Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The RAPTURE MENTALITY Endangering The Church USA


-by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

I received a report from Pensacola, Florida about one Pastor and his visitation by several FEMA officials. They told him, "Pastor, we've decided that UNDER MARTIAL LAW we are going to SEIZE YOUR CHURCH and use it for our base of operations here."

Does FEMA or the government have the power to do so??? ABSOLUTELY. Under an anticipated future state of martial law, as our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are swept away and we are forced to come under pre-existing PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS that deny us our previous liberties under the Constitution. UNDER MARTIAL LAW, FEMA can seize: your home, family members and separate them, your vehicles, your land and possessions including food supplies, your Church, and more.

The Presidential Executive orders will turn America into a police state and military dictatorship, denying Christians and other groups the previous RIGHT TO FREELY ASSEMBLE. Which means that you and your fellow Christians can be SUBJECT TO ARREST for failure to disperse when you meet for Church gatherings on Sundays or any other days, gather for prayer meetings, etc.


Church in America, be prepared for the great persecution that is soon to take place on American soil. When Jesus Christ declared, "Ye shall be hated of ALL nations..." speaking of the end times specifically, realize that ALL NATIONS must include the United States of America!

"..And then shall they deliver you up to tribulation and to be put to death...BUT HE THAT ENDURETH TO THE END SHALL BE SAVED." NOT "he that shall be raptured," but rather "he that endureth to the end." (From Matthew 24)

Christians who have anxiously been following events in American indicating coming persecution and testing have also been hoping intensely that a Rapture will take them out BEFORE they will be tested and tried for their faith (as other Christians worldwide have been in recent decades.)

I remind them that no "quicky Rapture" came to save the millions of Christians who were imprisoned or slain under communist takeover in Russia, China and many other nations.

The hard-core truth is, Christians in America have neither CHAPTER nor VERSE of Bible Scripture to positively assure them that BEFORE they can suffer so much as a loss of a hangnail for their faith in America, "Jesus will rapture them" and they are outta here, home free!

In fact, the Bible emphatically states that "NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR...." of when Jesus Christ will appear, the dead in Christ will be raised, and we shall be CAUGHT UP IN THE AIR TO BE WITH HIM. NO MAN.

For Christians in America to arrogantly presume that THEY will not suffer end-time persecution that Jesus Himself prophesied would come to EVERY NATION in the world prior to His return, is not only presumptuous, it is also HERESY and unscriptural.

We must remember, that no "Rapture" came to rescue Sudanese Christians from Moslem persecution and literal crucifixion in many cases. No "Rapture" saved the many Cuban Christians who died with Jesus Christ on their lips in front of Fidel's communist death squads. No RAPTURE saved tens of millions of Christian in Russia from being arrested, persecution, tortured and executed under Jewish Bolshevik communism. And the list of persecuted Christians goes on and on...........

They were allowed to be tested as by fire for their faith.

And according to the many words of prophecy I have collected from Pastors and prayer groups regarding these coming events (which confirm end-time Bible prophecy), I personally believe that the TRUE Christians in America are going to face the great trial of their faith, which will ultimately result in imprisonment and literal martyrdom for their steadfast faith and confession of Jesus Christ. (I speak of millions of persecuted and martyred Christians in the times to come in America.)

Admitted one youth Pastor in California whom I interviewed while distributing my book, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, "Ma'am, none of what you are sharing with me is a surprise. God showed me in a vision TWICE a few nights ago that MARTIAL LAW WAS COMING, and I saw it all happen. I saw myself arrested and dragged before a modern guillotine, and asked, 'Pastor, are you willing to renounce your faith and work with us, or die?' I remember being very scared, but I would never renounce my faith in Jesus. I was then beheaded. I woke up, wondering what it all meant. I went back to sleep, and the same vision repeated itself, only this time I was put into a prison to 'rethink' my decision. But I still confessed Jesus as Lord, and was beheaded. I always know, when God repeats a vision, that it will come to pass."

Friends, the tools of our persecution are all in place. The hundreds of thousands of modern guillotines manufactured in Japan and China are here, waiting for the hour of martial law and the termination of all deemed "resisters of the NWO."

Revelation 20:4 is clear on the persecution/martyrdom if those end time believers in Jesus who refuse to cooperate with the New World Order and it's cashless society "MARK."

"And I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus and the Word of God..." (If all the worthy saints are raptured, who is left to die for their faith and testimony of Jesus Christ??? Certainly not backslidden, apostate "Christians" who have missed the Rapture! Church, wake up!)

The concentration camps are all in place to "terminate resisters of the New World Order" as it comes down under martial law.

"Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration camps in America. We all know that they are to terminate the resisters of the New World Order under martial law..." admitted my personal friend Michael Maholy, 20 years Naval Intel/CIA and previously a dedicated worked for the NWO under Bush Sr. Michael became a Christian through my personal ministering and many prayers, and decided to blow the whistle on the NWO agenda.

Revealed yet another former CIA/NWO source, "We Satanists in the CIA hated the Christians, because they were the one thing that stood in the way of our implementing the New World Order in America. So we came up with the concentration camps you are now investigating. I even helped to draw up some of the blueprints for some of them. Although I greatly regret my role now, nevertheless they stand to this day and will be activated UNDER MARTIAL LAW. We lusted for the hour of martial law when we could finally get our hands on them legally...I tell you, it will be BRUTAL RAPE, TORTURE AND DEATH for them once they are arrested and taken to the concentration camps under martial law..." (Admission of my friend, former CIA assassin and satanist high priestess, now Christian lecturer/author exposing the NWO and Satanism.)

The boxcars and shackles are in place across America to haul all resisters away, Nazi style, to the deathcamps of America under martial law.

"God has been giving me dreams of Christians being arrested in America and taken to railroad boxcars and hauled away like cattle to be slaughtered in concentration camps," admitted one Montanan Christian who I met at a Christian prophecy conference. "I used to wonder what this meant, but with your explanation of what will happen under martial law, I NOW UNDERSTAND WHAT GOD WAS TRYING TO TELL ME!"

I advised her that there were several concentration camps and sightings of boxcars and shackles already in Montana, waiting for that hour. Christians in America, I write these things NOT to instill a spirit of fear, which God never gives us, but rather to illustrate the reality of Bible prophecy regarding end time persecution of all believers and how it will be manifested in our nation.

Most Pastors have NOT prepared you to face this reality. They have constantly swept God's warnings through visions and prophecies and books such as mine aside, and instead given you an "exit" mentality revolving around the Rapture.

While it is absolutely true that Jesus Christ IS coming soon, nowhere in Scriptures do we find ANY verse guaranteeing that We, the Church in North America, are SO special that WE WILL BE RAPTURED prior to end-time persecution and the trial of our faith!

No, the Christians in many other countries can go through end-time persecution and martyrdom, but NOT US. I have found this false theological doctrine and subsequent "escapist" presumption rampant across America as I have traveled and lectured, and it has saddened me greatly. Those who believe in this type of teaching will scarcely take the time to prepare their hearts before God to suffer and die for their testimony of Jesus Christ and their refusal to deny Him before men. And, as Scripture soberly declares, there WILL be a GREAT FALLING AWAY before Christ returns and we are gathered to Him.

What frequently causes a falling away BUT PERSECUTION! You are watching with your own eyes the beginning of the END of America as we have known her, and the beginning of the great persecution of the Church in America is about to commence.

Unfortunately, the false prophets from the pulpits of America today are speaking what men's flesh so desperately wants to hear, as evidence of coming national and world disaster increase daily. This is WHY the RAPTURE DOCTRINE is being promoted widely, yet without true Scriptural foundation.

To my fellow Christians in America, I suggest you take the time to fall upon your faces before the Living God and implore Him to give both you and your family the grace to endure throughout the coming persecution, and purpose in your heart to confess Jesus Christ as Lord both in word and deed faithfully, even if this means a fiery trial of faith and the tools of persecution I have documented that are prepared against the Christians in America for this coming hour.

We must never be moved to deny our faith under fire! It is a matter of your eternal salvation.

Pam Schuffert

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