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Dark Secrets of Yellowstone Park and the Hidden NWO Agenda


Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

I have previously reported MUCH information about the covert military BLACK OPS in place in YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (YNP), and reported about military admissions (which I have gathered from reliable sources, including 911 truthteller retired USAF FIELD MCCONNELL, and at least one Pentagon source) of huge amounts of powerful military explosives being covertly planted around the YELLOWSTONE SUPERCALDERA, for what many of us researchers believe will prove to be part of the CREATED CHAOS leading to MARTIAL LAW declaration in the USA for the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

In my previous report published across the internet, DARK SECRETS OF YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, I shared how my investigative research while working at YNP one fateful summer uncovered the information confirming secret underground military testing/experiment labs in Yellowstone NP, complete with secret entryways (in one case a cave concealing an entrance in the OLD FAITHFUL region), plus the admissions of various military sources that "YELLOWSTONE IS GOING TO BLOW" and that the US military plan to be THE INSTIGATORS through high explosives planted throughout that region.

One military source, who had previously been in the underground military facilities in Yellowstone NP, who I later interviewed in BOZEMAN MT, admitted to me that this was WHY there were so many underground military facilities in that region. He said , "YELLOWSTONE IS GOING TO BLOW...and they KNOW it!" And he admitted they intended to HELP it blow as well! But WHY??? The answer is quite simple. MARTIAL LAW is going to deliberately triggered throughout North America, leading to the establishment of the NEW WORLD ORDER in it's place.

"ORDER OUT OF CHAOS" is the motto of the NWO, only THEY create the CHAOS, and out of it's ashes bring forth THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER! Region after region across America has already been targeted with well planned "disasters" including massive explosions/detonations, tragic releases of chemical/biological warfare agents designed to kill or incapacitate millions of Americans, the PLANNED economic collapse coming, and much more.

As I revealed in my previous report, "OPERATION RING OF FIRE," one of the final tactics these NWO chaos creators will use are MASSIVE DETONATIONS OF POWERFUL EXPLOSIVE DEVICES (bombs, missiles, etc.) in city after city and various populated regions across America, forming as it were A RING OF FIRE across America. And of course, the government/CIA/White House controlled/censored news media lapdogs of the NWO will print ONLY the "official government explanation" and falsely blame it on AL QAIDA (better spelled "AL CIA-duh!") and other false front groups, and then use these PLANNED tragedies to DECLARE MARTIAL LAW IN THOSE REGIONS!

I received this shocking insider report exposing "OPERATION RING OF FIRE", from Washington DC through a brilliant investigator exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, ED PACK. Ed networked with whistleblowers including moles planted deep within the White House and Capitol Hill who periodically leaked out information regarding the covert plans of traitorous leadership to bring America under MARTIAL LAW and the NWO. Ed got word of "OPERATION RING OF FIRE" through such moles situated in the White House, and explained it to me how it would come about.

Ed had a long history of accuracy in his information in exposing previous covert black ops. Ed was present filming WACO as it happened, turning his raw film footage over to LINDA THOMPSON of the American Justice Federation, who turned it into a shocking expose of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED at WACO.

Through his covert contacts in the White House and Capitol Hill, Ed was able to warn me about THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING three months before it happened. I was told by Ed how AMERICA'S MILITIAS would be implicated and WHY."Clinton HATES the militias in America, because they know ALL ABOUT THE NWO agenda and are warning Americans to get armed and ready," Ed explained to me. And indeed, three months later, black op player MCVEIGH was falsely portrayed as a member of America's militias, and TED KOPPELL of NIGHTLINE was interviewing members of THE MICHIGAN MILITIA on national television the very night of OKC bombing!

Ed also told me HOW this terrible man-made disaster would be used to introduce new "anti-terrorism" legislation waiting in the wings to be rushed through the Senate/House on the wings of public outrage and outcry. "But in fact it won't be 'anti-terrorism' legislation, but really ANTI-FREEDOM OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE legislation, " Ed explained. (This is ALSO what happened in the aftermath of 9/11...remember?)

And three months later..IT HAPPENED. And Ed was proven right...again. And later, Ed gave me his insider information on "OPERATION-RING OF FIRE" and the coming massive detonations of deadly bombs across this nation, forming a "RING OF FIRE" across this nation, to be used as one of their final tactics to impose martial law on America. These sources came directly from the White House, he said.

And now, ED IS DEAD. He was microwaved to death in his home by a government/military van with a MICRODISH mounted on it (which he saw and described to me before he died), and died of complications from internal burns and cancerous tumors spawned by the effects of microwave radiation permeating his body. It was a terrible experience, to watch this man waste away and die from complications.

But before he died, he emphasized to me that he wanted America to KNOW THE TRUTH about OPERATION RING OF FIRE.Such horrific disasters will come as a shock to most unsuspecting Americans. They will have their desired effects on this nation. But NONE of it will come as an surprise to the NWO masterminds!

Returning to the YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO..........The region of MONTANA and WYOMING presents a particular problem for the NWO planners, because of it being so heavily populated with independent-minded, gun-owning Americans who have formed militias throughout this region and many of which have openly admitted they will forcibly resist NWO takeover of this nation to the end. Hence, the NWO planners desperately NEED a reason to declare MARTIAL LAW REGIONALLY here, in order to begin the round-ups of thousands of avowed NWO resisters and the gun seizures that will accompany this martial law declaration.

Regarding the Yellowstone supervolcano, scientists have determined that EVERYTHING WITHIN A 600 mile radius WILL DIE almost immediately when this mammoth supervolcano begins to blow, from superheated gases, from carbon monoxide, and the accompanying rain of fire and brimstone and huge pieces of earth and rock that will be blown high into the atmosphere, to rain down deadly death upon all in it's projectile path as fiery debris lands.

Hence, SHOULD IT BEGIN TO APPEAR that YELLOWSTONE is "ABOUT TO BLOW," this can be used as a pretense for the US government and the US military to DECLARE MARTIAL LAW throughout that 600 hundred mile radius region of America around Yellowstone NP(which includes MONTANA and WYOMING.) In order to facilitate the round up of so many gun owners and avowed resisters of the NWO throughout this region, the government/military has prepositioned thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to be used to transport resisters, once arrested, to the numerous FEMA/MILITARY DETENTION CAMPS located here.

I have previously performed extensive reporting and investigating the local sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES:
and the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps:
in place for dealing with NWO resistance under martial law. My reports have covered this subject in depth for 13 years now and can be found on numerous websites across the Internet.

TO RECAP-Military sources I have interviewed have consistently revealed to me that HIGH EXPLOSIVES have been steadily planted covertly throughout the Yellowstone NP region. Even more ominous is the presence of a RUSSIAN ICBM missile in one of the underground silos in that region, as admitted by one Pentagon source I talked to. Strangely, even as I worked there one summer, I was told through an official brochure distributed to all YNP employees, that RUSSIA WAS STEADILY BEAMING ELF FREQUENCIES INTO THE GROUNDS OF YELLOWSTONE 24/7. And WHEN such frequencies are beamed into the ground, they have the effect of

Recently, throughout December of 2008, RENEWED earthquake activity was being reported from the YNP region. Investigative journalists like myself who have been uncovering the HIDDEN AGENDA OF THE NWO FOR AMERICA, believe that the potential threat is considerable for this tactic to be used to then DECLARE MARTIAL LAW REGIONALLY and then go after the NWO resisters/gun owners/militias numerous throughout this region of America .

I will continue to closely monitor this situation here in Montana, and report as I am able to.

-Pamela Schuffert

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