Monday, May 27, 2013

The US Missiles Aimed at US Cities for MARTIAL LAW

USAF Jupiter missile

As I sit here typing this article, I admit I am filled with both horror and anger...deep, deep anger. 

I have just finished reading an article putting forth clear evidence that a NUCLEAR DEVICE was used to bring down the TWIN TOWERS. The outrage I feel, over such a deep level of betrayal of my fellow Americans by the US government and military...allegedly in place to PROTECT them, but instead is MURDERING understandable.

I am experiencing horror as I read of innocent victims who were VAPORIZED by the nuclear explosion at the Twin Towers. I am experiencing shock as I read of OTHER planes innocently in the vicinity, which were also vaporized by the nuclear device used in this terrible FALSE FLAG black op.

But this is not the only source of my anger. As I read this revealing information, I am reminded of the words of a man with the Air Force National Guard in South Dakota. 

He had overheard me as I was broadcasting live on location, using a public phone to call into the radio station, for my weekly broadcast "DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY"  with WWCR out of Nashville, TN.

During this nationwide broadcast, I was talking all about the general plan to create disasters leading to martial law, and the NWO agenda for America on that broadcast.  

As I finished the broadcast and hung up the phone, he approached me.

"Hi...I just heard what you said on the phone, and I have to talk to you now...."

Puzzled, I listened carefully to what he had to say. 

"I am with the Air Force National Guard here (Ellsworth AFB right outside of Rapid City, SD.). My father is a big USAF general, now stationed in Europe. He is working with NATO and for  the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda."

"One day, my father talked to me about something important. He told me to never tell anyone. But I am telling YOU,  because of your broadcast I just heard."

"My father told me that the USAF had lied about all the missiles being removed from their silos at Ellsworth AFB. Instead, some of them remain and that THEY HAVE NOW BEEN DIVERTED TO INTERNAL TARGETS...."

I immediately replied that I believed him. "Tell me...which internal targets are the missiles at Ellsworth aimed at???"

He replied without hesitation, "WASHINGTON, DC; OMAHA, NE; CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN, CO..." and the Rapid City area.

"And they will fire missiles repeatedly until they take out every single underground floor of Cheyenne Mountain..."
Cheyenne Mountain, CO Springs

(Yes, there are military missiles today built with the capacity to burrow into the ground and then to detonate, to take out underground military installations. And forget trying to figure out WHY they have targeted certain locations. The NWO madmen have an agenda beyond the capacity of most people to understand WHY and WHAT they do. They have their strategic and military reasons for everything they do. "Martial law" means, in fact, MILITARY RULE.)

I have long known about the covert NWO plan to destroy Washington, DC. They reason that this must happen in order for the OLD world order to GO, and the NEW world order to come forth. 

The NEW CAPITOL OF AMERICA under the New World Order, is DENVER COLORADO, practically in the center of America. Even the CIA has been quietly relocating some of  it's offices to Denver, CO. Everyone involved in the NWO agenda knows that DC MUST GO, and DENVER WILL BE THE UPCOMING CAPITOL OF THE USA.  Of course, it is heavily connected with the DIA Deep underground Military Base located there.


"Pam, I know this is true! I recently encountered a General. He was angry. He was sputtering and muttering expletives as he told me, 'DARN it , AL! I JUST FOUND OUT that some of our missiles have been aimed at INTERNAL TARGETS!'"

And for the NWO gang, this all makes perfectly sinister sense!

A major NWO agenda motto is "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." However, THEY create the chaos deliberately, and then out of it's ashes they bring forth THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER!

Destroy the OLD, so that the NEW may come forth! And these NWO murderers without conscience do not care how many innocent lives they destroy in the grim process of destroying the OLD. 

In fact, these Illuminati satanists consider everyone who dies in their black ops, to count as just ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power from him to bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER.

And former satanists/ Illuminati I have interviewed have universally told me so.


The Bible speaks of this dark world government that will appear on the earth before the return of Jesus Christ to establish His earthly millennial kingdom at last.

In Chapter 13 of the BOOK OF REVELATION, it is revealed that THE DRAGON, or Lucifer/Satan, will give unto this world government his throne (seat of power), his power, and great authority on the earth (and all of it is corrupt, of course.) 

That is because Satan/Lucifer is the false god over the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is HIS.

Yes, Satan has a corrupt kingdom and followers. All of it is a counterfeit to Almighty God's throne and power and kingdom, which Satan lusted for at one time but could not have, and even got thrown out of heaven for coveting.

This Bible chapter speaks of men worshiping THE DRAGON, who subsequently gives them power to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER, satan's manifest kingdom on earth...every Illuminati/Satanist's dream.

And HOW is he worshiped??? Primarily by HUMAN SACRIFICE! This is "Basic Satanism 101." People continually abducted worldwide for grim human sacrifice rituals is a sad fact of life in today's dark world, albeit well concealed from the public.

Therefore, it makes perfectly sinister sense that these NWO monsters and madmen would count every victim who dies in their black ops/false flags, as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power from him to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER.

Believe them, and believe me, when I tell you that all the innocent victims that are horribly destroyed by their nefarious false flags, have just become human sacrifices in their wicked and warped minds. They do not care how many innocent people die in the future under martial law, nor in their insane quest for world domination. 

And therefore, every person who will  someday die in the prisoner boxcars with shackles and the FEMA/DHS camps under martial law, will also count as dark sacrifices of the NEW WORLD ORDER, to get more power from Satan.

Yes, this is the mentality and reasoning of the masterminds behind the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America...and the entire WORLD.

I personally believe that the missiles in various US military bases, now aimed at INTERNAL TARGETS for a martial law agenda, are also a part of "OPERATION RING OF FIRE, " the covert plan of the NWO agenda supporters to deliberately detonate the many planted nuked across this nation for a martial law scenario. The hidden nukes and rogue missiles can easily be used in conjunction with one another to wreak havoc and create chaos nationwide.

And with the recent advent of THE MILITARY DRONES, such missiles fired by them over America can also be used as well.

Regardless of exactly WHEN the NWO elements of the military and government decide to activate these terrifying agendas, both the planted nukes and the missiles remain in place and can be detonated or fired at any given time.

Just like a deadly serpent, undetected as it lies coiled in a dark and dusty corner, can unexpectedly strike the unsuspecting victim walking by it at any time, so these deadly nukes and missiles are in America today. Out of sight, out of mind, nevertheless lethal and able to strike unsuspecting victims at any given time.

And this is only part of the grim future that the NWO/Illuminati have planned for YOUR nation, America. 

Perhaps it is far past time for millions of concerned Americans to become angry, even as I am angry today.

And rise up and do something...anything...BUT just don't sit there and do nothing! Because that is why America is in the mess we find it in today.

SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE HAVE SAT BACK AND DONE NOTHING of any real consequence to stop them.

(Can it possibly be because they are 
paralyzed with fear...?

Read my previous article about casting off the shackles of FEAR and instead responding with FAITH and BOLDNESS and COURAGE instead!)

And because so many good people are 
doing nothing  to counter the darkness, 
the NWO is getting away with murder as a result.

Don't let them.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
And please make SURE your anger is channeled by the guidelines of the Word of God! "Assassinating a President" or "bombing a building", etc., are not God-sanctioned methods of dealing with problems in any nation, and would only contribute to the CHAOS these NWO people want to create in our nation.

Proper actions designed to 

After all, America's CONCEPTS OF LIBERTY originated in the solid truths contained in the Word of ALMIGHTY GOD.

"Our fathers' God, to Thee, 
Author of liberty,
to Thee we sing."

"Long may our land be bright, 
With freedom's holy light,
Protect us by Thy might, 
Great God our King."

(From "My Country, 'Tis of Thee")

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. shooting criminals is not the awnser. Try them and sentence the guilty for their war crimes. A citizens grand jury is the awnser to crimes during this time.
    talk while you can and fight when you have to. Treason is punished by hanging by the neck until dead.

  2. I hear you. Been following you for a while now. Want to be do all I can...besides faith and prayer...please tell me...what more can we do? What actions should we take? I know I'm on their list of resisters for spreading the word and revealing what I know and all I have and do find out by any and all means possible. I have taken certain precautions but I still have much to learn. Do you have any tips for me my sister?

  3. Hey there this is a great article ,and I can share your passion for being angry ,100,000 aussies died for these false flag wars and my uncle was one of them .
    I struggle to comprehend how so many more people are still clueless to all this NWO / Paedophile / Murderer , Zionist freemason rotary corruption kings ,but I think they are all finished we will rise above the scum of the earth and defeat them with knowledge.
    Just not sure if I can share the passion for the bible knowing the lies and omissions .