Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Glories of Martyrdom For Jesus Christ


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There is nothing that inspires me to grow in my Christian faith and walk, besides the Holy Scriptures themselves, than the amazing testimonies preserved throughout the ages, of the MARTYRS of JESUS CHRIST.

How I love the riveting true life testimonies of men and women of faith and courage who gave their lives for the One they loved the most, Jesus Christ, and to bring His testimony to this lost world. I have spent many hours throughout the years reading such accounts, and becoming inspired repeatedly.
Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, is one of those precious saints and martyrs whose testimony inspires me to boldly confess Jesus before men regardless of earthly consequences. And there are so many, many more.

My years of working with Russian Christians taught me so much about bearing the Cross for Jesus Christ, and about suffering and dying for their uncompromising testimony of Him to the Communists. I wrote letters of encouragement to brethren in the gulags for their faith, following training in the Slavic Gospel Association.

How I love the Russian Christians and other Christians who suffered and died under Communism. Their incredible testimonies of what they endured to confess Jesus before men, will never die. Their stories of how they overcome by the blood of the Lamb, their uncompromising testimony of Him, and being faithful unto death, will continue on forever.

I have drawn much strength from these kinds of testimonies, because I have known for many years that my work and testimony will ultimately lead to my persecution and death for His sake. How can it not? I am on a deadly collision course with the forces of hell from the New World Order, and Jesus has commanded me to never turn back.God has never called me to compromise His testimony or the truth.

 In fact, every Christian in this generation is also in this same deadly battlefield as well. So many just don't know it yet. But they will some day, when everything and I and other investigative Christian journalists have warned is coming to America, finally comes to pass before their eyes.

Some of us know we are called to such battlefields. And we realize that we will give our lives for the calling of God. But this is simply true discipleship, that's all. We realize that Jesus Christ is worthy of everything in our lives, including our suffering and death for His precious Name's sake. 
After all, did not Jesus consider US worthy of suffering and dying for??? Can we do any less for Him???

"Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my ALL." (From "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.")

"Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body they MAY kill, His truth abideth still, His kingdom is FOREVER!" (From "A Mighty Fortress is Our God")

I remember in Bible College singing the great old hymns of the faith, their inspiring words birthed out of the tribulations and sufferings of Christians throughout the ages. Their words burn in my heart to this very day.

In fact, I am listening to inspiration Christian hymns of the faith even as I type this today. So many of my articles that you read, are written as I listen to Christian hymns. I could not bear the pain and heartache of what I write about, if I did not have beautiful and inspirational Christian music to comfort and encourage me.

I encourage all of you, my readers, to discover this wonderful secret to joy and comfort and hope and inspiration in these tragic generation we find ourselves in.
Thank God for Christian worship and praise music!

I will be truthful with you: many Christians are facing coming suffering and martyrdom in these Biblically prophesied that we all face together in this age. And that includes all of us Christians right here in North America as well.

And just in the past one hundred years, at least ten million Christians have suffered and died for their faith and testimony of Jesus Christ to the world. Whether under dark COMMUNISM, or Islamic persecutions, or Hindu and various other cults of persecution of the saints worldwide, more Christians have suffered and died for their faith in these past one hundred years, than in all previous centuries before this.
Christians are presently suffering and dying for this faith in various parts of the world, even as you read this. BUT CHRISTIANITY SUCCESSFULLY RISES UP TO OVERCOME PERSECUTION IN EVERY GENERATION! 

Because His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom that cannot be destroyed by the plans of wicked men, Christianity can NEVER be extinguished from the earth. God's Holy Spirit is working in every new generation that arises in the world, and He is bringing people from every nation into His kingdom through Jesus Christ daily.

We are facing coming days of persecution, of temptation to deny Christ to save our fleeting mortal lives. We are facing martyrdom for His sake, right here in America. Everything I have ever researched that is coming to America, testifies to this sobering reality.

I encourage all my readers to go to your local Christian bookstore and obtain books that share the glory of Christian martyrdom, and how Christians have overcome throughout the ages, to enter into eternal glory and their reward at last. 

You will need their testimonies for encouragement and inspiration. Because this is what is coming to North America. And in fact, to the world as well.

I simply want my beloved readers to know that I have known for a long time, that my calling would someday lead to martyrdom for His sake. I have known this for many years. But each time God called me to a task, and warned me that someday it would cost my life, I said "YES" to God.
Jesus Christ is my only hope of salvation! How therefore can I say NO to Him? How can I deny Him and expect to inherit eternal life? How can I turn away from following Him, Who gave His life on the cruel cross for me???

When you are in love with Jesus Christ, you simply do not care about the cost in this world. YOU DO NOT CARE! 

I never even think about it, really. I instead focus on how I can serve Jesus every single day, and how I can touch the lives of others daily. 

I will let God worry about my future and what I must someday suffer for Him. He knows how to bring me through to GLORY. And I also know that hour will not come until I finished everything He has given me to do for His glory in this world. Even as nothing could happen to Jesus, UNTIL His hour had fully come.
Do not be surprised therefore if something happens to me in the future. But rather rejoice that I have finally left this dark world for a far better place. I have been laying up treasures in Heaven for 42 years now as a born again Christian. My reward has never been in this world: it remains in HEAVEN with Him. The home that I long to "go home" to, that I do not have in this world, is waiting for me there as well.

My concerns are not for me, but rather for YOU. That is why I have spent the past 17 years pursuing investigative journalism on the behalf of an endangered Body of Christ in North America. Shocking revelations from inside the CIA and military about the planned persecution of the Church in North America, changed my life's course completely...and forever. What a wake-up call God gave me!

And what a great burden of love, concern and prayer God laid on my heart for YOU... the endangered Church in North America. How Jesus loves His children! He does not want any of them to perish. He does not want any of them to fall away and deny Him when that hour of temptation comes to this nation...and to every other nation as well.

A very important aspect of SALVATION is the timeless principle and command of Jesus Our Savior to REMAIN FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH, and confess Jesus Christ before men. Our salvation depends on obedience to His commands. "He that keepeth my word shall never see death."

This is why millions of Christians have died as MARTYRS throughout the ages. When tempted to DENY JESUS CHRIST by the wicked despots and governments of their day, they knew they could not. "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE..."
Throughout the ages, devout and steadfast Christians were rounded up and thrown into cruel prisons and dungeons. They were beaten and broken. They were thrown into huge arenas to be fed to wild beasts or murdered by the sword. They were nailed to crosses and burned at the stake.

In recent decades, they were thrown into Communist prisons and gulags to be tortured for their faith and killed. They were imprisoned in cruel jails under Islam, Hinduism and other cults that kill.They were beheaded at various times by Islamic extremists and other groups as well. In Communist China, Christians are even being used for body organ harvesting as well.
I have faithfully reported on the martyrdom of Christians in America, abducted by the satanist covens nationwide who always demand Christians for sacrifice. Utterly blacked out by the complicit and controlled news media, such Christians were tempted to deny their faith and join the satanists. 

And when they would not deny Jesus Christ, they were systematically tortured, even nailed to literal crosses, and died a martyr's death for their faith...right here in America.

How sad that the Church in America knows so little about this! And this is exactly the kind of persecution the NWO satanists of America today plan to bring against us all under martial law in the future. I have faithfully reported on this throughout the years.

Strange how the pastors of America never mention these things from their pulpits...and tragic as well. 

Why the fear, Pastor??? Why aren't YOU preparing God's people for future sufferings for Christ??? DO money and church numbers mean that much to you, that you refuse to warn God's people of what is to come, in order to prepare them to stand firm for Jesus to the end? Their very salvation is at stake! 

Or does MONEY and SECURITY mean more to you, than their eternal souls...? 

I choose to be a true shepherd and faithful witness to my fellow Christians in America, and am not afraid to tell them THE TRUTH. God help me if I could remain silent in this hour!

So, my readers, I encourage you to go to your local Christian bookstores and discover books filled with inspiring testimonies of the saints who went before us, whose bold testimonies remain in this world even today.

You can also locate such books through

It is wisdom for Christians who realize they face coming persecution, to prepare their hearts ahead of time. I do...all the time. I cannot be in denial. I know what we face.

One woman with 8 children that I spoke to yesterday at a Christian thrift shop, told me she knew all of this was coming (!) and further stated that she had gently prepared her children to die for Jesus along with her and her husband. "My children all know, and we have prepared them so they won't be afraid, " she told me. God bless this precious woman for doing this!
God bless all of you fellow Believers who take the time through prayer and the reading of God's Word, to prepare your hearts for the times of testing  we face in this generation. YOU will be blessed and strengthened as you ask God for the grace and power to remain faithful to His Son Jesus Christ. You will be emboldened with power to confess Him before men, no matter what the consequences from wicked men may be.

"But you shall receive POWER, after the Holy Spirit comes upon YOU.." This is the promise of Jesus Christ to His disciples, and His promise to His people TODAY.

I can never forget the inspired prophetic revelation God gave to me and a friend as we were praying in Tulsa, OK, in 1976. There was much genuine revival going on at that time there. We had been involved in street witnessing to homeless there. That night I prayed with a friend afterwards. I was shocked to hear what the Holy Spirit was revealing that night.

"I Am pouring out My Holy Spirit upon my Church in America, because without His power, you will not make it with what is coming to AMERICA...."

Now, THAT got my attention immediately! I began to pray and ask, "God, WHAT is coming to America?" I knew nothing then, that I now know  today.

My prayer partner faithfully repeated to me everything The Father revealed to him:

"My child, if I were to show you what is coming to your nation, YOU WOULD NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO BEAR WHAT I WOULD SHOW YOU...."

That did it! God had fully aroused my curiosity, to the point  where I began to pray for the next 20 years for God to SHOW ME WHAT WAS COMING.

And in 1996, fully twenty years later, He began to fully reveal to me in depth what we will face soon in America. And further called me to warn and wake up His people with what He would show me. That is what this ministry of the past 17 years is all about.

That very night after we prayed, my prayer friend had a vision in response to my question. he said, "I had a vision last night...I saw Christians lined up in front of guillotines to be beheaded for their faith! And I was in line with them. And when it was my turn to be beheaded, holy joy filled me and I woke up laughing..."

Jesus promised, "And your JOY, no man takes from you..."
Even in the face of DEATH for His sake.

Can I admit that I thought he was crazy when I first heard this? I remember silently thinking, "yeah...uh-huh..SURE there will be guillotines beheading Christians in America someday...hahaha!"

I have had to repent many times since that day of so many years ago.

 My researching of many years has now fully confirmed the presence of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES in our bases today. US Military (and foreign) are being trained to behead people in the future, right here in America.

The Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS have been signed into legislation by MR. NWO Bush Sr, paving the way for Christians to be executed by decapitation for being branded as "idolaters" and "blasphemers of God" for their faith and confession of Jesus Christ.
Sadly, certain elements among the unbelieving Jews today will play a major role in the NWO agenda for America, and the world. They will participate in the trials of Christians, and condemn them to death for their faith in Jesus Christ, under their Noahide Laws .

Many Jews have boasted to me that it is THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER, in fact. If only these precious but perishing people realized that in fact it is LUCIFER'S NWO, and that all deceived by it shall perish eternally. God forgive and have mercy on the Jews of the NWO, and bring them to the truth of Jesus their Messiah, and save them at last.

I never stop praying for salvation for them, and for all others DECEIVED BY LUCIFER'S NWO AGENDA.

Well, dear Jewish friends, here is my head, and there are your NOAHIDE LAWS and guillotines to enforce them. I am not denying Jesus my Savior (and YOUR Messiah) to save this wretched mortal body from death, ever.
Jesus Christ IS Divine, He IS the Son of God, and He remains THE ONLY MESSIAH that God will send to the Jews. Here I stand for my faith: do to this mortal body what God allows for His glory ("kadosh Ha'Shem") but I will never deny my Lord and Savior.

The satanists of America cannot wait for martial law to be declared, so that they can start helping the government and military round up the Christians and NWO resisters, and send them to the camps to be killed in the name of Lucifer's NWO.
I have written much about this, having interviewed former Illuminati and satanists on this very subject.

Sadly, the satanists in the US military and intelligence community will play a major role in this coming persecution of the saints in North America as well.

Well, here I stand for Jesus Christ and His testimony, Illuminati and satanists of America. Jesus Christ remains my Lord and Savior. And  TO HELL, Biblically and Scripturally, with Lucifer's accursed NEW WORLD ORDER. 

I am fully aware of what you satanist murderers do to women on your satanic altars and crosses. My father once WAS one of you. AND I REFUSE TO RETREAT. I am proud to be a traitor to the Craft by exposing everything I can regarding your evil NWO agenda for my nation.

Let me glorify God by dying for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, if it must come to his at last! Jesus Christ is worthy of everything we as Christians must suffer to be faithful unto death.

It is far past time for us, the Christians in America, to rise up and cast off their chains of fear and cowardice, and stand firmly united against the Illuminati/satanists and their disgusting Lucifer, and their destructive NWO agenda for America.

They have sacrificed enough victims on their satanic altars across America for decades.

The killing MUST STOP!

These NWO satanists want to arrest Christians and send them to the camps under martial law. But in fact THEY are the ones who need to be rounded up as threats to society, and sent away to the camps, where they can no longer pose a threat to the rest of mankind.

Body of Christ across America, prepare to stand boldly for Jesus Christ to the end. "In nothing terrified by your adversaries..." as the Bible commands us. Help send these NWO forces from hell back the abyss from whence they came! 

We will never deny Jesus Christ, nor surrender our nation to the forces of hell and NWO darkness, because we declare that JESUS IS LORD OF AMERICA.

And to hell with Lucifer and his NWO!

Fellow Christians of America, now go and get some excellent books of inspiration and the testimonies of the martyrs of Jesus who went before us, and PREPARE TO STAND IN VICTORY FOR JESUS!

"And the gates of hell shall not prevail....."

~Jesus Christ~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Pamela: Watchman Nee lived the persecution in Communist China, amid persecution is when the true Church of Christ grows more spiritually, God sends the chase not in vain, in Matthew 24 Jesus speaks about persecution and preach to the all world, persecution together to preaching, no accident ...

    God Bless You!

  2. Pamela,
    Doing God's work is NOT a burden, it is a pleasure. The burden comes from your eyes being opened to the workings of THAT can become a burden.
    I pray for you, young lady, and I know that you are doing great things for the Kingdom of God and His children.
    I feel the very same things that you feel, loneliness, isolation, contempt from others, etc,. I pray to God that this all ends soon, and that His Son returns VERY SOON.
    And, until I get to meet you in Heaven (or in a FEMA camp)...I love you, my sister in Christ.

  3. Pamela,

    Last Oct/Nov...somewhere in there my husband had a dream, actually (2) in a row; nearly identical. He awoke terrified after the first: seeking God...finally went back to sleep and had the EXACT dream....only in the first they didn't succeed at capture and in the 2nd, they did. The details he saw and can describe are out of this world! There was an invasion; either foreign or our own troops; dropping fromt the sky in "full battle rattle"----fully automatics, gas masks, etc......VERY long story. Peculiar thing is....we met this pastor and his wife 2 months ago (on the 15th) and He had the EXACT same dreams (2)!!!! Details EXACTLY the same; buildings, staircases.....EVERYTHING. This tells me this is indeed confirmation from God that these hard times are coming. I too believe in the "hope of Glory"----- Our Lord coming back to take us-----BUT we have to prepare our souls, our loved ones (who are saved; as you've said) for the days ahead. They are very dark and I feel there are just CONFIRMATIONS after CONFIRMATIONS that these things are taking place and VERY SHORTLY. Nonetheless, not OUR will be done but God's will be done! Praying for your sister! Press on toward the goal :-) ---Phil 3:14 "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Pleading the blood of Jesus over you to night dear sister AND your loved ones.

    PS I'm in Oregon; maybe we'll end up in the same REGIONAL camp? If not, I'll see you in Glory :-) Praying for you till then.
    -Morgan in Oregon

  4. We realize that Jesus Christ is worthy of everything in our lives, including our suffering and death for His precious Name's sake

    What kind of all 'loving' gawd wants you to suffer and die for his precious name?

  5. Because He came to suffer and died for our sins.

  6. We are in God hands always.

    "You are loved".

    God bless his entire worldwide church.

  7. What you have written really stirred my heart to share something in response that I have only shared with several people in my life. I was not raised in a Christian home, so when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ at the age of 16, it was a very powerful experience. God revealed so many things to me, including vivid dreams that we are living in the end-times even before I knew what that really meant.

    As a new believer, I was especially drawn to read stories about Christians during the Bolshevik Revolution. I remember one story in particular that really gripped my heart about a woman who was found dead, clutching her Bible stained with her own blood. I remember sobbing and sobbing for what those precious people went through during that horrific time in history.

    It was during this season of my life that I felt God speaking to my own heart about Martyrdom. I don't know why. Again, I was not raised in a Christian home. I told the Lord during my early years that I was willing to go anywhere for Him. I had come to the conclusion that if God was going to allow me the honor of giving my life for Him then I must prepare myself to live in some distant country far away.

    That was over 30 years ago. Since that time, even after the honor of seasons of serving Him on the mission field, I have come to the sobering conclusion that that distant country where I believe I saw myself giving my life for Jesus Christ was not so far away after all. I must share that there is no doubt in my mind that that distant country was and is right here in the United States of America. I am standing where I saw myself many years ago.

    Even if God does not allow me the honor of spilling my blood for Him, I know that there are many in this country who shall. May God give us the strength to endure what is before us. May His joy be our strength...

    Thanks for reading this.

  8. We must "pick up our cross" and follow Jesus. This portrays the suffering WE as disciples must endure. This message was not for "Christianity lite" but true meat and truth for the true Soldiers of the Lord who are willing to do ANYTHING for our Lord...who in His great love and passion for us....His beloved... layed His own life down for us! Read the 6th chapter in the book of Revelation and you'll see MANY souls slain as Martyrs. 500 christians die daily for His name's sake. That's apx 180,000/ yr!!!! We are in the end times...we know hard times are ahead and we know we have the "Blessed Hope"...thank u Jesus! True christians are ready, willing and able to lay down their own selves/ lives.....that a testimony might be made to NATIONS...that souls might be won for Christ. The question is will u deny Him? For your eternal soul I hope u contemplate this question by urself...with your husband. My kids too know what may be required of us. Wake up people! Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb!!! This prosperity (fake!) Gospel..."God is only love" makes me SICK!!! Press into Jesus....nothing else matters...let's win souls by our testimony and lve for one another. Notice how the world is darker ANd darker....ONLY believers actually demonstrate love toward one another. Hmmmmnnn......we're close! Even so, not OUR will be done...BUT yours Father in Jesus name! Love u all in Jesus mighty name! :-)
    ---Morgan in Oregon


  10. I will just remember these words over and over at the time of denying the mark and giving my life...From "A mighty fortress is our God" ...."..Let goods and kindred go,this mortal life also..the body they may kill..God's truth abideth still....".......3 minutes in...