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My Email Reply to Christians in GERMANY

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following article is in fact the actual email communication I sent to German Christian readers with a fine Christian publication in Germany. They emailed me to find out more about the CIA COMPUTER THAT WILL MONITOR CHRISTIANS.

After writing this email, I realized that it was an article in itself. And so I have decided to reproduce it for my readers.-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Greetings, my friends! I see you are  from Bundesrepublik Deutschland ! Wunderbar.

I love Deutschland. My earliest memories as a child, are of beautiful Deutschland, living in Wiesbaden, and traveling to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Zugspitze. So beautiful! 

Tannenbäume und Schnee und Berge. Schön.

I now live in Montana, because the scenery is so much like Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I am only a few minutes from beautiful GLACIER NATIONAL PARK.
Glacier National Park, Montana

I surround myself with beautiful scenery, because what I research and report about is so sad and depressing. Hiking in Glacier National Park is my therapy...even though there is a deep underground military base located under their mountains(!)

All of my reporting is guided by the Holy Spirit, and I strive for accuracy. The CIA computer does not surprise me. I have interviewed several former CIA employees, and
the truth is frightening. 

Do you realize, that the CIA and it's present agenda is in part  a product of OPERATION PAPERCLIP, a program designed by America Nazi sympathizers to bring Germany Nazi military and war criminals and scientists into America, to erase their background, and to give them immunity in America?

The ROOT of German Nazism is the ILLUMINATI. And it's quest to establish Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda is their major agenda. The CIA works hard to bring America under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Former CIA employees admitted to me how MUCH the CIA hates the Christians in America, because Christians in America absolutely refuse to accept a "NWO AGENDA under Lucifer" for this nation. And I am one of those American Christians who will not tolerate a satanic globalist agenda takover in my nation.

These same CIA Nazis have helped to develop America's future concentration camp system, complete with prisoner trains and camps to terminate all NWO resisters. 

Friends of mine who worked with the CIA previously, have fully admitted this to me.

I have researched the modern American detention camp system and it's prisoner boxcars with shackles extensively for many years. IT IS REAL, and under MARTIAL LAW this detention camp system will help to murder millions of innocent people across America, and millions of CHRISTIANS who will absolutely reject the NWO agenda for America.

An AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING, indeed. And the main targets are NOT the Jews in America: it is THE CHRISTIANS. And of course the GUN OWNERS, the CONSTITUTIONALISTS, the PATRIOTS, and anyone perceived to be against their NWO agenda.

In fact, many Jews in America play a major role in the coming martial law/NWO agenda. The Jewish progressives/Communists in America have worked very hard for the fall of our Constitutional Republic, and for the overthrow of America's Christian heritage. Strangely, both Jewish Communists and NWO fascists are working TOGETHER in America for a joint NWO agenda...and to eliminate their common enemy, THE CHRISTIANS.

Realizing that CHRISTIANS are among their major target to murder in the detention camps, I prepare my heart daily to suffer and die for my Christian faith in America. This is realistic. But this has served to make me a much better, stronger and more dedicated Christian. I love Jesus more than ever! 

LET me die for the One I love, my Jesus! I have no higher honor and no greater joy, than to give my life for Him, Who gave his life for me. This IS my testimony to the NWO forces from hell.

AS a child, I grew up reading my father's many books written by immediate holocaust survivors after the war. My father had many of these books. I read about Auschwitz and Dachau and many other concentration camps.
Dachau today

I was so shocked and horrified by these camps in Nazi Germany, that I stood up and make a promise to God.
I prayed, "Oh, GOD! If Your people are ever in danger again by prisoner camps and trains, I will NEVER sit back and I will NEVER BE SILENT! I will do everything I can to help and rescue them! I PROMISE!"

God holds us to our promises...even as a child.

Never did I dream so many years ago, that SOMEDAY IN AMERICA, the same terrible system of TRAINS AND PRISON CAMPS would emerge. But God foreknew it WOULD.

And now, I am keeping my promise to God. For 18 years now, my reporting has been to expose this terrible NWO agenda for America, and to expose the horrors of the camps in America also.

I am continuing to do everything I can to warn my fellow Americans and Christians, that the FEMA/DHS CAMPS are REAL, they are to TERMINATE all resistance to the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for America, and that CHRISTIANS ARE AMONG THEIR MAJOR PEOPLE GROUPS TO MURDER IN THE CAMPS.

I must also say, that I love Germany. I love her people. There are so many beautiful Christians in Germany today. And Germans who have inspired me like MARTIN LUTHER and DIETRICH BONHOEFFER. I love the hymn, "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott."

My heart is therefore very sad, to know that GERMAN BUNDESWEHR here in America will be used under martial law, to help arrest us, to seize our weapons,  and take us to the camps. 

German Bundeswehr are now stationed in over one hundred military bases here in America. And many of them are now in CANADA as well. Much German military equipment  has also been secretly been brought into America and Canada, to be used under martial law as the NWO proceeds to take over America. German tanks included, according to my military sources.

I have taken the hands of German Bundeswehr here in America, and have prayed with them for salvation. I have also prayed with German Bundeswehr in Deutschland as well. I know how they will be used against us Christians under martial law here in America. But GOD IS LOVE. Gott ist Liebe.

We must pray for them and their salvation! Jesus died for these young German Bundeswehr also...

Right here where I am living in NW Montana, there have been many sightings of the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. They are often hidden in remote areas, and are prepositioned by the thousands all across America (and MEXICO and CANADA also) for the hour when they will begin to round up the NWO RESISTANCE in America, and then take them TO THE CAMPS.

There are many detention camps throughout this area as well. So many people living in the state of Montana KNOW about the NWO agenda for America, and they are prepared to fight to the death for Freedom and to defend America's Christian heritage and the Constitution. This region of MONTANA will become a very bloody region of battle between the satanic NWO forces and the Patriotic American freedom fighters here. 

People I have interviewed here, have told me they will NEVER be taken alive to the FEMA detention camps or prisoner boxcars, and they will NEVER SURRENDER OUR AMERICA to the forces of oppression of the NEW WORLD ORDER globalists.
I pray constantly for God to intervene, and to hold back all future violence and deadly encounters between the American freedom fighters and the military someday. NO true Christian wants violence or bloodshed in their nation! I DO NOT want violence or bloodshed in my nation!

Every day, I go to the railroad tracks here and pray against the prisoner boxcars with shackles. I pray, "Oh, Father God, in YOUR MERCY, HOLD BACK the boxcars! Hold BACK martial law! Hold back the senseless bloodshed and loss of innocent life!"
Railroad Spike Cross

I have a railroad spike CROSS I carry with me everywhere, as a reminder to PRAY DAILY about this. Christians see this, and they ask me what it means...and I tell them the painful truth. In the future, the Christians of America will be crucified on the railroad system across America. I have been told they will be murdered in the boxcars, even before many reach the detention camps for termination.

World history will repeat itself in America someday...

And so, I sit quietly on a bench by train stations, in front of the railroad tracks of America. I hold my cross, and I pray. And weep for what is to come. And cry out to God for MERCY for His children in our nation. Oh, God..................

When I told one German Bundeswehr in New Mexico that I NEVER THOUGHT I would see the day when there would be concentration camps in America, he laughed in my face. The German Bundeswehr stationed in Alamogordo, NM, are boasting to the Americans who live there, that the Bundeswehr are there for MARTIAL LAW, to arrest the Americans, and shoot them if they resist, and to take their guns...and of course take them to the camps as NWO resistance.

A very Nazi NWO agenda, transplanted in America....and facilitated by the efforts of the CIA indeed.

I have been forced to conclude the Nazis were never truly defeated: they simply went underground. And they have been proliferating and expanding and preparing for THE BEAST RISING AGAIN. Here comes "...the BEAST that WAS, and is NOT...and now IS."

The same is true for GERMANY. The underground modern Nazi movement is alive and well and growing. I met with underground Nazis in Munich in 2001: I was taken to the apartment of one member. She told me all about their movement, and showed me hundreds of magazines glorifying Hitler, Nazi war criminals, and the Nazi party. Other people in Munich confirmed the fact that the underground NWO NAZI movement is alive and well.

It is all so very tragic. We must all pray.

I love you. Let us stay in contact with one another. Keep bringing the light of Jesus Christ to Deutschland!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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