Tuesday, May 14, 2013


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective...AND on behalf of my endangered fellow Americans-

I apologize for it's delay in being mailed out. I am in a crisis situation now and struggling to get the latest news out, while dealing with a dangerous situation created  due to my recent reporting. It's becoming more apparent that "telling the truth" can be a dangerous vocation when you have an Obama administration!

Remember that I doing all this ALONE with NO help and very little support financially...and NO home to "go home" to. You try this even for one week...and see what it is like.

My heart has been deeply grieved by the previous situation I have reported on. I have therefore been spending hours in a local church, sitting alone in a pew, in deep intercessory prayer. I am daily crying out to God for our nation and what is planned by dark forces to happen, possibly in the near future.

Daily I am pleading for God to hold BACK the anticipated violence, destruction, detonations and other horrors planned by the NWO madmen to bring our nation under martial law by a series of staged disasters and explosions leading to NATIONAL EMERGENCY. 

Long ago my CIA sources warned me that this was ever their plan to bring the NWO down in America. They would deliberately plan and stage the disasters, falsely blame others, and then use it to bring AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW AND THE NWO AGENDA AT LAST.

And I admit feeling so very sad and so alone in all this. It is hard to be alone, as a Christian single woman in ministry, and aware of so much happening...but having no husband to pray with  with or cry on his shoulder, no children to turn to for love and compassion, no surviving parents and no home to "go home" to. None of this is easy, folks.

But then Jesus Himself really had no home to go home to, and lived on the road for His work also. He had no wife to receive solace from, no children. Yet He was able to accomplish all that God had sent Him to do. We must follow Him!

THE TRUTH OF GOD MUST CONTINUE ON. And His work must ever be done regardless. We must faithfully bear the cross and follow Jesus to the end.

THIS IS WHY I have been traveling to meet QUALITY PRAYER WARRIORS  for intercession and prayer, and attempting to do many things urgently needed now. I will get these DVD'S out as soon as possible. Just re-contact me if you ordered one (Truth-4-all@hotmail.com)and I will give you their status as to when they will be ready from reproduction to be mailed out.

Pray for me and hang in there. 

PRAY FOR OUR NATION! The government has admitted that America faces imminent "acts of terrorism" in this nation now...but we all realize just WHO the greatest terrorist threat is to America and her freedom...don't we???


Your kind prayers and patience are greatly appreciated.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Note-If you look carefully, you will notice there is no "PAYPAL" button to click on, etc., on this article....in spite of the fact I am in great financial need at this time. 

Whenever you step out of the box, into a field of work that has no promised or set salary, and must do it by faith, it is very difficult to make it...YET it is critical for this work  to be done in this hour.

But I am very reluctant to even have a "PAYPAL" button on my articles, even though I did so briefly in the past. Why? It goes back to ethics in reporting and Christian values. I want to make it abundantly CLEAR that I am NOT in this profession for mere money. Nor will I stoop to "sensationalizing" the news to make a dollar...as some people evidently do in this profession. 

There is nothing more despicable than Christians being in ministry for ungodly money motives. Or people sensationalizing the news to make money.

I refuse to do any of this. I have laid down my life and all I hold dear to perform this sincere reporting, out of deep love and compassion for my fellow Americans and Christians in this nation, because I DO know what is coming...and it breaks my heart.

I have chosen to live on the extreme edge for Jesus and this work, going without many things, because I refuse to mix filthy Illuminati currency with the holy calling of God on my life. If you are not serving God for pure and right motives, far ABOVE filthy money, then get OUT of the ministry! God examines our hearts and our motives above even our actions.

However, if you are a Christian and understand the Biblical importance of supporting Christians on the front lines of battle for Him, then please consider sending financial support at this time. No one can live in a continual vacuum of giving out, serving and sacrificing on behalf of others, and NOT receive  BACK from the Body of Christ as well. I cannot make it alone. 

And that is what the true Body of Christ is all about.

God bless you all, my readers. Pray for my provision (food and gas being my greatest needs for traveling journalism) and safety at this time.
Pamela Rae Schuffert
P. O. Box 2396, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

-Pamela Rae

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