Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God's Amazing Miracles Among THE JEWS

-A Personal Insight into HOW GOD IS MOVING Today-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective

For many decades, my outreach to the perishing with the love of Jesus the Messiah has included specialized work among the Jews and Russian Jews in America, and for a while in Jerusalem. I found myself anointed and equipped by God's grace to minister the love of Messiah to the many Jews throughout the years in my life. We as Christians understand the KIND OF LOVE that loves THE LOST in spite of themselves. The Bible tells us that Jesus loved us WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS. He NEVER loves us because of how "wonderful" we somehow are: we have ALL sinned!

But rather, because He has compassion on us, He demonstrated His love for a lost world by DYING ON THE CROSS to bear the penalty for OUR sins. That includes GENTILE sins...that includes JEWISH sins...for ALL people are sinners in His sight apart from HIS mercy HIS SALVATION.

I have personally spent much time in the 1970's-1980's ministering to many Christian refugees from Russia/Eastern Europe, and know the bitter reality from their experiences of life under Bolshevik antichrist communism. But at the same time, I also ministered to THE RUSSIAN JEWS of Chicago and New York City as well. In a Russian Baptist camp outside Hartford, CT, I worked for many years in a long term overnight summer camp with precious Russian Jewish children who came to escape out of the city. I became "big momma" for 15 little Russian/Ukrainian children in my cabins every summer. And I personally witnessed the power and the love of God reaching out to their young lives, to prove to them that COMMUNISM WAS A LIE! Yes, GOD EXISTS!

I witnessed the power and the love of God moving among both children and parents of Russian Jews, firsthand. At times, these children even HAD OPEN VISIONS of Jesus dying on the cross FOR THEM as we prayed for them! Many had miraculous healing experiences through prayer and Jesus' Name as well. Interestingly, I came into contact with even the wives of RUSSIAN MAFIA in NYC. These women were HUNGRY FOR GOD in their empty lives! And many received Jesus as their newfound MESSIAH (Ha'Mashiach) through ministries such as I participated in among them.

Children of active FSB (KGB spies) were also touched by God's power in these years of my Russian ministry. The entire Russian Christian/Jewish community here in America is always infiltrated heavily with Russian FSB (KGB.) They always seek to recruit new spies throughout America from among the Russian communities here. Many among the Russian Jewish immigrants were in fact also Russian spy infiltrators. The Russian terms used for such people is "robotnik" ("worker.") Everyone in the Russian immigrant communities in America knows what "ROBOTNIKI" ("workers") are!

But when they sent their children to our Russian Christian summer camp, as an excuse to then come into our camp and infiltrate, photograph and document such "anticommunist activities, " for the Russian government, it would always BACKFIRE! Their children would inevitably be touched by our prayers and ministering His love among them all summer long, and they would return home AS BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS! This happened with one KGB family, and their children Igor and Olga Sinyavin. These children of the KGB were profoundly touched by the reality of God's love and power through Jesus Christ, the One they had been taught by communism to mock and despise.

I witnessed the power and the love of God moving actively among American Jewish families that I worked for as a professional child care provider, and also as a home care provider for the elderly. I will never forget how I lovingly took care of one elderly Jewish nanny until she died. She wanted to find THE MESSIAH before she died! I shared with her the wonderful miracle Jesus had done in my life, to heal me completely, and she prayed that night to receive her Messiah, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, into her life. And the next day, she died.

The family invited me to attend her funeral. Her granddaughter, Marsha, came to me a short time later. Looking at me strangely, she said, " I had a strange dream last night! I saw NANNY, and she was in heaven WITH JESUS! She smiled and said to me, 'don't cry for me...I am happy now...I AM WITH JESUS!'" Marsha then asked me to pray with her for HER to receive Jesus also as her newly discovered Messiah!

Truly, Jesus died for ALL people to be saved, and that includes the JEWS. Many miracles of Divine grace and revelation of JESUS AS MESSIAH among the Jews also occurred throughout Israel as I lived and traveled there for a season.

My heart is deeply troubled by all I know and report on regarding a COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST instigated by the NEW WORLD ORDER (world globalist communism.) Even as it persecuted and murdered tens of millions of my fellow Christians, both throughout Russia and China and Eastern Europe, so shall these NWO implementers seek to do to my fellow Christians in America under martial law.

Through my years of in-depth research, I also understand the historically verified Jewish roots of the spirit of anti-christ and Bolshevik communism, and today the roots of that which is also being formed in America to bring forth this satanic kingdom of darkness, the NEW WORLD ORDER. But as a true Christian, I refuse to allow this to stop the love of God in my heart from reaching out with SALVATION to such desperately lost people, including the very ones who have planned and laid the groundwork for this NWO agenda in America that will arrest and put so many of us to death for our Christian faith someday. I pray continually for the love of God to touch their hearts and open their eyes to their wonderful Messiah, Jesus.

The Russian Christians feel the same way. I noted in one Russian church I attended, the large letters over the pulpit stating the following: "Father FORGIVE THEM, for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO." These are the words of Jesus Christ as He looked with Divine compassion upon those who rejected Him and then condemned Him to death.

I have chosen therefore, by His grace, to walk these times of persecution we Christians face, in the power of the love and mercy and forgiveness of my Savior Jesus Christ, Who loved ME when I was yet a sinner and unlovable. May we, as Christians, all seek such grace to maintain His character birthed in us by His Holy Spirit, as we face these times of tribulation together.

Pray therefore, that God's Holy Spirit and power will continue to move among Jewish communities throughout America, and the world, and will finally bring them into the kingdom and love of THEIR MESSIAH, YAHSHUA Ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ) AT LAST.

-Pamela Schuffert

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