Thursday, February 19, 2009

CENSORED Newsbriefs: NWO Foreign Troops Now in CANADA

by investigative journalist Pamela Schuffert

I received a report from a crack US military veteran ("Watchman") and his watchdog group monitoring the NWO agenda for America. He gave me information regarding ultra-sophisticated Russian and German tanks being brought into America for the hour of martial law via Canada through Prince Edward Island. Every six months, German troops are being brought into North America through this channel as well.

These tanks are painted in camo colors, and have a mini-nuke launching capacity. Special body protection suits for these foreign troops, developed by the Russians for the UN and the operators of these tanks, include special filters and protective measures so that, following launching these mini-nukes into their targeted areas, they can move in after one hour for mop up operations. Operators of these tanks will be German, Russian and Czech. A previous email informed me that German troops are now prepositioned across North America in over 100 locations for the HOUR OF MARTIAL LAW. Such tanks are expected to be deployed under martial law.

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