Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Jesus, I Did All This FOR YOU...and For Your Children"


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism form a Biblical Christian perspective-

I was praying the other night, and reflecting on 17 years now of challenging investigative journalism that has taken all over the world and across this nation, America. In fact, I said to Jesus, that everything I did in my years of reporting was done because He asked me to, starting in 1995. I did it for Him. And also because I LOVE THE BODY OF CHRIST.

As I reflected on this, I realized more than ever, that this work has been a true LABOR OF LOVE.

Love for Jesus my Savior,  Who called me to this work.  And deep love for His children as well. And if you have been reading my reports, that means YOU.

When I was first informed of the basic facts about the NEW WORLD ORDER, the kind of people behind it, and what they ultimately planned to do against THE CHRISTIANS in our nation (and worldwide as well,) God grabbed my full attention!

The more research I did, even meeting with former Illuminati and NWO planners, the more my heart was utterly broken. Oh God, I would think, WHAT do they plan to do to YOUR CHILDREN???

And the more time I spent in intercessory prayer against this NWO NIGHTMARE. 

Prayer especially for God's people, the major target for elimination under their satanic "dawning of the NEW WORLD ORDER."

No one can hate satan and his NWO more that those of us who have already suffered deeply because of it already. 

Readers who have had one or more parent involved in satanism and the NWO agenda, can readily understand this. My father succumbed to NWO recruitment in the USAF, and its religion of satanism. He brought it into our home. I lived in mortal fear of my father in our home. His hatred for me was so terrible that I remember literally shaking as he stood before me, as he spoke such cruel words of hatred and animosity to me.

One day, in fact, he seized a sword and beat me with it (thank God the sword still had it's sheath on!)

I can never forget his cruel words he brought home from the Pentagon. 

"Everyone who believes in God should be sent to concentration camps!" 

This is the cruel sentiment exactly of the New World Order, and the sentiments of the military elements trained to carry this out: 

When I sat with former NWO planners, who outlined THE PLAN to bring America under the New World Order, such grief would arise in my heart as I heard that the Christians would be among their major targets for round up and elimination under martial law. 

To hear from such people that the FEMA/DHS detention camps are prepared to terminate the Christians of our nation ( and all other NWO resisters) is devastating to anyone who IS a Christian. My tender heart has wept many tears over such revelations, and I have prayed countless prayers throughout the years, beseeching God to HOLD IT BACK.

And as I heard such words repeatedly, I remember how such love, sorrow and compassion would rise in my heart for my fellow Christians as I realized what was planned for them in America's future. 

I love the Body of Christ now more than ever. 

I could not stop praying for my fellow Believers, once I heard the truth about future events planned for this nation. And discovered the horrible persecutions planned for my beloved fellow Believers.

At this time, as we witness so many alarming events unfolding across our nation, I simply want the Body of Christ to know how much God loves them, and how much I love them as well. And that as you remain faithful to Him, He has the power to BRING YOU SAFELY THROUGH THE FIRES OF TESTING!

Everything I have done to forewarn the Body of Christ, has been done out of  love. I have made everything available free of charge to the Body of Christ an all others by publishing on the Internet, because many simply don't have the money to purchase books, DVD's, etc. No one should ever be deprived of such important truth, because they don't have the money to buy it.

My recent DVD is simply a recap in many ways of what I have already shared freely over the Internet. If you cannot afford it, the info is on my blog.

Jesus never sold a miracle! His ministry was free. And so I have freely published my investigative journalism on the Internet for many years now. During the rare times I have actually sold and published several books, I only charged for cost of  printing and mailing, and never made any profit...because filthy Illuminati currency is NOT my motive for being in ministry! 

My motive was and is "for the glory of God" and FOR YOU. 
And also to reach the lost in America for Jesus Christ as well.
Body of Christ across America, I want you to understand something very important.

I know that I will someday give my life completely for the kind of information I have published on your behalf, to wake you up. It is only by the grace and mercy of God that I am still alive to this day, to continue in this very important ministry to His people in America.

"They" kill people who continually publish these kinds of revelations. The NWO forces from hell do NOT want their targets knowing the truth about what they have planned against them.

This is WHY so many people (including pastors) who know this kind of information, refuse to go public with it. They fear retaliation and termination.

But...if EVERYONE is too afraid to speak up for the TRUTH and to do what is right in God's sight, how will God's work ever get done in this world???

What if...Jesus Christ had been too afraid of persecution and suffering to speak the truth to others, and too afraid to suffer and die for the sins of the world??? Where would this world be now???

I have been in a race against time to obtain and publish this kind of important information, before it finally comes to pass in America,  and before I give my life for this work.

As I travel across America, I meet such wonderful people everywhere. Precious young couples with their small children...sweet elderly people...young teens enjoying life...and I weep for them and what is coming upon America.

There are some wonderful Christians and churches all across our nation as well. I thank God for the Believers I have encountered throughout the years of investigative journalism. I have many wonderful Christian friends all over America today, and the numbers grow as I continue to sound the wake-up call to His people and our nation.

I cannot stand what these satanic NWO murderers plan to do to my beloved fellow Christians nationwide under martial law. I am a tormented person as I pray night after night for God to protect His children from these NWO satanists. 

I think of the children...the families...the elderly...the weak and helpless...the precious Christians throughout our nation. And I think of what former NWO supporters have admitted to me they pan to do to God's people in the future.

And because of this, I have become a driven person, compelled by the truth that I know, struggling to get this information out before it is too late.
I simply want the Body of Christ throughout America to understand, that everything I have ever sacrificed to research and get this information available publicly, IS BECAUSE OF LOVE for YOU.

Jesus my Savior called me to do this on YOUR behalf so many years ago. This kind of calling has meant years of sacrifice, often living on the road in a vehicle as my only home to be able to afford travel and research, because so often in genuine ministry there is no paid salary,  but rather much higher motives than money. And there MUST be higher motives than money for what God calls us to do!

How I love YOU! 

How I pray that Jesus will keep you safe in the perilous times we all face together.

This is WHY I am beseeching the Body of Christ across America to believe these truths I am publishing at the risk of my life. I don't want any of you caught unprepared for what the enemy has planned against you in America's future. 

Now is the time to prepare your heart by spending time in HIS PRESENCE and in HIS WORD and in HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

LEARN the art of spiritual warfare, because you will NEED it especially in the times to come. Learn to apply the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS on your life and your home.

RE-EXAMINE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HIS DISCIPLE! Because these NWO enforcers will demand that you deny Jesus Christ someday, OR DIE. 

And every Christian must be prepared to suffer and die for their faith in Jesus Christ...or they otherwise will fall away under persecution and perish eternally. 

Being FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH to Jesus our Savior is one of the basic requirements for salvation! But how few preachers even talk about this today.

I remember the time when I took my book all across America, even to Alaska, to warn the churches of America and to wake up my beloved fellow Christians. What was the response of the pastors across America??? All too frequently, it was very disappointing. And sadly revealing of the hearts of so many "pastors" in America today.

Pastors acted afraid to talk about this subject. One pastor took me behind closed doors in his church and admitted, "Look lady, we KNOW these things are going to happen in America, BUT WE DON'T DARE TALK ABOUT THIS FROM THE PULPIT!"

Stunned, I asked him WHY. His reply is very revealing of what many pastors also think in America today.

"WHY? Well, we could frighten people off and LOSE MEMBERS! We could lose MONEY!" And he continued with excuses. And not ONE excuse was worthy in the sight of Almighty God!

What about the Christians not being warned ahead of time? 

What about the Christians who might fall away under shock and pressure, because no one has prepared them for the coming persecutions in America???

Pastor, is your filthy Illuminati currency, called "mammon" in the Bible, more important to you than the precious souls God has called you to be shepherds over??? Is "looking out for 'number one' " more important than looking out for the well-being of God's people in this perilous hour???

I tell you the truth, the wrath of God is going to be visibly manifested against such pseudo-pastors, who have access to the same info that you and I do (it's right there on the Internet,) But who refuse to WAKE UP GOD'S PEOPLE from the pulpits of America today!

God has made this abundantly clear to me.

I fear God. And I love His people. God help me if I could ever withhold this kind of important information from His people, as the enemy prepares to persecute and destroy them in America soon.

SO what is the point of this article? 

The point is, ALL I am asking is that the Body of Christ in America come out of their "safety-comfort-denial" zones and ALLOW GOD to open their hearts and understanding TO THE TRUTH IN THIS HOUR.

Use this precious grace time we have left to prepare you  hearts and your family for the coming times of testing.

Above all, purpose to remain faithful to your Savior unto the end. Seek Him now for the grace to never deny Him and to never fall away. Carefully re-examine what it means to BE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST.

And do not be surprised if you are called to suffer for His sake. And to die for Him as well. Even in America.

This is merely basic discipleship, that's all. And persecution is coming to North America finally. Don't be caught unprepared.

LOVE AND SUPPORT AND PRAY FOR those who are suffering for Christ's sake, not only in America, but throughout the world.

The love and compassion and mercy you sow now, is the mercy you shall reap in the times to come, when it is YOUR turn to suffer persecution for His sake.

And please, keep me in your prayers. There is so much more more I want to do for Jesus and to reach the lost, before I give my life for His testimony completely. I will be happy to give my life for Him, knowing that I gave my all to reach the lost and to warn His people of things to come. 

Your love and prayers help to keep me alive. Christians are fueled by faith, by love, by prayer and the Holy Spirit, and the power of HIS LIVING WORD. 

I need your love. There is so much hate and danger directed against me in this ministry, and I can feel it deeply at times. Because God called me to remain single in ministry, I have no husband, to cry on his shoulder. I have no children to comfort or stand with me. I have no home to go home to, but only a vehicle at this time.

 BUT I DO HAVE JESUS! And I have the beloved Body of Christ, my family....the ones God has called me to lay down my life for, to forewarn with my reporting.

And I covet your love and prayers at this time. This is often a sad and lonely battlefield. Many want to read my reports and enjoy receiving my information. But sadly, few want to become close friends with me, for fear they night be persecuted with me. 

Sad, but a fact of life I have to live with daily. Sometimes as I am out there on the road for this reporting, I actually cry because of loneliness. It is sad when there is no one to bear this heavy burden with. 

And very sad, when I experience rejection from other Christians when I attempt to share with them these truths. I am frequently pushed away by the very Christians God has sent me to. And that includes pastors as well. "We don't have to hear this...because we're going to get raptured out!"

Oh, really, Church in America? Give me one chapter or verse in the Bible that conclusively tells us, that before Christians in North America can suffer for their faith, they will be conveniently "raptured out." 

Never mind that Christians all over the world are suffering and dying for Jesus.

Never mind that in the past 100 years, over ten million Christians have suffered and died for their faith throughout the world.

I remain appalled at the false doctrines people are wiling to believe, because their flesh is so afraid to suffer for Jesus.

Truthfully, I have often suffered more throughout the years because of this kind of response from Christians across America, than I have suffered from "the bad guys." 

It is easy to forgive the sinners attacking me, because they do not profess to know Jesus as their Savior. They are lost sinners, simply doing what comes naturally. I can readily forgive this.

It hurts much more deeply, however, when Christians who have the Word of God and Jesus' clear teachings, refuse to obey them and fail to love you and fail to listen. 

It hurts when you sacrifice so much to warn God's people, only to have some reject you and refuse to receive the warning. When you are under attack from the enemy, and your life is even in danger at times, it is so very sad whenever the Body of Christ refuses to manifest the love and compassion and prayer you so desperately need.

So simply love me and pray for me, as I continue to love and pray for you in performing this calling on your behalf. Jesus loves YOU and wants to bring YOU through to VICTORY throughout these challenging times we face together, for His sake. I want you all to be OVERCOMERS and to make it safely into His heavenly Kingdom, safe from all fears and persecution at last.

Purpose to follow Jesus Christ faithfully to the end.
And someday we will all meet, 
on the other side 
in His  Glory.

I love you!
~John 13:34;15:13~

"A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you."
"No greater love has anyone than this, than to lay down one's life for others."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Love you, too, dear Pamela!!

  2. For time being persucation is delayed but sooner it will begin as every word in Bible has to be fulfiled more time if the wrold gets more wickedness is increased so it is better to begin soon I would rather prefer for Jesus to come soon than living in this world COME LORD JESUS SOON LET YOUR JUDGEMENT BEGIN

  3. Dear Pamela

    Jeschuas wrath will come, but at the same time HE will take us home.
    You'll see Jeschua sooner than you ever can imagine!
    You'll find on my website teaching from pastor J. D. he explain why the rapture will take place before the 7 year tribulation.

    See you soon sister

  4. Pamela I thank God for you and all of His faithful servants who lay down their lives for all of us and Christ's sake! Thank you for your continued efforts and labor of love! I pray God renew your strength like the eagle's, that you may run and not be weary, walk and not faint. Thank you for your sacrifices, may He deeply reward you even now as you labor with Him in preparing His people to rise up in battle and fight the good fight of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who is not willing that ANY should perish but have everlasting life with Him. May God keep you in perfect health and peace as He delivers His word daily to wake up the nations and the Body of Christ. May He send His faithful laborers to your side in times of need and may you never lack! GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS AND BE YOUR VERY HELP IN TIME OF NEED, Love and prayers in Christ always, a remnant