Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Armored Vehicle Appears in NH-UPDATE

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The strange and disturbing appearance of heavy armored "police" vehicles (DHS and others) all across America in recent months are a clear indication of what is about to unfold in our nation someday. 

The above "police vehicle" recently appeared in Nashua, NH. (May 2013)
"Police" (?) with armored vehicle above
(Looks like foreign troops to me!)
Coupled with recent reports of large numbers of UN/NATO foreign troops coming now into various regions of America (May 2013), the writing on the wall has just become clear. 

Are massive government-sponsored "disasters" or "terrorist attacks"coming to plunge America into irrevocable martial law/state of national emergency SOON???

I just enjoyed a wonderful phone conversation with  Jane, a TEA PARTY COALITION leader in New Hampshire. Jane is an experienced former teacher of many years in her area. Thankfully, she is one America who refuses to be "dumbed down!" 

Jane has done years of background research on the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America, and uncovered the role the UN plays as well. Jane was compelled to do this research after being disturbed by what she witnessed in the school system of her state and region. 

"They are turning our children into good little socialists in America's schools," she admitted as I interviewed her. "I was instructed to take THE CONSTITUTION DOWN from the classroom. I protested, 'But it's our government!' And then we were compelled to make the children do everything in a 'collective' manner..." 

Just like THE COMMUNISTS, I might add. And America is filled with "progressives," communists, globalists, supporting the NWO agenda, both Jew and their Gentile converts to Marxist/socialist/progressive communism alike.

I then informed her that in Russia, the children are taught to spit on the American Constitution and hate it. GLOBALIZATION is what the NWO is all about! Get RID of national sovereignty of VERY nation, to then bring it under a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with centralized power concentrated into THE RULING ELITE.

Jane's TEA PARTY COALITION are the ones responsible for putting out the photographs of the military style vehicle strangely patrolling the streets of her city, Nashua in New Hampshire. A watchful citizen spotted the appearance of this suspicious vehicle, and took several pictures. 

I noted personally how the militarized "policeman" in the above set of pictures, resembled the UN/NATO foreign troops I have documented throughout the years. I have written repeatedly that such UN/NATO troops will be used someday to patrol the streets of AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

Hopefully, we will be able to determine in the near future, if these are in fact foreign troops...or even US military also. Locals are investigating.

I have already reported previously, many years ago, about how Russian police officers were working with the LAPD under PROJECT HARMONY and Partnership for Peace (PfP). They were actually patrolling in LAPD police cars, and pulling Americans over for minor speeding violations. 
Russian Police Vehicle in California

When one man asked this Russian police officer with the LAPD why he was being treated so harshly, the officer admitted HE WAS RUSSIAN. "We are here to take over, and you  Americans don't even know it," he responded arrogantly.
Russian Police vehicle in California

It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN
America will someday come under martial law.

The satanic darkness behind the world globalist agenda has made sure of this.

And what have the freedom-loving American people done to counter this? What have the endangered Christians nationwide done to counter satan's dark plans for America??? 

This NWO globalist agenda will target both Patriotic Americans loyal to the Constitutional Republic, and target the Christians in America for round-up and elimination in the FEMA/DHS camps under martial law someday.

Why should this surprise anyone? 

History have given us many examples of what happens when forces of enslavement and tyranny take over any nation. 

When The Bolsheviks took over RUSSIA, all political and religious resisters were rounded up and sent TO THE GULAGS.

When Hitler's Fascists took over, all political and religious resisters were rounded up and SENT TO THE CAMPS.

This is always the pattern under a tyranny.

America is under siege from both fascist and communist factions of the world globalist agenda. AMERICA IS NO DIFFERENT than Russia or Germany. 

And yes, IT CAN HAPPEN HERE...and is about to.

Over 800 FEMA/DHS detention camps cannot lie. 

Thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned across America cannot lie.

It is never enough to say merely say you are against something. It's what you actually DO, that counts. 

Please, don't just sit there reading this...get up and DO something! Take time to fast and pray. Take time to research how to prepare in practical ways for what is to come. 

Be prepared to defend your home and your family against thieves and murderers who will attack under martial law. 

Plan and prepare to never be taken alive to the prisoner boxcars and the camps, where a fate worse than death awaits millions of hapless Americans.

Blessed are they who heed the warning, and prepare NOW while there is yet precious time left.....


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. I've been offering a solution but nobody will read it. I guess it's better to just be scared and wait for them to shoot us.

    1. What's the solution? I want to know!?! :-D

  2. Great post, I have heard rumblings of this and lately UN troops and military equipment entering into this country. I would like to reblog this with credit to you, on my site if that would be ok with you. My site is iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist.com and my email is cj@ianaotgoc.com Again great post, thank you, and God bless.

  3. This comment is in regard to the changes in our school systems. I have no children in school but have heard that nine teachers are resigning from our local grade school due to the new "Russian" style classroom that is being implemented. And just last year, a very costly fiber optic cable was laid to most all of the schools here in Colorado. The schools all ready have internet services but this is suppose to be for some type of interactive classroom training. Makes me wonder!

  4. Thanks for the Kudos Pam! People are waking up. It is no longer 'fringe' to want to End the Fed, dump the IRS, and jail the bankers. People are now realizing who puts our presidents in office from virtually unknown nobodies and who they really work for. ~J

  5. Here is a recent thing happening now http://news.msn.com/us/spoils-of-war-police-getting-leftover-iraq-trucks

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