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-May 8th, 2013-
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Important Note-The following interview and article is referring to one of many computers with huge databases that are filled with the names of people across America who have been secretly  profiled to be future RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 

People whose names are on such computers, will someday (under martial law) find themselves being arrested and taken away to the FEMA/DHS camps for termination. Yes, I SAID, TERMINATION.

FEMA has such a computer with lists of NWO resisters. The DOJ has such a computer. The US military also has such computers and lists.

And the CIA certainly does as well. The CIA has been working relentlessly for the manifestation of a satanic NWO agenda in America. They will play a major role in identifying future NWO resisters, CHRISTIANS ESPECIALLY, and having them arrested and taken to the camps to be killed. 

That is why I call this computer the one that will kill Christians some day.

Reader, are YOU "on the list"??? (Golly, I guess I must be....chuckle.)

My personal prayer is that God Himself will bring destruction and judgment upon such computer systems, and move to obliterate such databases and lists of innocent people to be ruthlessly rounded up and murdered under MARTIAL LAW.

I am justified in praying this, because the Bible declares that "Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil." The CIA is literally nothing but one great big work of Satan himself. 

Satanism is prevalent throughout the CIA. Innocent children are brutally tortured, raped and mind-controlled in the CIA. Cruel torture is one of their specialties. Even children have been used a guinea pigs to test torture techniques, to determine which work the best. Children die under such torture.

The CIA is filled with the Nazi doctrines of the NWO agenda, through OPERATION PAPERCLIP. The NWO goals of the Bavarian Illuminati through Paperclip Nazis brought in through the CIA, remain entrenched in this agency of evil.

The CIA has brought countless kilos of drugs into America, to sell through their middlemen, to get money for their "black ops." Only God can measure how many lives have been ruined because of CIA drugs in America. They also realize that the corrupting of America through drugs will make it fall much quicker under their NWO agenda. 

The CIA is behind many of the black-op/false flag events in America. This includes school and mall shootings, using their mind-controlled manchurians programmed to kill and then turn their weapons on themselves to destroy evidence. The reason behind the school/mall/theater shootings is often to create public outrage and outcry against guns, to get anti-gun legislation rushed through Congress much quicker. The NWO fears an armed America that can fight back.

Not content with all the above mayhem, the CIA will move under martial law to arrest the Christians of America and cause them to be sent to the very detention camps I have reported on for years now. Former CIA insiders have warned that torture and death await such people once they take them to the camps. This CIA computer database will lead someday to the brutal murders of many innocent Christian Americans under martial law.

Pray with me therefore that God will bring forth His sovereign judgments upon the brazen wickedness of the CIA and their heinous plans to murder His innocent people under martial law. May God protect and rescue every one of His precious children, already marked for DEATH on this deadly CIA computer.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
I have just finished a phone interview with a former Captain in the US Army. He was stationed in Iraq. 

This man then  worked for Army CENTCOM, during that time in Iraq. He is now retired and presently lives in Georgia, spending much of his time investigating the New World Order.

This man is also a dedicated and sincere born-again Christian as well.

I listened to him today, fascinated, for the past hour as he shared with me information I have never previously published or known, BUT perfectly confirms my previously  reporting.

At the military base he was stationed at in Iraq, there was a room with the CENTCOM computer and database. There are several of these in different locations worldwide, so that if one gets hit or goes out, there are others to take over.

"Next to the CENTCOM central computer, there was another computer, OWNED BY THE CIA. I was fascinated about this one, and asked one man what the function of this one was."
"He admitted that it was the CIA computer specifically containing a list of ALL THE CHURCHES IN AMERICA. The data including how many people attended each church, who the pastor and leaders were, and who the members were."

"This computer program had a map of America. You could touch the screen on any state, and churches in each state touched would come up, by county and city."

"The CIA computer classified each church as well. The four basic classifications indicated whether each church was under clandestine CIA control, or JESUIT control, or SATANIST control, or MASONIC control. And also whether it was 501-C-3 tax-exempt or not."

I have written many articles throughout the years about the infiltrated churches in America today. There are churches wherein there are actually secret Satanist pastors, or CIA pastors, or Vatican/Jesuit pastors, or secret Masonic pastors as well. They will certainly never tell their congregations what they really are! 

These are your true "wolves in sheep's clothing," infiltrating the churches throughout America today. Many Christians simply don't comprehend this.

But this CIA computer went EVEN FURTHER. 

This computer actually classified EVERY PERSON ATTENDING THE CHURCH according to how committed, or non-committed, that person was as a Christian and church member. 

This included noting whether or not this member had disagreements with the church leadership on issues of integrity or proper church doctrine, etc.

I commented, "In other words, even the CIA is aware of those people who attend church, but may not really be Christians or may even be nominal..."

"Yes," he admitted.

Now WHY would the corrupt and hell-bound CIA even want to know this kind of information??? 

The following information will shock and disturb you.
I later began to think about what he shared after we hung up. 

And  I soon realized that this was perfect confirmation of the words of my friend Elaine Knost, former satanist high priestess for 18 years, hired as an assassin for the CIA as well. 

She later became a Christian and came out to blow the whistle on all this. I spent a whole month in her former home in Okeechobee, Florida in 1995.

Her testimony is included in four books available in Christian bookstores, written by Dr. Rebecca Brown. 
However, she and her daughter Claudia parted with Brown in 1990 and they went their separate ways. Elaine moved with her daughter to Okeechobee, FL. When I came to visit Elaine, she was undergoing professional Christian counseling and therapy with the help of  my friend, Dr. Chuck Lakin, formerly with Dunklin Memorial Christian Retreat there.

In fact, Elaine and I were even invited to lecture and expose satanism in America today at a seminar held there by Dr. Lakin.

When I met with Elaine in 1995,I encouraged her to come forward with hidden facts she never dared previously admit or publish in the previous books for legal reasons. She did so, and allowed me to publish them.

For example, in the "Rebecca Brown" series of books, she never admitted that she personally participated in human sacrifice rituals. I confronted her, because I knew no one could participate in such rituals and be in a position of leadership, and not be heavily involved in human sacrifice and all it involves. She admitted that this was omitted from the books for legal reasons.

Also, I confronted her with the reality of Christians being abducted, tempted to deny Christ, tortured and sacrificed when they refused. She admitted this was all true, and that satan was actually demanding more Christians for sacrifice...and that they obliged, and that numerous Christians, young and old alike, had been abducted and sacrificed by her covens throughout the years. I have previously written and published this material throughout the years.

While controlling the state of Indiana as their ruling satanic high priestess, Elaine admitted she was also hired by the CIA as an assassin. I learned through several interviews with former CIA personnel, that the CIA is always hiring satanists for their assassin jobs. The reason the CIA does so, is that satanists will have no problem in murdering innocent victims, and they willingly do so all the time.

I know this is true, because several of my Christian friends  were formerly satanists and assassins for the CIA. In every case, God performed mighty wonders of grace to both convict them and bring them out of such terrible darkness. Jesus Christ forgave their sins and transformed them by His mighty power and set them free.

Listen to her shocking insider revelations of what really goes on inside the CIA.

"We satanists sat around in the CIA discussing, 'how do you get rid of the Christians in America who stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER agenda?' 

"We satanists in the CIA hated the Christians in America more than any other group, because we knew they would never accept Lucifer as their god...they would never accept our NEW WORLD ORDER."

"We finally came up with the concept of the CONCENTRATION CAMPS 
in America."
 "The very detention camps you are now investigating, I even helped to design in the CIA. And although I now greatly regret my role in this, 

"We even called this plan 'THE FINAL SOLUTION' from within the CIA..."

When I mentioned to Elaine that many Christians in America were under the impression that George H. W. Bush was  somehow a conservative, maybe even a Christian, she scoffed in disbelief at that. 

"We satanists in the CIA considered Bush Sr. ONE OF OUR OWN!"
"Skull n' Bones" Bonesman Bush Sr.

Indeed. The BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE is one of the most prominent satanic bloodlines in the world today. And as all Illuminati, they too are racing to bring forth the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER, Lucifer's manifest kingdom on earth as referred to in REVELATION 13.

And because the NEW WORLD ORDER is satan's manifest kingdom on earth, NO genuine Christian can ever accept this as a valid government, or submit to it.

Not even to save their personal lives or loved ones.

Hence, the satanists of America have already pre-determined that THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA MUST BE SENT TO THE FEMA/DHS CAMPS TO BE TERMINATED. 

I commented to Elaine, "Well, if it is the satanists behind the NWO and the camps, it won't be a very easy death for the Christians they arrest and take to the camps, will it?" I knew from years of research what satanists do to helpless victims on satanic altars and crosses.

I can never forget her response. Her eyes burned into mine as she said with great emphasis the following words: 

"I tell you the truth: it will be brutal RAPE, TORTURE AND DEATH once they get their hands on THE CHRISTIANS and begin to take them to the camps........"

This is the standard behavior of satanists who sacrifice Christians by night. And under martial law, they will feel freed legally to do this by day.
Christians across America, 

I have been repeatedly informed by former satanists and Illuminati that this will all happen in America, when national disasters occur, leading to MARTIAL LAW being declared. 

The Constitution will finally be suspended, the Presidential Executive Orders will be activated as law of the land, turning America into a police state. 

Religious (and many OTHER)freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution WILL BE SUSPENDED.

And persecution will finally come to 
the Church in North America 
at last.
And everything I have ever written to warn the Church in North America about what is to come,
will happen.

Millions of innocent people, already secretly profiled and marked for round-up and termination on CIA, military/FEMA/DHS  and government computers, will be arrested and taken to the
prisoner boxcars with shackles, 
to be transported to the camps.
Christians will be tempted to deny Jesus Christ
and join the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER...


Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled
completely in North America soon.
Not only the happy kind, but the sad as well.

And how few Christians in America are truly prepared to face this persecution. Too many want to push away the truth, and hide in self-deception instead.

Please wake up, Christians in America!
Your remaining time of liberty is slowly coming 
to an end.
Prepare to stand for Jesus Christ faithfully
without compromise.

of what you are to suffer.
the devil will cast some of you into prison, 
and you shall have tribulation...
Be faithful unto death, and I will give you 
the Crown of LIFE."
From Revelation 2:10 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
I can never forget my encounter with a former CIA operative of 30 years, now retired. 

This man had a reputation in the CIA, even to this very day. We had several fascinating conversations about the emerging NWO and the CIA role in all this.

I asked him the following important questions  one day.

"For the sake of my Christian readers who often have such a hard time believing all this, could you please verify some things?" He agreed.

"Aren't there really prisoner boxcars with shackles across America, waiting to haul people to the camps under martial law?"

Yes, he said.

"And aren't there really modern guillotines to behead people under martial law?" He replied affirmative.

"And isn't it true that every church in America is infiltrated by the CIA?"

He responded with a brazen laugh, almost with a sound of jubilance, as he readily replied, 

"YES! There is not a CHURCH or Christian institution in America, that the CIA has not infiltrated to a certain degree..."

I concluded with the following question:

"And isn't this all going to come down in America, UNDER MARTIAL LAW when they suspend the Constitution and bring America under the NEW WORLD ORDER?"

"'s all true."
(Thanks, "Mechanic," for telling
the Church in America THE TRUTH."
Well, friends, looks like there really IS a NEW WORLD ORDER timebomb ticking relentlessly away in America. They are moving this nation ever closer to their satanic goals. Just look at what is happening all around you in America today.

But what have the concerned Christians 
in America done to STOP IT?
Begin with PRAYER and 
standing on the WORD OF GOD
to come against Satan's insidious plans 
for our nation.
And intercede mightily against their plans to 
destroy the Christians of America.

Always remember:
"Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy
the works of the devil."

And there is no greater work of the wicked one in the world today, than his pervasive and deadly
coupled with his dark followers who plan to 
carry it out.

PRAY for this NWO stronghold of Satan's
in the world today to be uprooted
and cast down into
utter judgment and destruction,
in Jesus' mighty Name.

Pray for the salvation of all
those deceived by Lucifer's lies,
who work for his NWO agenda.

Pray for their NWO funding and manpower
and everything they need to
bring the NWO forth successfully, 
to be utterly under the wrath of God, 
and cut off and dried up.

Be not deceived!
God Himself is against their NWO and the
evil force behind it, Lucifer.

Just because it is mentioned in Bible prophecy, does NOT mean it is somehow the "will of God."
It does not mean we are to simply sit back and let the devil have his way in the world, because it is found in the Bible.

God is not divided against Himself.
Nor is He schizophrenic.
Because God hates Lucifer,
God sent Jesus Christ into this world 
to destroy the works of the devil, period.

He has given us prophetic warning in His word of this end time kingdom of the enemy, that would seek to destroy His children from the earth.

We as Christians are not called to stand idly by, 
and allow the devil to triumph by default!

If Jesus was manifested to 
the works of the devil,
His disciples.

......Get out there and DO IT!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. What event is coming first? The World War 3 or Martial Law in USA after a new 9/11 (nuclear?).


  2. What about Europe? Do you know something about?

  3. Do you believe at the Rapture before the Christians are terminadet in the FEMA Camps ... ???

    1. forget rapture to escape... prepare to die.
      "will He find faith on the earth ? "

  4. Michael T. WilliamsMay 11, 2013 at 3:27 AM

    I wish the CIA would come after me for what I believe! Last time I checked our founding fathers believed in GOD! Go ahead! Send me home early! Just don't cry to GOD when the Church that pray is gone.

  5. polycarp was told to recant or be burned alive. his reply,"eighty and six years have I now served Christ and He has never done me the least wrong. How, then, can I blaspheme my Lord and Saviour?"
    Read "Last words of Saints and Sinners" by Herbert Lockyer
    We will need to know how to die.

  6. The Bible mentions that we will be saved from the wrath of God, but it never says that we will be saved from the wrath of the Anti-Christ. As it was during the time of the Jewish Holocaust, so it will be in our time in these FEMA camps. All we can do is lean on His everlasting Arms.

  7. Wow, great article. I've read the books by Rebecca Brown many years ago and a few years ago was inspired to write a book exposing the satanic agenda. It's about a girl who goes through the Tribulation. It's SCARS by Patience Prence. God bless.

  8. all of it is going on right now ever body talk but don't really care or don't want to really see what is there in front of them it is better to look away from it and act like nothing is going on with the people they follow you on your phones,cars,facebook and ect... HOMELAND IS PUTTING us all on a list go out and look at your mailbox and see what color you have on your box you will be put on a list to be killed by U.N they go by a list that was put together from facebook and other thing they have alreally done 3 red flags they have 3 more to go and we all go to war with each other and that is what they want us to do is to kill each other along with them they will have all the food and water we will die trying to stay alive we will see our kids,mothers,fathers and all other die before us and there is nothing we can do what is the world if no one knew who god was we must fight to keep god alive we must meet him half way and fight for him many has went to war for god and many has die in his name we walk by faith,not by sight

  9. Papal Rome, is coming this September to set up the basis for her mark here on earth....a national law of forced Sunday worship disguise as the day of the family, children and workers...

    keep your eyes open and listen to the Pope Agenda, defined by these two code terms"=

    1) a law for a day/Sunday as a rest for the family children and workers...which is the Sunday Law, a national law of forced Sunday worship... a religious politcal law which should not be accepted, because religion should not be legislated...In top of that consider what it means to those that follow the law of God, the 7th day as the true Sabbath...this to be persecuted with this Sunday Law...

    2) speaking of "religious in fact the opposite for those that are not catholic or ecumenic...which is
    that the "catholic religious liberty" in fact is the opposite concept of what we protestant believe...
    the catholic religious liberty is Sunday law, in which only the catholics have their day of worship (the false sabbath)...while those that believe otherwise, that keep the true Sabbath, the 7th day Sabbath which is the day of the Lord according to Exo. 20:8-11...those like us will be not free at all...but an enslavement for those that oppose the false Sunday Sabbath and instead
    serve the Lord by keeping the 7th day Sabbath holy as the 4th commandment tells us to do ....

    Keep your eyes opens and listen to what the Pope is speaking...which can be understood by this code terms=....
    because knowing about secondary players (iluminati and the like), does not brings to the forefront the reality that the our foe is Papal Rome which controls all these groups... which has already conquered our nation from within... And the best good that can be done to humanity is to warn them not to accept the false Sabbath of Sunday as the law of land...because this is a one way ticke to eternal death...this is the Mark of the Beast....