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What Do Orthodox Jews and Militant Muslims Have in COMMON?

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Actual photo of guillotine in Tel-Aviv, Israel

-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Bbilcal Christian perspective-

FACT: Orthodox Jews have designed the Noahide Laws to target the much hated Christians, and to cause them to be beheaded under their NOAHIDE LAWS, someday to occur on a worldwide scale.(And in fulfillment of Bible prophecy as well. Revelation 20:4)

The Militant Muslims are already ahead of the Jews in this matter. All around the world, Islamic militants are on a jihad against Christians. Christians have already been beheaded by Muslim hate groups in many nations. Even young children are not spared beheading for Jesus' sake. 

Why am I mentioning this? Simply to point out an interesting fact. There are times throughout history, when avowed enemies have actually come together to accomplish a common goal.

This was made clear when certain elements among the Jews worked closely with the Nazis to help create a holocaust, designed to evoke world sympathy for the Jews and to pave the way for the establishment of ISRAEL as a response. This is a historical fact, sad but true. 

Here are two alleged enemies, working together. The Nazis were more than happy to eliminate Jews (actually to eliminate the Jewish threat of communism and Jewish banker takeover,) and the Jews (working for a Zionist goal of re-establising Israel as a Jewish homeland) were just as happy to sacrifice some Jews for the  greater good of the whole.

I will never forget my years in the pro-life battle to save the unborn across America (1988-1992). 

At one time, my pro-life friends and I decided to attend a pro-abortion rally held in Washington DC at the Reflecting Pool, just to observe. Tens of thousands of abortion supporters gathered around that pool, to hear a speech by Molly Yard, then the darling of the pro-abort crowd at that time.

Reflecting Pool, Washington DC
I was amazed to see the varied people groups coming to that pro-abortion rally that day. Large groups of Jewish attendees mingled with Middle Eastern Arabs and multitudes of other nationalities and ethnic groups (Washington DC is a multicultural/multinational city.)

Finally, following Molly Yard's impassioned hate speech against the unborn and their right to life, she instructed the attendees to take hands with one another, and to repeat words after her.

I was astonished as I watched people of various ethnic groups and nationalities, actually forsake old hatreds and enmities between one another, and take hands, UNITED OVER A COMMON CAUSE.

I personally witnessed how women carrying signs indicating "JEWS FOR ABORTION RIGHTS" were later taking hands with people of Arab background wearing the Palestinian scarves clearly around their necks! Jews and Palestinians forsaking previous hatreds to UNITE in an issue they finally agreed upon. And these were not the only examples I noted that day.

My point? In previous reports I have clearly outlined the Jewish NWO Zionist plan to finally rid the world, and America, of the much hated CHRISTIANS. It will be accomplished through the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, seven laws allegedly by God to Noah for the non-Jews. According to these laws, people can be executed by BEHEADING for breaking several of them. The two Noahide laws that will implicate and condemn Christians are the ones forbidding "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD" and "IDOLATRY."

The Jews believe that to call Jesus Christ "THE SON OF GOD" is blasphemy against God. They also believe that it is IDOLATRY to worship Jesus Christ as "GOD IN THE FLESH." Hence, the Jews have finally discovered their FINAL SOLUTION to getting rid of the Christians, and to then make way for their anticipated Jewish world reign from ZION, or Jerusalem.

I have extensively reported on the presence of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES throughout America, in many military bases. These military guillotines are also located in bases worldwide.Their only realistic purpose in today's world of modern technology, is to fulfill the NOAHIDE LAWS. 

And there a plenty of Jews in political and military positions of power in America, who fully uphold this secret plan for Christian genocide, who know all about the military guillotines, and heartily approve.

SO many Jews today believe that the NWO is THEIR New World Order, in fact. And they have told me so. 

(I wonder how many Jews actually realize that in fact, it is LUCIFER'S NWO! However, Jew HAROLD ROSENTHAL certainly knew this and admitted it in a revealing interview regarding Jews, the NWO, and the role of LUCIFER, declared to be "god" by many apostate Jews. There are many who call themselves Jews today, who literally worship Lucifer for money and power, like the ROTHSCHILDS and many others as well.)

I received an email one day from a Jewish reader. He said, "Yeah, lady, your reporting is correct. And the anti-christ you Christians fear, will be our NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world victory, and to GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY!"

Another Jewish man I personally spoke with, Orthodox, confirmed my reporting on the Noahide Laws and how they will be used to eliminate Christians someday. It was a civil conversation. I just wanted to know the truth, and he politely answered my questions.

"Unfortunately, you are correct," he admitted as we discussed this. He outlined what Jews believe, matter-of-factly, about Jesus Christ and the Christians. That we Christians are considered by most Jews to be idolaters and blasphemers of God, and that the Noahide Laws were created to deal with this. And that according to their interpretation of Scriptures, Jews were to rule the world from Zion...and get rid of all uncooperative enemies. 

That means CHRISTIANS as well.

Now let us go to the MUSLIM belief system. Christians are considered infidels, or heretics. Muslims are commanded to behead infidels and those who "insult Islam."

Their definition of "insulting Islam" can be a Christian preaching that Jesus Christ, and not Mohammed, is the only way to God. Or declaring that Islam is a cult, that Mohammed is a false prophet, and that "Allah" is the ancient name of the pagan moon god of the primitive Arabs. According to Christian doctrine, all of this is true.

Just recently, another Christian pastor was beheaded by militant Muslims in Africa.

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute.
A Christian pastor was recently slaughtered in the Muslim-majority African nation of Tanzania.  While butchering Christian minorities is becoming increasingly common in that part of the Muslim world, the context for this latest slaughter is somewhat different than the usual forms of Christian persecution under Islam—such as allegations of “blaspheming” the name of Muslim prophet Muhammad.  And yet, as in most forms of modern-day Muslim attacks on Christians, it too fits patterns and precedents.
On February 11, Pastor Mathayo Kachili of the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church was beheaded by Muslims...
12 year old Christian girl beheaded by Muslim in Indonesia
Militant Muslims even attack children who are Christians and behead them. And their Islamic courts of law will never successfully prosecute them!
There are many Muslims in America today. Many have recently been placed in positions of power and influence, including in DHS as well. Barack Obama himself has spoken at Islamic events, leaving listeners believing that he himself is Islamic in his belief system. He fully supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, for example. It is the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that is participating is much persecution of the Christians, including their church burnings and murders, at this time.
What does this all mean???
I personally believe that in America's future, there will be joint participation of both Jewish NWO Zionists and Islamic extremists in our nation, working together in the rounding up, persecuting and beheading of their common enemies, THE CHRISTIANS. 
Two traditional enemies coming together for a dark common cause...
Muslims who are already beheading Christians worldwide,  joining together with Jewish NWO Zionists who anticipate beheading Christians under their NOAHIDE LAWS.
Impossible? No more so, than what happened in Hitler's Germany, when the Jewish Zionists conspired secretly with the Nazis and cooperated to bring forth THE HOLOCAUST, willingly sacrificing some Jews, to pave the way for the establishment of a Jewish Homeland at last, every Zionist's dream, Eretz Yisrael.
Based upon years of research, and just a little common sense, I dare to say this is coming to America.
I can never forget the visions that Becky shared with me regarding the future beheading of Christians in America. Becky was a strong Christian and worked for the Department of Agriculture in Washington DC. 
She said to me, "God showed me in these visions, how the guillotines would be used to tempt the Christians to DENY THEIR FAITH IN JESUS. I watched as children were dragged from parents, and taken to the guillotines. Parents were told to "...DENY JESUS, OR WE WILL BEHEAD YOUR CHILD!
She saw the same tactic attempted with Christian children: their parents were taken away to the guillotines, and the children were told, "DENY JESUS OR WE WILL BEHEAD YOUR PARENTS!"
"In my visions, I even saw GUILLOTINES SET UP ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN..." she concluded.
Huh??? Guillotines on the WHITE HOUSE LAWN??? What's THIS you're showing your people, God?
Of course, NWO-supporting Presidents like the Bushes or the Clintons would have no problem whatever in beheading Christians (heh-heh)! 

But in Barack Obama, we have something even more ominous. 

Muslims are murdering and beheading Christians worldwide, and Obama has fully declared his ties with ISLAM and the Muslim Brotherhood. I have watched the videos in which Obama has forcefully declared his full unity with Muslims and the Brotherhood. Obama evens supports them financially with our tax dollars.

And of course, Obama now resides in the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. 

REALITY CHECK: Do you actually think that Obama is ignorant of the prevalent, albeit covert, military guillotines...or their true purposes to be fulfilled someday in America? These are MILITARY GUILLOTINES involving MILITARY training, and one of Obama's titles is COMMANDER IN CHIEF over the US military.
To many of us researchers, it appears that the dawning of the NWO through MARTIAL LAW DISASTERS cannot be far away in America at this time.
And of course, one cannot forget Obama's recently appointed CZARS over America, so many of them Zionist NWO-agenda JEWS.
Could it possibly be...that the Muslims that Obama has appointed to key positions recently, including in DHS (that stronghold of NWO agendas for America) are going to unite with the Jews in power for their NWO/NOAHIDE LAWS agenda for America,  for the FUTURE CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE AGENDA consisting of the MARTYRING OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANS, USING THE MILITARY GUILLOTINES I HAVE FREQUENTLY REPORTED ON???
To me, the answer is quite obvious. I believe that both will cast away traditional enmities and differences, and focus on eliminating common enemies across America: THE CHRISTIANS. BOTH believe in beheading Christians and BOTH know, amongst their leadership, that the covert military guillotines are a coming reality,

Bible prophecy will always be inevitably fulfilled, whether we as Christians like it...or not. God's foreknowledge is perfect. Jesus revealed in Matthew 24 what would happen in the world immediately before His return.
"Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and be put to death,and you will be hated by all nations because of Me. At that time, many will turn away from their faith and will betray and hate one another...many false prophets will appear and deceive many...because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who stands firm to the end shall be saved..."
Matthew 24:9-13

"And I saw the souls of them beheaded 
for the witness of Jesus 
the Word of God...."
Matthew 20:4

What does it take to awaken the slumbering 
Church in America today???

Her greatest hour of peril is looming on the horizon.

Christian in America, 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Let it begin Lord christians faith is tested only when there is persecution

  2. What role do you believe the Pope and Catholic Church have in all of this? If you have already addressed this, perhaps just reference a link?

  3. Pamela,
    As always, a very intersting read. You may want to research three things, for they will bring all of the pieces of this "puzzle" together:

    "How the Vatican Created Islam".

    "Shriner's Create the Muslim Brotherhood".

    "Albert Pike's Three World Wars".

    I guarantee you won't regret looking these up on the Internet.

    Glory to The God of Isreal,