Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miracle of GRACE for SUV Today

Doomsday approacheth!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

How I dreaded today. Thursday was the anticipated "D-DAY" or financial doomsday for emptying my feeble bank account to cover my SUV repair bills. And I also dreaded parting with my "home on wheels" for a few days. I had scheduled a tow truck to come and pick up my SUV from the parking lot of Brother John's nursing home at 9:00 AM today. 

B & R TOWING AND RECOVERY of Hendersonville, NC, sent Jamie Shuler with one of their trucks to pick up my SUV. But before he towed me to the Chevy repair shop, Jamie walked over and asked what the problem was. I told him about the terrible clanging as I tried to drive my vehicle a few days previously, and about how after much research on the Internet I had tentatively determined that it sounded like a CV joint or axle problem.

Jamie informed me that he had been a master mechanic for 20 years, and then asked to look under the vehicle at each front joint. Instructing me to turn my steering wheel in one direction, and then the other, he carefully looked at both joints and axle.

He then said, "Well, ma'am, your problem is NOT your joints. The boots are still intact, no oil is coming out, and they look just fine." Really! I started to get very VERY excited when I heard that good news.

I asked him, "So what do you think all that clanging the other day was? SOMETHING was wrong..."

He then told me it sounded to him like a 4 wheel drive differential that failed to disengage and was creating that loud repeat noise. Yes, this SUV did have 2 and 4 wheel drive on it. He said the problem could have been cold weather related with this recent arctic chill blast.

"Even with our trucks, we have problems when the weather gets this cold. It does affect the behavior of our vehicles as well..." Yesterday had been much warmer and lots of snow had melted. But in spite of warmer weather, I had been afraid to try to drive it again, for fear of doing any more damage to it.

He then told me to try to back it up, slowly. Fearing I would hear that terrible clanging noise again or even damage the vehicle, I slowly backed up, holding my breath.

And...NOTHING! No sounds at all. I was incredulous. He smiled and said to drive to the nearby gas station, and he would follow me to make sure that my vehicle was truly okay. He reiterated that the problem probably was the 4 wheel drive failing to disengage and then making that terrible noise.

The warmer weather yesterday may have caused it's release or melting of whatever moisture may have frozen in/on it causing it to temporarily malfunction. I really have no way of knowing.

And so, I slowly drove down to the local truck stop and gas station. EVERYTHING WORKED GREAT! He pulled in beside me and walked over to the SUV. "Here's some business cards...the next time you're REALLY in trouble, give me a call," he said as he smiled. 

I couldn't thank him enough. While he was smiling, I was still in shock. His on-location examination of my joints and axle, finding them in good shape, and then his suggestion that it was only 4 wheel drive and cold weather related and easily corrected, just saved me anywhere from $500 to $1,000 potentially in the local Chevy repair garage, including the cost of a diagnostic and towing fees. I could just picture my money flying out the window over this...
Bye-bye guys.........

Garages are often quite notorious to replace whatever you may request, EVEN THOUGH there may not be anything wrong with it to begin with. (" ASKED us to do it, and we did it! And thanks for your money too...heh-heh!")

And Jamie saved me the towing fee as well. He charged me nothing for coming out to my vehicle. 

Thank you Jesus! And thank you B & R TOWING AND RECOVERY OF HENDERSONVILLE, NC (1-828-489-6630) for all my local readers.) Now THIS is a towing company you can trust, and they just SAVED me alot of money! Jamie performed a free on-site diagnostic and changed the entire outcome of today.

If you like, you may feel free to call Jamie, and he will be happy to confirm everything I just shared with you, my readers. Thank you, Jamie!

My brother was so excited when I drove back to the nursing home and came in to pray with him this morning. We took hands and prayed, and he was SO thankful to God for this mercy today. He knew how I dreaded the cost of anticipated repairs, and being without my home for several days. Living on the edge for Christ, with limited resources, my life is often very fragile and vulnerable as well. Thank God for His mercies.
Brother John
By the way, John is doing so much better today. I pumped him full of various vitamins yesterday as well. Plus, your prayers are working! I am now getting Brother John some more very potent vitamins at the local health food store.

So now you have "...the REST of the story" as famed radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say. After intense planning for the anticipated vehicle repairs, and dreading the thought of my bank account emptying because of towing/diagnostic/repair bills, I am still trying to comprehend the grace and mercy of God in even situations such as this. Whew! Time for collapsing in a nice soft armchair and praising God for a while, and being thankful.

So scratch all the fascinating things I was offering for sale to get the money for this! I am deleting that post and hanging on to my bizarre collection of unique, collectible and fascinating things until the NEXT upcoming crisis.  The walk of FAITH is always exciting, challenging, and filled with countless unknowns as well. 

Who knows what God will do TOMORROW, in response to that prayer you prayed TODAY???

All I know is, He sure answered 
MY prayers about this mini-crisis! 

And you can be certain He will also answer YOUR prayers as well. 

"With GOD, all things are possible!"

-a thankful Pamela Rae Schuffert and Brother John-

(PS-After this experience, I think it is past time to take a good basic automotive course!)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pneumonia AGAIN! Pray for Brother John

Please pray for Brother John, now with PNEUMONIA.
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have been very concerned for my beloved Brother John for the past week. His health is very fragile, and although he may seem to do well one week, his health can crash overnight. They told me yesterday John had developed pneumonia once again.

Pneumonia caused him to remain in the intensive care unit for 5 months in Tulsa OK three years ago. It cost that hospital over one MILLION dollars to save his life.

He is sleeping much more now, and only eats part of one meal a day, as I observed also today.

Mucus is deep in his throat and lungs and it is very hard for him to clear them. I try to encourage John to let them get him out of bed daily, but because of great pain whenever his legs are moved, he fights this suggestion.

And yet...when John is awake and alert, he is faithfully confessing the promises of God over his life and believes that God has miracles of healing and provision in store for him. He loves to pray with me. He will reach out one weak hand and grasp mine, and take turns praying with me as I stand by his bedside.

I have a true confession to make. 

Having to observe John in this condition, day after day is very difficult for me, because I love him deeply. At times I just want to quietly walk out of his room and life because I simply cannot deal with this any longer. 

I am worn out from sleeping every night in the parking lot of his nursing home, and to then be with him as he often endures pain or depression.

Today I was forced to listen to John literally scream in pain due to his left leg hurting so badly. I quickly went down to the nurse's station to request more pain medication, and we could all hear John screaming in pain all the way down the hall. A solution was finally found when they cut off a gauze bandage that apparently was applied too tightly to his foot. The pain was finally alleviated, for now.

I do not know how much more of this I can endure before simply having to take a break, as I had mentioned earlier. The problem is that John panics if I am more than a few days away from him. His health then deteriorates and he becomes very depressed.
Please pray with Brother John and I, for a true miracle that is far reaching at this time. All of this is very hard on him, and very hard on me as well.
Thank you for your intercessions and prayers at this time. 

My prayer for John is very practical. I am finally praying that God in His great mercy either divinely heals John completely with a Lazarus-type resurrection miracle, or that He kindly takes John home to heaven. 

John cannot face martial law and national crisis in his present condition, and life for him is very difficult on a daily basis. Even a bedsore is slowly developing on his backside, that we are desperately trying to alleviate and stop before it goes any further. John does not need any more pain or suffering.

But the amazing thing is, that JOHN STILL TRUSTS GOD THROUGH ALL OF THIS!  He never stops praying, even while suffering intense pain this morning. His left foot was in agony. He cried out "Oh, GOD, please heal me! Stop the pain!" 

And what is even more amazing, that shortly thereafter the pain DID stop! In fact, he told me that his hurting foot became completely numb! No pain! His eyes grew very big as he told me this, as I stood at his bedside.

Thank you Jesus! We took hands and prayed that the pain would not return.

I am now going back to his room to check on him, and will let you know the outcome. (I type articles in another room so that John is not disturbed while resting.)

UPDATE - APPARENTLY John has had a touch from the Spirit of God! He was back to joking like his jovial self again. Silly humor filled his room as he began to return to his old self and sense of humor.  I found this quite a relief after the wretched shape he was in earlier this morning.John remains very unpredictable in this health condition. I always know when he is feeling much better.His crazy humor let's me know!

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. Pray for my vehicle as well: it is going into the repair facility tomorrow, and hopefully it will be finished by the weekend. Pray that repair and parts costs will be minimal. Thankfully, a precious Christian family invited me to stay with them at night while my SUV is being repaired.

Thank you so much! Brother John says hello too. 

God bless you all...
and thank you for your support 
at this difficult time.
 It has meant so much!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

I WAS CORRECT: TRUTH About Fukushima Radiation

are being forced 
to admit the truth
 about why the seals are dying at an alarming rate.

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor, Japan

I and many other concerned individuals researching this urgent subject, sensed that this was the reality long ago, soon after the tragedy of March 2011. 

I was already angry at what I was confident was cover-up, undoubtedly due to the lobbying  of the mega-food corporations directly affected by this disaster, who were terrified of losing business and profits as the truth come forth to consumers.

Other major corporations and companies must have also feared losing business and customers as well, including airlines directly impacted by Fukushima radiation.

My comment on this is: so what is more important? 

Ill-gained financial profits and "success", or the lives and health and safety of millions of people?

Every concerned American knows the answer to that question, as they lovingly gaze at their children and loved ones. And so does every Bible-believing Christian. Money is not highly esteemed in the Bible, except as an instrument to be used for the glory of God. As Peter the Apostle once clearly stated to one greedy man, let his money be accursed.

The Apostle Paul also declared that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil in the world. And quite obviously, it is to this very day.

In November of 2011, I flew to Kotzebue, Alaska to help a friend by watching her children as she flew to remote Eskimo villages to service their health clinics. 

Initially excited, I slowly became uneasy over time as I read about the ongoing crisis of Fukushima and the deadly radiation pouring into the ocean continually. Articles I read indicated that ALASKA and their coast was also being adversely affected as well.

I knew from prior research how the ocean currents were already carrying harmful industrial toxins from Europe and Asia and the US, all the way up to the Arctic and the west coast of Alaska.
Inuit fisherman in Alaska
I already knew that the Inuit native dwellers there were being adversely affected by the toxins they were ingesting as they continue to consume their traditional diet that included large amounts of seafood. The toxins discharged into the oceans from industries slowly made their way up the food chain, until finally consumed by the Inuit people as they caught and ate seafood.

My medical friend Lisa would return from her visit to village clinics looking so sad. When I asked her why, she would invariably state with sadness, "Cancer..." In every village there were many dying of cancer.

And now to add to the prior Inuit health crisis posed by toxic seafood, even more toxicity is pouring into the Pacific ocean daily from Japan. And it is having a direct impact on the ocean life and seafood off the coast of Alaska.
Inuit Alaskan salmon drying on racks

As I lived and worked in Kotzebue for a years, I found my uneasiness increasing with every month I lived there, as I researched the Fukushima disaster daily on the Internet and listened to what native people there were saying.

It also became clear to me and others as well there that the news media in Japan, America and elsewhere was attempting to cover the truth up.
Diseased seal off the Alaska coast

One Eskimo friend, a very skilled hunter and fisher, continually admitted to me they were discovering dead and dying seals on the coast locally. Normally he joined with other natives in harvesting these seals for essential foods to live on. But noting how they were sick and diseased, they were forced to discard them. This was already happening in 2011/2012.

While I was there, debris from the tsunami in Japan was already washing up on the coastal areas and islands off Alaska as  well. Much of this was indeed contaminated with Fukushima radiation.
Fukushima debris

I remember reading one article in the Anchorage Daily News. It stated that the Alaska Airline stewardess flight attendants were suffering from skin problems and hair loss as well. All of these symptoms can indicate exposure to radiation. And I knew that this was the underlying cause.

However, the cover-up story was that they had just been issued new uniforms, and the chemicals in them were causing the problems(!) But now, more recently, these flight attendants understand the grim truth about their health problems. A recent article I read stated that more of these flight attendants were calling in "sick" rather than repeatedly expose their bodies to the deadly radiation at high altitudes.

Honestly, who could blame them?
Dead starfish

Articles are now being written about the starfish that are dying all along the west coast of North America. They are becoming diseased, dying and turning into "white goo."
Alaskan salmon and strange white substance

And now, the famed ALASKAN SALMON are discovered to be filled with a strange "white goo" substance as well, rendering them inedible for many.

And while some articles are being written as cover-up, pretending that "the real cause is not known" and stating  "Scientists are puzzled," thankfully there are more honest articles and websites being published that admit that this is all tied in with radiation from the Fukushima disaster.

The nationwide and worldwide attempt to conceal the truth from the public about this deadly radiation should serve as a warning to the American people. You simply cannot trust the government and mainstream news media to tell you the truth, because they all work together to cover up the truth.

The many cover-up attempts by the major food corporations and industries, through pressuring the EPA and lobbying Congress, etc., only serves to illustrate how little they really care about the health and well-being of millions of endangered people, including Americans endangered by this deadly radiation crisis.
Modern corporate scrooges love their money more than their fellow man

Their clear message to the world sadly is: "MONEY AND GREEDY PROFITS means more to us than the health and safety of millions of victims." What else can you possibly conclude from their actions and words...?

But then, researchers like myself already knew this about huge food manufacturing corporations and industries. Deadly artificial ingredients, sweeteners and flavorings plus GMO ingredients spell disaster for the health of everyone who consumes them.
Many of these artificial ingredients or excess sugar are added to simply enhance the taste so that people will eat MORE and thus SPEND more. It has nothing to do with people's health and nutrition! Money, money and MORE money!

I am very sorry that various companies and industries, adversely affected by the Fukushima radiation crisis and it's impact on the Pacific ocean, may suffer financial loss as a result. I am very sorry that some employees may even lose their jobs as a result.

But the loss of innocent human lives is a much greater crisis to be addressed.

It is far easier for a company to recover financially, than it is for a human body invaded by deadly nuclear radiation particles they have ingested or absorbed, to recover. In fact, radiation ingested, inhaled or absorbed results in permanent damage of some kind to the victim.
Truth and Justice
So now, let "..the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" about deadly Fukushima radiation finally come forth to the public at last. There have been enough victims of this disaster already. It's time to prevent further victims being created because of news media cover-up and government lies and hypocrisy.

Thankfully, I uncovered the truth about this soon after I moved to Alaska. Immediately, I chose to eliminate all seafood completely. How I missed wild Alaskan salmon! But I refused to take that chance of even more exposure to Fukushima radiation.
Radioactive debris off Alaska coast

Sadly, however, I could not avoid all radiation from the Pacific while there. Scientists discovered that sea spray would carry the radiation from the ocean far inland. Air currents would do the same thing. Radiation would come down in the form of snow and precipitation. The wind would blow that snow around us continually, which results in inhalation of radiation particles.

Immediately I ordered quality bottled water weekly. The water in Kotzebue was toxic to begin with, as one website confirmed with test results of their water. And now with Fukushima radiation, it was a disaster waiting to happen for all who consumed it regularly. I even used my bottled water for sponge bathing and shampooing, and refused to shower in toxic Kotzebue water. You skin absorbs toxins and radiation very efficiently, just like when you eat food that contains them.

My friends in Alaska thought I was crazy to eliminate seafood from my diet there. They refused to listen when I warned them of the dangers. But now, as the truth is coming out more and more, they are having second thoughts about this. 

But for many, it will be sadly too late. The radioactive particles they chose to ingest are now lodged in their bones and tissues and organs, to slowly bring forth a harvest of cancer and death.

I find it sad when people refuse to receive warnings of danger ahead. They are destined to reap the bitter consequences of their actions someday.

The same is true about alternative journalism like mine, intended to wake up and warn people of dangers to come. Those who wisely listen and begin to prepare and take refuge, will fare better than those who mocked and chose to disregard the warning and failed to prepare for the future.

Spiritually, this is also true. Two thousand years ago, Jesus the Son of God walked this earth. He brought the words of life and warning to His people and to the world as well. Jesus warned mankind of things to come. He instructed them in how to inherit eternal life and obtain the joys of heaven. He also warned them of the horrors of hell and how to avoid eternal damnation.

Those wise people who chose to listen to his message, are even now enjoying eternity in the Presence of God wherein the angels sing and the redeemed dance for joy.

And those fools who chose to mock His message and abuse His messengers, are even now cursing the fact that they refused to listen to His message, as they suffer in eternal torment and separated from God forever.

Are you wise? Are you heeding the warnings of God's word? Have you received Jesus are your Lord and your Savior and are you walking in the light of His word today?
"Father, Thy Word is truth." ~Jesus Christ~

Or will you foolishly mock, and will you refuse His mercy and salvation and suffer eternal consequences as a result???

Will you listen to the words of warning regarding things to come to America and the world, or will you fail to prepare?

Let the many lessons we can all learn from the tragedy of the Fukushima disaster, serve as both a spiritual warning as well as a practical one.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thank you Darling "Phileo" from Singapore!

This brief post is for YOU! 

You never gave me your return address, and so I just have to do it this way. 

Lovely Singapore

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

You are precious! I always look forward to your sweet cards. I just received your third one, and it blessed my heart. Your bright red envelope is always a treat. I am going to do everything you asked for in prayer, and lift up your special prayer requests daily. 

I have always loved international people and correspondence. The US government's foreign policies does not affect how I choose to love and interact with people from all over the world. GOD IS LOVE! And love is universal and such a beautiful thing, especially when it emanates from the heart of God and His people.

May The Lord God the Almighty  answer these prayers for you richly, and may YOU blessed and protected and upheld always, in His mighty arms of LOVE! All through the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Thank you again!

-Pamela Rae and Brother John-

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pray for Me-Arctic Cold AGAIN

I just read online that this upcoming Arctic blast will be worse then the first two that came earlier. 

Hey! Anyone really crazy enough to sit through the SUPERBOWL live in this kind of weather??? Ha-ha!

Just keep me in your prayers to continue to stay warm at night. By His grace, everything should be fine.

And remember to pray for the homeless in America, who have no shelter from this terrible cold in many cases. 

Homeless people died of hypothermia in the two previous cold spells, all across this nation.

God bless you all and keep you safe!
We can all learn from nature how to survive the cold...

-Pamela Rae and Brother John

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How I Know A PLANNED PANDEMIC is Coming to America

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Throughout the world of ALTERNATIVE NEWS JOURNALISM, there are articles repeatedly being published that claim to have information regarding a COMING PLANNED PANDEMIC in America.

Numerous websites on the Internet discuss this important issue. YOUTUBE has numerous videos posted that expose the coming pandemics.

None of this surprises me in the least. And I know it is ALL true and a part of the NWO martial law agenda for America. How do I know?

Many years ago, I interviewed former CIA insider who previously worked for the NWO agenda in America. His name was Larry Wayne Harris. Larry once was a microbiologist working for the CIA. He was not a Christian at that time. 

In fact, he admitted to me that the CIA was always trying to get him into satanist rituals or to train at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, IL. After he came out and became a Christian, he felt compelled to tell the American people the truth.

As I interviewed Larry for my former radio broadcast, DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY with WWCR network out of Nashville, TN, the frightening truth began to emerge about the planned pandemic for America.

"We were paid by the CIA to engineer and  develop deadly viruses and bacteria that would someday be used AGAINST THE AMERICA PEOPLE...." he began. WHY the CIA?

The CIA is a major planner of the NWO agenda for America. In the CIA you will find the fulfillment of the Nazi's vows at the Wannsee conference in 1942, that IF the Illuminati's NWO agenda failed through Nazi Germany, it would transplanted instead TO AMERICA. That very same year, the OSS was established in America, later to become the CIA.

The CIA has been a tool of the Illuminati and it's NWO agenda from it's very beginning. Through it's OPERATION PAPERCLIP, thousands of former Nazi war criminal were brought into America, their criminal war records expunged, and the NWO FINAL SOLUTION came with them, to be continued right here in America.

And Mr. NWO Bush (Scherff) himself was one of them, in fact.

Larry explained to me how he had helped to design deadlier versions of ANTHRAX that were incurable. How he had developed special devices designed to be thrown into public water reservoirs, that contained deadly diseases that were created to pollute large bodies of water.
(Bill Young reservoir in Florida)

"This one device I designed contained both the deadly toxin and a small explosive charge that could be remotely detonated. You throw it into the water, detonate it from shore, and soon the whole body of water would be filled with deadly toxins or disease of bacteria designed to make people sick or kill them."

When I asked him when all this was to take place through covert agents and black ops, he said it was all tied in with upcoming MARTIAL LAW. 

Such deadly devices and other methods would be used to create huge pandemics that would justify declaring MARTIAL LAW regionally throughout America. 

This would then lead to people being forced to evacuate their regions and homes, and to be "quarantined" in the FEMA/DHS camps. FEMA buses, prisoner boxcars and even planes will be used to transport people to the camps.

He said also that the deadly diseases they were developing for the CIA, were also to designed to be used to weaken the ability of the American people to offer resistance under martial law. It is very hard to fight back, when a person is incapacitated through severe and debilitating illness. We have all been sick at times, and know how difficult it is to function when not feeling well.

Larry began to share his insider information way back in the late 1990's. I published his shocking revelations then for my listeners and readers.

Therefore, I have long known that this is a deadly part of the Illuminati's NWO agenda for my nation, America. When I tell you that they have no regard for the value of human life, I know what I am talking about from the inside of these operations. 

These NWO madmen do not care how many innocent men, women or children or infants they cripple or kill in their insane quest to take over America and rule the world under Lucifer. Jesus declared that Lucifer/Satan is both a LIAR and a MURDERER. And that those who follow him will also do his lusts, or desires.

The Illuminati, or satanists, also believe (erroneously) that the more innocent victims they destroy by sacrifice or any other means, the more money and power Satan will give them. This is one of the basic teachings of satanists and the Illuminati.

Therefore, you can be certain that these NWO people will secretly count every single victim of their upcoming planned pandemics, as simply ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain corrupt power from him to bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER. In fact, one former CIA source told me this exactly.

I admit that sometimes this kind of investigating and reporting can become overwhelming, and very depressing for tender hearts like mine (and yours too.)

The truth is often sad. The truth is often sickening. The truth is often disturbing. But sadly, it still remains THE TRUTH. And yes, PLANNED PANDEMICS are scheduled to come to America someday.

Pray for Larry Wayne Harris. When I last spoke with him by phone, he had come under terrible attack that almost killed him. He was very sick. His truth is not popular with the NWO crowd, who wants their dark plans to always remain covert. As Jesus declared, the darkness hates the light.

And by the way, beware of government misinformation and slander regarding Larry if you attempt to GOOGLE up his name. This is one of their major tactics used by the government to attempt to discredit whistleblowers who expose them. And being of their father the devil, they will lie and they will murder to cover up the truth.

Such tactics are used all the time against whistleblowers. It is called COINTELPRO.

I know, because I have experienced this first-hand. I know their tactics. And they will go to any lengths at times to discredit, slander and libel those they consider a threat to THE AGENDA and THE PLAN.

Larry is not a "white supremacist". He is not a criminal. He is instead a Christian now, a man who came out of great darkness while working for the CIA,  who then came under severe attack from the forces of darkness for daring to expose the deadly truth about the planned pandemics.

He is not a criminal. I have witnessed many honest whistleblowers falsely charged with crimes they did not commit, to intimidate them and silence their testimony.

In fact, I find it hilarious that "they" try to pin the slanderous terms of "neo-Nazi" or "white supremacist" on poor Larry, when in fact the VERY Nazi CIA is both white supremacist and NAZI in nature! It's called the pot calling the kettle black.

In more recent years, I interviewed a man who had been working with the military. He admitted to me that he was taken into an underground military facility, wherein the US military was developing deadly viruses and diseases in their underground labs not far from Bozeman, Montana.

"I was forced to watch as two microbiologists were later executed in that facility, to conceal from the public forever the truth about what they had been developing for the military." 

His eye-witness testimony perfectly confirmed reports circulating throughout alternative news websites, about microbiologists mysteriously disappearing or dying, who are suspected of also developing such diseases for the government and military.

None of this is new. The US military has been developing and designing deadly chemical and biological warfare agents to be used against enemy forces in warfare for decades.

What is frightening, however, is that apparently these modern pandemics are NOT aimed primarily at some foreign threat in another country. Rather, they have been designed with the sole intent of incapacitating and killing the American people, right here on US soil. More specifically, to take out all resisters to the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America.

Targets include Constitutionalists and Patriots, gun owners, Christians, home schoolers, and other good people of morals and conscience who traditionally have formed the backbone of America from her very beginning.

I can never forget what I was told from the inside, about the true nature of the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is Satan's dark kingdom manifested on earth. It is the fulfillment of REVELATION 13 and the KINGDOM OF THE BEAST under Satan's dark power. Satanists have admitted to me that they are the backbone of the NWO.

And as Satanists, they are determined to eliminate the God-fearing people and the good from the face of the earth. And like their father Satan, they plan to show no mercy to those who oppose them and their heinous agenda.
The Illuminati created NAZISM

The Illuminati raised up NAZISM to bring forth their NWO. The Illuminati raised up COMMUNISM to bring forth their NWO. And NEITHER groups show any mercy to their opponents. And BOTH freely murder and lie to accomplish their goals.
The Illuminati created COMMUNISM/MARXISM

And so it shall be in America under MARTIAL LAW. At least, this is their plan. But will millions of gun-owning, freedom-loving and God-fearing Americans go along with it??? Would YOU???

In order for Americans to understand THE FUTURE, they must first research THE PAST and learn from history. History is about to repeat itself, this time on American soil.

As I have stated throughout the years, the American people have been deceived, betrayed and sold out from the inside for many decades now.

Choose to be deceived no longer! Understand what is planned to come to this nation, and then purpose to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The only thing it takes for wicked men to triumph, is for GOOD PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING.

It is time to become informed, because...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-