Friday, February 25, 2011

Revision of WHAT HAPPENED The Other Night

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

After much afterthought and contemplation, I am going to tentatively change my conclusion as to what happened the other night.

Because of the extreme burning and actual quivering in my intestines near my heart initially and continuing later afterwards, I am wondering if the silent weapon used was directed energy or laser or microwave. Yes, my sinuses went crazy, and my heart was racing uncontrollably as the sensations continued. But there was MORE....

ED PACK was microwaved to death in Spartanburg, NC, years ago when I lived in South Carolina. He knew too much about MARTIAL LAW and OKC bombing and WACO, and was microwaved to death with a stealth death weapon out side his home.

Because I could not SEE anything, only HEAR footsteps and FEEL the attack, I can never know for sure. Only God can know. But YOUR PRAYERS can make a difference. Pray for me. Your financial support also makes the difference. I want to leave this area completely.

-Pamela Schuffert

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LAST NIGHT...They Tried To Silence Me Permanently

And I am not given to imagination...I know when the attack is REAL.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective:

My stomach is still faintly nauseated and a small lingering dizziness remains. And ONLY because of the power and love of God, because I was fasting and praying last night (And have been for many days now) have I been strong enough to actually exit my cabin and get things done today...even come out alive. I know when I have been under an actual attack.

Last night, as I was praying and in a fasted state, I distinctly heard, in the many dried leaves lying thick surrounding my mountain cabin, human and NOT animal footsteps. They were distinct and clear. I froze. It was around one in the morning. I wondered what it meant, especially after my most recent post. I was to find out soon.

Soon, my sinuses went absolutely crazy and began to weep uncontrollably. SOMETHING VERY POTENT and powerfully caustic had been sprayed in my immediate area. It penetrated inside my cabin. The next thing I knew, my heart began to race more and more uncontrollably. I thought I was going to lose my mind completely under the terrible influence of whatever had been deliberately released immediately outside my cabin.

And then, after racing uncontrollably, my heart came close to stopping altogether. I am in home health care. I know about such symptoms and their dangers. I know when something is real, and dangerous.

I felt immediately the PRESENCE OF WHAT FELT LIKE THE HANDS ON AN ANGEL directly on my heart...and lay still for a long LONG time until the terrible symptoms began to slowly subside. God's love and Divine power began to fill my body with HIS presence and HIS love, saturating it.

I was SO weak as I struggled to get out of my bed once the sun began to rise, where I had been laying recovering from the terrible substance released. Weak, nauseated and dizzy....until I took steps of faith to slowly get dressed and to struggle to exit my cabin.

I forced myself to get dressed and to finally gather the Divine strength to stagger down the stairs to my car. I told no one, until I could take all day to evaluate what had happened. Slowly my strength returned this day.

But I realized after thinking about it again, that it was REAL, it was DELIBERATE...and may have been a mocking response to my most recent post. "They" frequently use covert tactics of assassination when they want it to appear as "an accident."

This happened to me previously more than once, in Yellowstone Park when I uncovered too much about the secret high level meth operations going on there and WHO was involved. It happened when I was going to meet cameramen to film secret locations of detention camps and other related information in Montana and Idaho.

Also, more than once, after I have distinctly locked my cabin to attend to my activities, returned to find my door unlocked and my cat out that I had left locked in.

Can things happen even in a Christian Retreat? Yes. There is no security guardhouse stopping each person who enters here. One security guard friend told me one day that he had noted a car with about 6 men and guns strapped to their sides get out and enter one house here.

I am praying that God will now accelerate my exiting this region where they most certainly know that I am living. I have been praying this for 2 years now anyhow, knowing I do not belong in this region, long term, ever.

Pray for me for God's eternal mercy and grace and provision to prevail! I have lots more to do for God and His Kingdom before I ever get "taken out" permanently.

-Pamela Schuffert

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Clear Time for MARTYRDOM in America...And My RETURN TO THE CALL

God has been deeply convicting me over the past year (almost two years now)that I have been on sabbatical in Montreat, NC. I am going to confess things to my readers, to let them know I am normal flesh just like theirs.

Yes, I can have fear at times over all I have reported. Yes, I can be tempted to retreat from the call of God. Yes, I can be tempted to tip-toe away from all my VERY God-appointed reporting to wake up the Body of Christ regarding VERY genuine coming tribulations to the Christians in North America (America/Canada)and TRY to "pretend" that I can "forget" all my 15 years of information gathering and dispersing...and TRY to somehow have a normal life.

I admit: I have actually tried. I have become oh SO weary from my 15 years of hard labors in this field...the dangers, the deprivations, the hatred and persecutions, the hazards, the loneliness, the lack of compassion and support form the Body of Christ elements too afraid to support me or stand with me...the very real sufferings I have endured to get this information out to the Body of Christ. Because they WILL be tempted to deny Jesus Christ to avoid the planned persecutions...they WILL suffer in what is coming to our nation!

But...It did not work. God and His deep conviction and His Word would not let me. Repeatedly. And so I am leaving Montreat, NC (only a mile or two from Billy Graham's home in fact on a comfortable Christian retreat region) as soon as support comes in and I am finishing my testimony for the Glory of God in this matter. Besides, I am weary of being around various Christians who retreat from me in fellowship because they fear retaliation from the powers-that -be for my reporting.

I am returning to my important field of research and warning the Body of Christ, and calling the people involved in the NWO darkness to repentance. I am returning to traveling and praying all over MY AMERICAN and going back on radio and television to finish my testimony to my nation and fellow Christians and fellow Americans...while there is still time.

AND TIME IS VERY SHORT NOW FOR AMERICA! I know this from numerous sources. And so do many of YOU.

What will it cost to finish my testimony? My very life and all that I have completely. BUT GOOD!

LET me give my life for the testimony of Jesus Christ in this desperate hour. LET me glorify the Living God in so doing! LET this mere temporal fleshly body that is doomed to die anyhow, gladly die giving it's life for the testimony of Jesus Christ and telling the truth to my nation.

No, I am NOT talking about "martyrdom" as the Moslems and other cultures do..strapping a bomb to themselves and destroying the lives of innocents around them and plunging their souls into eternal hell as well.

I am NOT talking about some violent act destined to trigger government /military retaliation and to kill me for obvious reasons. This is not how the Lord God works through people's least not CHRISTIAN lives.

I have purposely chosen to remain unarmed and non-violent in my lifestyle and testimony. I own no gun, no ammunition, nothing to defend myself physically in my hour of coming persecution. Besides, who do I shoot in the hour of confrontation for my very life and freedom? The FBI officer Jesus Christ died to forgive and save? That military soldier that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive and save? That police officer that Jesus Christ died to save and forgive? That FEMA officer...HOMELAND SECURITY...etc???

I tell you, NO. My truest battle is on a MUCH higher plane and level. I am battling for the hearts and minds and souls of lost mankind TO BE SAVED. In this battlefield I am in, I see no enemies, but only men and women for whom Jesus Christ died to forgive, save and redeem. This is my defined battlefield, and my tools of battle are not violence but WEAPONS OF THE WORD OF GOD and HIS way of confronting sinful mankind.This is what God told me from the beginning when He called me to this work.

I am rather talking about boldly promoting the Gospel and telling the truth about coming martial law, about boldly calling the guilty promoters of this coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST to repentance..something most American pastors and ministries are too afraid to do and have admitted to me behind closed doors! They are 501-C-3 tax exempt and love their money and temporary (oh SO temporary) "safety-comfort-denial" zones they have hacked out for themselves.

At one point, the FBI warned me I was on their hit list with reams of files on me in their records...and warmed me my time was short. At one point, a 30 year retired vet of the CIA warned me I was on the CIA top one hundred hit list at one point for various reasons. And more recently, a person in the USAF security/intelligence warned me that I have been labeled a threat to national security because of my reporting. I was red-flagged on USAF security intelligence computers and marked for pick-up interrogation and ultimately destruction SOMEDAY for my reporting.

None of this is a joke. None of this is a game. And all of what I have reported on is coming to AMERICA...all too soon.

But WHERE are the "courageous men of God" calling people like OBAMA and BUSH and other Illuminati bloodlines (Rothschilds, etc) and Bilderburgers and related NWO supporting groups to REPENTANCE over their planned bloodbath of the American Patriots and Christians who WILL RESIST (and rightfully so) in America someday???

Such cowardly pastors (and there are many in America to9day) love their 501-C-3 tax exempt status and temporary safety status through compromise much too much to TELL the truth from America's pulpits! They fear persecution, and some of them have told me so behind closed doors.

This is not a time of cowardice in the Church in America today. This is not a time for cowardly American Patriots. Rather it is a time to boldly decide to STAND UP FOR YOUR FATH IN JESUS CHRIST and His word, and let them know you will never surrender this nation to their communiszt, Christian persecuting/murdering and freedom-destroying agenda!!!

We are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH both now and forever, we as Christians. The NWO has planned persecution, martyrdom, cruelty beyond belief and testings for the uncompromising Christians in our nation...and in fact worldwide.

You cannot glorify God, and retreat in fear and cowardice. You cannot WIN THE BATTLE through retreating in craven cowardice and fear! COMPROMISE will never save a soul or a nation or win a battle, ever.

Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, I encourage to allow God to prepare your heart to OVERCOME in the coming battles! Purpose to believe God's Word and to give your life fully for the Gospel and the truth of the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ and the truth in this hour.

I have made up my mind, and I am going forth once again armed with the truth and the call of God.

Stand with Jesus Christ, and with me as well. I appreciate your prayers. I am praying for YOU.

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following is the most important report I have ever written in my 15 years of investigative journalism uncovering the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and the NWO agenda for our nation and how it impacts Christians. This article is especially written FOR CHRISTIANS.

I will soon be going off the Internet on reporting about this subject of the NEW WORLD ORDER.


God has deeply convicted me of something that many other well -intentioned Christians investigating the future of America and the NWO agenda are also guilty of, and not even really aware of.

We are called to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST and BE HIS DISCIPLES. We are NOT called by the Word of God to follow "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" and the darkness of this world and all it's intrigue. Yes, this kind of information I have faithfully reported on is indeed all TRUE. Yes, what I have reported on will impact our lives and our futures. Yes, it DOES involve Bible prophecy. Yes, it is important that Christians understand in general what this is all about. And that is why I dedicated my life to this work for the past 15 years. However...

The world will ever BE THE WORLD. However, God's kingdom and purposes are NOT the world's.

There is no end to the darkness of this world and it's intrigue, mysteries, plots and scandals, ever.

Many well-meaning Christians can become sidetracked and so caught up in trying to understand the NEW WORLD ORDER and it's intricacies and agendas, and how they will impact all of us eventually, that they can actually MISS the MOST IMPORTANT THING:keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ and following HIM completely!

While I have performed this journalistic work as a Christian, walking in discipleship principles and His teachings, God has deeply convicted me of getting sidetracked from many of HIS purposes that He also desires to use me in ministry for.

My heart and mind are not to be focused or consumed on the darkness of this present world and age, but rather on the light of Jesus Christ instead! The world will pass away and all that is therein. It's works of darkness will pass away...but God's kingdom is eternal!

If YOU have fallen into this trap of following this kind of information on website after website, or alternate news radio broadcasts on this kind of subject, beware lest you become more of a follower of the dark intrigue of this age, and are failing to wholeheartedly follow the light of the world, Jesus Christ! Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ for cleansing from the dark knowledge of this world, and follow Jesus Christ completely.

While the truths I and others have covered on this subject in journalism are of importance and relevance for many reasons, this is not what WE AS CHRISTIANS are to primarily focus on or follow eternally.

ONLY YOUR STEADFAST WALK WITH JESUS CHRIST can save you from what is to come, anyhow! Only HIS GRACE can save you from falling away under persecution to come that I have outlined repeatedly in my years of reporting.

Many Christians have actually become so engrossed with this NWO subject, that they have become more like "CONSPIRACY THEORY GROUPIES" instead of disciples of Jesus Christ, and run from one lecturer to another, purchasing one book after another on this subject, listening to one broadcast after another...and in the process are being led AWAY from the only light of the world and the ONLY eternal truth, JESUS CHRIST in the process!!!

Do not focus on the darkness of this present age!

Fellow Christians, follow Jesus Christ and seek Him and His kingdom! The rest of this world, and even your life in this world, shall pass away all too soon. We are heading to an everlasting kingdom and world to come that shall never pass away.

From my heart, Pamela Schuffert