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Jesus Christ is the ONLY MESSIAH/Mashiach of the Jews

There is a movement among Jews today where they are preparing for a NEW MESSIAH, or MASHIACH/MOSHIACH! Lubavitch Chabad (among others)has been desperately trying to raise up a false Messiah (Mashiach) for the Jews for a long time now, and has failed. Menachem Schneerson was doomed to failure because he was NOT the MESSIAH! And his grave remains undisturbed.

Now other Jews are working on the coming false Messiah, to fulfill REVELATION 13. Some believe this false messiah is already here and working hard, the ROTHSCHILDS Jacob and Nathan! They have been working hard behind the scenes for the NWO agenda indeed. And A ROTHSCHILD may well prove to be the one!

But JESUS CHRIST, or Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, remains the ONLY GENUINE MESSIAH for the world today! And for millions of believing Gentiles and Jews, Jesus Christ is the ONE!

We have the Messiah NOW! Orthodox Jews are chanting "WE WANT MESSIAH," But we as CHRISTIANS and MESSIANICS know we HAVE THE MESSIAH NOW AND FOREVERMORE!

Jesus Christ is the ONE AND ONLY Messiah for the world today. There is NO OTHER and will be no other forevermore. Come to HIM today!

If you are a Messianic Jew or a Christian reading this, continue to PRAY FOR THE JEWS worldwide! MANY are coming to Yahshua the Mashiach daily, and worldwide.

Judaism without the Mashiach is often empty, like a bagel without lox or creme cheese, empty on the inside and dry! Jews were created to bring forth MASHIACH! And to worship and serve GOD through faith in HIM.

And this is why many are leaving Judaism without Mashiach Yahshua and coming to HIM NOW. Jews by their own admission have admitted this is why they left Judaism and came to Yahshua.

Friday, June 26, 2009

URGENT-Journalist Files Charges Against WHO/UN for BIOTERRORISM and Intent to Commit MASS MURDER USA

THIS ARTICLE IS AWESOME! Read it COMPLETELY THROUGH! I have personally interviewed former CIA MICROBIOLOGIST Larry Wayne Harris, who admitted, in my book and on my previous radio broadcasts, that the CIA paid him and others to develop deadly viruses and bacteria in order to kill the American people off (population control),and to deliberately create MARTIAL LAW CHAOS and an excuse to take the people TO THE CAMPS, or to sicken them sufficiently to disable them from fighting back under martial law.Looks like my reporting has been right on target!-Pamela Schuffert

Journalist Files Charges Against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor(NaturalNews)

As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway.

Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder.

She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

Summary of claims and allegations filed with FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009:

In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death.

This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.

Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.

The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis.

They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the "bird flu" virus and the "swine flu virus" in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S.

This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act. Burgermeister's charges include evidence that Baxter AG, Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four counties.

She claims this evidence offers clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death.

In her April charges, she noted that Baxter's lab in Austria, one of the supposedly most secure biosecurity labs in the world, did not adhere to the most basic and essential steps to keep 72 kilos of a pathogen classified as a bioweapon secure and separate from all other substances under stringent biosecurity level regulations, but it allowed it to be mixed with the ordinary human flu virus and sent from its facilities in Orth in the Donau.

In February, when a staff member at BioTest in the Czech Republic tested the material meant for candidate vaccines on ferrets, the ferrets died.This incident was not followed up by any investigation from the WHO, EU, or Austrian health authorities. There was no investigation of the content of the virus material, and there is no data on the genetic sequence of the virus released.

In answer to parliamentary questions on May 20th, the Austrian Health Minister, Alois Stoger, revealed that the incident had been handled not as a biosecurity lapse, as it should have been, but as an offence against the veterinary code. A veterinary doctor was sent to the lab for a brief inspection.


Burgermeister's dossier reveals that the release of the virus was to be an essential step for triggering a pandemic that would allow the WHO to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. She lists the laws and decrees that would allow the UN and WHO to take over the United States in the event of pandemic.

In addition, legislation requiring compliance with mandatory vaccinations would be put into force in the U.S. under conditions of pandemic declaration. She charges that the entire "swine flu" pandemic business is premised on a massive lie that there is no natural virus out there that poses a threat to the population.

She presents evidence leading to the belief that the bird flu and swine flu viruses have, in fact, been bioengineered in laboratories using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies, among others. This "swine flu" is a hybrid of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come from laboratories according to many experts.

WHO's claim that this "swine flu" is spreading and a pandemic must be declared ignores the fundamental causes. The viruses that were released were created and released with the help of WHO, and WHO is overwhelmingly responsible for the pandemic in the first place.

In addition, the symptoms of the supposed "swine flu" are indistinguishable from regular flu or from the common cold. The "swine flu" does not cause death anymore often than the regular flu causes death.Burgermeister notes that the figures for deaths reported for the "swine flu" are inconsistent and there is no clarity as to how the number of "deaths" has been documented.

There is no pandemic potential unless mass vaccinations are carried out to weaponize the flu under the guise of protecting the population. There are reasonable grounds for believing that the mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases that are specifically designed to cause death.

Reference is made to a licensed Novartis bird flu vaccine that killed 21 homeless people in Poland in the summer of 2008 and had as its "primary outcome measure" an "adverse events rate", thereby meeting the U.S. government's own definition of a bioweapon (a biological agent designed to cause an adverse events rate, i.e death or injury) with a delivery system (injection).

She alleges that the same complex of international pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies that have developed and released pandemic material have positioned themselves to profit from triggering the pandemic with contracts to supply vaccines. Media controlled by the group that is engineering the "swine flu" agenda is spreading misinformation to lull the people of the U.S. into taking the dangerous vaccine.

The people of the U.S. will suffer substantial and irreparable harm and injury if they are forced to take this unproven vaccine without their consent in accordance with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20, and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.

In the U.S. since 2008, Burgermeister charges that those named in her allegations have implemented new and/or accelerated the implementation of laws and regulations designed to strip the citizens of the U.S. of their lawful constitutional rights to refuse an injection. These people have created or allowed provisions to remain in place that make it a criminal act to refuse to take an injection against pandemic viruses.

They have imposed other excessive and cruel penalties such as imprisonment and/or quarantine in FEMA camps while barring the citizens of the U.S. from claiming compensation from injury or death from the forced injections. This is in violation of the laws governing federal corruption and the abuse of office as well as of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Through these actions, the named defendants have laid the groundwork for mass genocide.

Using the "swine flu" as a pretext, the defendants have preplanned the mass murder of the U.S. population by means of forced vaccination. They have installed an extensive network of FEMA concentration camps and identified mass grave sites, and they have been involved in devising and implementing a scheme to hand power over the U.S. to an international crime syndicate that uses the UN and WHO as a front for illegal racketeering influenced organized crime activities, in violation of the laws that govern treason.

She further charges that the complex of pharmaceutical companies consisting of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi Aventis are part of a foreign-based dual purpose bioweapons program, financed by this international criminal syndicate and designed to implement mass murder to reduce the world's population by more than 5 billion people in the next ten years.

Their plan is to spread terror to justify forcing people to give up their rights, and to force mass quarantine in FEMA camps. [NOTE-What have I been telling you for the past 13 years about FEMA camps!-Pam]

The houses, companies and farms and lands of those who are killed will be up for grabs by this syndicate. By eliminating the population of North America, the international elite gain access to the region's natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil lands.

And by eliminating the U.S. and its democratic constitution by subsuming it under a North American Union, the international crime group will have total control over North America.

Highlights from the complete dossier:

The complete dossier of the June 10th action is a 69 page document presenting evidence to substantiate all charges. This includes:

Factual background that delineates time lines and facts that establish probable cause, UN and WHO definitions and roles, and history and incidents from the April, 2009 "swine flu" outbreak.

Evidence the "swine flu" vaccines are defined as bioweapons as delineates in government agencies and regulations classifying and restricting vaccines, and the fear of foreign countries that "swine flu" vaccines will be used for biological warfare.

Scientific evidence the "swine flu" virus is an artificial (genetic) virus.

Scientific evidence the "swine flu" was bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu virus of 1918 including quotes from Swine Flu 2009 is Weaponized 1918 Spanish Flu by A. True Ott, Ph.D., N.D., and a Science Magazine report from Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger

The genome sequence of the "swine flu"

Evidence of the deliberate release of the "swine flu" in Mexico.

Evidence as to the involvement of President Obama that delineates his trip to Mexico which coincided with the recent "swine flu" outbreak and the death of several officials involved in his trip. Contention is made that the President was never tested for "swine flu" because he had been previously vaccinated.

Evidence as to the role of Baxter and WHO in producing and releasing pandemic virus material in Austria includes a statement from a Baxter official stating the accidentally distributed H5N1 in the Czech Republic was received from a WHO reference center.

This includes delineation of evidence and allegations from Burgermeister's charges filed in April in Austria that are currently under investigation.

Evidence Baxter is an element in a covert bioweapons networkEvidence Baxter has deliberately contaminated vaccine material.

Evidence Novartis is using vaccines as bioweapons

Evidence as to WHO's role in the bioweapons program

Evidence as to WHO's manipulation of disease data in order to justify declaring a Pandemic Level 6 in order to seize control of the USA.

Evidence as to the FDA's role in covering up the bioweapons program

Evidence as to Canada's National Microbiology Lab's role in the bioweapons program.

Evidence of the involvement of scientists working for the UK's NIBSC, and the CDC in engineering the "swine flu".

Evidence vaccinations caused the Spanish killer flu of 1918 including belief of Dr. Jerry Tennant that the widespread use of aspirin during the winter that followed the end of World War I could have been a key factor contributing to the earlier pandemic by suppressing the immune system and lowering body temperatures, allowing the flu virus to multiply. Tamiflu and Relenza also lower body temperatures, and therefore can also be expected to contribute to the spread of a pandemic.

Evidence as to manipulation of the legal framework to allow mass murder with impunity.

Constitutional issues: the legality vs. illegality of jeopardizing the life, health and public good by mass vaccinations.

The issue of immunity and compensation as evidence of intent to commit a crime.

Evidence as to the existence of an international corporate crime syndicate.

Evidence of the existence of the "Illuminati".

Evidence as to the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and their involvement in the engineering and release of the artificial "swine flu" virus.

Evidence that weaponized flu was discussed at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Athens from May 14-17, 2009, as part of their agenda of genocide, including a list of attendees who, according to a statement once made by Pierre Trudeau, view themselves as genetically superior to the rest of humanity.

Media is keeping Americans clueless about the threat they are under

Jane Burgermeister is a dual Irish/Austrian who has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, and American Prospect. She is the European Correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website.

She has written extensively about climate change, biotechnology, and the ecology.In addition to the charges currently under investigation that she filed against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology in April, she has filed charges against WHO and Baxter among others concerning a case of exploding "swine flu" vials meant for a research lab on a busy IC train in Switzerland.

In her view, control of the media by the ruling elite has allowed the world crime syndicate to further its agenda unabated while the rest of the people remain in the dark about what is really going on. Her charges are an attempt to get around this media control and bring the truth to light.

Her greatest concern is that "in spite of the fact Baxter has been caught red handed nearly triggering pandemic, they are also moving ahead, together with allied pharma companies, with supplying the vaccine for pandemics." Baxter is hurrying to get this vaccine to market some time in July.

For more information:
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Vaccine Pushed To Be Ready for JULY???Does This MEAN.... — OpenYourEyes, Fri Jun 26 09:38
From previous article: ...Her greatest concern is that "in spite of the fact Baxter has been caught red handed nearly triggering pandemic, they are also moving ahead, together with allied pharma... more

Powerful Prevailing Weapons Against Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER for Every Christian

Combating the NEW WORLD ORDER:What God has Made Available to EVERY CHRISTIAN WORLDWIDE

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective-

June 26, 2009

As a Christian investigative journalist constantly exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER, or satan's manifest kingdom on earth of REVELATION 13, I am in constant spiritual warfare against this enemy. And they have been constantly at war with me for decades now.

I have been poisoned more than once, stalked nationwide at times, set up to be abducted and sacrificed, suffered several death attempts on my life, threatened with death by more than one group,had a price of over one million dollars put on my head by one group that wanted to kill me, etc. This is the pattern of my life for many years now.

And because I am in a deadly battlefield, I have been compelled to learn so many of God's tactics from His Word to battle this kingdom of Satan on earth.

Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I begin with POWERFUL INTERCESSORY PRAYER. I also confess the powerful WORD OF GOD over my life. JESUS CHRIST is the Word of God! And His Word cannot be defeated. I spend time in worship and praise to the Living God, Who dwells in the praises of His people.

I look to Jesus Christ as my mentor against the NWO and satan's tactics daily. And it works.I would have been dead long ago, if it did not work!

As Christians in America, we need to shed the defeatist mentality as we see the NWO agenda approaching full takeover of this nation. My Bible tells me that God has given His people tremendous power and authority over satan's power and dark agendas.

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and overall the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19.

We need to remember: JESUS CHRIST DIED and rose again, to DEFEAT SATAN and his power over mankind. His blood was shed to forgive our sins and to defeat the power of satan .

Believing the WORD OF GOD through faith in Jesus Christ will give you POWER OVER THE DEVIL! It will give you power over every temptation of this present world, and make you victorious over all the power of the enemy.

All the NEW WORLD ORDER really is, according to Revelation 13, is satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Former satanists and Illuminati have confirmed this to me repeatedly without hesitation.

"Satan is the leader, and satanists are the backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER..." one well known former high priestess, now Christian, remarked to me one day. And it is true.

The GOOD NEWS is, that Jesus Christ died and rose again to defeat satan and all associated with his kingdom of darkness! His blood was shed to forgive our sins, and to overcome satan's power in the earth today.That is WHY His BLOOD is such a powerful weapon against satan, his followers and all spiritual darkness related to him. AND THAT INCLUDES AGAINST THE NWO!

AND IF we as Christians will study the Word of God and learn how to apply SPIRITUAL WARFARE to this battlefield against his NWO, WE CAN and WILL SEE VICTORY AFTER VICTORY!

Yes, there are practical aspects of fighting and overcoming the NWO agenda for our nation, such as providing for our own survival food supplies, installing alternate heating, obtaining weapons and ammunition for hunting and survival, etc. The Bible commends practical actions COMBINED with FAITH. "Faith without WORKS (or appropriate corresponding ACTIONS is DEAD," declares God's Word.

When Noah was warned of God
of the flood to come, he ACTED in response. He built an ark to the saving of his entire family...not to mention the entire future of mankind! It wasn't enough that he was righteous in the sight of God! HE HAD TO ACT AS WELL to save himself and his family. And we too as Christians need to ACT in faith as well. We do OUR part (the possible) and God does His (the IMPOSSIBLE or divine.)

BUT THERE IS ALSO A CRUCIAL SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF OVERCOMING THE NWO, often overlooked by many who desire to fight this evil agenda. I feel sorry for anyone who tells me that they're against the NWO and are going to fight it under martial law, IF THEY ARE NOT YET A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN.

For without the Divine power of God through Jesus Christ as your Savior, you simply will be eventually overwhelmed and ultimately defeated. I know: I come from a Pentagon military family background. The military preparations are multi-national, many pronged and incredible and they have attempted to cover every anticipated plan of civilian resistance under martial law.

The NWO planners obtain their demonic power directly from satan for their NWO agenda. The Bible reveals this, and Illuminati/satanists have confirmed this.

"And men worshipped THE DRAGON, who gave power to THE BEAST..." (from Revelation 13)The DRAGON is satan/Lucifer, and those who worship him are Illuminati/satanists. And he is primarily worshipped through rituals involving HUMAN SACRIFICE.

Annual victims of their human sacrifice rituals in America alone number in to the upper hundreds of THOUSANDS of victims, either bred or abducted for sacrifice.This is confirmed by people involved in satanic crime investigation I have worked together with, and former satanist leaders that I have interviewed personally. And you will never hear about it because of news media bias/blackout covering up 99% of all satanic and cult related crime.

There is a vast conspiracy to conceal from the America public the horrible truth about satanic/cult related crime in our nation today. This is due to such politically and financially powerful people involved in it worldwide, continually. Presidents and prime ministers, kings and world leaders, Senators and Congressmen, mayor, governors, CEO's, millionaires and billionaires...SO MANY of them all by night secret satanists or members of the Illuminati! And with dark secrets to conceal, all. And thus the major efforts to black out such crime by news media bias/blackout.

Here is one major reason why such crime is on the upswing:

"We satanists were under a mandate from satan to offer more and more acts of human sacrifice, to get power to bring down the NEW WORLD ORDER, " one formerly powerful satanist high priestess told me as I interviewed her in her home one day.

Phoebe Brown, former satanist high priestess in South America, told Americans in a series of interviews in one newspaper,the same identical thing. She admitted that the satanists were under a mandate from satan to offer up more and more acts of human sacrifice to receive power from him to get the NEW WORLD ORDER moving!

Former satanists and Illuminati I have interviewed further revealed to me that CHRISTIANS are in high demand by SATAN HIMSELF for sacrifice, and that therefore every Christian arrested under martial law and taken to boxcars or camps IS TO COUNT AS ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power for their NWO agenda.

CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA: READ and UNDERSTAND THIS! THIS MEANS YOU! You cannot afford to remain ignorant and apathetic about this important subject!

Cisco Wheeler is a well known survivor of the NWO Illuminati cult and mind control. Her father, as mine, was a military satanist on board the NWO agenda.Although my father was not able to force my wonderful Christian mother and I into satanic rituals, poor Cisco was, as she admitted to me.

Here is what she told me over the phone one day."I used to operate with the satanists of OREGON before I became a Christian finally. We satanists decided that we would torture the Christians ARRESTED UNDER MARTIAL LAW for 13 days before we finally sacrificed them...." (Yes, she said CHRISTIANS.) Here is yet another former insider admitting fully what the NWO plans to do to CHRISTIANS under martial law as their NWO is manifested!

Satanism/Illuminism teaches that the more innocent and helpless the victim is, the more power satan will give them. It also teaches that the more pain inflicted (torture) the more power satan will give them.

This is why human sacrifice always involves infants and children and Christians. This is why it always involves brutal and horrific and demonically inspired torture of every form.

The Illuminati orchestrating the NWO agenda from the highest levels (such as Jacob and Nathan Rothschild, etc.) on down throughout their ranks worldwide, themselves operate under these demonic principles every single day!

And because of their great money, political and powerful influence over the earth, such Illuminati are untouchable by good people in law enforcement who frankly would like to see such horrors brought to a justifiable end.

Because the NWO masterminds plan to apply these principles under the NWO when martial law comes down in our nation, to use against the Christians they will order arrested tortured and murdered in the name of satan and his NWO agenda, I am putting out this kind of information in a desperate attempt to warn my fellow Christians of what is being planned against them.

KNOW THINE ENEMY! Know his tactics. The Bible tells us, that we are not to be ignorant of satan's devices or wiles.And then you are to begin to apply the mighty weapons of SPIRITUAL WARFARE that God has made available to very Christian to operate victoriously in!

I have been compelled to be in battle against actual satanists, beginning in my own home with my very own father (who 30 years later finally became a Christian!) And then later, I became embroiled in battles with the satanists of the mountains of North Carolina while assisting victims of satanic attack.

Through years of such life-threatening battles against literal satanists, I have learned what WORKS in spiritual and practical warfare. And I want to pass the principles of VICTORY to YOU, my fellow American Christians, now endangered by the madmen seeking to bring down their NWO agenda in our nation.

EVERY DAY, I SPEND HOURS IN PRAYER against satan, against spiritual darkness in our nation and the world, and their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda against me and my fellow Christians!

I pray daily AGAINST the sinful actions of the men and women that satan is using to bring forth this NWO agenda as well, and also FOR their souls' salvation as well (Jesus died for ALL.)

And IF these NOW power people become saved, they can no longer be used by satan for his NWO agenda!

We can pray for their finances to be divinely cut off. For their access and control of military, intelligence community, media/communications and political power cut off. We can bind all communication by Satan/Lucifer of the demonic power and demonic "wisdom" they need to bring this NWO agenda forth. They desperately need these tools in order to operate successfully.

We should ALL be involved in prayer on behalf of every intended victim of their abductions leading to human sacrifices as well. Well-trained Satanist abduction teams are constantly prowling in various ways across America, whether in satanist vans or trucks, or on foot.

On lone country roads, their vans pull up alongside the lone hiker/jogger, and their abduction teams jump out and overpower the hapless victim, and they become that night's sacrifice. Satanist abduction teams seek victims in the national forests as well. Their people are poised, covertly, along remote hiking trails, to abduct the unsuspecting lone hiker, make or female. They too become victims of the satanic altars of America, as former satanists I interviewed revealed to me.

Children walking home in the dark alone at night or playing unsupervised in malls or local parks....unsuspecting hitchhikers...there are so many ways in which these satanists obtain their victims. We need to understand their tactics, pray against them, and purpose to never become a victim ourselves.

And through our fasting and intercessory prayers, we can see the kingdom of darkness brought to a grinding halt! God's Divine "ways and means " committee is VAST and ETERNAL! He will never be outdone by a defeated foe called SATAN! But God chooses to WORK THROUGH HIS PEOPLE...remember this!

IN fact, God has held back their NWO agenda for America for MANY years now, because of the fasting and prayer of His people against them. Otherwise, we would be UNDER IT EVEN NOW. This very word of prophecy came forth at one place where I lectured in Oregon a few years ago. And it is TRUE.


II Corinthians 10:3-7, "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the casting down of [satan's]strongholds..."

1 John 3:8 "...For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil."

From Ephesians 6-"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm."

Revelation 12:11-"And they OVERCAME HIM [satan] by the BLOOD of the LAMB, by the word of their testimony and because they loved not their lives unto the death [were faithful unto death]."

And there are so many MORE important verses for VICTORY! Remember: it is not the hearers of the Word of God that are justified, but those who BELIEVE and ACT ON the word of God!

Christians in America (and worldwide in fact), you better take this battle seriously. YOU ARE THE MAJOR TARGETS of Satan's NWO darkness IN THIS HOUR and the times to come! The NWO satanists are coming FOR YOU under MARTIAL LAW in America. Never forget this.

Therefore, IF you have not done so previously, begin to study the Word Of God in depth on how to successfully use God's Word and the power of Jesus Christ to defeat Satan and his tactics NOW.

You can CHOOSE to be either A VICTIM, or a VICTOR. The conquered, or the CONQUEROR. Overcome by evil, or an OVERCOMER. The Word of God tells us that Jesus Christ died and rose again to make YOU MORE THAN A CONQUEROR and an OVERCOMER!

"...In ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him that loved us..." Romans 8:37

-Pamela Schuffert

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why the "Hate Crime Bill" Will Change NOTHING For Committed Christians

By now, most of us Christians in America understand the true underlying reasons behind the HATE CRIME BILL. In reality, it's MAJOR purpose has nothing to do with addressing actual criminal acts of hatred. Motivation for this legislation and the rabid desire to get it passed at whatever cost, goes much deeper than that.

Rather, this hate crime legislation is largely itself an act of hatred against the Word of God and the Christians who obey this word of God, and against their Savior, Jesus Christ the Messiah, Who commands Christians to OBEY this Word of God. This is what it is really all about.

Sinners are often "offended" by the Word of God being preached to them regarding their sinful lifestyles and choices. Often homosexuals do not appreciate the sincere word of God regarding their choices. Women seeking abortions do not appreciate Christian pro-lifers seeking to share alternatives to abortion while counseling at abortion clinics. Non-Christians (including Jews) often do not appreciate Christians trying to share the Word of God with them.

The true underlying motive behind this hate crime bill is to actually attempt to criminalize sincere Christians, who are NOT motivated by hate but rather the love of God to warn others, for obeying the Word of God!

And so such elements hostile to our Christian liberties in America seek to destroy them by whatever means possible. This includes the ACLU ("Anti-Christ Labor Union") and the ADL and many other anti-freedom factions working non-stop to destroy our historical Christian liberties throughout our nation today.

And that is what the hate crime bill legislation is REALLY about in the truest sense. Such people, guilty themselves of the hate crime of hating Christians, Christianity, and the God and Jesus Christ behind it, are seeking to destroy our cherished religious freedoms, including freedom of speech, in America today.

What everyone needs to understand is, IF the HATE CRIME BILL IS SOMEHOW SUCCESSFULLY PASSED, it will change NOTHING for the genuine Bible-based Christian.

As committed Christians, we realize that our religious liberties and obligations did not originate with the laws of mankind. They came from HIGHER COURT, of God Almighty and His eternal Word, and His commandments that cannot be broken.

As committed Christians, we realize the JESUS CHRIST has called us unto liberty and has SET US FREE.Christians have been persecuted in nation after nation for 2000 years now, for upholding the HIGHER AND ETERNAL LAWS of the LIVING GOD and obeying His Son's commandments, rather then the unjust laws of men that contradict God's higher laws.

The Apostle Peter, when told by the religious leaders of his day to desist from preaching about JESUS CHRIST, had the right answer:
Acts 5:29-Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, "We ought to obey God rather than men." Amen.

EVEN IF THE HATE CRIME BILL IS PASSED, guess what? NOTHING has changed in HEAVEN! And the BIBLE has not been suddenly altered to meet their demands!

The Almighty God does not change His mind nor His word to appease the will of wicked men. And as committed Christians, our status with God and Jesus Christ remains the same.

IF THIS HATE BILL PASSES, we as Christians bound to God's HIGHER laws are still required to CONFESS JESUS CHRIST before men. We are still required to PREACH THE WORD OF GOD UNCOMPROMISING. We are still commanded to call SINNERS TO REPENTANCE, and to call sin, SIN, even as Jesus did without compromise.We are still held to obedience to the HIGHER LAWS OF GOD and His Son Jesus Christ.

Persecution may indeed follow our obedience. But did not Jesus Christ say, "Blessed are those who are persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS' SAKE, for THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN..."? He did indeed.

The bottom line is, we as Christians are commanded to OBEY GOD'S WORD regardless of persecution, attack, imprisonment, or even death results from our faithful obedience.This is the legacy of the true Church of Jesus Christ for 2000 years now, and nothing will change.

My fellow Christians in America, can you RISE TO THE OCCASION and stand firm in God's truth if this bill DOES get passed?

Listen: I have lost more than one job in my life, for refusing to be SILENT ABOUT MY FAITH on the job. I have faced threats of being thrown into solitary confinement for months at a time during my years of pro-life outreach and going to jail/prison, for refusing to stop my Christian outreach in one prison in NC.

Frankly, throughout ALL of my 38 years of my Christian walk, in various ministries, I have periodically known the sufferings of Jesus Christ and the reality of embracing the cross to follow Him. I have endured death threats and abduction attempts, poisoning, threats against my ministry and my reporting, theft of my ministry tools, and many hardships throughout the years. But this in itself is nothing to boast of: this IS normal discipleship and nothing more!


(I presume that if even JESUS CHRIST could get persecuted for speaking the truth and defying the authorities of HIS day, so can we!)

And for the genuine Christians of this nation, nothing will change if the Hate Crime Bill gets passed. It is simply time for the Christians of this nation, many spoiled by centuries of religious freedoms, to learn what it really means to deny self, EMBRACE THE CROSS and follow Jesus.

"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." II Tim. 3:12.

-Pamela Schuffert

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WHY The Modern Military GUILLOTINES Discovered in UN Prisoner Boxcars?

OR, HOW Did A Distinctly Jewish Belief System Become DISCRIMINATORY FUTURE AMERICAN NATIONAL POLICY, To Have Deadly Impact on Millions of American Citizens?

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

June 24, 2009

When I first began to investigate the shocking reports of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES being sighted by local people in various locations nationwide in 1995, I began to have many questions as I traveled repeatedly across this nation to such locations to interview eye-witnesses.

WHY did these boxcars with shackles, obviously made for HUMAN cargo, exist? WHY were many with UN symbols on them, or FEMA? WHY would there be MODERN GUILLOTINES actually installed inside many (not all) of them?
I have personally met with credible eye-witnesses of the guillotines in some of the prisoner boxcars, in fact, and traveled to such locations as well, including Montana and Asheville, NC. Former CIA, Pentagon sources, US Army sources, truck drivers delivering the guillotines nationwide, metal workers, etc., have all confirmed completely the reality of the modern guillotines in America today.

WHO was building these prisoner boxcars with shackles and guillotines, and WHY, and WHO were they for? And WHEN would they be used?

Through years of painstaking research, travel, and countless interviews with people in a position to know, I finally uncovered the grim truth.

These boxcars, positioned across the nation in various locations (and often in CANADA and MEXICO in remote areas to avoid detection, and also UNDERGROUND as well), usually in areas out of public access or sighting, have been built to accommodate human cargo to transport them to modern FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps under a future state of MARTIAL LAW.

America is about to collapse BY PLAN, and for MANY reasons. Due to many coming national calamities, disasters and circumstances (most engineered by the NWO planners themselves in the form of "black ops", we will find ourselves in a state of MARTIAL LAW in which our Constitution will be suspended, our previous rights and freedoms revoked, and we will become a POLICE STATE at last.

Many Americans are anticipated by this government to RISE UP, fight back, resist their NWO tyranny plans and stand for their lives and their freedoms.

Revelations of CIA insiders, formerly working for this agenda, revealed that the camps would be for future resisters of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" agenda that would rise up in protest under martial law, demanding their former freedoms and rights back and the Constitution restored.

And for this very reason, the FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps and the prisoner boxcars designed to transport the resisters there, were all created.


I discovered that the MODERN GUILLOTINES are in many military bases today, and are for the FUTURE purpose of executing offenders of the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, written up by Lubavitch Chabad and signed into legislation by "Mr. NWO," George Bush SR.

Frankly, the Noahide Laws legislation is outrageous and needs to be rescinded, abolished and banned from America altogether. They have no place in a Constitutional nation and American society and in a country that believes in the right of everyone to exercise religious freedoms, a God-given right.

The Noahide Laws are highly discriminatory in favoring Jewish beliefs over all others. In fact, they are going to be used to accomplish the shocking practice of FORCED CONVERSION UNDER PAIN OF DEATH IF YOU DO NOT RENOUNCE YOUR CHRISTIAN FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.

For example, Christians who refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ as both the Son of God and Divine, are found guilty of "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry" by strictly Jewish definition, and are subject to execution by BEHEADING, according to the Noahide Laws they have written for Gentiles. Moslems can also be executed by Jews under the Noahide Laws by BEHEADING as well, and many other groups besides.

Such outrageous, anti-Constitutional and blatantly discriminatory legislation should never have been signed into American legislation by any President to begin with! However, under Bush Sr's Presidential administration, they were. This is not surprising, since the BUSH FAMILY is a major supporter of the NWO agenda and it's PLAN to eliminate Christians and Christianity from the world scene anyhow.

The GOOD news is, that the Noahide Laws cannot be activated while the Constitution is in effect, however, due to provisions of SEPARATION OF CHURCH (or SYNAGOGUE) AND STATE. The supporters of the NWO agenda and the Noahide Laws legislation are eager , therefore, for the planned disasters to take place, designed to result in the Constitution being suspended, and their dream of A NEW WORLD ORDER to finally come to pass in America.
And with it their dream of the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER in America, the elimination of ALL NWO RESISTERS.

BUT EXACTLY HOW did distinctly Jewish traditional religious beliefs get somehow translated into America's FUTURE national policy, to affect every citizen, wherein THEIR particular and discriminatory beliefs are signed into legislation (NOAHIDE LAWS) becoming a part of our national policy in the future?

And wherein the guillotines and our military training how to operate them are now present REALITY, to someday be used to execute American Christian offenders of a distinctly JEWISH belief system???

WHY are our tax dollars paying for these guillotines to be manufactured and imported to this nation? WHY are our tax dollars paying for our own military to be trained in operating these guillotines against their fellow Americans in Us Army and other bases? HOW could Americans be forced to fund this utterly ANTI-AMERICAN agenda that will be used to kill off good Americans for their religious beliefs alone in the future?

And WHY are Jewish beliefs favored over Christian rights and freedoms and beliefs in this unethical and anti-American forced conversion agenda involving the NOADHIDE LAWS and millions of modern guillotines now nationwide?

WHERE did the JEWISH CONNECTION come into all this??? United Nations prisoner boxcars for Americans...modern guillotines sighted in many of them...guillotines whose only purpose is to behead Christian offenders of the JEWISH NOAHIDE did this happen and WHO IS RESPONSIBLE???

Interestingly, I discovered while investigating in Israel and living in Jerusalem a while, that one of the major companies paid millions of dollars by the US government to produce these deadly prisoner boxcars with shackles, GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION or Portland, OR, is Jewish-owned, by Ken and Sally Gunderson. This was revealed to me by a Jewish man I spoke to as we sat on the rooftop of Petra Hostel in the Old City one night. He was a Naval officer from Portland, OR.;article=124238;title=APFN

He informed me that the Gundersons are Jewish, and that Sally attended his synagogue in fact. Unfortunately this is quite evidently one more Jewish family and operation working for the NWO agenda and for the destruction of many loyal and Patriotic Americans citizens in the future. How tragic.

In fact, Russian Christians (numerous in Portland OR) who work for GUNDERSON have described these prisoner boxcars inside and out to my Russian contacts. And they are very afraid, now that they know what these boxcars will be used for! They REMEMBER THE BOLSHEVIK CONQUEST of their nation and their fellow Christians sent to gulags by prisoner boxcars throughout Russia boxcars BY THE MILLIONS!

Will history repeat itself, this time on AMERICAN SOIL???

WHO is working for OUR DESTRUCTION and the destruction of Christianity in America?

And more importantly, WHAT CAN WE NOW AS AMERICAN CITIZENS DO ABOUT ALL THIS to protect ourselves in the future?

This article by Dr. Henry Makow may shed some light into all of this.

-Pamela Schuffert


"Soviet" Agents Designed IMF, World Bank & United Nations

January 11, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We usually think of the New World Order as something coming in the future. In fact, a veiled Masonic Jewish banker dictatorship has existed for some time.

This is the first world conquest by infiltration and subversion. They took over the levers of power while maintaining the appearance of democracy and freedom. They did this by duping Jews and Masons, and the population in general with liberalism, socialism, zionism and communism.

(Protocol 1-25:"Far back in ancient times we were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," words many times repeated since these days by stupid poll- parrots who, from all sides around, flew down upon these baits and with them carried away the well-being of the world...")

The Illuminati formalizes its tyranny by, for example, using the phony "war on terror" as a pretext to suspend civil liberties and build a police state. Notice, no one has asked Barack Obama to withdraw the "Patriot Act."


Recently, I was reminded of this de facto tyranny when I read that the major institutions of the post-war world were created by "Soviet spies," i.e. men working directly for the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish bankers.

The most prominent was Harry Dexter White, a founder (and Director) of the IMF, as well as the World Bank. As Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, also a Soviet agent, White (originally "Weit") also delivered the printing plates for US occupation currency in Germany to the Soviets, costing the US $50 billion.

FDR's administration was rife with Soviet spies, mostly Jews, protected by FDR himself. This included spies in the Manhattan Project who delivered the plans for the atomic bomb to Russia.

There was nothing "Russian" about the USSR. It was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish state. So were/are England, the United States and most of Europe. If White helped found the IMF and World Bank, Alger Hiss, a Colonel in the Soviet GPU, helped design the United Nations and served as its first acting Secretary General.

A revival of the League of Nations, the UN is the main mechanism of Masonic Jewish world government.I say "Masonic Jewish" because most Jews aren't Masons and most Masons aren't Jews.

But Freemasonry is a secret society based on Judaism. The essence of a secret society is that the membership is manipulated to fulfill a hidden agenda, in this case world domination. White and Hiss could have been dupes, believing in "changing the world."

But think about it folks. The architects of the IMF, World Bank and United Nations were both "Soviet" agents, traitors, proof that the covert Illuminati takeover was complete in the 1930's or earlier.

(My source for White and Hiss' spying is the CIA Interrogation of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller, who intercepted Soviet cables from Washington to Moscow. "Gestapo Chief," Vol III by Gregory Douglas pp. 162-173. This was later confirmed by the testimony of Soviet defector Elizabeth Bentley and the release of the VENONA material by US Army Signal Intelligence.)


Although Hiss wasn't a Jew, he was a protege of Felix Frankfurter, a Supreme Court judge and Sabbatean Jew. The Sabbateans were a 17th Century Jewish heresy, a Satanic cult that gave birth to the Illuminati.

Numbering over a million,they included powerful bankers like the Rothschilds. When their leader Sabbatai Zvi pretended to convert to Islam (under duress from the Sultan), the Sabbateans imitated him by infiltrating other nationalities and religions. This is the origin of Jewish assimilation (the "Haskalah"), all the more effective because most Jews were sincere.

The hard-core Sabbateans were Cabalists determined to be their own God/Messiah and make the world worship them. They advanced this program by recruiting non-Jewish elites willing to betray their country using Freemasonry as the tent. (Freemasonry is based on Jewish Cabalism.)

[However, Henry, you fail to tell the readers that Sabbatean satanism is rife among the Jewish communities of the world and major cities like NYC, including throughout Israel and not such a "minority". They also support the JEWISH version of a new world order. And you fail to tell readers that the Orthodox Jewish organization, Lubavitch Chabad that gave us NOAHIDE LAWS, and MANY Orthodox Jews and non-Orthodox, personally support the New World Order/"messianic kingdom" as well. MANY Jews besides Illuminati/MASONS alone are a part of and in favor of this NWO agenda. Otherwise, keep up the good work.-Pamela Schuffert]

Communism and Zionism are both Masonic movements and Illuminati instruments. They brought Hitler to power and engineered the Holocaust to reclaim assimilated Jews for Zionism. Frankfurter was an "adviser" to both Woodrow Wilson and FDR. "Advisers" or "brain trusts" were the handlers, intermediaries between the Illuminati bankers and the politicians who are front men.

Another Jewish "Soviet" agent was LBJ's handler, Abe Fortas, also a Supreme Court judge. The ultimate "Soviet" agent was Victor Rothschild himself.Financed by the central banking cartel, the Illuminati Order control Intelligence agencies and most organizations and corporations of significance. But they operate at arm's length.

FDR and Stalin both wanted Vice President Henry Wallace, another Soviet agent, to succeed to the Presidency. But Truman was installed instead, probably because the Illuminati wanted a Cold War to further degrade the West.

Like all wars, the Cold War was a hoax designed to further concentrate power and profit in the hands of the Illuminati bankers. The Illuminati always require an external enemy to distract attention from themselves, the enemy within.


The whole world is now structured like a Cabalistic secret society. The vast majority of people are duped into thinking they are free and pursuing laudable goals. Only the "adepts" understand that the true purpose of all social trends, movements and world events is to condition the masses to play their role in the Masonic banker world tyranny.

As explained in the "Protocols of Zion," this role is to be permanently "dumbed down," or like children, trusting "leaders" in all respects. Thus, arrested development is promoted by undermining heterosexual marriage and family using sexual promiscuity, feminism and homosexuality.

Diversity, multiculturalism, migration are all used to undermine nations and races of European descent. "Culture" is drenched in sex, violence, trivia, atheism, nihilism and Satanism, which I suspect originate in Cabalism.

World events and social trends are engineered to advance world government tyranny. Last week, we again heard Henry Kissinger and "Three Stooges," Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy, describe the economic meltdown as an "opportunity" for a New World Order."

In a famous statement at the June 1991 Bilderberg meeting, David Rockefeller thanked the media for help in creating a "supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers, which is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries. "

Of course, the "intellectual elite" is really a fig leaf to cover banker tyranny. More accurately "intellectual whores," they sugarcoat the world government agenda in spurious platitudes. As I have said, the bankers want to translate their economic monopoly into a total political, cultural, spiritual and mental monopoly.

The goal of "hate" laws is to enforce this monopoly on thought itself. These laws have nothing to do with hate. We live in a colonized, totalitarian society masquerading as a free society.

That should be obvious by the way they murder Americans with impunity. They assassinated JFK, killed sailors on the USS Liberty and later thousands of Americans on 9-11.We live in a totalitarian society dying to take off its mask in a way that makes tyranny appear normal, natural and necessary, so the masses will accept increased degradation and servitude.

For further insight, please Visit Dr. Makow's website and Brother Nathanael Kapner's website exposing the Jewish history and background of involvement in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America, and the world. BOTH are Jews from Jewish backgrounds. Hence, NEITHER can be considered "anti-Semitic" or racist, etc. (Nor can I) They are honest Jews trying to tell America the truth that they know from WITHIN, often concealed from Gentiles without.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"He That CONFESSES ME Before Men.." Why Christians MUST Remain "Faithful Unto DEATH."

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective-

There is coming a period of time in North America when Christians will be confronted because their faith in God through Jesus Christ. They will in fact be tempted to deny their faith in Jesus Christ and join the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda that is destined to fully take over in North America relatively soon.

There will be those who will be tempted with promises of "being able to live a normal life," special perks and advantages, etc., if they will just DENY JESUS CHRIST, renounce their faith in Him, and work with the emerging NWO. Some will even be told they can continue to live the facade of "being a Christian" or "pastor" but still secretly working for the NWO agenda.

These are all the cunning and treacherous tactics of WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM, or the NEW WORLD ORDER.

In nation after nation that has fallen to this vile horror of THE GOVERNMENT OF ANTICHRIST directly from the ILLUMINATI, Christians are ALWAYS ROUNDED UP, especially outspoken ones and dramatic leaders, etc. They are tempted first to deny their faith and go along with the NWO agenda. Many promises of many things are often given to them, in the hopes that they will cooperate with the takeover.

And tragically, reports have come out of such communist countries of both Christian leaders and lay people falling for the old communist ploys. Some pastors are persuaded to secretly deny Jesus Christ before the communists, promise to work for the communist leadership, and then continue in their facade of "being a Christians pastor" and working in their churches. They spy on and report on the faithful. They twist Bible teachings to fit the communist world view and purposes. And so on.

To add to the NWO persecution agenda of camps, boxcars with shackles, there is ALSO the problem of the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS legislation that will be activated under martial law, making provision for Christians to be executed by BEHEADING WITH GUILLOTINES who refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ the Messiah. Noahide Laws, written up by Lubavitch Chabad and signed into legislation by Bush Sr., make it a criminal act of "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry" to confess the Jesus Christ is the Divine Messiah (Son of God) and to worship Him as GOD WITH US, Immanuel, even as Isaiah tells us about this Divine Messiah. And even as He said about Himself. HE IS DIVINE AND THE SON OF GOD!

A double whammy of persecutions for Christians!

And sadly, all this is coming to the Christians in North America. The huge secret government lists are already compiled in America of those Christians the government perceives will NOT renounce their faith in Jesus Christ (easily) who are destined to be rounded up and taken away to the camps under martial law via prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines installed in many for Noahide Laws purposes.

IF YOU ARE A COMMITTED CHRISTIAN READING THIS, there is a very good chance you will find yourself among those who face the coming tribulations facing Christianity in our nation.

The real question is, do you understand the COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP? Do you realize what it means when you receive Jesus Christ as YOUR Lord and Savior and Messiah? Do you understand what HE SAID about the cost of following HIM?

Let us go to the eternal Word of God for some brief review:

Matthew 10: 32-33: "Therefore whosoever confesses Me before men, him will I also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whosoever DENIES ME BEFORE MEN, Him will I also deny before my Father who is in heaven."

Matthew 10:37: "He who loves father or mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me."

Matthew 10:38: "And he who does not take take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."

Matthew 10:39: "He that finds his life shall lose it, and whosoever loses his life for My sake will find it."

Paul the Apostle also wrote, "If we DENY HIM, He will deny us...."

II Peter chapter 2:1 tells us of those bringing swift judgment upon themselves by denying the Lord Jesus Christ Who bought them with His blood.

Hebrews chapter 6 warns us against the terrible sin of falling away (denying Jesus Christ and turning away from Him)and it's grim everlasting consequences.

Jesus Christ gives His Church the exhortation to REMAIN FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH in REVELATION chapter 2:10-11:

"Do not fear any of those things you are about to suffer. Indeed the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation 10 days. BE FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE....HE WHO OVERCOMES shall not be hurt of the second death."

TRUE DISCIPLESHIP that will save your soul eternally consists always of BEING FAITHFUL UNTO GOD AND JESUS CHRIST and HIS WORD even UNTO DEATH. We are NOT permitted to deny Him for ANY reason. Not to save OUR life. Not to save a loved one. Not to save our job, our possessions. Not to escape persecution , imprisonment or suffering.

If you deny Jesus Christ, you no longer have any Savior nor salvation. It is as simple as that. By an act of your will, you uttered the words that brought Him into your life. And by an act of your will, you can reject Him out of your life. But the eternal consequences are so terrible and eternal , it is something you never WANT TO DO EVER.

ETERNAL DAMNATION and separation from God eternally is a terrible price to pay! And this is what everyone will face who dies without JESUS CHRIST IN THEIR LIFE!

Don't even think of it. EVER. It is NEVER an option for God's children!

We know that America is facing perilous times. More and more legislation is being passed by OBAMA leading to the dread but inevitable state of MARTIAL LAW and the COMING PERSECUTION.

I beseech you, my fellow Christians, by the mercies of God, to please choose to use this precious grace time we have remaining in America to prepare your heart before God, to be enabled BY HIS GRACE to be kept faithful throughout out our coming times of testing, even unto death.

Make sure your family and loved ones are also seeking God for preparation. Make sure that YOU are a born-again Christian, your sins are forgiven, and ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and power. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING for grace and protection and wisdom for the times to come. Seek God for a plan of protection for you and your family. Put on the full armor of God and prepare to stand firm to the end.

Our remaining time of freedom and religious liberty in America is relatively short.

Therefore, take the time to re-examine your walk with God through Jesus Christ and make sure you are walking in the full light of TRUE DISCIPLESHIP.

Determining where you will spend ETERNITY someday is the most important issue of all!

"And they OVERCAME HIM by the Blood of the Lamb, by the Word of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11

-Pamela Schuffert

Now That I have the Attention of My Jewish Friends.....

From my heart to you.........

Some very important things to share with you. I am very concerned about the reports we are receiving as independent journalists, about evidence of coming black ops to occur around the NYC/NJ area.

I woke up this morning praying for the safety of the Jewish community of NYC and all five boroughs and Long Island. I am very concerned for your safety in these times to come, in which government black ops will indiscriminately target young and old alike, including the elderly in the nursing homes there. (And NYC is the not the only region endangered at this time.)

I just spoke to a Russian Jewish friend of mine, Hadassah in Brooklyn, who knows that something big bad and ugly is about to come to NYC also. She is from Moscow, has lived in Brooklyn for many years and was a teacher.

Now, as a Jew who has found HER Mashiach, Yahshua, she works among her Jewish people to share His glory and salvation among her fellow Russian Jews. Her own sister, Ina, has had a vision from G-d of the city going up in smoke and flames! So have many others from the Jewish communities, especially among those who believe in Yahshua, as I noted.

She just told me in an email that they KNOW that something big and bad is about to strike her region. I know it too. And we are all concerned.

Some background: I miss my years in Brooklyn around Coney Island and Avenue J, and Brighton Beach...the handsome Hassidim with their long sidecurls (peyot) blowing in the wind (yes, I DO think they are good looking with their black outfits!)...the cute little children with their peyot too...the Orthodox families on their Shabbas walks out in full force in Boro Park...Lubavitch setting up tables on the sidewalks and showing non-observant Jews how to do lulav and esrogim. And the ever-incessant MITZVAH MOBILE (like a tank!) going up and down the streets with loudspeakers blaring.

Kosher pizza was SO nice! Mrs. Stahls' knishes on the boardwalk at Brighton beach was nice too. Russian food also was awesome in the Russian restaurants in Brighton Odessa, Moskva. Russian newspapers like NOVAYA RUSSKAYA SLOVO and more.

And of course, who could ever forget the ever-present Russia mafia gang wars going on there for who would be kingpin? Oy vay!

Look, my dear Jewish readers, we may disagree on the MESSIAH ISSUE and who Jesus is, but let me tell you up front. Regardless of whether we can agree or not, I LOVE AND ENJOY JEWS! I enjoyed living in Jerusalem and Israel for a while. I hate the Neo-Nazi types. I better never encounter anyone picking on or messing with ANY Jew, young or old, in my presence! You don't like being stereotyped? Well, neither do I. So get rid of your stereotype of ME.

I would love to sit down with anyone of you reading this, and enjoy a nice bagel with lox and cream cheese, Kosher pizza, or some nice matzo ball soup! And hug a cute Jewish child! And love a sweet Jewish nanny. And listen to some nice folk music from Israel!

Do you remember the time, 31 years ago, when Hanafi Muslims stormed B'nai B'rith at Scott Circle in Washington DC? I do. I lived only a half hour away in Alexandria, VA, at that time. As soon as I heard this on the news, I called all my Christian friends throughout the area and we all prayed for the safety of the Jews endangered by these terrorists.

I went a step further. I called B'nai B'rith and pleaded with one of the terrorists holding hostages to NOT HURT THE JEWS! I told him that using violence to accomplish their aims was wrong, that Jesus Christ never used violence to accomplish goals and neither should they. Finally he hung up. I called again a second time and pleaded once again. It totalled one half hour of phone conversations.

Of course, many years ago, I was naive to the fact that the telephone calls were all being taped!

Finally, the siege was OVER, thank God. The news followed the story through to the ensuing trial that took place. I remember hearing two things I never forgot on local news.

FIRST, that a SURPRISE WITNESS might be called in to testimony against them. Secondly, later, that while taped phone conversations were presented as evidence, ONE HALF HOUR OF PHONE CONVERSATIONS HAD BEEN ERASED! And they decided NOT call in the surprise witness after all.

I instantly knew two things: I was to have been the surprise witness they decided to not call in, and it was MY half hour of phone conversations with the Muslims, pleading for the lives of the Jews to be spared, they erased. It remains one of life's unsolved mysteries to this very day.

It was scary investigating in Germany and meeting the underground emerging Nazi movement in MUNICH. It was so scary to see piles and piles of modern Nazi magazines with picture of HITLER and Nazi war criminals on the front pages! And full of pictures of Jews in synagogues and viperous rantings against the Jews.

I sucked out all the information about them I could from the person who wanted me to interview her. I turned it all over to the ADL, regardless of whether, again, we may agree or disagree on certain issues. These kinds of Nazi types are dangerous to all of us.

(GO ahead and fume and sputter, you Nazi types reading this!)

So, NO, I do not "HATE THE JEWS!" I LOVE the Jews. This is why I am so sad about all I am uncovering as a journalist about those elements in Jewish circles that want me and my fellow Jew-loving/respecting Christians so very dead. SO VERY SAD! You cannot imagine the pain in my heart even as I write this.

When the Jews that I love make it quite evident, through my years of solid investigative journalism, that there IS a plan to destroy my Christian people (many of whom are praying even now for Israel and the Jews) how do you expect me to respond? How would ANYONE respond?

None of you would sit back, even as ESTHER did not, if YOUR people were marked for group destruction and elimination! And neither, my friends, can I. That is what much of my reporting is really about. I love the Jews. But I also love my fellow Christians as well. They are my people.

And as Esther would give her life for HER people to save them, so will I give MY life to save MY people from a cruel plan to round up and eliminate and destroy THEM.

I have even encountered Jews who tell me they know what I know, and they are NOT happy about this "kill-off-the-Christian-agenda" coming out (in part) of the Jewish NWO think-tanks and community and supporters.

When I talked to one young man Aaron, about this, he replied quickly, "I KNOW." He was not happy about what he knew.

An indiscriminate Nazi agenda of rounding up the Jews and killing off infants, young and old alike, was abhorrent and horrific and everything terrible and wrong! When I was in Germany, I went to Dachau twice in honor of Jew and Gentile alike killed by such horror. I stood in front of the crematory oven used to dispose of dead bodies, and said in my heart, "NEVER AGAIN" as well.

And equally, so is the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, with admittedly some MAJOR Jewish players, to round up CHRISTIANS young and old alike indiscriminately and kill THEM off in the camps or with Noahide laws and guillotines, etc.

How should anyone like myself feel, to find out that the very people they are loving, praying for caring about, are going to reward their love and concern with Noahide Laws guillotines? For Jews to seek to do this to those Christians who really DO love them and really DO care about them, is like shooting yourself in the foot! Killing some of your best friends!

And let's face it: Israel does not really have many friends! And traditionally, neither have the Jews.

So this is what my reporting at this time is really all about. Though I am compelled by what I uncover to mention the word "JEW" in conjunction with many who play a major role in what is being planned to destroy me and my fellow Christians through an emerging NEW WORLD ORDER, I am NOT being "anti-Semitic."

Rather, I am being painfully honest about the TRUTH in my reporting. The G-d of Israel is the G-d of ALL truth who cannot lie. And neither can I, because I serve Him, and His Mashiach.

An AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is indeed coming, and this time around, it is NOT Jews who are the major target for round-up and elimination, but rather me and my fellow Christians. And tragically, many in key positions and high places who call themselves"Jews" are behind this terrible plan for our destruction.

BUT because the love of God through my Mashiach resides in my heart, and His love is never reactionary but always remains constant, there is NO hate in my heart, ever towards Jews (nor towards any of my persecutors.) (Not ALL JEWS are for this agenda anyhow.) Just a deep sadness..........

I remember the term "RIGHTEOUS GENTILE" being used for those Gentiles who chose to stand with the endangered Jews under the Holocaust.

But now the question must be asked: are there any righteous JEWS who are willing to stand against the coming "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST" of the innocents that is coming?

Or do you sadly join with that certain element of Jews, as found in NYC, who are secretly rejoicing over the thoughts of innocent American Christians being brutally arrested and sent to their brutal deaths in the FEMA/Homeland Security camps under martial law? One Jewish friend reported to me that this is the case among some in Brooklyn.
And beheaded under the Jewish Noahide Laws guillotines with the modern guillotines I report on?

Just some very deep thoughts for you to ponder, my friends.

With what is coming to America nationwide, pray about making ALIYAH to Israel, or getting out of this country.

And yes, though you may disagree, I have found My Yahshua to be the perfect MASHIACH throughout the years. He has been there for me continually, through suffering, sickness, many dangers, heartache, and challenges. My Mashiach rose from the dead. (To date, factually, Lubavitch's did NOT.)He fulfilled all prophecy of the Jewish prophets (ha'navi'im) regarding Mashiach. And He IS coming again to set up the genuine Messianic kingdom and reign of Ha'Shem throughout the earth.

You know what is interesting, He even gave prophecy that there would come a time when His followers who would not deny Him, would BE BEHEADED!

Go find a Christian Bible and read in the last book, REVELATION, chapter 20:4. It is speaking prophetically of the very time frame in which we are living today, of an unfolding cashless society and world government, etc. That is why I am not surprised about the NOAHIDE LAWS and the modern guillotines I have uncovered in the military bases throughout America and Europe.

Mashiach's knowledge and foreknowledge is perfect, because as Isaiah the Jewish prophet revealed in Isaiah 53 in Holy Scriptures, the Mashiach would BE Divine.

Frankly, being beheaded for my faith in G-d and His Mashiach holds no fear for me at all. I have been given eternal life (L'CHAIM!) through the genuine Mashiach of all times! He has promised me a resurrection body.

He has promised me a part in the WORLD TO COME.

I like the Yiddish term, "KADOSH HA'SHEM" or dying to sanctify the Name (Ha'Shem) by remiaining faithful unto death and not denying THE NAME OF MASHICH and all He stands for.

Believers in MASHIACH are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and to CONFESS HIS NAME before men regardless of the cost. And so, those of us who know MASHIACH will be faithful unto death, regardless of the Noahide laws guillotines and the FEMA camps, etc.

But His eternal promises, even as Ha'Shem promised the Mashiach would bring, are worth it all. I love my Mashiach Yahshua, and I love God's Jewish people, regardless of everything I am now compelled to report on.

If you are feeling empty and unfulfilled in your heart today, and long to know the fulfillment of Ha'Shem's promise of His MASHIACH in YOUR life, and everything He is promised to do by all the ha'Navi'im and Holy Scriptures, please turn to this wondrous YAHSHUA for an experience you will never forget.

Mashiach has the power to bring you through the terrible times we face in America soon, and including in NYC, as well as any other Jewish communities throughout this nation.

I love you and I care, and SO DOES HE. I am praying for you. Shalom, dear ones.

-Pamela Schuffert

Monday, June 22, 2009


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative jouralism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Several years ago, I interviewed former Rothschild Illuminati member Doc Marquis about what he knew about he NWO agenda for America. He used to work hard for this Illuminati agenda in the past, including working at FORT LEWIS, Washington, to recruit military into the Illuminati NWO agenda. 

Then he became a Christian and began exposing the NWO agenda through "Christians Exposing The Occult." You can find JOSEPH MARQUIS ("Doc") on FACEBOOK.

Doc knew that the modern GUILLOTINES were present then at Fort Lewis, as my later reporting has confirmed. Yes, Doc HAS handled the modern guillotines! He even participated in Rothschild Illuminati rituals in which they were used...testing the waters ahead of time so to speak. I asked him, "Well, how did they work?" He replied, "Oh, they worked just fine...!" 

That's what I was afraid of.....(Thank you Jacob Rothschild and Illuminati family and THE NOAHIDE LAWS for the GUILLOTINE AGENDA. Oh, yes and thank the Nazi NWO elements in America as well, like the BUSH family, always pushing for the NWO agenda in America. Hitler executed many political opponents by guillotine during his reign of terror. 

Add to this now the growing Islamic threat and presence in America, who also believe in executing Christians by beheading. Funny how they all love the guillotines in America, and will someday use them against THE CHRISTIANS and NWO RESISTERS under MARTIAL LAW. If this shocks you, remember Revelation 20:4 and realize that the NWO is simply the modern term for satan's antichrist world government as described in Revelation 13.

THE FEMA DEATH CAMP OF THE MOJAVE is a full gassing/cremating DEATH CAMP, dedicated to the TERMINATION OF ALL ON FEMA’S "RED/BLUE LIST" (plus MANY other lists) UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

I have previously documented this horrific death camp, and documented the eyewitness accounts of several former NWO supporters who were flown out there. My friends, DOC MARQUIS (former Illuminati) and ELAINE KNOST (former CIA/Luciferian), but now Christians for many years, were both flown separately to this facility in the Mojave Desert of California.

It boasts a landing strip. According to even another contact, a DEA agent I met in California at the GRENADA FORUM in Los Angeles, who personally investigated this FEMA facility, it was later DOUBLED IN SIZE TO INCREASE KILLING CAPACITY.

People have asked me, "WHY don't you go out there to that place and get photographs for documentation...???" How foolish to even think about it! The level security around such facilities is incredible! When Ieven asked Doc about the possibilities of going out there to locate it and take photographs, he became very silent at first. Then he said, " Pam, you can't do that. THEY WILL KILL YOU." They have security cameras everywhere around such hidden  facilities.

Such detention camp facilities are meant to be isolated and out of sight from general public viewing. Also they are remote to make escape or entrance to rescue victims an impossibility. Professional military grade motion detection devices, remote cameras, ground sensors, all play a role in keeping away intruders or investigators.

Once the plane lands, Doc explained, you travel by jeep about 14 miles to an area enclosed in desert mountains.

When I asked Doc how he felt THEN, as a NWO supporter, about touring this dread termination camp, knowing that Christians especially were to be arrested under martial law and taken here for brutal termination, his reply was chilling.

"How did I feel? I felt SHEER JOY! I could not WAIT for Christians to be arrested under martial law, and brought to this camp to BE KILLED!"

A chilling response, but sadly typical of millions of the world's satanists and Illuminati and NWO supporters. Of course, Doc does NOT feel this way today, as a repentant Christian. He warns America of what is to come, even as I do.

This FEMA death camp was shown off to my friends Doc and Elaine, as something the NWO and FEMA was literally PROUD OF! And there are MANY more FEMA/DHS detention camps whose ultimate purpose under MARTIAL LAW is NOT TO SAVE LIFE, but to TERMINATE HUMAN LIVES DEEMED UNWORTHY OF ENTERING INTO THE DAWNING OF LUCIFER’S NEW WORLD ORDER. 


And please, think TWICE before surrendering your precious liberty and your very right to exist, and going meekly to such camps under a STATE OF MARTIAL LAW in YOUR region of AMERICA.

BEWARE of FEMA-coached "pastors" who have sold out the Body of Christ for "thirty pieces of silver,"  who have been programmed by the government to tell their congregation that they literally must "obey the government"...and walk right into traps of certain death into prisoner boxcars and go to FEMA CAMPS

My beloved fellow Christians in America, I state without apology that you are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly cooperate with SATAN'S PLAN FOR YOUR DESTRUCTION! We all know this from Scriptures. 

THE BIBLE DECLARES THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS MANIFESTED to destroy the works of THE DEVIL, who only comes to rob and kill us.

Under martial law, these henchmen acting under the NWO advocates for America's future, are literally coming in satan's name to destroy you and your fellow Christians, even including America's Christian heritage and your precious religious liberties. This is their agenda from the beginning. 

The advocates in our government and military of the NWO agenda for America, will deliberately create the "disasters" (false flags) leading to MARTIAL LAW, they will RESCIND the Constitution and it's guaranteed freedoms we hold dear, and America will become THE POLICE STATE under communist-patterned Presidential Executive Orders. 

They will then arrest and march off to the dread FEMA/DHS camps all political and religious opponents of their NWO regime of terror.

We are commanded in God's holy word to RESIST THE DEVIL steadfastly, and wage mighty warfare against the devil and his strategies in the earth today. God's word is filled with hope and encouragement about this! His word has promised, that IN ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us...Jesus Christ.

Christians, God is on YOUR side when you stand against the forces of tyranny, hell and satan's armies. Refuse to be taken alive to the dread FEMA/DHS camps, and instead STAND YOUR GROUND for your faith and freedom to continue throughout our land.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-