Friday, February 20, 2009

Prophesied MARTRYDOM is Coming to Christians USA

Bible Prophecy and the
Coming Persecution
of Christians in America
By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective=

IT IS A FACT OF LIFE: so many Christians in America have become dangerously lukewarm and comfortable with where America is at. Several centuries  of religious freedom and lack of persecution on a major scale has lulled many Christians into a false state of "safety-comfort-denial" in this hour. 
In the minds of most Christians, NO persecution could ever come to the Christians in America! And this is exactly what their flesh wants to hear and believe, for no one really ever wants suffering or persecution to invade their lives.

However, my many years of performing investigative journalism nationwide, and at times worldwide, has uncovered something entirely different

Unfailing Bible prophecy also confirms what I am uncovering. Planned persecution IS COMING to the Christians in North America. 

Here is just a sample of what my research has uncovered...

This persecution will be prolonged and intense. It will even seek to seize churches and turn them over to the government for secular purposes, much as in communist Russia. This persecution will seek to arrest and persecute both religious leaders and the rest of the Christians throughout this nation. It will seek to cause Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ to join their New World Order agenda, or subsequently martyr them when they refuse to deny Jesus Christ. 
Revelation 20:4b, and beheading of the saints

It will seek in fact to BEHEAD the Christians who remain faithful to Jesus Christ. Or to transport Christians arrested via prisoner boxcars with shackles to awaiting FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps scattered nationwide and also in Alaska and Canada, where there, much as in Russia and Eastern Europe under communism, the Christians will be severely persecuted, including torture and interrogation, ridiculed and finally terminated when finished. 

And ALL quite "legally" under MARTIAL LAW and the Presidential Executive Orders and other legislation written to prepare the way for THE COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST of the innocents as America is brought by force under the NEW WORLD ORDER.

For the serious students of END-TIME BIBLE PROPHECY none of this should come as a complete surprise. When Jesus said in Matthew 24, regarding what would be the sign of His coming and the end of this age, He warned His disciples that worldwide persecution against His disciples would come FIRST

He warned that His disciples would be HATED OF ALL NATIONS for His name's sake. ONLY under a ONE WORLD ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT (NWO of Revelation 13) can all nations simultaneously HATE THE CHRISTIANS and deliver them up to tribulation and to be put to death. 

AMERICA must be included in this WORLDWIDE persecution of the disciples of Jesus Christ, if Jesus' words are to be taken literally. And that is precisely the dark intentions of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER to be imposed on America under MARTIAL LAW.

Years of travel and interviews to uncover the plans of the NWO against the Christians in America have confirmed that the NWO planners for decades have been conspiring to bring persecution and death to the Christian opponents of the antichrist world globalist (communist) agenda for this nation. One of the most satanically controlled agencies in the world, the CIA, plays a major role in helping this NWO takeover in America some day. 

My frequent interviews with former CIA officers, many who have now become Christians and feeling compelled to admit the truth, have uncovered the fact that plans from within the CIA have been made for many years both to persecute and ultimately terminate the Christians to pave the way for establishing their antichrist NWO agenda in America.
Much of the planning for Christians to be arrested under martial law and taken away to the camps for termination came out of the CIA, especially under the era of George Bush Sr being head of the CIA, according to many former CIA working under him. But then, the Bush Illuminati satanic bloodline (as well as the entire Illuminati/Masonic organizations) has always been active behind the scenes in working hard for the realization of a NEW WORLD ORDER.

What IS the "NEW WORLD ORDER"? As former satanists told me, it is simply the modern term for "WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCIFER", as prophesied to come by the Book of Revelation 2000 years ago, in chapter 13. The Illuminati often refer to it as "THE DAWNING OF LUCIFER'S NEW WORLD ORDER."

Do you want ever MORE shocking information exposing the truth behind the Bush Illuminati bloodline? Then go to this link:GHW BUSH EXPOSED AS A NAZI TRANSPLANT FROM GERMANY, WITH PHOTOS FROM HITLER'S BODYGUARD TO PROVE IT!

Even as Bible prophecy declares that this tyrannical world dictatorship of antichrist (Revelation 13) will receive it's power directly from "THE DRAGON" or satan/Lucifer himself, the ILLUMINATI or satanists of this NWO agenda how openly admitted as much. 

One former CIA assassin under Bush Sr. admitted to me while interviewed, "We satanists are the backbone, and Lucifer is the HEAD of the New World Order, and because of this,ALL the Christians have to go. We satanists realized that Christians would never accept our satanically based NEW WORLD ORDER. The very detention camps you are now investigating were designed to be used to terminate the Christians in America under martial law..." 

(Admission of Elaine Knost, former satanist/assassin and NWO planner under Bush SR in CIA. Formerly the satanic high priestess of Indiana for 18 years, Elaine finally came out to become a born again Christian and had 3 books written exposing the truth about satanism in America and her background.)

My investigative journalism has uncovered the reality of hundreds of thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES designed to transport unfortunates arrested under martial law by train transport to the many FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps designed to deal with all future NWO resistance. 

This is identical to how the world globalist communists dealt with Christian and political resistance to their agenda in Russia. They arrested and sent religious/political resisters to the many gulags scattered throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union, transported by train. 

Hitler also used trains to transport religious and political opponents to the camps under a Nazi dictatorship. Mass prisoner transportation by rail is cost effective. These sturdy metal prisoner boxcars can be hosed out after each transport and used over and over again. They can last for decades. Prisoners can even be terminated (gassed, etc.) while still chained inside the boxcars. 

Tragically, history does repeat itself...IF the citizens of any nation continue to sit back passively and allow it's leadership to make it happen again unchallenged.

I have personally interviewed Christians who have experienced VISIONS FROM GOD of the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. One woman attending a prophecy conference I spent time at, admitted when I told her about my investigating, "THIS explains the visions I have been having. I saw Christians arrested for their faith and placed onto BOXCARS and sent to concentration camps to be killed for their faith...." 

This woman I interviewed was from MONTANA. My years of research in MONTANA have uncovered the reality of many sightings of prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned throughout the state for the hour of arrest under martial law. 

Reliable eye witnesses have reported seeing even MODERN GUILLOTINES bolted into each boxcar in one sighting, along with the prisoner shackles installed as well.

My research has uncovered the presence of millions of modern guillotines in America (and I am convinced worldwide) to fulfill a future agenda tied in with the Illuminati (whose French revolution certainly used THE GUILLOTINE to behead all resisters, ) and also the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS legislation. 

They are also tied in with Bible prophecy regarding "...the souls BEHEADED for the witness of Jesus Christ and the Word of God...." (Revelation 20:4) who essentially will not go along with the coming antichrist NWO agenda, who will not deny Jesus Christ, and are slain as a result by BEHEADING.



When I first began to receive information from quality sources regarding the presence of modern guillotines in America and lectured on them, I was amazed to hear people coming forward after the lectures to share their GUILLOTINE VISIONS

Christians from around the world that I encountered in Jerusalem while lecturing, lined up to tell me of their visions of being BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH. Brian with YWAM from the Bahamas...Christina Mitchell from New Zealand...and many more. All told me of poignant detailed visions of the foreign troops involved and the modern guillotines and being beheaded for their faith.

One pastor's wife in Long Island, NY, told me with tears of her vision of being beheaded for her faith, while in military surroundings. Another youth pastor, Pastor Richards in Bakersfield, CA, told me of his graphic vision of martial law being declared in California, and the guillotines being brought out, and himself being dragged to one of them and told, "Well, Pastor, what shall it be? Will you DENY JESUS and join our NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, or will you DIE?" 

In his vision he remained faithful to Jesus and was beheaded.

Becky, a powerful Christian witness in the Washington DC area working at the Department of Agriculture, told me of her many graphic GUILLOTINE VISIONS she is convinced God also gave her:

"I saw how the NWO was going to use these guillotines to tempt the Christians to deny their faith. I watched as children were snatched away from parents and taken to the guillotines. The parents were then tempted to deny Jesus, or the children would be beheaded. And the parents taken away from children, and the children tempted to deny Jesus, or their parents would be beheaded. In my visions, I even SAW THE GUILLOTINES SET UP ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN!"

In fact, the first time I ever became aware of these guillotines, was when I was involved in Christian outreach in Tulsa, OK, in 1976. It was an evident time of revival and the power of God was moving in many ways. I was participating in street outreach to youth then. 

While praying with another Christian, God's Holy Spirit interrupted. He spoke prophetically and said, "I am pouring out MY SPIRIT upon my Church in America today, because without His power, you will not make it with what is coming to your nation..." 

Stunned, I prayed, "Oh, God , WHAT IS COMING to our nation?" 

The reply: "My child, if I were to SHOW you what is coming to YOUR nation, YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BEAR what I would show you!" 

I was only a young Christian at that time. Still, we prayed that night for God to show us what was coming. And that very night, the prayer partner I had prayed with had a graphic vision of Christians lined up in front of modern guillotines to be beheaded for their faith.

In fact, many Christians were receiving disturbing dreams and visions of things to come at that time period in Tulsa, OK. I recall attending one prayer meeting, in which one Christian stood up to recount how God had showed her Christians being held in concentration camp type surroundings, filthy and unkempt, their Bibles having been taken away. She stated how God had shown her that many Christians faced persecution in the future, and to therefore memorize their Bible passages since evidently their Bibles would also be taken away under this future persecution.

Yet another Christian stood up to recount how God showed him that famine was coming to this nation on a major scale, and yet when Christians stood around a table to pray, miraculously their table was filled with food in response during this coming time of famine. In this vision, the person was shown that there was no food in the home, no heat or electricity, and a bleak time of depression in America. 

My years of investigative journalism have uncovered that all of the above are coming BY DELIBERATE PLAN to this nation someday.

Revelation 13 makes it clear that these satanic forces of antichrist world globalism will have the power to put the Christians and all other resisters to death under their regime. And my many years of research have confirmed that this is their intent exactly. 

My question to the Christians of America today is, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?"

WILL YOU take the time to fast and pray and to allow GOD TO PREPARE YOUR HEART to stand fast in your faith when this all comes down? WILL YOU purpose to GROW IN TRUE DISCIPLESHIP/CROSS-EMBRACING FAITH, so that when the coming winds of adversity blow against the Church in America, you will not be swept away in it's dark wake? "Faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead, " declares God's word. "But be ye DOERS OF THE WORD, and not HEARERS ONLY, deceiving yourself."

The Holy Spirit is truly showing His people THINGS TO COME. He is giving us a sneak preview with a purpose. IT IS NOT GOD'S WILL THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH, and that includes perishing by FALLING AWAY and denying our faith as well. We as Christians are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. 

True discipleship Christianity understands that we may be called upon to SUFFER for our faith, to lose everything for our faith, and ultimately to DIE for our faith and confession of Jesus Christ as well. And we are NEVER permitted to DENY JESUS BEFORE MEN. Not even to save our lives or the lives of those we love. Jesus declared that whoever would deny Him before men, the same will be denied before the Father in Heaven.

"IF ANY MAN WOULD COME AFTER ME, let him DENY himself, take up his cross and follow ME," declared Jesus. "Whoever seeks to SAVE his life, the same shall lose it, and whosoever shall seek to LOSE HIS LIFE for MY SAKE and the sake of the Gospel, the SAME SHALL FIND IT. For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and LOSE HIS SOUL?"

Tragically, few pastors are truly preaching a CROSS-EMBRACING, SELF-DENYING  DISCIPLESHIP Christianity in America today. It is not popular to human flesh! Carnal Christianity is preaching a false prosperity message, equating the faith with money and material possessions and "easy-street Christianity" of the flesh. And few pastors in America are preparing God's people to realistically face the COMING PERSECUTION. 

I personally believe that the wrath of God is upon those pastors who KNOW all that I have warned about, and yet refuse for carnal reasons to WARN GOD'S PEOPLE. And I am convinced that the end result of this shall be that MANY SHALL FALL AWAY AND DENY HIM, even as Jesus warned his Disciples in Matthew 24. 

If God's people are not being prepared and built up in their faith and Biblical discipleship principles to withstand the coming times of testing, how then shall they be prepared? How then shall they stand? If much of what they are hearing in churches today are false prophesies uttered by false shepherds of "good things to come," as is the case in many churches, won't they be devastated when reality hits them unexpectedly some day? 

 The obvious answer is YES. And such UNPREPARED Christians also have the potential to FALL AWAY out of fear and threat of persecution. THEY WERE NOT PREPARED!

THIS IS WHY I HAVE LABORED FOR YEARS NOW to forewarn my endangered fellow Christians and Americans. The greatest tragedy is for A SOUL TO BE LOST. Christians who lose faith under persecution and are moved to DENY JESUS CHRIST will in fact lose their salvation, and the Bible makes this very clear. Both the clear words of Jesus Christ and those of His Apostles confirm the fact that we are required to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH. We cannot deny Him for ANY reason!

I am therefore determined that NO MAN'S BLOOD will be on my hands. I am TELLING AMERICA THE TRUTH. I will do everything I can to forewarn God's people in this nation of what is to come against Christians in this final hour of America's destiny. I will do the job that many pastors refuse to do from their pulpits and that is to forewarn and prepare God's people for the Biblically prophesied COMING PERSECUTION. This is in fact what a faithful "watchman on the wall" is required by God to do. 

And I have sought to do this now faithfully for 13 years, because I love God and I love the Body of Christ throughout America, who faces such challenging times.

Please, won't you receive a word of warning from the Word of God and His Holy Spirit

Will you PLEASE take the time to prepare your heart from God's word, and by prayer and fasting, so that having done ALL, you may then stand triumphantly in Jesus Christ to face the coming times in VICTORY?

"And THIS is the VICTORY that overcomes 
the world, EVEN OUR FAITH!"

"And they overcame him [satan] by 
and by the 
and because they 
(Revelation 12:11) 

The call to FAITHFULNESS UNTO DEATH  unto every Christian is clear. 

I therefore testify that your eternal soul and eternal destiny is at stake. 
Where shall YOU spend eternity some day?

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Right On Sister Pam! I thank God for you and the testimony you have layed out there for all to see. I have followed your work off and on for the last 10-15 years. You are a bold witness to the Body of Christ that we need so desperately in these last hours of the last days we find ourselves living in. When The Father revealed His Son in me all these many years, trials, and tribulations ago, on January 26, 1974, His ocean of agape swept over me. It was then that I instinctively knew that the revelation given to me was one that I would stand up for and be witness to, enduring till the end unto my death, for the Glory of Jesus Christ. No man, demon of hell, or any other thing shall be able to seperate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, the Lord God Almighty! Thank you Sister Pam.

  2. Thank you for your courage and faithfulness to God to warn Christians of the dark hours ahead
    of us. I myself, am presently writing study notes to teach against the false doctrine of a pre-trib rapture. I have written and taught against it for many years now. This doctrine will leave multitudes of believers unprepared for what will soon take place in America. The OSAS doctrine is extremely dangerous, in that no matter what one thinks or believes, they can never be lost under any conditions. I don't believe those in either of these camps will be safe when full-blown persecution sets in. I will pray for you personally, and for your efforts to expose the NWO agenda of worldwide extermination of believers, to a sleeping, complacent Church. God Bless you and keep you. Sidney Melton, Your brother in Christ at