Friday, February 28, 2014

Next Up: Undercover Outreach to Foreign Troops USA

Your prayers are needed for a new, undercover and potentially dangerous mission.

I will soon be attempting to deliver Russian Bibles to a region in America suspected of containing a  foreign deep underground military base with reportedly Russian military seen by numerous locals frequently. Such military are frequently seen in the evenings, shopping at nearby malls and stores. They also are spotted at local dining establishments as well. 
Why bring Bibles to foreign troops in North America? 

First of all, because Jesus Christ commands us to preach the Gospel to all nations. Jesus died for all mankind to be saved, even our enemies.

Furthermore, a soldier saved through Jesus Christ is one who cannot easily commit the atrocities they will be asked to perform against civilians under a state of war or martial law. 

I have prayed with foreign troops before, including Russian, even taking their hands and witnessing them praying the sinner's prayer. The Word of God brings enlightenment, conviction and glorious salvation to it's  readers.
Russian soldiers
Most Russian soldiers have never seen a Bible, and most are definitely not Christians. It will become more clear to me once I arrive as to whether these are Eastern bloc foreign troops, or actually Russian, although both can speak the Russian language. 

Often Americans confuse former Eastern Bloc languages, similar to Russian but not. And so when they hear the Slavic accent they think that they are RUSSIAN soldiers.

However, with Putin being extremely angry with America's direct funding of the destabilization of the Ukraine (to the tune of $5 BILLION dollars), to turn it from Putin's influence, and aligning instead with the EU and the IMF banksters, I personally don't believe the former US plan to use Russian military to enforce martial law in America will continue to be deployed as planned, due to this new turn of events in the Ukraine.

Especially at this time, with anti-American tensions high in Moscow. Putin is even helping install missiles in CUBA at this time, with a Russian spy ship present on the coast of Cuba. I would not be surprised if such Russian troops were recalled by Putin, or lynched by Americans wherever they are detected.

The sobering fact remains, however, that THEY ARE HERE in North America, and they are here to kill Americans under martial law. Or perhaps to further kill Americans should war break out between Russia and the USA over this Ukraine crisis.
Rioters in Kiev and the overthrow of the Ukrainian government

Make no mistake about this recent act of America's helping to destabilize the Ukraine, to turn it away from Putin's control: this can easily and ultimately lead to WWIII and foment Russian attack on the USA. 

Of course the news media will never tell you THAT side of the story. What America has just done to help destabilize the Ukraine is foolish, arrogant and may prove extremely deadly to our nation as Putin angrily responds militarily.

And even as America has been downsizing their military, Russia has quietly been building up their military arsenal and increasing their weapons of war, as one military source confirmed to me after spending time with Russian generals and military in Moscow.

One general admitted to him under the influence of vodka liberally flowing at a banquet one night, "Are your American people crazy? As they are downsizing their military, every cent of humanitarian aid sent to Russia is being used to build up OUR military!"
Beware of provoking the Russian bear!

Will the warning of Romanian prophet Dmitri Duduman finally come to pass about Russia and China attacking the USA? America, the EU and the greedy banksters have kicked the Russian bear once again, and bears who are provoked  will only take so much before rising up in a rage to counter-attack the offenders.

In response, I encourage my fellow Americans and  Christians to steadily keep preparing for martial law and future crises to unfold by obtaining your emergency food and survival supplies NOW while they are still available. A pre-fab backyard underground nuclear fallout shelter is always a great idea, and they are readily available and found on Internet search engines.
Don't wait before it's too late!

Of source, the greatest preparations of the Christians will be accomplished on our knees in the Presence of God through fasting and intercessory prayer, as we stand upon His eternal promises and seek His divine intervention and grace at this potentially dangerous and volatile time in our world today.
An urgent call to prayer nationwide

In closing, PRAY that God will lead me to the right Russian speaking people to place these Bibles into their hands on this trip. PRAY for my protection for obvious reasons. PRAY for wisdom and guidance for me in this outreach. 

I will share the results of this exciting outreach in an upcoming article after I return. Thank you for your support as well.

God bless you all from across the globe.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

A Precious Miracle...Brother Out of ICU

Thank you Jesus for the miracle of John surviving another health crisis!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

After several warnings from the doctor that my brother could possibly die from his physical conditions, another miracle has happened and John has survived this latest ordeal. He was just discharged from the hospital and placed in a nearby health and rehabilitation nursing home.

I thank God that none of the grim prognoses his doctor gave while in ICU ever came to pass: his left foot might have to be amputated, he may have a bowel blockage or tumor, etc. His foot condition improved (for now) and no tumor was found through MRI testing.

When I visited John, he was able to understand and communicate with me, and was so happy to see me. When I told him he had to get better so I could bring him his favorite ice cream, his face lit up and he said "yes!" 

But just as the doctor admitted, even if John did survive this ICU crisis, he would be deteriorated in his condition after recovery. And this is what I found while visiting him. He has grown progressively weaker, including with his hands that he needs to feed himself, and remains bedridden 24/7.

It is often so sad to have to watch as a loved one slowly succumbs to illness or old age. But John and I both have the consolation that there IS a glorious eternity ahead for him, and that his sins are forgiven and his name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Oh, what joy and peace this brings to both of us.

Thank you ALL for your wonderful prayers for John at this time. And thank you for your prayers for me as well. God has a purpose and a plan in the midst of suffering, trials and testings, and both John and I praise God in the midst of all this. As the Bible says, "In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." And we are.

John knows that I love him and I care, and appreciates my visiting him. However, he believes in my work and ministry, and wants me to feel free to continue on with this important work and trusting God for his situation. Thankfully, I can both visit John, and press on with my Christian outreach and reporting.

And so, my work and ministry continues on unabated. 

Thank you, precious readers from across the globe...your prayers made the difference once again! May God bless you all. John says "hello" and a big "thank you" to you all as well!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Brother John

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your Support is Welcome at This Time

His mercies are new every morning.

In the midst of coping with this critical health situation with my brother John, my personal needs for food and gas and various other necessities still continue. Support is also needed as I struggle to keep this informative blog going. 

Thank you so much for your taking the time to care at this often sad and challenging time in both John's life and mine. May your prayers continue for us both, and may you be blessed today, through Jesus Christ.
"Not one sparrow falls 
unto the ground,
nor tears flow from our eyes,
That goes unseen by Heaven's throne
And God Who hears our cries."

Pamela Rae Schuffert
P. O. Box 724
Montreat, NC 28757

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Community Bulletin Board Time...Again!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


God bless all you wonderful readers out there 
from all over the world!

My sincere apologies to all.
I have been late with my correspondence and "thank you" cards to people who have written to me, due to such recent tragedy with my brother's health crisis.
(But hang in there...they are coming.)

I have been sitting on the edge of my seat daily, as I wait for daily updates on Brother John's physical condition in the ICU at the hospital. I was told at the beginning of the previous week that John was in critical condition and might not live...that they might have to amputate his foot, and other grim prognoses. 

Frankly, this has wreaked havoc on my emotions and nerves at this time.

I finally received a phone call from the ICU nurse, stating that John was finally opening his eyes, and seeming to come out of his heavy sedation somewhat, following the removal of his breathing tube. She encouraged me to come in and see him. 
And so I did.
John in ICU 2/22/2014

Poor little John! Next to his bed were all these tubes connected to at least three drip bags hanging on a pole, filled with antibiotics, vitamins, fluids to rehydrate him, and more. IV needles protruded from his arms. Sensors were positioned all across his chest. My heart simply broke for him.

John's eyes opened as he heard my voice talking to him. I tenderly placed my hand on his head as his eyes looked to me. Due to having the breathing tube recently removed from his throat and lungs, he was too sore to really talk. But he was able to slowly form the words "uh-huh" when I asked him a question. Thank God!

I then told him he had to get better, so I could smuggle in some ice cream (non-dairy) for him. When I asked him if he wanted ice cream, his eyes lit up and he let me know he did! He then forced a weak smile. I was so relieved! I knew then that John was comprehending everything he was hearing, even though he was not yet able to communicate fully.

THANK YOU ALL for your ongoing prayers! 

It is only the grace of God that John is still alive and able to communicate now. And thank you for your prayers for me. This is very hard on me emotionally. 
I told Jesus I needed His big arms of love and compassion around me at this time.

I want to send thanks to:

-Jeff from Indiana for his lovely cards received recently.

-Glorietta from NM for her precious card of encouragement.

-Doug from NYC for his letters which are always so uplifting.

-Hector for his kind support.

-Sylvia for her kindness.

-Phileo from Singapore, I am praying for YOU exactly as you requested...and God will do it!

A big warm HELLO to my Aussie readers! 
I am praying for your terrible heat waves to STOP.

Hey, guys...we all need one another in the Body of Christ, all across the globe. I need  need me...the Body of Christ is ONE, united in HIS LOVE for each other. I thank God for YOU and all my precious readers, and their prayers. And so does John.

Let the love and prayers continue between us all.

God bless you!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Brother John-

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Comments on "Is Obama God's Servant?"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In response to my article discussing Obama, the evident servant of satan to bring oppression, suffering and death to many in North America, I have received many positive responses agreeing with my Scriptural views. As I has stated before, God is not schizophrenic. He is of one heart and mind, and one with the revelation of Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

There are some Christians today declaring that Obama is God's servant in America to bring sifting and purging. However, this theory is fatally flawed. Communist dictatorships do NOT go after the sinful and the compromised and the lukewarm in churches of whatever nation they seek to take over. They LOVE this kind of fallen pseudo-Christian! They are happy to let them live and become a part of their apostate church system under communism.
And yet, the Bible reveals that this is the very kind of false Christian that God WANTS to purge and rebuke and discipline.

Communist/globalists instead attack the genuine Christians, knowing that they will never compromise their faith and the word of God to go along with their NWO agenda. And former insiders have told me so to my face.

What these murderous Communists are planning to do to the REAL Christians in America is inspired by the devil himself, who is using them directly to come and steal, kill and destroy in the name of Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER.

And none of it is of a holy God and His Son  Jesus Christ. God is not schizophrenic. His word is clear about His holy judgment against those who reject Jesus Christ His Son, and who worship the devil in God's place. And that is exactly what NWO supporters do. Lucifer is the spiritual leader of the NWO, and his followers are the backbone, the movers and the shakers. And such people have admitted this to my face.

What satanists/Illuminati do to abducted Christians by NIGHT in secret on their satanic altars (brutal rape torture and murder), they will be fully released to do by day under martial law in America to America's Christian "resisters of the NWO."

As satanist and NWO supporter Barbara MARX Hubbard revealed in her book THE REVELATION, "...god [Lucifer] selects, WE DESTROY...we come TO BRING DEATH."

My friend Elaine, who was formerly working for the CIA when Bush Sr.  was director of it, discussed with me how the satanists hired by the CIA used to sit around discussing their NWO takeover of America.

"We satanists in the CIA hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA more than any other group, because we knew above all that they would never accept our NWO agenda."

"We lusted for the hour of martial law, when we could finally get out hands on the Christians....I tell you the truth: it will be brutal rape, torture and death once they get their hands on the Christians under martial law..."

And a holy and just and merciful God is in none of this. The "NWO" is satanism raw and uncut, destructive and terrible. These are the very works of satan that Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy. These are the very plans of satan against God's elect. Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross to defeat satan and his works.

And the coming persecutions under martial law are not directed against the very ones in the churches of America today that are the sinful, the compromised, the fallen and the fake. The communists and the satanists love this kind! For they know that such "pseudo-Christians" will gladly sell out their brethren for "30 pieces of silver."

Communists  know that such pseudo-pastors will gladly cooperate with FEMA coaching designed to lead the sheeple up the ramps to prisoner boxcars with shackles and to their certain torture and beheading and death, all in the name of preaching ROMANS 13 and "submission to the higher PTB."

I marvel at the lack of discernment in some Christians in America today. "Obama is God's servant" heresy is very misleading,deadly and dangerous.

And for those who continued to be deceived, this very heresy will come back to haunt them, as it rises up to fatally bite them someday.

If Obama is "God's servant," then you better not complain when he sends his goons to close down your seize your food supplies you have carefully stored to feed your children and family...when they break down your door and arrest you and your family members to be hauled off to FEMA camps to be tortured and killed as NWo resisters.

You better not resist when Obama's military elements (both domestic and foreign) lay siege to your home, your neighborhood, your church, and your nation. You better not resist when they attempt to rape your wives and daughters, and erect the modern guillotines to behead the real Christians in this nation.

You better meekly SUBMIT to all these crimes against humanity and sins against God if all that the NWO satanists are planning is somehow "of God" and if somehow "Obama is God's servant."

And please... when this all begins to unfold in America, I really don't want such people to come running and whining to people like me, who have patiently spelled out for Americans year after year what the devil has planned for our nation and against God's people.

If "Obama is God's servant" and all that is coming to America through the plans of wicked people under satan's leadership, is somehow "of God," then shut up and comply!

Meekly hand over your emergency food supplies to Freddy Fema and his black ops boys when they come banging on your doors...and then watch your family members slowly die of starvation. Hey! This somehow must be "the will of God," according to your "Obama is God's servant" theory!

(Oh, how satan revels in doctrines of demons that promote his evil will as somehow being "the will of God"! And how he laughs at Christians who fall for his tactics!)

Quit your complaining when NWO goons come to torture and murder you! Don't you dare complain when men in black sweep you off your feet and ship you off to a black hole prison under NDAA, to be tortured and killed just because you are a Christian and against the NWO.

Alternative journalists like myself have warned the American people and her Christian population repeatedly what is planned for this nation. And foolish are the Americans who refuse to heed the warnings and prepare realistically for the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

Mark these words carefully: those of you who insist that Obama is somehow "God's servant" will someday be bitten fatally by this viper and his NWO communist/satanist brood. And you will rue the very day you embraced this fatal heresy, sat back and meekly complied, and failed to prepare to stand against satan's tsunami of the coming horrors of martial law.

But again, don't come running and whining to journalists and analysts like me, who have laid down our lives year after year to warn the American people and her Christian population. What you do with the truth you are presented, or FAIL to do, is not up to me. IT'S ALL UP TO YOU. And you WIN or LOSE by the way you choose. It's as simple as that.

And one more practical insight. What will Jesus say to those who have murdered, oppressed and imprisoned His elect? What is their eternal fate at the hands of a just and holy God? Jesus will command them to depart from Him, into the very place prepared for the devil and his angels. They will be cast into a fiery furnace of everlasting torment and eternal destructions.

This is the future fate of every earthly leader and those people who support satan's NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA and oppress God's Christian children. And that includes every president of the USA that has ever worked for and supported satan's agenda for our nation.

Servant of God? Or servant of satan? You figure it out. In the New Testament teachings, God richly rewards his servants, and they enter in His kingdom. God does not cast His true servants into hell! Get into the New Testament's updated teachings outlining exactly who is a servant of God, and who is NOT.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


And, by the way, let's not forget to ask other Christians' opinions on this subject. Let's ask the Christians in Syria who are being murdered by Obama's Islamic militants he is arming with our US taxpayer dollars.

Let's ask those Christians who have been forced from their homes, even as their churches are being bombed and their fellow Christians beheaded, raped and murdered with the assistance of Obama's foreign aid and arms to these Islamic militants. I wonder how many of them will tell you, "Oh, yes, I believe Obama is God's servant..."

Let's even ask those who are not Christians (we don't want to discriminate, do we?) Let's journey to Waziristan and ask  grieving families who have been burying their dead infants and children and loved ones for a long time now, alongside grieving Pakistanis and Afghanis, how they feel about Obama being "the servant of God" with his murderous drones program and their high civilian death rates.

Muslims don't count, you say, because they are not Christians, and so it's okay to do this to them? Funny, but I don't read anywhere in the  Bible where Jesus told us to hate and terrorize our enemies. As Christians we are called to forgive and pray for them, not drone them out of existence.

Sorry, but those who insist that somehow "Obama is the servant of God" are rapidly becoming a shrinking minority as more and more people are being tragically hurt or killed, directly or indirectly by this man and his shadow government and useful idiots.

I read recently about the harm coming to innocent victims of OBAMACARE already. One family with severe genetic-related illnesses have discovered they can't get the coverage they need under OBAMACARE. Some will die without it.

And the kill/wound/maim list goes on and on.

Thank God for those people, Christians and otherwise, who finally get it, and are realistically preparing according for the hell and the horror and the heartache to come to our nation someday. And a holy God is in none of it. He grieves over the sheer wickedness of depraved sinners who have planned such crimes against humanity, and brutal martyrdom for His precious children.

Did I say He could not work through this, or in this, for His glory and purposes? No. I am not that foolish. God cannot be shut out of the affairs of mankind in this world.

But He is not the author of their satanic madness. Nor is He on the side of the wicked who are dedicated to eradicating His people from the world today.

And if this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda be of satan, then every Christian of this generation has a holy and divine obligation to stand against the works of the devil, and to stand up for the Kingdom of God and His will to be done in the world today.

We further have a Biblical obligation to stand with every fellow Christian undergoing persecution and tribulation for His sake

Today it may be Christians in Syria or Egypt that are going through great pain and suffering and loss...but tomorrow it MAY BE YOU.

Always remember: the mercies you sow TODAY is what you will then reap TOMORROW. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy, " declared Jesus Christ. Are you praying for the persecuted Christians worldwide, and doing what you can to help?

May God open the eyes of His people, that they may understand the truth in this hour, and act accordingly.


Monday, February 17, 2014

UPDATE on Brother John-MONDAY

Please continue to keep John in your prayers.

His doctor gave me an update this morning, Monday, 02/17/2014. John has developed bleeding in his stomach now. Due to an intestinal blockage and other factors, he cannot eat and may have a feeding tube inserted, or receive nutrients from an IV.

 His foot condition has worsened, and the doctor mentioned that it even  might have to be amputated. His lung condition has improved somewhat.

However, the doctor admitted that John is now in critical condition.

As you can imagine, to hear this about someone you love is quite devastating.

But not nearly as much for me as it is for John, who has to go through all of this.

Please continue to keep both of us in your prayers. In the midst of this crisis and deep sadness, I continue to praise God and worship Him in everything. He is there for us when the sorrows of life come. And His Son Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us.

Last night, I took out my musical instrument called an autoharp, and began to worship and praise God,even through tears and sorrow for my brother and what he is suffering. The Bible tells us God dwells in the praises of His people. And He does!

And so I invited His holy presence into the place where I was staying last night, and we enjoyed worshiping God that evening.

Remember to praise God continually throughout every crisis you are going through. For this is how you welcome His Presence into your crisis, and He is able to help bring you through it triumphantly.

God bless you all. And thank you for your "Happy Birthday" wishes and your prayers.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Medical UPDATE on Brother John

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Brother John in ICU

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalim from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The time here in NC is 11:09 AM EST. 

I just received a phone call 20 minutes ago from the hospital where John is now being treated in ICU. The doctor in charge of his case this morning wanted to give me the latest information concerning John's condition. He admitted that John is not doing quite as well today, as he was yesterday.

Here are the conditions that he outlined to me. He explained that John was rushed to the emergency room last Thursday due to bloodclots in his legs that traveled to his lungs, affecting both his heart and his breathing. 

Damage was done to his heart as a result Thursday. Bloodclots in both legs and lungs remain a major problem, and so they have placed him on blood thinners. They even want to operate and install blood filters in his blood vessels.

His left foot, the one initially injured at his former negligent nursing home, has now developed a new bedsore and more damage to it, plus bone infection there. 

Feces have somehow backed up in his intestines and are now where they should not be in his digestive system. They are trying to diagnose this problem and correct it. 

Therefore John cannot eat and has to be given vitamins and supplements intravenously. He is also on drip antibiotics to combat the MRSA infection he has, and to battle pneumonia in his lungs.

They have inserted a tube into his lungs to draw out fluid and mucous build-up periodically.

 Due to all of this and the breathing equipment that is sustaining him, John has been heavily sedated. He cannot communicate. And the IV sedative ran out the other day, causing John to temporarily come out from sedation. But when his eyes opened, he could not follow commands with his eyes when they spoke to him. 

This indicates that either he was still too overwhelmed by the sedative, or there has been brain damage due to the heart condition arising on Thursday.

The doctor admitted to me what I already knew in my heart. 

Long before I became involved in investigative journalism in 1996, I had been performing CNA-related home health care for infirmed and elderly patients since the 1970's. (This was how I raised my funds for Christian outreach and ministries.) I have taken care of patients until the hour they died, and observed the patterns in many of my former patients.

I therefore understood the typical pattern of a person's body starting to break down in multiple areas, negatively affecting their health, and usually signalling the body was giving out and being overwhelmed by various body organ failures that would eventually overpower the person and finally lead to death.
Unfortunately, at this time John's body is exhibiting all the symptoms of this gradually happening while in ICU.

The doctor said that even if John survives this episode of battling for his life, he will still be in much worse condition than he was before being admitted to the hospital last Thursday. 

But, he added that they will do everything possible to help John attempt to recover at this time, and would keep me updated regularly regarding John. I must come into the hospital tomorrow morning, in fact, for a more in-depth analysis and discussion regarding John's condition.
"In all these things we are more than conquerors 
through Him Who loved us."
Romans 8:37

In the midst of all this, I must say that God's faithfulness has come through marvelously for me, including the very week all these things happened to John. 

A wonderful Christian friend that I had known prior to leaving the Carolinas in 1996,  happened to find me last week. 

Amazingly, she worked in the medical building next to John's nursing home! And when she discovered that I had been sleeping in my vehicle, including through the vicious winter storms much of America just went through, she begged me to take a break and come stay with her at her home for a while. WHAT A RELIEF and what a blessing!

And so, the very week John was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, I had been staying at her home away from the nursing home parking lot. This is why they could not contact me about John by coming out to my vehicle to tell me of his condition. Nor had they recorded my new phone number in their records. 

I was physically so exhausted from sleeping in my vehicle to be close to John these past 6 months, that I spent much time simply catching up on my sleep at my friend's home. 

And so all of this news about John's condition came as a terrible shock on Saturday...the very day I had been planning to come out and visit him again.

However, even in the midst of all this, I am praising God for many things. 

I praise Almighty God that I could spend quality time with my brother John these past six months, ministering the word of God to him and praying with him. He reassured me that he had totally given his heart and life to Jesus Christ, and loved God with all his heart, and knew that he would go to heaven when he died. 

Brother John and I spent wonderful times praying together. Sometimes his prayers were even more powerful than mine! He had a heart full of faith and optimism. He even confessed that someday he was going to walk out of that nursing home miraculously healed, and he was going to serve Jesus for the rest of his life. We only spoke in positive terms regarding his health and his future, believing God for miracles for John.
In fact, exactly one week ago, I was able to take John out through a wheelchair transportation service, to both shop and go to a restaurant for the FIRST TIME in three years! John wanted to go to WALMART to shop for his favorite cookies, and then go to the local Crackerbarrel Restaurant for a nice dinner.
John is sitting in Crackerbarrel Restaurant last Sunday, 
eyes closed in bliss as he savors his first meal
in a restaurant in 3 years!

Special thanks to RON GARON of TULSA, OK,
for providing funds to pay for John's excursion.

But privately, as I have observed John slowly deteriorate over the past 6 months, my prayers have been for God in His mercy to do one of two things for His glory and for John's sake: either heal him completely and restore his health so he can be free from pain and suffering and serve God, OR in His great mercy to take John home to heaven at last. 

As I watched John struggle to combat constantly recurring pain, and listened at times to his screaming in agony as they moved him, I pleaded with God to not allow him to linger in this dark netherworld of pain, suffering and uncertainty for his future.

I love my brother with all my heart. I have done what I could for him, to this very hour. 

But I truly believe at this time, that if God does not choose to divinely heal him completely, the best thing for John is to be at home in heaven, free from a body of chronic pain and suffering and deterioration. I leave this decision fully in the hands of the Lord God the Almighty, for only HE can know what is best at this time.
And personally, although I will greatly miss my beloved brother and the wonderful recent times we spent together, I will rejoice if God in His mercy takes John home to be with him at last. He cannot face the harsh times coming to America soon, in his poor physical condition. 

To know that John is safely in the arms of Jesus and out of this world, brings great relief and frees me to press on with the things God has given me to do for His kingdom in this urgent hour.

Staying with my Christian friend and her daughter at this time has been a wonderful blessing. They are standing with me in prayer and support now, giving me the love and encouragement I need to come through a difficult time such as this.

As I sit here typing this, I am praising God repeatedly, even through tears of sadness, for the special time He gave me with my brother this past six months. It meant so much to John at this time in his life, and so much to me as well.
John was so happy as I spent time with him.

My precious Christian mother (who died in 2006) and I would not give up on John and his salvation, from the very time he became involved in the world of drugs and alcohol and the wild "party-on dudes" lifestyle of the sixties and seventies. 

We both shared Jesus with him repeatedly, prayed for him, wept over him, spent thousands of dollars trying to help him, rescued him numerous times from the consequences of his actions, and ultimately asked God to allow whatever it would take to bring him to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, the physical conditions John has been suffering in recent years are the direct result of our prayers for his salvation. This is what it took to stop John from plunging headlong into hell from his lifestyle. But then, God did not do this to John. He simply allowed him to reap the deadly consequences of SIN AND REBELLION in his life, which is scriptural. 

After abusing his body from the age of 14 with alcohol, drugs, smoking and a sinful lifestyle, his health was doomed from the beginning and destined to fail eventually.

Through God allowing suffering, pain and illness in his life, John was stopped from partying and drug dealing. He has not been a part of that world for four years now. And this is what brought him to repentance and to Jesus Christ for salvation at last.

Paul the Apostle spoke of his prayers for one particular man living in gross sin. Paul prayed that his body would be turned over to destruction, so that his spirit would be saved in the day of the Lord. In other words, through that man's pain and suffering he would finally come to repentance and salvation.

My mother and I were forced to pray this kind of prayer for both my sinful father and my brother, both of whom were clearly heading for hell at one time. My father was a NWO military satanist, and my brother was  drug dealer and everything else that goes with the world of drugs. And, oh, the pain and heartache they both brought into our lives for many years. Sin always brings heartache and sorrow to innocent parties.

But we NEVER GAVE UP on them! We kept praying for them, we kept forgiving them, and trusted God to bring both to repentance and salvation at last. AND GOD DID! And this was all that really mattered in the end.

Dear readers, never give up on your loved ones who are not yet Christians! Your prayers will prevail someday, and you will never regret reaching up to God FOR A MIRACLE! His promises cannot fail.

My mother and I provided in-home hospice care for my father, caring for him until he died in 1998. He died a forgiven and saved man. And now I have been with my brother for 6 months, and it sadly appears that he might die soon as well. 

But Brother John will die a saved and forgiven man as well. Halleluia! Again, this is all that really matters in the final analysis. FORGIVEN and home safely at last!

The lost sheep has been found, 
and the prodigal son 
has finally come home.

In closing, continue to pray from Brother John and myself. Pray for God's will to be done in his life. 

Pray for strength and grace for me at this time as well.
This is a very unusual way to celebrate my birthday. But God's hidden hands and ways are in all of this, His will to perform.

God bless you all, and stay safe and warm during this chilly snow season nationwide!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and beloved Brother John-

Saturday, February 15, 2014

EMERGENCY-Brother John Back in ICU on Life Support Now

Now John is back in intensive care with 
a breathing tube inserted 
and under sedation. 
He cannot communicate.

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Only today, Saturday, February 15, 2014, was I finally informed of my brother being rushed back to the hospital for life saving procedures after a respiratory emergency occurred on  Thursday February 11. 

He is now on life-sustaining equipment and in a state of sedation and has a breathing tube inserted into him. 

I am now getting ready to go to the hospital to be near him. The ICU nurse said it may go either way with John at this time. He may either recover, or die. 
Intensive care unit

My greatest sorrow is that I may never be able to communicate with him again. HAD his nursing home contacted me immediately when they had to send him to the hospital, I would have been able to be with him immediately while he was still able to communicate with people. 

But due to what appears to be incompetency at this facility, they never entered my new phone number in John's records as I had personally requested, well over one week ago while John was still stable.

I am at a loss for words at this time. You can read below the FACEBOOK message I just sent to a worker at John's nursing home just minutes ago. 

PLEASE pray for Brother John and for me at this time. John has other complications besides respiratory, including blood clots and urinary tract infection, and his  foot, the one previously operated  upon, deteriorating once again. They want to perform more surgery on John again.
John presently under heavy sedation in ICU unit at Park Ridge Hospital

Thank you, beloved readers, so much. If John were not under sedation, he would thank you all too. In fact, we took hands and prayed together every time I came to visit him, and we prayed for God to bless my website readers and those who had contributed financially so I could be here with John this past six months.

May God's will be done in all of this. Whether John recovers and lives, or whether God in His mercy decides to take John home from a body of suffering and pain,  the will of God shall be done and John shall be well either way. 
"...To be absent from the body and to 
be present with the Lord..." 
declares God's holy and eternal word. 
From 2 Corinthians 5:8

All praise and glory to God through 
Jesus Christ His wonderful Son.

"In everything give thanks, for THIS IS the will of God concerning you."
From I Thessalonians 5:8

Lord Jesus, have mercy on John.

Thank you for your love and 
your sustaining prayers 
for both Brother John, and I.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Brother John-

HI's Pamela, John's sister. Today is Saturday, February 15. Tomorrow is my birthday. 

For the past week I have been on a much needed sabbatical rest after being there with John every day for 6 months, sleeping in my car in the parking lot all this time in order to be close to John.

I am deeply disappointed in the nursing home's lack of professionalism. 

I stood at the desk over a week ago, and gave them my NEW PHONE NUMBER to enter into the records for John Schuffert. I told them I got rid of my OLD phone, and that they needed to enter my NEW one. 

This was BEFORE John had to be sent to Park Ridge Hospital on Thursday .I told them that if John is in crisis, to call me immediately so I could be with him. 

The person writing this down reassured me that this change would be made and noted in John's records. Obviously, this never happened. I am outraged that I only found out about this today after checking my FACEBOOK messages.

I have been on a much needed break, staying at a friend's house for a week to get away from everything. I trusted this nursing home to contact me the moment any crisis arose with John, especially after giving them my NEW phone number.

Today is Saturday, February 15. Tomorrow is my birthday. And only today I find out about this terrible situation? 

And now the ICU in Park Ridge tells me that John has been there since Thursday, and that he is on life support equipment and sedated, and that he could go either way (live or die.) He cannot communicate with anyone now. And that includes me, his sister.

How do you think I feel? I trusted this nursing home, I gave them my new phone number so I could be advised immediately of John's condition and any changes. 

And not hearing anything from them, I was not worried about John during my week sabbatical at a friend's house.

And now this? And realizing that my brother may NEVER come out of this condition, and die? And I was not able to be with him all during this time from his admission, wherein I COULD have communicated with him initially until put on life support and sedated?

I don't have words to describe how I feel. 

And as a professional journalist who has been posting articles regularly regarding John's condition and treatment for my thousands of readers nationwide, who have been praying for John's health and sending me financial support so I could be with him for these past six months (even though it meant sleeping in my car these past 6 months in the nursing home parking lot, since I have no home here and nowhere else to stay, in order to be close to John who needed me so badly)...what do I tell them now? 

I had spoken highly previously about this nursing home and their care of John on my website. I told readers they could safely entrust their loved ones to their professional care.

 And now THIS kind of incompetence??? Because they failed to properly enter my new phone number into John's records,  so I could be contacted in case of an emergency, I may never get to communicate with my brother  again.

I am writing an emergency article on my website to get prayer nationwide for my brother today before I go to visit him at Park Ridge Hospital( Saturday). And unfortunately I have to explain to them why this happened, and how I only found out NOW...when I should have been informed IMMEDIATELY.

And apparently the worker that I carefully gave MY NEW NUMBER to at the nursing home over a week ago, while John was still coherent and in his room, NEVER PROPERLY RECORDED THIS VITALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION in their records for John.

I am very sad today and deeply disappointed. This never should have happened. I should have been informed immediately so I could have rushed to the hospital when John was admitted on Thursday.

I am at a loss for words at this time. 

Thank you for contacting me at least through FACEBOOK. I am filing a formal complaint with the nursing home management, and may contact the ombudsman for the state as well. 

This has left me devastated, and it never should have happened had proper protocol occurred in entering MY NEW PHONE NUMBER when I requested it clearly in person at the front desk.

My NEW phone number AGAIN, just for the records, is 1-828-________.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Again, thank you, readers, for your ongoing prayers.

God alone knows how He is going to act in response 
to our prayers for this situation.

I praise Him for His wisdom and mercy and whatever
He chooses to do at this time in John's life.
Either way, John is in His loving hands.
His sins are forgiven, and his name is written 
in the Lamb's Book of life.

What more could I ask for Brother John at this time?

Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ.