Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why Christians Are Losing America

"...But what have you really DONE to help save America???"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The truth is often painful to reveal. 

But nothing will ever change in this world, unless truth is revealed and then acted upon. I feel that I must speak a word of truth to the Christians in America today. It is a word of truth and a word of loving rebuke as well.

Don't expect many of the "pastors" of America today to speak such hard core truths as I am going to address. They are too in love with personal security, love of money (hence love of many members in their congregations) and controlled by fear as well. 
They are often afraid to speak the hard truth, for fear of losing members (translated: LOSING MONEY.) Such false shepherds clearly love their numbers and their money and popularity more than eternal souls. 

Furthermore, the pulpits of America are also filled with infiltrators that include CIA, Masons, Jesuits and outright satanists as well. I know because I have documented this personally throughout the years.

Everywhere I go across America, people are expressing to me their fears about America's future. Christians are concerned about facing times of coming persecution and hardship. Most Americans admit to me that they clearly see that America is ever sinking into inevitable destruction.

The only redeeming factor in any nation, is that nation's population of those saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, redeemed from sin and walking in the light of His truth and commandments. Such people are the saving factors in any nation. They are often referred to as God's RIGHTEOUS REMNANT.

In the Bible, the term "a remnant shall be saved" was used to speak of the people remaining after the judgments of God. God has always had a righteous remnant in ever nation, in every generation. He reserves to Himself those who refuse to bow the knee to the enemy, and who choose to walk with Him.

Apart from God's righteous remnant in America, you have a population lost in sin, in addictions, and vice and crime. These unregenerate elements of a nation are the kinds of people that corrupt a nation and slowly bring it down in to destruction, from the leadership down.

Many Christians simply do not comprehend their great accountability in the sight of Almighty God, to influence and change their world around them. 

They do not  seem to understand the importance of bringing the light of the Gospel to everyone in their world and circles. And the great importance of living in a way that glorifies God and the Christian testimony in American society today.

Wherever I travel, Christians that  I encounter will express to me their dissatisfaction with things that are happening in America. Some are angry about abortion. Others are unhappy with the secular school system and what is being taught in today's schools.

Christians come to me expressing their concerns about the corrupt political agenda in America. About the corruption coming out from Hollywood and television, filling the screens in America with sex and violence and ungodliness. And so many other things that concern them as well. 

Furthermore, more and more Americans are waking up to the ominous reality of a coming NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda slowly coming to pass in our nation.

We should all be concerned about the sin that is slowly destroying this nation.

However, every time I hear a Christian complain about the state of America, I want to ask the critical question: BUT WHAT HAVE YOU EVER DONE ABOUT THIS? 


Through 17 years of investigating and reporting, I have watched as the NWO supporters have forged relentlessly forward with their dark agenda for America.

These people have invested BILLIONS of dollars, countless work hours, working ceaselessly for the realization of their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda overtaking America. They are not afraid to invest time, effort, and essentially "blood, sweat and tears" filled with sacrifice, in order to achieve their goals.

What everyone must remember is, in THIS present world, you get what you work for...even if the intended goal is evil and wrong. The dark people of the NWO agenda know this and put this principle into practice.

I will never forget interviewing Elaine Knost, former satanic high priestess for Indiana for 18 years, and also a CIA assassin under Bush SR as well. As all other satanists, she was working for the realization of the NWO agenda in America. Her shocking words remain with me to this day.

"When I was a satanist, my consuming passion was to bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER...."

You must understand that the NEW WORLD ORDER is in fact satan's manifest kingdom on earth, as every former satanist and Illuminati member admitted to me.

Elaine was therefore stating that at one time, it was her consuming passion to bring forth satan's kingdom on earth!

But how many Christians today can honestly state that it is their consuming passion to bring forth the Kingdom of God and His will in the earth today???

Have we forgotten the very words of Jesus Himself? "Thy Kingdom COME, Thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven..."

The whole world is continually caught up in the throes of the ongoing war of the ages, the battle waged between God's Kingdom, and the kingdom of the wicked one. 

Will God's will be done in the earth today, or the will of the adversary, satan?

And who can God use, but HIS REDEEMED PEOPLE to do His will on the earth today! And if God's redeemed people will NOT do His will in today's world, the children of the wicked one will certainly carry out his wicked will instead. 

And evil will inevitably triumph in the world as a result.

I hear many Christians complaining about abortion in America today, and how they are against it.

I must then ask, " But WHAT have you ever DONE to effectively stand against abortion??? What have you DONE to save the unborn child?" 

Have they ever provided pro-life counseling outside an abortion clinic? Have they ever supported their local crisis pregnancy center? Have they ever fasted and prayed for mothers to change their minds about having an abortion? Have they participated in pro-life actions designed to peacefully save the unborn?

It is not enough to merely be AGAINST something that is wrong in America. These sentiments must be accompanied with ACTIONS DESIGNED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Even PRAYER ALONE is often not enough. Too many Christians are willing to use prayer as an escape from their responsibility of doing the right thing in the sight of God. And usually for fear of persecution for doing the right thing.

"Faith without works is dead..." declares God's word. PRAYER is asking God to do something. But many times in response to that prayer, God is asking US to do something! We are His only agents of doing His will on the earth today. And if WE fail to discern and do the will of God in the earth, it will never get done.

I find that while many Christians in America are quick to complain, far fewer are willing to take the time or make the effort to DO something about it, and to change things.

Complaining will never change America and her destiny, but ONLY FAITH MINGLED WITH GOD-INSPIRED ACTIONS.

As I have performed research on the NWO, I have been forced to painfully but honestly conclude certain things.  

The NWO agenda people are working harder, investing more effort and finances and manpower in bringing America under their NWO, than the vast majority of Christians are willing to do to bring forth God's kingdom and righteous will throughout America.

This in itself is a damning indictment against what passes for "Christianity" in America today.

The NWO globalists realize that they must capture the hearts and minds of the youth of any nation, to brainwash them into their NWO socialist agendas. And so they send their people to train to become teachers and college professors in the universities of America. 

The NWO knows that they must affect the population of America on a massive scale, and so they plant their people in positions of news and other media capable of reaching into people's homes (television) and into their world (movies).

The NWO adherents frequently use the media to broadcast propaganda into the minds of the American people. This is often accompanied with a message of gross immorality and sin, and quite deliberately. One of the major planks of the Communist party is the destruction of solid morals in America, to weaken the nation from within by SIN.

The NWO knows that in order to succeed in taking over America, they must infiltrate and plant their people into every power base of CONTROL in America today. They must have their people planted in the highest levels of POLITICS, throughout the MILITARY and the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY, throughout the NEWS MEDIA, within LAW ENFORCEMENT, etc.

And this they have quite thoroughly accomplished, unfortunately.

Even these unsaved NWO people realize that in THIS world, you DO get what you work for. And they have therefore worked ceaselessly for the realization of their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA in North America.

Can it be equally said that Christians across America have invested billions of dollars, spent countless hours in labor and personal sacrifice, and continually laid down their lives to bring forth the will of God in our nation today...???

If the above statement were true, we would witness the clear results of this, reflected in where America is at today. America would be a godly nation, if this were the case.

But in fact, today we see America filled with sin and corruption. We see corrupt politicians in power, working to destroy this Constitutional Republic and America's heritage and Christian values. We see America poised on the brink of destruction from within and without.

The sad truth is...

The Christians in America will only have themselves to blame in the end, IF AMERICA FALLS. Because the ONLY people which God can call upon to do His will in the earth today, and to bring forth His kingdom, are HIS REDEEMED PEOPLE. 

The unsaved and ungodly are doing the will of satan continually. They are lost and in his dark kingdom.They are heading for hell someday.  They cannot glorify God, nor can they be expected to bring forth His will and His kingdom in the world today.

THIS IS WHY there is such a great accountability placed upon God's people in the world today. 

Jesus said that we were to be the light and salt of the earth. We are called by God to make a difference in the earth! And if we fail...the enemy will certainly accomplish his wicked purposes instead.

Oh, the shame, when satanists can declare that bringing forth satan's kingdom was their "consuming passion," YET many Christians cannot honestly declare that bringing forth the Kingdom of God and His will in the earth, is THEIR consuming passion!

Christian, ask yourself: is serving and glorifying God YOUR consuming passion in your life today??? Is HIS will and purposes in YOUR life your number one goal???

Are YOU willing to sacrifice financially and with your labors and talents, to do the will of God on earth, "as it is in heaven"???

Don't believe for a minute that any positive changes will come forth in our nation, America, without THE CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE, SACRIFICE AND EFFORT REQUIRED to bring about positive change!

Many years ago, I began to join with other Christians to pray against abortion in America. I told others I was absolutely against it. And finally, God challenged me to put my ACTIONS where my words were! He called me to work with OPERATION RESCUE and help save His unborn from abortion, nationwide.

And for four intense and difficult years, I traveled across America with other pro-life Christians. We fasted. We prayed. We passed out literature at abortion clinics to women about to have an abortion. We counseled them about alternatives to abortion.

We also performed RESCUE, in which we peacefully blockaded abortion clinics entrances, preventing abortions from taking place there that day. As we found out later, many women went home on such days, came under the conviction of God, and decided to spare their children the horrors of death by abortion.

Many of us were frequently arrested, taken to jail, put on trial, and sentenced to both jail and prison for saving America's unborn.

We lost jobs and income. We suffered persecution. We acquired an arrest record.

But was saving the lives of innocent children across America worth it? YES!!!

Doing the will of God on earth is worth any price we must pay! (And the unborn babies saved would certainly AGREE!)

In other words, we DID something actively to confront the tragedy of ABORTION IN AMERICA TODAY. 

It is NEVER enough to simply TALK about what is wrong with America today. 

It is NEVER enough to merely COMPLAIN.

Even prayer ALONE is not enough.


Any nation is composed of her citizens. The spiritual and moral state they are in, will be reflected by the direction that any nation is headed.

Judging by the direction America is now heading in, it should readily become apparent what the spiritual state of AMERICA truly is!

Christians of America, 
I therefore put 
before you.

What are YOU doing to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the glory and purposes of God in our endangered nation??? 

What have YOU given and sacrificed to bring the will of God forth in the world today?

Is serving Jesus Christ and His purposes in the world YOUR CONSUMING PASSION???

Never underestimate the great importance God has placed upon YOU to be the salt of the earth and the light in the world today! What great accountability God has placed upon His people, to manifest His will throughout society!

What can happen when God's people FAIL to take their responsibility as Christians seriously??? People can DIE AND GO TO HELL whenever the Christians are NOT behaving as the Biblically defined BODY OF CHRIST that  Jesus has called us ALL to be!

Here is a tragic but clear example...

I was ministering to a woman, Cathy from Ohio who came out of 20 years of satanism, to finally become a Christian. I have written about her testimony in previous articles exposing SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

I can never forget what she admitted to me one day. 

"Friends of mine into satanism often hated it....they wanted to come out of it...but they could not without the support of others. They read in the Bible that Jesus really loved them, and that His people were called to love others as well."

"And so they went to local churches to get counseling and help from local pastors and Christians. They also needed safe houses for refuge after coming out."

"But usually they did not find the love and the help that they so desperately needed. Pastors and members were often too afraid to help them, for fear of retaliation from the satanists."

"And finally, many of my friends were forced to conclude by this that Jesus did NOT love them, that His people did NOT love others as He commanded them to. And as a result, MANY OF MY FRIENDS COMMITTED SUICIDE AS AN EXIT OUT OF SATANISM."

"All because the Christians refused to be what God's word said they should be. And many of my friends actually died and went to HELL as a result..."

The above example is a real life testimony, from a real person.

What a damning indictment against the ever-prevalent "pseudo-Christianity" found in so many churches today throughout America! It is tragic whenever no real love is found in a church, because the Bible speaks clearly about the importance of LOVE:

"He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for GOD IS LOVE." 

"A NEW commandment I give unto you, that you LOVE ONE ANOTHER as I have loved you."

How much did Jesus love us? He laid down His very life to rescue us from hell! Why can't WE therefore lay down OUR lives to rescue others?

I contend that the Christians of America are slowly losing the battle for this nation, because of their lack of true commitment to Jesus Christ and His kingdom, and the lack of willingness to sacrifice and to labor and to manifest His love essential to bring forth God's will and CHANGE for this nation. 

Too many Christians are afraid to suffer and to sacrifice for the purposes of God in the earth today. Furthermore, there is rampant sin and compromise in the churches across America today. God cannot work through SIN.

And as a result, people all around us are actually perishing because we have failed to live up to the Biblical definition and high calling of THE CHRISTIAN. 

And who will believe our testimony of Jesus Christ, if we are living as hypocrites or in sin??? People who profess to be "Christians," but whose lifestyles deny this, are continually used by satan  to turn others from Christianity. We make a mockery of Jesus Christ when we profess to KNOW Him, but our lifestyle denies this.

Everything I am writing is true. Take a good look at the condition America is in today! The sad facts speak for themselves. The forces of hell are working overtime to bring this nation down into their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda! And it is quite evident that there is not enough righteousness in our nation to counter their darkness.

Mark the following words carefully: 
IF the Christians of America do NOT 
rise up in greater righteousness and obedience 
to God's Word, 
to STOP 
they will someday suffer bitter consequences.

The Christians of America will curse the very day they did not spend more time in fasting and prayer for this nation. They will curse the day they did not take warnings from the Word of God more seriously, plus warnings like mine (and many others) as well.

Christians in America will watch as FEMA seizes their church buildings and turns them into secular buildings for NWO agendas....just as the Bolshevik Communists did to Christians and their churches so many years ago.

They will look with horror as Christians across America are arrested and sent to the very prisoner boxcars with shackles I have warned against for years. Most will never survive the journeys to the FEMA/DHS camps: they will be murdered in the boxcars instead.

They will see with their own eyes Christians dragged before the modern guillotines, tempted to deny Jesus Christ, and beheaded by the NWO military guillotines when they refuse.

They will witness their very own Christian children taken away, to be forcibly re-educated into the satanic NWO agenda. And if their children refuse, they will be killed.

Christians in America will witness persecution and martyrdom on a scale never before experienced in this nation from her beginning. 

People who die early in the unfolding of martial law and the "dawning of the NEW WORLD ORDER" will be considered fortunate, because life will be more feared than death under this coming antichrist "kill-the-Christians" regime of terror called the NEW WORLD ORDER.

PLANNED FAMINE will ruthlessly sweep across our nation, bringing even Christians crawling on their knees to FEMA food distribution locations, begging for help...but denied that help when they refuse to cooperate with the NWO agenda.

Doe all of this HAVE to take place in our nation in the future??? 

NO! These are merely the wicked plans of the satanist madmen of the NWO agenda for America.  And none of this is the will of God, either. God is never schizophrenic! God is forever AGAINST satan and his dark kingdom, and God is FOR His people! "If God be FOR us, WHO can be against us!"

Just because God has warned us in the Book of Revelation of the plans of the wicked one in these end-times, never means that this is "somehow His will" and therefore must come to pass. These things were written as WARNINGS TO GOD'S PEOPLE of the intents of the enemies of God and His people.

Is there enough righteousness to COUNTER THE PLANS OF THE NWO FOR AMERICA???

You must decide. 

Because it will be YOU, my fellow Christian, that must decide to stand up for JESUS CHRIST and His truth, and to MAKE THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE across this nation. Every one of us as Christians are called by God to stand up for Jesus Christ and His truth in our nation, and to CHANGE THE DESTINY OF AMERICA for the glory of God.

A nation consists of her citizens. And it must be her citizens who ultimately decide what direction this nation shall go in. There are approximately 312 MILLION people living in America today. According to various polls taken across America, over half of the people in our nation profess to be believing CHRISTIANS.


My fellow Christians,
choose to live in 
a nation filled with tyranny and oppression, 
persecution and 
the genocide of God's people???

Or will YOU begin to stand up
for righteousness and
the will of God for our nation???

Will you sacrifice?
Will you labor?
Will you give?

Will you even lay down our life for the will of God to be accomplished in our nation, America???

Because if YOU do not, the
bitter consequences will be inevitable.

Where IS America going???

The choice 

Because, as I said, in this world, 
you get what you work for.....

"...for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap."

And for the CHRISTIAN, a great eternal reward awaits
as well for those who do 

"For the Son of man is going to come in 
His father's glory with His angels, 
and then 
He will reward each person
according to their works."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. I believe one of the factors for the sad state of the Church in America today is due to the teaching of a doctrine popularly called as "once saved always saved" or unconditional eternal security.

    "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." (Rev 22:14)

  2. How can we resist to Satan?

    John MacArthur