Friday, July 31, 2015

Sylvia Becomes a Ranchhand At Last!

Thursday at CHANGING GAITS Christian horse ranch in Brook Park, MN, Sylvia finally got her opportunity to ride a horse during a trail ride! She also was able to lead a horse around the arena with a local participant in the therapeutic horse rides Guy Kaufman offers to the community daily.

AND SHE LOVES IT!  Being exhausted from my 1,500 mile journey across America to arrive here recently, I was content to watch as Sylvia did a wonderful job of working with the horses.

Please keep Sylvia in your prayers as she continues to work as a volunteer here at CHANGING GAITS. Because this is entirely volunteer work, reader support is critical for her health needs to continue to be supplied in the form of critically needed vitamins and supplements and organic foods to help her body continue to recover from stage 4 pancreatic cancer and lymphoma. You can contribute to this amazing miracle DIRECTLY by clicking on the following link:

Pray for her safety as she works with the many horses here. And PRAISE GOD WITH US for this great adventure for Christ that is finally unfolding for BOTH of us!

Thank you!-Pamela Rae and Sylvia Lynn

Sunday, July 12, 2015


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

MY HEART IS SAD as I sit writing this article today for my readers. SO many things are now taking place across our nation, America. What saddens me is, that America is filled with so many wonderful people, many of them God-fearing and Christian like myself, and many of you as well. You do not deserve what the wicked have planned in secret for our nation, and neither do I. 

God wants to BLESS His people! But the devil and his followers want to ATTACK and DESTROY God's people. God wants to prosper, heal and lift up His people. But the devil wants to rob and impoverish and afflict God's people. Jesus Christ has died and rose again to forgive our sins, and  take away ALL CONDEMNATION from His people. 

But the devil and his "useful idiots" want to falsely accuse and persecute and condemn God's holy people! And I see PERSECUTION coming to God's true children in the future in AMERICA.

It is evident that AMERICA HAS BEEN HIJACKED by the "2 percent gang" of NWO "elitists", aided by their Communist/Fascist satanist minions,  who have been working feverishly to destroy our Constitution, to corrupt America's Christian heritage, to bring persecution to those who dare to stand for righteousness, and to utterly pervert righteousness and godly laws across America.

The Supreme Court has sided with the devil and his "useful idiots" in it's judgment regarding MARRIAGE, denying the inerrant infallibility of the Word of God regarding this subject, and choosing to sanction that which the Holy Bible calls "an abomination" in the sight of Almighty God.
 Also, the events surrounding the military exercise "JADE HELM 2015" are increasing in intensity, telling us that SOMETHING MAJOR IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, undoubtedly multiple PLANNED events and catastrophes designed to bring America under martial law, and under the control of the godless Illuminati globalists and bankers. 

("Godless" unless you accept their definition of "Lucifer as god," something NO CHRISTIAN will ever do.)


This includes a shooting tragedy in Charleston, SC, that many suspect is just one more STAGED SHOOTING EVENT to be used for GUN CONTROL AGENDAS. (The verdict is still out, as all the evidence is being examined for proof of this being a staged event with crisis actors and people paid to "play dead" and then go into seclusion for BIG bucks.)

This event has also been used to deliberately further the racial divide in America...a common Communist tactic to create instability and division in a nation they wish to take over in.

May God have mercy on the surviving family members IF this was a real event in Charleston, SC. I wish them the best, and God bless them. 

BUT IF THIS IS JUST ONE MORE SHOOTING HOAX with crisis actors and "dead" people "paid to disappear", for gun control and racial division, may the judgment and wrath of God be upon all such LIES and deceiving of the American people. 

The Bible says that ALL LIARS SHALL HAVE THEIR PART in eternal damnation, or the "lake of fire," for ALL ETERNITY. These are the words of Jesus Christ, and I have never known the Son of God to LIE. The wrath of God is upon this kind of darkness in our nation.

However, today I want to lift up the eyes and hearts of my readers to GLORIOUS REALMS ABOVE, where Christ our Savior is seated at the right hand of God our Heavenly Father. 


As sad as this may seem, the Bible makes it clear that ALL EARTHLY KINGDOMS OF MANKIND shall someday pass away. And that must include AMERICA, ultimately because of SIN and rejecting God and His commandments.

Finally, all corrupt worldly governments will be destroyed and the ETERNAL KINGDOM OF GOD will be magnificently established on earth! Jesus the Messiah and Savior of the World shall REIGN, and His saints with Him!

There is a NEW WORLD COMING (and NOT a "NEW WORLD ORDER" of the rebellious) in which every person of good will shall rejoice. NO longer shall there be found in it MURDER, or ABORTION, or RAPE, or TORTURE, nor organized crime, pornography and pedophilia. There shall be NO MORE WAR!

Say "GOOD-BYE" forever to the horrors of COMMUNISM or FASCISM and dictatorships across the globe! Say good-bye to dark prisons filled with torture and innocent victims continually. PERSECUTION OF GOD'S CHRISTIAN SAINTS will be banished forever!

And the Bible says that Jesus Christ will personally cast ALL THOSE WHO HAVE PERSECUTED HIS CHILDREN into the fiery flames of hell, saying "DEPART FROM ME, INTO THE PLACE PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS!...For whatsoever you have done to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you have DONE IT UNTO ME."

WHERE will people SPEND ETERNITY, who reject Him and persecute and martyr God's Christian children? Let us take the hands of Jesus, and take a faith walk with Him for a glimpse into HELL and THE LAKE OF FIRE. 

There, you will see the COMMUNISTS who rejected Jesus and persecuted and murdered His beloved children. You will find the SATANISTS who rejected His mercy, and cruelly tortured and sacrificed Christians and other victims on their satanic altars. There, you will also see MUSLIMS who refused His love and salvation, who also persecuted and oppressed and beheaded Christ's children. HINDU and all other idolaters who continually oppress and martyr God's children throughout India, will also be found therein. 

Such people will sadly find THERE IS AN ETERNAL PRICE TO PAY for offending a holy God, Whose beloved children they have persecuted and oppressed. And most will find out TOO LATE!

As the Bible says, they shall be shown no mercy, who refused to show mercy. And those who reject God's salvation and then proceed to persecute and murder His Christian children, have NO OTHER WAY INTO HEAVEN. Hell is the only place left for unrepentant sinners who hate God and hate His children.

And you will witness many more in hell....the sexually immoral and defiled who refused to be cleansed of their lusts and sins by His grace, and every other people group described in the Bible who will NOT MAKE IT INTO GOD'S HOLY KINGDOM because of SIN and refusing salvation through His precious Son, Jesus Christ.

Those who have oppressed and martyred the Christians will find themselves facing eternal judgment and damnation, and have only hurt themselves in the end.

But when JESUS CHRIST RETURNS, WAR AND OPPRESSION SHALL CEASE TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH! And Jesus Christ Himself shall ensure that no one shall ever cause His children to suffer under persecution, war and oppression EVER AGAIN.

However, NOW IS THE TIME FOR EVERY AMERICAN TO GET SERIOUS BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD! God is going to permit great judgments to COME TO AMERICA for the many sins committed by her people therein.


There is not enough righteousness to turn away the wrath of God from this generation in America. And God has shown me that many of these tragedies are ALLOWED BY HIM to bring people to BROKENNESS AND REPENTANCE LEADING TO SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AT LAST.

MANY YEARS AGO, God gave a prophecy for America that HE WAS ALLOWING FAMINE TO COME TO THIS NATION. WHY? The Holy Spirit revealed, "...because when people's bellies are full they do not seek Me nor feel any need for Me. But when famine shall come, THEN shall they cry out unto Me. And I will feed them...But FIRST with the BREAD FROM HEAVEN, my Son Jesus Christ! "

I have written for many years that the Holy Spirit has revealed to many that PERSECUTION IS COMING TO THE CHURCH IN AMERICA. My years of investigative journalism has uncovered and confirmed this completely.

Many would ask, WHY is God allowing this to happen? I prayed and asked the same question. And the Holy Spirit reminded me of what my years of research has also uncovered: THAT THERE IS MUCH UNCONFESSED SIN IN THE CHURCHES ACROSS AMERICA. And SIN not repented of, brings forth JUDGMENT.

Even now, God is pleading by His Holy Spirit for His people to REPENT of following the world's wicked ways. In the churches of America today, you will find: sexual sins of every kind, compromise with the world, false doctrine and teachings, false prophets, and much unrighteousness besides.

Look what God did to ancient Israel, when His people rebelled against Him and His word, and committed abominations in His sight! God warned that UNLESS THEY REPENTED, he would bring FAMINE, PLAGUES, WAR and DEATH upon their nation for JUDGMENT. And history records that they did NOT repent, and the prophesied judgments had to come.

Has a holy God changed since then? NO! "I AM THE LORD: I CHANGE NOT," He declares in His word.

Furthermore, God showed me as I prayed about this, that many who call themselves "Christians" YET are living in SIN, will NEVER repent and return unto Him UNTIL HIS ROD OF JUDGMENT COMES DOWN UPON THEIR LIVES in many forms, including  persecution and tribulation. Even as it says in the Book of Daniel, "Many shall fall [under tribulation] and be purified..."

God desires a pure and holy people! "For without holiness shall no man see The Lord." "Be ye HOLY, even as I Am holy," God commands His people. 

And God loves His straying children so much, that He will even permit tribulation to take place against His people, as a rod of chastisement to bring them to tears and brokenness and repentance from their sins, and drive them BACK TO GOD, if He must! 

There is Biblical historical precedent. God did this many times with ancient Israel and Judah, to bring them unto Himself when they strayed because of sin and rebellion.


Then, I say unto you, come to JESUS CHRIST for forgiveness of every unconfessed sin, and be cleansed by His blood, and purpose to walk a holy walk with Him daily. His wrath is coming upon America for SIN, and His judgments will be INESCAPABLE unless you are walking closely in holiness and righteousness with Him.

For those of you who are playing games with God, with ONE foot in church in Sunday, and the other in HELL because of willful sin and rebellion against His commandments,  I say unto you that UNLESS YOU REPENT, then the COMING JUDGMENTS UPON AMERICA ARE DESIGNED FOR YOU! 

Is this REALLY what you want for YOUR life? NO? Then OBEY GOD'S WORD NOW! COME to God through Jesus Christ. PRAY for forgiveness of each sin. TURN from your wicked ways, and start following JESUS CHRIST and not the WORLD'S WICKED WAYS any longer. God longs to show you MERCY and not JUDGMENT. For the sake of your eternal soul, REPENT and obey His word TODAY. Time may be very short for America.

God laid upon my heart the words I have just written, for such a time as this in America's imperiled destiny. Please, take them to heart. 

For many people, there may never be A TOMORROW in which you can "get right with God." We may be facing the horrors of WORLD WAR III...we may experience NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICAN SOIL...deadly BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL ATTACK...DIRTY NUKES striking major nuclear-triggered TSUNAMIS on either coast...MARTIAL LAW and foreign troops arresting Americans under "JADE HELM 2015"...and SO MUCH MORE.

TODAY is the day to commit your life and soul and future into the hands of Almighty God! "TODAY is the DAY OF SALVATION!" Once you have Jesus Christ dwelling in your heart by faith, His peace will fill you with calm assurance as you face the future.

"You need not fear what the future holds, when you know Him Who holds your future, Jesus Christ."

Act on these words of truth TODAY. You will never regret it!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert