Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the Children of Satanists/Illuminati ONLY: When the Pain Won't Go Away

-From My Heart to You With Love, As One More Survivor Who Understands-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

This article is written from my heart to yours, only. The rest of the world cannot understand and does not understand. Very frequently , the very people who should understand, the Christians, also do not understand. They do not mean to be unkind. But they simply have not been where we have been. And few can comprehend unless they have been where we have been.

But we can understand, those of us who suffered the trauma of either one or both parents become involved in satanism or with Illuminati backgrounds. I am forced to understand things I never wanted to know or understand. My father was a satanist. A military-recruited, NWO indoctrinated satanist of the Washington DC area. My father once did what other satanists did. He participated in rituals. He offered human sacrifice. He turned with hatred against the God of the Bible, mocked Jesus Christ His Son, and hated everything that stood for Jesus Christ.

Of course, my father played the game of "PRETENDING." He pretended to be the jolly famous USAF cartoonist so many admired. This is how many Illuminati/satanist parents also pretend to be what they are not. And so they fool the world. But they do NOT fool us, their children, or themselves. Nor do they FOOL GOD.

And his hatred included me. I lost the love I once treasured from my daddy, because of his recruitment into the military NWO agenda and the satanism that accompanies it. That love was lost until 30 years after his recruitment, when he finally got his act together, kicked satan out, got right with God and asked Jesus into his heart. Finally. But before then, the years of pain, rejection and trauma were intense, as with all of us.

All too often, the pain remains in our hearts about the dark secrets that we know and the many tragic and painful things we were forced to experience. We go about our daily lives, putting on a bold or upbeat outward appearance to the world, which serves to masquerade the pain so many of us feel, that somehow just won't not go away like other pain. We want to be normal. We greatly fear rejection. Rejection in our homes by the very ones who were supposed to love us the most has been hard enough to bear already.

Many of us have chronic extreme weight conditions, either anorexic or bulimic, developed because of extreme emotional trauma due to heartache experienced from our parents. And the resulting feelings of rejection and depression became manifested in extreme eating disorders and other assorted health problems. Still other survivors seek to escape the pain, rejection and trauma we went through by seeking to numb the memories with alcohol, drugs, and anything else that will help to ease the pain. But of course, it's only a temporary fix: when it wears off, the pain is still there. And so are the memories.

We wish we could open our hearts up to people around us, wishing they would understand, wanting them to love us, hoping they will help heal the pain we often live with, and comfort the memories we live with also. But then we stop, realizing that most people DO not and CANNOT understand. They have not been where we have been. And in order to protect our already wounded hearts from further rejection, we bottle this pain up inside and refuse to share our hearts. And so we pretend. Even in church, we pretend.

For many years, nothing could set me free from the pain and heartache of rejection, cruelty, hatred, and the darkness and oppression that came into our home when daddy got recruited. His hatred of me created much of the illness I subsequently experienced afterwards. Due to sheer desperation, I began to look for relief and power and help in the world of New Age and the occult. A Ouija Board, a genuine Austrian lead crystal ball purchased at Al's Magicke Shop in Washington DC, and dozens of books on the occult...I tried to find help in all of these methods, but sadly none of them seemed to make any difference. I was still sick, and daddy was a satanist.

Both of my doctors tried their best to provide an antidote for my multiple illnesses, including epilepsy. And both failed. One was even a Park Avenue physician. Yet at the age of 18 I was dying. And all of my futile attempts to find love, power and answers in the occult failed repeatedly.

I am convinced that God allowed all of this in my life, to serve one purpose: to drive me into the ARMS OF JESUS CHRIST, the ONLY One Who could understand and could love me as no other. After my father got recruited into military satanism and brought it's sorrows and darkness into our home, and I found myself dying, I finally became a born-again Christian in 1971. I was driven by both sickness and my daddy's evils into the arms of SOMEONE WHO TRULY LOVED ME when my daddy did not, and that Someone was JESUS CHRIST.

And I can tell you, that where PEOPLE have failed, JESUS CHRIST did not FAIL! He FORGAVE my many sins, He HEALED my very sick body, and began the long process of healing my deeply wounded emotions and memories that all of us suffer because of such parents and resulting trauma. And when it seems like most people don't care, I can tell you from experience: JESUS DOES CARE!

ONLY JESUS can reach deep inside to the painful memories you still have, the heartache of rejection, and more. And some of you were forced into rituals you really never wanted to be in, but your parent(s) made you. And you did things you never would have normally done, and the pain and memories remain inside you.

God's Word tells us, that He (God) Who made the OUTSIDE, also made the INSIDE, and God KNOWS how to reach with love and compassion into YOUR heart, memories and lives and HEAL the pain, FORGIVE the sin, and set you free completely to become the REAL YOU, liberated from satan's oppressions and past experiences, and to walk a life of fulfillment and love and victory.

In spite of all you have experienced, in spite of all you know, in spite of all you also may have done (and there is NO one who has not sinned!) I can tell YOU with assurance that GOD LOVES YOU. That His Son Jesus really DID die on that cross to take your sins and mine away, to forgive you and SET YOU FREE from all you may be experiencing in YOUR life today.

I was shocked when I interviewed my friend, Cathy Cary of Elyria, Ohio. Cathy was being groomed to become the ascending high priestess of Ohio one time, under the notorious NORMA FITZWATER, high priestess at that time. But THEN, Jesus Christ stepped into her tragic life, and began to set her free. As I spent time with her, she poured out her heart to me. One day she admitted something I can never forget.

"Many of my friends wanted out of the Craft in Ohio. And so, some of them went to local churches seeking understanding, compassion, and safe houses for when they came out. But so many were hurt when they did, because many of the pastors and church members became afraid when they heard they were satanists trying to come out. They feared retaliation from the covens. They feared involvement that might cost them. And so many of my friends left these churches then. They concluded (FALSELY) that 'Jesus did not love them, because obviously His people did not,' and so they TURNED TO SUICIDE as AN EXIT FROM THE COVENS!"

My heart broke into countless pieces when I heard this true and tragic account. What a lie from hell, that "JESUS DID NOT LOVE THEM" and did not care! HE DOES LOVE THEM, and loves us all. The shame that I feel towards the pastors and Christians of today, who proclaim they have "victory over satan" and that "God is love" but then REFUSE to help those victims of satanism trying to come out, is intense. Thank God, there are those Christians who DO love and who DO care enough to help! And thank GOD we have JESUS Who DOES care!

If pain from such a background fills your heart, realize that SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION. IF you commit suicide as "an exit" from your pain and problems, you ONLY MAKE IT WORSE! Hell is filled with those who rejected GOD'S MERCY AND HELP, and committed suicide, and DIED without their sins being forgiven, and plummeted into an eternity of regret and remorse and eternal destruction.

I have taken the hands of many a satanist, finally ready to come out, who invariably would look into my eyes, filled with anguish, who would ask, "Can Jesus forgive me for what I've done?" And what they did included the most terrible acts of human sacrifice you can imagine. (But then, if you are from a satanist/Illuminati family background, you know what I mean already.) The power of God's love would fill my heart, and I would grasp their hands in mine as tears filled my eyes, and I would tell each person,

"..Dear, remember that there is NOTHING YOU HAVE DONE that Jesus Christ did not DIE ON THE CROSS TO FORGIVE! Remember, He died a human sacrifice at the hands of pagans. And from that cross he cried, 'Father...FORGIVE THEM! For they know NOT what they do!' And THIS SAME JESUS wants to FORGIVE YOU too...." And then they would pray for Jesus to come into their lives, and the transformation process would begin.

JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU...when you are ready to come out and turn from the past...when you need to have the hurt healed from your parents and family members...when the heartache won't go away....when all else seems to have failed, Jesus lover of YOUR soul will be THERE FOR YOU.

Jesus was there for me, when I was about to die. And He was also there for my daddy when he finally decided to come out. My father died a forgiven man completely, and was transformed by the power of Jesus Christ in the 6 months before he died, back into the once loving daddy I had known as a child before satan deceived him in the darkness for many years.

And Jesus can also reach into your parents' hearts as well, and change THEIR LIVES TOO! It doesn't matter what they have done. Jesus died for ALL sins, and that includes theirs. NEVER GIVE UP praying for your parents in the Craft and the Illuminati...NEVER! In time, many of you will also see your parent(s) come into the arms of Jesus and be totally set free from satan/Lucifer's darkness.

Yes, I know everything they have planned to bring down satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, and what they plan to do to people like me. My father was recruited into that dark NWO agenda. And yet, I refuse to lose any sleep over this. My victory over satan/Lucifer and death and hell IS COMPLETE. I refuse to live in fear of what they can do to me, or how I might die. I HAVE ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, and nothing can take His joy and peace from my life now. Nothing! And if you also know what is coming to the world and this nation through the NWO, you too can have perfect peace as I have, through experiencing the greater power of Jesus Christ in YOUR life. And you may say, "But I know they plan to kill the Christians!"

My dear friends, it is BETTER to live and die for Jesus Christ and GO TO HEAVEN, than LIVE for satan and GO TO HELL for all eternity! Never be afraid to COME OUT of the darkness!

Please, if you have been experiencing what I have described above, come into the arms of Jesus' wonderful love and forgiveness and compassion today. ASK God to come into your life...ASK Jesus to come into your heart, to FORGIVE your sins, to SAVE you eternally and to SET YOU FREE. He has done this for millions of others, and He will DO IT FOR YOU AS WELL! You ARE loved.

If you feel you need prayer, words of encouragement, don't hesitate to email me. Or send me your phone number and I will call you, if you like. But please understand: you don't have to keep playing the game of "pretend" any longer. You don' t have to keep living in pain and sadness and hurt memories. Jesus Christ has much more for your life than that. And that life transition can begin TODAY.

With much love and compassion from someone who understands, Pamela Schuffert


  1. Hi Pamela, thanks for all you've done to expose the New World Order. I was born into a satanic cult and somehow broke away from my programming. As a result, I am now what is known as a "targeted individual." I have posted some information about my lifelong ordeal at -- Matt

  2. Thank you, Pamela, and Yah will bless you for this.

    I relate to much of the things you remember about your childhood. My stepdad was I believe, looking back on his actions, his cruelty, hatred and the things he did (to his family even), that he was a Satanist. He ruined his own boys, by deliberately hating them. I had to call him 'Daddy' as he said 'NOW YOU'RE MY LITTLE GIRL!' when i was 6 right after their honeymoon. (not in a good way!) After that, it was hell on earth. He got my mother completely under control as my one brother reminded me in 2006, in the mid-eighties. She is a basket case of lies, chosen delusion and collusion with his evil and vile mindset, and has gone along with his agenda almost the whole way. Dick is now Dead, thank Yah. Last June 19. But the evil he created put into effect, in lives, still exists and it grows, like a tree of evil fruits. I hope he is in hell, or will be soon, but that doesn't take anything away, the suffering still goes on.

    I tried and tried. He could have had everything good, as our mother. But evil has no desire to change, and some people will never come out of Satanic mindset and you must just get away from them and never go back. Drop all contact, for their tentacles are long, and their influence is strong. As they smile and say prominsing things to you, they could just as well kill you if they would get away with it. Thank Yah you are out of that and your Dad, thank Yah. I tried all my life,suffering, being punished, to reason with them, to get them to come round and be good - but they would not.