Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yet ANOTHER Mysterious Death of "9/11" Truth-Demanders

9/11 Truth Teller FIELD MCCONNELL
Sheds Light on ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH Linked with "9/11"

-by Pamela Schuffert, investigative journalist

The whole tragedy of "9/11" when it occurred struck most Americans with a terrible impact, emotionally and mentally.

For some of us, however, that impact was heightened when we received reports of personal friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. being involved in the death tolls.

I was horrified when I began to read reports immediately following "9/11" (while researching the NWO agenda in Oahu, Hawaii, at the time it occurred.)

I couldn't believe it at first when I read that the PILOT OF THE PLANE THAT ALLEGEDLY HIT THE PENTAGON was none other than "Chip" Burlingame.

THE BURLINGAMES! Both the Burlingame family and mine were USAF. The Burlingame parents and my parents were long term friends. We were stationed together in several locations, including Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE and also lived later in the Northern Virginia area outside Washington DC.

I had gone to school with pilot Chip Burlingame's brother, BRAD Burlingame, and his sister DEBBIE Burlingame, in Betz Elementary School in Belleview, NE outside Offutt AFB.

When both of our families moved to Alexandria, VA area later, the Burlingames and several of their children (Mark, another son) came and visited our home, in fact.

And when Mr. Burlingame Sr. was dying of cancer, it was my mother that his wife called for prayer. She knew my mother and I were strong Christians who believed in the power of God and prayer.

As the years following "9/11" progressed, more and more information came forth to the American public revealing that THIS WAS ANOTHER INSIDE JOB, with HIDDEN MOTIVES and AGENDAS involved. And so the "9/11 TRUTH TELLERS emerged."

Also coming forth were those suspicious family relatives of 9/11 victims who perished in both the planes and the buildings, demanding to KNOW THE TRUTH.

And one of those demanding to know the truth was THE DAUGHTER OF PILOT CHIP BURLINGAME, who lived in a condominium in NJ. She knew that something strange and suspicious had happened to her father Chip, and wanted to KNOW THE TRUTH. She refused to remain silent and became quite outspoken.

FIELD MCCONNELL is a "9/11" TRUTH-TELLER/RESEARCHER, retired from the USAF. I met with him personally while traveling to research and document for my investigative journalism. Due to his knowledge about "9/11" and years of investigation, I had him on several of my radio broadcasts.


McConnell told me and my radio listeners what happened, in fact, to the plane piloted by Chip Burlingame, that ALLEGEDLY hit the Pentagon.

THE PLANE NEVER HIT THE PENTAGON! He revealed how instead it had been remote piloted out over the Atlantic Ocean and incinerated with high temperature explosives which were remote detonated, and utterly destroyed.

And when his daughter, sensing that foul play had occurred in her father's death, continued to DEMAND AN EXPLANATION and a probe of what really happened, SHE DIED UNDER MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES AS WELL.

Field shared how she perished not long ago, in a mysterious fire in her condominium unit. Strangely, he added, none of the OTHER condominium units were affected, but only hers. And it was extremely HIGH TEMPERATURE as well.

This has led many "9/11" Truth investigators to wonder if the military had used exotic 21st century death weapons possibly linked with microwave, directed energy, pulsed or laser weapons being developed, to destroy her and her condominium.

I am personally convinced, as are many other Americans, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE regarding the recent suspicious downing of the plane carrying the wife of a "9/11" victim, a woman who also demanded to KNOW THE TRUTH.
-Pamela Schuffert

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