Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Do Christians Complain About Losing America to the Liberals?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Every day, in different articles that I read, I find Christians complaining about the radical (and quite sinful) left taking over in this nation. 

These writers lament over America's downward spirals into sin and ungodliness, and complain about ungodly leaders. They complain about abortion, homosexuality, and other vices plaguing our nation.

However, Christian Americans need a wake up call and a jolt to their reality zone as well. 

Fellow Christian, let me emphasize this: in a sinful world, you will never be handed a "Christian America" on a silver platter! 

Nowhere did Jesus promise His elect people that life in this world would be a " bed of roses" for the Christian disciple. We are at war with a sinful world every single day in this fallen creation.

In fact, the Bible commands us to earnestly contend, or fight, for the faith. And did I say with a gun, or violence, or bloodshed? 

No. Rather, Christians have been given much mightier weapons to battle dark spiritual enemies with. "For the weapons of OUR warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty to the pulling down of satanic strongholds..." We are called to battle the spiritual strongholds of darkness that are warring against righteousness and the truth of God's word every single day. 
Only Jesus' power can set mankind free 
from satan's enslavement

Jesus Christ has given us the mandate to use His mighty spiritual weapons to attack satan's strongholds and to demolish them. As the Bible declares, Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil. 

Those weapons include the WORD OF GOD, the power of faith, the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the divine blood of Jesus Christ (Revelation12:11), shed on the cross to defeat the works of the devil.

We are living in a dark and often cruel and sinful world today. We live in a deadly state of perpetual warfare against a formidable and deadly enemy called Lucifer, aided and abetted by his deceived useful idiots to establish his kingdom on earth. 

Lucifer's useful idiots can be found everywhere in the world today. From the highest levels of the White House and Capitol Hill, throughout every sector of society in America, the enemy has planted his underlings to bring forth their desired NWO/martial law agenda for our nation.

And one of their major goals of Lucifer's dark kingdom is to utterly eradicate Christians and the Word of God from the face of the earth. This is WAR!

Look at what has happened to Christians living under the tragic Jewish creation of radical Marxism and COMMUNISM. Look at what has happened to Christians living under the deadly cult of ISLAM. Look at what happened to Christians living under brutal Nazi FASCISM. 

The enemies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are many and they are deadly, and tens of millions of Christians have already perished at the hands of the enemies of Jesus Christ within only the past one hundred years alone. 

And now these same forces of darkness with deadly agendas are joined together in dark alliances to bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, and are operating actively throughout America today, from Washington DC and beyond,to negatively affect us nationwide. And each radical group contending for the right to control Americaequally HATE THE CHRISTIANS, and are determined to eradicate them from America and ultimately the world scene completely.

Everything is fully in place now for AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, complete with termination camps to eradicate everyone who stands in their way of the NWO agenda for America. 

CIA and other insiders have confirmed to me personally that CHRISTIANS RANK NUMBER ONE ON THEIR HIT LISTS to round up under martial law , to shackle them into prisoner boxcars or buses, and then transport them to the hellish FEMA/DHS camps for "re-education" ("DENY JESUS OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES") and realistically, TERMINATION, as former CIA sources outlined to me bluntly.

"Oh, all of us in the CIA know what the concentration camps are for in America...we ALL KNOW that they are to TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NWO, AS IT COMES DOWN IN AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW." (Source-Michael Maholy, 20 years ONI/CIA before becoming a whistleblower and going underground.)

How many of you can begin to understand that America stands poised on the brink of martial law NOW, due to the emerging PLANNED EBOLA PANDEMIC and the threats of medical martial law and nationwide quarantine in the FEMA camps? 

When Obama issues a Presidential Executive Order making provision for people with only respiratory symptoms to be taken to the FEMA camps for "quarantine", who can miss the hidden message??? EBOLA and related viruses are clearly going to be used as a cover-up pretense to trigger what the NWO has always threatened to do: DELIBERATELY TRIGGER AND THEN DECLARE MARTIAL LAW AND ROUND UP EVERYONE ON THEIR HIT/HATE LIST AND ELIMINATE THEM IN THE CAMPS!

In fact, Jew Ron Klain, designated by Obama to be the EBOLA CZAR in the event of an ebola pandemic, has openly stated that HE BELIEVES IN WORLD POPULATION REDUCTION!  Furthermore, he has no prior experience in dealing with epidemics and disease control.

Shouldn't this tell us clearly that he is FOR a staged pandemic, that is designed to fulfill the purposes of the NWO of world population reduction, and designed to trigger medical martial law??? 

And if he is FOR this agenda, this tells us that Klain is NOT about the saving of American lives from a planned pandemic, but rather working for the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICANS UNDER AN EBOLA CRISIS. So WHY is he on government payroll???

CLICK HERE to read more about EBOLA CZAR KLAIN

Millions of Americans are finally waking up, turning to alternative journalism for the REAL news, and realizing that they have been betrayed from the highest levels of the US government down, and that we are about to be destroyed by the very government that is supposed to be working FOR the well-being of the American people, and not for their destruction.

This calls for the Christians in north America to become  active spiritual warriors, contending earnestly for the faith on a regular basis, especially here in America. 

In fact, people who support the NWO agenda for America, like Jew Arie Perliger, are already lecturing to the Pentagon that "the CHRISTIANS ARE THE TERRORISTS in America." Perliger is already inciting the US military to turn against peaceful and law-abiding Christians, and to treat them as "terrorists." 

Perliger is actively defaming Christians in America, falsely protraying them as "the enemy," and negatively stereotyping them as well. How can Perliger as a Jew forget what happened when THE JEWS were negatively stereotyped by the Nazis in Germany? It led to a holocaust in Germany against the Jews. 

Are Perliger's words also intended to help foment anti-Christian sentiments in America today, leading to AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST with Christians in America becoming the victims of defamation and false stereotyping? 

When Jews scream "antisemitism" and point to the Nazis and the holocaust as an example, it becomes a clear case of extreme religious hypocrisy whenever they attempt to repeat the same type of crime against humanity, this time the Jews falsely defaming and stereotyping the Christians in America.

Isn't it ironic to witness the Jews becoming guilty of staging the very same crimes against humanity, that they were once victims of themselves under the holocaust?

I guess it goes to prove the universal nature of SIN, and that everyone has the potential to behave as a Nazi, including, ironically, the Jews.

Tragically, Perliger is not acting alone. The DHS, largely established and run and influenced by Jews who support the NWO agenda for America, are equally guilty of defaming America's Christian population by declaring in their official DHS publications that Christians are all "terrorists" and hence to be treated as "the enemy."

Unfortunately, this is the ancient enmity between the Jews who reject Jesus Christ, and the Christians, that is still being played out in the modern world, right here in America today. I discovered personally through years of Christian outreach in the Jewish communities, that Jewish hate and rejection of Christianity is very much alive in America today, and plays a major role in the planned persecution of the Church in America under martial law. 

Jews in high political positions in America (such as Diane Feinstein and others) have been working adamantly to take away gun rights and Christian freedoms in America today. The largely Jewish based ACLU works diligently to take away more and more Christian freedoms in America. The heavily Jewish controlled DHS has worked consistently to falsely portray Christians in America as "terrorists". 

Click HERE for video proving DHS calls Christians "terrorists."

Jews such as Mikey Weinstein work furiously to remove Christianity from the US military and the Pentagon. He hates the very name of Jesus Christ, and everything that Christianity stands for.

CLICK HERE to read about Weinstein's anti-Christian activities in the Pentagon.

Jews such as Arie Perliger labor to poison the minds of the Pentagon and the US military against the Christians of America, again falsely portraying "the CHRISTIANS" as "ENEMY TERRORISTS." 

Frankly, if anyone wants to watch people behaving as true terrorists in the world today, simply observe what Israel is brutally doing to the Palestinians and their children on a daily basis. And then review history to understand what Jewish Bolshevik Communists did to millions of innocent victims, Christians especially, under many decades of their deadly communist ideology ruling over Russia and beyond.

These are sober truths that Christians in America can no longer avoid or ignore.

Can any American Christian, who performs their research, continue to doubt  that we are indeed on the threshold of AN AMERICA HOLOCAUST, and that CHRISTIANS have become a major designated target by the enemies of the Gospel in our nation today???

This is a time therefore for CHRISTIAN ACTION. Make no mistake about it: our continuing existence as a Christian people in America is being threatened with genocide and total extermination.

But then, this is what COMMUNISM, a Jewish creation designed to destroy Christianity systematically, has always been about from it's very inception. The enemies of the Constitution, American freedom and the Gospel have been working diligently for Communist/Marxist NWO agenda in our nation. Many Jews consider the NWO agenda for America to be THEIR NWO, in fact.

But this threat to Christians in America does not stop with the Jews on board the NWO bandwagon. It must include the rabid Fascist elements firmly entrenched in America as well, many operating through that agency of darkness the CIA for a NWO agenda in America.

And supporters of the Islamic agenda for America are no better in this nation. Islam has been torturing, oppressing, crucifying and beheading Christians throughout the centuries in many nations, even unto this very day.

I must ask then my fellow Christians in America, have you been working equally hard for a Christian agenda for this nation, to combat this deadly darkness threatening our very right to exist?

I hate to make the following statement, but the truth is, NO, WE HAVE NOT BEEN EARNESTLY CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH IN AMERICA, not to the degree that the enemy has worked to establish THEIR deadly agenda instead. 

The corrupt and fallen state that America is in today, is clear proof of this. I speak this to our shame as Christians.

What a damning indictment against American Christian indifference and apathy, when those under satan's influence are willing to worker harder and sacrifice more for their dark agendas in America, than the Christians are willing to labor to establish God's kingdom and righteousness throughout our nation today!

The Bible clearly declares to us  that FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. How many Christians complain every day about the sad state of America and her leaders and many problems? Millions do, in fact.

But THEN, how many Christians across our nation are truly taking the time to fast and pray for this nation, and then to stand up for Jesus Christ and begin to actually DO something about these problems plaguing America today?

Complaining about a situation will never bring about change. Rather, it is taking appropriate ACTION that always brings forth results.

Jesus Christ, Who is our example, spoke words of life to mankind. BUT HE DID NOT STOP THERE! He did what He told others to also do. He MINISTERED to the needs of mankind. He GAVE, He PRAYED, He SERVED, He HEALED, He FED THE HUNGRY. He FORGAVE. He ministered the words of life to a world perishing in sin and depravity. 

He did all this to CHANGE THE WORLD.

So what are WE modern day Christians doing to also change our world around us???

Throughout my 18 years of investigative journalism, I have uncovered much of the internal darkness that is causing the underbelly of America to rot away from the inside. It appears that the wicked are bringing their satanic NWO agenda to come into reality more and more every single day.

And I have been forced to conclude that the only way this ever could have happened in America is the following:

The corrupt satanists and Illuminati and the underlings which include the communists, unscriptural Zionists, the fascists and many others undermining Constitutional America and her Christian heritage, can only have gotten so far because of their willingness to work harder to achieve their dark goals than the Christians in America have been willing to work and sacrifice to bring about God's will for America instead.

I have sadly observed that those people fighting for the establish of their NWO are often willing to work harder, to sacrifice much more, to give much more liberally to their causes than most Christians are willing to contribute to just causes for America.

This is a damning indictment against Christian complacency and apathy in America today.

I have thoroughly concluded that if America is lost to the agendas of the ungodly by the Christians, it will only be the Christians' fault in the end. You cannot expect the ungodly in this nation to fight for and establish religious freedom and guidelines for governing in America! The only ones God can call upon to do and enforce His will in America, are His own chosen and elect Christians.

For faith without works is dead. If Christians are not willing to work much harder to save this nation and to counter the darkness with greater determination and courage, becoming willing to suffer and sacrifice even as the enemy camp does daily to achieve their nefarious goals in America, then this nation will be overrun by the ungodly and the antichrist spirit of persecution and martyrdom of the elect, and finally plunge into chaos and destruction.

Christians of America, I encourage you to stop your unproductive whining and complaining about where this nation is going. 

Decide to DO something productive about America's problems for a change! 

Your groaning and complaining about it will never change this nation. But your actions of faith and courage,and determination to make this nation a better place certainly will.

Let us never forget: no battle has ever been won without a fight. And when has a troop of cowards ever won a war in the history of mankind? I have become aware of the fact that far too many Christians have been compromising their faith, including in the work places of America, fearful of losing their jobs when oppressive rules are posted restricting freedom of  religious speech at their job.

You will never know how many jobs lost because of my adamant refusal to compromise my religious freedom of speech and Christian testimony in the workplace. I have concluded that if they do not want my Jesus at their workplace, then they do not want me either, because we are inseparable.

But as the Apostle Paul declared that he had suffered the loss of all things for Jesus Christ, and counted those things lost as dung, so must we also in this present generation if we are to accomplish anything of importance in our world today.

Are you too timid to share Jesus with others at work, because you're afraid of losing money? To hell with filthy Illuminati currency that is not even worth the paper it is printed on! How can the value of mere fiat currency even be compared to the value of one lost soul for Jesus Christ that you may reach in the workplace??? Can any of us call ourselves "Christian" and yet prefer corrupt money to the value of one soul headed for hell without our Christian testimony to them???

This is a time for Christians to stand up for Jesus Christ in America with passionate and unwavering zeal and devotion to Him Who has called us to labor for His kingdom. 

It is time to pinpoint the groups, agencies and individuals who are continually warring against our treasured Christian freedoms and heritage in our nation, and  use the mighty weapons of spiritual warfare to help stop the darkness from attacking and destroying America's Christian heritage and people.

Thank each and every one of you who have finally decided to stand up for liberty and truth in America, and to begin to do something positive and constructive, instead of simply complaining and accomplishing nothing. America's destiny cannot be changed without YOU!

From my heart to yours, 

Pamela Rae Schuffert

Monday, October 13, 2014

The "Angels of Death" Admit: NWO Pandemics Coming to the USA

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I republished this article in 2003, based on information that came out in 1996 when it was first submitted to the MILITIA OF MONTANA and they published it. 

This is a time to read and heed, because this NWO meeting in DENVER at that time ADMITTED that deadly diseases would someday sweep across America, that not everyone could be saved, and that victims would have to helped to "humanely die" in the detention camps across America at that time.

And now, many years after I wrote this article, it appears that this hour of fulfillment of these dark prophetic words spoken over America might be about to come to pass at last with the advent of THE COVID 19 CRISIS. And this is why I am republishing this article once again for my readers. 

God have mercy on this nation, and have mercy on us all.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

 Detention Camps
US Citizens!
"The Angels of Death" 

The NWO TERMINATORS who will play a major role 
in America's "FINAL SOLUTION" for all 

"...She is on the verge of madness because she knows about an approaching AMERICAN HOLOCAUST that can only rival the previous Holocaust..."

The above words were contained in the letter of a woman who has served as a volunteer for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals) for many years. She wrote these words in reference to a high level SPCA official (the head of her regional SPCA) who apparently KNOWS the purpose for many SPCA volunteers who have been deliberately hardened emotionally through the "mercy killing" of millions of animals.

In October of 1996, this SPCA volunteer was invited to attend a special seminar to be held for SPCA employees. The speakers would attempt to help the employees deal with the emotional trauma of killing the unwanted animals.

Here are the shocking words of the Christian SPCA volunteer attending this meeting.

"The seminar was held in a lodge in a forest. All the attendees were women. This did not surprise me...most of my office is made up of lesbians. There are a few who aren't, but in our branch of the SPCA, lesbian women control and run all aspects."

"At the seminar, we were told: 'You MUST not feel guilty for helping an animal die painlessly. It is better than having them starve to death. Don't think about the killing: think about the wonderful lives you are giving to the hundreds of animal that are saved....resources are limited." 

"We SELECT THE HEALTHIEST and the most adoptable animals. FOCUS your attention on them. Don't think about the animals that have to be killed. We carefully select the animals that will make it. Those that are vicious will never find homes. It is better for them that they die painlessly before they hurt other animals or people, or themselves. It is HUMANE TO KILL THEM and to end their sufferings. The young and healthy are the perfect examples of ones that can be saved. Dogs that are strong, trainable and healthy will be easily adoptable..."
 Euthanized cats at an animal shelter

(Note-Keep these reasonings in mind as your read carefully the rest of this report.)

The Christian SPCA volunteer listened carefully to these words. She also noted that many of the attendees were radical lesbians of feminist background. Their lifestyles stood in stark contrast to her own, as a Christian who is happily married AND ALSO aware of the insidious coming NWO agenda for America as well.

She continues in her observations:

"Following the seminar, the attendees all went to dinner together. The woman who is head of my regional SPCA attended the dinner. About 35 years old, she wore a black beret with official looking insignias and pins on it. Her hair was cut short in a man's razor cut. (She looked more like a man than a woman.) She wore a navy blue double breasted jacket, slacks and black oxfords. She also wore a wedding band and showed us pictures of her son."

"This regional director had attended the meeting to see if there was something that was effective in dealing with the stress of animal termination.

Seeming uncomfortable around other people, she sat down with me and began to order 'tequila with beer chasers.' After downing four of them, she was drunk but lucid. She kept going back and forth between jokes and tears. I moved next to her and asked, 'What's wrong?' She said, 'I've killed millions of animals.'"

"I touched her hands and repeated the sentences just taught in our seminar.' It's best for them...they will suffer less...'"

"She began to cry. Her head was on the table, face down. She didn't look much like a feminist butch anymore. She looked like one of my children. Her hat fell on the table. I stroked her curly hair. She turned her face to me, her cheek on the table and face wet with tears.. Voice low and full of gut-wrenching sobs, she said, 'You DON'T DON'T understand!'"

"I said, 'Help me understand.'"

"She was very quiet for a long time...and then in calm, unbroken sentences, she told me the secret horror with which she was living. As I listened, I went from horror to sympathy to compassion and then back to horror."

"The following is a condensation of the words then spoken by this tormented SPCA leader as she poured out her heart to me..."

"In late June or early July, this high level SPCA official attended a NEW WORLD ORDER futurist seminar in Denver, Colorado."
Denver, Colorado: New Capitol of USA under martial law and the NWO

"She must belong to this group as a part of her job with the SPCA. There were many international attendees who would be discussing the growing food shortage. This SPCA official was told by lecturers that there would be food shortages in the USA." 

"Riots and wars (internal fighting) were predicted. As a result of HUNGER, all sorts of diseases would ravage the population. The viruses and bacterial infections that have been killing people in Africa will soon make it to the United States. HUNGER, DISEASE AND DEATH WOULD BE ALL AROUND.

"This SPCA official was further informed that RESOURCES WOULD BE IN SHORT SUPPLY...not everybody could be saved. Only those most likely to survive would be given the precious resources of food and medicine. They explained that those that are healthy, young or useful in some way would be spared."

("When this SPCA official mentioned hearing this at the meeting, I was reminded of the speaker at the other seminar we had just attended, who taught us how to choose the animals that will be saved.")

"She was told that THE OTHERS WOULD BE ALLOWED TO DIE IN A PAINLESS, HUMANE MANNER. As I listened to her explain what the international lecturers told them, I was reminded again of the words of the SPCA seminar speaker earlier."
FEMA detention camp

"I had noted that, in their reasoning, a quick and painless death is better than starving to death or dying a slow and agonizing death from some of the new diseases like Ebola." (!)

"The conference in Colorado told her that 'ANGELS OF DEATH' had to be created in response, and that a program of training these 'Angels of Death' had been going on in the SPCA for over thirty years.With the rise of SPCA's throughout the nation and the world, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THESE 'ANGELS OF DEATH' HAD BEEN TRAINED in this thirty years period." 

"When the time comes to put them to work KILLING HUMANS, they will be told the same things they were told when killing animals:

'It is better to let them die painlessly than to starve to death...'"

"The startled SPCA official was further informed that research over a thirty year period showed that lesbians without children were actively sought out in certain areas to fulfill their quota of 'Angels.' "

"FOOD RIOTS, they warned, would soon fill the prisons with millions of violent prisoners WHO WOULD HAVE TO BE HELPED TO DIE painlessly, just like the vicious dogs who cannot be rehabilitated. 

All this was worded to sound similar to what we had just heard earlier in the seminar, justifying putting animals to death."

"They explained to her and the attendees that SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD BE LABELED 'A DANGER TO SOCIETY'  [note-Christian resisters, Patriots, gun owners, militias, Constitutionalists, etc.] that MASSIVE HOLDING PENS would have to be created for them. THEY DID NOT CALL THEM CONCENTRATION CAMPS, BUT THAT IS WHAT I IMAGINED THEM TO BE. "

"They told her that ONCE THE CAMPS OPENED, the OLD, the VERY YOUNG, the TERMINALLY ILL, the disabled, the MENTALLY ILL...and anyone who CANNOT WORK or bear PERFECT CHILDREN will be helped to HUMANELY DIE."

"This SPCA official who was pouring out her heart to me kept repeating these words: 'The SPCA is hardening our human emotions by forcing us to needlessly kill animals...THEY ARE MAKING US INTO MONSTERS FAR WORSE THAN ANY IN HITLER'S GERMANY...'"

"Finally, this leader's grim account was over. I said to her, 'You really need to talk to someone...' It was like I had hit her. She lifted her head off the table and said with fear in her eyes, 'No, I can't! NO ONE CAN KNOW!'"

(Ahhhh..but now we DO know!)

"Then she moved closer to me and said, 'I go crazy at's the killings...I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself.' She then got up, appeared stone sober, and quickly walked out of the restaurant without saying a word to anyone else. I was the only one who heard her story." 

"Evidently our regional director has awakened to the New World Order conspiracy, and it has made her sick. 

Being responsible for the slaughter of millions of animals was hard enough on her, but now she has realized that THE TRAINING SHE AND HER 'ARMY OF ANGELS' RECEIVED FROM THE SPCA WAS JUST 'PHASE 1' OF A LARGER, GLOBAL PLAN FOR REDUCING THE WORLD'S POPULATION."

Frankly, readers, I am overwhelmed now after re-reading this for the first time after many years. I am shocked at how accurately these NWO meeting lecturers then predicted and described the circumstances that would lead to AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and people being quarantined and terminated in the FEMA/DHS camps.

The meeting occurred in Denver in 1996, and subsequently I wrote articles based upon it several years after. The above article I published in 2003. And now, many years later, it appears that the COVID 19 PANDEMIC is becoming the FULFILLMENT OF THIS VERY WARNING.

Just like they said..... 

But of course, because this and all other pandemics to strike America have first been tested in secret military testing labs, designed for this very purpose of the NWO. For this is a planned pandemic, staged for their NWO agenda and to trigger medical martial law.

People are YOU taking wise precautions and preparing NOW while there is yet time and supplies are available??? You need to, because...AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING.

Just like I said.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


Saturday, October 11, 2014

US Disaster Teams ADMIT BEING WARNED Months Ago About Ebola Pandemic COMING IN OCTOBER!

Disaster Assistance Relief Team (DART)sent to an emergency

-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Pardon me, readers, but right now I am seething with righteous indignation after reading this article from THE DAILY SHEEPLE. According to this hot news item, DART  (disaster assistance response team) teams were warned MONTHS AGO from the inside that what we are seeing in America is ONLY the tip of the iceberg, and to be prepared for MAJOR EBOLA ATTACKS IN OCTOBER! 
Canadian DART team responding to a crisis

This is the blunt admission of a large government supplier of emergency response products specializing in HIGH RISK EVENTS.

What does this mean? 

Frankly, it means that the US government has been planning this staged Ebola pandemic from the beginning, and knew it was coming, and has apparently planned for it to take place in OCTOBER 2014.

But WHY October of all months? 

Part of the reason is simple. The reason goes right back to the roots of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda and the people behind it, THE SATANISTS or ILLUMINATI.

The dream of every NEW WORLD ORDER satanist is for MARTIAL LAW to be declared nationwide in America, and former satanists have admitted this to me in person. They can't wait for the Constitution to be abolished, and all religious freedoms with it, and for tyrannical Presidential Executive Orders to become the law of the land in it's place.

 The declaration of MARTIAL LAW on the heels of a pandemic (or any other staged crisis) will be the trigger for satanists and NWO communists and fascists nationwide to  help the government arrest and get rid of everyone who is on the hit list as NWO resisters, targeted to be arrested and removed to boxcars with shackles and taken to the camps for TERMINATION.

My father's satanic high priest confirmed that everyone who dies under martial law will be counted as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power from him to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER.

Basic SATANISM 101 doctrine universally teaches that the more victims you sacrifice to Satan, the more money and power he will give you. This is understood by every satanist or Illuminati worth their title. It is no wonder that their doctrines of demons are the inspiration to be used to set up the martial law agenda.

Here is one reason why OCTOBER IS THE MONTH OF CHOICE. Former satanists revealed to me that OCTOBER IS CONSIDERED THE MONTH TO CELEBRATE SATAN'S BIRTHDAY, culminating with SAMHAIN, or Halloween, wickedly celebrated the 30th, 31st and November 1.

In other words, everyone who dies during their planned pandemic, beginning in earnest in OCTOBER, truly counts as one more sacrifice to Satan during his evil month of pagan revelries. I know it may sound crazy, but this is how satanists and the Illuminati see things from their twisted viewpoint and teachings. What a perfect month October is, from their perspective, to get Satan's NWO agenda rolling for North America! Our dead bodies will be their "birthday gift" to Satan!

Remember that the Illuminati-funded Bolsheviks also chose OCTOBER for their deadly Bolshevik revolution to begin, October 25th by the old Julian calendar, and to round up and eliminate everyone who stood in their way. It was called THE GREAT OCTOBER SOCIALIST REVOLUTION. Coincidence?

Read the following shocker article from THE DAILY SHEEPLE:

There’s a mysterious phenomenon that keeps happening to alternative media journalists lately, and it seems to be a side effect of Ebola.

Mainstream stories are being removed from the internet without a trace.

The first I heard of this was when a colleague, Mac Slavo, of SHTFplan wrote an article entitled “Disaster Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated in October”. The article was based on a twitter exchange with a large government supplier of emergency response products specializing in “high risk events”.
“DART teams were notified months ago they would be activated in October. Timing seems weird. Source: current DART member.” 
Twitter exchange:
What we are now hearing is just the tip of the iceburg as we enter October. #Ebola virus will cripple EMS and hospitals. The wait is over!
— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014
@FutureMoneyTren DART teams were notified months ago they would be activated in October. Timing seems weird. Source: current DART member.
— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014
Be prepared to self quarantine yourselves if you experience flu like symptoms. Do not venture out as EMS & hospitals will be overwhelmed.
— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014
There is speculation that this #DallasEbola case is not Ebola. DART teams were told months ago they would be activated in October.
— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014
And I say wisely because the Twitter account involved was subsequently CLOSED.  Here’s the link:
and here’s what you now get when you go to it.
I said, “Wow, that’s pretty weird. Sounds like you were definitely on to something.”  And then I put it out of my mind, because…EBOLA.  
We got incredibly busy bringing you the most comprehensive information on the Ebola situation that can be found on any alternative news website.

But then, this happened…TWICE.  Shortly after we quoted a mainstream source in a story that pointed out inconsistencies, the originally story got scrubbed from the Internet.  It took all sorts of cache-searching gymnastics to prove that we weren’t the ones lying and that something was definitely being hidden by someone.

- See more at:

Read the full article below:


Well, readers, the truth is slowly emerging about this manufactured false flag Ebola "crisis," right down to the very month TPTB seemingly plan to have it released, deliberately, against the American people to create chaos and death throughout our nation.

And if THIS kind of shocking revelation doesn't make you angry, nothing will.

IF ALL THIS BE TRUE, then it becomes a horrific crime against humanity on a massive national scale. Think of the tragic toll it will take in human lives, sparing neither young nor old alike. Think of the long term effects this would have upon American society, the health care system, the health and lives and destinies of millions of victims...IF this is permitted to take place.

And if this is a deliberately planned pandemic against the American people, then WHO is to be held responsible for the planning and the funding and the carrying out of this vast crime against humanity??? Which people...which agencies...which organizations? Who is funding this behind the scenes, and who is resposible to carry out this massive genocide? 

Concerned Americans DEMAND 

"You shall know the truth,and the truth shall set you free."-Jesus Christ

"For there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, nor concealed that shall not be made known."-Jesus Christ

So be it according to the eternal Word of God! May the truth exposing these mass murderers BEHIND the planned EBOLA PANDEMIC be quickly revealed.

My prayer is that brave whistleblowers will emerge from the inside of the EBOLA PANDEMIC PLOT, compelled by all they know, to TELL THE TRUTH to the endangered American people AND WARN THEM while there is yet time.

This is a time for the PRAYER WARRIORS OF AMERICA to fast and pray and cry out to God as never before for America's future. Some may say, "...but doesn't America deserve judgment by now? "

Those who are worthy of great judgment in the sight of God, do deserve judgment. But remember, a pandemic like this will affect the righteous and the innocent as well. 

My Bible tells me that our God is just and righteous God. He does not judge the righteous along with the guilty.

What have helpless infants and toddlers done to deserve "judgment?" They will become one of the greatest victim groups of all.  And the helpless elderly in nursing homes...? The sick in America's hospitals, and cancer victims? The physically and mentally challenged in America? These are worthy of such judgment?

And what about millions of God's true elect in America today, redeemed by the power of the blood of Jesus and walking in the light of His word? "There is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk after the spirit and not after the flesh." Clearly, this ebola pandemic is intended to serve the purposes of satan and not God, to destroy God's very elect in America.

There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Clearly, this planned Ebola pandemic is NOT the "judgment of God" but rather the wickedness of evil people who hate God, who worship Satan, and who are determined to destroy the righteous and the innocent in their insane quest to establish their NWO on the dead bodies of millions of innocent victims.

A planned Ebola pandemic is Satan himself coming through his henchmen to steal, kill and destroy throughout America. It is not the living God! It is not of Jesus Christ, Who declares that He comes that we MIGHT HAVE LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

My Bible tells me that Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL! And He is manifested in the world today by and through His people...through our FAITH...through our PRAYERS...through our obedience to Him.

You want to see the judgment of the Living God? Just watch as the wrath of God finally descends upon these wicked NWO madmen who worship satan and murder God's children in the process! Just wait til you witness God pouring out His wrath on those who destroy HIS precious creation! "Arise O God, and DESTROY those who destroy the earth!"

The Bible declares that the smoke of their torment from the wrath issuing from the winepress of Almighty God, shall ascend forever, who worship satan and participate in his satanic government and 666 "cashless society" system. We have not even begun to witness the wrath to come unto wicked NWO pandemic planners such as these.

We as mature Christians are called rather to intercede mightily against the works of the devil, who comes to kill and destroy even God's elect in this hour. 

God has given us mighty weapons designed to tear down the strongholds of Satan from this nation, and to cast down Satan's plans of destruction against God's people.

Prayer warriors across America, UNITE as never before!

I am praying earnestly now about everything I have researched regarding this subject, and coming to God for quick ANSWERS at this time. Every mature Christian reading this should be, too.

Don't forget to take the time to read other websites telling you how to prepare in general for a pandemic, and to purchase emergency survival supplies and equipment while they are still available. This includes food supplies and related supplies as well. 

Stock UP while you can!

God be with you until the NEXT article! And don't let the nasty "chaos creators" defeat you, neither in mind nor spirit. Let's believe in and act upon the WORD OF GOD and His eternal promises, and look to HIM for VICTORY.

"In all these things we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him that loves us..." Jesus Christ! 

As the Bible states, He holds victory in store to the upright, and He is a shield to those who trust in Him and walk in faith and integrity. Press on to OVERCOME.

"The person who OVERCOMES shall inherit all things..."
Revelation 21:7 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-