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-by Pamela Schuffert

Nothing can be more exciting than a wonderful Christian testimony sharing the glory and redeeming power of ONE MORE LOST SOUL COMING to JESUS CHRIST.

My riveting life-transforming TESTIMONY has touched millions of lives in the 38 years I have been a born-again CHRISTIAN. I once was involved, for five years, in dark NEW AGE PAGANISM, looking for love, for truth and power and FOR GOD. I did not find Him in my local DEAD "church, " and therefore decided I would find God OUTSIDE of the church!

Growing up in the Washington DC area, there was a never ending supply of NEW AGE pagan bookstores and supply shops. Soon I had a OUIJA BOARD, plus a genuine Austrian lead crystal ball...purchased at the very same occult magic shop that JEANNE DIXON had purchased HERS at!

I also collected over 60 books on the occult and New Age religions, astrology, palm reading, karma and reincarnation, and much more.

I became quite skilled in palm reading, in fact.

But strangely at the same time, I began to become very ill. I developed appendicitis during my freshman year in High School in Northern Virginia (Alexandria) and had to be rushed to the local Army hospital, Dewitt at Fort Belvoir, for immediate surgery.

I never seemed to heal properly following that surgery, however. And soon after surgery, I went into a terrifying GRAND MAL SEIZURE!

Local military doctors were puzzled. After many tests, they could not discern the cause of my seizures. Nothing stopped the ensuing petite mal seizures either.

I was then flown once a month to a renown Park Avenue physician, Dr. Isaac Kugelmass, consulting pediatrician for 11 different NYC hospitals. He put me on an exotic, experimental combination of 12 different drugs PER DAY. His treatments continued for five years. Tragically after 5 years, he told my mother,

"Your daughter will never be cured...there is nothing more I can do...she will always be under a doctor's care UNLESS....." Unless A MIRACLE HAPPENED!

Another fine Jewish doctor, Samuel Getlin of Trenton, NJ, also began a different form a treatment, megavitamin therapy. Over 200 vitamins and various supplements were issued daily to me. And yet, my seizures and many other symptoms continued unabated.

When my Park Avenue physician finally told my mother I WAS GOING TO DIE, this was the BEGINNING OF SEEKING GOD FOR A MIRACLE. Flying home to Alexandria, VA, my mother wept on the plane and cried out, "OH GOD, IF YOU ARE THERE, PLEASE HELP US!"

And within two weeks, we found ourselves attending a wonderful church service at KING STREET CHURCH OF GOD right outside Washington DC.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I heard the refreshing GOOD NEWS about JESUS CHRIST dying for MY sins.

The Pastor explained that ALL PEOPLE ARE SINNERS, and that sin separates us from God.

And that ONLY JESUS CHRIST, Who suffered and died for our sins to be forgiven, could SAVE ME and bring me to God and CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVERMORE.


When I was dying, my CRYSTAL BALL remained BLANK, my OUIJA BOARD never moved, there WERE no "voices from the beyond" to help me....NOTHING.

I learned that the only ANSWER that ever worked, was JESUS CHRIST!

I ran forward to the church altar to give my life to Jesus immediately after the sermon ended and that call for salvation was given.I was not prepared for the FLOW OF LOVE AND POWER that began to come into my life as I knelt before the Throne of Grace and gave my life to Jesus Christ completely!

It was as if a terrible cloud of darkness and doom was lifted off my mind and my life. JOY that I did not have, came into my life. PEACE replaced the terrible fears and nervousness I lived with constantly. HOPE replaced the sense of utter despair that filled my life.


Everything else in my life failed. GOD DID NOT!

I could not wait to go home, gather up all my books on NEW AGE PAGANISM and burn them in our fireplace that very day. I found my OUIJA BOARD and burned it as well. Seizing my crystal ball, I shattered it into countless pieces on the sidewalk outside as I renounced it and threw it down.

These tools of satan's deceptions were quickly replaced with quality study Bibles and Christian music and regular attendance of Church and Bible and prayer meetings.

I began attending a series of powerful healing crusades held out of state, and during the fifth meeting, I KNEW that JESUS CHRIST had touched and healed me completely! What power and joy filled me that day.

My mother and I returned to my doctor, who ran a series of tests on my health. He was amazed. "NO doctor and NO drugs could possibly do what HAS HAPPENED TO YOU! WHAT did you do?"

I looked at him and said, "Sir, I know you are a Jewish doctor, but I must tell you with all due respect: JESUS CHRIST saved my soul and HEALED MY BODY."

He smiled and responded quickly with,

"I don't care what you have done...this is nothing less than a perfect miracle from GOD!" That was in 1971.

Since then, there have been NO MORE SEIZURES, NO MORE EPILEPSY, no more health doctors...only an occasional Ibuprofen perhaps for a minor headache at those rare moments.

It became evident that indeed JESUS CHRIST HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.

And since THEN, it seems as if the MIRACLES HAVE NEVER STOPPED!

God sent me to numerous schools of Christians training after that miracle, to Bible College for several years, YWAM, Slavic Gospel Association to learn to work with Russians with the Gospel, and more. I also became heavily involved in Christian PRO-LIFE outreach (OPERATION RESCUE and LAMBS OF CHRIST.)

Due to years of experience and training in ministry, God then began to slowly use me in very difficult forms of outreach to the lost. I found myself working with VICTIMS OF SATANISM in various regions across America.

I ministered on several Native American reservations, I spent time ministering to international refugees, including Russian Jews and Christians in NYC and Chicago, Moslems in Washington DC, inner city children, and many other people groups throughout the years as well.

I finally began to become heavily involved in INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM, often undercover, to expose the coming horrors of POLICE STATE USA and the threat to CHRISTIAN FREEDOMS IN AMERICA under the coming NWO agenda.

This intense work has taken me all over the world (Germany, Israel, Costa Rica, Hawaii) and all across the North American continent to personally investigate, to interview many sources and witnesses, to document, and to uncover THE TRUTH about where America is going.

And throughout all this, God has continually proven His mighty power to PRESERVE and PROTECT me in often life-threatening situations I have encountered.

Due to government opposition against my kind of investigative journalism, I have endured several death attempts on my life (severed brake line, several poisonings, escaping a satanist set-up to be abducted and killed)and WITNESSED THE POWER and the GLORY OF GOD through Jesus Christ and prayer as I was delivered each time!

You can read of some of my adventures for Jesus Christ at:


IF MY TRUE LIFE ACCOUNT has touched YOUR life, PLEASE take the time NOW to PRAY for JESUS CHRIST TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE, to forgive YOUR sins, to save YOUR soul, and to change your life NOW! Find a Bible and begin to READ THE WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST. Pray to find a good local church where you can receive His word and love and teachings.

If YOU need prayer, and YOU realize that you need to receive Jesus Christ into your heart and life, CONTACT ME for personal ministry. I will personally respond to every request for prayer.

-Pamela Schuffert for the GLORY OF GOD ALONE

(Remember, your compassionate support is always needed for an ongoing ministry and reporting such as mine. Gas, food, personal needs and the costs involved in research and ministry as I travel full time depend solely on my readers/listeners as supporters. You can send you gift to: Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757. Rev. Kenneth Foreman, retired missionary to China, receives all my mail at this address and immediately forwards all support to me wherever I am across the nation.Thankyou.-Pamela)

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