Friday, May 3, 2013



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
I am writing this plea to my Pentagon military readers at this time. Specifically, to those of you who are a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER covert agenda for this nation, America. 

I am not writing this as some outsider, but rather as one born in the headquarters of the USAF, Bolling, in Washington, DC.

I am writing this as a person whose famous USAF father worked both in Bolling AFB and the Pentagon for many years. And whose father also succumbed to the NWO recruitment prevalent in the US military to this very day. His name was Jake Schuffert, WWII Berlin Airlift war hero and icon cartoonist for the USAF for over 30 years.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.aWc&fp=12c48490302ef426&biw=1280&bih=666

The NWO message he brought home with him from the Pentagon every day, very frightening and very clear.

I am writing to you as a friend in the truest sense, having been in deep prayer for the salvation of those of you who have also succumbed to the NWO agenda recruitment in the US military and the Pentagon.
When I lived in the Washington DC area, I was a constant Christian witness to the DoD I was in contact with, and various other elements of the Federal government and military throughout that area. I babysat their children. I took care of their elderly parents. I worked for many of them throughout the years.

Yes, I do know the truth about where America is being taken. And I do know that the forces from hell of the NEW WORLD ORDER cannot carry out this terrifying martial law/NWO agenda for our nation, without the full assistance and cooperation of the US military at the highest levels. And that includes the Pentagon and the USAF, something that my family was indeed a part of in the past.
My father, Jake Schuffert
As I prayed for many years for my USAF father to be set free from the soul-damning darkness of the lies of the NWO agenda and it's accompanying religion, satanism, so I have been in prayer for each and every one of you also deceived and entrapped in this NWO agenda for America.

An agenda that spells cruel death and destruction of our Constitutional Republic, death for millions of YOUR fellow Americans, innocent by all pre-existing laws and guilty only of being Patriotic and freedom loving Americans, many also Christians, who in good conscience can never surrender this nation to the forces of hell and tyranny that comprise the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The horrific FEMA CAMPS cannot be run under martial law without the full cooperation of the US military.

Millions of innocent Patriotic Americans cannot be cruelly terminated in those prisoner boxcars with shackles and camps without the full participation of the US military.

Millions of  Americans cannot be executed by modern military guillotines without the full cooperation of the US military. (Hello, Fort Lewis-McChord and covert guillotine training program...)
Military Pentagon CHEMTRAILS
The deadly Pentagon-authorized chemtrail spraying already making millions of Americans sick, cannot take place without military cooperation and participation.

And now, deadly military operations like "OPERATION RING OF FIRE" and the planned detonation of nuclear weapons planted across our nation, coupled with our own missiles now re-directd against INTERNAL CONUS targets, ALL for the MARTIAL LAW/NWO agenda to be irrevocably brought down at last in our nation, cannot take place without FULL KNOWLEDGE, CONSENT AND COOPERATION of various cooperating/complicit elements throughout the US military and the Pentagon. Even as "9/11" and many more staged black ops and false flags with  military complicity....

As a person who comes to you, not from the outside, but one whose family was involved in the military, the Pentagon and the NWO agenda at one time, I am beseeching you to HALT this deadly plan to bring American down under martial law.

The  plan to detonate these planted nukes nationwide,  and to also release missiles from our own US military bases against internal targets, is truly a crime against humanity and a great sin against Almighty God. 

Millions of innocent people have the potential to both suffer and die across America due to this upcoming infamous false flag/black op. 

And their innocent blood will someday be ON YOUR HANDS if you participate in this deadly NWO agenda for America.

Men, I don't care if your military superiors told you to do this. I don't care how many perks, payraises and promotions they promise you for going along with this traitorous NWO agenda. 

The excuse of  "I was only OBEYING MY SUPERIORS" did not hold up in the Nazi war criminal trials when Nazis tried to excuse themselves from war crimes.

And it will never hold up in America either. 

And especially, this excuse will never hold up in the  higher courts of ALMIGHTY GOD, before whom every person must stand someday to give an account for their deeds on earth. And that includes YOU.

I am testifying to you from the eternal and immutable word of Almighty God today. 
Those of you involved in the US military with the NWO agenda of MARTIAL LAW, know exactly who you are. I am pleading with  you, much as I pleaded with my very own famous USAF father who was on his way to hell and eternal damnation for joining the NWO agenda.

How I loved my father as a child! And in later years, how my heart broke as I watched him plunge deeper and deeper in to the darkness of the deadly cult of the NWO, lead by Lucifer himself. It is soul-damning, it destroys marriages and families, as it destroyed my once happy family and my father's marriage to my saintly mother as well.

And you men and women who have sold out to the NWO agenda in the US military and the Pentagon, are no different than my father and what happened to our family. My heart breaks to see so many US military decieved, brainwashed, hardened and corrupted by the NWO agenda and doctrines from the pits of hell.

For this reason, all of you collectively have been in my prayers for many, many years now. I don't need to know your individual names. God Himself knows who each one of you are, and your covert plans and actions are never hidden from an Omniscient God.

I am pleading with each one of you, whether in the US military, or intelligence, or the realms of politics and the Federal government, PLEASE DO NOT BE COMPLICIT IN CARRYING OUT THE MARTIAL LAW AGENDA FOR AMERICA!

Because IF YOU DO, someday your names will go down in infamy, and your souls will plunge in to the deepest regions of the damned and eternal torment and hell. The words of Jesus Christ state clearly that ALL MURDERERS WILL HAVE THEIR PART IN ETERNAL TORMENT AND DAMNATION.

Military NWO supporters and participants are already guilty of MURDER OF THE INNOCENTS through their participation in the deadly satanic rituals that always accompany the NEW WORLD ORDER mindset and agenda. So many in the US military have participated in satanic human sacrifice rituals in many bases across this nation already. I know: my father was once a part of this tragedy.

And to trigger a state of national emergency and MARTIAL LAW  throughout America, more military complicity in the murders of millions of innocent Americans must take place to bring forth the staged disasters and false flags essential to declare MARTIAL LAW.

This has always been the PLAN  of the NWO agenda for America, to trigger martial law deliberately through staged  false flags and black ops. I have reported on this for many years now. And many of you in the US military and intelligence reading this know it is absolutely fact. We know, don't we?

My father finally realized, many years after joining this tragic NWO agenda, that it was all a lie. That satanism was utterly empty and filled with tragedy and utter despair and darkness.That it was someday doomed to utter destruction at the hands of a holy and righteous Almighty God. He had absolutely no peace in his life during these 30 years he was a part of satanism, and his years in military NWO darkness.
One of my father's famous military cartoon books

Even as he drew his famous cartoons for the USAF in our Alexandria, VA, home so many years ago, he would emerge from his art studio with bloodshot eyes and the look of great sadness on his face, night after night. USAF readers of AIRMAN magazine would only know his cartoons and think he was a humorous man. But we his family secretly knew that he was a tormented man, convicted by God relentlessly for his participation in satanism and NWO darkness.

My precious Christian mother and I would not give up on this man, praying day and night for Almighty God to save my father from this NEW WORLD ORDER NIGHTMARE and it's demonic cult of satanism that always accompanies it.

And one day, God finally answered our prayers. 

My father found himself dying of bone cancer, and I had to take him to Walter Reed Army hospital for treatment in 1998. He finally realized that the end was coming near. And he finally knew that he had to make peace with God and come clean. A wonderful USAF Chaplain, Donald Warner Ailsworth, came to our home to confront my father with where he would spend eternity IF he did not repent and ask God's forgiveness, and receive Jesus Christ as his Savior at last.

And my father did! He broke down, confessed to years of his involvement in NWO darkness and satanism, and became a forgiven man completely. The change in his personality was incredible. The loving daddy I had lost so many years ago, to the rhetoric of the NWO, was finally restored to my mother and I at last. Daddy had finally come home!

And six months later, he died a restored and forgiven man. The blood of Jesus had washed away all of his sins, and he found mercy before Almighty God in eternity.

All of you men and women in the US military and the Pentagon who have sold out to the NWO agenda for America, are no different than my father. 

You are secretly miserable inside because of sin, you can't live with what you have done in many cases, and some of you have turned to alcohol and drugs and other destructive methods to try and silence the voice of conscience God has placed into every person.

For many of you, your home life is in ruins and your marriage is falling apart, because of what you are bringing home from the military every single day. Your kids are scared of many of you, in fact.

(You men in THE ORION GROUP in the USAF, who worship satan by night, and work feverishly for the NWO agenda by day as officers in the USAF, THIS INCLUDES YOU.)

And I ask you, is the destruction of our nation America, and the certainty of your soul going to hell forever, even WORTH the petty promises of "PERKS, PAYRAISES AND PROMOTIONS" given to you by NWO sell-outs in the US military??? 

Is it even WORTH not being able to live with yourself, what you have done and are going to do, and the torment you go through every single day with these dark secrets??? And to sense the SOMEDAY YOU ARE GOING TO HELL???

My USAF father did not think so, and finally came out of the NWO NIGHTMARE to find peace and mercy and forgiveness at last.

For this reason, I am beseeching ALL of you throughout the US military to whom this is clearly written (and you KNOW who you are), to reconsider the destructive path you are on. 

Because each one of you WILL stand before the throne of the only true Commander in Chief of this entire universe, ALMIGHTY GOD, and you WILL give an account of your actions in this world.
Nothing is hidden from Almighty God. A lying news media may cover up your black ops and false flags to the American people, but Almighty God can never be deceived!

I therefore testify to you today, from the Word of Almighty God, that IF each one of you do NOT repent of your participation in the destructive NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for this nation, and REPENT of the satanism many of your are also involved in, YOU WILL PERISH IN ETERNAL TORMENT AND JUDGMENT FOREVER. 

And I personally wish this upon NONE of you. God is NOT willing that ANYONE should perish, but that all should repent and receive forgiveness and eternal life through accepting Jesus Christ His son. This is WHY He sent Jesus Christ into this sad and tragic world, to SAVE mankind form hell and sin.And to save YOU, my friends.

I certainly understand what level of danger my reporting and this kind of message has placed me in. But all of us with military background clearly understand, that no battle was ever won by an army of cowards. 

No one can hope to win a war, 
who is afraid to die 
to accomplish the desired end.

Jesus Christ Himself knew that he would have to suffer and die to atone for the sins of mankind. God even showed Him what kind of death he would die to save mankind from hell. And He realized He could never accomplish this for mankind, if He were to retreat as a coward from carrying the cross and dying for all of us to be saved.

There is nothing of great importance that can be accomplished in this world, without true sacrifice and suffering. Jesus Christ demonstrated this fully.

I realize that I too may be called upon to pay a high price for this reporting and type of warning to America, but again, nothing of any importance can ever be accomplished through cowardice. I have therefore chosen to follow Jesus Christ my Savior.  There can be no greater example, that that of the Son of God, Jesus Christ!

Having said all this, I will state without apology that God is calling EACH ONE OF YOU INVOLVED IN THE NWO AGENDA, TO REPENT of participating in this terrible plan for the destruction of America, and the murder of millions of innocent Americans as well.

I am beseeching you as a friend, and as one who comes from inside, to repent.

I will go one step further and say without apology, please do everything you can from within to hold back this NWO agenda  for the destruction of America 
under martial law.

Some of you are in key military and intelligence positions to do so, and you know exactly what I am referring to. 

God has placed you divinely in such a position as this, to make a difference in this critical hour.

Whatever it takes, do it. 
Before the deadline. 
And before it's it's too late, forever.
Join God's Army of true American heroes. 
And join His eternal kingdom of those who repented 
and got right with God at last, 
and finally KNOW 
where they will spend eternity.


I am praying for all of YOU 
to make the right decision NOW.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Special Thanks 
USAF Chaplain
Donald Warner Ailsworth
for ministering to
my dying father in
Alexandria, VA, and
helping to bring him
to Jesus Christ and peace
at last.


  1. Wow!

    Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I beseech you. I come boldly to the throne of grace asking your peace and protection over our sister Pamela. Father, I thank you for her, for her life for you, her dedication...her heart that is hard after you!!! Lord, give her peace that passes understanding during this critical time. Surround her with others who know and love you. Protect her, her family and her contacts from the enemy. Lord I ask a sheltering of protection over her; from the top of her head to the soul of her feet. Satan the Lord Jesus rebuke you and bind you over Pamela according to Mathew 18:18. Thank you Jesus for this woman. Give her wisdom, revelation, discernment in all things....bring to light the hidden things and continue to use her in a MIGHTY way for YOUR glory....In Jesus mighty name!!! Amen, Amen :-) Love you sister! Keep up the fight :-)

    -Morgan in Oregon :-)

    1. Amen to Morgan's prayer! Pamela, I also have been praying for your total protection from the enemy and will continue to do so every day.


  2. Pamela,
    God IS with you. You ARE a chosen vessel. He has put you into such a position as to reveal these things to others. You are doing the work that He has prepared you for.
    I thank Him for you, my sister. Your rewards WILL be great!!
    The NWO DOES fail, and I can't help but feel that you are a major reason this failure takes place.
    I, too, will be praying....for you...for the world.... my soul longs for the True Justice of our Heavenly Father. I am tired of the reign that Satan and his children have at this time. But that reign is almost over....and we have the Victory !!!! In the Name of Jesus, WE HAVE THE VICTORY !!!!!!