

Take a good look at conditions in the Middle East today. Look carefully at the continual bombings and shootings taking place. Has bombing and shooting and killing changed ANYTHING for good in the Middle East??? No.

All it has done is to encourage even MORE bombings and shootings and murders in retaliation. It has only caused increased hostilities and even more deaths and casualties and animosities to arise.It is clear to see from the examples now found throughout the Middle East, that bombings and shootings are NOT the way to resolve anything, nor to save innocent life.

Nor will bombing abortion clinics or shooting/killing abortionists here in America accomplish anything good or change anything regarding abortion deaths. 

In fact, if you want to really stop abortion, go to the actual person behind every abortion: the pregnant mother. The abortionist and his clinic could do nothing to murder that unborn child, IF that mother had not become a willing accomplice in the murder of her child.

Abortion must be first stopped at the heart of every pregnant mother considering abortion. That is why pro-life crisis pregnancy clinics are essential in saving the lives of the unborn child. Support your local pro-life crisis pregnancy clinic in your area!

Therefore, the US government will never be able to successfully implicate me in any "terrorism" related to the battle against abortion. I remain peaceful, unarmed and non-violent. I do not believe in bombing clinics or murdering abortionists. 

The weapons I use to fight any battle God leads me into, remains the kind of weapons Jesus Christ successfully used through His earthly ministry. And they do not include weapons used for the destruction of any building or any person. (However, I AM for Second Amendment rights. God has simply called me personally to put all swords away and to lean on Him for my total protection.)

And I know, from four intense years of pro-life work with thousands of other committed Christian pro-lifers across America, that the vast majority of these people feel the exact same way I do about these subjects of using deadly force to destroy buildings or people.

Frankly, if they did NOT, there would have been numerous instances by now of abortion clinic bombings and abortion providers murdered throughout the years in this nation. But in fact, such events remain few and isolated and untypical of Christian pro-life activities across America..

And so, IF the Federal government decides to send an agent provocateur into my life, pretending to be "a Christian" and advocating bombing a clinic or shooting an abortionist, I will send that infiltrator scurrying back to their handlers with the message, "depart from me, satan!" I refuse to fall into this kind of government set-up trap.

Let them instead read my blog, and see where I stand on this important subject.

Therefore, I fully believe that IF the headlines across America read "CHRISTIAN PRO-LIFERS SHOOT ABORTIONISTS AND BOMB CLINICS" in the near future, that the people are once again "actors" playing their role in false flags, just like Matthew Murray was in the YWAM/church shootings a few years ago in Colorado was. 

I consider Murray to be just one more mind-controlled Manchurian, posing as "a Christian home schooler." And he was clearly used for a gun control agenda.

The NWO simply HATES Christian home schoolers and can't WAIT to falsely frame them as "terrorists" as well.

David Chase Taylor's article on this subject is excellent and well-researched, and I commend him for this.

Christian readers, please pray against this kind of despicable government false-flag operation. As I have outlined for years now, the NWO agenda plans to come heavily against Christians in America heavily, using false accusations and false flags to malign the Christian community.

The end result of such dark activities, is ultimately to provide justification for what the NWO has ALWAYS planned to do to the Christians (NWO RESISTERS) in America: SEND THEM TO THE CAMPS IN THE PRISONER BOXCARS FOR ELIMINATION. This plan has never changed. But in order to justify carrying this NWO agenda out, they MUST portray Christians as dangerous, terrorists, etc. 


CONTINUE TO PRAY against their dark and hidden NWO agendas for this nation.

PRAY for the lives of America's unborn to be spared the horrors of death by abortion...and worldwide as well.

Your prayers are the catalyst that God is using to stop Satan and Co.'s plans for our nation...or to at least restrain them a season longer. Faith moves the hands of a mighty God!


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
This ministry supports the local Christian-based Crisis Pregnancy Center in my area.
I encourage my readers to support their local Crisis Pregnancy Center in their region .
Together we CAN make a difference in the lives of the unborn and America's future, because the unborn ARE America's future!