Saturday, February 28, 2009

America's Unknown Martyrs-Keith Green, Musician for Jesus

Throughout my years of investigating and exposing SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, I came across many shocking accounts of Satanic ritual murders, confessed to by former satanists and confirmed oftentimes by satanic crime investigators, police I networked with at times, and survivors.

I learned throughout these yearsthe grim truth many Christians remain unaware of: America's soil is stained by the BLOOD OF COUNTLESS UNKNOWN CHRISTIAN MARTYRS. They were abducted by satanists/Illuminati BECAUSE they were Christians, and they were tortured and sacrificed to satan and died as Christian martyrs.And the news media will never reveal to you the full scope of this great tragedy in our nation.

"Satan was demanding Christians for sacrifice, and we satanists obliged. They were stalked, abducted and died like all the rest..." admitted Elaine, former satanic high priestess over Indiana for 17 bloody years until she finally came out to become a born again Christian who has exposed satanism for many years. Elaine had also been hired by the CIA under Bush Sr., to work for them as a female assassin. She confessed that thousands of abducted Christians died at the hands of her covens in Indiana alone, and at least 6,000 children of Christian background during her reign of terror in Indiana.

While living with Elaine and her family for a month to interview her in Florida at that time, we both were invited to attend and speak at a conference at a Christian retreat in Okeechobee to expose SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY. But on the way, something strange happened. Elaine began to weep uncontrollably. "Elaine, what is wrong," I asked.

Elaine replied through tears, "Can God...can God ever FORGIVE ME? WE KILLED KEITH GREEN!" I was shocked. Sure, I knew about Keith Green, wonderful Christian music artist, whose plane went down killing him and several other people as well. But the "official government explanation" said that the plane went down because of overload.

Elaine continued. "We satanists held a tribunal and decreed KEITH GREEN MUST DIE. He was winning MORE teens to Jesus Christ, than our satanic heavy metal rock groups were winning to satan.And therefore Green had to die. His plane was rigged to crash...I even know the CIA assassination technique they used...and now that I am a Christian, I feel so terrible. Can God ever FORGIVE ME?"

I prayed for God to give me an answer, and gradually it came. "Elaine, you know that Jesus Christ has already forgiven you for everything you did as a satanist. Furthermore, God will never be defeated by satan and his tactics. Keith is in heaven with Jesus, and death could not defeat him. Keith Green's music has been used ever since he died to STILL WIN MORE PEOPLE TO JESUS CHRIST even to day..."

In fact, when I went to Jerusalem and traveled throughout Israel for a while, I met a young man, Andrew, working at a Christian hostel in Tiberias. Andrew admitted to me that when he had strayed away from Jesus Christ, God has used THE MUSIC OF KEITH GREEN to bring him back to Jesus Christ.

It is not without reason that the Early Church coined this phrase: "The BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS is the SEED OF THE CHURCH." Indeed, God and His purposes in the world today will NEVER be defeated by satan's tactics...NEVER.What satan means for EVIL, God is capable of fully turning around and using FOR HIS GLORY and purposes in the world today.

Thank you, Father God, for using the testimony of KEITH GREEN, even in his death, to GLORIFY YOUR SON Jesus Christ, and to continue to win even MORE souls to Him.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Thank you Pamela for posting this. Very eye opening. I remember being overcome with deep deep sadness and weeping when Keith Green was killed in this plane crash with his precious children and friends.

    His ministry lives on because it is of The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    And the Word of God lives forever throughout all ages to come because The Word of God Incarnated as a Living Person,Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for remaining strong in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  2. thank u for this article....and thank u God for saving this woman....and thank u elaine for ur confessions...please continue to use the truth to expose the darkness....please continue to educate and enlighten doubting believers and Christians who may seem to be asleep about this topic...there are many many many Christians who will be deceived because of not knowing the truth....who will end up saying "but how did we end up here?"...and who are being deceived right now....please, you are forgiven....nothing is greater than the blood of Jesus...not any sin nor Satan himself...please, do not stop telling the TRUTH..."for you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"....

  3. Wel i need to awake cuz i grew up on keith green in 1980s and didnt know he was dead till i found out then and was so sad.i to have jewish ancestory i found out similar to keith and always dreamed to stand in the gap for christ.the catholic church murdered jews for years because they wouldnt convert. Thats an evil organization and so far from god.what if the true christians showed the early european jews gods real love thru christ?if melody reads this i say please reopen the catholic chronicles.u got nothing to lose and all to gain

  4. Any more information about the "Illuminati" killing Keith Green?

  5. Does anyone know... my gut says Rich Mullins death was a sacrifice... possibly for Michael W. Smith? That sounds horrible, and I am only speculating, but it has always bothered me that almost before Rich's body was cold, though others paid tribute by recording a song here and there, Smith re-recorded Mullins' most popular songs as if to make them his own. I hope that is waaayyyy off the mark.