Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Martial Law Practice: Boston Bombing

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Boston Marathon Bombing:

one more black-op/false flag
government/military staged crisis 
to practice for
(plus a few foreign political agendas)
that's all.

I will be forever grateful for insiders in the intelligence community and the US military who informed me YEARS ago (1995) of the general plan to bring America out from under the Constitution and under the NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda.

Once you being to understand their general plan, everything else makes perfectly sinister sense. You understand the OKC bombing, WACO, "9/11" and many other government/military inside jobs for their NWO agenda.

You also being to understand just how ruthless, cruel and murderous such people, driven by their consuming desire to bring America under their NEW WORLD ORDER, really are.

Innocent lives of our fellow Americans are sacrificed repeatedly with every black op/false flag disaster they create. And they do not care. People who worship Lucifer for money and power and to bring forth his NWO agenda worldwide, do not value human life. They sacrifice the innocents continually to satan for money and power. This is satanism, or the Illuminati.

And every single person who dies in one of their false flag/black ops staged act of "terror" simply counts in their wicked minds as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to get more power to bring forth his NWO. And former satanists/Illuminati have told me so.

As the truth came forth regarding the BMB, especially with cameras providing photographic evidence, this event was immediately exposed for what it was: just ONE MORE false flag staged event for their NWO agenda purposes!

Actors filmed putting imitation blood on their bodies...

Blackwater/Craft presence and their backpacks containing the bomb instead of the two young men falsely framed...and now one victim is dead, and the other suffering serious injury.

The Tsarnaev brother accused of planting his backpack containing a bomb, being shown running away with his backpack still on...

And film capturing the CRAFT SKULL LOGO on the mangled backpack in which the actual bomb was detonated...

And ALL OF THIS accompanied with the revelations of hidden US agendas regarding Chechnya, foreign nations and the Middle East.

And of course, the infernal CIA is murkily tied in with all of this. Let's face it: if it has to do with the NWO agenda for America, and black ops staged for it, the CIA will somehow figure into the equation. Their track record for false flags and black ops for the NWO agenda is quite clear by now.

Thankfully, these damning  truths and photos emerging rapidly about the BMB,  blew the cover off this black-op completely. People began crying "foul" quickly after it occurred. The emerging evidence was simply too incriminating and too obvious.

This was just one more staged disaster for martial law practice, and to create more instability in America.

But then, they gotta provide practice scenarios for the SWAT teams and their "police" vehicles! 

Hey...wait a minute! How do we even KNOW that the men (above) dressed in military appearing uniforms, are EVEN AMERICANS! LOOK at their faces partially covered in many cases.

The truth IS, WE DON'T KNOW! 

And there is a real possibility that these men in SWAT uniforms could have been foreign troops (UN/NATO) that I have stated for years will be used to patrol America under MARTIAL LAW.

You must ops (like the BMB) require much time in planning in advance. The US military and various elements of the intelligence community are always involved in the planning and the executing of such sensitive events. And since the plan to take over America with foreign troops under martial law requires PRACTICE and REHEARSING, they will use staged events like the BMB to provide such practice exercises for their foreign NATO/UN troops.

I have lived and traveled through Europe and have worked with Slavic/Eastern European peoples throughout the years, during missionary work and journalism travels as well. Many of the faces I am seeing  wearing the BMB SWAT uniforms have distinctly EUROPEAN and SLAVIC features, and NOT American. I know from from years of experience what to look for.

When I lived in Germany 2001 to investigate the NWO agenda, I spent much time in THE MARSHALL CENTER in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, where their purpose is to train NATO globalist forces for eventual world takeover by the globalists. I personally observed such military, training there, and in their graduation ceremonies as well. 

Be prepared for the future invasion of 
UN/NATO foreign troops in 
And be advised that UN/NATO occupying forces will have no hesitation in firing upon American civilians, as most US soldiers would because they are their own fellow Americans. 

I was informed years ago that the plan would be to create disaster deliberately, falsely blame it on convenient scapegoats for hidden agendas, and then use the event as justification to declare martial law...whether regionally or nationally someday.
 Sure looks like foreign troops and martial law to me!

This is exactly what happened in Boston recently. And immediately following this staged "terrorist" event, MARTIAL LAW WAS DECLARED IN BOSTON! In some cases, people were marched out of their homes, hands up, as homes were searched.
Funny...I remember writing about all this years ago, that this would someday come to America...disasters would be created to then declare MARTIAL LAW. And people would be marched out of their homes, hands up....
just like my military and other sources warned me.

Looks like things are heating up this summer. 

I recently published an article written by a CIA linked source, stating that TERRORIST ATTACKS WOULD BE OCCURRING IMMINENTLY ACROSS AMERICA. 
My honest opinion? 
More false flags are coming.

And they always have to prepare the minds of the American people to BELIEVE that those staged "acts of terrorism" have been committed by the appropriately designated culprits. In this case, according to this article, the blame will be put on IRAN and the super axis of terror, several Muslim groups.

Uh-huh. Just like "9/11" was falsely blamed on Iraqis armed with box cutters...all for a NWO police state agenda in America, and a Middle Eastern expansionist agenda for America as well. And darned if Israeli Mossad weren't captured on film, rejoicing on a rooftop as they watched the Twin Towers group in flames. Israel has greatly profited from America's young men and women going to fight Israel's battles for them in Iraq...I'm sorry, but the facts are the facts.

Seems like the words of my Navy SEAL contact may possibly come true for the OPERATION RING OF FIRE scenario, that allegedly began May 5th, of massive explosions and disasters to ultimately trigger MARTIAL LAW.

Why, oh why am I not surprised in the least! I have warned America that this was coming for a LONG time. I have prayed for years that God would hold this back for the sake of His elect. It is because of the mercy of God and the prayers of His people nationwide, that this has been held back this long.

 And I also stated repeatedly that martial law would not be held off forever.
Is this coming to America?

Stayed tuned, America, for the NEXT "BIG ONE" (or series of disasters) designed by NWO forces from hell, to irrevocably bring down MARTIAL LAW across America.
And keep praying, because PRAYER WORKS.
Cover you home and your family with the mercy and grace of Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

has protected me from many a life-threatening crisis throughout the years.

And His blood will protect YOU as well.

However, how much more tragedy must God ALLOW, to bring this nation to it's knees in brokenness, sorrow and true repentance, to seek Him at last???


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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